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Stunts Suzuki GSX-R600, Every once in a while I catch a good shot.
1800x1220  561 KB
Date: 08-Oct-20
Views: 539
Votes: 35 / Ave.: 7.14

Every once in a while I catch a good shot.

22-Nov-05 - sickness
22-Nov-05 - I agree jeff2wa. Total sickness! I just hope he landed it right.
23-Nov-05 - His landing was flawless.
23-Nov-05 - makes you wonder what we mortals can aspire to. I am happy if I can just stay on the dang bike!!!
AMA Racing Multiple Multiple (Multiple), Matt in the back?  Don't know who they are so I assume he is lappinig them.  Lol!  Mid Ohio 2005
1350x1004  409 KB
Multiple    2005 Multiple (Multiple)
Date: 02-Sep-20
Views: 443
Votes: 14 / Ave.: 7.14

Matt in the back? Don't know who they are so I assume he is lappinig them. Lol! Mid Ohio 2005

14-Aug-05 - i dunno,if this is race 2,he could actually be behind them. he fell and picked it back up and finished the race only 30th,i believe
Production (Stock) Multiple Multiple (Multiple), multiple -Multiple - Multiple (Multiple) - 58623
2160x2388  869 KB
Multiple    Multiple (Multiple)
Date: 15-Sep-20
Views: 851
Votes: 22 / Ave.: 7.14

multiple -Multiple - Multiple (Multiple) - 58623

12-Jun-04 - SWEET
11-Jul-04 - Very sweet!!!!!
Production (Custom) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, 1997 -Kawasaki - ZX-7R - 78163
1800x1350  490 KB
   1997 Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 05-Sep-20
Views: 880
Votes: 22 / Ave.: 7.14

1997 -Kawasaki - ZX-7R - 78163

11-Aug-05 - Raptowny rulezzzzz
Production (Custom) Honda CBR900RR, BRM
1800x1395  529 KB
Date: 29-Aug-20
Views: 1,699
Votes: 172 / Ave.: 7.13


24-Oct-01 - pure evil, i like it..
24-Oct-01 - Must be Predator's bike... mean!
24-Oct-01 - Awesome looking.
24-Oct-01 - Nice R1 front wonder it looks cool (being that it's a Honda).
24-Oct-01 - I'd buy a 900 again if it looked like that!
24-Oct-01 - Awesome!
24-Oct-01 - I agree with alshirey!!!!
24-Oct-01 - Man I dig this crazy looking 900, sure is sweet. Sure wished they made 'em like this...
24-Oct-01 - very cool!
24-Oct-01 - whats that intake looking thing on the tail?
24-Oct-01 PAULINO7777.YAHOO.COM - tail section is a rocca item
25-Oct-01 - maybe that intake directs air to the exhaust? kinda dumba since the rider will block it
25-Oct-01 - Mad Max meets the terminator?
25-Oct-01 - Iv'e got one just like that!
25-Oct-01 - terminator style! What's the scoop on the tail section for?
25-Oct-01 - Hey R_Giannis, what's wrong with this bike?
25-Oct-01 - who's body work is that ?
25-Oct-01 - WOW!!! I couldn't own something like that. I'd cry if I crashed it....
25-Oct-01 - Who did the bodywork -- is it a kit like the CREA?
25-Oct-01 - Looks like a Predator bike to me.....niceeee
25-Oct-01 - Drooooooollllll....... Daddy likes
25-Oct-01 - Dayem...talking about devil bike!!!! But how's good can you see at night time with those small Asian eyse???
25-Oct-01 MOTORLUST.HOTMAIL.COM - This turns my crank....prrrrrrrrr
25-Oct-01 - SWWWWEEEEEEETTTTT HONDA, way to represent!
25-Oct-01 - dude, lose the Yoshi sticker
25-Oct-01 MOF4I.MSN.COM - Hey i wish i had one of these i will trade in my f4i for this awesome machine hey webmaster is this the honda 900rr for the future or something.
25-Oct-01 MOF4I.MSN.COM - By the way where is the exhaust is it under the tail.
25-Oct-01 - How do I get my 929 to look the same?!?!
25-Oct-01 - hey. . that bodywork is from enigma superbikes
30-Oct-01 - this is an inspiration
30-Oct-01 - like it! Especially the color
30-Oct-01 - who owns this bike?
30-Oct-01 - Kelone -- do you know if "Enigma Superbikes" has a website, a US distributor, or a phone number even?
30-Oct-01 - well sweet,very futuristic looking
30-Oct-01 - I don't think enigma makes bodywork. The last bike Ive seen from them was a cbr900 with the crea bodywork and a vfr swingarm. If you want your bodywork to look like this, buy a r1 fairing, the tail is a rocca piece for the cbr, put some projectors beams wear the headlights went, and the swingarm is off a vfr. Very simple bike to make. This bike has stock 93 forks and stock cbr gas tank. Got to give them credit for such a nice match of parts. It needs agusta m-4 mirrors to finish it up.
30-Oct-01 - nice bike $$$$
31-Oct-01 - this is not a honda this is a R1. Webmaster: The frame is definitely 900RR, not R1.
31-Oct-01 - UUHHH sure its not a honda. The frame screams CBR 900. This is a honda, and I can build you a replica of this bike very easily, if you have the $$$$ ching ching
31-Oct-01 - rear swing arm is VFR750 90-93 model
01-Nov-01 - How much cha-ching are we talking about Paulino7777? This is one sweet looking bike, IMO.
01-Nov-01 - Lets see, you need a swing arm of a vfr or rc-45, you need a custom underseat exhaust, the tail piece is available through rocca, the fairing is a r1, then you need a cbr 900. If your interested my shop(martian racing) can make you a nicer copy.
16-Nov-01 - Build me a predator while your at it paulino ;)
16-Nov-01 - Where is Martian racing located?
26-Nov-01 - Cool!!!! Big grats to the owner! The front fairing in particular rules like no other!!!!
01-Jun-02 - This is the coolest bike I've ever seen!!! Can somebody tel me more about this about this bike! I want To make exactly the same bike! This bike is very hot yeah! RESPECT- WICKED-
08-Jul-02 - ive seen this bike in this website before and the comments said that its photoshop.. is it ??? and if its NOT.. how can i get my '93 900 to look the same ????
08-Jul-02 - absolutely brilliant
23-Oct-04 - this looks like a model...kewl bike though
25-Oct-04 - That's a mean looking CBR. Much Props to the owner!!
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R1000, This bugixxerwas created by G&B Customs. check us out at or call us at 706-221-4690.
1782x1337  500 KB
Date: 19-Sep-20
Views: 786
Votes: 15 / Ave.: 7.13

