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Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX series, 1995 -Suzuki - GSX600Katana - 11920
1280x796  189 KB
1995 GSX series
Date: 14-Apr-19
Views: 637
Votes: 115 / Ave.: 4.34

1995 -Suzuki - GSX600Katana - 11920

12-Mar-09 MotoFreud.hotmail.com - Nice! Very nice! Very, very nice.
12-Mar-09 dellvista.yahoo.com - nonono
12-Mar-09 qwebster.aol.com - Clean Bike! Thumbs up from me!
12-Mar-09 louielou17str.aol.com - that bike looks like it wants to be a R1 when it gets bigger
12-Mar-09 BigAlf.ameritech.net - clean lookin ride!
12-Mar-09 johnnyh1.hotmail.com - Looks just like my old bike. Nice job on the Katana.
12-Mar-09 afonsoliveira.hotmail.com - Good Job. I don?t know why but it reminds me of the K1 Bmw ...
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX series, Never leave your police motorcycle unattended! Look Ma, no hands....www.vroomcrew.com
400x548  110 KB
1999 GSX series
Date: 12-Apr-19
Views: 529
Votes: 156 / Ave.: 4.22

Never leave your police motorcycle unattended! Look Ma, no hands....www.vroomcrew.com

23-Mar-01 dex.freebase.com - moron
23-Mar-01 wheelieking44.hotmail.com - moron?? moron??? why do people insult themselves on this web site? dex youre a retard. the flash rules!
23-Mar-01 SpeeDemonGirl.aol.com - it dont look like much of a chase bike, more like a DARE education project... all thou its nice to see something other than a harley or a corvette used for dare program
23-Mar-01 info.siegarts.net - i dun get it ...
23-Mar-01 the_flash.bikeracer.com - Aw, come on now Dex. Ease up there. I thought it was a prime photo op! Isn't that what this website is for. As you CAN notice, I placed it in the humour section.And Speed Demon Girl, you are right. It is a DARE project bike. I Thought it would be neat to add. Take care all the Flash
23-Mar-01 SpeeDemonGirl.aol.com - I think its a neat pic, funny...
23-Mar-01 arp.7.excite.co.uk - Is that a bullet-proof vest you are wearing? Are your arms up because the officer has his gun drawn?
23-Mar-01 SpeeDemonGirl.aol.com - see, the police dept most likely didnt buy this bike, it was probably confiscated in a crime or some crap like that so thats why its only a katana, if it was up to them theyd get something faster... not that it matters, its not like anybody rides this thing hard, its just for show (dare education)
26-Mar-01 icemanrr.bikeracer.com - just to clear things up about this bike. It was bought by the Victoria Police Department from Victoria Honda Suzuki, at near cost. The bike is used in primarily community police functions. But I know a few officers that I work with that have used the bike on patrol. It is equiped with wig wag lites and blue and reds in the tail section. I hope that makes it a bit clearer
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX series, This is a pic of me riding with my hardcore crew down at the strip.  I smoked a new Gsxr1000 just before this was taken.  Those new ones are junk!  Nobody rides like the hardcore crew!
1224x894  142 KB
1988 GSX series
Date: 12-Apr-19
Views: 537
Votes: 148 / Ave.: 3.93

This is a pic of me riding with my hardcore crew down at the strip. I smoked a new Gsxr1000 just before this was taken. Those new ones are junk! Nobody rides like the hardcore crew!

