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Production (Stock) Suzuki GS series, my friends new gs500f. he has had it for 19 days and he has over 1600 miles.. i think he's ready for the gsxr600 now.. lol
1600x1219  332 KB
   2004 GS series
Date: 01-Oct-18
Views: 1,225
Votes: 180 / Ave.: 7.22

my friends new gs500f. he has had it for 19 days and he has over 1600 miles.. i think he's ready for the gsxr600 now.. lol

Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R1000, My little Toy!!!
960x720  214 KB
   2001 GSX-R1000
Date: 18-May-19
Views: 652
Votes: 14 / Ave.: 7.21

My little Toy!!!

Crash Unknown Unknown (Unknown), Unknown - Unknown (Unknown) - 74092
722x537  106 KB
Date: 18-May-19
Views: 437
Votes: 47 / Ave.: 7.21

Unknown - Unknown (Unknown) - 74092

10-Aug-05 - dayam dude get out b4 u burn
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R6, chromed out and polished R6 from the Detroit street Ryders
1280x1000  307 KB
   2000 YZF-R6
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 1,183
Votes: 284 / Ave.: 7.21

chromed out and polished R6 from the Detroit street Ryders

22-Feb-01 - i guess it looks cool but why in the hell would you get rid of one of your front rotors?screw stopping power aslong as it looks cool huh?
22-Feb-01 - i liked the bike until i saw the missing rotor, that moves it from a ten to a three. put it back on man and quit trying so hard to impress other people.
22-Feb-01 - Looks tight but these guys are right, put the rotor back on.
22-Feb-01 - if any of you ever rode with one rotor, you would know it is hard to even tell it is gone. Plus my man Ronnie just likes to look good, and as you can see this machine is beautiful.
22-Feb-01 - Hahahahahaha, what kind of moron takes his rotor of his sportbike, its not a harley dude
22-Feb-01 - thanks for the tips guys. i know you wont believe me when i say this, but you seriously cant tell much difference with the rotor off. hope you like the bike otherwise though. thanks!
22-Feb-01 - Like it and agree to put the rotor back on cause I dont think it looks that great
22-Feb-01 - i ride have a nt650 which comes stock with only one rotor and i can tell the difference when i get on my zx6r which has 2.but with the hawk only makin about 40hp it doesnt need as much stopping power as the high powered 6r(compared to the hawk)so it is pretty bad to only use 1 rotor on your bike
22-Feb-01 - I like the yellow paint but think it would look better with white rims and yes TWO rotors!
22-Feb-01 - Can't tell much of a difference with the rotor off? Have you tried hard braking from 60mph?
22-Feb-01 - Agree! Put the rotor back on, looks stupid!
23-Feb-01 - I guess since the back only has one the front would feel dumb having two, offset or something...
23-Feb-01 - if youre not using it can I have it? Ill put it to a good use!
23-Feb-01 - maybe he just doesnt ride it hard enough to need both, who knows maybe its all show and no go (rider that is cause I know the bike can go)
23-Feb-01 - of course you see a difference between a hawk and a zx6
23-Feb-01 - first, the entire bike is junk cuz i took the rotor off ? now, im an all show, no go rider because of i took the rotor off ? hahahaha...i feel like i need to defend myself in here. thats ok though. you ride a bike, you're cool with me..peace and ryde hard guys/gals
23-Feb-01 - You cats out in Detroit really have your s*@! together the bike is HOT, whether it has one rotor or no rotors. You Detroit riders like that polished look, huh? Ride hard!!!
23-Feb-01 - Just another waste of a sportbike! kinda like the polished up 929/harley look , gage me!!!
23-Feb-01 - the bike does look sweet.i know theres a difference between my hawk and 6r,it was just an example.with such a high powered bike he should put the other rotor on.
23-Feb-01 - Sweet!!! Love the bike. Can't wait to hit the roads with you all this spring
23-Feb-01 - I am sure I see this bike parked down the road from my place, and it never moves! He just leaves it in his driveway to make it look like he rides! If he does, he probably doesn't go over 30. Dumb A__.
23-Feb-01 - actually one rotor doesn't look that bad...
24-Feb-01 - It'd look even better with the other roto off also; hahaha
24-Feb-01 - A the bike is sweet and the wheel looks nice without the rotor but if you are going to tell me you co not feel the difference or better yet it does not make a deifference I am goin to say you are lying. Nice bike though.
24-Feb-01 - I will be praying for you and God forbid the day you are going fast and need all the braking power possible.
24-Feb-01 - this is by far the best looking R6 ever to hit the streets...and for a guy who isn't out to make his living on pro sport bike racing, it'd be hard to notice anything was missing
24-Feb-01 - nice car too! dude your set. hey webmaster, this has got to be the best picture i've seen on this site!!
25-Feb-01 - this is the sweetest bike i have ever seen. i envy you man. and who cares about the rotor. look at this bike!!!!!!!!!!
25-Feb-01 - This is my babies bike and it is the hottest bike, no matter if it has one rotor or two so stop hating and tell the truth, it's not everyday you see a yellow r6 anyway. Love you baby!!!!!!!
25-Feb-01 - Give it to your girlfriend, or boyfriend. R6's are for girls. Buy a real bike
25-Feb-01 - whats so special about that car? looks like a stock 4 door sedan w/ a dumb wing (waste of $) that doesnt make the car handle any better or go faster and it dont even make it look any better. As for the bike, if you dont like disk brakes maybe you should install the clean and smooth looking drum brake
25-Feb-01 - as for the comment that R6s are for girls news to you bud, Im a girl and I ride an R1
26-Feb-01 - I keep coming back to this picture. The bike is just too awesome
26-Feb-01 - well, if the guy don´t need the second front disc brake, is becuase he don´t rides is bike like she needs!!!
26-Feb-01 - ummm, that car is a Contour SVT......... and yes its just a lil fast. I mean for a four door sedan!!!
26-Feb-01 - he is right, there is not much difference with only one rotor on. I still have both rotors on my bike though. this is a good looking bike. Webmaster: Personally, I like the looks of 2 rotors instead of one. It really wouldn't take away from the looks of this bike at all.
26-Feb-01 - I agree with the webmaster, even if it made absolutely no stopping power changes I still like the look of two disc brakes (for one thing a lot of Harleys and motorcycle like that use only one rotor).
27-Feb-01 - really do you think if the power braking don`t changes with only a rotor the maker don`t will putone?... come on guys, is a soprtbike, not a scooter, if the man says that is bike has the same power braking with only a rotor, he hasn,t ni puta idea!!!
27-Feb-01 - Thats no Contour SVT, i think its a Contour POS
27-Feb-01 - Just to let you know that is a contour svt, thats why it has ground effects!!!!! you people can be complete *sses!!!!!
27-Feb-01 - Who cares what kind of car it is!!!! know you roles
27-Feb-01 - ummm....dude it's called the aftermarket....but you knew that cuz your bike is probably hopped up with "aftermarket" equipment.... if you even have one...
28-Feb-01 - Yo man forget about what comments everyone made; Im not a fan of chrome because of having to try and keeping it clean after every single ride but this looks "phat"
28-Feb-01 - Sorry bro, one rotor, and you lowered it? Wasted bike if you want to ride it. Now if you just want to look good OK then. Have fun. Hope you don't ever eat it man... those scott gloves ain't going to do you sh!t if you do.
28-Feb-01 - wasted how??? can someone here please tell me why this bike is wasted? Because he cant take it to the track??? never planned on it anyways!! hmmmm, how many of you have ever been on a bike, let alone on a track!! i have been riding sportbikes for some time now because i love them, not because i race them!!! get a clue bozo!!
28-Feb-01 - if you can't tell thats an SVT you have no room to comment...and r1 or not if you don't have a clue as to what an SVT vehicle is just shut your pie hole, this guy puts hard work into what he's got and all you people have is hate and ignorance. Webmaster: Ummm, that's an R6, not an R1...
28-Feb-01 - hahahahaha,(that is for the above comment by webmaster)
28-Feb-01 d e v v i e - nice bike
01-Mar-01 - What's your next mod? Drum brakes and hard tail rear suspension? Guys who do this crap to thier sport bikes are no different from Harley riders. Their more concerned with posing than riding.
