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Production (Stock) Ducati 800SS, a red motorcycle parked on the side of a road a red Ducati 800SS Sportbike parked on the side of a road
1296x1766  693 KB
Date: 14-Jan-21
Views: 249
Votes: 21 / Ave.: 10.00

a red motorcycle parked on the side of a road
a red Ducati 800SS Sportbike parked on the side of a road

Production (Stock) BMW S1000RR, A photo of a 2020 BMW S1000RR Sportbike. a person riding on the back of a 2020 BMW S1000RR Sportbike
2501x3138  866 KB
2020 S1000RR
Matthew Mathers
Date: 22-May-21
Views: 579
Votes: 105 / Ave.: 9.99

A photo of a 2020 BMW S1000RR Sportbike.
a person riding on the back of a 2020 BMW S1000RR Sportbike

Production (Stock) Unknown Unknown (Unknown), a woman sitting on a motorcycle
992x1506  329 KB
Date: 07-Feb-21
Views: 2,174
Votes: 32 / Ave.: 9.91

a woman sitting on a motorcycle

Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R1, <p>2005 yamaha raven R1...........</p>
2086x1607  715 KB
2005 YZF-R1
Date: 22-Sep-20
Views: 17,637
Votes: 11046 / Ave.: 9.68

2005 yamaha raven R1...........

04-Nov-10 - Nice! Well done.
24-Nov-11 - added full exhaust, power commander 3, nitious and 520 gear....205 rwh on dyno....
Production (Stock) Kawasaki ZXR Models, UK Spec Zxr750 M1 Homologation special 
36 official uk sales a green 1994 Kawasaki ZXR Models Sportbike parked on the side of the road
2977x2282  918 KB
1994 ZXR Models
Date: 12-May-22
Views: 863
Votes: 17 / Ave.: 9.53

UK Spec Zxr750 M1 Homologation special 36 official uk sales
a green 1994 Kawasaki ZXR Models Sportbike parked on the side of the road

Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF1000R, Uploaded for: peter dam 2001 Yamaha YZF1000
1511x1176  590 KB
2001 YZF1000R
Date: 19-Aug-20
Views: 819
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 9.00

Uploaded for: peter dam
2001 Yamaha YZF1000

Production (Stock) Honda CBR600F3, Uploaded for: Andrew 1998 Honda CBR600
1727x1264  657 KB
1998 CBR600F3
Date: 28-Aug-20
Views: 10,303
Votes: 16 / Ave.: 8.81

Uploaded for: Andrew
1998 Honda CBR600

Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R1, My R1 - a great combination of sexy looks and outstanding performance; I can't get enough!!
2304x1538  737 KB
2004 YZF-R1
Date: 22-Sep-20
Views: 1,920
Votes: 142 / Ave.: 7.79

My R1 - a great combination of sexy looks and outstanding performance; I can't get enough!!

02-May-05 - How you have write YAMAHA on the wheels?
08-May-05 - I've seen on other bikes. The YAMAHA on wheels are decals.
09-Aug-05 - hot looks better w/o mirrors
Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R1, my trackday thrasher
2123x1592  797 KB
2004 YZF-R1
Date: 21-Sep-20
Views: 2,022
Votes: 347 / Ave.: 7.65

my trackday thrasher

Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX Models, 1993 -Suzuki - GSX600Katana - 65947
3249x1997  719 KB
1993 GSX Models
Date: 16-Sep-20
Views: 2,352
Votes: 1744 / Ave.: 7.65

1993 -Suzuki - GSX600Katana - 65947

Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R1000, What you feel like after knee dragging!
1620x2160  852 KB
Date: 08-Oct-20
Views: 397
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 7.64

What you feel like after knee dragging!

Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, 1BADR1
1920x1125  482 KB
2001 YZF-R1
Date: 08-Sep-20
Views: 2,636
Votes: 406 / Ave.: 7.59


13-Apr-09 - nice wheels
13-Apr-09 - very nice, good work
13-Apr-09 - how did you get your wheel blue I have my R6 the same but not the blue minds black? Holla back at me the info
13-Apr-09 - How much for the Blue Flame pipe? Very. Very, Very NICE!!!!!!!
13-Apr-09 - wow....champion model!!!!!!!!!!!
13-Apr-09 - i'm stunned.... it's really nice
13-Apr-09 - O man, i really like the blueflame highmount!
13-Apr-09 - WOW. and i love the white lettered tires.
13-Apr-09 - absolutley breathtaking. Nice!!!
13-Apr-09 - Man............ That bike is SWEET !!!!!!!!
13-Apr-09 - Sweet Bike Bro! It Gave Me A Tooth Ache! OUCH!.....White Lettered Tires And Blue Flame Pipe Give This Beautiful Bike Great Character! Right ON!
13-Apr-09 - please tell me where you got that exhaust
13-Apr-09 - if i had the dough i'd buy it from u! i'd go in debt for this awsome machine!
13-Apr-09 - soooo nice!! The exhaust looks sweet, nice carbon fiber, looks awesome.
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, 1 more pic of that bad *ssed R1.  Also found on a R1 site.
2304x1773  896 KB
2002 YZF-R1
Date: 09-Sep-20
Views: 2,484
Votes: 585 / Ave.: 7.57

1 more pic of that bad *ssed R1. Also found on a R1 site.

