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Stunts Suzuki GSX-R750, Damien from D.T.E. 2000 GSX-R750
Date: 21-Apr-19
Views: 781
Votes: 133 / Ave.: 6.44

1280x894  168 KB

Damien from D.T.E.

17-Nov-01 - a good boy!!!!!
17-Nov-01 - I just uploaded a pic of Damien at 11 O'clock during the same Pocono Event...keep an eye out for it!
19-Nov-01 - isn't this gsxr600??????
20-Nov-01 - whadanut. wow. crazy man. sweet looking.
20-Nov-01 - Damien, you're a pimp. Let me blow up your ego.
11-Dec-04 - not a gixxer600 look at the swingarm
Misc. Racing Suzuki GSX-R1000, Katja in Oschersleben by the IBM Superstock (GSXR1000)!!! 2002 GSX-R1000
Date: 29-May-19
Views: 633
Votes: 70 / Ave.: 6.44

2400x1830  341 KB

Katja in Oschersleben by the IBM Superstock (GSXR1000)!!!

15-Sep-02 - MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15-Sep-02 - i need you in my house!!!
17-Sep-02 - and they say big is better , not in this case. LOL
Production (Custom) MV F4 750cc, New color for my F4. 2000 F4 750cc
Date: 20-Apr-19
Views: 1,080
Votes: 120 / Ave.: 6.44

1238x960  255 KB

New color for my F4.

19-Jul-01 - nice, are you gonna paint your tank and mirrors too, that would look really sweet
19-Jul-01 - this bike is artwork!
19-Jul-01 - Thats the hottest production bike today... I would buy it if I were single.. hehe
20-Jul-01 - that is tight
World SuperBike Ducati 999, Phillip Island 2004 2004 999
Date: 16-May-19
Views: 1,663
Votes: 34 / Ave.: 6.44

1542x1185  280 KB

Phillip Island 2004

28-Jul-04 - Steve Martin !!!
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R600, shaz on her gsxr 2000 GSX-R600
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 1,996
Votes: 331 / Ave.: 6.44

1280x1000  349 KB

shaz on her gsxr

02-Nov-00 no doubt, and where does she ride her nice *ss gsxxrrr???
02-Nov-00 can we get more detailed pictures of Shaz please
02-Nov-00 I wouldnt get too excited shes not that hot
03-Nov-00 top hottie
03-Nov-00 i'd rather ride the girl
03-Nov-00 r u married ? coz i like your taste in bike
03-Nov-00 chicks on bikes still rocks
03-Nov-00 - Nice bike and the GSXRs not bad either!
03-Nov-00 can we have look without the leathers
03-Nov-00 is there anymore pictures of shaz please. Webmaster: More on the way!
05-Nov-00 sick (and i mean that in the worst possible way)
06-Nov-00 Marks out of 10, I'd give her one
06-Nov-00 hey mommy!..
06-Nov-00 How does a ugly woman get in the front page when there is Hooters girls on other bikes looking 5 times better
07-Nov-00 Bike.... YES, chic.... NO
09-Nov-00 Nice bike and the chick's not bad either
12-Nov-00 - I like the "hey mommy" remark!
14-Nov-00 Any girl that rides is OK by me
14-Nov-00 14-11-2000 - hiya shaz , sams arrived :o) to keep ya company !!
15-Nov-00 15-nov-2000- looking good girl..........lookin good :o)
17-Nov-00 it's probably not even her bike
17-Nov-00 hiya shaz here..and just for the is my bike and i do ride it... :o)
17-Nov-00 hi
17-Nov-00 - good to see a women that rides a sportbike instead of a harley very classy give riding a good image
18-Nov-00 Hey peeps, I'm a newbie to riding, and I don't know what you have against Shaz, but i think she looks just fine, and any women who rides, not to mention on a gixxer is always a plus, you work it girl
18-Nov-00 Thats a phat bike, girl or not...or is she
18-Nov-00 --Hey Shaz, I think you're fine! you got a Boyfriend? e-mail me!
21-Nov-00 chicks on bikesssss make my "HAND SHAKE"
24-Nov-00 good on you girl, I've just taken my CBT, I can't wait to get my own bike
24-Nov-00 you go girl
27-Nov-00 - If I could only find one of those....
27-Nov-00 keep looking..well worth the wait :-)
28-Nov-00 To those above that think any girl in a picture is in it for YOUR satisfaction, you will NEVER get a girlfriend, cos you've missed the point. Keep Wanking guys.
01-Dec-00 can i come over to your place tonight for a look without the
04-Dec-00 - Love the bike, Shaz. I'm a racer and I get comments like the above all the time. You go, girl. Forget 'em and keep riding! Eve
30-Jan-01 Right on Shaz, and all the lady riders out there...keep on ridin' nuff respects!!
20-Feb-01 Looks like there are two tanks on this bike...
12-Mar-01 thank you :-)
06-Apr-01 - i had a dream like you once..then i fell out of bed and woke up...
03-Jun-01 - Chicks that ACTUALLY ride are about a thousand times hotter than strippers on somebody else's bike. Ride on "shaz"...
04-Jul-01 - I never knew Steffi Graf rides.
04-Sep-01 - Yep...................She's speakin' my language.............nice pic girl.........beautiful hair too!
01-Apr-02 - shaz: your beatifull your bike is nealy as cute, love the colours!!! keep safe lass and ride hard!!!
04-May-02 - Is it just for looks, or can she ride that thing?
22-Jun-02 - first what makes her pretty is that she actually rides, hooter chicks can't!
20-May-03 - Least we forget, There is another little girl riding a Suzuki, and she is rated Number 1 in the world in drag racing, there I said it, and it hurt. Keep riding Shaz!
20-May-03 - very nice
20-May-03 - " can she ride?" just check out her pucks, sure looks like she can ride.
29-May-03 - and the point is ??
04-Jan-04 - leather clad bikie mistress is welcome in my town.
11-Jun-04 - aint nuttin yrong with that!
For Sale Yamaha YZF-R1, This bike has been kepted up mechanically and cosmetically.  The frame is polished but everything else is chrome.  I'm selling this bike because I'm buying a home but I'll be back next year.  Don't know if I want to get another R1 or get the GSXR-1000.  I have this bike on ebay auction number 597829532.  Take a look I have more pictures on ebay.  Persuade me to keep guys, ha ha.
2001 YZF-R1
Date: 28-May-19
Views: 1,159
Votes: 134 / Ave.: 6.44

