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Production (Custom) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, Farid´s ZX7
960x1320  240 KB
1989 Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 324
Votes: 99 / Ave.: 4.17

Farid´s ZX7

Production (Custom) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, Farid´s ZX7
1280x1000  249 KB
1989 Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 769
Votes: 85 / Ave.: 3.94

Farid´s ZX7

13-Jul-02 bignerdnine.yahoo.com - Sorry dude. That's just ghetto looking.
Production (Custom) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, Farid´s ZX7
1280x1000  353 KB
1989 Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 710
Votes: 85 / Ave.: 4.51

Farid´s ZX7

Production (Custom) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, Farid´s ZX7
960x1320  317 KB
1989 Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 359
Votes: 88 / Ave.: 4.15

Farid´s ZX7

24-Jun-02 maximodiaz.entelchile.net - ...and very heavy!!!!!
Production (Custom) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, ZX7 Friend!
1280x1000  244 KB
1989 Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 549
Votes: 101 / Ave.: 4.53

ZX7 Friend!

25-Jun-02 hnazari101.home.com - Looks like an fzr 600 kinda right?
Production (Stock) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, 1989 -Kawasaki - ZX-7R - 29794
1280x1000  260 KB
1989 Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 412
Votes: 95 / Ave.: 4.23

1989 -Kawasaki - ZX-7R - 29794

21-Jun-02 yojikojima.yahoo.com - hey man, what are you hiding inside your jacket?
23-Jun-02 TheNemesis6.hotmail.com - Anyone seen Aliens?? BLARGH! EEAAAAARRRGHHHH!!! AAAHHH Kill it!!!
Production (Stock) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, 1989 -Kawasaki - ZX-7R - 29793
1280x1000  154 KB
1989 Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 560
Votes: 85 / Ave.: 3.96

1989 -Kawasaki - ZX-7R - 29793

AMA Racing Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, Uploaded for: bigjohn1107@hotmail.com
960x1320  220 KB
2002 Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 487
Votes: 112 / Ave.: 5.65

Uploaded for: bigjohn1107@hotmail.com

Production (Stock) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, 1999 -Kawasaki - ZX-7R - 29073
1280x1000  147 KB
1999 Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 524
Votes: 79 / Ave.: 3.28

1999 -Kawasaki - ZX-7R - 29073

07-Jun-02 mistergixxer.hotmail.com - Definitely not a '99....92 perhaps
07-Jun-02 MSanad.YAHOO.com - my eyes hurt lookin at this pic....
07-Jun-02 rkleis.home.nl - I think its a ZXR750 1992 Had one myself but its a very sh@tty pic.
07-Jun-02 zx7tiger.yahoo.com - 91 OR 92, not a 99
07-Jun-02 shawng2020.yahoo.com - yeah, that's not a 99, come on webmaster, you had to know that. J.k. please don't ban me from the site, this is my homepage :)
Production (Custom) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, ZXR 750
1400x1120  284 KB
Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 935
Votes: 77 / Ave.: 4.62

ZXR 750

04-Jun-02 yamahatz.mixmail.com - It´s a 1989 Kawasaki ZXR 750 H1
Production (Custom) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, Yet Another Big Girl On a Bike @ Black Bike Week
1280x1000  223 KB
Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 3,110
Votes: 118 / Ave.: 5.20

