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Misc. Racing Buell Unknown (Buell), Uploaded for:
1948x2069  480 KB
Date: 01-Apr-23
Views: 571
Votes: 94 / Ave.: 4.06

Uploaded for: [email protected]

22-Jan-02 - Erik Buell's first creation....the bike that started it all!
22-Jan-02 - what kind of engine is that, looks like a two stroke (square) four cylinder.
22-Jan-02 - It is a 750cc 2 stroke 4 cyl. The engine is basically a Barton with a lot of hand fabricated parts.
22-Jan-02 - BTW, the model of the bike is RW750. Two of them were made back in 1984.
22-Jan-02 - i think it's a Rotax 750
23-Jan-02 - Not a Rotax, see my above post.
23-Jan-02 - yeah and he should have kept making bikes with Rotax' least those motors are water cooled.
24-Jan-02 - Yeah Vik...i remember now that you brought it up. Trivia Question!!! What does "RW" Stand for?
12-Apr-02 - ROAD WARRIOR!
12-Apr-02 - Now what do I win?
Production (Custom) Buell Unknown (Buell), I'm thinking that this is some kinda Harley Hybird. Even more so than a Buell. The frame doesn't look like a stock Buell piece to me, but who knows? If i get more info, i'll post.
2548x1600  406 KB
Date: 01-Apr-23
Views: 341
Votes: 116 / Ave.: 4.59

I'm thinking that this is some kinda Harley Hybird. Even more so than a Buell. The frame doesn't look like a stock Buell piece to me, but who knows? If i get more info, i'll post.

06-Jan-02 - I like what I see so far. Hope to see the bike when it's finished.
07-Jan-02 - I love it -- looks like a harley motor in a Duc 900SS frame to start with.
09-Jan-02 - This was built at least partially by Kosman Engineering (Harley/drag specialty shop) in the SF Bay Area. I believe it was stolen almost a year ago uncomplete, andI don't know if it was recovered.
10-Jan-02 - that's the most gorgeous Harley powered machine I've seen. A shame anyone would try to steal a one off like that...and that frame looks nothing like a 900SS!
12-Mar-05 - Bike thiefs should be disguised as US politicians and dropped by parachute into Al Queda training camps.
15-Mar-05 - why should they get a parachute? waste of dollars. but kinda nice bike by the way would like to see how it was supposed to be when finished.
Concept Bikes Buell Unknown (Buell), Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 36801
2400x1784  267 KB
Date: 31-Mar-23
Views: 910
Votes: 151 / Ave.: 4.66

Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 36801

15-Nov-02 - Is that my old Impala car door?
15-Nov-02 - PLEASE GOD DON'T DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15-Nov-02 - I don't know looks like a red PAC-MAN on steriods
15-Nov-02 - the only thing i like about this is the wheels and tires...
15-Nov-02 - WTF?
15-Nov-02 - The hell is this?
16-Nov-02 - Remarcable hell is coming
16-Nov-02 - only buell would make something as ugly as that, looks like a turtle, huh, makes sense, buell=turtle, concept bike, right?
16-Nov-02 - so....... wheres the rest of it ? --> sickening I wish HD would get some help from one of the ricebike manufacturers!
16-Nov-02 - well, we all know Buell can do anything but build a regular motorcycle. Nothing like a John Deere tractor with a few carbon fiber bits.
16-Nov-02 - buell = turtle. Yeah, sounds about right. Their bikes are as fast as turtles, and as reliable as...Harleys. Err, I mean as failure prone as Harleys
16-Nov-02 - looks scary to ride. too...
16-Nov-02 - This is not a real bike or prototype. It's merely the digitized vision of a creative individual. Buell has never been out to build cutting edge powertrains (OBVIOUSLY), they do, however, have cutting edge chassis' and handling. They are designed to be fun that so bad? Some people get it...the rest are like you. Oh wells.
20-Nov-02 - OMG!!!!
22-Nov-02 - Someone at Buell has been smoking some bad weed.....
22-Nov-02 - I don't think it looks that bad...but why is it air cooled?? Where's the windsheild?? I think I'll stick to my bike
22-Nov-02 - This designer HAS to be French. Look at that S car go.
22-Nov-02 - that seat looks....disturbing....very disturbing...and to be honest i havent seen a foreign bike designed that bad, im sure this has to be the work of our own designer, i mena go figure have you seen how suave regular buells look?
22-Nov-02 - Buell is eh...... innovative?
22-Nov-02 - Take off that body, fix that seat, and make your own gas tank and that would be one sick street bike!
20-Dec-02 - I kinda like it. It's out there and if there are any performance benefits to that design, I'd really like it.
25-Apr-03 - Where are you supposed to sit????
10-Jun-03 - now this is ugly, look at the nice wind catcher on the front, that should slow ya down if you dont fall off the seat first. i like the wheels though, the plastic looks like a new age helmet or something
Production (Custom) Buell Unknown (Buell), Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 21244
2560x2000  604 KB
Date: 31-Mar-23
Views: 301
Votes: 95 / Ave.: 4.45

Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 21244

Production (Custom) Buell Unknown (Buell), Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 28820
2892x1776  605 KB
Date: 30-Mar-23
Views: 760
Votes: 82 / Ave.: 4.88

Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 28820

19-Jun-02 - Man, that is sweet!
Production (Stock) Buell Unknown (Buell), Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 27861
2776x1634  758 KB
Date: 30-Mar-23
Views: 285
Votes: 81 / Ave.: 3.67

Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 27861

17-May-02 - why's that on here - that's not a sportbike, is it????
17-May-02 - which one is faster the bike or the car?
24-May-02 - Definetly the car! I beat on a demo Blast out at the Buell factory, and got an indicated 99 mph. Amd that was down hill with a tail wind. Fun bike though. Like a moped on steroids.
Drawings & Art Buell Unknown (Buell), Buell 50% X1, 50% XB9R
2000x1392  774 KB
Date: 30-Mar-23
Views: 273
Votes: 100 / Ave.: 4.06

Buell 50% X1, 50% XB9R

Production (Custom) Buell Unknown (Buell), Uploaded for:
2684x1868  671 KB
Date: 30-Mar-23
Views: 191
Votes: 112 / Ave.: 5.07

Uploaded for: [email protected]

Production (Custom) Buell Unknown (Buell), Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 21243
2560x2000  374 KB
Date: 30-Mar-23
Views: 378
Votes: 98 / Ave.: 5.21

Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 21243

Production (Custom) Buell Unknown (Buell), Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 21242
2560x2000  558 KB
Date: 30-Mar-23
Views: 654
Votes: 88 / Ave.: 4.74

Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 21242

05-Dec-01 - yuk. not hatin just not my style sorry.
Production (Custom) Buell Unknown (Buell), Uploaded for: tammy neith []
1980x1337  665 KB
Date: 29-Mar-23
Views: 371
Votes: 74 / Ave.: 4.89

Uploaded for: tammy neith [[email protected]]

01-Aug-02 - Very ehmmm... ricer.
01-Aug-02 - I wish I had the same seat...ahahaha
08-Aug-02 - S2 Type R?
Production (Custom) Buell Unknown (Buell), BRM
2043x1434  625 KB
Date: 29-Mar-23
Views: 667
Votes: 118 / Ave.: 4.82


17-Nov-01 - aq bad copy of a 996 and R1,not cat , not dog,what is it?
18-Nov-01 - looks to me like a highly modified '95 or '96 Buell S2
Production (Custom) Buell Unknown (Buell), BRM
3196x2356  493 KB
Date: 28-Mar-23
Views: 403
Votes: 116 / Ave.: 4.16


09-Dec-04 - buell? hmmm i'm thinking not - now ducati thats a possibility, agip?underseat exhausts?square rear lights?piece of wood for a seat? yeah deffo a duke
09-Dec-04 - I would say Ducati rear on a buell frame...terible fit if not and the electronics don't hang off the side on the Duc...
10-Dec-04 - Ducati Superbike rear cowling on a Buell. Note the swingarm is a two-sided one and the chain-drive is on the right side. As dlee stated..."terrible fit". The seat isn't even secured to the bike (needs two bolts at the front of the seat go through the cowling).
Production (Custom) Buell Unknown (Buell), BRM
2484x2488  770 KB
Date: 28-Mar-23
Views: 326
Votes: 110 / Ave.: 5.13


