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Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R1000, Uploaded for:
1800x1395  577 KB
Date: 19-Sep-20
Views: 840
Votes: 92 / Ave.: 5.70

Uploaded for:

07-Aug-02 - AHHH... nice poeser bike..high mount,tire letters colored,chicken strips.........
07-Aug-02 - Nice bike! I wanted one of those Mig high mounts on mine but I think they only make slipons.
07-Aug-02 - tommy get off the wagon those tires still look hardley used ,this site is full of guys who adopt any new word that sounds lke it makes them a cool rider
07-Aug-02 - Nice ride...
08-Aug-02 - I agree with you, capitalmcz. Watch... now he's gonna tell you how bad he is on ANY bike and how he's not a cool rider, but he has "skills".
08-Aug-02 - this pic was taken at the Fast Lanes Dyno Shootout in Chantilly, Va...I think this is one of the bikes that are in the Eurobikes showroom
08-Aug-02 - tommy, I can understand the comment about the strips, but I got a highmount and I color my tires b/c it looks better, and I'm noing squid...I ride to the limits on the street and track!
08-Aug-02 - All this talk about who's a "poeser" (nice spelling tommy) and who's not is just rediculous. I've been riding dirt bikes, cruisers and sport bikes for over 15 years and I still haven't drug my knee yet. Why? Because I dumped my 98 ZX-9R while trying and realized it just isn't that important to me to be able to "ride to the limit" like kehst43 puts it. Oh well, I guess I'm not serious enough for these guys, but then again I really don't care either... Riders are riders in my eyes, squids are those who think you need to meet certain criteria to qualify... Ciau
08-Aug-02 - clean
08-Aug-02 - tommy...all I see on this bike are performance upgrades (keyword: performance) and a sticker of where this bike came from. The paint scheme appears stock. I think you need to look inside yourself and redefine what the term poser (poeser? wtf) means. Maybe Prozac can help your covetous tendancies. Don't get me wrong, tommy; I'm only trying to help. By the way...this bike the high mount!
08-Aug-02 - maybe I'm dumb but what the hell are chicken strips?
08-Aug-02 - Chicken strips is the term we use to refer to Tommymorgans biceps! LOL
08-Aug-02 - They are the result of a rider who has not "scrubbed in" the full width of his tire. Some will say he doesn't have the balls to lean the bike over that far. For me it's the lack of money to fix my bike if I screw up once I'm there. It's a cost benefit analysis you'll have to do to decide if riding at all is more important than the risk of trashing your bike to impress your buddies with your "madd skillz"...
08-Aug-02 - BTW, I love this bike but the "poeser" in me wants to put a D & D full system on it so it screams!!!
08-Aug-02 - Battlax BT010's, the same tires I run. Courtney, no shame in not pushin' it. As long as you get what you want out of your riding, who cares, right? I don't have any chicken strips on mine, but I ride for myself and usually by myself. I can't jump out of airplanes for a living anymore so pushing it on my bike is the biggest thrill I have going now.
08-Aug-02 - this is a clean looking bike, but wanjiveman, stickers don't count as performance upgrades. This bike is sweet though, very clean
09-Aug-02 - The chickenstripes are no proof he didn't lean it to the max. If you do and next time you don't you'll see something like this too
09-Aug-02 - e_b_k.......duh.
12-Aug-02 - I posted a pic of me on my 929 for the haters here.
14-Aug-02 - No, Tommy... you posted a pic of you on your 929 for your ego. The haters (and the rest of us) don't care.
24-Aug-02 - She seems to have some serious hardware in & near the dash. Gigi gear indicator & Yoshi EMS?
26-Jan-07 - tommys pictures look much cooler and talented, than 90mph stand up wheelie pics LOL!! I love my micron high mount,looks,sounds,performs awesome! No chicken strips either!
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R1000, Bling Blinging with my nieghbors 2 brand new M3's. Shhhh dont tell anyone, we tell honey's that they are ours.
2160x1654  701 KB
   2002 GSX-R1000
Date: 08-Sep-20
Views: 658
Votes: 67 / Ave.: 4.84

Bling Blinging with my nieghbors 2 brand new M3's. Shhhh dont tell anyone, we tell honey's that they are ours.

08-Apr-03 - We posted this picture in a european nike newgroup, we got blasted for being stupid, materialistic Americans who waste thier money instead of feeding the poor HA!
08-Apr-03 - It's even worse... you're "stupid, materialistic Americans who waste thier money instead of feeding the poor" wannabees ! lol
08-Apr-03 - Yeah, those poverty stricken buggers deserve to go hungry. Who cares if the money spent on a BMW would save an entire village of peopel in Africa. If we Americans want to fill our vacent existances with toys, it's our right. Damn those Europeans and their sense of compassion.
08-Apr-03 - I will kill starving people for an M3 - I friggin LOVE those cars!!!!!!!!!!!! For 2, don't even ask what I'll do...
08-Apr-03 - Preach On my brothas!!! few things in life are as great as being a self-indulgent, materialistic American!...and support our troops!
08-Apr-03 - Whats funny is, We are supporting the Euro economy by buying their goods (In this case, 2 M3's)....dopes
08-Apr-03 - Proud to be an overindulgent American who has the money to spend on things we enjoy. Europeans hate our guts, but their gov'ts have no problem taking our aid $. Go figure.
08-Apr-03 - Uuum...okay...I really like M3's (favorite car on the planet) but I think that someone forgot to take their prescription sedative
09-Apr-03 - We're actually supporting our OWN economy. Foreign cars are.. *shock* built on American soil. Or Canadian. It's a gov't thing. Although as far as all M cars go, I believe they are built in the Works in Germany just because they are speciality cars. Pop the hood on a Honda, you might see a "MADE IN CANADA" sticker under there. And that doesn't mean ASSEMBLED in America. A large majority of the parts are manufactured in the US/Canada/Mexico. So you're not doing much of anything to support the US economy by buying a domestic car. If you're rich enough to afford 2 M3s that are built in Europe, you're rich enough to pay a lot of taxes that supports the economy anyway.
09-Apr-03 - the M's are tight brothas...indulge..!!! and 'age2144'...god be w your troops...90% of Canadians are with you..our prime minister is a f**king '''FRENCH-man''' who only speaks on behalf of quebec (90% french and less than 15% of the population) ....godspeed to all of them....Cheers**
09-Apr-03 - I'm ashamed to be a european, I'll make it even worser.....I'm from Belgium..... support to the troops!!!!
09-Apr-03 - With what are you making money?????
09-Apr-03 - For those of you who were wondering, that is a 2002 GSX-R 1000 and Triumph TT600 2000
09-Apr-03 - Thanks Miles, you hit it right on the head !
09-Apr-03 - you mean with all those bikes and cars, no women in your photos!
09-Apr-03 - man those are nice and they bought two....ahhh
09-Apr-03 - why does the Triumph have a water jug on the side, and that new Triumph 600 looks like a smily face.
09-Apr-03 - I prefer my 350Z. :-) All smiles.
10-Apr-03 - Blueskyjunk : Why beeing ashamed of beeing Belgian, we were the only country how had the guts of saying no to the US, you should be proud of it.
10-Apr-03 - we were washing bikes that day, the Triumph has its fairings off at the moment we took the pic!
10-Apr-03 - Actually no Harvey. Thats a special edition custom built SPEED TT. That jug is for when i get thursty riding, i just reach over n take a sip. As for the girls... we have none; but where taking applications all the time.
10-Apr-03 - A 350Z doesnt even compare to an M3
10-Apr-03 - Hey,onekgixxer : stop your french hating. That's also racism. And btw, you're out of your mind if you think 90% of canadians agree with the war. We had some of the biggest anti-war manifestations in the whole world. (webmaster, I don't see why my comment should be censored, so please publish it, thx).
10-Apr-03 - Belgium? Whats that, This is America old man.
10-Apr-03 - fcartier since when is french a race hahahaha ,,that's a good one ,i'm a canadian and i think cretien is a goof ,give a shout to the troopps risking thier lives for arm chair quarterbacks ,love the cars ,,bikes are kinda plain ,musyt suck having to play catch-up all tyhe time against the gixxx
10-Apr-03 - catch-up? MAHAHAH!, ya rite, doesnt matter how fast your bike is if the rider sucks. America is the greatest country ever invented! USA!
Women Suzuki GSX-R1000, Hot babe with a Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle! a person sitting on a 2002 Suzuki GSX-R1000 sportbike
1280x1000  428 KB
   2002 GSX-R1000
Date: 22-Aug-20
Views: 2,740
Votes: 185 / Ave.: 6.05