Yet Another Big Girl On a Bike @ Black Bike Week

02-Jun-02 Hydrapuss2002.prodigy.net - She should maybe try on a 1300 for size!
02-Jun-02 irwfo.optonline.net - Where are the thong pics?
02-Jun-02 shawng2020.yahoo.com - I love that bike, but WOW
02-Jun-02 hnazari101.home.com - WTF is the point of having black bike week?? I can understand black history month because they had a difficult past and we should respect that. but black bike week???
02-Jun-02 jackstoopid.hotmail.com - so did they put on that extended swing arm just for her?
02-Jun-02 masrapido.ozu.es - ouch!
02-Jun-02 kvp22.hotmail.com - somebody needs to introduce this girl to Jenny Craig!
02-Jun-02 brent_derouen.suth.com - Black Bike Week is an event for black people and you white guys that want to be black.... hnazari...OK? Relax, (webmaster) im just having fun with the comment and im not racist, or prejudice.
02-Jun-02 mof4i.msn.com - She is way more heavy than the zx7r i think she should try a harley instead.
02-Jun-02 spacemonkey.blomand.net - Yeah, that's always hit me as racist too. Sweet bike.I'd like to burn the back tire off of one of these once just trying to slide the back around and roasting it coming out...
03-Jun-02 protogixer.yahoo.com - Nice bike, but my concern is how tightly she's hugging the tank. Damn, those thighs can crush steel.
03-Jun-02 methodryder.yahoo.com - Are you sure this week is Black Bike Week....not fat bike week?
03-Jun-02 bsdboy.nyarlathotep.dyndns.org - Look, man, da sista's legs are on da pegs, she's really riding it, she's one of us (a real biker) and they come in all shapes and sizes. Give her some slack, okay? Besides, it seems a lot of white people are just used to skinny blonde bimbos and everything else is considered fat. Sad. Free your mind! Of course, you CAN hate her because she is a squid and doesn't have gear, but that's another story.
03-Jun-02 biceps99.hotmail.com - My that's a big sista yo.
03-Jun-02 killabeez14.hotmail.com - Imagine her doing a stoppie... Pop, goes the forkseals!
03-Jun-02 kscanlon.neo.rr.com - Black bike week? That's it! I want Irish history month, Irish bike week, Martin Luther O'Halleran day and any other special treatment because my people have been oppressed! Webmaster: Come on people! This is a picture website. Not a political b*llshit site. Enjoy the pictures and relax!
03-Jun-02 brent_derouen.suth.com - Thank you... I dont care what anyone says... thats a hot bike... and her man is a real wheelie machine on his gixxer 1000. ill try to get more pics of less controversial stuff... LOL
03-Jun-02 wilmaster.hotmail.com - I know this girl her name is Chris. She is a nice person and believe me fellas she knows how to handle her machine.
03-Jun-02 qbzonk.hotmail.com - Hey it's great to see anyone ride....granted she should have on at least a lid, but so be it. As far as black bike week...who cares, white people can go too, the common bond is the bikes themselves. It's das to read some of these people's comments.
03-Jun-02 wilmaster.hotmail.com - For all it is just called "Black" Bike Week, all are welcome. For thos who don't know the weekend prior to this is when all of the Harley Riders are at Myrtlee Beach, Memorial Weekend is when all of the Sports Bikes come. So come on come all!!
03-Jun-02 capitalmcz.netscape.net - all polictics aside I'm a brother i like my sista's thick and all but DAG !She's hefty ,and how can you call her a real rider ..she's wearing a skirt ...oh i get it it's a new form of a tummy tuck she hits the pavement at 50mph and the skin just falls off the bone.It's black bike week so we don't all have to suffer through the mettalica marathon and eat bacon bits and pork rinds at daytona ..everyone just relax we all ride for pleasure not for flags ..moving on....oh yeah kscalon try picking up a book that doesn't have MAD or HUSTLER in the title you might open your eyes to the world around you
03-Jun-02 wrd2mva.hotmail.com - that bike is TIGHT,,,,, almost all of the sportbikes in that area have stretched arms,,, jus the area styling i guess,,,,but yeah she IS riding it and not standing next to it or on the back tryin to look cute,,,, she gets points for that at least,,,and Im sure a few of YOU arent exactly attending the gym on a regular either..............
03-Jun-02 McSkinny.neo.rr.com - That is a green bike, what is it doing at black bike week?
03-Jun-02 jackstoopid.hotmail.com - bsdboy---that is a very stereotypical remark. people here (black and white) aren't baggin' on her because she isn't a "skinny bimbo", which by the way, was funnier when sir mix alot said it. we're baggin' on her because when she walks infront of a t.v., you miss out on three commercials.
03-Jun-02 m.dahlstroem.mail.dk - can that thing wheelie???? *Gg* Rossi rulez!!!
03-Jun-02 kscanlon.neo.rr.com - When did everyone here get so damn sensitive? Anyway, lets be realistic here... if there was a "White Bike Week", there would be political contraversy, Rev. Al Sharpton would be there condemming "The Man", riots would ensue, etc. So before everyone here thinks I am trying to flame someone and bashes me for speaking my opinion, think again and ask yourself if I am way off base. I just call it as I see it, sorry if that makes you uncomfortable.
03-Jun-02 maxg.bellsouth.net - I can u/s your point why black bike week? and not White Bike Week? If you know a little of your history white people had a lot of white things only or did you forget? Remember blacks had to ride the back of the bus, couldn't eat in the white only restaurants, drink water from whites only fountains or vote at one time b/c it was for the whites. You are more than welcome to come to Black Bike Week or any other event the Black people have or other minority groups and won't get arrested for it. That's why they are not White type of events only, b/c of the bad taste in everyone's mouth from over 400 years of oppression.
03-Jun-02 theman3356.attbi.com - THAT'S a BIG BUDDUNKADUNK!! I thought extended swings only allow 10lbs. per inch!!!