23-Mar-01 tc.hotmail.com - Did h*ll just freeze over?? According to Johnny Bravo it must have!!
23-Mar-01 YSR_50.yahoo.com - What planet are U from? R the laws of physics different there? R U just a dumba$$ in your world?
23-Mar-01 turtlenek.hotmail.com - God, I hope this is a joke.
23-Mar-01 rebelmerlin.hotmail.com - was the 1000 trying, or were you the only one racing,..... putz
23-Mar-01 sikwheelie.yahoo.com - This is a joke peeps, chill.
23-Mar-01 akimotosan.hotmail.com - don't you guys realize he's joking? Y'all take this way too serious :)
23-Mar-01 Johny2hard.hotmail.com - My bike is killer fast, I know the guy on the GSXR he rides with another local crew and he was trying. My bike has many mods, 142hp! and looks much better.
23-Mar-01 cya1071.yahoo.com - you are so full of crap! I have a new gsxr 1000 and the only way you are beating me is because it is not fully broke in and I would bet that it can't beat it even though it's not broke in, you make me laugh .
23-Mar-01 Johny2hard.hotmail.com - you come down to the strip and try to drag with me and you will get shamed just like the other fool on the gsxr! by the way those front fairings are so ugly looks like a beak! Hardcore crew rules!
23-Mar-01 arp.7.excite.co.uk - Maybe the guy is telling the truth ....... although I suspect that the GSXR 1000 was still on its paddock stand at the time. For me though, the appeal of sportsbikes is as much to do with their ability to go around corners at speed .... and this one belongs to an era when they didn't. He says that this pic is of him "riding with his hardcore crew" ...... I can only see one guy here so maybe he's suffering delusions in this too and is actually a member of a group of one..... alone .... by himself!!
23-Mar-01 wetcouch.aol.com - He has the bungi on the seat thats good for like a 27hp gain and the yellow paint is good for 15hp and the hat on the wrong way thats like anther 40hp gain that why he bet a 1000 NOT!
23-Mar-01 SpeeDemonGirl.aol.com - 88 katana 600 against a new gixer 1000, hmmm as much as I dont care for suzukis in general this race would be like an old chevy chevette against a new camaro or something in those lines...
24-Mar-01 burgess2001.hotmail.com - a katana with 142hp yeah my *ss, only with a turbo tough guy
24-Mar-01 rbajwa.hotmail.com - Buddy... I have a GSXR1000. It's not broken in yet, but it is beyond you or your invisible super hardcore crew. If this is your idea of a joke, it isn't funny. But YOUR bike is a joke.
24-Mar-01 Army25.hotmail.com - See what happens when someone has had their license for 1 week !!! All of a sudden they know everything there is to know about bikes and they have "smoked" all of them. No offense buddy but just go back to your mom's house with your $hitty bike.
24-Mar-01 VeeMann750.aol.com - Was the guy on the gixxer 1000 a midget?Only then would i justify your race win. You must have been dropped on your head as a child
24-Mar-01 d1iat.unb.ca - Dude, get some protection for yourself. Your knuckles won't work so good when the bone is ground off!!! You wouldn't be able to blow any gixxer 1000's away then!! moron. BTW I've seen this picture somewhere else, I don't think the submitter is this guy and I think its a joke.
24-Mar-01 Johny2hard.hotmail.com - My bike is one of the fastest bikes down at the strip, and maybe I just ride much harder than the tool on the gsxr.. My crew members got out of the way for this pic cause my girlfriend wanted a shot of me by myself. We all ride hard. I'll put some more pictures up of us doing some tricks. Maybe those loose cannon guys will learn something. We don't mess around like you squids...HARDCORE CREW RULES!!!
24-Mar-01 hardoncrew.yeahright.com - oh, the gixxer was praked. i get it. hahaha
24-Mar-01 SpeeDemonGirl.aol.com - I do think johny is kinda cute though!
24-Mar-01 firebade.cbr929.net - WELL, if it was the kid that had his motor blow on his 2001 gsxr 1000 in daytona...I could understand. but there is no WAY that a "can of tuna" will toss a 1000, unless you ride like a superstar, and the 1000 rider was a newbie. Maybe he or she was not even racing you...maybe he or she was just crackin up in their helmet at your little can of tuna winding out.
24-Mar-01 geraldgg.hotmail.com - where am I? Did I wake up in some other dimension where dorks borrow thier mom's ride and whip gsxr1000's?
24-Mar-01 Johny2hard.hotmail.com - you fools are just jealous! And maybe my bike is old school and you don't take me serious when I want to race but you'll be surprised when I leave you in the dust and all you see is my tail lights! all I have to say is 142hp baby!!HAHAHA
24-Mar-01 arp.7.excite.co.uk - Smoked a GSXR 1000....eh? .... are you it's not something else you smoked? .... like a hallucinogenic substance?
25-Mar-01 And then you woke up in cold sweats.........................
25-Mar-01 bizxtreme2000.aol.com - And then you wiped the drool off your face as you woke up. Bring that old peice of junk to Jax and put it next to a REAL 600! 2001 GSX-R600!
26-Mar-01 masrapido.ozu.es - I have a Katana 750, boy, but you only can get 142 h.p. on your 86 h.p. bike changing his engine for a GSXR1100´one. No dude, man!!!!
26-Mar-01 qbzonk.hotmail.com - Geez, where do I begin?? Johnny, you got a big mouth. Obviously you're just being a wise-a$$. I reaaly enjoy your crew of just one! Even though you are trying to be funny you are actually being an a$$. The funny thing is someone will see you on the road one day and break your fingers so you can't send any more humiliating pix of you and your chalupa. TOOL!
27-Mar-01 brad1181.hotmail.com - dude i own a kat w/several mods and i like them (750) but you need to just say NO to drugs because there is no way even with a 2001 motor on your bike that it could beat a new gixxer because of the weight factor; olds kats are HEAVY and you need to be committed.
27-Mar-01 brad1181.hotmail.com - he said he has a lot of mods i dont care if you have nitros you couldn't get that hp; and i know how he "beat" a new gixxer he seen it parked in front of someones house and pushed his bike past it.
27-Mar-01 sikwheelie.yahoo.com - Oh mortal fools! This is someone elses pic that this guy loaded and you all are dogging someone who probably does'nt know his pic is here.
28-Mar-01 rx-7.tupac.com - hahahahahahhaah this is the most classic stuff i've ever seen (the pic) and read (the comments) this guy 0wnz the r0ad, st4y 0utta h15 w4y! cuz he'11 0wn j00 on h1s c4n 0f tun4
30-Mar-01 gsx11000.cs.com - i dont care what you have i have a zuke 600 stock that will beat that
10-Apr-01 cbrewer900.yahoo.com - Who gives a rats but about drag racing??? it's for squids that can't ride. I'll spank that canatuna on my F2 through a canyon!!!
23-Oct-03 miles321.yahoo.com - Hahhaha 2 years later and this is STILL comedy
24-Oct-03 iwheelie.optusnet.com.au - This is very amuiseing! I do have to admit (with shame) when i firsts tarted riding i thought my bike could smoke bigger bikes but i know better now! BUT there are so many Power Rangers out there on brand new bikes that cant take off! Picture this, take of on the kanotuna at 10,000rpm a PROPER race start then jump on a gix and rev it to 2,000rpm and take off (thats how the powerangers take off on thier gixthous,r1's whatever) and for the first few feet the kanotuna MAY beat the gixxer! But not for far! I have smoked MANY a bike by taking of properly when they THINK they are taking of properly! One day i nearly fell of after the guy i had just draged of (he was on a zx6r 96 ish model i was on an Rg250) he asked if i had a 500 engine in it cos he was goinga s hard as he could and i beet him! Problem was he let the clutch out at 1500rpm! I took of in band! So it is possible but only if the rider on the faster bike is a moron!
24-Oct-03 malemute2156.yahoo.com - even if it had 142hp,it weighed over 500lbs. i had one with gsxr 750 motor and many mods. made 135hp. BS
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX series, Suzuki - GSX750Katana - 10322
1280x1000  193 KB
GSX series
Date: 11-Apr-19
Views: 444
Votes: 124 / Ave.: 4.48

