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Crash Honda RCV MotoGP Models, And now a gracefull pirouette 2005 RCV MotoGP Models
Date: 01-Jun-19
Views: 713
Votes: 20 / Ave.: 6.55

1536x1152  333 KB

And now a gracefull pirouette

Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R750, Green Gixxer 750! 2002 GSX-R750
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 773
Votes: 91 / Ave.: 6.55

1280x1000  275 KB

Green Gixxer 750!

17-Jun-02 - Is that a chome frame, because it shines lke one?
17-Jun-02 - Great work, but this wouldn't be my color choice.
17-Jun-02 - VERY nice! I love the solid color, without all the stickers and graphics! Sweet chroming job! Awesome!
17-Jun-02 - Man you bike is PHAT!! I love this thing.
17-Jun-02 - nice, but I think only kawasakis should be painted green. Green suzuki does not look right.
18-Jun-02 - Really nice. Great job!!
18-Jun-02 - thought it was a kawa there, for a second
18-Jun-02 - Yum!
18-Jun-02 - Are those rotors polished too!?!
18-Jun-02 - this is nice and custom, but tell me if my eyes are playing tricks on me: is the windscreen CHROME also????
18-Jun-02 - all this work and no frame sliders? nevermind...if youre careful you'll probably never drop it pushing it on and off the trailer.
18-Jun-02 - I thought it was a Kwaka not a Zuki still looks cool especially the chromed out screen.
18-Jun-02 - "next im going to get some 100 spoke racing Dayton's some dingleberries and them im gonna make it hop!"
18-Jun-02 - Quit Hatten markbsae, that is BADA$$ or mabe your just jealous!!!!
18-Jun-02 - Deliciously simple. Now only if you can ride it as good as it looks.. would be dandy.
18-Jun-02 - The frame is chromed as is the windscreen. Aint nutten polished but the canister (markbsae)
20-Jun-02 - looks good,,,,REAL good,,, maybe thro in a GhostFlame pattern fomin off teh front fairing ,,but thats jus me,,,, whered u get the Windscreen from,,,,,,now THATS Different!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,I like it I like it i like it!!
13-Jul-02 - A green GSXR? I know you can paint it any color you like but dude.. green is so Kawasaki. Anyone who's knows bikes will automatically think you are on a Kawa. Hell.. it looks just like a 9R to me right now so much I have to remind myself it's not. Kinda like painting your car black and white (aka cop car) and wondering why people slow down when they see you coming. :-)
15-Jul-02 - This is easly the best GSXR I have ever seen. I LOVE the chrome job and the colour. lovely
16-Jul-02 - Your bike is off the chain and yes I am stealing ideas for mine.
04-Sep-02 - Sweet bike, but it seems like too much green, throw on some chrome decals
Production (Custom) Suzuki Hayabusa, Suzuki - GSX1300R Hayabusa - 15541 Hayabusa
Date: 20-Apr-19
Views: 771
Votes: 142 / Ave.: 6.55

1280x1000  321 KB

Suzuki - GSX1300R Hayabusa - 15541

02-Sep-01 - lowrider....
02-Sep-01 - how many cc is the bike!??nice bike
02-Sep-01 - im sure inside will be a stock buza
04-Sep-01 - I like the paint scheme alot, but I think the busa's are sort of ugly! Sorry!
04-Sep-01 - beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nothing says speed like the word hayabusa!!
04-Sep-01 - Nice Bus, of all the paint schemes I like the blue and silver the best
04-Sep-01 - dang...those things look like bulls!!
28-Sep-01 - great bike...
13-Nov-01 - Is there carbon wheels available for these bikes?
26-Jun-04 - Damn, that machine looks highly desireable!!
25-Sep-04 - tight!!!
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 55600 YZF-R1
Date: 15-May-19
Views: 646
Votes: 31 / Ave.: 6.55

