Left side view of a Kawasaki ZX7R. 1992 Kawasaki ZX-7R
Added by bigjohn1107.hotmail.com on 28-Nov-2011

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Left side view of a Kawasaki ZX7R. - Kawasaki ZX-7R - ID: 11
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05-Jan-01 - That is not an "R"
11-Nov-01 - r_giannis.hotmail.com - this is F ;-))
11-Nov-01 - revnzx7.yahoo.com - How can you run without signals or mirrors?
12-Nov-01 - r_giannis.hotmail.com - in europe and specialy south europe greece italy etc.... lot of people use bikes with out mirros and signals.. no prob..
12-Nov-01 - hawaiianstylein.yahoo.com - This brada is from hawaii, I can tell by the rubba slippas ( Locals ) and the shorts
12-Nov-01 - masrapido.ozu.es - yeah, in portugal you can´t see a bike with mirrors or turn signals...
12-Nov-01 - r_giannis.hotmail.com - i used to wear a pair of those flower drwings in greece is very famous allover the world.... but yes i guess the guy is in hawaii cause the ZX7 in europe was ZXR
14-Nov-01 - ninjaman.aol.com - sorry dude, as the owner of both a 92 zx7 and a 92 zx7r I can say that the zx7 is merely a bike for posers who want to look fast.
18-Nov-01 - colbeerz.yahoo.com - First this is one of my fav older bikes...owned one in 92 and still wish I had it Beerz Likes!!.......now for the chucklehead "ninjaman" you really oughta know a bit more about something before you go shooting that mouth off....see in 92 there were two models of the zx7...on that part you are right...the modded version was a ZX7RR, came with way cool Aluminum gas tank,a solo tail section, a Higher geared tranny, braided brake lines, and a much higher price tag. They were really hard to live with on the street and all the mag's at the time said so. The more poplar ( and affordable ) version was the ZX7R which was a looser in nearly every magizine to the 92 GSX750R......neither of these bikes were for posers, something you might know about.
23-Dec-01 - gators2069.aol.com - I would imagine if you "owned one in 92" that you would know that in 92 there was no ZX7RR... you got your story down as far the specs of the "modded" version (except for the addition of flat-slide carbs, cams, and the suspension goodies), but in 92 this modded version was the ZX-7R and the more common version was the ZX-7(like in the picture here). Now then, in 96 out came the ZX-7R which was now the common version and sometime thereafter came the ZX-7RR. If your gonna slam somebody at least have your chit in one sock, ya chucklehead...
25-Dec-01 - gators2069.aol.com - Nice bike by the way... It's nice to see a 7 from the early 90's still nice and clean and not ragged out, rock on. How many miles you got on that thing?
29-Nov-04 - borderlinecycle.netscape.net - i agree not an R ,no alumninum tank (you can tell by the welds ) no swingarm adj swingarm pivot ,tail is not R either

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More Information on the Kawasaki ZX-7R

The Kawasaki ZX-7R was a sport bike made by Kawasaki from 1992 to 2003. It replaced the more race-oriented ZXR-750 in the 750cc supersports class. It remained largely unchanged through its production.

Between 1990 and 1995 in the US market the ZXR-750 and ZXR-750R were known as ZX-7 and ZX-7R respectively. Starting from 1996 Kawasaki dropped the ZXR name adopting the ZX-7R worldwide.


The ZX-7R was raced, gaining 12 AMA superbike championship victories. Kawasaki's Road Racing team riders were Eric Bostrom, Doug Chandler and Scott Russell. Doug Toland won the 1993 Endurance FIM World Championship. Andreas Hofmann won the 1997 Macau Grand Prix.

The ZX-7R has a 749 cc in-line four-cylinder, four-stroke engine.

The frame used on the ZX-7R is a lightweight aluminum twin-spar item, designed using computer-aided design to optimize strength. The rear subframe was constructed using steel and aluminum, providing enough strength for a pillion passenger whilst keeping weight to a minimum.

The swingarm used largely the same fabrication techniques to produce a hollow cast and pressed aluminum alloy hybrid swingarm, and the Uni-Trak rear suspension system features a predominantly lightweight alloy and aluminum construction. The Uni-Trak system was designed to provide a progressively stiffer damping and spring rate under compression. The rear suspension unit is fully adjustable in terms of damping, preload and compression.

The front suspension found on the ZX-7R comprises a fully adjustable 43 mm inverted cartridge fork.

Front brakes are 320 mm semi-floating front discs and Tokico six-piston calipers. Rear brakes feature a 230 mm disc with a twin-piston opposed caliper.

The ZX-7RR differs from the road model with an adjustable head-stock angle, swing arm pivot, additional increased adjustability to the front and rear suspension, a solo cowl with a slightly different subframe, and 41 mm flat-slide carburetors. It also has a close ratio gear-box fitted as standard and Nissin front calipers.



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