29-May-02 - Wow! that single sided swinger is nice, love to see a rear view with that pipe you got on there! Well done!
29-May-02 - Nice... how fast can that go in first? I heard some dumb shoit like it can hit 93mph...???
29-May-02 - brent-I hate to say it but it looks like you are the dumb shyt if you believe that.
29-May-02 - Dont know about an R1, but a Gixxer 1000 breaks 35mph at 5000 rpm. Basic math puts this close to 90 at redline. Once its broke in we will know more. Surely there is an R1 owner out there to answer this question??
30-May-02 - i have an R1 it does about 80 in first IF you red line it but it is kind of pointless becuase you get more power if you just shift to second
30-May-02 - Hey brent I have a 2001 R1 and my bike redlines right around 90, thats right, ninety mph in first gear. The GSXR1000 is about the same.
30-May-02 - It's a good idea to redline your bike every 20-25 miles to keep your rev limiter from going stale. Very nice bike!
31-May-02 - STUNNING BIKE ! ! ! . . . but who cares about first gear top speed ? ? ?
01-Jun-02 - now that is how an R1 should look !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03-Jun-02 - speaking of speed Vs RPM speed is a function of distance over time, you double your RPM you double your speed ie. [email protected] would be [email protected]
03-Jun-02 - The first time I ever viewed this pic I wondered why the guy didnt polish the black off of the subframe????
03-Jun-02 - All show no go
04-Jun-02 - can you say ,to much free time,
04-Jun-02 - all i have to say is....that is one sick a$$ bike, I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THIS BIKE!! pimp$hit!!
05-Jun-02 - I salute the owner for putting a whole lot of love into their bike, but I just don't get it. Harley's have all that chrome because they don't have much else than their looks. If I worked this hard on a bike or put this much money into it, I'd be afraid to actually ride it hard. Lay it down and you are left with a really expensive pile of scrap. good job regardless.
05-Jun-02 - Awesome bike! As for the Gixxer 1000, 88 mph in first is the average. Speed was checked on 3 different 1000's by speedo and a GPS. All 3 speedos read 88 mph at redline (with minor fluctuations due to rider goofiness), and the GPS read the same on 2. But one read 91 mph and me thinks something was amiss with that one. All 3 bikes were stock at the time. We tried to get a local trooper to hit us with the radar but he wasn't feeling very "friendly". What can I say, we were bored....
13-Jun-02 - Would you believe this bike is actually ridden...and ridden hard on the TRACK! Find it amongst the "normal" bikes on June 4th Trackday
15-Jun-02 - I have a red+black GIXXER 1000 (the top dog)..but I gotta tell ya, this is the hottest bike I have EVER seen...great job..she's a beauty!!
16-Jun-02 - Nice rear wheel. I think it's from a MV Agusta. Am i right? Amazing job, it's sick to think how new the bike is to have all that custoum stuff done to it. How much into it?
17-Jun-02 - I like the added Bling Bling sun stars!!!
18-Jun-02 - hot looking bike and the bling bling gives it that added extra i guess your really into the details!?!
18-Jun-02 - Dude, you need to check your front tire before you have a blow out, you have it mounted with the tread backwards!!! SWEET BIKE!!!!
19-Jun-02 - Ok I'm drooling now ,what a hot bike!
20-Jun-02 - Yea, this is one sweeta$$ bike. Seen in at thunderhill june 4th. this bike is ridden hard & fast. gotta see the swingarm, its trick. Nice job Greg. Alex and i (zx7r) will be @ thunderhill july 9. try & make it if you can.