1152x797  160 KB

Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 55600

25-Mar-04 - were did you find these pics?
25-Mar-04 - daymn... shes a hottie... thats some cat from california... he came to our bbq... hella cool guy... TILLER!
Production (Stock) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-9R, Teresa with the ZX-9R on the track.  This was my very first track day.  God, what a rush! It was AWESOME!   Probably will only take the 9 out on the track - too scared I'll hurt the new Gixxer 1000 ;)   -T. in Tulsa   ps: I'm the red bike LOL ! Ninja ZX-9R
Date: 15-May-19
Views: 552
Votes: 108 / Ave.: 6.55

1200x930  289 KB

Teresa with the ZX-9R on the track. This was my very first track day. God, what a rush! It was AWESOME! Probably will only take the 9 out on the track - too scared I'll hurt the new Gixxer 1000 ;) -T. in Tulsa ps: I'm the red bike LOL !

MotoGP Premier Yamaha YZR-M1 MotoGP, 2005 -Yamaha - YZR-M1 - 79011 2005 YZR-M1 MotoGP
Date: 01-Jun-19
Views: 615
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 6.55

1029x1646  333 KB

2005 -Yamaha - YZR-M1 - 79011

Misc. Racing Other Metrakit MiniGP, The new Spanish YSR-NSR Style motorcycle. NOt only for Kids as you can see:
Other  2004 Metrakit MiniGP
Date: 17-May-19
Views: 490
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 6.55

666x528  63 KB

The new Spanish YSR-NSR Style motorcycle. NOt only for Kids as you can see:

Production (Stock) Honda CBR1000RR, Uploaded for: Supi 2006 CBR1000RR
Date: 18-May-19
Views: 570
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 6.55

1536x1023  221 KB

Uploaded for: Supi

26-Nov-05 - the more sharper blade.. i love it...
CIAMR Racing Other Pocket Bikes, Taken at the 14-Aug-2005 IIR Open Track Day. Other  2004 Pocket Bikes
Date: 18-May-19
Views: 416
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 6.55

1200x900  259 KB

Taken at the 14-Aug-2005 IIR Open Track Day.

Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R6, Here is the front of my Rossi Replica 03 R6 YZF-R6
Date: 28-Dec-12
Views: 1,316
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 6.55

2028x1521  466 KB

Here is the front of my Rossi Replica 03 R6

Production (Stock) Triumph Daytona 900, Daytona Super III. 1995 Daytona 900
Date: 12-Sep-18
Views: 2,123
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 6.55

2328x1909  806 KB

Daytona Super III.

Drawings & Art Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, Computer generated Kawasaki ZX-10R. 2006 Ninja ZX-10R
Date: 18-May-19
Views: 559
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 6.55

1536x1152  114 KB

Computer generated Kawasaki ZX-10R.

Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R1000, The calm before the storm. Just a couple of mods to start her off after arrival; R&G swingarm spools, frame sliders and numberplate hanger, wavey rear disc and Racefit GP exhaust (very loud). 2005 GSX-R1000
Date: 13-Jun-19
Views: 673
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 6.55

1901x1263  483 KB

The calm before the storm. Just a couple of mods to start her off after arrival; R&G swingarm spools, frame sliders and numberplate hanger, wavey rear disc and Racefit GP exhaust (very loud).

27-Apr-05 - oh my god!!! i want one so badly!!!! look at it!!!! everything a bike should be and more 'cos it's turning me oooonnnnnnn
27-Apr-05 - hehehehe, thanks
11-May-05 - Very nice mate. I LOVE that exhaust!!
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R750, She has some hot pics at her site!! 2001 GSX-R750
Date: 26-Apr-19
Views: 845
Votes: 44 / Ave.: 6.55

900x705  122 KB

She has some hot pics at her site!!