1920x1470  517 KB

This bike has been kepted up mechanically and cosmetically. The frame is polished but everything else is chrome. I'm selling this bike because I'm buying a home but I'll be back next year. Don't know if I want to get another R1 or get the GSXR-1000. I have this bike on ebay auction number 597829532. Take a look I have more pictures on ebay. Persuade me to keep guys, ha ha.

11-Nov-01 - If you get rid of that bike you are fricken crazy!! I sold my bike and miss it like hell. Do what you can to keep it or you will regret it!! NICE BIKE!!!
12-Nov-01 - nice r1
12-Nov-01 - Dude, just keep it... looks like you've done all the work to it already. Buying another will just cost you more in the long run.
12-Nov-01 - WOW That's one nice R1
12-Nov-01 - park it in the living room..thats what i have to do to keep from selling my f4i in these long oklahoma winters
12-Nov-01 - beautiful bike... i can see MANY long lonely days of crying and sobbing ahead of you if you sell it!
12-Nov-01 - I bought a hous eand kept my bike and bought a new truck, plus you will hate seeing it pass you by one one wheel, won't you. keep the bike it takes too long to get another one especially with a house.
12-Nov-01 - Very nice bike. I guess do what you have to do but I would try to keep it
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, McCoy Motorsports Custom Yamaha R1 2004 YZF-R1
Date: 17-May-19
Views: 529
Votes: 25 / Ave.: 6.44

1080x839  197 KB

McCoy Motorsports Custom Yamaha R1

Production (Stock) Honda CBR 929/954 RR, Trevor Franklin, MCN roadtester, riding around in his bath... 2002 CBR 929/954 RR
Date: 23-Apr-19
Views: 755
Votes: 75 / Ave.: 6.44

1200x940  152 KB

Trevor Franklin, MCN roadtester, riding around in his bath...

27-Nov-02 - Now that's confidence !
27-Nov-02 - Yeah well, if my job was to test motorcycles that I didn't have to pay for, the bike I would do that too. Where can I get an application?!
27-Nov-02 - 3 2 1 crash!
27-Nov-02 - That's a decent pic.
27-Nov-02 - Running on wets makes all the difference too, nice pic though.
27-Nov-02 - Heck, that's just a normal summer day of riding up here in Washington...
28-Nov-02 - Ok, great pic, but with rain tyres it's simple........or not?
28-Nov-02 - Here is a picture of Trevor testing the new Dunlop, "FROG FINGERS," tires in the goo. They seemed to hold well in the slower corners, as pictured here. Stay tuned for pictures of Trevor in the faster sections...
Production (Stock) Honda CBR1000RR, 2004 -Honda - CBR1000RR - 54583 2004 CBR1000RR
Date: 26-Apr-19
Views: 623
Votes: 25 / Ave.: 6.44

960x749  134 KB

2004 -Honda - CBR1000RR - 54583

Production (Custom) MV F4 750cc, Another view: 90% done after trackday crash .... 2000 F4 750cc
Date: 16-May-19
Views: 1,328
Votes: 41 / Ave.: 6.44

1050x761  179 KB

Another view: 90% done after trackday crash ....

31-May-04 - For what is the 10%?
01-Jun-04 - Re-install pilot's nerve to take it back out on the track, beautiful recovery, looks showroom fresh.
Production (Custom) Suzuki Bandit series, Binford Martin Suzi nice Fighter Bandit series
Date: 17-May-19
Views: 1,003
Votes: 41 / Ave.: 6.44

1200x929  244 KB

Binford Martin Suzi nice Fighter

Concept Bikes Suzuki B-King, Uploaded for: What dreams are made of. 2002 B-King
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 790
Votes: 155 / Ave.: 6.44

1602x1240  287 KB

Uploaded for:
What dreams are made of.

12-Mar-02 - mmm Nice!!!
12-Mar-02 - Supercharged Busa concept for those who don't know. for more
04-May-02 - My only gripe is no passenger seat. Other than that, this is new, it would make other designs outdated
28-May-02 - I have seen it for real at the Motorbeurs Utrecht.. It was awesome to see it.
11-Oct-02 - Hey narimannorouz, last time I checked SUZUKI still makes the Hayabusa.
11-Oct-02 - Super Bad A$$. All it needs is a face. (That shrunken-head front has got to go).
14-Jul-05 - very nice
Stunts Suzuki GSX-R750, Let me beat you guys to the punch that have nothing better to do than to be negative... 'Look ma, no brains.'  That aside, it's a cool pic. 2000 GSX-R750
Date: 20-Apr-19
Views: 1,588
Votes: 630 / Ave.: 6.44

800x1200  168 KB

Let me beat you guys to the punch that have nothing better to do than to be negative... "Look ma, no brains." That aside, it's a cool pic.

