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MotoGP Premier Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), harris wcm motogp bike ,,good luck !
1134x1356  219 KB
2003 Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 24-Apr-19
Views: 542
Votes: 62 / Ave.: 5.00

harris wcm motogp bike ,,good luck !

24-Apr-03 masrapido.ozu.es - They will need all the lucky! BTW, for this next race they will put on the bike an amazing spanish rider, Jose David de Gea!
Drawings & Art Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), photoshoped
1710x1212  245 KB
Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 24-Apr-19
Views: 416
Votes: 91 / Ave.: 5.29


26-Sep-02 qbzonk.hotmail.com - that thing is pretty sweet. Any other info on this thing?
26-Sep-02 maarten_donders.hotmail.com - Looks really good, do i see b-king parts (seat, front forks), or is it just me?
26-Sep-02 livelarg.cox.net - that looks like a composite of several different bikes, the seat looks like b-king.
26-Sep-02 trevrobwhite.yahoo.co.uk - Talking of B-King when are we seeing more of that bike, the B-King is totally hardcore!! I WANT ONE (Dream on)
Misc. Racing Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), Uploaded for: bigjohn1107@hotmail.com
1534x1584  305 KB
1978 Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 23-Apr-19
Views: 187
Votes: 70 / Ave.: 4.76

Uploaded for: bigjohn1107@hotmail.com

Drawings & Art Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), A 100 Yam' : A YZ450 with a 1000FZR motor, wheels and head, and a R1 exaust system... a big toy to use with moderation !!
600x418  73 KB
Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 23-Apr-19
Views: 442
Votes: 109 / Ave.: 4.91

A 100 Yam' : A YZ450 with a 1000FZR motor, wheels and head, and a R1 exaust system... a big toy to use with moderation !!

02-Jul-02 capitalmcz.netscape.net - ya gotta give this guy some credit the bikes he builds are interesting at least,if this was a factory spy photo nobody would hate on him
02-Jul-02 lenn.wanadoo.fr - Thank !! yeah !!! give me credits !! a lot !!!!
02-Jul-02 maximodiaz.entelchile.net - ha ha ha!!!!
03-Jul-02 tourfighter.hkactionfilms.com - That's what you'd call a Suuuuuuuuuuuupermotard! I dig it.
Drawings & Art Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), Uploaded for: martin boret [martinboret@hotmail.com]
1400x950  208 KB
Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 304
Votes: 87 / Ave.: 5.23

Uploaded for: martin boret [martinboret@hotmail.com]

29-Jun-02 maarten_donders.hotmail.com - Very noce work on all the bikes!
Production (Custom) Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), SR 500
1600x952  277 KB
Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 208
Votes: 81 / Ave.: 4.70

SR 500

Production (Custom) Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), Euro Fighter
1400x968  290 KB
Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 293
Votes: 97 / Ave.: 5.67

Euro Fighter

24-Feb-02 majormadmax.satx.rr.com - Nice, but what in the hell is it?? Looks like a VFR swingarm, but the rest I don't know. Who made this machine??
24-Feb-02 gordep.iol.pt - KTM?
24-Feb-02 majormadmax.satx.rr.com - With a VFR or 916 swingarm? Looks a little like a Munch Mammut, but that's no Opel engine! Whatever it is, I like it!
24-Feb-02 maximodiaz.entelchile.net - very nice and original!!!!
24-Feb-02 maximodiaz.entelchile.net - maybe is a Suzuki Bandit with VFR750 swingarm!
25-Feb-02 majormadmax.satx.rr.com - I'd love to get some of those German Air Force Iron Cross stickers!
25-Feb-02 imriyr.hotmail.com - Swingarm is definitely a VFR exaple. Fairing looks like it came from a KTM Duke. Frame is not off a bandit, although the engine could be Suzuki..
04-Mar-02 ranchorick.hotmail.com - WHAT THE F@#$ !!!!
29-Jan-03 jensel.goldmail.de - This bike was built by ms-bikes in germany, and can be found @ www.ms-eurofighter.de
20-Jun-05 olivere.saipan.navy.mil - I like it!
08-Jul-05 adnan82ny.hotmail.com - this is a gangsta bike
Crash Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), Well, not sure, but I think is a Yamaha! This pic is classical, anyone knows something about it?
694x528  125 KB
Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 318
Votes: 133 / Ave.: 5.35

Well, not sure, but I think is a Yamaha! This pic is classical, anyone knows something about it?