Hot babe with a Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle!
a person sitting on a 2002 Suzuki GSX-R1000 sportbike

12-Jan-03 - if those are real even if there not they look like a million are 1 lucky us the rest of her soon.
12-Jan-03 - I think she's hot - and those are fake... not that it really matters...
12-Jan-03 - Dude, She's a sweety
12-Jan-03 - From the neck down it looks hot!!!! Great (.) (.)
12-Jan-03 - So.... tell me what you think..... what about if ya lost for words????
12-Jan-03 - Real or Memorex ? either way she's a sweetie
12-Jan-03 - Fantastic. Please share more.
12-Jan-03 - Sensational.... Any sisters? :) I have a Gixxer 1k for her sister if she has one :)
12-Jan-03 - I think, about trees
12-Jan-03 - she would look much better next to or on my ninja with that top..........what will you trade for???? Seriously, awesome pic.....both look like a great ride:)
12-Jan-03 - nice rack for such a tiny lady
12-Jan-03 - very cute!! appear to be over the muscle tho.......any reason why not under, and thru the AP???
12-Jan-03 - i think they are made with silicone
13-Jan-03 - she looks like she's caught in the headlights
13-Jan-03 - guy bought himself 3 toys...the bike and............
13-Jan-03 - what i'm thinkin aint even mentionable!!!! ;-)
13-Jan-03 - Yep, quite strange thous shadows are. The reflection of the hand on the cawl is nice work. Can't get past the shadows.
13-Jan-03 - I would have to say that they are very nice and very real.... :) love ya babe
14-Jan-03 - Quite strange shadows? Uh, do you see the fish tank to the right that the flash bounced off of? This is not a composite pic.
14-Jan-03 - From her best friend Stephanie, They are HOT! They are both a good ride. Love ya girl!
17-Jan-03 - Gotta luv em !!
21-Jan-03 - Very shapely bod (hips, chest) and a cutie....girl-next-door look.
30-Sep-11 - USA - Boobs on a stick!
Humor Suzuki GSX-R1000, Uploaded for: JASON MANUBI []
2400x1800  569 KB
Date: 19-Sep-20
Views: 2,611
Votes: 571 / Ave.: 7.32

Uploaded for: JASON MANUBI []

01-Nov-02 - That's gotta be hard on the engine.
01-Nov-02 - Poor bike....
01-Nov-02 - Thank God the bike is not naked
01-Nov-02 - Your motorcycle OBVIOUSLY had way too much to drink the night before. Did it say "I'll call you." as it headed out the door? Ha ha... cool picture. How do you get the smell of gasoline out of the mattress?
02-Nov-02 - Dude, no matter how hard you try you aren't going to be able to make a GSXR-600.
02-Nov-02 MANUBI33.EARTHLINK.NET - i wonder what his kids look like ?
02-Nov-02 - The village bike, everyone's had a ride, hehehe ;-)
02-Nov-02 - we can laugh all we want, but we've ALL thought about doing that.... hahahaha...:-P
02-Nov-02 - SWEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02-Nov-02 - Did you chew your arm off in the morning to keep from waking her up when you left?
02-Nov-02 - There goes the turnsignals and mirror. Cool pic though, just be careful not to get stuck in the exhaust :)
02-Nov-02 - I've heard of bikes as wives but this is ridiculous.
04-Nov-02 - hope he wore his gear!
04-Nov-02 - Is that Motel Six? I know they left the light on for ya!
04-Nov-02 - looks better than what I woke up next to this weekend!
04-Nov-02 - That bike is a total slut, just look at this guy. JK, great pic.
04-Nov-02 - So is the wife sleeping in the garage?
04-Nov-02 - Good guy, i like the bike more than is girl friend:))
05-Nov-02 - so did she put out?
05-Nov-02 - That's gotta be rough on the ol' tailpipe......
06-Nov-02 - sweeeet!!!!!!!!!! i wish i could do that
14-Nov-02 - DUDE that's not how minibikes are made
17-Nov-02 - just gotta be careful if you light up afterwards!
18-Nov-02 - lol this is friggin funny. hopefully the bike didnt make a mess on the sheets if you know what i mean. how was it?
24-Nov-02 - Man wouldn't that be cool, Wake up and find out your GF mutated !
26-Nov-02 - That is too funny! Yes, we've all experienced love at first sight. I'm glad there's another man out there who's not afraid to show his true feelings. Group Hug?
27-Nov-02 - ha ha ha... beautiful.
06-Dec-02 - there have been mornings when i wished i could have woken up with something like this
17-Jan-03 - NICE!!!
29-Jan-03 - Where the hell are the clip ons?
30-Jan-03 - Ha, i was tempted to do this in Panama City. I had the bike in the room every night but no in bed.
24-Feb-03 - I think thats illegal in the Bible belt.
24-Feb-03 - Dude, stop hogging the covers. The rear wheel is getting cold.
10-Mar-03 - :-)
17-Apr-03 - This is so funny, God I can relate too
15-May-03 - Classic!!! wife wasnt up for a threesome then?....................
14-Sep-03 - I've been trying for so long to get my SVS upstairs to my room... keeps high-centering.
31-Dec-03 - is this considered pornographic?
11-Jun-04 - i think its more like
09-Dec-11 - USA - Nasty. Guess he don't date much, eh?
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R1100, Karl websters of classic forged sbk australias heavily modified 86 GSXR 1100 road registered!
1640x1268  650 KB
   1986 GSX-R1100
Date: 08-Sep-20
Views: 1,820
Votes: 3 / Ave.: 6.33

Karl websters of classic forged sbk australias heavily modified 86 GSXR 1100 road registered!

Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R600, shaz on her gsxr
1920x1500  813 KB
   2000 GSX-R600
Date: 12-Sep-20
Views: 2,101
Votes: 331 / Ave.: 6.44

shaz on her gsxr

02-Nov-00 - no doubt, and where does she ride her nice *ss gsxxrrr???
02-Nov-00 - can we get more detailed pictures of Shaz please
02-Nov-00 - I wouldnt get too excited shes not that hot
03-Nov-00 - top hottie
03-Nov-00 - i'd rather ride the girl
03-Nov-00 agray.indexsystems - r u married ? coz i like your taste in bike
03-Nov-00 - chicks on bikes still rocks
03-Nov-00 - Nice bike and the GSXRs not bad either!
03-Nov-00 - can we have look without the leathers
03-Nov-00 - is there anymore pictures of shaz please. Webmaster: More on the way!
05-Nov-00 - sick (and i mean that in the worst possible way)
06-Nov-00 - Marks out of 10, I'd give her one
06-Nov-00 - hey mommy!..
06-Nov-00 - How does a ugly woman get in the front page when there is Hooters girls on other bikes looking 5 times better
07-Nov-00 - Bike.... YES, chic.... NO
09-Nov-00 - Nice bike and the chick's not bad either
12-Nov-00 - I like the "hey mommy" remark!
14-Nov-00 - Any girl that rides is OK by me
14-Nov-00 - 14-11-2000 - hiya shaz , sams arrived :o) to keep ya company !!
15-Nov-00 - 15-nov-2000- looking good girl..........lookin good :o)
17-Nov-00 - it's probably not even her bike
17-Nov-00 - hiya shaz here..and just for the is my bike and i do ride it... :o)
17-Nov-00 - hi
17-Nov-00 - good to see a women that rides a sportbike instead of a harley very classy give riding a good image
18-Nov-00 - Hey peeps, I'm a newbie to riding, and I don't know what you have against Shaz, but i think she looks just fine, and any women who rides, not to mention on a gixxer is always a plus, you work it girl
18-Nov-00 - Thats a phat bike, girl or not...or is she
18-Nov-00 - --Hey Shaz, I think you're fine! you got a Boyfriend? e-mail me!
21-Nov-00 - chicks on bikesssss make my "HAND SHAKE"
24-Nov-00 - good on you girl, I've just taken my CBT, I can't wait to get my own bike
24-Nov-00 - you go girl
27-Nov-00 - If I could only find one of those....
27-Nov-00 - keep looking..well worth the wait :-)
28-Nov-00 - To those above that think any girl in a picture is in it for YOUR satisfaction, you will NEVER get a girlfriend, cos you've missed the point. Keep Wanking guys.
01-Dec-00 - can i come over to your place tonight for a look without the
04-Dec-00 - Love the bike, Shaz. I'm a racer and I get comments like the above all the time. You go, girl. Forget 'em and keep riding! Eve
30-Jan-01 - Right on Shaz, and all the lady riders out there...keep on ridin' nuff respects!!
20-Feb-01 - Looks like there are two tanks on this bike...
12-Mar-01 - thank you :-)
06-Apr-01 - i had a dream like you once..then i fell out of bed and woke up...
03-Jun-01 - Chicks that ACTUALLY ride are about a thousand times hotter than strippers on somebody else's bike. Ride on "shaz"...
04-Jul-01 - I never knew Steffi Graf rides.
04-Sep-01 - Yep...................She's speakin' my language.............nice pic girl.........beautiful hair too!
01-Apr-02 - shaz: your beatifull your bike is nealy as cute, love the colours!!! keep safe lass and ride hard!!!
04-May-02 - Is it just for looks, or can she ride that thing?
22-Jun-02 - first what makes her pretty is that she actually rides, hooter chicks can't!
20-May-03 - Least we forget, There is another little girl riding a Suzuki, and she is rated Number 1 in the world in drag racing, there I said it, and it hurt. Keep riding Shaz!
20-May-03 - very nice
20-May-03 - " can she ride?" just check out her pucks, sure looks like she can ride.
29-May-03 - and the point is ??
04-Jan-04 - leather clad bikie mistress is welcome in my town.
11-Jun-04 - aint nuttin yrong with that!
Misc. Racing Suzuki GSX-R600, Mallory park Track School.
1800x1278  289 KB
   1999 GSX-R600
Date: 09-Sep-20
Views: 527
Votes: 134 / Ave.: 5.16