01-Mar-01 - I already suggested drum brakes earier and as for SVT I know what it means, I drive a SVT Cobra convertible and yes I drove SVT Contur and it was nothing what it was claimed to be, nothing compared to the cobra so if you ask me svt contur is a total waste of $$$
01-Mar-01 SCW129.PRODIGY - I wish the people who talk the negative sh** would show what they have in the garage most probably dont have anything at all and another thing if you live in fla or you primarily drag race the less rotating mass and the lowered suspention helps your ets on the stip .You may beat this guy on the curves but the staight line may be different,regardless its a sweet R -6
02-Mar-01 - webmaster...the R1 or not comment was meant for the person with the R1 who was commenting ...sorry for the confusion that caused
03-Mar-01 - WOW... very nice looking machine. All you need now is a bit of CARBON FIBRE!!!!!
08-Mar-01 - thats the nicest R1 ive seen, you guys must be crazy to say that its not. Webmaster: This is the worst R1 I've ever seen! Somebody took 400cc away from the engine!
08-Mar-01 - how did this become a R1???? it even says R6 at the top in the description
17-Mar-01 - I cant see not missing the second rotor but I have not ridden a 600 with one rotor, this is one awsome bike but white rims would look better and be a lot less hassle to clean
19-Mar-01 - I have had white wheels and chrome wheels, and let me tell you...... I would clean the chrome over the white anyday!!! WHITE IS THE WORST!!!
19-Mar-01 - Nice bike...whether I would do mine this way or not. People love slamming what they wish they had.
19-Mar-01 - ive got to agree, with one front rotor, it looks like some little beginner bike, i cant imagine why this look is cool?
19-Mar-01 - love the color;love the bike;and love the chrome, but i would have to agree with everyone else, safety first bro!!!
19-Mar-01 - hahahahahahahaha, I LOVE IT!!!!!! you guys make this site so much fun.......
20-Mar-01 - It really amazes me that someone buys an $8,500 bike, spends another $750 or more on paint, $1500 on wheels, and $2000 on chrome, and all you guys do is whine and moan about how "stupid" it looks. NOT ONE of you guys (or gas) above would turn this bike down if it was given to you. Have you ever seen a car you thought was dumb lookin but could at least appreceate the work involved? Try to do that here. Then go out and get on your 92 Katanas with 35,000 miles and gor for a ride to cool off. Jesus.........
21-Mar-01 - DaYuUuMmMm.....All these people all jelous...f**k what everybody say's....your bike is the best lookin bike i've ever seen...
21-Mar-01 - I see this bike has returned to the front page!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still lookin good..........
22-Mar-01 - love the chrome and the color
27-Mar-01 - long live yellow yammies! - - now there's an R6 i'd ride. what the heck is that toilet behind it though? an escort with a cheezy wing?
29-Mar-01 - I've looked at every pic on this website, this bike is the sweetest bike i've seen, peroid. stop all the hating...just ride...
30-Mar-01 BIGBEARJQ.HOTMAIL.COM - SAVE THE CHROME 4 THE HARLEYS. we as riders need to get away from this chrome BS.
30-Mar-01 - hey there, BIG BEAR, whenever you wanna ride, just let me know, i'm sure you can back your big #ss mouth up, right????? Harleys!! huh!!
04-Apr-01 - Hey bone head, if you buy a vette do you do 150mph everywhere you go!! Some of you people are such a$$es!! This place is moron central
04-Apr-01 BIGBEARJQ.HOTMAIL.COM - HEY BAM BAM, if u had a vette, would u chrome the gas tank cover? how bout a chrome antenna? i guess u have a problem with takin turns! hey man , i seen a honda motor scooter for u. why buy a vette if your not going to push the limits. u probably dont even have a bike ! or your just insecure on your skills! buy a camaro before a vette! then you can drive the vette that much better!!!!!!
06-Apr-01 - this is the first time ive looked at this pic in a while..BIG BEAR, you're a total joke, just like all these other fools that question the skills of a rider you dont even know.. wanna talk about real riders?? us REAL riders aren't concerned with who can edge their tires or drag their knees.. we dont care because we, unlike you, understand that this is a picture website, So take your $hit talkin to the video archives BOY, and shut up cuz i'd rather let my bike do the talkin than my mouth if it was as big as yours.. Nice bike bro....LOL!!
11-Apr-01 - this bike is sweet!!! its flawless ive been looking for some nice bikes to comment about and HERE IT IS!!! how long did it take you to do that? thats not your car behind the bike is it? spread the wealth brother!!!! ill give you a 10
12-Apr-01 - Keep going with the comments and you'll have your own page!!!!!!!! lmao
14-May-01 - nice looking bike, yellow on bikes is by far my fave color, chrome is nice too, i would have kept the brakes though, makes no sense to take them off!
21-May-01 - i dont like chrome and i dont like yellow...but your bike is sweet. very nicely done. i do agree with the others, put the rotor back on, but it doesnt make you a dumb*** if you dont.
25-May-01 - Any reason you pulled the rear hugger? I always thought that was one of the best things about the R1's from a design standpoint... Webmaster: Umm, could be due to the fact that this is an R6.
29-Jun-01 - one of the prettiest R6's i've seen.Nice!
06-Oct-01 - you guys really have to stop being so negative about everybodys bikes, for all you know, this could be a pure drag bike (lowered) and he took the rotor off to reduce weight.
30-Jan-02 - this is bike unreal, better than the stock standard R6
09-Feb-02 - Sweet bike; don't sweat the "haters", they can't help it.... Anyone think maybe the "dual rotors" primary purpose is to prevent brake fade when "racing"; and how how many sportbike riders actually race? I wouldn't do it, but I don't think it's a safety concern either!
09-Feb-02 - The owner needs to post a pic doing a stopie "indoe", maybe that would shut every-one up.
12-Mar-02 - The owner has obviously put several hours of hard labor into this machine. I would hope he doesn't abuse it with stoppies, but instead ride it safely so he can keep it around for a long time. Very nice bike!!
26-Apr-02 - that bike kicks a$$
19-Sep-03 - This bike looks bad a$$, I do not care for the 1 rotor either, but you can not fault the bike or owner for one little thing. Haters will be haters no matter what. Nice Job dude. If ever in Minneapolis look me up..
19-Sep-03 - i like it better with 2 rotors also - but besides that that bike is sweet - ever thought of putting a high rise on that - that would make it killer
19-Sep-03 - If you'd like, i can explain the differences of why 2 is better than one. On the street, one rotor is more than enough to stop the bike comfortably. On a track, one rotor would be burned up after two hard applications. Since he's not pushing the bikes limits, one is actually more than enough. It's all about choice and use. oh, and Nice bike.
20-Sep-03 - where is the second front brake ?
21-Sep-03 - To the champion racer above who said they have "edged" their 200 on their R1, go away, any rider with skills knows you go down in tire width to quicken handling. Go back to your dream world where you are a "good" rider. Haha!
03-Feb-04 - My fav color on this would be a deep red with white accents and no chrome. That said, very very nice job. Looks great. As for the brake issue, I always thought it was more for if one fails (wet, oil, whatever) the other one saves your life. The majority of a bike's braking power is on the front wheel. But 100% safety it's a matter of choice, I wear boots, gloves and helmet...Others wear full gear. If you didn't live a least a bit dangerously, you would not even be riding bikes. Drive on, have fun.
Production (Custom) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R, This bike had alot of work done to it. Work included chroming the swing arm, all brake calipers, triple tree, triple clamps, clip ons, gas cap, fairing stay, levers, bar ends, Pro-Tek rearset pegs, rear pegs, exhaust hanger, kick stand and others. The frame and front forks are polished. It also has a complete Hindle high mount racing exhaust along with a Dyno Jet stage one jet kit and K&N filter. The handles were removed from the tail section and the holes were shaved and the tail and undertail were painted to match along with the lower fairings. I hope you like it...
1659x1130  492 KB
   2001 Ninja ZX-6R
Date: 31-May-19
Views: 1,206
Votes: 71 / Ave.: 7.21

