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Women Helmets All, Hot babe with a Helmets All motorcycle!
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Helmets  2005 All
Date: 25-Jul-18
Views: 1,141
Votes: 97 / Ave.: 6.87

Hot babe with a Helmets All motorcycle!

03-Dec-08 -

would like to see the other side of the helmet

Women Helmets All, Hot babe with a Helmets All motorcycle!
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Helmets  2005 All
Date: 25-Jul-18
Views: 486
Votes: 85 / Ave.: 7.08

Hot babe with a Helmets All motorcycle!

Women Helmets All, Hot babe with a Helmets All motorcycle!
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Helmets  All
Date: 20-Jul-18
Views: 485
Votes: 173 / Ave.: 4.01

Hot babe with a Helmets All motorcycle!

26-Feb-03 - how about a pic with the helmet ON
26-Feb-03 - Look I am a cool gang banger. Put your helmet on and go away!
26-Feb-03 - I'll take a full order of house special fried rice please........West Siiiiiiiiiiiiide!
26-Feb-03 - take a pic of her and your bike
26-Feb-03 - All I can say is nice helmet!
26-Feb-03 - Man, you can't find a woman with all five fingers on a hand???? She needs to be more careful when feeding snappy dogs I think....
26-Feb-03 - is she trying to look stupid?
26-Feb-03 - Yes, very cool and very "gangster" (not). Lose the fake gangster attitude.
26-Feb-03 - Can we see the back shot instead?
26-Feb-03 - Chillin' in da crib west side style. LOL! Dawg!
27-Feb-03 - "Is she trying to look stupid." - Yep, and doing a DAMN good job.
27-Feb-03 - I'm sure she looks better than that in person! Nice body but ugly pose! Nuthin wrong with a little 'thuggishness' in a girl, but damn, u don't have to look like a gangbanger to be Clydes Bonnie!
27-Feb-03 - Sell your bike before you give us all a bad image...please!
27-Feb-03 - Good From Far (maybe) - But Far From Good.
27-Feb-03 - So exactly what "gear" is she wearing that is yours? The low cut Jordache jeans or the Victoria's Secret lace thong with matching bra? If those are your hoop earings, I'm gonna puke.
28-Feb-03 - nothing wrong with her, atleast she likes that you ride, my wife hates it.
28-Feb-03 - Maybe she's just messin' around? It's not easy to find a girl that likes least not when you're in a commited relationship. My girl wants a bike herself. She's going to get a Ducrappy Monstrocity and I ride a Mule S1. Perfect match!
02-Mar-03 - theduckllr you crack me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02-Mar-03 - You're suppose to hold the chicken by the body when you wack off the head.........Maybe it'll grow back.
08-Mar-03 - How did she lose that finger?
Women Helmets All, Hot babe with a Helmets All motorcycle!
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Helmets  All
Date: 17-Jul-18
Views: 437
Votes: 160 / Ave.: 5.03

Hot babe with a Helmets All motorcycle!

04-Feb-03 - uh.. looks like she's stoned or drunk, post some better pics? =)
04-Feb-03 - I have this same helmet ...but i bought mine, mine wasn't born...pushhhh,pushhhh,now breath..natural birth..
04-Feb-03 - id say... maybe some pants?
04-Feb-03 - Um........Uh........................Well? Um................
04-Feb-03 - definatly needs to back off on the meds.
04-Feb-03 - Does the name Nancy Spongen come to mind?
04-Feb-03 - im gonna make her mine.....;)
04-Feb-03 - what up sanman???
04-Feb-03 BROWNCLAN4.CFL.RR.COM - Whats the point here but i still like the legs
04-Feb-03 - That was a painful labor...
11-Feb-03 - The birth of Valentino Rossi ! The guy was born with a helmet on !
18-Feb-03 - I want be this helmet.......
16-Sep-05 - Wow stoned isnt the word baked, fried, sautaed

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