The aftermath of a car vs. motorcycle. Kawasaki ZX-7R
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The aftermath of a car vs. motorcycle. - Kawasaki ZX-7R - ID: 152
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19-Dec-01 - - owch, hope your okay. If you are look at the bright side, time to buy a real bike.
19-Dec-01 - - what kinda bumps and bruises did u get after this one??
19-Dec-01 - - What are you talking about gixxergeoff? Sure, the zx7r has older technology, but STILL an excellent bike. All you have to do is watch Eric Bostrom for proof of that.
19-Dec-01 - - So True, I will say this, if you want a bike to do stunts, this is not the bike, But for some good riding, the ZX7R is a good bike, have you ever got down on the 7R........... BEAUTIFUL.
19-Dec-01 - - zx6r... EB can ride the wheels off of anything. That is why you will quickly see the Kawi's fall from contention next season. Once Eric is gone from AMA, Kawasaki is going to have a tuff time. Their bikes are old technology, admitidly so. They have been in dire need of a revamping sonce the mid 90's. I don't think they are going to have the customer base to fuel the finances for a completely new bike to keep up with the competition. We will see what the Suzuki/Kawi merger produces.
19-Dec-01 - - give me a break. eric bostrom is a great rider, but the bike he's on has nothing to do with stock ones. you know it and i know it. supersport cles are about production-based vehilcles, superbike cles are about production-based technologies
19-Dec-01 - - jeremyhelling - heheh yeah, Eric is one bad mo-fo. :) My point was just that even tho the zx7 is a dinosaur in sportbike terms, with a capable rider it can still tear it up! :) 90% of it's all rider....I learned that the first time on a track :) And yeah, I agree with you, Kawi sorely needs a swift kick in the buttocks with the bikes they've been producing. The zx6r is an awesome bike...but carbs?? Same with the 9r, and like you said, the 7r needs plastic surgery and a complete makeover :) But I still say a good rider on the 7r can smoke an average rider any day of the week!
20-Dec-01 - - Shawnng2020: What are you talking about?? Have you seen full leather jacket with JT holt??? He is one awesome stunt rider and he does all his on a ZX-7. There are tons of pics on this site of him. It's yellow with a Hot Wheels sticker on the side and a caved in tank from tank wheelies!
20-Dec-01 - - Absoloutlely. My point exactly. That's why no other riders were in contention this year. Suzuki has several riders in contention in both the 600 and Supersport cles. This is a good example of a superioir bike and superior rider. Now, take the same decent riders, put them on lesser bikes, and the result is not the same. Now, take a rider like EB from a lesser bike, and put him on a better.... well, just watch WSB next season to find out the asnwer to that one ;-)
20-Dec-01 - - Eric Bostrom is not going to WSBK for 2002. He's the sole Kawasaki superbike rider in AMA next year. Another wasted year for him. Kinda like Scott Russell on the hawg
20-Dec-01 - - Last i heard, eric was not going to wsb. Has that changed?
20-Dec-01 - - EB will be doing a select few WSBK races (5 i think) this year, as well as the full AMA schedule.
21-Dec-01 - - Jeremyhelling: If I understand you correctly, then you're view is that only the best of the best can ride Kawasaki's to victory, Now if memory serves me correct. I believe that Andrew Pitt won the world supersport aboard a Kawasaki. For a guy who's only been on the circuit for 2 years and never won a race that's pretty impressive. I'm sure in you're eyes Andrew Pitt is no EB but he still rode a "lesser bike" to a World Championship.
09-Jan-02 - - Uuuuh, that is hard to look at.Hope you didn't get hurt man.Some people just can't drive.

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More Information on the Kawasaki ZX-7R

The Kawasaki ZX-7R was a sport bike made by Kawasaki from 1992 to 2003. It replaced the more race-oriented ZXR-750 in the 750cc supersports class. It remained largely unchanged through its production.

Between 1990 and 1995 in the US market the ZXR-750 and ZXR-750R were known as ZX-7 and ZX-7R respectively. Starting from 1996 Kawasaki dropped the ZXR name adopting the ZX-7R worldwide.


The ZX-7R was raced, gaining 12 AMA superbike championship victories. Kawasaki's Road Racing team riders were Eric Bostrom, Doug Chandler and Scott Russell. Doug Toland won the 1993 Endurance FIM World Championship. Andreas Hofmann won the 1997 Macau Grand Prix.

The ZX-7R has a 749 cc in-line four-cylinder, four-stroke engine.

The frame used on the ZX-7R is a lightweight aluminum twin-spar item, designed using computer-aided design to optimize strength. The rear subframe was constructed using steel and aluminum, providing enough strength for a pillion passenger whilst keeping weight to a minimum.

The swingarm used largely the same fabrication techniques to produce a hollow cast and pressed aluminum alloy hybrid swingarm, and the Uni-Trak rear suspension system features a predominantly lightweight alloy and aluminum construction. The Uni-Trak system was designed to provide a progressively stiffer damping and spring rate under compression. The rear suspension unit is fully adjustable in terms of damping, preload and compression.

The front suspension found on the ZX-7R comprises a fully adjustable 43 mm inverted cartridge fork.

Front brakes are 320 mm semi-floating front discs and Tokico six-piston calipers. Rear brakes feature a 230 mm disc with a twin-piston opposed caliper.

The ZX-7RR differs from the road model with an adjustable head-stock angle, swing arm pivot, additional increased adjustability to the front and rear suspension, a solo cowl with a slightly different subframe, and 41 mm flat-slide carburetors. It also has a close ratio gear-box fitted as standard and Nissin front calipers.



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