20-Jun-02 - That's my bike and the front tire is NOT on backwards. I double checked to make sure. The arrow is gong in the right direction!
23-Jun-02 - One word. "BEAUTIFUL"
27-Jun-02 - CAN I MAKE LUV TO IT ????????!!!!!!! This bike TOTALLY RULES!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB BRO!!
28-Jun-02 - is that mv agusta wheels and pipes?
06-Jul-02 - Why not just buy a MV Augusta and be done with it!
07-Jul-02 - the owner of this r1 is one lucky sob
22-Jul-02 - Why not buy an MV???? Hmmmm, as nice as an MV is...I'd love to have one, He truly has a unique bike and A LOT more power. Probably spent less as well.
24-Jul-02 - try this: the guy really rides the bike too.. my salute to you!
27-Jul-02 - Looks like a lot of hard work ,keep up and dont scratch it
01-Aug-02 - I think I just had an orgasm....NO, I KNOW I just did...................
20-Aug-02 - B*tchin Ride gdesjard musta cost some mint.
19-Sep-02 - DAM*! THAT IS PIMP SH*T! GIVE DETAILS! WANT IT! NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17-Nov-02 - nice but what happens if you hit a puddle of water
23-Nov-02 - that bike is tight, but why not chrome the sub frame too? my buddy is going so far as to even polish the
29-Nov-02 - where are my sunnies??? I'm BLIND!!!
15-Dec-02 - Beautiful Bike, nice job
10-Jan-03 - Marty, the gixx750 will out-topspeed the r1, but the r1 will out accel. the gixx750. The gixx1000 will out accel and out top speed the r1. :P
02-Feb-03 - too much photoshop..... but just incredible.
02-Feb-03 - PHOTOSHOP!!!! ARE YOU NUTS!! there are about 10 more pics of this bike on this site...its no photoshop..look harder next time G
19-Feb-03 - Now that is what I call custom
25-Mar-03 STEPHEN.BAKER22.BTOPENWORLD.COM - Awesome bike mate!!!!!
28-Mar-03 - Ablolutely fantastic, but I think i see a bit that isn't chromed, oh sorry....thats the seat
23-Apr-03 - great looking R1
02-May-03 - fantasic bike fairing should be all silver though, maybe he ran out of money?
27-Sep-03 - A little piece of heaven on earth. Thanks for showin it bro.
12-Nov-03 - props on the bike its one of the nicest ive seen, be good to it
17-Dec-03 - Neat piece of work, that Ducati styled rear Star alloy looks awesome !!
26-Mar-04 - nice bike, but nice bikes make you slower. i prefer ugly ones ;-)
05-May-04 - nice bike man, best R1 i've seen yet!
17-May-04 - real silver one
09-Jun-04 - whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
03-Aug-04 - One true work of art. Well Done! Not overly done either
09-Oct-04 - whooo awsom bike $$$$
21-Oct-04 - Man, talk about art in motion! I bet this beauty stops traffic!
22-Oct-04 - thats HOT (even thought he jacked the wheels)
16-Oct-05 - extremely HOT!!!
28-Mar-06 - Nice bike!! but why have you rubed out something at the back wheel???? The Profil is missing.... But its marvellous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25-Jun-06 - Sick Sick Sick..hottest bike I have seen in a long time!! Nice job!
07-Dec-07 - MV agusta wheels wow! very nice.and the swingarm is it MV too?
22-Mar-12 - Not a Chrome fan. More a "carbon/Titanium" guy myself. I have an MV and it's all Carbon. And I'll take my BST's over those any day of the week. Stock MV Star rims are over 15lbs combined. They are crap. These are chrome crap. Chrome Brembo Ultrlights.
23-Mar-12 - I take that back, the star rims weigh 25lbs combined, they are 15lbs heavier than the Brembo Ultrlights. I'd be more impressed if I saw Nickle plated Brembo monoblocks up front. The $ was not spent on the right things, you guys are being distracted by "shiny things" and not looking where it counts.
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Wonderful
1800x1394  452 KB
Date: 10-Oct-20
Views: 2,773
Votes: 86 / Ave.: 7.56