22-Jul-01 - It's not about brains, it's Darwin's theory in action.
22-Jul-01 - whats team scaredy? your crew? if so do you's have a webpage?
22-Jul-01 - right on, bro.
22-Jul-01 - look ma, no brains!
22-Jul-01 - Uhhh.. nice bike!
22-Jul-01 - nice endo
22-Jul-01 - (if you would prefer) Nice stoppie man!
22-Jul-01 - "Darwin's theory" huh? If that is the case, why do you ride? Aren't you putting yourself in a high risk category just by ridding? Get over it.
22-Jul-01 - Yeah, Team Scaredy is us, no website yet... more pics to follow. I have soem more on here, just type ALL, SUZUKI, 750, 1 MONTH.
22-Jul-01 - seattledawg/kenneth... thanks man. mr.x... Stoppie, nose wheelie, endo, it's all the same I guess.
22-Jul-01 - moron! only an idiot would do something like that! hehe, just kidding, nice stoppie jer... we goin' riding tonight?
22-Jul-01 - i can do that in my supra... :)
22-Jul-01 - So, do you buy fork seals by the lot or a pair at a time? Just foolin. Nicely put , but wonder at your finger choice.
23-Jul-01 - john.. why must you tease me so? You know how much I love those cars.
23-Jul-01 - that's rather impressive...
23-Jul-01 - He man you are so COOL riding whith no gear, your skills are so mutch better whith no helmet. We all now that you just can't crash, because you are the MAN
23-Jul-01 - it's just nice thats all... soemtimes it's a LOT more fun doing things without gear....some of you will never understand that
23-Jul-01 - His bike, his body, as far as I can tell, he's not in major traffic or putting anybody else in danger. Geez! Live and let stoppie. I have a feeling he's done this trick before, so he'll probably be okay. If I'm wrong and he eats it, then maybe he'll start to wear his gear then. Ride on!
23-Jul-01 - ""Darwin's theory" huh? If that is the case, why do you ride? Aren't you putting yourself in a high risk category just by ridding? Get over it."---jeremy, he prolly doesnt ride.
23-Jul-01 - kazan... my skills are almost as good as your spelling, maybe you should spend less time being negative, and more time educating yourself. (Hint: the word with only has one "h") So, let me ask you; who's "the MAN" now?
23-Jul-01 - OK, He summed that up in the description, and you could use a grammer and spelling lesson kazan.
23-Jul-01 - Jeremy - You are right on both counts. Cool Pic and No Brains. You ask me to "Get over it?" I just think it's more than a just little stupid to do such tricks without any regard for personal protection. But then, I used to be young and foolish too. At least you are smart enough to know who Darwin was.
23-Jul-01 - BTW Jeremy – You invited my criticism when you posted your initial comment with the photo (“Look ma, no brains”). As for motorcycle riding testing Darwin’s theory, if you can’t see a major difference between your riding (stoppies without helmet, gloves and leather) and my riding with two wheels on the ground (usually) with helmet and leather, then Darwin’s theory has been proven, again.
23-Jul-01 - Heh... Jeremy: nice stoppie dude, saw the others, very talented... but for $hits sake, people, if he wants to do tricks with out his gear, let him! It's his skin and bones if he screws up! Again Jeremy: Nice freaking stoppie, bro... I can't do that on my bike... at least I haven't tried to yet...
23-Jul-01 - now kazan, don't be jealous because he can get it up more than you can.
23-Jul-01 - i respect your skills but that is stupid. just this last weekend i saw a gut do that on a gixxer 750 and go over. he was pre-show entertainment at a monster truck show in milwaukee. he died....and he was wearing a helmet.
23-Jul-01 - tell me... just how did you LAND? could you post THAT picture too?
23-Jul-01 - I agree... I think everyone should show how good they are by riding without gear. That's absolutely awsome.
23-Jul-01 - jak442.. I usually use the middle finger when street riding, and the outside three when doing stoppies for better brake feel and control for obvious reasons.
23-Jul-01 - kazan: you should stop crying on this board and use your time more wisely to go out and practice so you can keep up.
23-Jul-01 KKK.MSN.COM - good~~!!!!!
23-Jul-01 - absolutely ill - refuse to tiptoe through life, only to arrive safely at death
24-Jul-01 - I thought I was the only one to brake with those fingers.....primo stoppie anyway
24-Jul-01 - Do every thing better on a SUZI
24-Jul-01 - Can we get a bigger pic??
24-Jul-01 - Nice bike! Nice endo!
24-Jul-01 - Kazan: why don't you stop crying on this site and use your time more wisely to go out and ride. That way maybe you can keep up instead of having to make up lame excuses as to why someone's better than you are.
24-Jul-01 - bstanton.. Did I ask you anything? Nope. Last I checked, "Get over it" was not a question, rather a statement that does not solicit a response. Do you want a question that you can answer? Let me ask you this; When you go to the circus, do you yell at the high wire artists for not using a safety net? No? Probably because they have practiced there skills and have honed them to the point when during specific pre-planned situations, they feel more comfortable not using it for entertainment value. Hmmm...
24-Jul-01 - mernst80... You know how many people died last year sitting "safely" on their couch watching TV? Do I feel for the guy that died? .. Absolutely, but not for doing something that he loved. kelone summed it all up with my favorite quote "Refuse to tiptoe through life, only to arrive safely at death"