01-Apr-09 - her site?? What site????
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R1000, 2002 -Suzuki - GSX-R1000 - 35035 2002 GSX-R1000
Date: 13-May-19
Views: 933
Votes: 156 / Ave.: 6.54

1296x1002  173 KB

2002 -Suzuki - GSX-R1000 - 35035

03-Oct-02 - Is that a 1000 with 600 bodywork? A 1000 with custom paint? Or is it a 600? Because the bodywork seems to be 600
03-Oct-02 - This is a 2002 GSXR 1000 ... these are 600 telifonica plastics ...
03-Oct-02 - Is that a NOS Bottle in the truck?
03-Oct-02 - Oh yea and it has NOS ...
04-Oct-02 - you may catch a few folks off guard with this one...but the TN coated forks and braced swingarm might tell on you.
04-Oct-02 - why would you put nos on a crotch rocket?? you are suppossed to have fun..not die
04-Oct-02 - I LOVE NOS!!!!!!!!
04-Oct-02 - the way it is a SPORTBIKE not crotch rocket.
04-Oct-02 - Do the 600 Plastics just bolt right on? Looks Cool. And the NOS will catch some kids who wont realize it a 1000 With Nos
04-Oct-02 - NOS on a gsxr1000 .... put wings on that thing and you can work for united airlines.
05-Oct-02 - I NEED A BEER
07-Oct-02 - GSXR's need NOS to keep up, lol
07-Oct-02 - To keep up ? oh yea to keep up with maybe a fighter jet ...
08-Oct-02 - NOS or Turbo = DEATH
08-Oct-02 - Yes you are right, you kill all the competition with ether NoS or Turbo ...
09-Oct-02 - HaHa! nice coment chrome_gsxr1. By the way I prefer a turbo system because I think it's less bad for the bike. Am I right?
09-Oct-02 - That is just sick, nice ride....drool
10-Oct-02 - With the Turbo you will pull wheelies in all gears just by giving it gas with out even trying, with the NOS its like having a stock bike until you give your bike a shot not to mention the cost, NOS $800 Vs Turbo $5000 ... if i did decide to put Turbo it would be on the 600 ...
10-Oct-02 - Hey chome do u know anything about "fighter Jets" and how fast they go?? lol, oh and BTW , it's still just a GSXR , lol.....
10-Oct-02 - Hey r1 it was just an expression but since you asked for it then imagine your on the freeway and you have your r1 open full throttle just about to hit your top speed then all of the sudden out of no where comes the gixxer 1000 NOS flying by you like you were standing still, lol, I have had 2 R1's and I can tell you that the gixxer can do more things on 1 wheel than the r1, so maybe not a fighter jet but for sure all the local helicopter's ... Its not just a gixxer it’s a GSXR 1000 with NOS, lol …
11-Oct-02 - Actually, NOS is better/easier on your bike than force feeding it. A Turbo constently strains internals on an engine that wasn't built for it... whereas NOS is an occasional shot.
11-Oct-02 - jet planes only run 9 second quarter miles. This thing should beat one for sure. Another advantage of the turbo is you can set the boost to 3 pounds and not damage your motor, but still make a good amount of power, then turn it up when you feel silly.,
11-Oct-02 - lol, whatever chrome, all u got is a 600cc gsxr and wished it waz a 1000, ...Anyways till then you outrun fighter jets on your 600 but make sure u get home before bout outunning me on my bike, I don't think so...not with me on it and ure lil 600cc u won't....later
11-Oct-02 - r1, I live pretty close to a few race tracks & they have amateur drag nights for guys like you who are in denial, you can put your $$$$ were you mouth is and go from there but 1st I have to ask you why you are such a hater when it comes to gixxers, oh I know you must get smoked all day by 600's & 750's not to mention the 1000 just eats you alive, call my bike what you want to but I know what mine can do & I know what the R1 can do so that’s why I can say any time anywhere, I do this kind of clowning $hit on a daily basis ... P.S. put some pics up of your bike if you even have one …
12-Oct-02 - if you guys had any balls youd admit you jsut want to fight each other and do it, then post it on here, my bike sucks by the way, so i dont care what anyone says
12-Oct-02 - How come nobody goes for super-chargers anymore??? From what I understand they are better than turbo because they don't have to spool up.
14-Oct-02 - Oh yeah? Well, I have a NINJA 250! And I drag raced a SR-71 and WON! Yeah! So THERE!!! ;)
15-Oct-02 - Well when i was in the Air Force I was in that SR-71 and when saw that 250 fly by i thought, wow R-1s do suck.
16-Oct-02 - thanos is just a big mean smurf on steroids
16-Oct-02 - la la lal lal la, sing a happy tune!!!
16-Oct-02 - Thats a telefonica it is a 600 unless you got the plastic off one and nos isnt the way it use to be you have to be progressive or you melt your little aluminum engine down. and you only get a few second boost out of it before you need to refill it. But it does work nice cause I got blown away by a gixer 6 (an oldy) on my TLR and it was the nos that did it for him.
17-Oct-02 - Please check into a mental institution... you are PSYCHO!!
17-Oct-02 - I have seen this bike up close and even took it for a ride. NICE, It is a 1000 sporting 600 plastics, despite what people say yes they do fit.
22-Oct-02 - chrome....nice bike...nice comments....we need to ride together sometime...I like your style...gixxer all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where you at? I'm in Chicago.
23-Oct-02 - you don't want to ride with him, he will make you look bad and you will go crying to your mamma, hehe j/k, what up, holla
23-Oct-02 - what's the 0-60 mph time with the NOS??
01-Nov-02 - Thank you, I told him the same thing when he installed it. He has fixed the problem though.
03-Nov-02 - this is a boring pic! tired of looking at someone's click-fest... maybe you wish 12k people cared about this pic, but please.... when do the monthly hot pics expire?
06-Jul-04 - clarabus, you obvisouly don't know that much abou the N2O or the gixxer fairings :-0 Gixxer 600 and 750 fairings are interchangeable with each other but not with the 1000. Also with the Nitrous you don't have to use a controller. I have talked to a couple guys that drag race and they run a straight 40 shot without any problems. I run a 40 shot on mine without any problems (I am using a progressive controller because I am just starting out) Also out of a 2 lb bottle you can get a minimum of 12-15 good passes.
Drawings & Art Yamaha YZF-R1, a little retouching and you get a cleaner and meaner 04 R1. 2004 YZF-R1
Date: 26-Apr-19
Views: 699
Votes: 57 / Ave.: 6.54