Suzuki - GSX750Katana - 10322

Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX series, This is what the police came up with to chase us down with here in Victoria BC. Too bad they chose a slow heavy bike to do it with...www.vroomcrew.com
1768x1144  407 KB
1999 GSX series
Date: 11-Apr-19
Views: 330
Votes: 137 / Ave.: 5.19

This is what the police came up with to chase us down with here in Victoria BC. Too bad they chose a slow heavy bike to do it with...www.vroomcrew.com

23-Mar-01 dex.freebasae.com - Are your bike faster than a motorola? Who cares how fast they are.....they'll still catch you.
23-Mar-01 the_flash.bikeracer.com - Its all in good fun dex, can't you see that? I was posting the bike pic because I thought it was neat? Of course we don't advocate running from the police. Thanks for the tip on the cell phone by the way cheers all the flash
23-Mar-01 lickme.rouze.com - I actually think the tail is cool. Clear cover with the red and blue lights inside. How smooth is that?
23-Mar-01 inline_four.yahoo.com - How smooth would it be if they actually used a good bike?
29-Mar-02 killabeez14.hotmail.com - gimmie the lights!!!!!!... they really do use this? Victoria? Australia?
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX series, 1989 Suzuki Katana with solo seat, v&h exhaust, rear hugger.
1280x824  234 KB
1989 GSX series
Date: 11-Apr-19
Views: 2,051
Votes: 136 / Ave.: 4.32

