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Production (Custom) Honda RC51, Honda - RC51 RVT1000R - 49740
1440x1125  310 KB
Date: 08-Sep-20
Views: 865
Votes: 96 / Ave.: 7.18

Honda - RC51 RVT1000R - 49740

30-Sep-03 - 1 pipe ?
30-Sep-03 - Yes, 1 Pipe
30-Sep-03 - Bike of my dreams... I love the single high-mount and brake upgrades aswell!
01-Oct-03 - looks good with that pipe, I like it!
04-Oct-03 - best looking honda bike. It?s not like these ugly new cbr?s
08-Oct-03 - Is that an Arrow exhaust? If so, too bad they don't make it for the '02-'03 model. Any probs with leaks?
08-Oct-03 - I love that pipe
08-Oct-03 - The Maufacturer of the Exhaust-System is SR-Racing (, no probs with leaks
World SuperBike Suzuki GSX-R1000, Yukio gets some air Losail 26 02 2005
2304x1772  442 KB
   2005 GSX-R1000
Date: 26-Sep-20
Views: 762
Votes: 34 / Ave.: 7.18

Yukio gets some air Losail 26 02 2005

Production (Stock) Ducati 748, My 2001 748
2016x1395  532 KB
   2001 748
Date: 08-Aug-20
Views: 1,158
Votes: 17 / Ave.: 7.18

My 2001 748

Production (Custom) Suzuki Hayabusa, Suzuki - GSX1300R Hayabusa - 70362
1125x728  238 KB
Date: 28-Sep-20
Views: 533
Votes: 17 / Ave.: 7.18

Suzuki - GSX1300R Hayabusa - 70362

31-Jan-05 - Where do people get money for this????????????? i work all the time to make enough for payments and insurance for my 04 gixxer but i cant afford anything fancy until i pay it off
Production (Stock) Aprilia RSV Mille Models, With new panels
2304x1728  772 KB
   2004 RSV Mille Models
Date: 04-Aug-20
Views: 1,582
Votes: 17 / Ave.: 7.18

With new panels

14-Nov-06 - Purty aint she
Production (Stock) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, 2004 -Kawasaki - ZX-10R - 71581
1920x1469  584 KB
   2004 Ninja ZX-10R
Date: 05-Sep-20
Views: 832
Votes: 17 / Ave.: 7.18

2004 -Kawasaki - ZX-10R - 71581

17-Feb-05 - Very Nice, where did you get the sliders? they look like they are bolted in 2 places, all the ones I have found are only one bolt brackets or you need to cut the plastic.
18-Feb-05 - Very nice! Though the grips look kinda cheap.
18-Feb-05 - The frame sliders were manufactured by a guy named champ91 go to they are offset so no cutting of plastic is necessary. They bolt in one place but utilize the circular opening in the frame as an anchor point which make them much stronger then the Muzzy sliders which are also offset but the bracket can flex. As for the grips...They are Harris Racing Grips. I could have gone with more of a Gel grip but these are still better then the stockers and you are right..they were got them through Rumble Imports....Thanx again for the comments.. pongo
15-Sep-05 - hey..very swell looking bike..whear do you get the stripeing for the rims i need to do that its black 10 my self galfer brakes micron,hyperpro daper,bmc filter,and pilot powers....thx
27-Apr-10 - one hell of a great bike born too ride nice
Stunts Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, Will you still call me SUPERMAN!
1920x1500  324 KB
   1996 Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 05-Sep-20
Views: 2,443
Votes: 240 / Ave.: 7.18

Will you still call me SUPERMAN!