This bike had alot of work done to it. Work included chroming the swing arm, all brake calipers, triple tree, triple clamps, clip ons, gas cap, fairing stay, levers, bar ends, Pro-Tek rearset pegs, rear pegs, exhaust hanger, kick stand and others. The frame and front forks are polished. It also has a complete Hindle high mount racing exhaust along with a Dyno Jet stage one jet kit and K&N filter. The handles were removed from the tail section and the holes were shaved and the tail and undertail were painted to match along with the lower fairings. I hope you like it...

02-May-04 - Theres more work to be done this summer including an aftermarket chrome chain guard...which I can't believe I haven't done yet, chrome wheels, and aftermarket chrome case covers. If anyone knows where I can get aluminum case covers for this bike, please post a comment and let me know. I can't chrome the stockers because they're magnesium and they'll melt, lol.
04-May-04 - not sure but check for your covers..... nice bike that's a 2001 right?
04-May-04 - yeah the bike is an 01, i thought i put that in the description, but i guess i forgot too. thanks for the tip on
02-Jun-04 - leave your comments here please as i have been recieving a s**tload of emails pertaining to the bike
Stunts Honda CBR929RR/CBR954RR, <p>Keepin' it street.</p>
960x1229  120 KB
   2001 CBR929RR/CBR954RR
Date: 17-May-19
Views: 2,065
Votes: 776 / Ave.: 7.21

Keepin' it street.