24-Jul-01 - harry.. sorry, the photographer only took two shots while it was in the air. It came down hard, but upright. Trust me, I would have several more pics to go with it had I crashed it. The photographer was a firend, but not an idiot :-)
24-Jul-01 - in.rods... check out for a further away pic
24-Jul-01 - bstanton: I've recently lost 3 aquantances in riding accidents... all 3 were wearing proper gear and were killed by cagers being stupid in front of them... NOT from doing tricks. Come to think of it, I've had many friends go down doing tricks and they're all still riding today! You're much more at risk riding on 2 wheels in traffic than on 1 wheel in the middle of nowhere.
24-Jul-01 - So i'm negative and cant ride because i think riding with (thanks jeremy) gear is just a smarter thing to do? I gues pictures say more than words. Just watch this video. . I think these guy's are walking away because they are wearing a helmet. I think you should showof your skills to others... just do it the right way and you will do it a little bit longer.
24-Jul-01 - kazan... I agree that wearing safety gear is important. I condone it 100% However, for this particular case, please refer to my response to bstanton a few lines above for my reasoning behind not wearing it this time out.
24-Jul-01 - Jeremy i agree with u 100% about death and that stuff :) I'd rather die doing a stunt than die from being 100 years old
24-Jul-01 - Jeremy, Killer pic. We should all be as skilled as you. If I didnt live in a helmet law state I would be doing the same thing. Live life to the fullest. No looking back right. Anyway tight picture.
25-Jul-01 - kazam: so the "right way" is your way? In most cases when you're doing a stoppie and it's at it's highest point, you have little or no momentum left. So who's to say that falling the 4 feet off your bike is any worse than climbing a ladder or jumping off your porch? In most cases when stoppies go bad the person just jumps off and the bike takes the damage. Now when you're doing a wheelie, yea, wear your gear... duh. Everyone knows that, not to say we all wear our gear all the time, but we know it's dumb when we don't. But a stoppie! Come on be serious!
25-Jul-01 - there i even hit your picture a couple times to help you out
25-Jul-01 - obnoxious... I don't need any "help" but thanks, I guess.
25-Jul-01 - Props for a beutifuly executed endo...but could've been poster material if you wore a lid and leathers.
25-Jul-01 - imageshowoff... I have plenty in full gear, this was for all the non-believers, and apparently all the nuturing/motherly types who feel the need to tell me how to live my life (not necessarily you). Thanks for the comment though, and for the suggestion in a non-personaly attacking manor, something that several other people could learn on this site.
25-Jul-01 - yea some ppl here are very caring about others. the truth is that they are just jealous and need an excuse not to do cool stuff.
25-Jul-01 - you should post the pic that you used to (or might still have) on your desktop of the wheelie in a dress shirt and tie
25-Jul-01 - - - Yeah, Team Scaredy is us, no website yet... more pics to follow. I have soem more on here, just type ALL, SUZUKI, 750, 1 MONTH. learn to type is what you tell everyone. Practice what you preach and get some gear moron.
25-Jul-01 - maybe next time you can click on your own pic a little
26-Jul-01 - look at how compressed those forks are.. niiiiiice! :-)
26-Jul-01 - WTH guys its his choice to wear gear or not. Natural selection when it is your time to go no matter what you are going. Nice stoppie.
26-Jul-01 - ernhrtus... if you are referring to the spelling of "some" as "soem", that is a simple transposition that could easily be due to mild dyslexia, a known disorder, for all you know. Stupidity, on the other hand, is not a disorder. The reason I pointed out the other person's stupidity is because he/she was attacking me, not my decision to ride w/o gear. If you want to comment on my decision to not wear gear for this particular shoot, fine we will discuss that. If you want to personally attack me, prepare to look like a fool. Webmaster: Yet another flame war that needs to be stopped. Come on people, try to get along or take it to e-mail. No more flame messages will be allowed for this picture.
26-Jul-01 - akira55: I'm proud to say that I'm the maker of that pic on his desktop. He sent me the image after the shot was taken and I decided to just take the bground out and see what it'd look like. Turned out nice.
26-Jul-01 - swedie... yeah, not sure how much suspension travel is left in there, not much. I weigh 235lbs. and the bike is another 450ish... that's a lot of weight to be putting on two forks. I can personally attest to the quality of the Gixxer forks, I have put down quite a few wheelies pretty hard and they are holding up fine *knocks on wood*
26-Jul-01 - Someones' clickin........
26-Jul-01 - seattledawg... it would appear so... it's not me, I assure you. objects....not that great? Let's see what you got.
26-Jul-01 - obviously it is possible... look at all the new posts.
26-Jul-01 - jer, you've always been so hot!! :)
27-Jul-01 - Its a good picture, but 8000 hits?????
27-Jul-01 - To whomever is clicking on my pic to rack up the hits, please stop. I realize that the ugly (IMO) purple/pink F2 (1994? yeah, more like 1984) is ahead and you can't take that, I understand. But this is not a popularity contest. If he wants to be immature and waste all of his free time clicking on his pic to be number 1 hot pic, then let him. If you have clicked on this pic to check it out or to make a comment, thank you. I now return you to your regularly scheduled programing.