05-Oct-04 - ouch !!! not to me !
05-Oct-04 - That NO2 not much good without a chain fitted =)
05-Oct-04 - I like it.
05-Oct-04 - This guy has a new RK 'Invisi-chain' new trend that's catching on
06-Oct-04 - TRON? The Next Step? This has got to be for show!
12-Oct-04 - To d207rr6clif. That RK "Invisi-chain" you mentioned, that's pretty slick. Is it hidden in the swingarm or something and where can you get them?
11-Oct-06 - Alot of love went into this
Misc. Racing Suzuki GSX-R1000, Misc. Racing- Suzuki  GSX-R1000 Sportbike
1188x1524  239 KB
Date: 19-Sep-20
Views: 2,565
Votes: 436 / Ave.: 7.53

Misc. Racing- Suzuki GSX-R1000 Sportbike

24-Jul-03 - nice floater!
24-Jul-03 - that is so damn awesome!
24-Jul-03 - Is that Cadwell Park??? Great pic
25-Jul-03 - holy mother of god
25-Jul-03 - now I heard they were working on anti-gravity technology, but this is ridiculous :)
25-Jul-03 - Now this is serious air...
25-Jul-03 - excellent picture, wish it was bigger so I could use as desktop.
27-Jul-03 - Yes, that is Cadwell.
19-Sep-03 - Is he really going to make this when he lands?????
29-Sep-03 - if he lands this there is nothing else left to prove. i only wish...
07-Oct-03 - Yes he made it landing, and then did again it on every lap, What a GOD !!!!
11-Oct-03 - From a 15 year old new to riding this is the best pic ever.
05-Jan-04 - What's he coming off? Supernatural work on a race bike...
17-Feb-04 - HOW DID HE GET IN THE AIR wheres the jump??
24-Feb-04 - I think its at Cadwell park (uk) The bikes come over a rise in the track, Most of them lift the front wheel but the suzuki was making so much power he (John Renolds, I think) was obviously going a bit faster over the top of the hill. Awesome Sight !!!
07-Mar-04 - Pure Poetry in Motion !!!!!!!!!!!
06-May-04 - I'm a bit late for this comment but for all your info this is Cadwell Park in England during the BritishSuperbike racing series. All the top riders go over this section (the mountain) like this. As you can guess there's a few get offs here, and around the rest of the track as it's very narrow and twisty. I've ridden it twice on my R1 and love the place. The big boys are due back at the end of August and is on satellite TV, watch it if you can.
20-Jun-04 - i tink its carl harris not john reynolds, reynolds does not use number 11 and nor does he have shark lid, doing a track day there next week and i am scared
28-Jun-04 - - after just returning from my first ever track day at Cadwell I can only say how amazing this is to me! Chris Walker does the same...amazing. Front wheel up yes, but the whole bike?!
09-Sep-04 - Kentir Temenan kho...
17-Nov-04 - hot ish, no doubt
20-Nov-04 THOMALEIV.MSN.COM - AWESOME,I did that yesterday myself. what a rush!!
10-Aug-05 - i don think this is real.....where is the bump? they dont have any on race tracks so its prolly fake
25-Aug-05 - adnan82ny, it's not fake. I've ridden Cadwell and your bike takes off. I've seen pictures of racers flipping it on the Mountain. Here's a picture of me on the Mountain, taking it easy!
09-May-06 - Great art.. enlarge get ACDee photo program and do you own
21-Jun-06 - It is definately real, its rider James Haydon who had a big off this weekend and only just got out of hospital. There are loads of pictures of the "mountain" as it is called, if you think it is fake just do a quick search for cadwell park.
Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R1, deals gap
1728x1313  798 KB
2004 YZF-R1
Date: 22-Sep-20
Views: 2,441
Votes: 384 / Ave.: 7.51

