Redhead sitting on a Ducati 748.
Ducati 748 - Added by on 11-Aug-2009
Redhead sitting on a Ducati 748. - ID: 7210

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05-Dec-00 - - a red 996 would fit better to her head!
06-Dec-00 - - YAWN
06-Dec-00 - - hello red head :-) grrrrr
06-Dec-00 - - the most basic 748? come on, show me something interesting(that includes a MODEL)
07-Dec-00 - - she's hot i luv red heads
07-Dec-00 - - Any woman on a bike is beautiful, but one on a Duke...ooooooh! And if she could ride...mmmmmm! Makes me wanna cry.
07-Dec-00 - - 5 bucks says she hits one of the trees...nice bike, shame about the engine size...
08-Dec-00 - - does the carpet match the curtains?
09-Dec-00 - - Bummer guys real girls are too much for you... Must like men a little too much huh. The bike is a 10 too I'd love to swap you my97 ZX-7 for the bike and my98 GSXR for her, Noce deal come on
09-Dec-00 - - Man i dunno which one is more full of sh*t? Her or the bike?
10-Dec-00 - - YUCK.
10-Dec-00 - - Why is this girl crying?? Did she catch a reflection of herself somewhere?? She's balling!!!
10-Dec-00 - - girl included...nice ducati promotion!
11-Dec-00 - - You guys are such a bunch of sorry SOB's. The girl is cute, the bike is cool. Stop complaining: either go ride or post a pic of yourself so we can laugh at you.
12-Dec-00 - - Why the H... does everyone have to be such an a**???? SO its not a 996 but I bet she's hotter than your fat chick!!!!! Why can't we all just get along? instead of trying to be COOLER than the next guy!!!!!!!!
17-Dec-00 - - Back in '97, my boss told me we were going to ride two bikes 70 miles to a bike show for display. He rode the ST-2, and I rode the 748. After he finally caught up to me at the end of the twisty,forested section, I told him I finally understood why it was sensible to save $3000. over the cost of a 916. 748s rock...
03-Jan-01 - - Seriously, what's with the 748 bashing??? Why do I want the same ride as everyone else, namely a Yamaha or a Suzuki. I don't give a sh*t for top end; handling is what separates the great bikes from the rest and makes riding so fun. So you pull up alongside me on my red 748 and you enjoy your rush as you pull off the line. I’ll see you at the first bend!
29-Jan-01 - - sweet...the red head that is!!!
07-Feb-01 - - I saw a girl riding a yellow Duck in Silverton this year. I was in love.
26-Feb-01 - - 748? I guess he likes riding the ugly Duc-kling
11-Sep-01 - - Uauuuuu I wish I was older grrrrrr (and taller ;)))
25-Jun-03 - - A chick is a chick, A bike is a bike!! A chick on a bike = nothing but greatness in my eyes. The chick is good looking, the bike is nice, enough said.
25-Jun-03 - - Don't let anyone mess with you. Nice bike, and nice girl too. This 748 bashing has to stop to each, his (or her) own. I have a '02 748, and wouldn't think of upgrading....except for carbon fiber sh*t of course. Keep riding the Duc!
25-Jun-03 - - Amen!!! This site is overflowing with pompous/negative egos.
25-Jun-03 - - Marry Me?
25-Jun-03 - - Hello Darlin' hows about we go bang some curves?! Nice smile, cool bike.
25-Jun-03 - - She's beautiful and she can ride boyz --
25-Jun-03 - - Poetry on a work of art- I Love It!! As far as handling vs. horsepower, it does not mean squat if the rider can't use it to get the job done. I used to smoke ZX11's and GSXRs with a GS700ES and I had neither. Gots ta know how to ride. I may be a little old school, but I am the teacher!! :)
25-Jun-03 - - It's a bike, when it comes right down to it, I'd rather be caught riding a smaller, less noted model than not riding at all. As for price differences and characteristics? I guess it simply depends on what YOU expect from your motorcycle. As for the redhead? She's cute, redheads are not my thing, but that would be to each his own, PERIOD!!!!! Ride on brother!
25-Jun-03 - - Wooow Nice Babe, oppppps i mean Nice Bike
30-Jun-03 - - You can ride my ducati anytime!!