30-Jan-01 - I take my hat off to you; pointless risk to the bike, but impressive...! Way more than I could do...
30-Jan-01 - Either this is an asome trick, or that guy is going to die! Dosen't look like he's hanging on?
30-Jan-01 - your nuts... but still, its pretty sweet
30-Jan-01 - i give this one 15 out of 10, never seen seen this done before.
30-Jan-01 - man this dude is sick! and somehow my frecken hero!!!!!!!!!!!!
30-Jan-01 - very cool
30-Jan-01 - Is there a website with your photos???You're incredible man!!!!
30-Jan-01 - Got my vote for biggest balls of the year so far!
30-Jan-01 - Your balls are the size of watermelons or you are nutts!?!
30-Jan-01 - j-dawg, it's len-bone, BORING!! just kiddin. why haven't you done this for me? like they say, you're a bad man
30-Jan-01 - Either this guy is a complete moron (my thesis) or is just crazier than hell!!
30-Jan-01 - fifty bucks says two seconds later this guy does an endo over the top of his bike, sweet none-the-less, get rid of the Kawa though
31-Jan-01 - this is wicked!
31-Jan-01 - That was going to be my next trick to try (as soon as the weather warms up) since I had never seen it before, but you beat me to it. Nice to know it can be done. Anyways, good job man, very nice!! (If I can pull it off, I'll get a pic of it to put up here with you)
31-Jan-01 - well i will take your fifty bucks please, him and d-mann can do some crazy stuff
31-Jan-01 - J-man, I agree with lenny, why didn't you do this Sunday??? You are the f@#!'n man!!!!
31-Jan-01 - Awesome, best trick I have ever seen, wow!!!! I am not worthy.
31-Jan-01 - You owe me fifty, Jermaine is the man, don't be mad that he's better than you, just enjoy and come check him out one day! He will show you inperson how good he is, oh wait maybe you can see him on one of his vids.
31-Jan-01 - picture of the year, come on webmaster have you seen anyone top this?????
31-Jan-01 - Geez, ill admit im not good at stunts YET, but if your good a doing these stunts anyways , this cant be all that much harder. cool stunt though man.
31-Jan-01 - organ donor.
31-Jan-01 - thats crazy but can u teach me how
31-Jan-01 - BAD @SS....i've never seen him do that one....keep an eye ot for his video..anyone from otown here?
31-Jan-01 - This Guy is good ,and is a very sick person to do something like this...up..up up..and over the top
31-Jan-01 - Is that the same kid from the urban assault video, J. Holt?
31-Jan-01 - yeh boy!!! He's good
31-Jan-01 - Can't touch the starboyz!!! but he is tight though
31-Jan-01 - starboyz need to look out, he's that good.
31-Jan-01 - from otown too, jermaine is the man, saw him sunday doing some crazy stuff, but not this! See you thurs if weather is good!
31-Jan-01 d e v v i e - impressive
31-Jan-01 - finally, something you dont see often! good stuff!!!!
31-Jan-01 - master!!!
31-Jan-01 - starboyz can't hang with jermaine!
01-Feb-01 - I think I'm going to look for another picture site, its turning into a moronic squid site, what a waste
01-Feb-01 - nice going, keep on it, :-)
01-Feb-01 - yeah he is sick check out this is just a one page job of him
01-Feb-01 - you should look for another site. i bet your m/c has a govenor and trainingwheels so you don't bump on the ground
01-Feb-01 - I feel offended by this picture. I NEVER in my life would even think about doing a stoppie, let alone this. I am sick to my stomach. - PLUS he should be wearing full leathers!!! j/k that is Bad*ss.
02-Feb-01 - starboyz have nothing on super jermaine
05-Feb-01 - I'm going to print this out and put it on my office wall. WOW!
05-Feb-01 - jermaine meet me down steak and shake on thursday i want to have a stunt competition with you.
06-Feb-01 - I think he is in love with the bike myself! they do make a great couple!
06-Feb-01 - That's just plain SICK!! J.T. Holt.... My vote for the best ever!!!!!
10-Feb-01 - man I have seen some crazy things but this is CRAZY
11-Feb-01 - AWSOME & POWER STUNT,I'LL GIVE 1000%
11-Feb-01 - You have learned well Grasshoppa'.....LOL...Lokin good
12-Feb-01 - looks fun, though with a high chance of pain and cost
12-Feb-01 - probably could make it better by having a pit chick on the bike somewhere
13-Feb-01 - I bet James Bond wouldn't try this!!!!!!
13-Feb-01 - this kid must have cast iron balls!!!! i'm very jealous
13-Feb-01 - J.T. is good, but he's not pauly sherer
14-Feb-01 - NOOO he is NO WAY Pauly Sherer.. I met that litte dude Pauly.. He is a Stuck up #@%$&... J.T has way more class and way bigger balls.. J.T, can ride circles around Pauly.. I love this site!!!!!
15-Feb-01 - If this dude then that on purpose, then he needs some stronger medication.
16-Feb-01 - YEAHHHHHH !!!!
17-Feb-01 - Funny how people react ,J Holt is a professional stunt rider not a squid in any since of the word . PS He wears crash protection under his jeans , The reason that he dosent have on full race leathers is for STYLE POINTS for the photo, look how perfect the execution of the stunt is and how perfect the shot by the photographer. OBviously practiced many times.
17-Feb-01 KWIKONE715.MSN.COM - man i have never seen anything like this before we salute you.KWIKONE via EARTHSHAKERZ CHI-TOWN FINEST
18-Feb-01 - Yeah!!!!!!
19-Feb-01 - Where is the VIDEO?? Man I want one of these VIDEO's NOW!!!
20-Feb-01 - That is insaine, gives me more confidence though, if he can do that so can I (not without a lot of practice of course).
21-Feb-01 - hes good but im dan the man R1 DAN ... come get some !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21-Feb-01 - i nkow off hand that this trick has not been practiced very much at all sometimes the first time will be the best time you ever pull off an insane trick to do that it just takes the skills
22-Feb-01 - nice stopie!!! and keepin it real get some more stunts up if ya can!
23-Feb-01 - sweet!
24-Feb-01 - "hey!! was that a quarter?"
24-Feb-01 - best on the street trick i never seen
25-Feb-01 - good effort my son
26-Feb-01 - You are a GOD!!! I have never seen that before, man I thought I had balls but I dont think my cahunas are big enough to try this one, RIDE on
26-Feb-01 - That's a ZX-9R
27-Feb-01 - that guy is insane!
28-Feb-01 - you only need to know two things..1. AC FARIS - stunt GOD, whom brings the best and outragous stunts to world...and 2. Starboyz, who bring you the stunts to the real world, showing you how to do them in situations your balls would never think of.
28-Feb-01 - Yo you are a crazy mutha F_ _ _ _ but I give you mad props, but yo mann be safe and I mean safe. Got any tips on some moving endo's as far as how to do them because I just learning how to do them sitting down and thats only when I come to a stop.
03-Mar-01 - incredible arm strength
07-Mar-01 - oh my god!! balls of steel dude!! keep it hangin-
27-Mar-01 - thats a ZX7R!!
27-Mar-01 - wow
06-Apr-01 - WHAT THE!?!?!?
14-Apr-01 - Don't try this at home...Yeaaah Right! Think I'll wait awhile before attempting this one though!
22-Apr-01 - kudos my man kudos
26-Apr-01 - looks like a great way to bust your nutz
23-May-01 - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
22-Jun-01 - Is that the TRIPLE LINDY?
23-Jul-01 - TRY Out Auditions for ROTTEN.COM =0)
27-Aug-01 - naw....he's tight, thats HOLT, Doing his thang...loved your video!! u almost made me sell my R1 and buy a your kawasaki zx7r!
11-Nov-01 - JT is the man. Amazing the things that man can do. I had the priviledge to see him in action on I-4 Orlando on the way to a BBQ in Tampa at the begining of 2001. Can you say highway endos, he can!!!
05-Sep-03 - WHAT A NUT
Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R1, Almost Christmas time! Have you been good?
2616x1995  691 KB
   2001 YZF-R1
Date: 16-Sep-20
Views: 755
Votes: 18 / Ave.: 7.17