This bugixxerwas created by G&B Customs. check us out at or call us at 706-221-4690.

05-Sep-05 - looks like a busa kinda from front
07-Sep-05 - This is an 02 gixxer 1000 with a busa headlight molded in and a04 gixxer 1000 tail section with a 240 tire and air ride. This bike has every peice possible chromed including the shock.
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R1000, my new 2k5 1K gets some weight reduction with the addition of marvic penta1 wheels (magnesium), gen1 wave rotors by galfer (loop type),520 gwx x-ring chain by rk, front and rear lightened sprockets by rrp (rear is alum).  

As if this thing wasnt a brute already, it now turns (better than) most 600cc bikes will.  i have more plans, and items on the way @
1782x1337  851 KB
   2005 GSX-R1000
Date: 26-Sep-20
Views: 579
Votes: 15 / Ave.: 7.13

my new 2k5 1K gets some weight reduction with the addition of marvic penta1 wheels (magnesium), gen1 wave rotors by galfer (loop type),520 gwx x-ring chain by rk, front and rear lightened sprockets by rrp (rear is alum). As if this thing wasnt a brute already, it now turns (better than) most 600cc bikes will. i have more plans, and items on the way @

11-Apr-05 - Looking sharp :)
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R1000, This bike was built by Hickman Customs. Black Out.
1782x1337  551 KB
   2004 GSX-R1000
Date: 26-Sep-20
Views: 1,481
Votes: 15 / Ave.: 7.13

This bike was built by Hickman Customs. Black Out.

09-Oct-05 - It's sad to see such a nice bike end up like this. Whoever had that rear tire before knows how to ride.
09-Oct-05 - Well MR. BRKNTINIAI if you notice he has a adjustable swingarm so it mught be the owner who still get a lean on that bike. I have seen some guys with slight stretch on their bikes that can ride corners etc.
28-Oct-05 - hot!
Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R6, First shots of the 2006 Yamaha R6 (unconfirmed).
1800x1350  341 KB
   2006 YZF-R6
Date: 25-Sep-20
Views: 895
Votes: 15 / Ave.: 7.13

First shots of the 2006 Yamaha R6 (unconfirmed).

26-Aug-05 - nice idea but i hope not. And i hope i wont have underseat exhausts
28-Aug-05 - Nice paint scheme. The exhaust is different, but it's almost not there. Replace the license plate bracket and it will be a beauty. And the best part is it's an R6!
03-Sep-05 - DAYAAAAAM!!!! no words for nice
         STOPPIES !!
2592x1989  526 KB
   1994 CBR600F2
Date: 28-Aug-20
Views: 1,124
Votes: 265 / Ave.: 7.13


14-Sep-01 - nice gear!!! that could really hurt..
14-Sep-01 - nice stoppie Jay ...screw the haters!
14-Sep-01 - ive seen an f2 do major second gear wheelies
14-Sep-01 - nice stoppie, so on a full tank can u pull 1st gear wheelies without the clutch?
14-Sep-01 - nice stoppie. too about your gear
14-Sep-01 MANUBI33.EARTHLINK.COM - nice butt ! oh yeah cool stoppie
14-Sep-01 - did you just compliment yourself on your butt??
15-Sep-01 - nice stopie, but come on...shorts?
17-Sep-01 - go one down in the front second gear wheelies no problem then but still wont clutch it up in third
30-Oct-01 - Remember like big bro said one tooth down in front i saw this guy with 2 down in front and top speed was about 120mph but he could clutch it in third..
12-Apr-02 - I have a stock f2 and i can pull up seconds easy... you just have to pull up really, REALLY, hard
19-Jul-04 - get more horsepower.
20-Jul-04 - full throttle in 2, at 8000 rpm hit the clutch and again full throtle and let go...and up you go...or just shift from 1 to 2
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, One crazy machine - too much stuff done to the bike to list.  You can never have too much power!!
2543x1695  820 KB
   2004 YZF-R1
Date: 22-Sep-20
Views: 915
Votes: 23 / Ave.: 7.13

One crazy machine - too much stuff done to the bike to list. You can never have too much power!!