Mallory park Track School.

Women Suzuki GSX-R750, Hot babe with a Suzuki GSX-R750 motorcycle! a person sitting on a 2002 Suzuki GSX-R750 sportbike
2240x1750  454 KB
   2002 GSX-R750
Date: 18-Aug-20
Views: 2,169
Votes: 179 / Ave.: 7.45

Hot babe with a Suzuki GSX-R750 motorcycle!
a person sitting on a 2002 Suzuki GSX-R750 sportbike

09-Dec-02 - keep them coming.........
09-Dec-02 - Very sexy ladie, sweet bike,.. But i got to ask, do all you Americans keep your bikes in the living room? Or just the lucky ones? (Iive asked before but no response :))
09-Dec-02 - insert "handle my hose" joke here
09-Dec-02 - FRAG - Here in the USA, bike owners seem to have a very strong personal bond with their bikes. Some would say they keep their rides inside to preserve the looks while I would argue most want to give the very best to the one thing that could snuff out their life faster than anything else. At my school, I actually saw a student roll his moto guzzi into the elevator and take it up to the 8'th floor!
09-Dec-02 - Some of these guys also live in areas where crime is up. Motorcycles are very easy to steal. I think it is a smart idea. By the way. You are AWESOME. Thinking of taking up the occupation of a fireman.
09-Dec-02 - cutie cutie cutie!!!
09-Dec-02 - Dude! your a d1ck...... hahahah!!! Why don't you just rub it in our face..... Nice photo's man! 'frag', some of us (like me) are just to lazy to take the battery out, put stable. in the tank, change out the fluids, put it up on stands and cover it...... haha! So we just put them in the living room!
09-Dec-02 - when you are this hot you better like fireman ....they got to follow you and hose down very one and round you after you walk by..
09-Dec-02 - i think im going to become a fire fighter she has Inspired me!!!
09-Dec-02 - face+body+g-string=total package, that is the niceest midsection ive ever seen.
10-Dec-02 - good thing she loves firemen because she is hot,smokin hot,damn hot ,,
10-Dec-02 - I keep my bike in my livingroom so that whenever I wake up in the middle of the night I can hug it and go back to sleep!!! She is smokin!!! Wouldn't mind huggin her in the middle of the night either!!
11-Dec-02 - I think she needs a fireman to cool her off. What a fox!!!!
11-Dec-02 - wow. that's all i can say.
11-Dec-02 - poster girl. Somebody throw some water on her. She is on fa yer!
17-Dec-02 - WOW!!!!!! More pics!!!!! :)
18-Dec-02 - please help me my eyes are on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19-Dec-02 - nice bike lopez but hot wife.........KEEP SENDING THOSE HOT PICS
31-Dec-02 - Please tell me that there is a site where we can see more of her.
21-Feb-03 - With a beautiful lady like that around the house, who could find the time for cycle riding???
14-Mar-03 - that's my as hell!! ;-)
08-May-03 - this is the hottest girl alive. YUM!
25-Aug-05 - I don't know how old these pics are. But I've seen them posted on the net for a while now. And I can't, for the life of me figure out why she's not a professional model.She's Freakin BEAUTIFUL! A 10!
Production (Stock) Ducati Monster Models, Ducati 900 Monster in yellow.
2240x1810  457 KB
   Monster Models
Date: 12-Aug-20
Views: 1,248
Votes: 136 / Ave.: 5.20

Ducati 900 Monster in yellow.

12-May-02 - lovenly!
13-May-02 - Wow. That is most bad. Laguna Seca, right?
13-May-02 - do people actually buy these things and ride them around???
13-May-02 - yeah i'm gonna have to say that's ugly
13-May-02 - ?? What's ugly about it?
13-May-02 - thats a nice mod job i like it it has a lot of caracter
14-May-02 - i really dont understand how people can find this bike ugly. it looks soooo much better than all the jap bikes
25-Nov-05 - Monster are great machine, but for everyone in many ways
26-Jan-12 - CLEAN monster! Lots of mods, what wheels are those!?!?! I'd like them for my m900
Production (Stock) Ducati Monster Models, 1999 Ducati MH900
1743x1456  308 KB
   1999 Monster Models
Date: 12-Aug-20
Views: 876
Votes: 143 / Ave.: 5.78

1999 Ducati MH900

02-Jul-01 - ugly little critter if you ask me, but i guess someone will buy it
08-Jul-01 - Sweet Vintage Ducati ! I'm Diggin It !
10-Jul-01 - man, thats gotta be uncomfortable!
10-Jul-01 - thats the best looking bike ever!!!!
10-Jul-01 - if you hit the brakes too hard you wouldn't have any balls left, definitly radical though!
12-Mar-02 - vintage? What is the status of the suit against Ducati regarding the MH name?
12-Mar-02 - I don't know McSkinny? Last I heard the missus was still sueing, IMO Duc shoulda paid a little something to her, they're making money using Mike the Bike's name.
12-Mar-02 - me a ugly motorcycle,and the price?
13-Mar-02 - They look very weird,I have read a test ride on them and they apparantly like to spend a lot of time on the back wheel!
13-Mar-02 - sorry i cant dig it.......i guess im not a vintage person
13-Mar-02 - I have one.... But it didnt come with patatos in the muffler?
13-Mar-02 - da da da da da Batman!!!
13-Mar-02 - Old Mike Hailwood times ALIVE! ! ! ! ! !
13-Mar-02 - about 6 months ago I saw one advertised at a Toronto Bike Dealer for $25,000 cad. roughly $16,000 U.S. I guess that they are expected to appreciate in value at a very rapid rate over the years.
13-Mar-02 - Well, killabeez, this is the prototype, with turn-signals centered in the exhausts, and a rear view camera instead of rear view mirrors. And if you have one, I really envy you.
13-Mar-02 - Killabeez, you're one lucky guy with some really nice bikes... If you've got any others, send in some pics of those too.
14-Jul-05 - yea some one out there will buy this
Production (Stock) Ducati Monster Models, Noticed there weren't many/any Monsters around this site so lets see if I can get the ball rollin'
2268x1512  790 KB
   1996 Monster Models
Date: 23-Aug-20
Views: 1,291
Votes: 1 / Ave.: 10.00

Noticed there weren't many/any Monsters around this site so lets see if I can get the ball rollin'

Production (Stock) Multiple Multiple (Multiple), Here we have it.  I am faced with the ultimate decision.  