1023x789  111 KB

a little retouching and you get a cleaner and meaner 04 R1.

11-Sep-03 - Drool!!!!! NICE!!
12-Sep-03 - Dannnng. That is without doubt the sexiest looking bike out for 2004 plus yamaha is finally catching up to the big guys performance wise.
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R600, what do you think? 2004 GSX-R600
Date: 26-Apr-19
Views: 598
Votes: 57 / Ave.: 6.54

927x749  81 KB

what do you think?

18-Sep-03 - i think it's sweet
18-Sep-03 - Thats tight !
18-Sep-03 - very nice ----------------- ,-,_,-,
18-Sep-03 - that's funny.....i look at this and all i see is a blacked out 2004 Yamaha R1..........oh and some plastics got moved around a bit...oh boy.
18-Sep-03 - this looks like the new r1 not gsxr600. note the swingarm? anyone know?
18-Sep-03 - you are right. 2004 R1
19-Sep-03 - sorry ,your both wrong it's a 04 600 with a 04 R1 swingarm and a "made up " undertail pipe ,it's isn't that hard to tell ,look at the frame ,the brakes,the front body work ,the tail ,the tank,the subframe,the wheels,the side panels,the fender,,,if all it takes is a swingarm to throw you off ,you better go check your VIN # and make sure you are riding the right bike .LOL
19-Sep-03 - you guys are lost, the bike is a 2004 GSXR600 with the 2004 Yamaha R1 swingarm. The only thing yamaha is the swingarm. Just wait until you see the 04 GSXR in person, just UNREAL
12-Oct-03 - wow since the 04's were just released a month ago and i work at a motorcycle must have worked quick with the must have changed the footpegs,rims,and the upper cowling.since it is supposed to have the same stacked headlight as the 1000.if it is a new 04 well I have something to look forward to.
World SuperBike Ducati 916/996/998, Go Frankie Chili GO!!!!! 2004 916/996/998
Date: 01-Jun-19
Views: 2,548
Votes: 35 / Ave.: 6.54

1920x1469  363 KB

Go Frankie Chili GO!!!!!