16-Apr-05 - Is it your motorbike? how you have made the writings on the rims? Thanks!
17-Apr-05 - Yes, it's my bike. I got the reflective rim decals from
Production (Stock) MV F4 750cc, <p>MV Agusta F4 with Ferrari 355 - NICE!!</p>
2240x1750  736 KB
   2000 F4 750cc
Date: 24-Aug-20
Views: 1,370
Votes: 210 / Ave.: 7.13

MV Agusta F4 with Ferrari 355 - NICE!!

07-Nov-00 - I look at this, and now feel that my life stinks.
07-Nov-00 - I want these!
07-Nov-00 - It's only an F4S, anybody who is anybody got the series oro
07-Nov-00 - Sick bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07-Nov-00 - Which one is Faster?
07-Nov-00 - but look at that rear wheel, over an inch of unused rubber on the side.... one word, POSER!!!!
07-Nov-00 - that just makes me sick
07-Nov-00 - ONLY an F4S? How many Mv's do YOU have?
07-Nov-00 - If he's a poser.....I want to be a poser! Maybe it's brand new - cut him some slack!
07-Nov-00 - Some people wouldn't know sarcasm if it kicked 'em in the head.
07-Nov-00 - relax people, so what?
07-Nov-00 - what a bunch of player haters..ahahahah
07-Nov-00 - dont be JEALOUSSSSS ! hahahah maybe he has a beater MV to ride on, and that one is just for picking up the mail on his 4mile long drive way.heheh
07-Nov-00 - No one here seems to appreciate this
07-Nov-00 - too bad it's a four cylinder (the bike that is)
07-Nov-00 - I agree, that bike would be so much better with a big thumping twin!
07-Nov-00 - him 8=D me 8=======D
07-Nov-00 - I am still thinking my life stinks now...the hummer must be out back by the helicopter!
07-Nov-00 - NICE RIDES
07-Nov-00 - Some people just have too much money. They should give some to me.
07-Nov-00 - He's stolen my life.
07-Nov-00 - life must be nice
07-Nov-00 - Who voted this down? What, are you jealous?
07-Nov-00 - Everything was going good today until I saw this I'm kinda depressed...I gotta go buy more lotto tickets
07-Nov-00 - you think that i am NOT jealous?????
07-Nov-00 - Wow, seems you guys like this pic. Here are some more:
07-Nov-00 - too bad too, this guy probably works way too much to enjoy these choice vehicles. I still like to be in his boat though.!!
07-Nov-00 - looks like steve m's life style ..............................
07-Nov-00 - i wonder what he does for a living?
07-Nov-00 - I only accept this if the owner will do the right thing: Trash 'm. Use them as intented
08-Nov-00 - you really want to know how ? Hard work, determination, and perserverence !
08-Nov-00 - those rides are junk!! my plymouth eagle is a lot better
08-Nov-00 - hey pal give us a job,I'll kiss yer feet,hey bonus could be a sexy chick!!!
08-Nov-00 - Is that a Camaro or a Firebird? Nice GSXR!
09-Nov-00 - he's a hollywood gyno!
09-Nov-00 - ok....who in the heck would ever, and i mean EVER, put a plate on the front of a 355.
09-Nov-00 - It's from Japan.....Yes, the guy owns both. Front plattes are required, it's the law.
10-Nov-00 - Wow, it's my driveway......
10-Nov-00 - CAMARO OR FIREBIRD?? What a loser. Look at the emblem!!
11-Nov-00 - hey, dumbass, some states require a front plate.
11-Nov-00 - It looks like a Fiero with a body kit, I bet is fake.
11-Nov-00 - Nice! Who makes that bike?
12-Nov-00 - yeah, i live in one, and all my cars have no front plates...and i am a who you call a dumba$$
12-Nov-00 - dude...someone was kidding around about the gsxr and firebird/comaro...geeze...laugh and smile, or is your life that sad...if it a 355
12-Nov-00 - Yeah, it was a joke! I know it's not a camaro or a firebird. It's a CORVETTE! Nice FZR too!
13-Nov-00 - who are you a cop for? What state?
13-Nov-00 - Should he watch who he calls a dumbass just because your a cop? Who cares I'm a cop i've been called a dumbass as a cop and an everyday guy. what makes a difference?
13-Nov-00 - What s the car behind my future bike???
13-Nov-00 - Bike's nice, Rather see a viper or a 911 turbo instead
14-Nov-00 - That's a Ferrari 355! Nicer than any freaking Viper.
14-Nov-00 - COP in VT
14-Nov-00 - What do smart, or dumbass cops have to do with this picture....I don't even think that this car or this bike would be caught by a cop anyway. However I agree...lose the plate, don't drill through a $6000 front air dam!
14-Nov-00 - YEAH..that player hater better put a plate on the front of that agusta too
14-Nov-00 - you morons! you don't think cops would be LOOKING for a reason to pull this guy over? Keep the plate!
14-Nov-00 - The two most horniest non living objects on this planet!!!!!! Two Italian beauties!!!!!!! Would like to see a Duke though......
16-Nov-00 - A wet dream!!!
18-Nov-00 - poor viscount linley, now hes only got the ferrari!!!! too many bike thieves........
21-Nov-00 - he must be a valet with a camera
22-Nov-00 - if he can afford this car...then he can afford any tickets from not having a front plate...lose the front plate!!!
25-Nov-00 - I hope this is a preview of heaven, taken by God himself........
27-Nov-00 - Wonder what that guy does for a living!!!!! I gotta know.....
27-Nov-00 - Waaaaaay Cool! Italians rulezzzz
27-Nov-00 - I would take the car, not the bike!
28-Nov-00 - The guys that sell these things target insecure men, who need to inspire comments such as those above in order to feel any self-worth. That's why their customers buy them and take pictures of them. The guy probably has a copy of this picture in his wallet. Webmaster: I know I'd have a copy in my wallet! Probably before the wife and kid even! ;]
28-Nov-00 - not bad for a 748
30-Nov-00 - You have it made. Can I be your friend?
06-Dec-00 - ferrari and f4 is fantastic....
06-Dec-00 - Aren't these designed for high performance?Let's see some knee dragging and F1 driving, not modeling, what this is known as.
07-Dec-00 - WOAH HO MOMMA! Hominahominahominahominahominah! Oh muggosh! WOW!
07-Dec-00 - now thats got to be nice having all that cool shiznit, one word ,damn !!
07-Dec-00 - IF ONLY I WAS RICH!
12-Dec-00 - brothers together forever
18-Dec-00 - Yeah, rub it in...
29-Dec-00 - italy
03-Jan-01 - Okay the toys are wonderful, so what does the driver look like????????
14-Jan-01 Swagman - the Canuk should take a look at the "f" car and then someone should hand him a tissue ... better, way better than sex... and now you know where my ...head ... is.... this is a machine beyond beauty.. it my not be a 944 twin turbo and it may not go from 0-60 in 3.4 secs but it drips.......hmmmmmm ...can i wax your car??
19-Jan-01 - Kool Pic! I'd send my pictures of my three bikes and my new truck but I don't want to put up eith the child-like jelious comments made by most people. =~{
22-Jan-01 - Only have 'em in RED?????
26-Feb-01 - two TOYS all show and no go maybe this person LACKS in other Lower departments
27-Feb-01 - Oooooh an MV Augusta and a Ferrari..., big deal! I could dust you on my 1986 GSX-R 750 or my `93 Purple Ford Pinto (which I've equipped with a nitrous and a trick tape deck)
02-Mar-01 - WANKER!!! an mv with a panic lining on the sides of the tires the size of texas!! made a 30 min. testride on an mv , tires were used nicely all over!
02-Mar-01 - Excuse me while I take my hand out of my pants!!! Kuffs