27-Jul-01 - sarahmalara.... You still have the power to make me blush.
27-Jul-01 - I don't know why you all are hating on this guy so bad. He's doing a pretty tight stoppie so don't be busters 'cause you can't do it and you're jealous.
28-Jul-01 - who said we cant? check wheelies/honda/nsr? but we do it with some body protection.... and we do it for our self not for the cam....
28-Jul-01 - jeremey: good forks for real.. My friend over here got himself a gixxer and I just by looking at it tell that it is robust and can take a bad hit without complaining. But what about your fork seals? Don't the leak? Changed them yet? My CBR900RR '93 forks have so far stood ground to A LOT of bad wheelie touch downs (and general abuse) because I'm finally now after 2 months getting my wheelies up just fine and landing them somewhat smoothly compared to what i did in the beginning :D Next bike will be either a Gixxer or an R1.. the Gixxer sure looks sweet. Btw, my friend says he pulls his up in 3rd gear around 140mph (or 200km/h). You do the same?
28-Jul-01 - When in Cali (sea-level) a couple of weeks ago I was. Here at 5k+ feet above sea-level, it's a little tougher. I usually do second gear stand up power wheelies here.
28-Jul-01 - 140? ...I dunno about that though. The gear is about right, not quite sure about the speed though, sounds high to me.
28-Jul-01 - you bought this bike to do only wheelies? and stopies? do you have any pictures with action cornering???????????????
29-Jul-01 - r_giannis... Nope. Nope. Yep. Any further questions?
29-Jul-01 - lot of people make whellies over 150mph..... sk some people that trainning in racetracks...
29-Jul-01 - i'd like to see that person do a 140 mph wheelie lmaorotff.
29-Jul-01 - Dude...I see you've been making friends. :) This is one of the best in-your-face trick pics I've seen, and the others you've sent are killer. My favorite is the twin-stoppie (side-by-side) pic
30-Jul-01 - Sexy, Sweet, Mouth Watering and 100% in control I love it !!!!!
30-Jul-01 - Well, I take back what I said the other day.. she WILL wheelie in third. I was doing third gear power stand-ups tonight. Picking them up at about 80-85mph. For those that were wondering.
30-Jul-01 - FUTURE ORGAN DONOR - Thanks for contributing to society!
30-Jul-01 - Webmaster.. I guess we are allowing flame posts again? If so, then I guess it's only fair to allow my response... r-seth... Two years ago, I hit a deer doing triple digits wearing protective gear, and walked away, shattered feet in all (Right into the hospital emergency room for sever days). A month prior, a gentlemen hit a deer on the same patch of road going half of the speed and died. How do you explain that? If what you say is correct and all that matter is how safe you are, then how do you explain? I am still here because, for whatever reason, I am supposed to be. I wear gear when practicing new tricks and old tricks a like. I merely chose not to wear gear for this shoot. We have been over all of this already, please read the other posts before submitting.
30-Jul-01 - pounders if jeremy is single?
31-Jul-01 - Jeremey: I TOTALLY agree with you. It's not like you're doing 100mph and scraping your knee in shorts and t-shirt. Continue what you're doing.. don't care for what the other people has to say about the "gear" you have in this shot.
31-Jul-01 - What flame? I was thanking you for your contribution. I may need a transplant one day and someone like you will provide it for me. Thanks mate!
31-Jul-01 - nebakaneza... your not my type, but thanks. I am flattered no less.
31-Jul-01 - :( ya dont even know me
31-Jul-01 - r-seth.. in that case, thank you. I would also like to take this time to thank you for your sincerity and thoughtfulness.
06-Aug-01 - bla bla bla... it's getting a little too mushy in here for me. It still amazes me how many haters there are in here. Let me ask you this, do you like Las Vegas Extremes? How many times have you seen them pull up a one handed stoppie, point at the camera, and smile, all with NO GEAR ON!! Do you go hating on them too? Dont' say it's because their professionals, everyone learned somewhere and I'm sure they didn't always wear their gear. Get over it...
07-Aug-01 - thats a pretty cool pic...I don't know if he ever did this is one of this tapes, but I have a home videio that has Todd Colbert doing a stoppie using his left ought to try a make a pic of this since I have yet to see it on this site.
07-Aug-01 - Yeah, there is a way cool video called Full Leather Jacket starring Jermain Holt where he does that and numerous other insane moves. He does one move where he puts his feet over the front and does a one handed stoppie with his feet over the handle bars. If you haven't seen the video yet, it's worth it. One more... All Twisted and Pucked Up... it has one move called the elevator where the guy jumps from the foot pegs up to the tank w/ no hands.. amazing! The only guy that I have ever seen do this one. It has some cool twistie shots too, more than the average squid vid.
08-Aug-01 - Jeremy: I still think this is a sweet pic... screw all the trash talkers, man... its not that it is just a stoppie... It is just a sweet pic period. Good job.
09-Aug-01 - Hey, thanks man. At least someone can appreciate great photography.