Almost Christmas time! Have you been good?

MotoGP Premier Yamaha YZR-M1 MotoGP, Valentino-Rossi's-2005-Spec M1
2688x2067  503 KB
   2005 YZR-M1 MotoGP
Date: 13-Aug-20
Views: 1,710
Votes: 36 / Ave.: 7.17

Valentino-Rossi's-2005-Spec M1

08-Mar-05 - u just have to feel sorry for all of those who have just paid for the freshly painted r1/6's now go take it back and have it done again
09-Mar-05 - it kinda looks like a kawasaki at the front
10-Nov-05 - Glad to see it, and the only thing Biaggi will see is the a$$ end.... Bwahahahaha
MotoGP Premier Yamaha YZR500, Yamaha - YZR500 - 89535
2079x1559  636 KB
Date: 14-Aug-20
Views: 821
Votes: 24 / Ave.: 7.17

Yamaha - YZR500 - 89535

Stunts Suzuki TL1000R/TL1000S, Stunts- 2001  Suzuki  TL1000R/S Sportbike
737x540  78 KB
   2001 TL1000R/TL1000S
Date: 15-Sep-20
Views: 558
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 7.17

Stunts- 2001 Suzuki TL1000R/S Sportbike

Production (Stock) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-9R, My newest baby.  Other bike is a beautiful Kawasaki GPZ1100, red, 1995.
Look under: Women,Kawasaki,GPZ1100 for pic.   Both are very fast  LOL   -Teresa
1908x1332  262 KB
   1998 Ninja ZX-9R
Date: 24-Sep-20
Views: 1,708
Votes: 277 / Ave.: 7.16

My newest baby. Other bike is a beautiful Kawasaki GPZ1100, red, 1995. Look under: Women,Kawasaki,GPZ1100 for pic. Both are very fast LOL -Teresa