19-Mar-01 None - So what if you could "dust him" on your 1986 GSX-R 750. Thats an ugly looking bike and this ain´t. I´d much rather look at this picture... //Stoffer
21-Mar-01 - what bike show did you get this one from
27-Mar-01 - can you say, "too much money!"
08-Apr-01 - : after 8 japanese bikes and one italian (MV): no more japs!
27-Apr-01 - sure, rub it in!! (nice machinery)
10-May-01 - share the wealth! :)
18-May-01 - ugly bike, that agusta!!
26-May-01 rweissl - Stop posting these pictures. I'm drooling all over the keyboard here
30-May-01 - jeeze dude... that's not cool. do you have to rub it in?
05-Jun-01 - oh god i now have a tear in my eye... You are so lucky
08-Jun-01 - I like the rides
29-Jun-01 - nice combo man but your rear tire isn't saying much.instead of posting these pics learn how to lean.You'll feel a lot much better.
06-Aug-01 - OMG....i just messed up my pants!
09-Sep-01 - Do you know there's millions of children out there starving to death ?
09-Nov-01 - Wow...I pull up to a posh restaurant(or wherever this is) and see two nice vehicles and take a pic.....Who says one person owns them both? Maybe it's an exotic dealership?
16-Oct-02 - Eat the rich.
25-May-03 - wouldn't have been cheaper to just put a sock in the pants?
25-May-03 - my my. Look at all the jealous people. Feed the children, wah wah. Having wealth doesn't obligate you to give it all away. Somebody earned it here, and has a right to enjoy it. Besides, who says that this person doesn't give away tens of thousands away every year to charities? Also, the comments on the beauty of the bikes are clear statements of jealousy. Who cares if your jap bike has a more powerful motor. Remember the movie "liar liar" where the boy asked Jim's character if true beauty is really on the inside? He said, "no, that's just something that ugly people say." In this case he was right. The beauty here is right before your eyes. Don't be jealous ;)
25-May-03 - Beautiful duo. Now Im gonna move in next door with my Senna edition and matching black GT2 Porsche! ;)
25-May-03 - I couldnt have said it better, chromeslide!
25-May-03 - screw a picture in the wallet, i'd wear a tshirt with the pic printed on it - but i agree with that one guy - this could just be an exotic dealership
26-May-03 - Having owned three Ferraris allows me to say they were unreliable & poorly built Fiat trash! Porsche IS tops.
26-May-03 - Perfect choice for both...... love to see this dudes woman.
27-May-03 - My 1987 Fiat Uno Diesel its better than the 355 :)
27-May-03 - ahahah.. look at all these haters!!! whats wrong ya'll?... minimum wage aint cutt'n it? dont listen to none of these haters.. they just hat'n cause they cant afford either one of these!! and if this is just an "extension" of a mans privates??? why? just cause you cant afford this, means your "more of a man" than the owner? it wouldnt really matter cause the owners the one pullin all the chicks!!!! and i dont see why one would want a DODGE (viper?) over a ferrari? maybe the 911, but a DODGE?? hahaha.. thas just funny!! and he might wanna trade the mv in for the new dodge motorcycle too huh?..
27-May-03 - True...true!
28-May-03 SHERMDOGG_99.YAHOO.COM - huge chicken strips, what a waste, i'd give my left jewel for that bike
29-May-03 - Chicken strips??? go to this site then you will know why there are chicken strips, cause the bike is BRAND SPANKIN NEW, lol.....oh yeah and by the way, this guy has taste, he's got the best of both worlds, try to be a good sport and appreciate someone elses success in life even if yours didn't turn out as expected.......peace....
31-May-03 - hey gus and gals if thats what he wants to spend his mony on the live and let must have cost a fortune in japan. iv ridin with guys that own mv,s and duc,s and find it comon that what ever their resons they all baby the bikes and dont push limits. on the other hand ive ridin with guys that berly could afford their katana or zxe and they put there knees down and or stunt. i gues the true welth is in the individual riding skill and not the bike
31-May-03 - im back i accidenitly hit enter before finishing my coment.(trust me my riding is better than my keybord skills)anyway if i realy wanted to get looks it would have to be the look of shock or frustration from owners of such italian machines by taking the mony they spent on their buying them and put it into high perfomance parts for say a zx9r and a camaro and beating them in a race.i know thats pretty childish but some dude in a ferrari did chalenge me once when i was on my lightly modified zx9r and the look on his face as i beat him to the next stop at the end of a twistie was priceless,(espescialey knowing the diference in price for each machine.)maybe the price of humillity is to much and we all shouldint judge a book by its cover.
02-Jun-03 - "iv ridin with guys that own mv,s and duc,s and find it comon that what ever their resons they all baby the bikes and dont push limits"......ahhhhhhh thud,what a dumb comment my friend. You generalization about MV and Ducati riders is priceless.....and a load of Bull.
06-Jun-03 - GOOD
08-Jun-03 - very well put thud
09-Jun-03 - hey pete mabe you might want to read what i wrote again.i was not making a generalization but basing my coment on shared riding experience if there are mv and duc riders out ther that drag knee then more power to them. i know ben bostrom can definatly drag knee on a duc,but not those iv rode with!and what about the rest of my dumb comments such as those guys on the unworthy katanas and zxe,s i was making a point on personel experience not all types of bikes but the riders iv rode with.also reread the live and let live and not judging a book by its cover part of my dumb comments.PEACE.
10-Jun-03 - New for 2003, the MV Agusta side car...
10-Jun-03 - I don't need to read it again Thud....still a dumb*ss comment.
14-Jun-03 - lol schatham! Thud, My brother had a 92 F2 cbr and he was going down Highway 83 going about 100 he sees this red car coming up very fast so he gets over and it's Patrick Roy (Avalanche) is in a ferrari and they went at it until my brother hit about 130 then he let him go. I know this happened cause Roy actually mentioned it in a talk show.
16-Jun-03 - thanx schatham and to think this knee dragger used to think stunt riders where crazy(till i moved to arizona the land of straight roads)and begginer stunt rider might not just be full of hot air,and belive me pete the starboyz can afford an MV.(peace)
18-Jun-03 - Work hard you play hard.
19-Jun-03 - Thud ur comments are not dumb but what in the.... were you trying to say?????
21-Jun-03 - Thud, absolutely no idea what your on about this time mate...I think you've confused yourself, let alone the rest of us. I think even the Starboyz won't even be able to translate. I hope you can ride better than you type, or your in a sh*t load a trouble.
23-Jun-03 - Yeah thud hope you ride better then you type,u need hooked on electronics,lol
Misc. Racing Suzuki GSX-R1000, 2003 -Suzuki - GSX-R1000 - 127727
1632x2304  572 KB
   2003 GSX-R1000
Date: 10-Sep-20
Views: 620
Votes: 39 / Ave.: 7.13

