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1996 BMW K1100/K1200/K1250 - Added by on 07-Mar-2023

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BMW K1100/K1200/K1250 - ID: 612087
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More Information on the BMW K1100/K1200/K1250
Put into production in 1992 in place of the model K 100 LT always based on the classic engine in line 4 cylinder, sole , the K1100LT could benefit from all the improvements introduced with the sports model K1, indicating distribution to four valves per cylinder and a power increased to 100 horsepower (limit beyond which, in Germany, it was impossible to approve a motorcycle ­ limit then eliminated in 1995). The chassis was also shooting from the K1 and provided at the rear Paralever system with double joint. The initials LT was for Luxury Touring . This model was designed for long travel also motorway thanks to the presence of an extended fairing , the rear case and side bags releasable for a good load capacity vermniciati in the body color for greater elegance. Between serial and optional equipment present were heated grips, electric adjustment in height of the windshield through the front first cursor positioned on the dashboard and then directly on the left handlebar switch, a instrumentation completed by the fuel level indicators and the coolant temperature. The presence of such a wide protective bodywork was counterproductive in the summer season because the high thermal efficiency of the engine leading to a considerable emission of heat. They were also positioned the air intakes in the fairing to reduce the heat perceived by the driver, air vents that were openable or closable depending on the need. This problem was solved with the next model, the K 1200 LT . There were also unusual accessories in the field motorcycle as car radio with cassette player with position control on the left handlebar switch, auxiliary power outlets, courtesy lights, flashing emergency lights. In the security field was emphasized by the presence of a start­up control system which verified the electrical system operation, reporting any abnormality, and the presence of the implant brake with ABS , still not very widespread in those times, especially in the the field of cycling. In recent models, the engine was equipped with catalyst with lambda probe. In those years he had to compare the market Europe especially with models Honda ST1100 Paneuropean , Yamaha FJ 1100 and Kawasaki GTR 1000 by quite similar features. The production of this model continued, only with slight restyling and the presentation of the model SE Special Edition (product only for a couple of years), until 1999 when it was replaced by the model K 1200 LT , fully revised.
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