04-Oct-01 - Nice bike! Women that ride are awesome. =)
04-Oct-01 - oops - both pics are under "All" not 'women' ....... ps: thanks misshell - hope you ride too - or are planning to soon - nothing better in the world !!;)
04-Oct-01 - WOOOHOOO!! GO TERESA! This girl is in the same club as I am in. She really is a great rider. she is really active in our club too.. she does it all on her own!
05-Oct-01 - Do you like your M4 pipe? I have an aluminum slip on my yzf600R and I think it was a great buy, cheap, loud, nice....
05-Oct-01 - Nice bike. Don't believe the hype - the 9r can still hold its own on the streets of the real world.
05-Oct-01 - Very nice bike, i have a 98 too. But i removed the green fairings and repaired a spare set i got off a friend and painted them purple pearl with chrome stickers. Thinking putting the green fairings back on and getting a new ZX9R.
20-Aug-04 - To Webmaster, Matt: Thanks for putting an old pic of me up :) ......... Question: I went in to "users pictures" ... and it only showed 2 ! I think I've submitted about 17 ....... do I need to resubmit pics or what? Any idea why the others did not show up ? Thanks -T. Webmaster: I think you changed email addresses in that time period. Pictures are tied to email addresses and should still be in the system under your old address.
20-Aug-04 - Note: The GPZ1100 was sold last fall (2003) and in addition to the ZX-9R, I also now have a new GSX-R1000 !!! Woooooo-Hoooooooo !! hehehe ;) ......... -Teresa in Tulsa
22-Aug-04 - Matt ...... nah ..... have had the same address - think it has to do with "when" the pic was posted ..... & if you hit "pics" from back when you posted it - only shows what was posted at that time. When I pull up pics under a recent comment - shows all pics - weird, huh? -T.
02-May-08 - She's still a great bike!  She now has a new roomate (since the GPZ1100 was sold) ... a Suzuki GSX-R1000
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Uploaded for: Slavi75
1349x927  227 KB
   2005 YZF-R1
Date: 13-Sep-20
Views: 1,430
Votes: 31 / Ave.: 7.16

Uploaded for: Slavi75

11-Jul-06 - Great bike!!!!!!!...should be a stock bike...i would buy it..
13-Jul-06 - Wow, nice bike. What did you do to it... Specs please.
Production (Custom) Honda CBR600RR, 03 cbr600rr
1344x1008  357 KB
   2003 CBR600RR
Date: 26-Aug-20
Views: 546
Votes: 19 / Ave.: 7.16

03 cbr600rr

Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX Models, chromed all covers, ebc wave rotors, braided brakes lines ,k and n filter, yoshi pipes, busa grab bars and belly pan, and busa chrome grips.
1800x1350  434 KB
   GSX Models
Date: 18-Sep-20
Views: 618
Votes: 32 / Ave.: 7.16

chromed all covers, ebc wave rotors, braided brakes lines ,k and n filter, yoshi pipes, busa grab bars and belly pan, and busa chrome grips.

Stunts Yamaha FZR600, Getting big air on a Yamaha FZR600.
2560x2000  810 KB
Date: 11-Aug-20
Views: 3,639
Votes: 284 / Ave.: 7.16

Getting big air on a Yamaha FZR600.