17-Feb-05 - Wreckless, just plain wreckless!
17-Feb-05 - I like stuntin and im all about it, but thats just stupid.
17-Feb-05 - When god was handing out brains , he thought he said trains and said he didn't want one . Can't get much stupider than this dude .
17-Feb-05 - This is why people think sportbike riders are idiots. Thanks, dude.
18-Feb-05 - Someone who says "stupider" might be "stupider" than this dude. j/k wolf! ;)
18-Feb-05 - Someone order pizza? There's a pepperoni with extra cheese out on the road
18-Feb-05 - All fun and games untill you injur or kill someone by being an idiot.As a fellow sport biker I was almsot hit by an American idiot in Colorado while home visiting from europe where I currently live. Many Europeans visit this site, they often ask why Americans are so reckless on the open roads. If you want to play take it off the public streets where you can only hurt your self, not others!
18-Feb-05 - The really sad thing is that this is from the Stuntwars 2005 weekend, where he also participated. So, this guy is in a contest on a closed course at a drag strip, but still does stupid things like this.
19-Feb-05 - You people have no idea whether or not this pic is staged - or if the car pulled off to the side a mile up ahead (its happened to me before - I didn't worry much because I was fully aware of what the car/driver was doing). If I was driving a car and I saw a biker wheelying - I would pull over and get out of his way so that he/she could hold it without worry - maybe this driver rides too - you guys don't know what's going on here. You're quick to make @sses of yourself, though, without know what's really going on. I don't usually post this type of comment - but this thread is absolutely ridiculous. I agree with safe riding on the streets - as unsafe riding on the streets, in my younger days, lead me to a busted knee, severed right foot, broken humerous, dislocated shoulder, ruptured spleen, lots of road rash, and a few other injuries. But enough is enough folks - especially when you are ignorant to the situation at hand.
21-Feb-05 - are you kidding me? you can actually sit her and say that you can tell what every driver on the road is doing? your a moron if you can think that and it will only be time before you get yourself killed for thinking that.
21-Feb-05 - This stuff needs to stay on back roads and parking lots. No need to endanger the public. We sportbike riders already have a questionable reputation without this type of activity.
25-Feb-05 - fat and with casual clothes, it stinks from every perspective....
01-Mar-05 - Just IGNORANT!!!
07-Mar-05 - this a staged.
08-Mar-05 - It's definetley not staged
08-Mar-05 - were not in england!!!!!
11-Mar-05 - if it's not staged for the picture he can't control a wheelie.
14-Mar-05 - You're right. My wheelies suck
16-Mar-05 - yup u gottit
19-Mar-05 - if I see someone wheelieing on a public road, I get out of the way to not hurt them. I really could care less if they can "hold it without worry" when they shouldn't be doing it there to begin with. And if this picture is staged ... what is the point ? to make their riding team seem like they dont know what they are doing ? good job on that one!
20-Mar-05 - It's not staged
02-Aug-05 - No control, what a bunch babies on this site, lets see why would Nags be in the wrong lane. Oh maybe because he is gonna take the corner in a wheelie. Which seems impossible for the Power wheelie bunch on this site but im thinking he made it. You know whats funny is id rather have him coming in on wheel at me than most squids on two. Absoulute control see you out there.
15-Aug-05 - y'all are too frickin funny...this is not staged. His name is NAGS. He lives here in So Fla and is an exceptionally good rider and stunter. Why would you think that this is staged?
27-Feb-06 - If my family were riding in the opposite lane, and this idiot hurt them in anyway, i'd LITERALLY kill him. He'd wished he never learned how to wheelie, and i'd make sure he suffered and was never able to ride a motorcylce again. A Axe handle to the kneecaps would be my answer to dealing with it.
16-Jun-06 - Not a bad stunt, but you might consider doing it OFF OF THE PUBLIC ROADS!! Geez!
08-Nov-07 - quit the beeatchin, he still has a few feet!
Production (Custom) Suzuki TL1000R/TL1000S, My TL1000r with fiber optic windshield & light cover
1920x1469  277 KB
   1999 TL1000R/TL1000S
Date: 31-May-19
Views: 1,026
Votes: 48 / Ave.: 7.21

My TL1000r with fiber optic windshield & light cover

Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R6, This is my 2001 R6 that I just finished.  It has a powdercoated frame, and a mild graphics change.  Tell me what you think.
1125x875  203 KB
   2001 YZF-R6
Date: 14-May-19
Views: 917
Votes: 112 / Ave.: 7.21

This is my 2001 R6 that I just finished. It has a powdercoated frame, and a mild graphics change. Tell me what you think.

04-Apr-03 - Looks awsome. I like the black frame
04-Apr-03 - Yes, looks hot!
04-Apr-03 - Looks great man, I just got done polishin my frame, but I have to say that the black looks good, looks better than the black on the new 03's Great look man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05-Apr-03 - looks tight
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, McCoy Motorsports Custom Yamaha R1
1080x1311  241 KB
   2004 YZF-R1
Date: 17-May-19
Views: 1,108
Votes: 39 / Ave.: 7.21

McCoy Motorsports Custom Yamaha R1

07-Jan-05 - OMG... what is the rear tire size??? 210/60 ???
07-Jan-05 - 240 Wide Tire Kit :)
07-Jan-05 - how much is this?? is it only recomended for drag races bikes or it's better for any bike like busa...kawa... normal bikes i mean it! btw it's very beautiful!!
07-Jan-05 - McCoy Motorsports Wide Tire Kit : Priced @ 2,336.00 ...... These bikes are drag/street bikes. We take em on the drag strip as well as out on the town ... Went with the 240 Kit .. could have gone bigger but you get the best of both worlds. .. .....
07-Jan-05 - how can I know more abou it?? do u have a website?? thank you.
08-Jan-05 - Chad, I too use a veypor data aquisition on my zx12. Did you keep the R-1's dials or replace them?
10-Jan-05 - or drop me an email if you want to know more about them .
10-Jan-05 - Ok thank's man ;)!! -> do u have this same wheel size in your kawa?? is it original or prepared for drag racing?
Production (Custom) Honda CB Models, Riding my 30 years old lady on a short trip arround the county during the HONDA4FUN Meeting in Cereglio (Italy).
++ visit also HONDA4FUN.COM ++
2028x1379  494 KB
   1975 CB Models
Date: 19-Nov-14
Views: 1,341
Votes: 118 / Ave.: 7.20

Riding my 30 years old lady on a short trip arround the county during the HONDA4FUN Meeting in Cereglio (Italy). ++ visit also HONDA4FUN.COM ++

Production (Stock) MV F4 750cc, 1st mv agusta f4 owner's meeting, june 17/18 2000, cascina costa (italy), a view of the over 100 units of mv agusta f4 present.
1390x898  267 KB
   2000 F4 750cc
Date: 21-Apr-19
Views: 783
Votes: 188 / Ave.: 7.20

1st mv agusta f4 owner's meeting, june 17/18 2000, cascina costa (italy), a view of the over 100 units of mv agusta f4 present.

