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1997 Honda VT/VTR Models - Added by on 19-Aug-2020

Uploaded for: Tomasz
1997 Honda VTR1000

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Honda VT/VTR Models - ID: 327100
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More Information on the Honda VT/VTR Models

The Honda VT250F Integra is a semi-faired, sport bike first produced by Honda in 1982.

The VT250F had a DOHC 4-valve-per-cylinder, 90-degree water-cooled V-twin engine, which significantly reduced primary vibration when compared to inline twin engines used on similar machines. The V-twin engine also allowed the motorcycle to have a low centre of gravity and a low seat height.

The front brake system was a single inboard ventilated disc that was developed to improve brake performance and feel. This was only seen on Honda models for a few years, before a switch to sintered metal brake pads with the more traditional disc/caliper arrangement. Other features included a hydraulic clutch, Comstar wheels with tubeless tyres, TRAC anti-dive front forks and Pro-Link rear suspension. Engine coolant passed through one of the frame tubes. The early UK specification model had built-in front fairing indicators, and optional radiator side-cowls and belly pan. Following the VT250F, the VT250 Spada and VTR250 were produced. A full fairing VT250F2 was also produced to help the rider from being fatigue at high speeds it also featured double row cam chains. Later models also came with an aluminium box frame. The engine redlined at 13500 rpm. The engine also tends to heat up causing severe damage to the crankshaft bearings. It is advised to use only 10W/40 engine oil for v-twins and v-four engine motorcycles.


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