Production (Stock) Aprilia RSV Mille Models, 2001 -Aprilia - RSV1000 Models - 6475 2001 RSV Mille Models
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 682
Votes: 129 / Ave.: 6.54

1600x1240  239 KB

2001 -Aprilia - RSV1000 Models - 6475

30-Oct-00 Great picture, like being right there.
30-Oct-00 way cool
11-May-03 - how can you not like this bike?
11-May-03 - AWESOME pic!!!
12-May-03 - Bad a$$!!!!!!!!!!
Production (Stock) MV Agusta (all models), this is more pretty that the 916 Senna, sorry, Ducati!! 2001 Agusta (all models)
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 899
Votes: 142 / Ave.: 6.54

1280x1010  276 KB

this is more pretty that the 916 Senna, sorry, Ducati!!

07-Feb-01 pretty! but what can it do when i pass it at 100+ on the rear wheel looking down at it looking "pretty"? Awesome bike anyway!
07-Feb-01 show case only peeps.
07-Feb-01 Sorry nothing. Who was Senna in negotiations with to build his bike before his death? None other than Ducati!
07-Feb-01 - I wouldn't even ride that thing. It's the kind of bike you just leave on a podium like that in the garage forever.
07-Feb-01 I don't understand how can someone build a hot looking bike and put no mind to the power
08-Feb-01 - yea lets see you pass this thing at 100+ on the rear wheel....please this bike would probably eat yours, and you know it looks 1000 times better....
08-Feb-01 If a MV 2000mod. (127bhp) beats a gsx-r750 `00 at some tracks!! What will senna -01 with 140bhp do?? Kick us at straights and say goodbye in curves!!
08-Feb-01 Too bad it's the most uncomfortable machine ever made! I sold my F4s last month with only 2K on the clock. Can't ride it for more than 2 hours without severe butt pain! Fine looking machine!
08-Feb-01 - Um...actually I think you have that wrong buddy. The Gixxer 750 was placed against the MV on the track and it stomped the MV's as in every area with the exception of fit and finish. Trust me I love the MV but it still won't out perform the Gixxer.
08-Feb-01 i agree the MV does not have the power of the Gixxer and by the way i have the specs of the senna with me, if any of you are interested. it is just more magnesium and carbon fibre than the original one, power has only increased by 10% and it will take much more than that to beat the gixxer even in the curves. and with the price tag you could by 3 of the 750 gixxer
08-Feb-01 - yeah, it`s true, is a very beatiful bike but hasn´t enough power...however, is stylized body makes her enough fast and the suspensions are the best!! She is only a very expensive toy!!:)
08-Feb-01 how is one bike going to out perform the other?auto pilot?its all about the rider.on paper it might not out perform the bike but whos to say that the rider on the thing can ride it.
08-Feb-01 Experienced riders know that skill plays the biggest factor in the "who's faster" game.
08-Feb-01 - obviously by out perform they mean, on average the testers\owners stats on this bike compared to the sames guys stats on another bike, prove that these people feel they can push their limits even further, and get even better times than on other bikes! Therefore out performing the other bikes!!! im not saying this bike will out perform other bikes, im just clearing things up for the guy that didn't understand out perform! obviously they don't take a beginner on one and a superbike champ on the other, take the results and say , hey this guy beat him, this bike must be better.
15-Mar-01 - I'm sorry y'all, but I'm a rookie as far as this super bike stuff. I don't own a bike! I don't know how to ride bikes! I don't even know what to look for as far as "Bike-Quality!!" But this Motha-f@#ka makes me want to start taking "riding classes" RIGHT NOW!!!! This is a Tiiiight!!!! bike... But from what I've been reading from the rest of the comments, I guess looks aren't everything...
04-Sep-01 - sweet bike

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