2003 -Suzuki - GSX-R1000 - 127727

Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R750, Suzuki - GSX-R750 - 17210
1800x1395  446 KB
Date: 07-Oct-20
Views: 1,338
Votes: 293 / Ave.: 7.13

Suzuki - GSX-R750 - 17210

23-Sep-01 - beautiful. this is from france i guess.. yea?
23-Sep-01 - Strangely coolish.
24-Sep-01 - looks all good from here
24-Sep-01 - Big deal, you've seen one you've seen um all. Just another Suzook-a-Kati!
24-Sep-01 - Very well done!
24-Sep-01 - realllllly nice...kinda resembles a Ducati, dontcha think?
24-Sep-01 - It's the Ducazuki !
24-Sep-01 - SHays you got me about to get fired at work lmao @ Ducazuki! hahahahahahahah
24-Sep-01 -'s a good one!
24-Sep-01 - very nice bike but the time and money could have been used to but a real DUCATI!!!!!
24-Sep-01 - I think this bike sucks! :-(
24-Sep-01 - real ducati? what? .... some ppl dont get it.. this has nothing to do with a real ducati, this is about cusomixing a Gixer..... thats all. Real Ducati is more beautiful than this bike. But this bike is way better than any stock looking Gixer of that model.
04-Oct-01 - I agree, some people just don't get it. Without this web site and pics like this, you might as well just look at the manufacture's sales books pics
04-Nov-03 - Thats really sick---I dont' know about color scheme---but i wish i had the money to do that to my gixxer
30-Jul-04 - WOW! Top job!
22-Aug-04 - Absolutely beautiful... *sigh*
Production (Stock) Multiple Multiple (Multiple), And yes all these grils ride
2610x1175  690 KB
Multiple    2002 Multiple (Multiple)
Date: 02-Sep-20
Views: 1,515
Votes: 119 / Ave.: 7.13