08-Oct-00 - - ain't nothing fake about that! GO TIC TAC HELMET!
08-Oct-00 - I wonder if he ate sh*t when he landed?
08-Oct-00 - The picture looks to fake the road isnt even going the way he is flying!
08-Oct-00 - tis an english bike mag,and hes got it crossed up,done it many times
09-Oct-00 - WAY COOL
09-Oct-00 - rocket rider have you ever seen 'isle of man'. this action is frequent.
09-Oct-00 - - - Yup. Only a Brit would wear such an ugly pair of leathers and a helmet like that. Still they have the best mags in England.
09-Oct-00 - All that on an old FZR600....yeeehaaaa
09-Oct-00 - I hope he landed it.
10-Oct-00 - way cool
10-Oct-00 - da bomb
10-Oct-00 - man i bet that sucked when he landed!!
10-Oct-00 - Old picture 1991
12-Oct-00 - Just the wings are missing.
12-Oct-00 - ofcourse it's an fzr
16-Oct-00 - common now...did he land the jump or what???
19-Oct-00 KrisDeMarco.Earthlink.Net - I used to own an FZR600, and that is freakin' bad*ss!
20-Oct-00 - what the......................
21-Oct-00 - thats the way to ride your bike
23-Oct-00 - Top Gun quote " This is ghost rider requesting a fly-by."
24-Oct-00 - Oh my!!! Are you telling me my FZR can do that? Hold on guys I'll be right back!
24-Oct-00 - Old picture but nice concept!!!...i will have same bike soon!!!
24-Oct-00 - i own the best bike out there, the 2000 gsxr 750
24-Oct-00 - nice
25-Oct-00 - That's Mark Forsyth ex-performance bikes magazine. And yes they do that. If you get the chance see a video of the Ilse of Man TT same action
27-Oct-00 - THis is indeed ex Performance bikes road tester Mark Forsyth, he DID land it but nearly took out the photographer in the process,pretty tame actually..if you want badaasss! check out Fastbikes mag,150 mph stand up wheelies for 5 miles around corners !
28-Oct-00 - Actually, there is a shadow underneath the bike consistent with a cloudy day.
28-Oct-00 - Houston, we have lift-off!
29-Oct-00 - go faster
29-Oct-00 kezbit.bigpond - have ridden m/x bikes for years ,but jumping road bikes is always ahuge buzz
30-Oct-00 - just the wings are missing
31-Oct-00 - hello
01-Nov-00 - too dangerous
01-Nov-00 - wait hold up! look real close you can see strings holding him up.
01-Nov-00 - PHAT!
02-Nov-00 - you yanks dont know style when you see it - ugly leathers !? - huh? - Brit Bikers have more balls!
02-Nov-00 - it looks real but the bike is stupid and his suit is dumm and helmet
02-Nov-00 - the pic is real, but with a helmet that gay, please spare us
02-Nov-00 - isn't this Mark Forsyth maybe 89>91ish Performance bikes .....well hard son!!
03-Nov-00 - Any one some fork seals?
04-Nov-00 - pic is real he was lined up for the next curve in the road, and i agree there is a faint shadow .
04-Nov-00 ONEBAD900R.AOL.COM - I LIKE THAT!!!!
05-Nov-00 - Who cares!!!!!! It's a great pic.
05-Nov-00 - You can all take a running jump if you think those leathers are shite, not so sure about the lid tho'!!
05-Nov-00 - I reckon he,s just set off from that layby on the right
06-Nov-00 - Who is it Bo or Luke Duke ?
13-Nov-00 - i wish u show the 'after..' picture.great pic
19-Nov-00 - Did he make it????? 10/10
21-Nov-00 - I hate to break it to you guys, but the pic is obviously not a fake, you wouldn't be able to se the bottom side of the back tire if he was on the ground when the picture was taken
29-Nov-00 - Yup, that is genuine, nothing but heart stopping air. The real question is did he land it? And if he did, what about the corner coming up?
01-Dec-00 - WHY!!!!!
09-Dec-00 - you could see the back wheel if he was doing a wheelie!
12-Dec-00 - phat picture nasty helmet
27-Dec-00 - we saw the "before" shot what about the "after" shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04-Jan-01 - whatever
06-Jan-01 - and here is one we shot from a cannon earlier.................
22-Jan-01 - and this would be cool because???????
22-Jan-01 - No way this guy could land without swapping the bike! Even if he did, he would never make that corner. DEAD, period!
23-Jan-01 - whoever thinks that he would break stuff on the landing think about this: hes probably going at least 100 so the landing would be no problem. and the corner: he on an fzr-im sure he made it. you cant even tell how sharp the turn is. i doubt he did it knowing hed fly off in the woods at 100.
23-Jan-01 - BORN TO LEAD
26-Jan-01 - Way to go mate! As Yoda might have said, "Son, LIVE, you must, merely exist, do not..."
04-Feb-01 - u call that air?
11-Feb-01 - F#%*in' A I call that air!!! ROB...Canada
12-Feb-01 - u no brit bike mags are the baddest out there performance bikes pic 10 years ago and they still kick arse now big up to the uk
20-Feb-01 - What the hell is MacGrath doing on a streetbike???
22-Feb-01 - Damn, didn't know that could be done on an FZR! This is some sic air, I think I might try that on my FZR (yeah right!). Keep the rubberside down man, love the FZR!
22-Feb-01 - It's because of wonderful pics like this that I don't allow my wife to see websites explaining what sportbikes REALLY do when away from home. This is a perfect 10 pic.
22-Feb-01 - dude, where's my car?
05-Mar-01 - i can definately believe this pic i've done it on my zx6 doing 120mph over a hill and all the sudden it just falls away. the landing was really smooth all i heard was the chirp of my rear tire hitting.
10-Mar-01 - O O O Me next !
13-Mar-01 - watch out for the turn, the last one will get you
19-Mar-01 - cool bike, loose the helmut
20-Mar-01 - who cares if its gay or fake ,it looks cool (not the gay part)
27-Mar-01 - at least 100? no way. . .30mph. . . we do this all the time down at the shoppin mart down the street. . . it's fun
27-Mar-01 - thta could get really ugly, lol
06-Apr-01 - LOOK MA NO ROAD!!!
09-Apr-01 - looks real to me..............nut!
10-Apr-01 - MOTOCROSS? where's the dirt???
18-Apr-01 - so what
01-May-01 - no shadows on overcast days, and look at the lines on the road "this is real"
02-May-01 - ITS NOT A PLANE MAN! ITS A BIKE, a little to sideways for me!
06-May-01 - I always wondered if I needed a pilot's license for my FZR! Great Pic!
31-May-01 - The back tire gives it away if you look close it is missing a large chunk, also the white line under the front tire is also a dead giveaway. There is also a little swirl on the lower left side. I bet it would be fun though. Well it would be fun until you landed.
05-Jun-01 - This is NOT a fake, it appeared with a description in one of the European mags a while back. This rider is friggin batman (I wish I could remember his name), and I know he saved it (barely).
06-Jun-01 - i hate when people cry fack look morons its real i user ps daly buy a clue
18-Jul-01 - ohhh...thats what that lil button over here does...
26-Aug-01 - Too funny, there used to be a road where I did this same shiznit on my 94 FZR, wait... maybe it's me, hmmm
22-Oct-01 - nice shot from performance bike mag, way back in the days.... Isn't it Mark Forsyth?
28-Jan-02 - Dig it...
01-Apr-02 - They do make bikes light now-a-days!!!
26-Apr-03 - For all who claim this picture is fake, it isn't. It is Mark Forsyth from Performance Bikes, July 89 issue (the days before PhotoShop!). I don't have that particular issue, but if you check out page 47 of the March 94 PB there is another picture of Mark on the same bike (same helmet, same leathers) pulling an equal amount of air. It was part of the Pit Bull article, where PB turned a FZR600 racer back into a street bike, and it referenced Mark's. As it is in the UK (hence Mark being on the left side of the road) and as the sun isn't always shining there, the shadow is faint but if you would open your eyes you can see it underneath the bike. The photog was probably Kenny P, he was shooting most of the pics back then. The Brits can ride the snot out of a bike, as Mark and the late Ronnie Smith proved!
26-Apr-03 - Even if its fake, Whats so impressive about getting a little air. You should have seen john legion jump a gsxr 750
27-Apr-03 - It's great photo !!!
27-Apr-03 - That is indeed Lord MF in full, sphincter-flexing flight. And that is still a REALLY gash lid. Sort it Forsyth! Dale - PB
27-Apr-03 - He will have to get hard on the brakes for that right hander coming up!!
27-Apr-03 - What..., no Nac-Nac?... hell, I used to get air like that on a freakin' Harley... back home, that's what we called a spirited Sunday ride ! .... and what's up with that helmet?....yeeeeeeeesh.
28-Apr-03 - If you look closely you can see a shadow, but shadows can be photoshoped to. I need to see video, if you can take a picture you can record it. lets see it.
01-May-03 - busted - you ain't gonna see a pic, this was done back in '94 or '95. Kenny P (snapper who took this pic) nearly bricked it I'm told. My word on this - it's genuine.
01-May-03 - cool ! this pic is nuts, one of the coolest I have seen.
06-May-03 - I'm glad that some of you guys in here are such know it all experts of sportbike pics. I mean really... do you have nothing better to do, than put down stuff you seen on this site. "Thumper what did your father tell you" "If you don't have anything nice to say... don't say anything at all."
07-May-03 - Of course its real havent you ever seen a TT those guys launch all the time, sheer speed!!
11-May-03 - The front wheel is the one that determines which way you go. PICTURE LOOKS KOSHER TO ME.
14-May-03 - Quiet Cool! Hope the rider also enjoys the landing
18-May-03 - I Can see my house from up here!! Makes you proud to be a Brit!
27-Sep-03 - Cool pic bro, what happened next?
04-Jan-04 - Nice work. Imagine what he'd do on a GSXR1000...
27-Jan-04 - don't try this at home batman
13-Jul-04 - That's me in the picture. As this was pre-photoshop we had to suspend the bike by hundreds of fishing wires from a crane, paint in the shadows with blackboard paint on the road and spin the entire lake district at over 80mph to recreate the feeling of movement. I relicated soiled underwear by blowing the smoke of a full packet of bensons through the back of my boxers.
Production (Custom) Ducati 999, Uploaded for: Michael-James Ball
1785x1248  367 KB
   2005 999
Date: 23-Aug-20
Views: 11,285
Votes: 26 / Ave.: 7.15