04-Feb-02 sv650s_99.hotmail.com - "Speed Kills Display" coming to a parking lot near you.
05-Feb-02 royaltmp_01.yahoo.com - What a waste of a bike (and, although hopefully not, a rider). Saturns and their drivers are such cr*p.
05-Feb-02 hnazari101.home.com - The bike prolly held up better than the Saturn. Who would have thought the USA would build a japanese car.
05-Feb-02 chris_fiu.yahoo.com - ....no comment...but sweet pic...
05-Feb-02 azsportrider.aol.com - I wonder if they're gonna need that rear tire?
08-Feb-02 hnazari101.home.com - You cant say the drivers are crap, but the cars sure are
09-Feb-02 kryznic.hotmail.com - The story behind this pic was the rider was blasting through a 25mph residential area at 75 and this mother and daughter were backing out of their driving when this happend. No one survived this accident. Be smart when u ride. At least around residential areas, if you want to smear your a$$ across the highway thats your biz but here needs to just be common sense.
11-Feb-02 kryznic.hotmail.com - Oh yea the rider has a passenger too.
23-Feb-02 enkzer.hotmail.com - Uhm.. how did the bike have anything to do with the top of the car being crushed?
23-Feb-02 kryznic.hotmail.com - well, lets take a closer look shall we? The hood is not crushed, it was cut off with the jaws of life to get out the people that were fused to the car after he blasted into them.
Production (Custom) Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), Yamaha - Unknown (Yamaha) - 22699
1280x1064  176 KB
Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 21-Apr-19
Views: 304
Votes: 99 / Ave.: 4.35

Yamaha - Unknown (Yamaha) - 22699

18-Mar-05 dann001.hotmail.com - this is yamaha R1-Z 250cc two stroke...
Humor Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), New concept bike for Yamaha with racing stripes that add 10RWHP
960x1320  153 KB
Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 21-Apr-19
Views: 319
Votes: 142 / Ave.: 5.52

New concept bike for Yamaha with racing stripes that add 10RWHP

22-Nov-01 norihaga1.excite.com - sorry, its a honda you can tell from the bodylines, and the high performance plunger
22-Nov-01 faesy.home.com - clean that bike ..
22-Nov-01 giancarlo.notchryders.com - pimp
22-Nov-01 Holla.meathome.com - Yep definetly a Honda, lots of crap in it. Just kidding.
22-Nov-01 GiXXerCritter.hotmail.com - some people have way too much time to waste... use it to ride, or clean that floor
22-Nov-01 mtmra70.hotmail.com - but the "R" makes it a yamaha
22-Nov-01 sv_freak.yahoo.com - is that plunger by akrapovic or micron?
22-Nov-01 hlusk.rice.edu - put a key fob on the flush handle
23-Nov-01 roinexx.telia.com - Hey i have a similar model, but mine is a cruiser and my racing stripes always appears inside!
23-Nov-01 ack.yahoo.com - I think its Two Brother Racing..lol
23-Nov-01 saiyanpimp.hotmail.com - oh that's a Honda alright, they just jacked the yamaha's logo to make it look better.
23-Nov-01 maximodiaz.entelchile.net - Mmmmmm....much time?.......
23-Nov-01 gluv47.aol.com - dude.....clean around the base of your toilet!...you obviously don't have a girlfriend...or maybe she just never comes over!
23-Nov-01 mtmra70.hotmail.com - btw, for the record, that is NOT my toilet
23-Nov-01 info.siegarts.net - gluv... u think girlfriends are for cleaning toilets?...
23-Nov-01 miles321.yahoo.com - The Plunger is doing a 12 '0'clock
23-Nov-01 goat_less.yahoo.com - I think it is a Honda R... only a Type R, not a bike
23-Nov-01 smooveX314.aol.com - thats sad
25-Nov-01 latinstingray.yahoo.com - Ya right this is a Honda; the rest of the so called bikes(craps) are down the toilet!!!!! This one is for Holla
20-Dec-04 chromeslide.hotmail.com - This was originally posted on a website making fun of Honda's who put Type-R stickers all over their non Type-R vehicles. I have many more of these.
Production (Stock) Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), BRM ( Nico bakker )
1300x904  183 KB
Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 21-Apr-19
Views: 257
Votes: 113 / Ave.: 4.34

BRM ( Nico bakker )

21-Nov-01 mrstooge1.aol.com - Matt, where did this pic come from? Interesting. TZ tank and fairings and tail, 4 stroke motor. Radially mounted brakes. Webmaster: No idea. It was uploaded by BRM but he never leaves an e-mail address. BRM, if you read this, we need more info!
21-Nov-01 r_giannis.hotmail.com - most of japanese riders in SOS (sound of singles) slap a YZ400F or a XTZ660 engine in handmade frames or TZ-TZR frames....
21-Nov-01 smooveX314.aol.com - where can I get that fairing
22-Nov-01 gary.bernier.budweiser.com - Go at http://www.bakker-framebouw.nl/siteGB/startgb.htm
22-Nov-01 Ticedawg43.aol.com - If they stuck a YZ400F in it, the exhaust would be working against the engine, it's too BIG. I see a single carb, might be a XTZ660 engine. Good call Giannis. Too bad that the YZ426F is faster and lighter.
22-Nov-01 slick_rick_oa22.hotmail.com - a modified XTZ660 would wail a 426 in any state of tune...you crazy?
Production (Custom) Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), BRM
1602x1184  275 KB
1989 Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 21-Apr-19
Views: 324
Votes: 129 / Ave.: 5.57