19-Dec-01 - OMG that's a lot of money sitting there. Aren't those like $20000 plus each?
19-Dec-01 - here in italy the mv agusta f4 costs 32.000.000 liras, which are $14863... for example here a ducati 998 costs $14375, a honda VTR SP-1 (RC 51 in the USA) costs $14081, a yamaha R1 costs 12064. the R1 is the best seller of the bikes over 750cc: 2361 sold in year 2001 vs 775 ducati 996.
19-Dec-01 - so if you have too many drinks, you can play "which bike is mine?"
20-Dec-01 - gungo This may be a dumb question but are you talking US Dollars (I'muming you are . . .) If so, could I get more info on bike prices such as Duke Monster 600/750 and SV650? Please email me if you know of any sites I could check. . . thanks. Happy safe rides to all!
20-Dec-01 - hi giottis of course i' m talkink US dollars... later i see if there is a site with the prices of all motorbikes in italian liras and then i email you with the link... know that 1 US dollar is now about 2150 italian liras...
20-Dec-01 - hi masrapido, what does it mean "gordo luppo"???
24-Dec-01 - except the one in the middle with gold rims. that's an oro, baby. double the price
25-Dec-01 - oh my oh my, i just want one!!
28-Dec-01 - Thats not an Oro. Its a F4s with nonstock wheels. You can get a set like that for $2000 any day. I know it is a F4s because the front mud guard is all black where as the Oro has the back section behind the fork red. Believe me, I have a F4s.
31-Dec-01 - Do you know how much a Aprilia RS 125 cost in your country??
05-Jan-02 - hi dinon here in italy an aprilia rs 125 costs € (euro) 4519
05-Jan-02 - Looks Like A Congregation Of "Artificial Intelligence" members. Lovely Bike Pity about the Headlight
22-Jan-02 - this must be HEAVEN guys, i wish i lived in pizza country that's for sure!!!!!!
06-Feb-02 - *droooooooooooooooooooooooooooool*
23-Feb-02 - Where did i park my MV?
09-Jul-02 - where are the senna or other variants of the f4s
14-Aug-02 - Those are not disposable bikes... For Sure...
04-Sep-02 - This is the the most like heaven I have ever seen!!!
16-Oct-02 - don't you hate it when you see one other guy out there with your exact bike? I wonder what these guys have to say. LOL
19-Dec-02 - Just like in my dreams. Except for the missing naked chicks and the ballerina elephant...
10-Feb-05 - "ballerina elephant" AuhAUahuAHuaHuahuAHauhauhAUha !!! OMG... why can't I have one of those?? Well, maybe because if I could, I would sell it, to buy some busas :P
960x720  165 KB
   2002 CBR1100XX
Date: 18-May-19
Views: 825
Votes: 134 / Ave.: 7.20


Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R1000, Intermot München 2005
1920x1469  482 KB
   2005 GSX-R1000
Date: 13-Jun-19
Views: 1,951
Votes: 30 / Ave.: 7.20

Intermot München 2005

21-Sep-04 - Well for the cosmetic department a 4 out of 10. Also if your going to promote a product find better looking girls. My view only
22-Sep-04 - black rims, frame, swing arm, nice... what's this... luggage bags for the blinkers ???
22-Sep-04 - exhaust is fugly, and so is the back of the bike...other wise..not to bad...
22-Sep-04 - Looks like they mixed an Aprilia Mille with the old GSXR and replaced the can with... whatever that thing is.
Production (Stock) Ducati 916/996/998, Production (Stock)- 2002  Ducati  916/996/998 Sportbike
600x450  89 KB
   2002 916/996/998
Date: 18-May-19
Views: 1,768
Votes: 30 / Ave.: 7.20

Production (Stock)- 2002 Ducati 916/996/998 Sportbike

09-Aug-05 - hot
01-Sep-05 - Still a great looking machine.
09-Jun-06 - hot
27-Apr-10 - born too ride
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R600, From the italian magazine 'SuperWeels'
1266x980  168 KB
   2001 GSX-R600
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 1,602
Votes: 205 / Ave.: 7.20

From the italian magazine "SuperWeels"

22-Jan-01 - these guys are sick and it's so good !!!!
22-Jan-01 - Isn't that a lot of weight to rest on your elbow while you take the pic?
22-Jan-01 - Now That is real ridin!!
22-Jan-01 - rubbing elboys!!!
23-Jan-01 - I knew that the new 600 was be something but,.........whoa!!!!!!!
23-Jan-01 - cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23-Jan-01 - What a ride!
23-Jan-01 - Wheel Man!!!!
23-Jan-01 - Wicked Pic !!! Give him credit, somebody print this guys name !
23-Jan-01 - Forza Italia!!!
23-Jan-01 - maximum control dude!!!!!
23-Jan-01 - NICE HAT
26-Jan-01 - that would be a sweet poster or wall scroll!! nice pic
27-Jan-01 - Way to keep that hand in the air, cowboy!!!! ;-)
27-Jan-01 - this guy's name is Andrea Mazzali...he is the BEST rider of the world!!!! FORZA ANDREA!!!!!!!!!!!
27-Jan-01 - major lean angle..........
28-Jan-01 - bloody hell wish i woz as good
28-Jan-01 - A couple more inches and he could remove the turn signals the hard way!!!!!!
02-Feb-01 - How low can he go
16-Feb-01 - This is Andrea MAzzali, italian tester of superwheels, powerfull or no?
18-Feb-01 - I thought this was a crash photo until I enlarged it!
23-Mar-01 - Boy! Is this chap for real? Can't believe this....
29-Apr-01 - love the lid, beautiful pic.
30-Apr-01 - you guys need to get out and ride some more.
30-Aug-01 - Now that's impressive! But he's going to wear the elbows out in his leathers..........
13-Oct-01 - A Motonaut
24-Dec-01 - i've done that before, but i started dragin' fairing before my elbow touched. scared theout of me the first time
22-Aug-03 - "The damn things is itchy.. argh argh.. there thanks for the advice about itchy elbows fellas".... Damn Nice ridin
22-Aug-03 - The last time I was even close to that, My bike washed out from under me, but this is a Great Picture, but it's hard to get a zx12r down that low without getting lower if ya know what I mean, LOL.
22-Aug-03 - That is a FM helmet you can get one in the US from Marietta Motorsports, they are cool. That model is called the Foce Ten.
23-Aug-03 - This is Andrea Mazzali , tester of Superwheels italian journal, pilot of the Mv F4 1000! in in italian SBK! This Photo is nothing!!!!
28-Aug-03 - just a moment in time captured.
07-Jan-04 - Andrea rocks...
Production (Stock) Honda CBR600F4, cbr 600 f sport
2400x1830  500 KB
   2001 CBR600F4
Date: 28-May-19
Views: 4,497
Votes: 226 / Ave.: 7.20

cbr 600 f sport

Drawings & Art Honda RCV MotoGP Models, Nicky Hayden drawing. Color pencil on paper, 65x55cm / 25x21 inch. Hope you like it.
1050x822  228 KB
   2006 RCV MotoGP Models
Date: 17-May-19
Views: 1,060
Votes: 41 / Ave.: 7.20

Nicky Hayden drawing. Color pencil on paper, 65x55cm / 25x21 inch. Hope you like it.