2003 Kawasaki ZX-9R Ninja
2003 Honda CBR 954RR
2003 Yamaha YZF R1
2003 Suzuki GSX-R 1000

As I am now a college graduate, I figure that I should ride in style like one.  Within 6 months, I will purchase one of these four bikes. I am currently riding a 929 (I?ve posted pics if you wish to look) - so I need to stay in this displacement class at minimum.  

I would like your opinions as to which bike you would go with and why.  Please include what mods you would make to the one you would choose also.  

They are all sweet looking bikes... help please!
3090x1722  775 KB
Multiple    2003 Multiple (Multiple)
Date: 02-Sep-20
Views: 957
Votes: 56 / Ave.: 5.70

Here we have it. I am faced with the ultimate decision. 2003 Kawasaki ZX-9R Ninja 2003 Honda CBR 954RR 2003 Yamaha YZF R1 2003 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 As I am now a college graduate, I figure that I should ride in style like one. Within 6 months, I will purchase one of these four bikes. I am currently riding a 929 (I?ve posted pics if you wish to look) - so I need to stay in this displacement class at minimum. I would like your opinions as to which bike you would go with and why. Please include what mods you would make to the one you would choose also. They are all sweet looking bikes... help please!

27-Feb-03 - Personnaly, I'd keep the 929. I'd put a slip-on and that would be it. To pick the ZX-9R would be changing for worse and all the other bikes are too agressive for street riding, IMO. The 929 is just perfect !
27-Feb-03 - Okay so you graduated college, now you need to learn that as you grow up you need to learn how to make decisions for yourself, you cannot go through life as an adult asking others to make decisions for you. Its your bike, your money, you are going to ride it so YOU decide which one.
27-Feb-03 - First of all you need to determine how fast you wanna go.....because with these bikes speed grows on you.its just a matter of time before you want a hayabusa or a zx12r....but for this class i suggest you go with the is about the best and their cornering is even much sweeter.......but the final decision will be on you with respect to your speed limit...........
27-Feb-03 - I think you should personally go out and test drive all four. Pick whichever bike suits your liking, riding abilites, how you are going to use the bike, and most importantly the one that best fits your budget. You should not go with the popular opinion. Talk to enough people and you will get several thousand different responses. Go with the bike that suits you best not the most popular. All four bikes are awesome.
27-Feb-03 - I agree with Floridamcse, they are all too aggressive for the street, but out of these 4 I'd pick the R1 for the looks. But if you must get a 1000cc, I'd go with a 2001 (silver/black) or a 2002 (red/black) gixxer1k (if you're planning on pulling the front end up at 60mph+) otherwise I'd go with the 2003 R6. I bought one in January and it all the bike I need (for now).
27-Feb-03 - why are you even considering the 9R???
27-Feb-03 - You are forgetting the best all around bike. The VFR800, for comfort and speed and cornering you can't get better! Here is a pic to look at the 2002 model
27-Feb-03 -
27-Feb-03 - earlier this month you said your 929 will beat stock gsxr 1000's and busa's and now you are talking about trading? if your 929 is beating all of these bikes you should keep it; it is one a kind and must be worth millions! (webmaster: this is sarcasm)
27-Feb-03 - If you already got a 929 I see no reason getting a 954 wanna go slower ? How much do you ride ? Do you rider regularly, or just cruise around showing off for the girls ? Kawasaki ZX9R ? Don't know why anybody would get one of those. Gixxer 1000 :) now yer talkin, you better have BIG balls and LOTS of experience to ride this thing without getting killed. Yamaha R1 ....a true classic ! Probably the best enginnered bike of all you've listed ...but NOT the quickest
27-Feb-03 - Keep the 929 and wait another year.
28-Feb-03 - I never said that I would be getting rid of my 929. Actually, I love it so much - I'll probably keep it as long as I can. Loctite-I was asking for opinions on these selections... I *will* be the one to decide which one. I put the 9R in the pic just because it still looks like a sweet bike, even though it's a Kawasaki. BTW unknown272 - everyone in that post that you are talking about kept bringing up quarter mile times. We all know that a busa will eat a 929 in the quarter mile. If I was interested in going straight all the time maybe I'd buy a Z28 camaro or something. The beauty of a 929 is that it corners like a 600, but has enough horsepower to hang in this class. I r
28-Feb-03 - I usualy ride at least 5 days a week. I live about 1 hour away from daytona .. anyone going to bike week? I'll be up there both weekends. IMO, i like the looks of the 954 better than any bike. But as far as performance, i'm thinking the GSX-R.
28-Feb-03 - I agree with neal, next year will be some nice new releases, especially after this eason of AMA superbike and WSB!
28-Feb-03 - I have a ZX-9R and love her!! I also just bought a GSXR-1000 in Oct (due to weather, still haven't hit 'break in' yet). And still own my Kawasaki GPZ1100. The ZX-9R & the Gixxer 1000 are GREAT bikes!! Both hit high speeds and corner great! ..... Someone mentioned in an earlier post about "graduating to a Busa or ZX-12R" IMO - those are too big & bulky to have any fun in the twisties. Oh, my Gixxer is an '02 - I cannot STAND the busa headlight they put on the 03 model - puke! You may want to wait & see what Kawasaki does with the ZX-10 in 04 - it will be fuel injected then - but I will always love Kawasaki's ..... so maybe my opinion is a little biased LOL - Good luck in your decision - I know it is tough. -T. in Tulsa
Production (Stock) Honda NSR250, 1989 Yamaha TZR 250 1987 Honda NSR250 MC16
2032x1271  692 KB
Date: 12-Sep-20
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Votes: 3 / Ave.: 10.00

1989 Yamaha TZR 250 1987 Honda NSR250 MC16

Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R1, Phat caR & fast Bike
1920x1083  237 KB
   2000 YZF-R1
Date: 08-Sep-20
Views: 2,205
Votes: 651 / Ave.: 7.15