1989 Suzuki Katana with solo seat, v&h exhaust, rear hugger.

08-Mar-01 showtime49.lycos.com - that hugger is sweet
11-Nov-03 XSPLISIV96.YAHOO.COM - where did you get that rear hugger and seat cowl from!! LOOKS GOOD
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX series, Red Katana in progress
1154x960  264 KB
2000 GSX series
Date: 11-Apr-19
Views: 402
Votes: 108 / Ave.: 4.67

Red Katana in progress

07-Mar-01 Did you know you were wasting your money when you bought this?
07-Mar-01 devilgrl.devilgrl.com - the katana may not be a great squidbike but its still a nice bike.
08-Mar-01 This looks like an RF600 evil twin
09-Mar-01 GixxerKing.aol.com - Man D@mn all you punk haters. We all are here because we love bikes, not everyone has to be into carving up the canyons or spending all their hard earned money on track fees every weekend. Can't they just get on what ever they like and just ride. I know you have a right to your opinion, but you can't say he wasted his money on this bike, or did you buy your bike because of what everyone else said?!
10-Mar-01 peer pressure!!! I have to spend ALL my $$$ on R1s and Busas, HEY ride on Taylor, have fun w/ the Katana and take care of her
10-Mar-01 its a good bike, and worth spending the $$$ on and even putting some aftermarket toys on it, it's only kinda sensless when you spend more than the bike is worth on stuff that won't make it faster or handle better such as polishing the frame and wheels so have fun w/ it, put few personal touches on it and be safe... by the way, I love the way the front turn signals look
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX series, VERY FAST AND FUN TO RIDE.
1280x1000  322 KB
1995 GSX series
Date: 11-Apr-19
Views: 347
Votes: 122 / Ave.: 3.84


03-Mar-01 your about to get a lot of negatives b/c it's a katana but I like ppl who have pride in their ride,Ride Safe
03-Mar-01 Nice ride !
03-Mar-01 my first bike was a 600 kat and I still love the look and the ride of those bikes. very nice ride!neutronbomb2000@hotmail.com
03-Mar-01 sweet ride, put a seat cowl on from targa-acc.com
04-Mar-01 Nice bike, but not so sure about the very fast part.
04-Mar-01 Fast?? The van behind it?? Im sure that's what you meant. There' s no way a KATANA could be considered "fast" by any experienced rider.
08-Mar-01 Oh man, it's too bad you wrote that "Fast" description dude. That opened you up to a slew of cracks, you MUST have known this was not a FAST bike!
20-Mar-01 masrapido.ozu.es - you are a lol, man, I´ve got a 750 one and she is a very fast bike (with a good driver in, of course) , Too much R-6 I have somked in twisties...
04-Apr-01 dariopks.uol.com.br - Aha, ok! What is the meaning of the word fast?? 60 mph, 80 mph, 130 mph??? I think that this bike is fast enought. You can get a lot of trouble with it... hehehe...
19-Apr-01 masrapido.ozu.es - yeah dariopks, until in a little motorbike you can pass in a corner, that is where is important to be fast...
29-Sep-03 dd_7168.yahoo.com - is this katana600?
29-Sep-03 c.adamson1.juno.com - from the looks of the tail light it is a 600. 750's had a large, square slanted forward tail light.
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX series, 95 suzuki GSX600F, Stock came red and purple- very bad looking..  Recent mods- Rim's painted and polished, LP Dark Smoke speedscreen, Custom Fairing Mesh, Custom Fairing Graphix, LP Clear Flushmounts, Fender Eliminated, Tricktape decals, Tricktape Custom LightLidz, and taillidz on order...
1280x1000  286 KB
1995 GSX series
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 2,336
Votes: 127 / Ave.: 4.44

95 suzuki GSX600F, Stock came red and purple- very bad looking.. Recent mods- Rim's painted and polished, LP Dark Smoke speedscreen, Custom Fairing Mesh, Custom Fairing Graphix, LP Clear Flushmounts, Fender Eliminated, Tricktape decals, Tricktape Custom LightLidz, and taillidz on order...