1050x788  157 KB
   2003 YZF-R1
Date: 18-May-19
Views: 664
Votes: 47 / Ave.: 7.19


Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R1000, MY 02 G1K AT EAST RIVER MOUNTAIN IN BLUEFIELD, WV
1267x950  355 KB
Date: 15-Dec-12
Views: 563
Votes: 37 / Ave.: 7.19


Drawings & Art Yamaha YZF-R1, Uploaded for: GIOVANNI VAN MAALSEN
1280x1024  323 KB
   2006 YZF-R1
Date: 05-Dec-13
Views: 896
Votes: 16 / Ave.: 7.19


Stunts Ducati Desmosedici, Randy Mamola does a nice stoppie at the Donington GP 2005
1521x1140  405 KB
   2005 Desmosedici
Date: 01-Jun-19
Views: 2,334
Votes: 16 / Ave.: 7.19

Randy Mamola does a nice stoppie at the Donington GP 2005

Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, My  Buddies converted Jet Ski trailer.  Picked it up for next to nothing, and did all the work himself.  I think it looks better with his R1 on it!!!
1280x1000  222 KB
   1998 YZF-R1
Date: 23-Apr-19
Views: 1,509
Votes: 382 / Ave.: 7.19

My Buddies converted Jet Ski trailer. Picked it up for next to nothing, and did all the work himself. I think it looks better with his R1 on it!!!

17-Jul-02 SMACDATASS.AOL.COM - nice work - glad to see this trailer was finally put to good use (jet skis are fun for a little while, but lets face it - water is for fishes)
19-Jul-02 - So, why has a picture of a trailer got almost 16 thousand hits in 10 days?
20-Jul-02 - Why is that bike on a trailer anyway ? DOnt want to get it dirty by riding it ?
24-Sep-02 - put some rims on the trailer at least, looks like something out of some trashy trailer park, yes , as opposed to the non-trashy ones
07-Oct-02 - Sweet. What color is that bike? What's the color code, gotta use it. Let me know buddy.
31-Jul-05 - ya'll some haters . Give it up to that person that is very creative.way to go. think about it you can transport two motorcycles.
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, 2005 Yamaha R1 Valentino Rossi Gauloises Replica ...
1521x1140  364 KB
   2005 YZF-R1
Date: 01-Jun-19
Views: 7,188
Votes: 27 / Ave.: 7.19

2005 Yamaha R1 Valentino Rossi Gauloises Replica ...

Production (Custom) Triumph Daytona 955i, This is Jeff King's Daytona.  All the panels are Carbon fiber, the exhaust is a Black Widow, there has been substantial engine work to get 147 HP measured at the rear - there's about $10K dollars worth of stuff added to this bike.  It weighs less than a new Gixxer1000, but I told Jeff that comparing to the Jap bikes is like comparing a Aston Marten or a Jag-You-Are to a Toyota, Honda, or Nissan.
1600x1106  251 KB
   2000 Daytona 955i
Date: 14-Apr-19
Views: 646
Votes: 147 / Ave.: 7.18

This is Jeff King's Daytona. All the panels are Carbon fiber, the exhaust is a Black Widow, there has been substantial engine work to get 147 HP measured at the rear - there's about $10K dollars worth of stuff added to this bike. It weighs less than a new Gixxer1000, but I told Jeff that comparing to the Jap bikes is like comparing a Aston Marten or a Jag-You-Are to a Toyota, Honda, or Nissan.

27-Feb-09 - Beutiful, More pics PLEASE!
27-Feb-09 - extremely beautiful!
27-Feb-09 - Beautiful looking bike
27-Feb-09 - whoooow, cool bike !!! much nicer as a daily R6 and so
27-Feb-09 - I kinda disagree... Jap cars are just the most stupid cars that exist... but their bikes ARE good and ARE better than Triumph for SURE.. I like Triumph Daytona and the speed triple, they are coool bikes... The daytona is kinda like an english version of the Ducati, kinda copied the idea ( twin lights, mono arm ), with some different style added, but still not bad. Nice bike, but the comparing u made of cars and bikes is not teh same
27-Feb-09 - drool :), nice...REAL nice!!
27-Feb-09 - Ihad the pleasure to ride a stock 955 a couple years ago.It was one of the nicest bikes i have ridden,I really liked it.This one would be a real nice ride.Good job.
27-Feb-09 - oh my god!!!!the nicest bike
27-Feb-09 - Reall nice ride!
27-Feb-09 - that is an awsome bike
27-Feb-09 - Awsome!!!
27-Feb-09 - yeah sieg, an Acura NSX is definitely one of the most stupid (which should be stupidest, most stupid is incorrect) cars that exists. By the way, we (the people of Japan and the products we make are Japanese, we are not Japs.
27-Feb-09 - i read my msg .. and it looks like i disagree about that it's nice ... NO, :) I LOVE the bike... what I didnt agreee was how u compared the cars ( right ) vs bikes ( wrong )... hehe just to let u know
27-Feb-09 - yes ok sorry jap is just a short way... I dont know if that is offending or anything... english isnt my 1st language anyway, so i wouldnt know... by the way NSX is a nice car I like it a lot! what I hate is normal cars from Japan, I hate all Toyotas, all Nissans, and I would rather take a bus than drive them. Japanese bikes are nice, even though if i had money i would only buy italian bikes. but Japanese ones are the "cheap(er)" solution while not losing ( if not winning ) performance.
27-Feb-09 - nice bike, good job
27-Feb-09 - beautiful and british,still prefer my jap crap.
27-Feb-09 - I have some issues with the front headlights design, but I like the rear and overall style. This bike is the nicest daytona I've seen so far, great job.
27-Feb-09 - Nice looking bike sure but 10K over the already expensive list price to produce the same power as an off the shelf Jap (no offence) bike. Exclusiveness has its price eh?
27-Feb-09 - really nice bike, but is it worth all the upkeep and money? not at all
27-Feb-09 - ...I never thougth I liked Triumph's...unitl now!!!!
27-Feb-09 - actually to be honest i dont know if I like this a LOT more than a stock yellow daytona... yeah it's nice , but i think the stock one isnt much worse.. or not worse at all ( im talking about the loooking )
27-Feb-09 - Very nice, but the 2002 is a lot nicer.
27-Feb-09 - The 2002 will preform better, lighter twin swingarm, more power and faster but the front end looks like a cross between an Aprilia Futura and the old Fireblade. (Blah!) These single sided swingarm 955's look alot nicer and more exotic.
27-Feb-09 BIGBEARJQ.HOTMAIL.COM - HEY, get rid of them heavy rims! get some dymags, youll lose even more weight and it will handle 10 times better!!
27-Feb-09 - "is it worth all the upkeep and money? not at all" What upkeep and money? My Speed Triple has been FAR more reliable than my either my old Gixxer1100 or my old F2, plus it gets the looks...
27-Feb-09 - Nice bike, but i would rather have 2 stock bikes rather than just one tricked out bike.
27-Feb-09 - more pictures!!!!!
27-Feb-09 - what brand of swingarm stand is that? I have heard the "Pit Bull" stand works great for the single-sided Triumph
27-Feb-09 - Ya know, I was thinkin' my Gixxer 1000 was more of an AMC Pacer Wagon, or maybe a Matador...
27-Feb-09 - No, I'd consider your Gixxer1000 more of a Skyline GTR or a NSX -- but you can't compare that to the prestige and aristocracy of a Jag-You-Are XK8 or an Aston Martin DB7, can you?
27-Feb-09 - I think triumph should have kept this body style but slimmed and lightened it some. With their new engine it would equal the performance of the best japanese bikes with a more tasteful body design. The 955i and the Ducati are in my opinion the best looking bikes made. To be fair the R1 is up there too, it doesn't need the wild paint though, it just hides the lines
27-Feb-09 - I totally agree with you MarkB. When R1's get painted in a solid color they look so much better - and yes, they are as beautiful as some of finest from Italy and the UK. I'm reserving judgement on the 2002 until I see one up close. Yes - I have a pit-bull, and it works well.
27-Feb-09 - The 2002 doesnt seem to have the style of the old good to put the new motor in the old bike !! hmmmm
27-Feb-09 - style is pretty much in the bodywork, just put the old stuff on a new bike
27-Feb-09 - "I hate is normal cars from Japan, I hate all Toyotas, all Nissans, and I would rather take a bus than drive them" SieG, so you'd take a grand am over a camry? Or a Sunfire over a civic? I don't know about all of you but I sure wouldn't....
27-Feb-09 - 147HP !! Damm, let me know how to do that!!! I Have a 2001 with barely 130.
License Plates Suzuki GSX-R1000, this plate says it all about this bike
1260x956  370 KB
   2001 GSX-R1000
Date: 03-Nov-18
Views: 1,419
Votes: 384 / Ave.: 7.18

