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Women Ducati Multistrada, Hot babe with a Ducati Multistrada motorcycle!
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Date: 02-Jan-19
Views: 446
Votes: 6 / Ave.: 9.00

Hot babe with a Ducati Multistrada motorcycle!

Women Ducati Multistrada, Hot babe with a Ducati Multistrada motorcycle!
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2004 Multistrada
Date: 23-Dec-18
Views: 732
Votes: 152 / Ave.: 5.86

Hot babe with a Ducati Multistrada motorcycle!

20-Nov-04 - Love the Boots on you Baby!
21-Nov-04 - Nice! That woman is sexy! She's built just the way I like them (unfortunately, I can't say that about the bike. I have a 748R, but those Multistradas offend me. Whenever I see one, I want to kick it's a$$.) But the girl is on fire! Nice!
23-Nov-04 - She likes; I like it; come down to Dallas and lets see who's meanerthanyou. :) Like we say in Texas "Anything can come out of a mouth ( or a keyboard) Bring it !
25-Nov-04 - Whoa there, pardner! I didn't mean to upset you, cowboy. Sounds like you're a little insecure about your bike. This isn't the first time someone has said something about it, right? Hey, the girl is hot. The bike is horrible. And I think you've proven your saying. There is a lot of stuff coming out of your mouth (or keyboard). Email me your address and I would be happy to come and talk to you. I'm coming out that way in a few days anyway.
11-Jul-06 - I always laugh when someone likes the brand of one bike but not another model of the same brand...especially when they have all the same components. Makes me wonder.

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