And yes all these grils ride

19-Oct-01 - I"ll take the one on the gixxer please.....!!!!!!!!!!!!
19-Oct-01 - GIRL POWER!!!!! Keep it up. We need more women riders. :-)
19-Oct-01 - Holy of each flavor...the bikes i mean...
19-Oct-01 - I'm partial to blondes.......I'll take the one on the Kawi on the left......
19-Oct-01 - real biker women not like the other who doesnt know were is the engine
19-Oct-01 - good on ya ladies!
19-Oct-01 - TIght
19-Oct-01 - Kawi' left............. I'll have two !
19-Oct-01 - i'm a gixxer man myself...shes not bad
20-Oct-01 - this is a sweet pic, girls who ride in full leathers, 5 different makes, notice they are all on 600s, they know size doesn't matter
20-Oct-01 - The Spice Girls?
20-Oct-01 - Yummy! I agree with rbilancini
20-Oct-01 - Dang, wish that we had gals like that here in Seattle... 8^(
20-Oct-01 - do you think their husband/boy friends ride on the back? NOT! Great to have women riders though.
20-Oct-01 - major props to all the pilots!
20-Oct-01 - Great pic! If you don't mind me mentioning ladies, this is what dreams are made of. Great bikes, beautiful smiles and you all look like your loving it. Tell us where you ride
20-Oct-01 - Full test available in Dutch magazine (bike test, that is;-)
20-Oct-01 - Yes , as allready said , we need more women on bikes - many more :)
22-Oct-01 - This is indeed a pic from a test in I believe the dutch Kicxstart magazine. If I'm not mistaken the left one is only 14(!) years old..
23-Oct-01 - Ah the ones on the Zx6r and F4i have good taste :D
08-Nov-01 - "I know what girls want" Bikes that is......
20-Nov-01 - I'm not normally a Suzuki man, but in this case...
17-Oct-04 - I like the one in the leathers
18-Oct-04 - From Netherlands ? ? ?
Stunts Triumph Speed Triple, Uploaded for: Micha?
1440x1080  432 KB
   Speed Triple
Date: 10-Sep-20
Views: 804
Votes: 16 / Ave.: 7.13

Uploaded for: Micha?

Stunts Kawasaki Ninja ZX-9R, The best wedding picture of all time!!!
1965x1482  506 KB
   1998 Ninja ZX-9R
Date: 20-Sep-20
Views: 1,295
Votes: 260 / Ave.: 7.12

The best wedding picture of all time!!!