09-Aug-01 - BTW.. that mraracer157 comment was mine.
09-Aug-01 - hey jer? why not some new pixs?
10-Aug-01 - Hey Jer, you wanna attempt to do a burnout on my umm "slightly used" 2001 gixxer? ;-) I bet I could tape the clip on to something! Would look kinda sweet... hmmmm
10-Aug-01 - It's a deal...
10-Aug-01 - i think this is a very good picture of a man that has mastered his art!
10-Aug-01 - izabella.. actually, my true love is under water basket weaving. You should see the pics that I have of that. Simply amazing. This is one of my "other" hobbies. You know what they say, "Jack of all trades, master of none." :-p
10-Aug-01 - Great stoppie! Can I have a copy of the picture?
11-Aug-01 - under water basket weaving? you're a dork... ;-P
11-Aug-01 - the last jaide comment was mine...
12-Aug-01 - Hey, I know that freak, he's in my weaving class
13-Aug-01 - U know what I dont get !! If someone wants to do stunts without their gear on then let them,what does it matter to anyone else in here. Are you his mother or father, no then why in the hell are you worried about him it his choice and he is a grown man, let it be and take care of yourself. That is one of the biggest problems with today's society in general everyone wants to tell the other peson what the should be doing and how, Get over it people and take care of yourself thats all you need to worry about. Hey by the way GREAT INDO, got some real confidence to hold on to that one!! I am just learning them now and I cant wait to get mine to that point
13-Aug-01 - agrier...........AMEN BROTHER, NUFF SAID!!!!!!!!
15-Aug-01 - Webmaster... so are we no longer allowing comments to be posted to this pic?
15-Aug-01 - Figures, out of all the post that get lost in the mix... that was the one that got through ;-)
15-Aug-01 - Very nice picture! Keep the shiny side up and keep sending in more pictures (don't go killing yourself though). Just to do my friend a favor visit his website at
15-Aug-01 - Jer, get those new pics up so I don't have to keep looking at your mug. Maybe one with a REAL stoppie :)
16-Aug-01 - You guys are impossible to please ;-) Funny you should mention that Dave... we just did another big photo shoot on Sunday. Soon as the pics are up, and we go through all of them (three photographers, one took nine rolls) I will scan in the good ones nad post them. So, look fo rthat in thenext couple of days. Also, I am going to be building a website soon. I'll post that addy soon as it happens.
16-Aug-01 - Hey man, this is a sweet pic. Jeremy, yo uhandle yourself in a respectable and tactful manner, keep the good pics coming in. There are us who recognize that we do as we please because it is we ourselves who have to face the results the next day. Keep up with the pics and stay safe man.
16-Aug-01 - Hey Jerm, Rocket here. Den wants his dues on the pic bro, great pic deserves the publicity right? Catch ya next time out Yur way- ride scared!
16-Aug-01 - Jer...handle himself in a respectable and tactfull manner??? ........I've just fainted. Anyway, next time if you call me instead of E-mail me I can come along. I've got to get the F4i broke in some time.
17-Aug-01 - Hey Dave most everything I read in this post seems to be tactful to me...which is why I posted that. Most others on here do too, just a few that don't.
17-Aug-01 - Dave lives a few blocks from me and he knows that I am pretty off the wall. I can be tactful when I want to, but he's seen the wilder side of me ;-)
17-Aug-01 - :-) this pic have the longest comments!!!! cool..
17-Aug-01 - Somehow... for some reason, lots of comments that are posted never make it here.
18-Aug-01 - hey jeremy i could fix a nice interface for your web site. just tell me what you want exactly.
18-Aug-01 - hey JStanley, no hard feeling here. I just find it entertaining that someone would see Jer in that manner. As I read back over the posts I'm begining to think that I have the wrong Jer... Oops this must be some other nut. :])
18-Aug-01 - LOL...Dave I hear many opinions on this just ride safe and have fun. Choose a afe locale and go for it.
19-Aug-01 - almost 9000 hits, arguments going on for weeks, both sides saying the same things over and over again, and r_giannis suddenly not posting negative stuff! wow, I thought I'd seen it all. I posted a while back, "that's rather impressive..." and hey man, you're still rockin. Keep up the good work
19-Aug-01 - I ride with this guy. you all should see his third gear throttle wheelies at 100mph. hey jer this is a great ad for oakley's.
19-Aug-01 - kerr929.. I wouldn't admit that you have the misfortune of riding with me... Hey all, got some new photos today... check them out. I will upload a couple a day. Tell me what you think. Oh, and I have some gear on for all the haters out there.
20-Aug-01 - so many post because he keeps posting, and lets see how nice or better yet if your bike still runs in 7 years
20-Aug-01 - Yeah, that and all your spiteful posts that do nothing but rack up the hits. If you don't like me/this pic stop clicking on it obnoxious_jardine.
21-Aug-01 - hey, obnoxious_jardine, chill man, see, you're right. There are lots of posts cause he keeps on posting. And what does he respond to? everyone's crap towards him. I don't know him personally, but looking at this list of posts, and just at the pic, you can tell he's not going to let his pride be walked upon, therefore he'll post. let your comments stay in your head and that way, we won't start another huge argument... cool?