11-Mar-01 No kidding! I wouldn't take a ride on this if I was out of gas and had 40 miles to walk! I could WALK quicker then this thing could take me!
11-Mar-01 SpeeDemonGirl.aol.com - bike is a bike, if he/she wants to customize somehow let them, fact is that it wont make it any faster or hande any better BUT it will make it look little different... and if looks is what theyre going for then more power to them... ride on but dont try to keep up w/ me...
12-Mar-01 jbender.mcollins.com - Why? Because it is my first bike and I got it for a steal and plan to make some money off of it and buy a GSXR-- Sorry all you big shots- but this 20 year old- who own's his own house and pays for himself and his wife to go to school cannot be selfish and decide to spend $ 7000 on himself for a supersport- some of us unspoiled hard working people need to start somewhere...
14-Mar-01 showtime49.hotmail.com - i couldn't agree more.....at least we katana riders can be happy with what we have and not have to waste $8000 just to make everybody else happy
14-Mar-01 hey jbender, I was defending you, its ok to spend $ on a katana, but to a point since whatever you do to it wont make it perform any better BUT it is a good beginner bike, so have fun
15-Mar-01 jbender.mcollins.com - Speed Demon Girl-- wasn't baggin you-- just the others- and FYI you can make these go faster, exhaust, advancer, jet kit, and putting a gixxer engine on it...
30-May-01 tsvetlak.netscape.net - i have a katana too... and it's a great bike. all you katana haters can bite me.
01-Jun-01 flip930.aol.com - i am 16 and i have a 1999 katana and i love it, i think it is a great first bike
18-Jun-01 rhepu.hotmail.com - Katana will always be Katana...enjoy riding it buddies!
11-Nov-01 BigAlf.ameritech.net - nice bike where can you get those clear markers for a katana?
05-Oct-03 rex1.sympatico.ca - Looks good , nice job on the rims . People can say what they want but if you have new expensive bike and can't ride the curves , thats not impressive .
05-Oct-03 limey750cc.aol.com - i had a katana for my first bike.I loved it ran great ,motor was bulletproof.Nice ride my friend
27-Oct-03 GIXXER6.SYMPATICO.CA - Why be haters. Last time I checked, it isn't what you ride as long as you ride!
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX series, This is before & after pictures of my 1993 Suzuki Katana...I only spent 2500$ including purchase price of the bike, so it was not too much of a waste of money...since I did all work..I had to do somthing while I was waiting for my Y2K Blue R1..
1280x1028  268 KB
1993 GSX series
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 579
Votes: 142 / Ave.: 4.68

This is before & after pictures of my 1993 Suzuki Katana...I only spent 2500$ including purchase price of the bike, so it was not too much of a waste of money...since I did all work..I had to do somthing while I was waiting for my Y2K Blue R1..

28-Feb-01 Sweet, did you paint it yourself, too? Hey, is it for sale now?
28-Feb-01 Still NAS T
28-Feb-01 sweet bike man....who did all the chrome?
01-Mar-01 i like the tire treads...
01-Mar-01 Nice job
01-Mar-01 it's not chrome, it's polished!!
01-Mar-01 anthonymcc.netzero.net - Nice look... What does your R1 look like?
01-Mar-01 Nice, Hey what color is the Mark VIII in the background?
01-Mar-01 bratmantlz.aol.com - dont suppose you have a good parts supplyer i have a kat that needs some TLC
01-Mar-01 Big deal it's still a katana
01-Mar-01 You should've scrapped the Can-o-Tuna and spent the $2,500.00 on the R1buying Ohlins suspension bits.
01-Mar-01 It was a good starter bike....now it just sits in storage, collecting dust.........
01-Mar-01 Elokens.ameritech.net - Well, I'm gonna scrap the Can-o-Tuna for Ohlins parts anyways......how did you guess?
26-Sep-03 ninja7r_rider.yahoo.com - looks good, the only waste here is that it's not being ridden. and why burn money on suspension when you can't handle the stock bike?
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX series, 1993 -Suzuki - GSX600Katana - 9169
1000x790  240 KB
1993 GSX series
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 604
Votes: 133 / Ave.: 4.28

1993 -Suzuki - GSX600Katana - 9169

25-Feb-01 Ok, and we need to see this WHY? This bike is screaming "TRADE ME IN FOR A REAL SPORTBIKE'. Listen to her, please!!!!!!!!!!!!
26-Feb-01 If you don't need to see it then why are you postin a reply? good lookin ride.
27-Feb-01 Elokens.ameritech.net - Nothing wrong with a 600 Kat to learn on....
01-Oct-03 rascal107.hotmail.com - Love the Katana......
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX series, 1993 -Suzuki - GSX600Katana - 9168
1000x790  233 KB
1993 GSX series
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 633
Votes: 121 / Ave.: 4.31