Production (Custom) Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), BRM
1300x798  209 KB
Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 21-Apr-19
Views: 274
Votes: 104 / Ave.: 4.38


11-Oct-01 maarten_donders.hotmail.com - this is not a yamaha, it's a magni, it's italian and it is suzuki engined. Webmaster: Can someone confirm this?
11-Oct-01 r_giannis.hotmail.com - japanese version Magni with GSXR 1200 motor. magni is importer and make special and tuned old agustas.
11-Oct-01 gsxr1100.asiaonline.net.au - I don"t now about Magni but a GSXR motor is aGSXR motor no matter what you put it in.
11-Oct-01 philipw.eden.rutgers.edu - I read that the Magni is powered by an untouched bored GSXR 11 - Bandit 1200 motor. Nothing special about this bike IMHO.
12-Oct-01 maximodiaz.entelchile.net - No,..this is a Speedfire of second war,and the motor is for a Caterpillar!!!! ha ha ha !!!
13-Oct-01 marchq.hotmail.com - Saw this Magni in Milan in 1999. It's made after the old MV Augusta's. Magni used to work for MV in the seventies.
Women Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), yamaha hot girl a woman sitting on a Yamaha  Sportbike
1080x1188  261 KB
Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 20-Apr-19
Views: 50
Votes: 0 / Ave.: 0.00

yamaha hot girl
a woman sitting on a Yamaha Sportbike

Tags: person, outdoor, woman, motorcycle, sitting, wearing, bicycle, red, standing, young, female, holding, black, blue, ball, skiing, riding, man, white, player,
Humor Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), saw this bike at Mid-Ohio Superbike race.  light escapes from mouth of character.  also, check out the physique on the guy on the left... he must work out 12 ounces at a time.  sorry kev :)
1152x1294  275 KB
Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 20-Apr-19
Views: 427
Votes: 146 / Ave.: 3.99

saw this bike at Mid-Ohio Superbike race. light escapes from mouth of character. also, check out the physique on the guy on the left... he must work out 12 ounces at a time. sorry kev :)

02-Aug-01 kscanlon.neo.rr.com - That guy is SEXY! I bet he gets all the ladies!
02-Aug-01 and he'll take those ladies to the ballet. he's a romantic
02-Aug-01 SpeeDemonGirl.aol.com - Had my daily laugh. I can now go to work and keep laughing...
02-Aug-01 thetikos.aol.com - Looks like he's got the dunlop disease.........his gut dunlop'd over his belt.
03-Aug-01 SHays_ADP.yahoo.com - What you are missing is the later photo of the "topographical map of the Andes" across his shoulders from where he couldn't reach to put sunscreen on. Priceless!
03-Aug-01 mckay1223.home.com - Its a early 80's Suzuki GS400-what a waste of good paint!
Production (Stock) Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), YAMAHA SDR 200CC 2 STROKE a Yamaha  Sportbike parked on the side of a building
1600x1242  327 KB
Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 19-Apr-19
Views: 83
Votes: 0 / Ave.: 0.00

a Yamaha Sportbike parked on the side of a building

Tags: motorcycle, building, parked, road, outdoor, black, front, house, sitting, bicycle, door, street, red, yellow, standing, side, man, display, white, store, silver, sign, riding,
Women Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), Women- Yamaha Sportbike
1080x1285  241 KB
Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 664
Votes: 6 / Ave.: 9.17

Women- Yamaha Sportbike

Tags: person, outdoor, motorcycle, sitting, woman, red, wearing, man, standing, white, people, young, holding, beach, water, field, riding, boat,
Vintage Racing Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), Agostini on a Yamaha.
1060x872  146 KB
Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 08-Apr-19
Views: 363
Votes: 119 / Ave.: 5.12

Agostini on a Yamaha.

Women Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), a woman sitting on a Yamaha  Sportbike
1000x1466  232 KB
Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 06-Apr-19
Views: 257
Votes: 0 / Ave.: 0.00

a woman sitting on a Yamaha Sportbike

Tags: person, woman, motorcycle, sitting, black, girl, young, lady, street, wearing, female, riding, white, talking, city, phone, blue,
Women Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), a person sitting on a Yamaha  Sportbike
996x1572  311 KB
Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 06-Apr-19
Views: 67
Votes: 0 / Ave.: 0.00

a person sitting on a Yamaha Sportbike

Tags: person, sitting, young, table, woman, little, small, girl, boy, baby, standing, holding, black, motorcycle, laying, white, playing, bed, blue,

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