03-Jun-02 ifsixwas9.hotmail.com - Events such as black bike week and black spring break came about because black people were shut out from the mainstream events. We created our own alternative form of these events and called them "black" so that we could identify that they were meant for our inclusion. Anybody who has a problem with these events should read their history books. At that time the establishment were the separatists, and we made do with what we had.
03-Jun-02 VFR800A.hotmail.com - Can't we just all get along here or what. We all love to ride our bikes and that's what its all about. It doesn't mater if you are black or white, if you like to ride than ride. We are all one big family who looks out for each other. There aren't to many times that a biker is on the side of the road and another biker doesn't stop to see if he needs help. I do agree on using at least a helmet but that is just my opinion.
03-Jun-02 bloodclaatjamaican.yahoo.com - ifsixwas9 totally understands the meaning of black bike week. It was not very long ago where it would be a very bad idea for a person of color to attend any motorcycle festival in the southern U.S. so black bike week was born. It has never been an event exclusive to black people only. Plenty of white people also participate in the activities. I also don't see too many non Irish people protesting the celebration of St. Patricks day.
03-Jun-02 zero829.aol.com - u would think that girl would hold the front wheel down enough to shorten the swingarm by a foot or 2
03-Jun-02 bloodclaatjamaican.yahoo.com - You can rarely get out of first gear riding around during BBW because traffic moves extremely slow which is probably why most people wear no gear. I don't agree with wearing absolutely nothing to protect yourself, but she doesn't look like she is going to cause too much damage to herself if she falls.
03-Jun-02 neloner.earthlink.net - this is my first time commenting and my last but i have to say something. the day a persons rase will become blind to another persons eyes is when people stop categorizing by race or color. The 2nd week of Myrtle beach is for sportbikes it should have been called sportbike week not Black bike week. Its an event for everyone who loves sportbikes no matter what color you are so by calling it black bike week your saying its for blacks and if it is an event for blacks then we will never have an end to racism.
04-Jun-02 bsdboy.nyarlathotep.dyndns.org - At first I thought black-bike week WAS for blacks only, but now that I was informed of the reason why it exists (blacks had to form their own bike week due to lack of acceptance in the past), it doesn't seem so offensive. Also, if white people DO get lynched for going, realize it's probably due to ignorance on either side (either white people making too many jokes and blacks being sensitive about it, or blacks just being ignorant and not wanting white people there). There will always be ignorance in the world. If everyone realizes we're all just bikers then the differences seem less obvious. It's still the best damned country in the world (according to Jack from Jack in the Box)!
04-Jun-02 masrapido.ozu.es - amen neloner!
05-Jun-02 pimp1.iamit.com - brent you into the heavy honnies?
06-Jun-02 capitalmcz.netscape.net - the green bike at black bike week was classic we all should have left at that!
06-Jun-02 protogixer.yahoo.com - Bsdboy is on a one man crusade to destroy all sarcasm in the world. Keep it up, your winning. No really you are.
06-Jun-02 bryan.yurek.verizon.net - umm my bike is yellow. Can I still bring it to "black bike" week? or will it have to be painted? lol sorry thought this pic needed a bit of humor
06-Jun-02 markbsae.msn.com - LMFAO@ green bike @ black bike week! also, speaking of size....that freekin chain must be 9 feet long!
07-Jun-02 ifsixwas9.hotmail.com - BSDBOY hit the nail on the head. Black bike week is about showing off your bike and checking out the women. I've never witnessed any type of discrimination against anybody there.
07-Jun-02 CBR929WOMAN.AOL.COM - poor bike.....
08-Jun-02 EBONYSURFR.AOL.COM - come on guy's big girls need love too besides she ride's too so we ALL have something in common.
09-Jun-02 whitewolf600.yahoo.co.uk - I bet that bike does 50 flat out with her on!
09-Jun-02 yellowrr.aol.com - You got to give it to her-------SHE RIDES !
09-Jun-02 bsdboy.nyarlathotep.dyndns.org - Seems to be common to not polish wheel spokes (not that that's a bad thing--I personally think it looks better than an all-out polish). Someone once told me it's because they're powder coated. If this is true, why are only the spokes powder coated and not the whole wheel?
11-Jun-02 markbsae.msn.com - factory wheel paint is epoxy paint and is not much more durable than regular paint. the reason they polish the rim and paint the spokes is that it is much cheaper as the rim can be done on a machine but the spokes need to be done by hand. Also the part is sand cast and therefore there is a rough surface on the whole part so the factory turns the rim on a lathe to true the wheel and make a nice machined finish which is easier to polish as compared to the cast finish on the spokes.i learned this all when i powdercoated my wheels to match my bike. http://www.sportbikes.dhs.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=displayit&Picture_ID=26069
03-Dec-02 innervisionmusic.yahoo.com - i have more fun at BBW, the people rock and the food is fricken GOOD. and last...that bike is NICE!
24-May-06 danger112269.yahoo.com - So that's how you get 'em lowered.
24-May-06 sy.henderson.amtelecom.net - I'm sorry, but this is just WRONG.
25-May-06 the_playdoh.hotmail.com - Did they use load-adjusters?
21-Jun-06 Johannes.letlhake.eds.com - Need some strong Shocks & Spring Coils for the load
21-Jun-06 kawgf4.wmconnect.com - Any time a woman rides,she`s special.The bike is sweet.Only thing...no gear.
23-Jun-06 q_one.hotmail.com - That is some BIKE...But I love the rider OH SO MUCH BETTER...You are some woman Honey Huggs Patrick
Production (Custom) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, that's my '96 Kawasaki ZX7R
1036x896  171 KB
1996 Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 617
Votes: 89 / Ave.: 4.71