1993 -Suzuki - GSX600Katana - 9168

08-May-01 tsvetlak.netscape.net - this is one of the best looking bikes on this entire site... forget what those punks say. i have a red katana just like yours and i love it.
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX series, katana with smoked windscreen, purple aluminum bolt kit,polished rims,polished master cylinder cover,clear lenses,aluminum bar ends
1000x790  260 KB
1993 GSX series
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 694
Votes: 134 / Ave.: 4.72

katana with smoked windscreen, purple aluminum bolt kit,polished rims,polished master cylinder cover,clear lenses,aluminum bar ends

24-Feb-01 Nice
24-Feb-01 why would you do all that to an OLD 600 Katana???
25-Feb-01 I kind of like it, but the windshield looks a little photoshopped :o) Still, nice looking machine.
25-Feb-01 kanoftuna is more like it
25-Feb-01 showtime49.lycos.com - i would do all that to an "old" katana because not all of us can afford to go out and buy brand new r6's and have to make due with what we have.....its my baby and its all i got.....you need something better to do than bash other peoples bikes
25-Feb-01 You know, it's kind of a shame that all this work was done to a KATANA. You can't change the fact that this is THE WORST sport bike ever built. Sorry dude, but it's true. You can modify it with polish and chrome all you want, it wont make that sled move. And it is "old"!! If you can't afford a real bike, then how do you dump all this coin into this ratty old thing?
25-Feb-01 SpeeDemonGirl.aol.com - exacly my point, if you didnt spend all that $$$ on the old Katana maybe you'd be able to afford something newer and better...
25-Feb-01 for real not everybody can afford the cookie cut-out R6's or R1's
25-Feb-01 hey man screw these guys , i've never been a fan of that bike but it looks good, just keep up the good work
25-Feb-01 kevynwight.hotmail.com - Dude, don't listen to these elitist jack*sses. The bike looks great and I'm sure she's a lot of fun, so who cares what a bunch of lamers think??
26-Feb-01 rckr28.aol.com - Nice bike dude, some of us don't have that silver spoon to fall back on...
26-Feb-01 MommySillyPickle.cs.com - Obviously they have never ridden a Katana. I own a Ninja ZX6 and love to "trade for the day" with my hubby who rides a katana! It is a great bike. Those who say otherwise are just misinformed and showing their lack of intelligence for the subject! Great bike!
26-Feb-01 Hetman.fuckyou.com - I hear Reg Pridmore humbles his advanced students on a Kat750 riding 2 up vs r6/r1 etc.70% Rider 30% bike. By the way bike looks good.
26-Feb-01 masrapido.ozu.es - stupids...., the important is the rider!! I Got a Katana 750 and smoke too much people wtih WONDERFUL AND NEWST nikes likes CBR900RR, and so on, and, However, if we like our bikes, what is the problem ?
26-Feb-01 biteme.downunder.com - Forget those posers who want to downtalk your bike. Anyone can twist the throttle and go 170 in a straight line. Hell, most of these posers probably bought their bike (if they really have a bike) just to be seen. The same ones that do wheelies from every stop light, the same ones that eventually crash making a fool of themselves. They'll never see a track day, and just ride what they have to "get noticed". It's all about ability, and most of these guys/girls couldn't hold your jock in the twisties.
26-Feb-01 katanapunk.punkkidd.com - Great lookin' Bike man! My roomate on his ZX9-R has a hard time keeping up with my 600 in the twisties...... It's all about the rider!
26-Feb-01 biteme.mysoftspot.com - Bike looks great dude, no matter what those posers write! The Kat is a great bike!
26-Feb-01 Troy.troy.com - Tell ya what guys.......showtime seems to be both happy and proud of his bike! Seems that if it makes you happy and you're proud of whatcha got, then it can't be too bad right? Seems we gotta buncha unhappy guys posting a reply slammin ya boys bike. Why? You not happy with YOUR ride? Or do you even HAVE one? So you gotta belittle another guy? Sad really! Why is it you're not posting a link to YOUR bike if it's so much better?! Grow up fellas! He's happy! He's proud! Got nothin good to say? Why'd you open your yap then? Looks good showtime!
27-Feb-01 Sweet... that is a great looking "WORST" sport bike ever. It's pretty crazy when you can get blasted because your bike is a split second slower, or can only do 3x the speed limit instead of 3.5x. It's pretty obvious that Showtime has put a lot of love and attention to detail into his bike and has created a personalized bike, that's cool.
27-Feb-01 Bike Looks GREAT man. You should add a 4 into 1 you will love the difference.
27-Feb-01 I don't know what these haters problems are, but they do have one if they can't just be happy for someone else. Whenever you posers learn to ride and I see you racing on Speed Vision, then you can talk sh*t about how good your race replicas are. Until then shut up and learn to ride.
27-Feb-01 I was runnin with R1's on my Kat 600 this weekend and I'd be willing to say I could run with any of these haters in the twisties too.. Your ride looks good, Period.
27-Feb-01 GixxerKing.aol.com - Dude, your bike looks great!! If I am not wrong, a 600 Katana won the 600 Championship about 10 years ago. Help me out webmaster, who was it. I cant find his name right now, but it was deffinetly a Katana 600. Just shows that the rider is a BIG part of EVERY bike.
27-Feb-01 Elokens.ameritech.net - I love the people who bash a poor little 600 bike, but won't leave an email address....I still got my 93 600 kat to go 10.73 @130.85MPH....
19-Mar-01 brad1181.hotmail.com - dude i really like the bike but i must say that my kat does look better. Its my fist bike i have a 750 with a polished frame done by ME. And anotherthing to all those ppl that talk about dumping money into a kat; i have smoked many ninjas, even a 900 once because its all up to the rider and size size of the things in his scrotum anywayz to the owner rock on guy
25-Apr-01 bproch69.aol.com - i gotta give this bike props...i just turned 18 and just bought my first bike, 93 kat that looks almost exactly like this, im gettin tired of hearin people talk $hit ,who cares, its a bike and its still fun as hell to ride
01-Oct-03 rascal107.hotmail.com - GReat bike to ride, I love my katana very comfortable, beats my civic any day!!!
01-Oct-03 rascal107.hotmail.com - i like your bikeee~!!!
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX series, my katana
1000x790  183 KB
1993 GSX series
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 752
Votes: 142 / Ave.: 4.20

