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Production (Custom) Honda CBR600F4, This is my 2000 CBRF4 with F4i bodykit..waiting for M4 high mount exhaust and i'm done!
800x619  171 KB
2000 CBR600F4
Date: 18-Sep-18
Views: 1,210
Votes: 32 / Ave.: 5.41

This is my 2000 CBRF4 with F4i bodykit..waiting for M4 high mount exhaust and i'm done!

Production (Custom) Honda CBR600F4, Pic from trip
796x615  160 KB
2001 CBR600F4
Date: 16-Sep-18
Views: 729
Votes: 25 / Ave.: 6.64

Pic from trip

18-Jun-04 Phelixx.rocketmail.com - Cool picture, where is it?
Production (Custom) Honda CBR600F4, Here is the original photo not photoshoped. Check how the lean angle is real ;-) but the helmet still being a Criville Replica, masrapido :P
800x624  53 KB
2001 CBR600F4
Date: 16-Sep-18
Views: 364
Votes: 61 / Ave.: 4.02

Here is the original photo not photoshoped. Check how the lean angle is real ;-) but the helmet still being a Criville Replica, masrapido :P

25-Jan-03 masrapido.ozu.es - FAKE! LOL!!!
26-Jan-03 thegoshow2002.aol.com - I dont know what the big deal is about the lean angle, the pegs arent even scraping yet
Women Honda CBR600F4, Women- Honda  CBR600F4 Sportbike
640x801  133 KB
Date: 15-Sep-18
Views: 37
Votes: 0 / Ave.: 0.00

Women- Honda CBR600F4 Sportbike

Women Honda CBR600F4, Women- Honda  CBR600F4 Sportbike
484x670  103 KB
Date: 15-Sep-18
Views: 907
Votes: 2 / Ave.: 10.00

Women- Honda CBR600F4 Sportbike

Stunts Honda CBR600F4, Uploaded for: Adrian 1997 Honda CBR600
1023x604  123 KB
1997 CBR600F4
Date: 14-Sep-18
Views: 1,467
Votes: 0 / Ave.: 0.00

Uploaded for: Adrian
1997 Honda CBR600

Production (Custom) Honda CBR600F4, what do you think
1280x980  235 KB
2001 CBR600F4
Date: 13-Sep-18
Views: 568
Votes: 108 / Ave.: 6.38

what do you think

28-Aug-01 qbzonk.hotmail.com - Very nice. U've got some nice goodies on that bad boy: rotary damper, Spun aluminum wheels, polished everything. Looks great. I especially love the red chain. Job well done bro. Well done!
28-Aug-01 the87show.email.com - sweet work. have you added any HorsePower?
28-Aug-01 grn9ster.hotmail.com - that is the best lookin f4i I have ever seen.
28-Aug-01 mistok.3imensional.com - Which island in Hawaii do you ride on? My friend Kim is from Oahu and used to ride a CBR900. She keeps telling me I have to get out there with my scooter.
28-Aug-01 don_vsop.yahoo.com - How much $$ does it cost to chrome out a bike like that, if you dont mind me asking.
28-Aug-01 info.siegarts.net - wow. I dont like CBR 600 very much, but this bike is BEAUTIFUL, probably the best F4 I ever seen, yeah, for sure! this is so crazy :) And I love the background, maybe even more. ( yes I love graffiti )
28-Aug-01 sbfreaks.home.com - Very nice, but what is that thing protruding form the back of the bike with numbers and letters used for?
28-Aug-01 buckets_112.hotmail.com - oh my.....that is easily the most beautiful f4i i've ever laid my eyes on....i'm not worthy......nice job with the bike my man. my family lives in waialua, maybe i'll see you on the road some time.
28-Aug-01 info.siegarts.net - guys, wat do u fink is better for taller riders? R6 or F4?
28-Aug-01 scott_timken.hotmail.com - Very Nice!
28-Aug-01 crash187.hotmail.com - i have this same bike..i love it..i also have an R6 for track days and i feel reallly tall on it..is that a chrome bar clamps i see?
28-Aug-01 crash187.hotmail.com - other than the choice of the exhaust, this is one nice F4i... i just hate m4 is all.. i hated mine...
29-Aug-01 venturack.yahoo.com - what kind of undertail kit is that? is it a Texas Fairing?
29-Aug-01 jettazx7.hawaii.rr.com - I knew that bike looked familiar, this bike was in the car show recently. Do you ride with the MOST HATED bike club?? Man, sometimes I wish I didn't sell my zx7 but oh well. Nice Bike
29-Aug-01 SERNIO.HOTMAIL.COM - thats a sick rear fender, got the same bike where did you get that fender????????
29-Aug-01 davejulie123.yahoo.com - Good work! I'm not a big chrome fan but I am looking to do the undertail on my f4i. Whose unit is that?
29-Aug-01 ayrer.home.com - Your talking MINIMUM: $4,000.00 to chrome a bike like that. I spent $800.00 just to have my wheels done. Frame is another $1,200.00. Then sub-frame... swingarm... rear sets... pegs.. forks.. triple tree.. calipers.. ETC.. You get the point. $$$$$$$$$$$
29-Aug-01 jaruul33.home.com - where'd you get the undertail? eurobikes is bs'ing on selling theirs
29-Aug-01 sr4g.aol.com - yes it was at the show but sory i dont ride with most hated.MILLS
29-Aug-01 poofythechicken.icqmail.com - hey, crash, notice the license plate? See we know what's good!!!
31-Aug-01 kehst43.yahoo.com - don_vsop, The shop near me will polish both wheels for $300!
06-Sep-01 bdboy24.hotmail.com - hey man maybe you should look into doing something with that kickstand..seeing as everything else is polished or chromed
03-Oct-01 davnsar.yahoo.com - This is one of the best looking F4' I have seen!! Ony 2 changes I would make. Polish the kickstand out and install a rear seat cowl.
Production (Custom) Honda CBR600F4, what do you think
1280x980  232 KB
2001 CBR600F4
Date: 13-Sep-18
Views: 441
Votes: 126 / Ave.: 5.70