that's my '96 Kawasaki ZX7R

25-May-02 maximodiaz.entelchile.net - very nice bike !!!
16-Jun-02 capitalmcz.netscape.net - i love this bike ,the f1 mirrors and one headlight do it for me ..keep it up nay more pics?
20-Sep-02 hurryupinthere.yahoo.com - AWESOME BIKE!!!!!!!!iT'S ALL BUSINESS! NO CHROME B.S.
Production (Stock) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, Uploaded for: bigjohn1107@hotmail.com
1600x1064  363 KB
Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 183
Votes: 85 / Ave.: 5.34

Uploaded for: bigjohn1107@hotmail.com

31-May-02 qbzonk.hotmail.com - You know for a heavy bike they handle pretty damn good! Nice bike bro.
Production (Stock) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, Uploaded for: bigjohn1107@hotmail.com
1600x1120  396 KB
Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 180
Votes: 80 / Ave.: 5.58

Uploaded for: bigjohn1107@hotmail.com

Production (Custom) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, is this a pretty bike or what?  let me know send me an email at on1wheel2@msn.com or check us out at www.goldsboroinsane.com
1152x904  237 KB
1995 Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 499
Votes: 78 / Ave.: 4.24

is this a pretty bike or what? let me know send me an email at on1wheel2@msn.com or check us out at www.goldsboroinsane.com

21-Sep-02 hurryupinthere.yahoo.com - terrible!!!!!!!!!
30-Nov-02 sabertooth429.aol.com - all that really matters is if you like it. the great part of owning a bike is that you can make them unique.
Misc. Racing Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, Exiting turn 9 at B.I.R. in Minnesota.
1280x1000  286 KB
Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 325
Votes: 95 / Ave.: 4.51

Exiting turn 9 at B.I.R. in Minnesota.

Production (Stock) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, me and my baby
1152x904  178 KB
1995 Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 365
Votes: 79 / Ave.: 4.25

me and my baby

Production (Stock) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, Kawasaki - ZX-7R - 27129
1600x1106  201 KB
Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 251
Votes: 95 / Ave.: 5.07

Kawasaki - ZX-7R - 27129

01-May-02 maximodiaz.entelchile.net - Mister Kawa,please,in 2003 change the ZX7!!!!!
22-Aug-02 motowheelies.hotmail.com - I love that new paint scheme
Production (Custom) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, A PIC of my bike off Bayville, Long Island.
1676x1244  264 KB
2000 Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 458
Votes: 99 / Ave.: 4.86

A PIC of my bike off Bayville, Long Island.

14-Apr-02 Ninja.Racer.verizon.net - Here is my web page but I haven't updated it with any new PICS: http://members.bellatlantic.net/~vze2y3r4/
16-Apr-02 Ninja.Racer.verizon.net - Jersey Huh? That's where all the bike thieves live. LOL. Should I come over there and shoot you now or should I wait till you come here begging for it? HAHAHAHA
16-Apr-02 mof4i.msn.com - Iam not a bike thief or maybe u can tie yourself down while i come and get your bike.HAHAHA.
16-Apr-02 mof4i.msn.com - And just so u know i give you a 10 for this pic.
Production (Custom) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, Mean Green Machine, this is what happens if you got a long boring winter.And now it's for sale........
1512x1048  269 KB
1998 Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 505
Votes: 85 / Ave.: 5.24

Mean Green Machine, this is what happens if you got a long boring winter.And now it's for sale........

07-May-02 ecburgin.hotmail.com - Sweet. Where did you get your solo tail section?

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