my katana

24-Feb-01 this isn't a katana its a kitten i have a katana
25-Feb-01 you mean a kan-a-tuna!!!!
25-Feb-01 this was a nice bike back on 1993
Crash Suzuki GSX series, Well, the pic says all!! The last 21 January, my girl, my bike and me sliding in a easy right corner that was wet!! Too much time I don´s crash, but... The pipe was duble and so on with the subframe!! You can see the dust´s mountain that we get off the bike!!
1280x892  243 KB
1990 GSX series
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 516
Votes: 163 / Ave.: 4.33

Well, the pic says all!! The last 21 January, my girl, my bike and me sliding in a easy right corner that was wet!! Too much time I don´s crash, but... The pipe was duble and so on with the subframe!! You can see the dust´s mountain that we get off the bike!!

13-Feb-01 Oh man, that does suck...
13-Feb-01 SpeeDemonGirl.aol.com - I hope you guys werent seriously hurt
14-Feb-01 Another Kan-O-Tuna bites the dust! Hope you're OK, time to move up to a real bike with better tires.
14-Feb-01 Word!
14-Feb-01 pigpen.frontiernet.net - It's funny how many "better" bikes I smoked when I had my Katana600. It is not the bike...it is the rider!
14-Feb-01 iilmac.hotmail.com - I totally agree with you Pig pen. I had a 98 kat 600 and only the best riders on the "better" bikes could keep up with me.
14-Feb-01 masrapido.ozu.es - well, till the moment I crash, I pass a CBR900, CBR600, R-6 and R-1, but I gone in the limit, and, of coyrse, I crash. I need more and better tyres, no more!!! ( Until the GSXR1000 comes...)
14-Feb-01 I agree that it is what is on the seat that matters,rather than what is under it....but,...any remotely good rider on any of those other bikes would surely give that katana a severe a$$ kickin'! I started out on a katana...now 3 bikes later ride an R1! NO COMPARISON!!!!!! sorry about your crash though...keep on ridin'!!!!!
20-Mar-01 masrapido.ozu.es - no so remotely good rider!! last sunday, I go again when I crash, and I pass a ZX9-R, a R-1 and R-6, and that guys don´t ride lookin the mountain...In short twisties, the important is the pilot!!!
09-Sep-03 iwheelie.optusnet.com.au - Um anybody who thinks a kanotuna (no offence masrapido) can run with a real bike wake up! I jumped on my mates 97 gsxf750 and tried chasin my budd on his 900rr well ther not to bad in the slow stuff but i ground the centrestand and lifted the bike copletly up! Nearly crashed the blade had inches of ground clearence left! Competent touring bike yes, throw them at a set of corners and try to keep up with somebody who can ride and the kat will end up in the scrubb! by the date off this post im sure you made a full recovery Masapido!
09-Sep-03 masrapido.ozu.es - LOL!!! YEAH, FULL RECOVERY iwheelie, you dont offence me. I hace crash it one more time in Jerez track day (cold tires). BTW, I can hook with my friends in open roads, my bike has a great suspension settings, right now she dont scrape hard parts (only exhaust with dual rides). The fact is I ride maybe 90% of my skills and my friends only 60%.... I NEED TO UPGRADE SOON!!!
Crash Suzuki GSX series, In the front, you can see the turn signal completily scraped, and the pipe 'lookin' the sky...
960x1000  182 KB
1990 GSX series
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 455
Votes: 164 / Ave.: 4.05