what do you think

28-Aug-01 iguydogg.hotmail.com - Very nice, are those white light covers? Love the way the M4 sounds, I want one myself. Tell us what all you did, I sure there is stuff we can't see.
28-Aug-01 love it!
28-Aug-01 blhumphrey.stevenstech.org - couldn't be any better for a 600
28-Aug-01 info.siegarts.net - maybe it's the 1st F4 that I go crazy about. this is just a beautiful bike :) And like I said before, I LOVE your idea to picture it with that graffiti background
28-Aug-01 scott_timken.hotmail.com - That is absolutely beautiful. The only thing I don't like is the windscreen. it sticks out too much.
28-Aug-01 masrapido.ozu.es - the rims are really ugly
28-Aug-01 crash187.hotmail.com - lets see....hmm, attack rearset (maybe vortex) scotts dampner, wheels, zero gravity windscreen, M4 highmount, Mototek (?) undertail kit, no blinkers...good lookin bike
28-Aug-01 Ross.spankme.net - You need a white rear seat...thats the only thing i can think of...its off the hook
28-Aug-01 PAULINO7777.YAHOO.COM - Rims do look gay, Im not a big fan of polishing the whole bike. Paint the frame and swingarm black!
29-Aug-01 info.siegarts.net - whats this stupid advice "paint it black"? if he would wanna paint it black it would have been done instead of polishing.
29-Aug-01 cyclrmania.yahoo.com - I notice that you used the front rotors from the 2000 f4 rather that the 2001 F4i. They are much better looking. Wise choice. The bike is beautiful. So refreshing to see a done up Honda for a change rather the dime a dozen R6's and R1's.
29-Aug-01 canadian_soldier.hotmail.com - if they wanted a black swingarm and frame the easiest way to do it would be to leave it stock!, I think this bike looks great
29-Aug-01 dave.speedzilla.com - Looks great! Nice work.
29-Aug-01 giancarlo.notchryders.com - LOOKS really nice,!!!
29-Aug-01 jeffchau.hotmail.com - love it, want it, have it :)
29-Aug-01 brusgigi.hotmail.com - you're one lucky biker...dude!!!
29-Aug-01 the87show.email.com - does anybody know how the Micron exhaust sounds? does it sound nice? is it loud? details please. thanks in advance.
29-Aug-01 r_giannis.hotmail.com - nice
29-Aug-01 r_giannis.hotmail.com - you can have the new microns winth 2 can over the first one that have full power but legal sound you can have the road cans with a nice sound.. and the race cans witch is loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29-Aug-01 jaruul33.home.com - how's that m4 exhaust sound? it the full system or the slip on?
29-Aug-01 tooconceited.yahoo.com - I think if you don't have passenger pegs you sould just put a seat cowl on the rear. Bikes look better that way anyhow.
29-Aug-01 mikeb455.home.com - Perfect! Just dont crash.
30-Aug-01 WFO929RR.hotmail.com - I like the wheel's, Anyone know where can I get some for my 929? Considering www.pm-wheels.com but, think these look better.
30-Aug-01 idonthaveanemailaddress.nat.com - looks like the best red and white f4i i've seen
30-Aug-01 kelone_nospam.yahoo.com - finally a highmount that flows with the tailsection. . .i hate it when they go at a different angle
31-Aug-01 paulino7777.yahoo.com - Hey sieG@clix.pt, I guess I didn't notice that the polishing would proabally shave a second off the quarter mile times. How about chroming the engine covers and forks? How about some number plates and a sticker kit? Lets not stop there! The gas tank could use some polishing! Lets keep it real here! Chrome bikes don't belong here.