Phat caR & fast Bike

28-Oct-00 - Both are nice I do admit. Like the R1 and the Civic. . . GReedy huh? How fast, ET's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30-Oct-00 - aww man i need to put some of my pics of my suzuki and my black Impreza RS
05-Nov-00 - i love the bike, but come on, phat car? i can run faster than that piece.
08-Dec-00 - Hey that is the same bike I have; Hey that is the same car my Mom has.
11-Dec-00 - if your mom has a car like that she must be cooler than you, give the guy props for having two fun toys to play with
13-Dec-00 - Very nice bike. Love the colour (Canadian spelling). Sorry, but, I HATE CIVIC'S!!!
15-Dec-00 - I like the R1 and the Civic... that Civic might have a H22 inside... u never know......
21-Dec-00 - You guys are jealous, That car may be slower, but overall, the car is way better
22-Dec-00 - How many times did you vote for yourself???? dumb car.
11-Jan-01 - I like the R1 since I ride one myself but the car is NASTY, I hate dumb looking wannabe race toys
14-Jan-01 - That car needs to go... sell it and by something else like a bike or a car that has style like a 2000 Z28 or SS camaro not a slow trendy civic if your gonna go import at least get a fast one like a VR-4 3000 GT mitsubishi
17-Jan-01 - hahahahaha all show, no go.
12-Feb-01 a - Webmaster or anyone else...what is all the talk about the R1 having a weak frame...?
17-Feb-01 - nice bike and car. so many haters. hahaha you guys are sorry....
17-Feb-01 - oh, i have seen so many ss camaro get smoked by little civics.. talking about all show....
17-Mar-01 - 3000 GT VR-4's are phat cars too, but a civic with a b18c5 & jacksonracing supercharger would rape it. Dont be haters , nice bike & civic .
11-May-03 - Nice bike, but everybody and their sister has a Civic. I'll stick with my '93 RX-7 Twin Turbo and CBR954RR.
11-May-03 - Since when has a Civic been a "phat car?" My mom drives a civic. LOL!
11-May-03 - my moms minivan could be fast if i put money into it like civic owners do so often
11-May-03 - bratmantlz - here's my impreza and bike!
11-May-03 - You never know with that GReady sticker on the hood that civic must have gained at least 20 HP :)
11-May-03 - alright now, there's no need to be jealous just cause you can't afford a car and a bike.....civics kick a**!!
12-May-03 - Instead of wasting all sorts of money on a honda civic, buy a pimpin' car to begin with. A BMW or Benz will garner a lot more respect than some STUPID civic that some fool poured $20,000+ into. The verdict: CIVIC = crap
12-May-03 - I have a 1990 RX-7 that will break that Civic off like a dried up twig. If you are into speed get a real car man
12-May-03 - You people talking trash should grow up,apparently he likes imports.Im guessing the people listed above that are talking trash probably dont have either rides and thats why they are hating...grow out of your JEALOUS stage-Later
12-May-03 - Front wheel drive roxors! Hee hee! Yeah right....
12-May-03 - Not everyone has the money to buy a Mercedes (which are, btw, old man's cars...) I have my CBR for performance and my Civic to go from A to B. Sweet R1 and Civic, man.
12-May-03 schweik19.AOL.COM - nice line up... I got a yellow & black gixxer600 and a yellow 2003 Nissan Spec-v
12-May-03 - nice bike, alright car! civics arent bad, and they can for sure be really fast!! but by the looks of it, with the rims, the single wipers and the big ol greddy decal on the hood, this car does not have a supercharger, turbo, b22, or any kind of motor swap or even a built motor!!! it probably has intake and exhaust with a system that just weigh's it down!!! clean car though, and i like the way its hooked up!! one of the best body kits for the civic, but you can forget about this car being able to whoop on any ss or z28, but with the proper work and about $3000 it can be done!!! but the r1 will whoop em all!! but look at the bright side, at least it dosent lose half its value after a year like every other domestics do!! this things worht more than half of the 99 domestics out there!!! lolz !
17-May-03 - Hey EndlessR68 way to represent your $h*t...don't let these knuckleheads knock you down (Jsven007 should have his picture in Websters next to "hater")..keep your rides clean and tight and remember who you bought them for in the first place...YO' DAMN SELF!!! Holla!
18-May-03 - nice bike but i'm sorry to say the civics are crap they are so un-involving to drive buts thats the way i feel about all front wheel drive cars. Why have stupid oversteer when you can through the back around out with wonderful controlled understeer
Women Yamaha YZF-R1, Hot babe with a Yamaha YZF-R1 motorcycle! a person riding a 1999 Yamaha YZF-R1 sportbike in front of a house
2268x1741  645 KB
   1999 YZF-R1
Date: 14-Aug-20
Views: 2,310
Votes: 301 / Ave.: 5.91

Hot babe with a Yamaha YZF-R1 motorcycle!
a person riding a 1999 Yamaha YZF-R1 sportbike in front of a house

17-Sep-01 - nice house!
17-Sep-01 - Nice bike, she's cute, what kind of pipe is that?
17-Sep-01 - hottie!
17-Sep-01 - nice lookin bike, i like the polished wheels
17-Sep-01 - this ia a sweet a**chick
17-Sep-01 - what kind of pipe, best ask her as she keeps the end hot mile after mile !
17-Sep-01 - if thats not a milf i don't know what is. MILF MILF
18-Sep-01 - Very nice, how about a couple more pictures?
19-Sep-01 - VERRRRRRRRY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!,bike is alright too.
19-Sep-01 - Perfect in every way possible!!!
19-Sep-01 - pictures? i'd settle for her phone number.
19-Sep-01 - Unfortunatly, it's most likely her mans bike, oh'well. How sweet would it be if it was hers? I'd ask her to marry me and we could go off riding into the sunset, me on my 00 R1 and her on her 99 R1. She's pretty hot looking sitting on that bike. I hope she reads this.
19-Sep-01 - tell your boyfriend i like his bike
20-Sep-01 - She's a runner!
20-Sep-01 - Watch out! Here comes the motorcycle seat sniffer!!!
22-Sep-01 - Wow! What a cutie! Could we see more pics of her?
23-Sep-01 - I dont' think it's very safe to be riding barefoot... that young lady could hurt herself!!!
28-Sep-01 - Maybe they could make some sorta new tank-push-up bra, first bump and that R-1's tank is dented for sure!
28-Sep-01 ANTHONYJENKINS45.AOL.COM - oh my god ..legs of a goddess a#s of gold... now what are you going to do with all of that? lol
28-Sep-01 - I'm impressed. You usually have to offer up your first born for a TI-FORCE pipe......
29-Sep-01 - Ne one else notice the realtor's box hangin from the door is it possible this isnt there house? j/w..
29-Sep-01 - Looks like a fun ride.....and the bike would be fun too!
29-Sep-01 - nice rear,,,, the bikes not bad either
30-Sep-01 - With those thighs, I'd say a swimmer or a tennis player.
02-Oct-01 - Who ever you are, that guy is lucky, sweet bike, and super hot woman. ROCK ON!
02-Oct-01 - The curled toe's are just too hot. It appears that she's having a REALLY good time straddling the "beast".
02-Oct-01 - She needs to know that without shoes, she's going to ruin her toe nail polish. Nice D-cups though
03-Oct-01 - Man I have to check this pic out every day please don't take it down
03-Oct-01 - Hey guys - new to this site - and some of us 'chicks' really DO own AND ride (hard) our own sportbikes - I own 2 - just posted pics tonight - both are Kawasaki's - Rock On Ladies !
05-Oct-01 - what a compliment she really makes that R1 look horny!!! if your available call me
08-Oct-01 - i love the legs
10-Oct-01 - The correct spelling is doesn't .........and who cares if she knows how to ride or not??????
12-Oct-01 - Nice hedge mate.
12-Oct-01 - I'm in love - and I don't mean the bike.
12-Oct-01 - White after labor day , I mean really?!/ Hot though.
14-Oct-01 - A hot woman on a hot bike, can't get any better than that.
16-Oct-01 - 16-Oct-2001 - be careful
16-Oct-01 - I have to admit it, I check out this pic everyday.
17-Oct-01 - I have to say the same, I wish whoever it was that put this picture up would post some more.
01-Apr-02 - ride and hot sexy american ladies/riders, wish we had a few of ya over in europe!!!
04-May-02 - Biker chicks are so sexy.
15-Dec-02 - Great legs, nice bike too
12-Jul-03 - oh man i envy the owner (of the bike)
12-Nov-03 - very cute ;just think if she was siting on a gsxr
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Chromed out.
2240x1750  876 KB
   2000 YZF-R1
Date: 17-Aug-20
Views: 1,097
Votes: 130 / Ave.: 5.81

Chromed out.