21-Aug-01 - isn't that the guy from dawson's creek?
21-Aug-01 - WTF? Dawson's creek? TRD... you been taking hits off of the crack pipe again?
21-Aug-01 - I thought that might a reaction...he he he
21-Aug-01 SMADATASS.AOL.COM - What happened to that sweet pink/purple F2 pic? That bike kicked @ss! HA-HA-HA-HA - nice work helling.
21-Aug-01 - the f2 finished now comes the R1Girl to dominate all the months best pixs... ;-) 5 inline... jer do something.... we cant stand see a girl to see in a r1 in different poses all day..
22-Aug-01 - At least she isn't as hard on the eyes as that ugly Purple/Pink F2... Hopefully the new server make sit so that people can't sit and click on their pic all day. We'll see.
22-Aug-01 - click*click*click*click*
22-Aug-01 - 342 votes...hummm.......ive never seen more than 8-9 votes ever on a pic! and you got!!
22-Aug-01 - 12,500 hits and you find it hard to belive that 342 of them voted? Get a life, and go cry somewhere else. Until you can produce a pic better than this, enjoy looking at mine through jealous eyes.
22-Aug-01 - look here dawson, dont hate! just wait, we have more, i wonder how good the nude shots will be...hummmm...
22-Aug-01 - notchryders mean CLICK CLICK CLICK???? :-)
22-Aug-01 - hey! where did you get the stickers for your bike? All red is gone, I like that!
23-Aug-01 - giancarlo... I got plenty of shots like that. It doesn't take much skill to say "Alright, lay down here and take off your top."
27-Aug-01 - guardian... It is a sticker kit from Tapeworks called "Red Be Gone" You can get it any any color. Check them out, tell them Jeremy sent ya.
06-Sep-01 - Looking crazy, baby! Got a bike just like that. But I can't do fantastic tricks like're good! I can only do small wheelies :( LOL!
07-Sep-01 - I'll agree with the others, if you have a team name you need a site. I'll throw props your way for a nice stoppie.
16-Sep-01 - i got one word fo it nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15-Oct-01 - *gasp* He's riding a GSXR! No way!!
22-Oct-01 - the best bike out there!! nice endo buddy crazy with no helmet though.
31-Oct-01 - Thanks again for the compliments fellas.
22-Dec-01 - why do i hate squids like this? cause they wear zero gear, go and do stunts, and some get f*kked up in the process. now you tell me, do you all enjoy paying that higher insurance rate to cover these dumb-a$$es medical bills?????
13-Jan-02 - Why so many comments from a standard stoppie? This shot is not going to win any awards in my book
01-Apr-02 - couldn't uderstand why there are so many complaints and comments for this pic, we all know it's safer to ride with proper gear but what the hell, this is a demonstration pic. Come on guys, grow up and enjoy the pic, Grrrreat stuff jeremy
08-Apr-02 - i would look like an idiot if i added another comment to this list just to say how stupid people are who comment on this pic. oh, wait...
04-May-02 - Nice bike and a matching t-shirt to go with it. Stoppies are not that dangerous that you would need a helmet anyway. Just make sure when you do stoppies to wear matching clothes!!!
13-May-02 - Don't care what you say... it's bloody impressive and I'd accolade anyone who can do it (maybe wear a helmet though!)
15-Aug-02 - hey buddy dont become a statistic
18-Sep-02 - statistics, stoppies are wicked, and if the guy can get that photogenic while doin one he must know what hes doin,
28-Oct-02 - i wonder why they didn't show rear of the bike? it is fake for me.
17-Nov-02 - you gonna need those brakes when an r1 comes beside u!
22-Nov-02 - gas.gas & fatboy_jer thanks for the compliments. For the gear Nazis, rarely will you catch me riding w/o a lid and jacket we just wanted to shoot w/o gear for these few pics, I think they turned out cool. alchemy if you doubt the realness of this pic, click the 'pic' next to my email addy here and you will see MANY pics proving that this pic is legit. Funny to see people still posting to this pic that was submitted a year and a half ago! Ride safe people.
25-Dec-02 - only one word,,,,,,,DAMN!!!!!
09-Jan-03 - Great job, not only on the stoppie but the photograph itself as well. I wear gear every time I ride, but I completely understand and agree with your reasoning here, I really think it added to the photo.
22-Jan-03 - did you ever get the website for team scardey put up?
20-Feb-03 - nice trick bro screw the haterz thatdont appreciate riding skill andybody can jump on a bike and twist the throttle and hang on but not anybody can get vertical either way. so nice work man.
11-Apr-03 - ? Dawson's creek?
14-Sep-03 - Sweet quality on that shot, and, holy cow, you're gorgeous. Hopefully you don't do that so often that you compromise that mug. Damn Damn Damn.
25-Dec-03 - Yeah, he is good looking !
08-Mar-04 - we'll see how good looking he is after he falls, i dont think the sunglasses are going to protect his pretty face
13-Apr-04 - i'd like to see whats holding the rear wheel up. show us the whole picture!
16-Apr-04 - Umm - there's nothing holding the rear wheel up. I don't know if this guy is still riding or not but he used to do some kick@ss stunts -nothing staged.
18-Apr-04 - enough!.
03-May-04 - see, he got the girls attn w/out a lid. Thats what im talking bout. Sweet Stoppie man.
06-May-04 - not hard to do a "Stoppie". nice camera work.
28-Nov-10 - SQUID!!!
Production (Stock) Honda CBR400, come ride with us...
Date: 23-Apr-19
Views: 555
Votes: 112 / Ave.: 6.44

