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a man sitting on a motorcycle
a man sitting on a Cagiva Raptor Models Sportbike
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More Information on the Cagiva Raptor Models
The Cagiva Raptor is a motorcycle produced by the motorcycle manufacturer Italian Cagiva . Built in versions with 125, 650 and 1,000 cm³ was designed by Miguel Galluzzi , former designer of the Ducati Monster . The project was born when Cagiva Raptor was still owner of the brand Ducati and was originally called M2 ­ (Monster 2), this symbol remains on the adhesive label placed near the sleeve of the Raptor steering, only the 125 does not report this symbol. Raptor 125 [ change | change wikitext ] This bike is the evolution of the model Cagiva Planet and has been in production since 2003 , both models are based upon the Cagiva Mito , and they differ in the absence of hulls for the tank and the different lighting system obviously being a model naked has a setting of different guide, presenting the different settings of the brake system and shock absorbers, which make it more comfortable and agile. Cagiva, has a strong and controllable braking system: the "gold standard" of Brembo , also mounted on the first Ducati Monster models of the '90s. For the chassis, front fork upside down are signed Marzocchi , and ensure good road holding. The engine, as the Myth, reliable and powerful, coming in "full power" versions close to selling 30 hp . One advantage of this model is the possibility of applying the kick start without the presence of the hulls; this type starter, not available in the version in production, can be downloaded from the SP kit Myth or other models 125 out of production, since the measures are the same as in 1980 . Since 2007 this model was sold with the ' approval Euro 3 (like the Mito SP525, but a year before) thanks to a new system (ECS), which controls all engine parameters and which regulates the amount of air to motor, so as to produce less pollutants . This system, in case of malfunction, has a red light called MIL (Malfunction Injection Lamp), which warns when the engine goes into emergency, such as in cases where the pump ( mixing power), the carburetor or the cabinet manifest an inconvenience or a fault. By authorized workshops you can buy the repowering Cagiva kit, which transforms the Cagiva naked in "full power". The kit includes an exhaust belly and new carburetor calibration; but it does not conform to the law the bike. Raptor 650 [ change | change wikitext ] [1] Cagiva Raptor 650 The Raptor 650 has the frame made from Telca, business of MV Agusta Group, and has been in production with a first series from 2001 to 2004 , by mounting the engine Suzuki similar to the Suzuki SV 650 . The second series, the successor to the first starting in 2005 and produced until 2007 , has been fitted with the new engine plant equipped Suzuki SDTV digital injection (Double throttle) and PAIR (Pulsed secondary air injection), revised CRC disbursement to the center of San Marino, maintaining a gearbox six­speed . As cosmetic procedures: fairing derived from the concept bike X3 side panels painted saddle fiancatine smooth frame (not "pitted" Carbon Style) Less obvious lack of typical headlight brackets of the first series (with "little hands"), and this protection "parachiavi" tank rubber instead of plastic. For the convenience of the passenger you have changed the final part of the saddle, square and padded, and added a handle to which support themselves during the journey. Raptor 1000 [ change | change wikitext ] [2] Cagiva Xtra Raptor 1000 The major version, went into production first in 2000 and uscitane in 2006 , was produced in a single series but in most versions, normal, V­Raptor (cosmetically identical to Xtra Raptor) and "Xtra Raptor" (version accessioriata carbon parts and adjustable suspension. In 2001 he was introduced Xtra Raptor . in 2004 , he was presented a prototype called X3 Raptor never entered production. All raptor in 1000 were equipped with engine Japanese of Suzuki (TL1000) used in Superbike for a short period. The Xtra Raptor has a label that shows the numbering of the motion, which was produced in limited series. The numbering should go from 1/999 to 999/999. The Xtra Raptor also compared to the normal version had an adjustable Marzocchi fork and a Sachs single shock absorber. All engines showed the liquid cooling and the ' braking system consisted of two disc brakes front (only the 125 cc version possessed the forecarriage single disk) and a single rear. In common for all models, regardless of the displacement, the presence of a fork upside­down (from 40mm for the "small" version, 43mm for the other) and a shock absorber at the rear axle. Handling and power are the natural qualities of this bike that incorporates pure style and performance, especially in the "V­Raptor", which possessed 77.5 Kw with only 194 kg in weight. Version V­1000 unofficial sources say that it has been produced about 300 V­Raptor 1000, while the Xtra have been produced about 600 and not 1000 as previously thought and how it was declared to the press when the motion was presented.
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