01-Sep-01 info.siegarts.net - yes they do, if this looks good why cant the owner do this? YOU DONT LIKE IT, dont do it, but u cant call ppl s**t coz they like it... it's not about going faster or slower its about the looking. So i guess you dont like custom paint jobs too. ok... :). ANd I think you can lett Matt decide whether chrome bikes do or dont belong here. Webmaster, say, am I not right here??
04-Sep-01 qbzonk.hotmail.com - I don't normally agree with Sieg, but I do in this case. Chrome bikes do belong here , this is a bike pic website, not a race bike only site. This happens to be one nice scoot, can't believe you don't like it Paulino, but then again I've read your comments and you don't seem to have anything nice to say most of the time. Let's see your ride brother. See what the rest of us think of your awesome ride. Step up brother!
04-Sep-01 paulino7777.yahoo.com - Im just trying to encourage these guys to do some awesome mods. Stick a 929 motor in there? How about a 929 front end? Gull arm? Singlesided swing arm? Im not into polishing personally. I do got a project bike in the works, and Ill put it in here when Im done. I saw a guy put a blackbird motor in his cbr 900. Now thats a mod! I might do that instead of using my race motor.
06-Sep-01 iguydogg.hotmail.com - paulino, if you know where to get a single side swing arm for the F4i, please email me and let me know where to get it. Everyone says they don't exist.
06-Sep-01 bdboy24.hotmail.com - This is a sweet @ss bike.. polishing a bike really makes it stand out
06-Sep-01 paulino7777.yahoo.com - IGUYDOG@HOTMAIL-TRY HARRIS OR SPONDON OR RAM. I first did this in 93 when I singleside a f-2 with a gt hawk swingarm. Alot of people use the vfr 800, I would recommend a arm for a rc-45 or 51. It should fit right in. Youll have to machine the spacers. I believe you can singleside any bike!
07-Sep-01 iguydogg.hotmail.com - Thanks Paulino, I will check it out.
17-Nov-01 brown0018.aol.com - I have a 2001 f4i how did you get the black off of your frame and what did you do use to polish it out?
23-Jun-04 jam33.psu.edu - Cool Already, but on Mine I added a TapeWorks Wing Shadow Kit and a Targa Rear Hugger in Red
23-Jun-04 hurryupinthere.yahoo.com - NICE PM'S AND AWESOME REARSETS.
Women Honda CBR600F4, Hot babe with a Honda CBR600F4 motorcycle!
682x1090  188 KB
Date: 11-Sep-18
Views: 1,088
Votes: 5 / Ave.: 6.60

Hot babe with a Honda CBR600F4 motorcycle!

Women Honda CBR600F4, Hot babe with a Honda CBR600F4 motorcycle!
451x766  95 KB
Date: 11-Sep-18
Views: 392
Votes: 15 / Ave.: 6.93

Hot babe with a Honda CBR600F4 motorcycle!

Production (Stock) Honda CBR600F4, Ultimate valetino rossi replica.
1024x788  167 KB
2001 CBR600F4
Date: 11-Sep-18
Views: 431
Votes: 123 / Ave.: 5.59

Ultimate valetino rossi replica.

Women Honda CBR600F4, Women- Honda  CBR600F4 Sportbike
810x1005  129 KB
Date: 10-Sep-18
Views: 208
Votes: 1 / Ave.: 10.00

Women- Honda CBR600F4 Sportbike

Production (Custom) Honda CBR600F4, Airbrush design from one of my co-workers.  wish the tombstones were a bit more centered, but you should understand the meaning
1024x788  125 KB
2001 CBR600F4
Date: 10-Sep-18
Views: 613
Votes: 125 / Ave.: 5.04

Airbrush design from one of my co-workers. wish the tombstones were a bit more centered, but you should understand the meaning