Uploaded for: Michael-James Ball

30-Apr-06 - the fin's kill the look of the bike!!!!!..........
30-Apr-06 - no way man, this whole bike is so sick, the exhaust piping is wierd tho, i dont get it.
30-Apr-06 - looks pretty 'shark' to me!
01-May-06 - I was thinkin the same thing adk! straight shark action on the look of this bike, but overall, I'm diggin it!
01-May-06 - I'm pretty sure it's an undertail exhaust, "SHARK", uuummmmhhhhh!!!! I like TUNA??? hot customization, just ditch the FIN'S. Hi!!! I'm Jack, fr. long island NY, my ridez iz a oL schooL 99 900rr!!!!!...B00 YAH.....
03-May-06 - Fins or no fins. Someone's getting silly with that bike - just look at the edge of the rear tire. Pretty bold to sink all that chedda' into custom and then flog it hard.
04-May-06 - It looks kick Butt!! As for the wear on the tires, this is what those of us in the sportbike industry call a RACE BIKE. Built to be ridden hard. If you look at the frame, swing arm, exhaust, and the timing belt cover peeking out just infront of the exhaust piping area, it looks like a rebodied Ducati 999. PVM wheels, Brembo Brakes, Full Carbon body work and race slicks that it looks like someone has been using correctly!!! Sick!
04-May-06 - I like cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!.......................
Engine Yamaha TDM Models, Tyres: AVON; Suspension: WILBERS and WP; Complete Street Legal Exhaust System: LASER and DEVIL; filter air: BMC;  kit carburetor: Dynojet;  tubes brake in carbon with connections in ergal: BELL; system brake: Yamaha R1; and more....
2100x1575  872 KB
   2000 TDM Models
Date: 12-Aug-20
Views: 621
Votes: 13 / Ave.: 7.15

Tyres: AVON; Suspension: WILBERS and WP; Complete Street Legal Exhaust System: LASER and DEVIL; filter air: BMC; kit carburetor: Dynojet; tubes brake in carbon with connections in ergal: BELL; system brake: Yamaha R1; and more....

Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R1, Phat caR & fast Bike
1920x1083  237 KB
   2000 YZF-R1
Date: 08-Sep-20
Views: 2,207
Votes: 651 / Ave.: 7.15

Phat caR & fast Bike

28-Oct-00 - Both are nice I do admit. Like the R1 and the Civic. . . GReedy huh? How fast, ET's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30-Oct-00 - aww man i need to put some of my pics of my suzuki and my black Impreza RS
05-Nov-00 - i love the bike, but come on, phat car? i can run faster than that piece.
08-Dec-00 - Hey that is the same bike I have; Hey that is the same car my Mom has.
11-Dec-00 - if your mom has a car like that she must be cooler than you, give the guy props for having two fun toys to play with
13-Dec-00 - Very nice bike. Love the colour (Canadian spelling). Sorry, but, I HATE CIVIC'S!!!
15-Dec-00 - I like the R1 and the Civic... that Civic might have a H22 inside... u never know......
21-Dec-00 - You guys are jealous, That car may be slower, but overall, the car is way better
22-Dec-00 - How many times did you vote for yourself???? dumb car.
11-Jan-01 - I like the R1 since I ride one myself but the car is NASTY, I hate dumb looking wannabe race toys
14-Jan-01 - That car needs to go... sell it and by something else like a bike or a car that has style like a 2000 Z28 or SS camaro not a slow trendy civic if your gonna go import at least get a fast one like a VR-4 3000 GT mitsubishi
17-Jan-01 - hahahahaha all show, no go.
12-Feb-01 a - Webmaster or anyone else...what is all the talk about the R1 having a weak frame...?
17-Feb-01 - nice bike and car. so many haters. hahaha you guys are sorry....
17-Feb-01 - oh, i have seen so many ss camaro get smoked by little civics.. talking about all show....
17-Mar-01 - 3000 GT VR-4's are phat cars too, but a civic with a b18c5 & jacksonracing supercharger would rape it. Dont be haters , nice bike & civic .
11-May-03 - Nice bike, but everybody and their sister has a Civic. I'll stick with my '93 RX-7 Twin Turbo and CBR954RR.
11-May-03 - Since when has a Civic been a "phat car?" My mom drives a civic. LOL!
11-May-03 - my moms minivan could be fast if i put money into it like civic owners do so often
11-May-03 - bratmantlz - here's my impreza and bike!
11-May-03 - You never know with that GReady sticker on the hood that civic must have gained at least 20 HP :)
11-May-03 - alright now, there's no need to be jealous just cause you can't afford a car and a bike.....civics kick a**!!
12-May-03 - Instead of wasting all sorts of money on a honda civic, buy a pimpin' car to begin with. A BMW or Benz will garner a lot more respect than some STUPID civic that some fool poured $20,000+ into. The verdict: CIVIC = crap
12-May-03 - I have a 1990 RX-7 that will break that Civic off like a dried up twig. If you are into speed get a real car man
12-May-03 - You people talking trash should grow up,apparently he likes imports.Im guessing the people listed above that are talking trash probably dont have either rides and thats why they are hating...grow out of your JEALOUS stage-Later
12-May-03 - Front wheel drive roxors! Hee hee! Yeah right....
12-May-03 - Not everyone has the money to buy a Mercedes (which are, btw, old man's cars...) I have my CBR for performance and my Civic to go from A to B. Sweet R1 and Civic, man.
12-May-03 schweik19.AOL.COM - nice line up... I got a yellow & black gixxer600 and a yellow 2003 Nissan Spec-v
12-May-03 - nice bike, alright car! civics arent bad, and they can for sure be really fast!! but by the looks of it, with the rims, the single wipers and the big ol greddy decal on the hood, this car does not have a supercharger, turbo, b22, or any kind of motor swap or even a built motor!!! it probably has intake and exhaust with a system that just weigh's it down!!! clean car though, and i like the way its hooked up!! one of the best body kits for the civic, but you can forget about this car being able to whoop on any ss or z28, but with the proper work and about $3000 it can be done!!! but the r1 will whoop em all!! but look at the bright side, at least it dosent lose half its value after a year like every other domestics do!! this things worht more than half of the 99 domestics out there!!! lolz !
17-May-03 - Hey EndlessR68 way to represent your $h*t...don't let these knuckleheads knock you down (Jsven007 should have his picture in Websters next to "hater")..keep your rides clean and tight and remember who you bought them for in the first place...YO' DAMN SELF!!! Holla!
18-May-03 - nice bike but i'm sorry to say the civics are crap they are so un-involving to drive buts thats the way i feel about all front wheel drive cars. Why have stupid oversteer when you can through the back around out with wonderful controlled understeer
Production (Stock) MV F4 750cc, Uploaded for: Tina Petersen [] This is my Senna in the living room being stored for winter. Can't wait for spring to take it out!
1680x1311  344 KB
   F4 750cc
Date: 24-Aug-20
Views: 573
Votes: 33 / Ave.: 7.15