15-Oct-01 - Dude, I know you're riding around with a baseball bat.... to beat all the women off of you! It doesn't get any better than this! Well let the 'hatin' begin! You're probably going to get some comments from people that will associate you with a gang, etc... just ask of 'themosthated'... i think these dudes are just jealous - they dont have the $$$ to do something like this... fellas, dont hate the playa, hate the game...
15-Oct-01 - nice mirror but why dont you buy a harley?
15-Oct-01 - Very tight!
15-Oct-01 - its nice. r-giannis, he wouldnt buy a harley because harleys are ugly and slow and stupid. this is nice. I know u dont like chrome.. but.. its not to hate every chromed bike... or is it? :)
15-Oct-01 - Gotta be the hottest R1 around!! Off Da Chains!!!!!!1
15-Oct-01 - you cant say chrome is color... chrome is element... i would like to see it in racing colors or something special but chrome why? the chrome just hide all the nice shapes of the bike reflecting the things around.. and also i dont like chrome sieg and you dont like biaggi... i dont hate chrome i like it in some parts like frame or other not big surfaces of bike but not all the bike chromed..
15-Oct-01 - Very nice. And to Sieg... What are you talking about? Harleys are beutiful bikes also. I love sportbikes and that is my preference but bikes are bikes dirt bikes, cruisers, etc. They are all dope!
15-Oct-01 - How bright would that be on a sunny day.Wheres my sunglasses???
16-Oct-01 - Yuck. Too gaudy. Ride it...don't chrome it.
16-Oct-01 - rgiannis: People are different. Everyone can't be like you. If dude wants chrome, let there be chrome:)
16-Oct-01 - Sweet ride bro, I like it, chrome isn't only for Harley's anymore!!!!
16-Oct-01 - very nice!! much more weight did the crome add?
16-Oct-01 - Not for me. To each his own.
16-Oct-01 - I heard if you chrome the stock R1 wheels, they become way to brittle... any comments ?
16-Oct-01 - I'm not a fan of chrome either. Actually, I only like performance mods and good paint jobs. Did you see Rossi pass Biaggi on the last lap of Austrailia? Now that was friggin' beutiful.
16-Oct-01 - these pictures are posted to show people possible potential, no matter what it looks like, a motorcycle, whether it is a cruiser or sportbike, you have to appreciate the fact that it has two wheels, real riders dont care.
16-Oct-01 - OH Man!!!, my eyes are welling up with tears, she's beautiful. God didn't rest on the seventh day, he created this...I have a full suspension mountain bike, will you trade? :)
16-Oct-01 - r_giannis.. well... you CAN think of chrome as of a colour, when its on something. In a way. I know its not really a colour, but.. still .. and what difference does it make if its a colour or not? It looks good, thats the only thing that matters
16-Oct-01 - I don't like all the chrome either but obviously the owner does, so I'm sure he is happy with it. And what's wrong with Harleys??? I like sport bikes better and I own a sport bike, but i have seen some pretty sweet looking builder bikes that are cruisers that i wouldn't mind owning. As long as it's a bike who cares!
16-Oct-01 - Look in the background, IT'S a HARLEY! Nice R1, I hope the plating doesn't start chipping off. Maybe you should get a bra for the front end??
16-Oct-01 - is it really possible that it starts getting off? and no way to seal it?
16-Oct-01 - Chrome's never really been my thing, but you've got a sweet ride. Enjoy and take care of her.
16-Oct-01 - I'm not a fan of chrome. In my perfect little world, chrome would limit itself to accents. But this bike has got me drooling more than I'd like to admit.
16-Oct-01 - I like the bike, although it is not mine. I personally would not put this much chrome on my bike (929RR), but still think the bike is hot. Pic taken a show here in Miami, FL
16-Oct-01 - All that chrome is there to lure youre eyes from the hideous paint which appears was inspired by the contents of a two month olds diaper
16-Oct-01 - eh.. its ok.
17-Oct-01 - is another pic of same bike
18-Oct-01 - TOTAL OVER KILL, way to much chrome, I love the chamilion paint but I think the front fender and tank are over kill.
18-Oct-01 - wow...
21-Oct-01 - Nice!!
21-Oct-01 waho.voteru.bob - boy would it suck to wreck cry
22-Oct-01 - looks like something the Terminator would ride. smoken bike
23-Oct-01 - Ahh...... another Poser's R1 with ther rear tire worn ONLY IN THE MIDDLE! Bling BLONG!!!
Women Yamaha YZF-R1, Hot babe with a Yamaha YZF-R1 motorcycle!
2240x1750  745 KB
Date: 18-Aug-20
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Votes: 182 / Ave.: 6.40

Hot babe with a Yamaha YZF-R1 motorcycle!

28-Dec-02 - trick photography.
28-Dec-02 - What do you see? Im the way, VERY NICE CHICK!
28-Dec-02 - what?
28-Dec-02 - I see, I see!!
28-Dec-02 - No, What are we looking at besides a hot chickenhead
28-Dec-02 - yeah, she's only about twelve... too old!!
29-Dec-02 - Where is her neck?
29-Dec-02 - someone please tell us what we are supposed to be seeing that is sooo unusual.
30-Dec-02 - yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eye C it and I want it. but ill wait 4 a week 4 it.
30-Dec-02 - I do not think there is any trick photography. I think he might just have been talking about the bike standing up. Whatever.He should not have uploaded the pic with here standing beside the bike standing up if he wanted us to think it was trick.
31-Dec-02 - I see the dude behind her having evil thoughts.
03-Jan-03 - shes hot...but two words "Jail Bait!"
07-Jan-03 - what is eminem doing there???
09-Apr-03 - I see a over-developed 12 year old ;)
02-Sep-05 - Jail bait? Come on guys lets face it most of us here would consider taking the risk after all we do ride things everyday that could just as easily put us in jail!
29-Oct-07 - Wow, she looks happy. That must be her really happy boyfriend behind her
Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R1, true blue
1843x1386  621 KB
   1999 YZF-R1
Date: 17-Aug-20
Views: 1,069
Votes: 1 / Ave.: 5.00

true blue

17-Aug-12 - clean
Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R1, 2012 -Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 633696
1620x1023  547 KB
   2012 YZF-R1
Date: 05-Sep-20
Views: 1,574
Votes: 6 / Ave.: 8.50

2012 -Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 633696

19-Oct-15 - Love the Raven.
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, great work done by cycle sport center in oakville ontario,
1800x1355  623 KB
   2002 YZF-R1
Date: 09-Sep-20
Views: 6,615
Votes: 80 / Ave.: 6.80

great work done by cycle sport center in oakville ontario,

21-Nov-02 - WOW!!! that's what I'm talking about
21-Nov-02 - wow!
21-Nov-02 - this had already been posted months back, but still is the MOST beautiful R1 I have seen to date!
21-Nov-02 - Stunning.. that frame looks sick, is it polished or chrome? I use India Ink as a final polishing step on my frame, how do you maintain yours?
21-Nov-02 - This pic has rounded the sportbike forums a few times. Word from the guy that owned it on was that he fabricated the singlesided swing arm, the rear sets and the full exhaust system himself. I believe he sold it for like $15k to import a Skyline.
21-Nov-02 - hatrixlg, you're right as far as I know...I have a set of his custom made signals. Check out his site:
21-Nov-02 - isn't just for looks, it's been on the track too!!!
21-Nov-02 - Sweet bike! But does anyone else see that weird patch on the rear tire? Whats that about?
21-Nov-02 - Dude, that's a really tiny carbon rear hugger, not a patch.
21-Nov-02 - Definitely a shorter wheelbase... looks twitchy, but great for 6th gear power wheelies I'm sure!
21-Nov-02 - i am from kitchener/waterloo ontario do those guys do other makes and models to for custom work like my 2002 CB 900 F??
01-Dec-02 - hey goddieone they do any type of street bike or bike in general
Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R1, 301 km/h on an R1. it' s about 188 mph. picture taken in italy. not bad... :-D
1566x1242  232 KB
Date: 10-Oct-20
Views: 3,191
Votes: 77 / Ave.: 5.71