24-Aug-01 info.siegarts.net - very nice and not so hard to do... not a bad idea ! could put something like Doctor on it, or 46464646464646
24-Aug-01 paulino7777.yahoo.com - What a way to screw up a f4I
24-Aug-01 r_giannis.hotmail.com - cool brother... we are not harley here...
25-Aug-01 goodshoeitime.yahoo.com - cool as hell!!! Honda rules!
25-Aug-01 seattledawg.hotmail.com - Not too sure if I'd want the "F" word on my bike, but otherwise, that is F***ing SWEET!
25-Aug-01 WFO929RR.hotmail.com - Kinda early, Halloween is still about two month's away. Where can I get my CBR done (W/O the adult language)?
25-Aug-01 waltrip66.uymail.com - Childish! And we wonder why sportbike riders don't get any respect from other types of motorcyclists....
25-Aug-01 yabbi.hotmail.com - I think it's kinda stupid to F* up yer bike like that, besides, what's the point of these tombstones anyway? you don't like japanese bikes? grow up and buy italian.
25-Aug-01 info.siegarts.net - what i think really sucks about it, and about most of ppl's saying on this site, is arguing about which bike company is better, it's so pathetic.. but still , nice work :) ( dont like the idea, but like the work )
25-Aug-01 raysmith.raysmith.com - Especially since the Yamaha R6 and Suzuki GSX-R600 outperform this bike... I wouldn't want F*** painted on my bike either...
25-Aug-01 jaruul33.home.com - its a honda yabbi....and wipes off
25-Aug-01 teroristman.yahoo.com - you s*** with your honda,SUZUKI rules!! (RIP HONDA)
25-Aug-01 r_giannis.hotmail.com - no buy harley fits better with graves and undertakes... in cbr????
25-Aug-01 Buellster.hotmail.com - Puh-lees. Your probably only 19 years old., and i'll excuse you. But if your older than that, you should see a Doctor about removing that brain tumor.
25-Aug-01 paulino7777.yahoo.com - Too lame!
25-Aug-01 bigtdogg23.yahoo.com - different.......how do you see through it when you are tucked??
25-Aug-01 jaruul33.home.com - yabbi you're obviously not too bright, so i'll break it down for you. the tombstones mean those three bikes are dead, and HONDA is the lone survivor. and by the way genious, Honda is japanese. it aint about who likes what i put on my bike, i like it. so you cats thats hatin can kiss my A$$
25-Aug-01 rivertrogs.hotmail.com - i just don't know WHAT to say.......no wait , i have something........ stupid is as stupid does...... better his bike than mine......... he can play for the other team............. i would'nt park close to him...........or even near IT............ o.k. o.k. i'll leave,,,,,,,,,,
25-Aug-01 jeffchau.hotmail.com - "key me"
25-Aug-01 jaruul33.home.com - its going up on my WALL, people. i put it on the bike just for the PICTURE....some of ya'll cats be messin the game up
25-Aug-01 seattledawg.hotmail.com - ROFL@jeffchau...
25-Aug-01 diecastle.citycom.com - No Love F*** Me? Nah, you wouldn't like it....I'd just lay there!
26-Aug-01 e_b_k.hotmail.com - it's not saying "key me", it's called "push me over on my side" without the writing on top, this would be nice....if it was see-through too.
26-Aug-01 info.siegarts.net - its ok, he likes it so leave him. but well, im not one of those who would usually say this, but suzuki and obvoiusly the best supersport- yamaha R6, will eaily outperform this bike so it's kinda stupid to pit rip suzuki yamaha and kawasaki on this. But still... i think it's ok. And I wouldnt care if my has has the word (F**K ) on it, it's just another word, F**k it
26-Aug-01 crash187.hotmail.com - This guy does NOTTTTTTT represent the thoughts, ideals and morals of Honda riders.. let this be known. i have an F4i, no better than the gsxr600 or the R6... get over it.. its like comparing an eagle talon to a mitsubishi eclipse...duh
26-Aug-01 yabbi.hotmail.com - Buellester: i agree. jaruul: i may not be so bright as you are but i still don't like the "artwork" on your bike (would kill this "co-worker" instantly if he did this to MY bike). But i still don't understand what's wrong with Yamaha, Suz or Kawa VS your SUPER HONDA CBR ??? Now don't tell me i S* or whatever, i've had a CBR600 myself and enjoyed it much. I think it's a fine bike you're just not mature enough to ride a bike at all if you ask me. You probably just turned eighteen and this is your FIRST bike, right?
26-Aug-01 bigmanr6.hotmail.com - cats????????
26-Aug-01 info.siegarts.net - im not protecting this guy yabbi, but whats wrong with being 18? :) ure probably 81? ( just kiddin, dont get mad hehe )
27-Aug-01 mr.x.starboyz.com - I've never seen one like this. Very original. Two Thumbs Up!!!!!!
27-Aug-01 the87show.email.com - So would that mean the owner of this bike doesn't ride with anyone exept Honda owners? what a loser.
28-Aug-01 azot911.hotmail.com - I think you should ditch the left and the right tomestones, and erase the writing on the center...changing it to "Rip Harley".....with puddles of oil everywhere.
06-Sep-01 bobby.funkadellic.com - Hey, if I buy a bike, I'm gonna do whatever the hell I want to do to it. Just because you don't like the mod doesn't given you reason to call him childish...Maybe you should look in the mirror there waltrip. Nice custom mod!
11-Sep-01 sneaktip.hotmail.com - the suzuki and yamaha outperform the f4i? bullsh!t who told you guys that? the F4i is kickin' a$$, Oh As a Honda guy I like.
31-May-02 gunn_co.yahoo.com - Who the hell cares what bike is faster or better??? Does that really matter? If you are a true motorcycle fan you will like ALL bikes....geezuz....just ride what you prefer and have fun, isn't that the main idea??? Besides, let the guys who race pro for money and titles worry about who and what bike is the fastest....
13-Jun-04 dedmorozii.hotmail.com - lmao
14-Jun-04 malemute2156.yahoo.com - whatever, "cat".
Women Honda CBR600F4, Hot babe with a Honda CBR600F4 motorcycle!
2303x1690  1,060 KB
1991 CBR600F4
Date: 08-Sep-18
Views: 1,740
Votes: 21 / Ave.: 5.43