1000x800  171 KB

come ride with us...

04-Dec-02 - love to... can't read that licence plate...
04-Dec-02 - CBR400R
04-Dec-02 - Very Cool, but if thats a CBR900rr, im Elvis. Looks to be a CBR400rr, and what seals the deal is the pint-sized cutie riding it
04-Dec-02 - Come ride with us??????? Just tell me where and I will be there.... that is as long as she is there....
05-Dec-02 - 400 RR is an awsome little bike, id love to have one. like hens teeth here in the states tho
05-Dec-02 - well elvis....look at the Details of the pic
05-Dec-02 - it looks like they are form China
05-Dec-02 - Where exactly is this at? Those roads look dirty.
05-Dec-02 - Let me know where you girls are. I would like to do more than just ridding bike. Hehehe......cute chic.
05-Dec-02 - China is not.Here is the South Korea Korean road is not dirty road of this picture is that serve and parks on outside of road to park motorcycle
05-Dec-02 - How fast have you ridden that bike?
05-Dec-02 - the description should say, 'come ride me'...
10-Jan-03 - nice chicks....a just bougt one of those...not da da bike....heheheh
MotoGP Premier Multiple Multiple (Multiple), Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi on Last Lap @ MotoGP 2004 Multiple  2004 Multiple (Multiple)
Date: 17-May-19
Views: 509
Votes: 32 / Ave.: 6.44

900x602  112 KB

Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi on Last Lap @ MotoGP 2004

Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, 1999 -Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 19127 1999 YZF-R1
Date: 12-May-19
Views: 699
Votes: 110 / Ave.: 6.44

1394x1097  259 KB

1999 -Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 19127

23-Oct-01 - I want to know: How do you keep the front tire on the ground?
23-Oct-01 - carbon not chrome! more people should follow your example!
23-Oct-01 - Must be nice to throw all kinds of money at a bike....This guys from Canada, so you know he needs a car or something else for transportation.
23-Oct-01 - yeah i also like carbon a lot more
23-Oct-01 - This has to be one of the best purpose-looking R1's I have ever seen. Cash-Money!!!
23-Oct-01 - i saw this bike at the bike show last year i think he was selling it for $40k, that bike has like more than 198 rwhp and the owner doesn't open the throttle fully....i think there was an article about it too
23-Oct-01 - by far the nicest R-1 I have ever seen in my life!!!!!! this bike has a lot of money into it.. great job on this bike!! major thumbs up for doing quality work!!
23-Oct-01 - Like I said man I wanna win lotto
24-Oct-01 - I have to admit that i am not a big R1 fan, but this one is absolutely gorgeous. The best I have ever seen. I love that color and the carbon fiber. So much sportier that that stupid chrome and polished look.
24-Oct-01 - simply the best
Production (Custom) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-9R, Wendi doing a burnout at Bike Week in Daytona (in a hotel parking lot) 2000 Ninja ZX-9R
Date: 12-Apr-19
Views: 882
Votes: 136 / Ave.: 6.43

1152x802  164 KB

Wendi doing a burnout at Bike Week in Daytona (in a hotel parking lot)

10-Apr-01 - nice paint on that 9r. i really need to get down to daytona for bike week. nothing like a cross continent trip!
11-Apr-01 - d@mmit girl you go!
11-Apr-01 - nice to see a lady doing something other than posing
11-Apr-01 - mmm burn out? I hope thats just the begining of it, is there a pic w/ more smoke???
12-Apr-01 - heh heh...that is just the beginning of the burnout. Once she started making smoke, I made her stop! Those 207's are too expensive to just fry up! This is actually the second burnout she ever did....I promised her that when her tires are worn out (another month or two) and we are ready to replace them, we'll get (and post) some pics of her going nuts!
16-Apr-01 - she looks kinda stunned. Eyes wide open.... :)
05-Feb-03 - Please wear a helmet to protect that beautiful face. I'm sure you do. Great pic.
Stunts Suzuki GSX-R1000, Me and my brother-in-law on our toys 2001 GSX-R1000
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 622
Votes: 113 / Ave.: 6.43

640x500  159 KB

Me and my brother-in-law on our toys

24-Jun-02 - Very nice,gotta love those 1ks..SWEET
24-Jun-02 - get the guy in the backround to join in
24-Jun-02 - once again nice pics, you got the big boys rollin
24-Jun-02 - wwhhooaaaaaa...nice pics
26-Jun-02 - I love it when you do that....
26-Jun-02 - Is that your wife on the SV?
02-Jul-02 - very nice I like it really I do.
17-Jul-02 SMACDATASS.AOL.COM - greatest bike in history
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, My niece stole my bike :(

2002 YZF-R1
Date: 15-May-19
Views: 361
Votes: 60 / Ave.: 6.43

1200x854  264 KB

My niece stole my bike :(

27-Jul-03 - That's just the perfect pipe.
27-Jul-03 - what no gear? lol
27-Jul-03 - Awesome Pic!!! Too Cute!!
28-Jul-03 - she's a hardcore squid
28-Jul-03 DAVE2000G.YAHOO.COM - looks like your getting him ready.
28-Jul-03 - I like the can itself, just not the highmount.
Stunts Yamaha YZF-R1, Recent stunt show at the opening of the movie 'Biker Boyz' in OKC, OK. YZF-R1
Date: 24-Apr-19
Views: 452
Votes: 60 / Ave.: 6.43

1600x1240  229 KB

Recent stunt show at the opening of the movie "Biker Boyz" in OKC, OK.

04-Feb-03 - tight exhaust on that Yam
04-Mar-03 - im wondering what that person in the neon in the background is thinking...."so thats how you ride a motorcycle?

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