Production (Custom) Buell Unknown (Buell), Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 19860
2560x2000  520 KB
Date: 27-Mar-23
Views: 308
Votes: 119 / Ave.: 4.51

Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 19860

10-Nov-01 - Man I gotta have some more info on this pic..!!!!!
Production (Custom) Buell Unknown (Buell), Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 46279
2100x1628  432 KB
Date: 25-Mar-23
Views: 159
Votes: 58 / Ave.: 4.71

Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 46279

Production (Custom) Buell Unknown (Buell), Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 46278
2100x1628  439 KB
Date: 25-Mar-23
Views: 292
Votes: 55 / Ave.: 5.42

Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 46278

Misc. Racing Buell Unknown (Buell), Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 13397
2560x1340  667 KB
Date: 25-Mar-23
Views: 453
Votes: 140 / Ave.: 4.59

Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 13397

18-Jul-01 - Kewel!
18-Jul-01 - usually likes drag bikes...just ....nevermind
02-Apr-04 - i guees, it's a buell though.
Production (Custom) Buell Unknown (Buell), Scarfed off of a Japanese Buell website.
2048x1616  421 KB
Date: 25-Mar-23
Views: 1,294
Votes: 130 / Ave.: 5.32

Scarfed off of a Japanese Buell website.

05-Jul-01 - cool tailsection, but it's still a Buell
Production (Custom) Buell Unknown (Buell), Scarfed off of a Japanese Buell Website.
2048x1616  496 KB
Date: 25-Mar-23
Views: 1,211
Votes: 131 / Ave.: 4.50

Scarfed off of a Japanese Buell Website.

05-Jul-01 - its a silver buell-et
Production (Custom) Buell Unknown (Buell), Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 35716
1684x1876  533 KB
Date: 24-Mar-23
Views: 768
Votes: 91 / Ave.: 4.74

Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 35716

17-Oct-02 - AWESOME! An S1 turned into a SuperMotard!!!! I LOVE IT! How 'bout some action pics????
17-Oct-02 - Oddly enough, I wonder just how this would do on the dirt if you threw a set of nobbies on it.....
17-Oct-02 - that would be heavy
Production (Custom) Buell Unknown (Buell), Well, it does have a Buell Motor in it, and that ain't sayin' much! :)
2240x1750  432 KB
Date: 22-Mar-23
Views: 852
Votes: 59 / Ave.: 4.24

Well, it does have a Buell Motor in it, and that ain't sayin' much! :)

16-Jul-03 - That is not a Buell engine. It's a stock 883 engine. I know the owner of this bike.
16-Jul-03 - must be a show bike-no tool kit.
Production (Stock) Buell Unknown (Buell), Would you drape your bike from ceiling?
2504x1920  622 KB
Date: 22-Mar-23
Views: 427
Votes: 124 / Ave.: 4.52

Would you drape your bike from ceiling?

09-Mar-09 NOMOREFUR.HOME.NET - must be he wanted to get ALL the old oil out for his new oil change.
09-Mar-09 - He could just park it and wait for it all to leak out.
09-Mar-09 - well, what else are ya going to do with a buell?
09-Mar-09 - Harley hanger 24 hour burn in. if it passes it's ready for the APE -- hanger. ha hah ahahahah
09-Mar-09 - Make changing the engine alot easier.
09-Mar-09 - is this from a pinata party?
09-Mar-09 - Someone found the perfect use for a Buell
09-Mar-09 - just throw it overboard and you got a perfect anchor
Production (Custom) Buell Unknown (Buell), Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 17940
2400x1572  489 KB
Date: 21-Mar-23
Views: 407
Votes: 94 / Ave.: 5.03

Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 17940

03-Oct-01 - when will harley learn to make a cool bike like this cheaper then 30k
03-Oct-01 - Looks good naked...
21-Aug-04 - Looks like a GB500 seat and muffler were added
Misc. Racing Buell Unknown (Buell), Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 42517
3072x2247  707 KB
Date: 20-Mar-23
Views: 199
Votes: 50 / Ave.: 5.02

Buell - Unknown (Buell) - 42517

Women Buell Unknown (Buell), Hot babe with a Buell motorcycle!
3584x2471  720 KB
Date: 19-Mar-23
Views: 267
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 8.33

Hot babe with a Buell motorcycle!

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