25-Nov-00 - Now that is awesome!! My kind of wedding!
25-Nov-00 - She wasn't sure what to think when I told her my idea. Not what she had in mind on her wedding day, in her wedding dress, but when she saw the pictures she was pumped!!!
25-Nov-00 - Now thats a Kodak moment!!! Handle it bra!
26-Nov-00 - Wife,"Honey, no more rides without me". lol congratulations
26-Nov-00 - Thinkin of going for a ride after the wedding? Looks like she's puttin her foot down, get used to it!
26-Nov-00 - I hope the guy I marry is up for pics like this at our wedding. But I'll be the one doing the burnie :P
26-Nov-00 - sweet! I love that idea! It looks like she has tamed the beast! LOL! congrads!
26-Nov-00 - nice.. she 's got the controls now..
26-Nov-00 - I love this picture!! Excellent idea!!!
27-Nov-00 - The idea is AMAZING, and good thing the picture aint in colour. It looks better this way for some reason :). CONGRATULATIONS
27-Nov-00 - congrats on your wedding and cool wifey who likes the bikes!!!!!!!
28-Nov-00 - you the man cool guy!
28-Nov-00 - Sorry Cout I Missed out on your wedding! This picture rules!!!
29-Nov-00 - Congrats on the wedding and what an excellent picture. Wish we could have been there. We have the picuture framed and on display
01-Dec-00 - congads...keep her man,those girls are hard to find,...enjoy it!
01-Dec-00 - how sweet!!!! much happiness, always....
01-Dec-00 - Great shot. Thanks for letting me know it was here. Best Wishes. Dorthy.
01-Dec-00 - hope you two are very happy, the wedding and reception was a blast
01-Dec-00 - Great shot!! This is how things will be for a while(Her standing in front of you when you try to go out riding!) but by the looks of her, she's worth staying in for a while :)
03-Dec-00 - I ride a zx9 cool
07-Dec-00 - hehe lol
11-Dec-00 - TAME THAT BULL!
12-Dec-00 - the type of girl I want!!
13-Dec-00 - Is that sepia? Very nice, artisticly. Outstanding all-time fav.
14-Dec-00 - I think he's a little anxious for the honeymoon!
14-Dec-00 / atkinson_courtney - Funny you should ask about sepia. Yes it is, but I have no idea what that means, it was the photographers idea. Her artistry, my idea... I guess it worked out pretty well.
15-Dec-00 - Quite simply.....Sepia is soaking the picture in bleach until it turns silver, rinse off bleach and apply the sepia toner to pic, wash, dry, done. Basically. If done well, it turns out like your's. Again, nice pic/bike. Cudos to photographer.
15-Dec-00 - talk about letting off STEAM
15-Dec-00 - great picture !!!!! It could make a good advertising pic for the bike. good luck on your
17-Dec-00 - Is this considered foreplay?
17-Dec-00 - he thinks this will compensate for lack of something else, like numerous others, who think flash and power will increase thier size
18-Dec-00 - in a couple of years he will have wished the he let go of the front brake
19-Dec-00 - I don't know who wrote those last two comments but why don't you shut up and enjoy something without having to be critical about it. I've got a cool picture, a great wife and a nice bike PERIOD. Why be critical of that?
19-Dec-00 - EXCELLENT WOW (A++++++++++++++++++++++++++)
21-Dec-00 - cool picture. don't listen to everyone else, they're just jealous. do your thing
21-Dec-00 - I wish my wife looked that GOOD!
22-Dec-00 - perfect! enjoy your life together.
22-Dec-00 - Hey TheGuyInThePicture, cool photo, cool bike (I've got a 94 zx9) and a cool wife to see the humor in this shot. Best of luck to both of you. For Devilgrl: What do you think of a dual smokey burnout. I have the zx...
29-Dec-00 - Hi!! my name is Bae.jun-young live in Korea. and I love the bike more than eat food. ^^;; ZX-9R nice!!!!
03-Jan-01 - Great Shot do you mind if I barrow your idea
03-Jan-01 - Dude! Did you ever live in NC. I could swear i know you. Email me.
04-Jan-01 - Now THAT, is what I like to see!
19-Jan-01 devilgrl - dlabonte: sounds like a plan
27-Jan-01 - Who are these folks ?
28-Jan-01 - Girl power
30-Jan-01 - congrats's unfortunate that this joke will become a reality soon LOL in no time you'll be reminiscing about those days of freedom when you were able to go outside and play with your zx9,,,,so you interested in selling?? haha just kidding man all the best
15-Feb-01 - I'm getting married soon, great idea. Thats about the way she stops you to. I own a zx9 also great taste.
04-Mar-01 - strong legs
20-Mar-01 - nothing says i love you like a burn out
22-Mar-01 - Ah yes, the Ball and Chain, slowing down the motorcycle.
24-Apr-01 - just set your pic as wallpaper ... hope the girlfriend warms to the idea....zx9r also...cheers.
31-May-01 - congrats to all three of you!
05-Jun-01 - Funny picture....I like it.
13-Aug-01 - congrats man, beautiful wife and beautiful bike, doesn't get any better than that. I might borrow your idea for a sweet picture ......
19-Oct-01 - it's great!!~
19-Oct-01 - it's great... nice guy and beautiful women are perfect!! ^^;
12-Nov-01 - i hope one day my wife and i can do that! thats freakin sweet
12-Feb-03 - Why did the bike had to suffer ?! Were you forced to get married? :D heh heh heh cheers mate and congratulations
14-Jun-03 - He best take off!!! I love my wife but sometimes she drives me CrAZy¿
14-Jun-03 - I hear 'ha rods. Sometimes you ask, "... well, nevermind.
14-Jun-03 - ^------^?
14-Jun-03 - awww thats the kind of guy i want.. :)
15-Jun-03 - That is dope! Coolest picture I've seen on this site. Congrats.
15-Jun-03 - This is a really cute idea for those couple that just adore riding!
15-Jun-03 - Hell , if he had a BOSS HOSS with the 502 motor , I'll bet that she would not be standin' there too loing . Stay happy , stay single .
17-Jun-03 - Yup, very cool pic. You should see this guy eat too. Try 9 Big Macs at one sitting!! No joke!
17-Jun-03 - Congrats on your nuptials. I know everyone else loves this, and it is a cool photo - but I don't get the relevance to your marriage. Do you LIVE on your bike? She seems excluded since there's a cowl instead of a seat. And she's preventing you from leaving. I know I'm a curmudgeon, but I also know I love bikes and I don't get it. You're married and you ride bikes. So?
05-Feb-04 - das hot!!
10-Feb-04 - Thats why I'm not married yet, I still like to ride too much
Production (Stock) Suzuki RF series, Uploaded for: trakmedown 1994 Suzuki RF900
2591x1913  820 KB
   1994 RF series
Date: 12-Sep-20
Views: 800
Votes: 149 / Ave.: 7.12

Uploaded for: trakmedown
1994 Suzuki RF900

Stunts Suzuki TL1000R/TL1000S, Mark Dunnivan from Adrenalincrew pulling off an almost vertical stoppie.....DANG!! u dont see that often
1562x1112  254 KB
Date: 15-Sep-20
Views: 861
Votes: 26 / Ave.: 7.12

Mark Dunnivan from Adrenalincrew pulling off an almost vertical stoppie.....DANG!! u dont see that often