301 km/h on an R1. it' s about 188 mph. picture taken in italy. not bad... :-D

22-Jan-03 - Not bad, but you do know that you really weren't going that fast........speedos are notoriously innacurrate, you probably doing 170+....still impressive!
22-Jan-03 - speeding 301 and taking a picture!!! nice work!!
22-Jan-03 - ohh yeahh! Man I haven't taken mine more than 178MPH, lol.
22-Jan-03 - I heard speedos are rather inacurate at these kind of speeds... Is this a stock R1 ?
22-Jan-03 - hey guys!! that a rabbit overthere on the road???what would happen if there was one! or a dog or...
22-Jan-03 - I have seen 285kph on my R1 speedo and had the GPS in my pocket that read only 248kph
23-Jan-03 - A rabbit? we could have a rabbit stew. A dog though I couldn't eat. Speeding is okay in my books as long as the only person in any danger is the person holding the throttle. In this case (unless there is a pillion) I think this kind of riding is acceptable.
23-Jan-03 - why are spedos so innacurrate at high speeds?
23-Jan-03 - Speedos are all up the s!@T at high speeds! I have had my 96gsxr750 showing 300kmh! Full yosh system otherwise stock! Capapble of 300kmh i think not! 270 acording to fireblade speedo!
23-Jan-03 - 301 on the speedo, on a country road, taking a picture, you're nuts, RESPECT
23-Jan-03 - I'm going to answer keyen's question. Speedos are off based on percentages. For example: My 929 has a 5% positive error. So when I'm going 60, it really shows 63. If I'm going 170, I'm really going 178
23-Jan-03 - Go back to school. Your math is a bit off. ;)
23-Jan-03 - errata corrige: 301 km/h is not 188 mph but "only" 178 mph... ;-)
23-Jan-03 - gungo: 301kph equals 187.03mph duck: you're right proesner is off 5% above 170 is 178.5 (missed it by a whole .5mph)
23-Jan-03 - Respect, bartfoekema? HAHAHA, anyone can twist a throttle. You must respect alot of people! Acceptable riding? Right, until that "lone rider" falls down, incurs thousands in health bills, that insurance pays for, that filters down to us. Rates don't go up just cause you get a ticket or hit someone. Your bike hitting a lamppost makes them go up, and someone has to pay...
23-Jan-03 - zrx1100...I totally agree with you. However, in this particular pic, there are no lampposts, no other traffic, the grass shoulder is wide, weather is good, and it's very long straight with excellent visibility to both sides of the road. If the rider goes down, even at this speed, and he/she is wearing quality safety gear, should be able to survive with maybe a broken limb or two. The bike, will be totalled if it begins to flip, same as if it were from 60mph. In my opinion, anybody with a high performance bike (or car) who doesn't take advantage of this situation, shouldn't be riding/driving it...get a Harley. Before you start preaching about saving it for the track, tell everybody here that you would ride the speed limit in this situation. Anybody feel me on this?
24-Jan-03 - "So when I'm going 60, it really shows 63. If I'm going 170, I'm really going 178" -r_warez, read that again, carefully, and see if you still come up with 5mph. I think he meant to say it SHOWS 178.5 lol.
24-Jan-03 - Wanjiveman, you are right as well, I would speed. But NOT at 300 km/h. Speed is cool on a road like this, but you would have to agree, empty, flat road or not, this is a little bit fast, huh?
26-Jan-03 - zrx1100, These empty situations are very rare for me. If I were with this guy, I'd have already passed him with my busa. The scary thing about the busa is that this speed isn't scary, so it's easy to do. I don't have a good excuse for this type of risk, but I always try to minimize level of risk by making sure that me and my bike are in the condition to handle it...especially the tires. I've been lucky so far, but then again it's not very often the conditions are right for this speed.
Women Yamaha YZF-R1, Hot babe with a Yamaha YZF-R1 motorcycle! a person sitting on a 2001 Yamaha YZF-R1 sportbike
2359x1613  831 KB
   2001 YZF-R1
Date: 18-Aug-20
Views: 2,471
Votes: 236 / Ave.: 6.74

Hot babe with a Yamaha YZF-R1 motorcycle!
a person sitting on a 2001 Yamaha YZF-R1 sportbike

08-Nov-01 - whats with the sprayed on panties dude!! and not sure about the wire spoke wheels! a retro R1??
08-Nov-01 - how come it looks like that little area had some photoshop work done to it?
08-Nov-01 - Nice long legs. Nice spread too.
08-Nov-01 - lets see the original pic
08-Nov-01 - Those are Performance Machine Wheels NICE
08-Nov-01 - what's the deal with this site? ever since they moved or reorganized there's no flash pics. This could've been a really cool pic if someone hadn't painted all over it. BRING BACK THE FULL FRONTAL NUDITY!!! Webmaster: Due to our advertising contracts, nudity is not allowed.
08-Nov-01 - Webmaster.......can you email us nude pics without the advertisements? Webmaster: We will soon be opening another site that will include these pictures. Keep visiting for updates!
08-Nov-01 - I HATE A TEASE
08-Nov-01 - I didn't know Leeann Rimes had a bike?
08-Nov-01 - Are those clear rims? or is it just reflections from the chrome
08-Nov-01 - Comments? I hate the "aftermarket paintjob" How 'bout that? ;-)
08-Nov-01 - Those are real sweet wheels and l can't wait to get the pics back with full nudity, l hope this one shows up on the new site
09-Nov-01 - Nice legs ! but the edited part sucks. Was she wearing anything underneith before the artwork?
09-Nov-01 - that is actually me in the pics....nice bf huh? panties r non exsistant he drew them in ;o) (( i've heard the Leann Rimes thing a hundred times! LOL ))
09-Nov-01 - Got original?
09-Nov-01 - Why not send us the original in our e-mail? Props to your man for sharing too, Lucky dog.
09-Nov-01 - look at that huge crack.....on the road!!!
09-Nov-01 - They wouldn't let me post this pic with out the "artwork"! Plenty more though.....
09-Nov-01 - I must commend you and your boyfriend for sharing, because I know I would keep it all to myself.
09-Nov-01 -'s good to share......we like SHARING ;o)
09-Nov-01 - sweet sweet sweet;) the bike is ok:)
09-Nov-01 - cool pic just thought i would leave a comment ..feel free to send me original thruw my email :)
09-Nov-01 - everyone wants a peep.....LOL...
10-Nov-01 - I sure would've loved t'see the original of this shot! Th' other shot you posted from th' back ain't so bad either!!
11-Nov-01 - If you are sending out e-mails... please send me one too.
12-Nov-01 - me three? other poses?
12-Nov-01 - PHOTOSHOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12-Nov-01 - go on then....while you're at it send it over here!! and the rest of them on the roll/file
12-Nov-01 TONE750.AOL.COM - *********Send me one too!**********************
12-Nov-01 - me too
13-Nov-01 - Are you going to maybe open a second site on the side that would contains the nudes that you do get, it would benefit a great deal, and would make everybody much happier rather than just cutting them out. Webmaster: We are currently looking into securing advertising revenue for this new site. If we can find it, we will launch it. If not, we are considering a subscription based site. However, we doubt that there will be much demand for a subscription based site.
13-Nov-01 - woops, didn't read that someone already asked and was answered. sorry
13-Nov-01 - where's the pic of her from the back, I believe I missed that one.
20-Nov-01 - Those rims are way too sick.
28-Nov-01 - I would like to see the original also, and possibly more.
05-Dec-01 - those are OZ rims like on the aprilia rsv r
06-Dec-01 - O.Z.Racing, made in Italy!
18-Aug-04 - nice
27-Nov-04 - Sending pics? Send me one or three. Love the ladies and bikes, all sorts, sizes and speeds. Including the bikes.
27-Nov-04 - yeah, I'd like a copy of the original!
29-Nov-04 - I'd like to have a copy of the original too. Send me one, she is gorgeous.
29-Nov-04 - She is so sweet! this girl is beutiful, please email me the rest of her pictures (perfect body!!!)
30-Nov-04 - hey if you ever get tired of your boyfriend , or just need a change of pace hit me up.( great pictures you are one of the most beutiful girls on this web site
12-Jul-06 - two great rides you got there dude, too bad you had to spray the "intresting" part..;-) feel free to mail it to us, we could send you some pics back, greetz from belgium..
12-Jul-06 - Why stretching is great before riding
12-Jul-06 - send me the unedited pic to my e-mail.
16-Jul-06 - okey I am a beginner help a newbie see my address...
Stunts Yamaha YZF-R1, Wheelie on a Yamaha R1.
2240x1750  443 KB
   1998 YZF-R1
Date: 16-Aug-20
Views: 1,058
Votes: 138 / Ave.: 4.80

Wheelie on a Yamaha R1.