deals gap

09-Aug-05 - very nice lean
27-Nov-05 - Good to see some riding among the static bike pics. Very nice and good smooth road to get the knee down 10+
29-Nov-05 - Great photo dude. Well done.. :) Shame the bike just came out of focus :( 10+ vote
Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R1, Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 67637
1800x1394  346 KB
Date: 10-Oct-20
Views: 1,727
Votes: 107 / Ave.: 7.49

Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 67637

07-Dec-04 - Beautiful......wish I can afford it. :-(
09-Dec-04 - How I HATE those reflectors on the side of American spec Bikes, Love the bike though
09-Aug-05 - best lookin!!
10-Mar-06 - definately trhe sexiest of the litre bikes
22-Mar-07 - I love mine.. Awesome bike.. Is a beast!
16-Feb-12 - I love my 05
Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R1, Got a new pipe so I decided to take a few good pics with the Nikon digital.
1750x1383  416 KB
2000 YZF-R1
Date: 17-Aug-20
Views: 2,683
Votes: 606 / Ave.: 7.47

Got a new pipe so I decided to take a few good pics with the Nikon digital.

05-Apr-01 - Your bike is just about perfect cool ...but what I really want to know is what kinda camera did you use?? Yourt picture is just about the cleanest I've ever seen very high res.
05-Apr-01 - Did that nikon digital camera have a lithium batterey in there? that has to be why your picture is so clear.
05-Apr-01 - Chcuk, your funny. lithium battery....lmao. I used a Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera. It takes awesome pics and what I really like is I can take pics all day for free, if I dont like the pic I just delete it.
05-Apr-01 - that is one awsome bike! nice pictire too.
05-Apr-01 - Lose the braw man. Braws are for women
05-Apr-01 - Great picture of an awsome bike. Will be fun to see it kick the gixxers *ss!!!
06-Apr-01 - this bike is picture perfect. very nice. dandan, dont worry about other bikes, just make sure you have something to beef up your R1, my gixxer is comming for you :)
06-Apr-01 - Nice shot,nice bike.Isnt lithium the stuff that can kill Superman?
06-Apr-01 - MINES BETTER
06-Apr-01 - lithium??? kill superman??? Oh i hope your joking young curtis....kryptonite man...kryptonite!!
06-Apr-01 - I wonder who the hater is that voted my bike down..........looser
06-Apr-01 dsj2 - Where did you get the pipe? Definitely one of the best looking I've ever seen.
06-Apr-01 - Where did you get the pipe? Coolest I've seen yet.
06-Apr-01 - Which windscreen is that? Dark smoked? Nice looking pick.. Ahh yes I love the R1
06-Apr-01 - that is 1 bad motorscooter. Looks good!!
06-Apr-01 - Its a MIG pipe made in France and sold in the states olny thru
07-Apr-01 - This is my dream bike! I love the way it looks.
07-Apr-01 - Great shot man, love how you wet the driveway before taking the pic, gives it an awesome mirror effect!! Buttt, I dont believe it will be kickin' many G1's (GSXR) !!!
08-Apr-01 - wow... supa sweet bike, awesome pic... in fact, this is going to be my wallpaper for a while man... i love it!
10-Apr-01 - i just ordered a eurotail for my R1,was it hard to put on.
10-Apr-01 - kkkoooooollllllllll mmmmmmaaaaaaannnnn!!!!!!!that's what i call a bikepic!
10-Apr-01 - is this frame polished??? i hope not cause i like the finish on the metal and i only know how to polish my gsxr to a mirror finish
10-Apr-01 - im a honda man, but that is one phat ride scooter
11-Apr-01 - The eurotail is not that hard to put on.My friend just bought an R1 and he and I put it on in about 2hrs.You have to cut some plastic from the fender.So it would be alot easier if you had an eletric saw.We did it with a turkey knife.And it still turned out great.....
11-Apr-01 - This is exactly my bike except for the windscreen. Mine is painted the matching blue.
12-Apr-01 - The bike looks awesome especially with the pipe! I was thinking about getting one but I was wondering if there is a problem-riding people on the back with that, do people get burned?
15-Apr-01 - Not bad for a japanese
26-Apr-01 - Yes the frame is polished and I dont ride anyone on the back so I wouldnt know if there is a problem. The exhaust kit comes with spacers for the rear foot pegs but I didn't use them. Who gets a R1 to ride passengers anyways??? Not me!!! The bike is currently on its way to Germany where I will be stationed for the next 3 years so I am HOPING to have some fun with it on the German Autobahn.
26-Apr-01 - love the pipe...
29-Apr-01 - love the pic... love the way you watered down the asphalt to get that look. Doesn't hurt that the bike is beautiful
29-Apr-01 - WTF???!!!! Is your driveway clearcoated?? Nice...
30-Apr-01 - pipe looks hot but it suxxxxxxx
02-Nov-03 - nice bike,looks clean i bet that can is loud as hell . ,,,pllluuueeezzzeee! someone outlaw tank bra's ! no better way to ruin a bike or car is a wrinkled up piece of cheap cloth .
27-Nov-03 - THE r1 BY FAR THE ONLY BIKE I WISH TO OWN. I AM IN LOVE. Check out my Honda NC30
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Dynomite's kick butt R1 from NEC 2002
2304x1773  885 KB
2002 YZF-R1
Date: 09-Sep-20
Views: 1,788
Votes: 97 / Ave.: 7.47

Dynomite's kick butt R1 from NEC 2002

14-Dec-02 - I bet those front brakes are really effective but they are kinnda ugly. Well they are differet which is what matters.
14-Dec-02 - Love it, I think the brakes look real good, smaller is better at times :) Bet this thing costs something serious. Lovely Harris rearsets (so it seems).
15-Dec-02 - wow how much you think this bike is worth
16-Dec-02 - Dayam.....Sweet.....would it wheelie ???
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Chromed out R1
1800x1350  699 KB
2005 YZF-R1
Date: 13-Sep-20
Views: 2,885
Votes: 112 / Ave.: 7.45