Hot babe with a Honda CBR600F4 motorcycle!

Stunts Honda CBR600F4, Uploaded for: ToMaSh 1999 Honda CBR600
1279x881  312 KB
1999 CBR600F4
Date: 07-Sep-18
Views: 7,412
Votes: 7 / Ave.: 8.71

Uploaded for: ToMaSh
1999 Honda CBR600

Women Honda CBR600F4, Hot babe with a Honda CBR600F4 motorcycle!
767x1052  207 KB
1999 CBR600F4
Date: 07-Sep-18
Views: 472
Votes: 8 / Ave.: 5.63

Hot babe with a Honda CBR600F4 motorcycle!

Women Honda CBR600F4, Hot babe with a Honda CBR600F4 motorcycle!
767x1052  299 KB
1999 CBR600F4
Date: 07-Sep-18
Views: 392
Votes: 14 / Ave.: 6.21

Hot babe with a Honda CBR600F4 motorcycle!

Production (Custom) Honda CBR600F4, high mount D@D exhaust
2592x1963  1,372 KB
2000 CBR600F4
Date: 06-Sep-18
Views: 955
Votes: 34 / Ave.: 4.44

high mount D@D exhaust

10-Jun-04 kneedragger6.hotmail.com - sick exhaust D&D doesn't make a high mount how did you get that, but what I really want to know is who polished your wheels
Women Honda CBR600F4, Hot babe with a Honda CBR600F4 motorcycle!
800x553  94 KB
2000 CBR600F4
Date: 05-Sep-18
Views: 712
Votes: 257 / Ave.: 5.20

Hot babe with a Honda CBR600F4 motorcycle!

07-May-01 jonathanskafan.hotmail.com - not as much as i love girls who do ride...
07-May-01 bratmantlz.aol.com - hehe true
08-May-01 masrapido.ozu.es - What car is the second behind the bike? It looks like the Ford Focus for European market
08-May-01 maarten_donders.hotmail.com - its a focus alright, i think they sell them in the states too
08-May-01 jonathanskafan.hotmail.com - are you all talking about a special european edition??? because focus' are everywhere in north carolina!!!
08-May-01 pushooter.yahoo.com - it's actually a honda civic 4 dr, lowered, piped, with an engine transplant
10-May-01 jonathanskafan.hotmail.com - sorry... for some reason i thought we were talking about the green car... which IS a focus...
19-Dec-05 ninjazx9.earthlink.net - This chick would look better inside the Focus, inside the garage.
20-Dec-05 cell696.hotmail.com - HA HA HA HA
Production (Custom) Honda CBR600F4, Honda CBR600F4 2000 with F4i upper and few decent mods..f4i tail conversion is on the way!
800x619  166 KB
2000 CBR600F4
Date: 03-Sep-18
Views: 2,905
Votes: 24 / Ave.: 4.96

Honda CBR600F4 2000 with F4i upper and few decent mods..f4i tail conversion is on the way!

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