this plate says it all about this bike

24-Sep-01 - by the looks of that rear tire, you haven't leaned it over very far. Nice bike though!
24-Sep-01 - i dont think hes had the bike long enough to put his knee down too much. it looks practicaly brand new in this picture. nice bike!
24-Sep-01 - next time we want to see a pic with the destrodyed tire in the corners.... yes looks brand new and i think they guy leaning
24-Sep-01 - not so sure about being too new... tread looks pretty worn n the middle, to me. for some people, highway riding is "WIKIT"
24-Sep-01 - its not new and yes i dont drag my knee on the ground
24-Sep-01 - nice bike good pic lic. plate needs to read BYOFCR
24-Sep-01 - As the wife of Eric I can tell you that he takes care of his bike like it was a new baby. It could be 10 years old and "look" brand new. He even uses compressed air to dry it in some areas.
25-Sep-01 - Wow!! A life-size picture!!!
25-Sep-01 - where at in WI are you at? I am from WI but live in England at the moment, looking for people to ride with when I get back.
25-Sep-01 - Nice bike eric, can I remove the chicken stripes from your rear tire?
25-Sep-01 - Now all you have to do is tail kit that baby the right way.
25-Sep-01 - was wondering if you could submit a bigger pic.
25-Sep-01 - take the frame and swingarm stickers off.
25-Sep-01 - tight...that sick!
25-Sep-01 - Nice machine you got there! Ride safe!
25-Sep-01 - You people commenting on the way tires are worn get on my friggin nerves! -epecially the person near the top who ALWAYS has something negative to say-(1 guess!) Not everyone lives near a track - you know - the ONLY place a SAFE rider would do enough leaning to wear out the sides of a tire!
25-Sep-01 MOZX7R.MSN.COM - Yo man next time make this pic alittle small we dont need pic like this to make our eye balls pop out.
25-Sep-01 - DANG SWEET BIKE !! can i get a close up [:-)
26-Sep-01 - this to smadatass thanks for you comment about people always knocking tire wear .If you try and wear your edge out on the street you want live long enough to by a new set it's not the place for it that why they have tracks.Oh yea for tire wear people send my a pic of your bikes you ride and lets see what type of bikes they are and your tire.I have a new bike the last 6 years and yes i have pics and of course with me on them or by them sevles.
26-Sep-01 - hope you aren't referring to my comments. i was just pointing out that the bike isn't new. i used to live in the flatlands so i know how hard it is to learn how to corner. if you really want me to i can send you a pic of my tire worn edge to edge, if that will prove anything.
27-Sep-01 - hey man, nice close up..... by the way, looks like you need a little antifreeze :)
27-Sep-01 - Wikit Chicken Strip!
27-Sep-01 - Ride365, i think he was talking about r_giannis..he's always got somethin' to say.
27-Sep-01 - good guess brewer
28-Sep-01 - That's a nice pic man. I ride the 01 750 and my tires are'd rather show you a pic of my footpegs too!
28-Sep-01 - Yo Eric you might wanna check your spelling before you hit the submit button and maybe try to send in a bigger pic next time!!!!!!!
28-Sep-01 - for normal (read: not insane, but still having fun) street riding, those aren't too bad of chicken least the little nubs are gone!
30-Sep-01 - real tight bike
30-Sep-01 - your tires look finre for street riding nice pic nice and clear
01-Oct-01 - if its so new, then why is there a flat spot directly in the middle of the rear tire? or is just me?
05-Oct-01 - the tires dont look so bad its a street bike
05-Oct-01 - this bike looks like it is well taken care of your guys who knock the tire wear are just mad because your are rding somthing slower.
05-Oct-01 - Why is everyone H8ing on you Eric?
05-Oct-01 - im sorry the pic is big for those of you on dail up modems
05-Oct-01 - most be the ghost paint with the big hooters in the tank
05-Oct-01 - i dont know why they are crushing me it's all good this bike will be gone and the tradition we move on to say current with the year so it's 2002 time
06-Oct-01 - I know why they are crushing you because they dont have a gixxer1000.
06-Oct-01 - gee whiz what huge pic is all your stuff so big
08-Oct-01 - if your a hater and you know it clap your hands
08-Oct-01 - hate'n.... whatever.... it's a shame a good bike is in the hands of someone who doesn't know how to use it...
08-Oct-01 - Eric, derogatory comments mean only one thing: haters! Live long & ride safe my man :)
08-Oct-01 - thanks to all of you who are real sport bike riders and not haters ,may the sun always shine in your lives.
08-Oct-01 - hey "phil" what are you riding and driving in the water and in the snow and on land
08-Oct-01 - Oh Phil, watch your mouth. Eric is an excellent rider and can back up anything he says. What about you? You just jealous huh? Let's see what you ride? If you ride!!! Let me see you say that &*^&*(^ to his face.
08-Oct-01 - What's up Redliners. This is that guy from Racine that was wandering what is up with the team.
09-Oct-01 - A stock 1000... that's worthy of thirteen thousand hits...
09-Oct-01 - who cares about the tires!!! nice ride...
10-Oct-01 - that's exactly what i was thinking, but then again, all these hits don't really affect my life any.