In the front, you can see the turn signal completily scraped, and the pipe "lookin" the sky...

14-Feb-01 Very spanish landcape. Specially the railing and pine needles.
14-Feb-01 dude, this could be Spain or North C. and about 25 other places
14-Feb-01 Definitely Spanish because there is a concrete road. No wait, because there is dirt on the ground. ....End of sarcasm!!
15-Feb-01 Look at the license plate of the other pics you smart ones, it is Spain. End of story.
18-Feb-01 just a katana...no big loss.....hope no-one got hurt!
26-Feb-01 masrapido.ozu.es - well, for me is a big loss...It´s my bike and i love her!!!don´t matter that is a katana or a R-1. i love all bikes. maybe you may do it too! :)All bikes are wonderful, one are more pretty and others not, but...Here in Spain the bikes are expensiva and we can´t change bikes every year!
08-Sep-03 masrapido.ozu.es - ahhh, old times...
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX series, Suzuki - GSX600Katana - 8657
1030x730  216 KB
GSX series
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 531
Votes: 142 / Ave.: 4.42

Suzuki - GSX600Katana - 8657

09-Mar-01 HeyPrincess................
09-Mar-01 to find the reason she's not to happy all you have to do is look at the bike
14-Mar-01 kaw190mph.yahoo.com - LShe would have a bigger smile on my zx9
28-Mar-01 mlasjc.hotmail.com - nice looking bike!
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX series, Suzuki - GSX600Katana - 8538
1152x1042  203 KB
GSX series
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 551
Votes: 120 / Ave.: 3.91

Suzuki - GSX600Katana - 8538

02-Sep-03 Rifleman.hotmail.com - Goodness, that paint doesn't do a thing for me. If you are going to take the time to custom it, least make it look interesting.
Stunts Suzuki GSX series, 1989 Katana 600 (modified)
1600x1442  296 KB
1989 GSX series
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 309
Votes: 137 / Ave.: 5.42

1989 Katana 600 (modified)

25-May-03 johnnyh1.hotmail.com - An amazing wheelie on a Katana 600 and no one speak up for it or makes some kind of smart remark. Katanas can surprise the average rider. Good picture and a good job defending the Katana reputation. The longest produced Suzuki.
28-Aug-03 borderlinecycle.netscape.net - yup they still make em and they have yet to make them look attractive
28-Aug-03 c.adamson1.juno.com - this is a 94 not an 89
28-Aug-03 r1_rules.yahoo.com - lemme guess, you revved the hell outta it in gear 1, then popped the clutch and took the pic straight away, .....right ???
29-Aug-03 malemute2156.yahoo.com - it looks like hes got some motion in relation to the background.
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX series, That`s in Faro, in south Portugal. It´s a very importanta meeting all the summers. Very nice girls there...
1134x796  179 KB
GSX series
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 1,184
Votes: 130 / Ave.: 3.97

That`s in Faro, in south Portugal. It´s a very importanta meeting all the summers. Very nice girls there...

30-Jan-01 Yes, is a very important meeting, i was there the last summer, and i´s very happy...
31-Jan-01 masrapido.ozu.es - you know?
31-Jan-01 Yes, I know!!! (Jabe!)
02-Jun-03 johnnyh1.hotmail.com - Been there done that. Good times. Faro was nice, but I went to scuba dive.
22-Jun-03 masrapido.ozu.es - well johnny, it likes you enjoyed a lot your time in Spain!!

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