Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird sitting next to an SR-71 Blackbird. Very cool picture. 1997 Honda CBR1100XX
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Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird sitting next to an SR-71 Blackbird. Very cool picture. - Honda CBR1100XX - ID: 2581
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25-Apr-00 - This picture is so cool, the bike looks so diesel with the Stealth Bomber in the background
21-Sep-00 - - Bad-Ass picture, how can I get a poster of this?
24-Jun-01 - - daron: you print this photo on REALLY big paper.
13-Aug-01 - - Thats not the stealth bomber it's the sr-71 blackbird
24-Aug-02 - - Yeah that's a funny looking Stealth Bomber...not like the one that flew over the other day. I didn't know the the Super Blackbird had a Diesel that part of the tow package? Jus playin'...hey just save the pic to a disk (don't print it) and take it to a place like Kinko's. It'll cost about the same as a poster, maybe a little more, but the print quality is awesome.
24-Aug-02 - - that not a sr-71 or a stealth bomber it kinda looks like a cross between the two.
24-Aug-02 - - LOL @ Billowing_Burnout!!
25-Aug-02 - - Nice.
25-Aug-02 - - they should have a race
25-Aug-02 - - Take it from an Air Force pilot guys, this is a SR-71 Blackbird, it's not a stealth bomber. It's not even a stealth (invisible to radar) plane. Kick *ss pic though.
25-Aug-02 - - No, the plane isn't an SR-71: look at the tail section, it's should have 2 fins mounted on the engine pods, not a third one on the main fuselage as well. The cockpit isn't as angular as it is on an SR-71.
25-Aug-02 - - Eliran, look a little closer, take it from a Navy NFO, that isn't a Blackbird, it's somebody's poor attempt at one. The SR-71's windshield is a four panel design, the nose gear has only one taxi light, the mains have three wheels each, the nose does not flare down like a chicken beak, the inlet cones stick out from the nacelle about seven feet, the vertical stabs are three times as tall as this one, the pitot tube is missing, it should be in the tip of the nose, and the wings are five times too thick. Chech this out for the real deal:
25-Aug-02 - - Yep- runaway is right on the money. And I've been in the Air Force 15 years, sat in an SR-71 and was stationed at Edwards AFB when the last 2 were flying for NASA am now a Weapons Section Chief on the B-2 here at Whiteman. It's an interesting pic though. Any Air Force pilot should know that the SR-71 was actually designed and built with Stealth technology- and lots of titanium. The shape and layout of the aircraft made it low observable- about 1/100th the radar signature of a B-52. The B-2 is extremely low observable because it incorporates shape and much more advanced composite materials when built. I'm really curious to see what the new Blackbird is going to look like- it outta kick some *ss. And remember- "Without WEAPONS, it's just another airline!"
26-Aug-02 - - ok...i'm that we know what it isn't, what the heck is it? Keep in mind that very few if any of us have been on the recieving end of these death-from-above beauties.
28-Aug-02 - - <-- Army guy 21 yrs in...<-- computer graphics guy <-- aviation junkie/mechanic I would venture a guess that it's a good composite image taken from several design types. Not the intakes aft of the cockpit on the center fuselage. not needed if it has engines on the wings. The engines that are visible are clearly dated tech compared to the rest of the bird, hense the cropped and put together theory. just my 2 cents worth. kewl pic. poor execution of titles though
28-Aug-02 - - One more thing.... No shadows.... =-D
29-Aug-02 - - This IS the new Blackbird. It's so stealth it doesn't have a shadow!
31-Aug-02 - - think people. Like cold day in hell ultra rightwing military will grant a photo op with SR-71 spy plane, to a JAP-anese motorcycle manufacturer. hahaha.
06-Sep-02 - - this pic needs to be made into a poster if it hasn't. That picture just screams out SPEED.

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More Information on the Honda CBR1100XX

The Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird was a Honda motorcycle made from 1996 to 2007. The bike was developed to challenge the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11 as the world's fastest production motorcycle, and Honda succeeded with a top speed of 178.5 mph (287.3 km/h). Two years later the title passed to the Suzuki Hayabusa, which reached 194 mph (312 km/h). The Blackbird is named after the Lockheed SR-71, also a speed record holder.


In the mid 1990s, Honda was determined to produce the world's fastest production motorcycle and to take over the associated bragging rights and marketing impact, at the time held by Kawasaki's Ninja ZX11. This led to the creation of the CBR1100XX Super Blackbird. The Blackbird name is a nod to the Lockheed SR-71 aircraft, the world's fastest aircraft.

In the February 1997 issue of Sport Rider magazine, the CBR1100XX was tested at a top speed of 178.5 mph (287.3 km/h), compared with 175 mph (281.6 km/h) for the ZX-11. Its supremacy over the ZX-11 was confirmed in April 2007 by Motorcycle Consumer News, although the speeds achieved were slightly lower and the margin was narrower.

In 1999 the Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R overtook the CBR1100XX. It was listed in the 2000 Millennium Edition of Guinness World Records as the world's fastest production bike with a top speed of 194 mph (312 km/h).

Production history

Production of the Blackbird began in 1996 and halted in 2007. Imports to North America ended in 2003 but sales continued in Europe until 2007. Major changes to the Blackbird were introduced in 1999, when Honda switched from carburetors to PGM fuel injection. The 2001 Blackbird received an LCD instrument cluster. Since then, mostly the color schemes have changed but the exhaust and fuelling systems have evolved to meet emission standards and maintain or improve fuel efficiency.

Specific variations to the initial model are:

Modification to the thermostat housing. The other changes are minor.
Major update.
  • PGM FI fuel injection system is introduced.
  • Ram-air system is introduced. It provides engine with more air at high speeds (above 200 km/h or 120 mph) using aerodynamic pressure, thus raising power output to a claimed 164 bhp (122 kW) at 9,500 rpm (at the crank).
  • Revised linked brakes with altered proportioning between front and rear.
  • Fuel tank capacity is increased from 22 to 24 liters.
  • The choke lever is removed from the left side switch assembly as it is no longer necessary.
  • To accommodate the ram air tubes, the oil cooler becomes lower and wider.
  • The inner and outer fork bushings are wider, changing the fork lowers and sliders.
  • The sidestand warning light on the instrument cluster becomes the FI warning light.
  • The wide part of the front axle (left side) becomes 10 mm longer, which makes the left-front axle space 10 mm shorter.
  • The two bulbs in the tail light are vertically aligned, in previous years they were side by side.
  • Front wheel hub is enlarged, the brake rotors are changed.
  • The ignition switch is changed, and the keys are longer.
  • The rotor carriers, stator cover and clutch cover are a light titanium color.
  • The number of clutch plates is reduced from nine to seven.
  • The rear inner fender changes shape to accommodate additional electronics.
  • Manufacturer's power and torque figures are 164 hp (122.3 kW) and 91.5 ft-lb (124 Nm)
No changes
New dashboard now has a digital speedometer and other indicators, except tachometer, which is now in center of dashboard.
New EFI mapping to comply with emission standards and eliminate abrupt throttle response at low speeds.
Manufacturer's power and torque figures reduced to 152 hp (113.3 kW) and 87.8 ft-lb (119 Nm)
Honda factory manual states fuel tank capacity is 23 liters.


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