28-Sep-01 - SWEET! Nuf said :)
18-Jul-02 - Nice helmet. This is your brain, this is your brain on stupid! SPLAT. It doesn't take much of a hit to swell that mutha up ya know!
18-Jul-02 - Wheelies rock. Brains splattered on the pavement doesn't. Nuf said >:|
18-Jul-02 - and aren't those just some snazzy pants you have there!
18-Jul-02 - glad to see the mom patrol left their comment
18-Jul-02 - i can honestly say ... riding a wheelie is simple, but why is it so hard to grab you helmet? oh maybe you wanted a picture of you riding a wheel to show off to all your friends. i dont know , hate to say it but lessons are learned when you see idiots ride. oh if you need an extra helmet or something email me i have like 3 of them, better than looking back and seeing your dumb@$$ brains on the tarmac. happy trails
18-Jul-02 - yeah,but his feet will be o.k.
18-Jul-02 - What's wrong with people like this guy? Do you have a death wish? Guys like you give sensible riders a bad name. There go the insurance rates again!
18-Jul-02 - looks lilke he's wearing leather pants and boots ,kinda reminds me of the guy i seen here with full leathers,expensive new helmet and some old discount bin sneakers ,Not wise but it gets the responses you were hoping for ,let me know how the reconstructive surgery works out
18-Jul-02 - Gear this, helmet that, boots, gloves, and full leather suit , im sure this guy has all of the above, and chose not to wear them, so who are we to argue.. By the looks of the guy(age) and the bike he's riding(very fast bike) he's probably had his fair share of bikes and crashes, he prolly knows wassup.
18-Jul-02 - you said it hnazari101
18-Jul-02 - where's your brian put a helmit on next time
18-Jul-02 - oh gear nazis strike again, I say you got some nice height, its your life live it
19-Jul-02 - Hey - if someone's too dumb to realise that they should wear a helmet, who are we to try and tell them different? It's one of those things that someone who's old enough to ride a bike should be able to figure out without assistance. Anyway, even if they were persuaded to wear helmets, they'd probably just find other stupid ways to cripple or kill themselves.
19-Jul-02 - LoL BLM2815 You Cracked me up bro, Thanks I needed it this morning, Mom Patrol HA HA HA
19-Jul-02 - After several hundred years, people are still proving Darwin's theories - daily.
19-Jul-02 - Yeah, what was I thinkin, NATURAL SELECTION! C-YA
19-Jul-02 - Let's look at the big picture, war nowadays aren't numbering in causalities as they did in the past, plagues are almost none-exsisting, therefore the the sake of over-population and to help curve the propogation of the 'stupidity gene' I suggest we let things be and it will all sort out in the end.
19-Jul-02 - Why so sinical people? if he downs it, he cant complain(if still alive) cause he knew better.
Women Yamaha YZF-R7, A woman in a yellow bikini posing with a 2000 Yamaha YZF-R7 sportbike.
2751x1894  658 KB
   2000 YZF-R7
Date: 14-Aug-20
Views: 6,624
Votes: 255 / Ave.: 6.41

A woman in a yellow bikini posing with a 2000 Yamaha YZF-R7 sportbike.

19-Jun-00 - Pull the string...
21-Jul-00 - Get her some braces and then put her in front of a sweet bike.......SWEET BIKE THOUGH!!!
21-Sep-00 - A stairstepper might not be a bad idea either.
28-Dec-00 - ya'll are crazy!! she is hot!!
15-Apr-02 - you know what guys... that's really rude... don't you think we have feelings when our pictures are posted? Somebody posted this picture without my permission, and now you're being rude saying I need a stair stepper... I'd like to see what your girlfriend looks like! Try to remember people's feelings... if you don't like the pictures, don't look at them!
09-May-02 - well said
17-Jan-03 - You know I read the above coments and i have to say ..I must be blind because i dont see any thing wrong with this hottie Mc Naughty.."braces" you cant even see her teeth..
17-Jan-03 - Faith69, you look good, you should of pulled the string on top though.. And smile next time.
17-Jan-03 - well said faith, i think you look good
17-Jan-03 - Faith, you know the guys that make comments like those are losers, so don't let them upset you. You look fine in this pic, and if you have more, don't be shy, post them! Most of us out here are drooling over ya! P.S. I like the boots, are you in Texas?
17-Jan-03 - i dont see anything wrong with this pic...
17-Jan-03 - The only complaint I have about this picture is that its a bit grainy looking, She is a fine looking woman and the R7 is a fine looking motorcycle. Stay healthy, fit and keep it on two wheels. And all the haters out there are just jealous.
17-Jan-03 - I like all three: The babe, the bike, and the email name!
17-Jan-03 - She looks just like God intended, He did a great job.
17-Jan-03 - Very nice, just smile next time is all
17-Jan-03 - she doesn't need a stair stepper ,but she's not the hottest ,,there is BAZILLION people on the net ,,gotta expect different opinions of beauty
17-Jan-03 - She's so sexy, I almost didn't notice the bike. And she doesn't need to smile with that "come hither" look. I'd much rather see amat pics like this than airbrushed, silicone-enhanced, pros in front of a doctored up set. Please post more if ya got 'em.
17-Jan-03 - whoever thinks she needs a stair stepper check out her other pics!! she has a hot body !
17-Jan-03 - well i must admit i think she looks great and there are better pics on her website. I'll leave you all to work out the address for yourselves
17-Jan-03 - if you want to see more of faith, check out
17-Jan-03 - Faith has more pics coming soon to
17-Jan-03 - Faith is hot and natural !! Those guys must be hittin the pipe if they think she needs to do anything other than be herself.
17-Jan-03 - cujo and stoner, wow, with names like those you guys must be huge winners too. I'm betting you couldn't get this girls attention if you begged on your life
17-Jan-03 - Hea, I like all the girl's that pose with the bike's, All the girl's are as different as the bike's, That's why their's so many different types, no everyone's taste is the same, personally if this lady has a good personality she could proberly land anyone she wanted, her look's are great, and the body is SHARP,
18-Jan-03 - FAITH.. Is this really you? Been to your site before. You are definitly HOT! I am in Michigan, what would it take to coax you into a few photos of you and my F4i?
18-Jan-03 - Jeez, after checking out her fan club page on Yahoo, I retract my comment about being shy! I don't think she needs any encouragement to "come out of her shell"!!!!!
18-Jan-03 - Notice how the two losers that posted the negative comments haven't posted again? What's wrong boys? (and I use the term very loosely). Afraid to come back? Wimps...get a life. Faith, don't let idiots like that get to ya'. Take solace in the fact that they demonstrated their intelligence AND maturity all in their first statements, proving you don't need to justify their worthless existence. As far as the photo is concerned, It's perfect, nice hair, hips, legs, everything. You had me when I saw the looong, brown hair though...(sigh, always a sucker for long brown hair) :)
18-Jan-03 - yeah check out the Yahoo club: you'll see her N a whole different way and parts too.
18-Jan-03 - and another link
19-Jan-03 - Thanks guys!! Yes, I have to admit that was me on a hot AZ summer day... 115 degrees... hence the burned out look.... that is one of the worst pics I think I have taken... the look is deer in the headlights LOL looking forward to seeing the nice guys from here in my yahoo club... the losers can stay where they are LOL
23-Jan-03 - To be honest I think there is a problem with this picture i'm afraid...... Faith you just toooo sexy .. heehee.. Hi remember me... it's blackmax from such adventures as Superbikes and Babes..! Hope you are well...
24-Jan-03 - Faith, I think you look fine in this picture. You could never not be hot! I don't care if you just got out of bed, you'd still be hot. Thanks for all the photos of you all over the internet!
Production (Stock) Honda RC51, 2001 -Honda - RC51 RVT1000R - 562847
2916x2230  831 KB
   2001 RC51
Date: 07-Sep-20
Views: 789
Votes: 2 / Ave.: 5.50

2001 -Honda - RC51 RVT1000R - 562847

Women Suzuki RGV250, Hot babe with a Suzuki RGV250 motorcycle! a woman sitting on a 1993 Suzuki RGV250 sportbike
1575x2170  493 KB
   1993 RGV250
Date: 14-Aug-20
Views: 1,593
Votes: 185 / Ave.: 6.07

Hot babe with a Suzuki RGV250 motorcycle!
a woman sitting on a 1993 Suzuki RGV250 sportbike

16-Aug-02 - SIGH!!!!
16-Aug-02 - I hope you look that good when you put on and take off your helmet
16-Aug-02 - I'm officially bothered....Don't stop....Keep the pictures coming!
16-Aug-02 - Very nice indeed.
16-Aug-02 - Get some sun already, that's not healthy to be that pale.
16-Aug-02 - whew....!!! Holding my breath until the next "Vicky" pic was harder then I thought. Ok, who all is up for some video?!?!?! Thanks Trentside and Thank you Vicky!
17-Aug-02 - i think she will look better draped over my duc !
17-Aug-02 - Hay , Wade! If you didn't know it white is in. It means pure. Pure in heart, not fake, not vain. Nice one Vicky keep em coming and thank's tentside pictures are coming out real clear. Still want to see the hair down though. LOL
17-Aug-02 - wussup.... hey, very sexy.
17-Aug-02 - Pure??? You call bleached hair, 6 layers of makeup, and fake eyebrows pure??? You call that somehow not vain??? Your definition of purity and vanity is severely lacking.
18-Aug-02 - to WadeWilson: HAHAHAAAAAAAA touche LMFAO !!!!!!!!!
19-Aug-02 - she is looking good anyway
21-Aug-02 - she is very sexy!!!
02-Sep-02 - wow that is the best thing i have seen since i left the states
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