22-Oct-04 - Anyone know where I can get a man like this?
22-Oct-04 - the ocean has alot of squids, id try there first.
25-Oct-04 - On second thought, I think Id rather take the bike. What a legend !
19-Nov-04 - Rc51 u r a hater man u r mad because u cant do this.......& chezuki you can find him in florida
Production (Custom) Ducati Unknown (Ducati), nice Duc
1800x1394  746 KB
Date: 08-Aug-20
Views: 1,175
Votes: 26 / Ave.: 7.12

nice Duc

10-Feb-05 - love it
10-Feb-05 - nice duc is quite an understatement. WOW!
30-Apr-10 - thats what i call a bike very nice
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R1000, more out door pics
2304x1773  785 KB
   2001 GSX-R1000
Date: 06-Sep-20
Views: 939
Votes: 123 / Ave.: 7.11

more out door pics

25-May-02 - That is the coolest color scheme ive seen yet!!!
25-May-02 - Way beyond tight.....possibly the finest 1000 I have seen yet. Beerz likes!
26-May-02 - Looks fully sick, u said it Beerz!!!!
26-May-02 - Thanks for the compliments.Take care Rod
28-May-02 - Your bike is off the chain. I truly envy you. My day is coming.
01-Jun-02 - I wanted to buy a gsxr 1000 myself but thought the coulors where awful,but when I see yours I changed my mind completly.Very nice bike,especially the breaking disks.
04-Jun-02 - F me this is soo friggin awesome
16-Jun-02 - Not the best 1K I have seen, but its up there. This bike is more for performance judging from the YOSHIMURA pipes
17-Jun-02 - ONe of the best looking !ks out there.
20-Jun-02 - Those brake disc's look fantastic,love to get myself a set.
02-Jul-02 - That is one of the tightest thou's I have ever seen, it is nice to see someone spends some cash on products that actually make the bike faster and not just shinier. THIS BIKE ROCKS !!!!!
06-Jan-03 - this color scheme is awesome....was that a color scheme for 2001 or did you do that on your own??
07-Feb-03 - sick bike....lust
26-Feb-03 - thats got to be a custom paint job..either way, sick..very very sick...whats up with those discs? Never seen those before, where did you get them?
26-Mar-03 - nice bike dude !!!! gixxer 4 life
Misc. Racing Yamaha YZF-R1, Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 79969
1575x1049  307 KB
Date: 10-Oct-20
Views: 964
Votes: 19 / Ave.: 7.11

Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 79969

05-Nov-05 - Oh Shi! this looks like to much fun.
05-Nov-05 - holy cow
05-Nov-05 Khalma2a.HoTMaiL.CoM - WoOoOoW
11-Nov-05 - nice but fake
14-Jan-06 - yes...fake? What the hell are you looking at? Looks perfectly real to me!
16-Jan-06 - No fake. Are many pictures made by this hill. I thought it was a circuit in Great Britain.
17-Jan-06 - Same place:
09-Mar-06 - It's cadwell park boys! in england.Best circuit going.
Production (Stock) Triumph Unknown (Triumph), Don't know what this is but saw it broken down behind a load of lorries near the A5. he wasn't very happy when i took a foto, so i told him I had deleted it off the camera!

I think it's a 1000cc four-cylinder, but i am not sure!
2016x1491  469 KB
Date: 21-Aug-20
Views: 521
Votes: 19 / Ave.: 7.11

Don't know what this is but saw it broken down behind a load of lorries near the A5. he wasn't very happy when i took a foto, so i told him I had deleted it off the camera! I think it's a 1000cc four-cylinder, but i am not sure!

02-Jun-05 - Looks like you captured a shot of the new Daytona 650!
02-Jun-05 - New looks like he has grey duck tape on the side and on the tank
03-Jun-05 - I think the rider is just new and has a hard time keeping the tires on the ground. Or maybe he took it apart and lost the screws and had to put it back together with tape.
11-Jun-05 - look at the wheels, sssa, exhaust piping by the rear set, the forks, the brakes, the bars, the frame. This is NOT a Daytona650. It IS an '05 Speed Triple with Dayona 600/650 body work somehow lol mounted up to it. Or some good photoshop? But you can't deny the front/side fairings are Daytona600 and the wheels,exhaust,frame,forks,brakes are '05 Speed Triple.
08-Dec-05 - ha!
World SuperBike Multiple Multiple (Multiple),
1260x777  160 KB
Multiple    Multiple (Multiple)
Date: 15-Sep-20
Views: 597
Votes: 20 / Ave.: 7.10

Production (Stock) Honda CBR929RR/CBR954RR, New Camera, Yosh Bolt on, Reflectors pulled. next, the snow plow comes off.
1800x1373  612 KB
   2003 CBR929RR/CBR954RR
Date: 12-Sep-20
Views: 3,485
Votes: 286 / Ave.: 7.10

New Camera, Yosh Bolt on, Reflectors pulled. next, the snow plow comes off.

04-Jul-03 - Sweet lookin ride! Lovin it
04-Jul-03 - This is one of the best pictures yet of this bike, it's one very sexy bike, that's for sure!!!
1575x1355  621 KB
Date: 19-Aug-20
Views: 3,942
Votes: 133 / Ave.: 7.10


17-Mar-10 - sweet ........
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