Chromed out R1

09-Apr-06 - ruined a great bike
12-Apr-06 - what are you talking about?! that thing would be great for cruising parking lots, hanging out at the local mall, and riding in a straight line. i bet this guy can ride a straight line better than rossi! Webmaster: Come on guys. You know nothing about the rider of this bike. Maybe this is his/her show bike while their race bike is at home in the garage.
12-Apr-06 - That year is incorrect. That's at least a '05 model.
22-Jun-06 - Thats cool but those little orange blinkers have gotta go. This bike needs the turn signals integrated with the running lights.
Drawings & Art Yamaha YZR-M1 MotoGP, Vale Rossi celebrating the very difficult donington win in the 2005 season. Please visit to order a drawing of your bike!
1092x1575  467 KB
2005 YZR-M1 MotoGP
Date: 13-Aug-20
Views: 1,301
Votes: 18 / Ave.: 7.44

Vale Rossi celebrating the very difficult donington win in the 2005 season. Please visit to order a drawing of your bike!

06-Aug-05 - this pics doesn't do justice to how wet it really was, nice drawing though
15-Aug-05 - prints now avaliable at
Concept Bikes Yamaha RD500/RZ500/RZV500, Uploaded for: Ken 1985 Yamaha RZ500
3374x2429  680 KB
1985 RD500/RZ500/RZV500
Date: 12-Aug-20
Views: 14,401
Votes: 30 / Ave.: 7.43

Uploaded for: Ken
1985 Yamaha RZ500

18-Feb-11 Matthew Mathers - Love it! Please build it!
Production (Stock) Ducati 916/996/998, 2002 Ducati 998 Biposto - Midway though a beautiful 325 mile Sunday Loop at Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park, June 2006.
2304x1553  856 KB
2002 916/996/998
Date: 10-Aug-20
Views: 2,231
Votes: 155 / Ave.: 7.43

2002 Ducati 998 Biposto - Midway though a beautiful 325 mile Sunday Loop at Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park, June 2006.

Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Another pic of my friends R1, this time in his workshop.
2240x1750  519 KB
1998 YZF-R1
Date: 16-Aug-20
Views: 2,069
Votes: 365 / Ave.: 7.43

Another pic of my friends R1, this time in his workshop.

09-Jul-02 - Very very nice!
09-Jul-02 - I think hat MIG looks really nice on the R1a
03-Jun-03 - Nice bike, but it would look much nicer without the ugly tank bra!!!!
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Another pic of my bike...
2304x1773  908 KB
2001 YZF-R1
Date: 16-Sep-20
Views: 1,832
Votes: 126 / Ave.: 7.43

Another pic of my bike...

23-Sep-02 - nice, i have a '02 R6, i love the red, cudos
25-Sep-02 - real nice, love r1s. so quick. fatboy how do you like the way the r6 handles, rode my freinds 02 didn't like it to much. realy light, wheelie great, just didn't like the way they corner.
28-Sep-02 - this is actually fatboy, had to change my email, i love my '02 , it handles amazing, although i have nuthin to compare to seeing as this is my very first bike, not a bad starter eh?
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, One of the sickest R1 ever built, for sure !!! More at
1800x1385  560 KB
2002 YZF-R1
Date: 09-Sep-20
Views: 1,842
Votes: 143 / Ave.: 7.43

One of the sickest R1 ever built, for sure !!! More at

28-Feb-03 - this bikes been doing the rounds at all the UK shows, real nice work of art, but I bet expensive art.
28-Feb-03 - Very nice!
28-Feb-03 - Holy Mother of God! I just see the dollar signs rolling on by.......... cha-ching,cha-ching,cha-ching......
28-Feb-03 - if I had this bike, I wouldn't ride it but store it in a temp. controlled glass cage !!
28-Feb-03 - Very Nice, Very, Very pricy! I can just see the CF in piece's the first time you lost it, I'd have a couple thousand pic's, just in case!
01-Mar-03 - This bike will cost you more than 55,000 US dollars (See Performance Bikes).... but VERY exclusive :D
01-Mar-03 - I'm digging the wheels.
02-Mar-03 - I may not be able to afford the bike.. but how much for one of those tanks? Looks bad a$$
02-Mar-03 - Lemme guess, this bike belongs to either jay leno, or bill
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