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For Sale Ducati 748, Flawless 748S, 3200 miles never seen a day of rain not even broken in yet, looked after better than any small child.  Dealer maintained bone stock beauty.  8500 US dollars or best offer.
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2000 748
Date: 23-Jan-18
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Votes: 55 / Ave.: 5.13

Flawless 748S, 3200 miles never seen a day of rain not even broken in yet, looked after better than any small child. Dealer maintained bone stock beauty. 8500 US dollars or best offer.

17-Apr-09 - Looks like a garage full of toys ! Nice Duc. Where are you located? email me more info please ?
17-Apr-09 - I'm located in Montana. Its killing me our riding season sucks so whats a guy to do. Buy a snowmobile. Don't need all three of these bikes so if anyone likes what they see make me an offer.
Production (Stock) Ducati 748, Ducati - 748 - 12230
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Date: 21-Jan-18
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Ducati - 748 - 12230

15-Apr-09 - A Friend of mine owns one of these. It's really SOMETHING!
15-Apr-09 - hey how much does the 748 go for??
15-Apr-09 - don't leave the bike ON while in the garage or it might make your eyes red !!!!
15-Apr-09 - About 12-13 grand I believe.
15-Apr-09 - A 748 Biposto goes for 13,295.00
15-Apr-09 - 13 grand wow! well thats Italian engineering for you.
15-Apr-09 - thats alotta green for 748cc's and a name
15-Apr-09 - What does biposto mean? Is there a monoposto?
15-Apr-09 - Biposto is for putting a Chick on the back-there's no engineering in that thing!! It is just a big sausage compared to the Japanese bikes, now the 996 is another story :)
15-Apr-09 - your nuts dude,i can ride my 748 with the best of em.i have no problems hanging with bigger bikes in the twisties.oh wait,your probably talking about in a straight line.
15-Apr-09 - Japanese bikes are the best....worth the dollars.
15-Apr-09 - What's he doing with his hands?? If i'm not mistaken that's the international hand signal for sex :)
15-Apr-09 - Ha, ha!
15-Apr-09 - so if i bought this i couldnt keep up with a.....cbr 929 for example?
15-Apr-09 - eric, you may just hang with em in the twisties, but accelerating out of them twisties you will not be hanging with anything cept the crickets-*chirp chirp*, oh wait, you probably live on a small round island that is just one big twistie-earth to tattoo come back to the real world bro.
15-Apr-09 - another thing eric and be honest dude- you would have alot faster track times on a Gixxer 750 or an R6.
15-Apr-09 - You all are arguing something that you're so out of touch with, it doesn't even enter your minds. This 748 is a killer tight bike. You're all comparing liter bikes and the Zook 750, but any of you squids would get smoked in the canyons on a Gixxer 750 or 929, by a good rider on this bike. Everybody's so eager to crunch numbers, but don't take into account that any new sportbike, regardless of displacement, will always have more to give than your skills do. Unless your Haga, or some other racer, but I have a feeling none or you are, by these weak "would-not/would-so" takes of yours. I'm not either, but atleast I'm smart enough to recognize, and save myself the humiliation.
15-Apr-09 - OH HELL YA!!!! nice comment its
15-Apr-09 - itsbarn it's ok that you paid almost 14 grand for a bike that can't hang with bikes that cost thousands less..really it's ok
15-Apr-09 - remember that paulie shore movie, "son in law", where pauly was on the farm? this guy looks like the little brother from that movie all grown up. true??
15-Apr-09 - itsbarn, dude you are so missing the point. Notice how it has to be a great rider on the duc vs. a squid on a Japanese bike for the duc to compare (your own words). My point is, you take any rider and put them on a R6 or a Zook 750 (I never said anything about a liter bike) and them put them on a duc 748 and they will always go faster straight line and cornering and I know you can not refute that. Plain and simple, Duc street bikes are yesterdays engineering- plus you can take the extra money you save by buying a Japanese bike and not have to settle for free hotmail :)
15-Apr-09 - b4c1614 - ride a duc 748/916 then get back to us... till then you're just a mag reading squid.
15-Apr-09 - No, itsbarn knows of what he speaks, I believe. And what's wrong with hotmail? I can check it any time, at work, at home, at my girlfriend's, at the Cyber Cafe, at school, at the mall, at buddies'. It's perfect.
15-Apr-09 - ok ok ok so in a straight line something like a gixxer 750 or a 929 will beat a duc 748???
15-Apr-09 - My last comment! Riding a cheaper better engineered bike makes you a squid? Ducati riders= Cafe racers! they are the ones always parked out infront of coffee shops sipping lattes. Ducati owners like the prestige of sitting next to their bikes in public, where as owners of japanese bikes like riding and their kickstand only goes down in the garage and not at every other Starbucks. Of course there are exceptions, but for the most part this is my experience.