Uploaded for: Tina Petersen []
This is my Senna in the living room being stored for winter. Can't wait for spring to take it out!

23-Feb-05 - Sweet!! A woman who doesn't mind bringing the bike inside the house.... Two thumbs up! Sweet bike, it looks like a piece of art there.
23-Feb-05 - Stunning;standing still/in flight.
03-May-06 - That is so sweeeeeet!Love the bike, and love the storage area. Very nice!
03-Dec-06 - NICE LOVE SEAT.. LOL
Production (Stock) Honda CBR600RR, My GF and her 2005 600RR
2376x1782  938 KB
   2005 CBR600RR
Date: 17-Sep-20
Views: 1,299
Votes: 27 / Ave.: 7.15

My GF and her 2005 600RR

23-Apr-05 - I'm a girl too!! I just wanna be like her!!. I luv motorcycles!:D
24-Apr-05 - cris - before you "become just like her" ...... check out REAL protective gear !! (only her helmet & gloves are). I'd rather be protected in Full Gear (as in 'serious' protection) ... than what she is wearing - granted, looks sexier than real gear - but not if you're going to hit it hard, you know?
08-Feb-06 - kinda she single??...Probably not :(
01-Feb-09 - I donno a girl in full leathers is pretty sexy!!
Stunts Yamaha YZF-R6,
1440x1080  311 KB
Date: 29-Sep-20
Views: 577
Votes: 27 / Ave.: 7.15

03-Jun-07 - one day, i too will lose my mind enough to try that
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, another side of the bike
2304x1773  768 KB
   2002 YZF-R1
Date: 09-Sep-20
Views: 1,341
Votes: 159 / Ave.: 7.14

another side of the bike

03-Feb-03 - i don't think there has ever been a shot of this side on the site before ,,still looks good
03-Feb-03 - I hadn't seen this angle either. Saw a photo of this guy on the track. It's not just for show! Nicest R1 I've ever seen.
03-Feb-03 - nicest swingarm ive ever seen, what company makes those, and anyone know if they come in double sided?
04-Feb-03 - Holly crap!!! That is one sick rear stand!
10-Feb-03 - dude, by far the best looking bike out there, anyone who says different is a hater, lata
09-May-03 - I like the front sprocket cover. I know I seen it somewhere....Does anyone know who makes them???
19-Sep-03 - Definitely a sick bike, I just posted my R1 on there and I think yours is better looking but what sort of power do ya have? just curious is all. mine is 157 rwhp. Great body work though
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Yamaha R1 Valentino Rossi GAULOISES replica...
2282x1712  447 KB
   2005 YZF-R1
Date: 13-Sep-20
Views: 3,465
Votes: 28 / Ave.: 7.14

Yamaha R1 Valentino Rossi GAULOISES replica...

04-Aug-05 - I NEED to know how to get those lights!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE
Drawings & Art Honda CBR1000RR, My idea of a restyling of the cbr1000RR fireblade 2006.....more magnesium, more carbon fiber, double ehxaust like motoGP, better fork and suspension, beautiful tail with turn signal incorporated.....
1620x900  340 KB
   2006 CBR1000RR
Date: 20-Sep-20
Views: 586
Votes: 42 / Ave.: 7.14

My idea of a restyling of the cbr1000RR fireblade 2006.....more magnesium, more carbon fiber, double ehxaust like motoGP, better fork and suspension, beautiful tail with turn signal incorporated.....

23-Jun-05 - get rid of da little pipe and the gixxer tail den its HOT!
02-Jul-05 - All that and you didn't remove the rear pegs? I don't like the GSXR1K pipe either...
Stunts Suzuki GSX-R600, Every once in a while I catch a good shot.
1800x1220  561 KB
Date: 08-Oct-20
Views: 539
Votes: 35 / Ave.: 7.14

Every once in a while I catch a good shot.

22-Nov-05 - sickness
22-Nov-05 - I agree jeff2wa. Total sickness! I just hope he landed it right.
23-Nov-05 - His landing was flawless.
23-Nov-05 - makes you wonder what we mortals can aspire to. I am happy if I can just stay on the dang bike!!!
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