10-Oct-01 - Nice bike, who cares if the tires are worn on the people need to get over yourselves......
11-Oct-01 - Nice bike Eric, own one just like it. Ride it anyway you want, as long as you are safe and happy. One suggestion, take the license plate bracket, rotate 180 degrees and move up just under the tail light and crop the fender off more just under the signals. It helps to give a better view of that phat a$$ rear!
15-Oct-01 - A sport rider with common sense and a sweet Bike ....A+.....
16-Oct-01 - Nice ride Eric. I'm partial to the black/silver myself. But PLEASE remove that sticker from you swingarm. Thanks! ;-) Holy shiznit!! I did not know the Gixxer1000 same with lip mounted wheel weights. No good. My Busa has weights mounted on the center ridge on the wheel. No chance of flying off at 180.
18-Oct-01 - who said the dude dont lean?!!? Cant you see the shiny part of the the tire thats all scuffed up, he's leaning, he may not be scrapin his knee but there is no need to on that bike, specially with those BRIDHESTONE BATTLE AXE tire those things are like crazy glue!
18-Oct-01 - i like that bike!
19-Oct-01 - where can i get some of those BRIDHESTONE tires? those must be the bomb with the hard to pronounce name and all!
22-Oct-01 - nice gixxer. i'm getting myself one
24-Oct-01 - sweet bike my girlfriends boyfriend have one like this one nice real nice.
24-Oct-01 - thanks for all the nice comments people and I did remove the stickers off the frame.
07-Nov-01 - They are BRIDGESTONE BATTLEAXE tires, and they are good with grip and don't wear out too quickly
10-Nov-01 - I think your coolant is low
27-Nov-01 - Instead of squaring off tires you should just by bricks for your house. I had "chicken strips" for dinner last night. Yep, I bought them the side of your tire. Pilots are much better tires.
01-Dec-01 - you have a very flat spot on your tire, do you know how to turn the thing
17-Dec-01 - D*mn - even helling (self-procaimed: most hated..."everybody hates me") is jealous...............
01-Apr-02 - cool colours, I wanted to buy my gixxer in these they only sold the blue and white over in Spain, come on lad, do something obout that rather flat spot in the tire...
04-May-02 - sweet bike, too bad every one focuses on the tire more than the bike
21-Jun-02 - I don't know what the big deal is with the chicken strips.....maybe there aren't that many twisties in his area.....Anyway, nice bike, but get flushmounts, eurotail, and some pipes and you should be set
11-Jul-02 - hey eric, you really like thos bridgestone battleaxes. I had them on my 6r, your right about they last forever but they didn't feel like they really stuck to the road. anywyas mu buddie had this same color scheme gixxer it was sweet had a polished frame and swing arm with a flo. yellow windscreen. it is a pretty ride
15-Jul-02 - Does the shifter always point that far down? Seems like it should be more level.. course the back end is on the track stand. But still looks real low. If you ever got it way over it looks like that shifter would drag before the peg.. that could be bad. Are all the Suz 1k bikes like that? Nice ride dude. Looks like you really take care of her. Extra clean.
14-Aug-02 - VERY well kept. WOW even the track stand has plastic sleeves to prevent scratches. Re the tyres, I've had pimply faced snotty nosed guys fit tyres to my bike and make comments like "don't you go hard on corners". I ride everyday all year round in any conditions as I use it to get to work. I go round maybe 3 good corners on the way to work 40 km trip besides a few back street cnrs which are laced with loose gravel, potholes and many other obstacles that prevent a smart rider from "going hard" the rest of the trip is dead straight. If I don't get a clear run on the 3 good cnrs due to peak traffic, cops or weather how the hell am I going to use all that tyre. As usual most negative comments on here about inoffensive pics etc come from people who's brains are constantly hitting neutral. Keep riding Eric. If I was in the market for a second hand bike I hope I could buy it off someone who maintains it as well as you do.
11-Apr-03 - who cares about the tires!!! nice ride...
14-May-03 - I agree, I have no chicken strips on my ZRX1200! Learn how to ride that bike...
03-Nov-03 - And the tire says it all.....POSER! ha ha ha
06-Nov-03 - way to bic your tire........ learn how to lean --->nice bike
12-Jun-04 - real nice pic! soon such a bike will be mine *yeah*
02-Aug-04 - stickers
27-Aug-04 - Take the stickers off. It ruines the looks of the bike... And the rear tire: Why buy a bike like this and ride it like a harley? They don't make bike like this to pose with it, you have to ride with it where it is made for. Posers....
13-Jan-05 - MAN!!!You need to fix the side walk the cracks kill the picture....And the garage is about needing a new roof..please remove this picture and fix these problems so we can all sleep...COME ON MAN CRACKS IN THE SIDE WALK THATS JUS WRONG....
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R1000, JUST PLAYING ON RT16 IN VA..
689x720  109 KB
   2002 GSX-R1000
Date: 18-May-19
Views: 529
Votes: 39 / Ave.: 7.18


09-Aug-05 - fun
25-Jan-06 - we have more pics and viseos on here
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