15-Apr-09 - Dude, hotmail is the bomb, it'll smoke any other free webbased email, cheap engineering! (kidding). But really aphex, I just think that (and personally believe), that there is more to sportbike riding than just the hard numbers. I think if a person owns a bike and "on paper" it is the shizz, but it doesn't give you that "wood factor", then you're not enjoying everything you could be in motorcycling. I don't own a 748, I have a '00 R1 and I love it - Major Wood. But if my next bike is a 750, it sure as hell won't be another cookie cutter Gixxer, (which are very hardcore). I would spend the extra money, on something that has some sex appeal, some soul, and sure as heck isn't last years engineering! Ducati's are quality and refinement through and through. And trust me, I would hang with any Japanese bike on anything except maybe straight asphalt AVE. But then I would just get the YAM =) Lastly, I will give you this, if you buy any bike to pose for pictures, and starbucks pimpin' you're a loser. True prestige is only of what you can do, not of what you can purchase. -Brandon-
15-Apr-09 - someone answer my question!!!
15-Apr-09 - sui@atasteoforange just for your info my 2 best buds have a 996 and a 916 and i smoke them "on a regular occasion" might i add on my 00 R1 i have ridden both bikes not a 748 and i'll gladly keep the R1.. we are comparing same rider on different bikes not one rider on one bike and another guy on another bike. Sure Doohan will dog me around a track if he's on a moped and me on my R1 whats your point? prettyboylex bottom line same guy on either bike will be faster on a gixer 750 or a 929 than on a 748 for THOUSANDS LESS
15-Apr-09 - ok thanks bc41614, u saved me alot of money
15-Apr-09 - how can u ppl compare a Duc 748 to sportbikes like GSXR750 and CBR929? they are of a different class..... this is a Supersport.. equal to R6, GSXR600, CBR600 and's not a SBK or open class... so stop comparing that...if u wanna compare then do wif CBR600....and other Supersports
15-Apr-09 - Just because AMA & SBK have F'ed up classifications of engine displacement does not make the Ducati a Supersport. 748 should be Superbike, but because Ducati has so much pull in Motorcycle racing, they get away with having 150-250 more cc's than than the 4 cylinders. And for the cookie cutter Zook comment- The Ducati has looked the same for years, but the Zook is all new and looks much different than the dual headlight ducati's, yamaha's, kawasaki's and hondas. So who has the cookie cutter mainstream bike? You ask a person who has no idea about bikes what bike looks the most unique, the Zook will always be near the top. Let's not forget who started the whole race replica streetbike trend- SUZUKI!!!!!!!!!
15-Apr-09 - Hey joeallen, if Ducati has so much pull, then how come Honda is running a litre twin in the superbike class also?Its got nothing to do with pull, a 600cc twin can't make the same power as a 600cc four! Half the cylinders= double the displacement=equal playing field. I'll take an overpriced, soul-filled bike anyday that could outhandle any of the big four. While suzuki keeps updating its bikes to stay competitive, Ducati has been stiil kicking major A## with its bike that have been used for years!! Last time i checked Bayliss was still on top with his old tech bike, while Chili is nowhere.(Don't get me wrong, Chili kicks A##)
15-Apr-09 - If the Ducs are so old, so BAD and have NO power, why is it that they are still selling bikes? I mean.. The ducs are FUN to ride. Isn?t that why you started playing with sportbikes? To have fun? The engine sounds great! the chassis is great in cornering. I agree, the engine does not stay with the 4-cyl engines, but who cares? I ride for the corners, for the late brake and early power on. Granted. I could do that with an R6, but this has caracter, looks and is a true work of art. Besides... Its fun.
15-Apr-09 - hey guys.. what are you talking about not enough power?? isn't on this very website that I saw a 7 lap race, and the battle for 1st position was between a suzuki GSX-R 1000 and honda CBR 600 F2?!?! and to say that the cbr lost by a few tenth of a second.. Power is not the key, skill is.. like that guy with his brand new smashed busa..
15-Apr-09 - itsbarn and gearhead you guys know what your talking about the others have just been to busy hating. I agree that out of the box the new 600's have more power than a standard 748 . (I've ridden both) Oh by the way.. joeallen you better get your facts right first... (refer to gearhead's response. 748 Twin vs. 600 Fours.. WSS rules not Ducatis). But to add upon this I have to say I have ridden and owned number of Jap bikes from 600's, 750's and 1000's but in context with this argument I went out and bought myself a 748R so that I wouldn't get these Jap 600's straight lining me so now I rule the corners, coming out of the corners and then powering on through the straights. In addition the Ducati's got soul and has an enjoyment that is very hard to explain most if not all my mates that own Jap bikes love my bike stating that its just got this wow factor and this presence that you can not get from a Jap bike. I agree!....But in terms of power I won't argue cause its pointless. I love my Jap bikes ( I race them on the track) but I passionately love my Dukes!! FYI ... my 748R pulls 116horses at the rear (dynoed) and that aint bad for a Supersport and I have to say it pulls women in too.

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