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World SuperBike Honda RVF750 RC45, Texas Tornado Honda RC45 a man riding on a Honda RVF750 RC45 sportbike
1410x2052  253 KB
RVF750 RC45
Date: 18-Apr-19
Views: 93
Votes: 0 / Ave.: 0.00

Texas Tornado Honda RC45
a man riding on a Honda RVF750 RC45 sportbike

Tags: outdoor, person, sport, riding, red, man, racing, motorcycle, going, wearing, jumping, air, flying, doing, player, street, track, field,
Humor Honda RVF750 RC45, by BRM
778x1240  240 KB
1999 RVF750 RC45
Date: 17-Apr-19
Views: 501
Votes: 148 / Ave.: 4.64

by BRM

10-Jul-01 tifosi111.hotmail.com - THAT'S THE MIDDLE OF SIBIR!!!
10-Jul-01 NoMoreFur.home.net - i think she forgot something......
11-Jul-01 zx9r_guy.yahoo.com - Does anyone know where this picture came from? 3 to 5 years ago, Cycle World did a great photo section of a UK / Ireland photographer - humorous pictures. Been trying to find a book of them ever since. Any info? Thanks.
Production (Stock) Honda RVF750 RC45, Ok maybe this will get you panties wet. How about a RC-45 with less than 200 miles on it?
1200x1000  261 KB
1994 RVF750 RC45
Date: 17-Apr-19
Views: 892
Votes: 122 / Ave.: 5.16

Ok maybe this will get you panties wet. How about a RC-45 with less than 200 miles on it?

27-Jun-01 stupified1.hotmail.com - if ya dont ride it and just show it take that ugly a** tank pad off
27-Jun-01 checkster2000.yahoo.com - thats one of the prettiest paper weights I've seen in a long time
27-Jun-01 ccnik.hotmail.com - It's nice having one w/only 200 miles on it but what is the sense?
27-Jun-01 anthony.gsxr600.org - has A LOT more then 200 miles. the ODO on that bike has read 139 for 8 months. Can you say ODO disconnected?
28-Jun-01 stinger30.usa.net - beaut looking bike....shame about the mileage...should be ridden and enjoyed
28-Jun-01 coolhandluke5000.aol.com - Watch Out! A seagull might crap on it and then the collectors won't pay as much! Why don't you ride the RC and invest in baseball cards or mint condition Teletubby dolls.
10-Jul-01 rc45.rc45.net - LOL - Funny how people are so quick to mouth of about subjects they are not well informed about. First off - how could a 7 year old bike with custom pipes, wheel-paint and screen POSSIBLY only have 139 miles on it - when I am sure that back tyre alone has more than 139 miles on it alone. Second - even IF the owner decided to NOT ride it - why bad mouth him about it? Third - that bike is very much riden and enjoyed by its owner - http://www.rc45.net/REGISTRY/RC45_OWNERS/bikes/43/gallery.html - have a look for yourselves. P.S. The RC45 is STILL the sweetest ride that those of us who own one, have ever enjoyed.
08-Feb-04 david_neall.hotmail.com - I don't think it needs a tank protector if it's only going to be ridden twice in 10 years..... nice machine back then, heavy slow old dog now, time to move on.
09-Feb-04 graham.gedge.btconnect.com - "nice machine back then, heavy slow old dog now" - Let me guess, you haven't ridden one have you?
26-Feb-04 david_neall.hotmail.com - Let me guess - you haven't ridden anything in the past 10 years - the bike on it's right would blow it into the weeds!!!
Production (Stock) Honda RVF750 RC45, Ok maybe this will get you panties wet. How about a RC-45 with less than 200 miles on it?
960x1240  249 KB
1994 RVF750 RC45
Date: 17-Apr-19
Views: 206
Votes: 116 / Ave.: 4.10

Ok maybe this will get you panties wet. How about a RC-45 with less than 200 miles on it?

27-Jun-01 busta1n2.detroitstreetryders.com - oooooooh my god!! im soaked!!!
09-Feb-04 graham.gedge.btconnect.com - second time around??? lol only kiddin, top bike
Production (Stock) Honda RVF750 RC45, Ok maybe this will get you panties wet. How about a RC-45 with less than 200 miles on it?
1200x1000  269 KB
1994 RVF750 RC45
Date: 17-Apr-19
Views: 627
Votes: 132 / Ave.: 5.36

Ok maybe this will get you panties wet. How about a RC-45 with less than 200 miles on it?

27-Jun-01 matthew.hotmail.com - that is sweet! I know a shop in town here has an RC30 on display (it is owned already) and it has never been ridden??? what
27-Jun-01 qbzonk.hotmail.com - a seven year old bike with less than 200 miles on it. It's not good to keep something and not run it. Great bragging rights, but an unused bike is almost as bad as an abused one. Starting it in the garage once a week isn't enough. Sweet ride though
27-Jun-01 eggerslance.hotmail.com - qbzonk Trust me this bike gets good care. The owner did ride it 30 miles on the day it was in our show. I am sure this is one of the cleanest RC-45 on the west coast to date.
27-Jun-01 anthony.gsxr600.org - This bike has 139 miles on the ODO and has read that same number for 8 months!!!!
28-Jun-01 coolhandluke5000.aol.com - That is a beautiful bike; nice chunk of racing history... but if you're not going to ride it, donate it to the Smithsonian or slap it into a huge block of Lucite and use it as a paperweight!
28-Jun-01 mpress.bellsouth.net - Why the painted wheels? Now it's not even original!
08-Feb-04 iwheelie.optusnet.com.au - Flooding here! If it was my bike i would feel scared to ride the thing if it had that few miles on it! Cant be many in the whole world with as low miles as this one!
Production (Stock) Honda RVF750 RC45, Gets just as many looks today as back in 1994.
1274x1010  242 KB
1994 RVF750 RC45
Date: 16-Apr-19
Views: 1,771
Votes: 132 / Ave.: 5.16

Gets just as many looks today as back in 1994.

25-Jun-01 Billowing_burnout.msn.com - Not what I normally think of when someone says "dual exhaust", but it certainly is an exotic.
26-Jun-01 STATTY.MSN.com - ...2nd to none...
26-Jun-01 info.siegarts.net - ok this bike is not very bad looking, but when ppl say that it makes ducati's look bad when is standing next to them....come on :) not funny..... but it's ok though
26-Jun-01 vtr1000r.budweiser.com - SieG, aren't you the guy without a bike? this bike is awesome! i would take this over a duc anyday, and i love ducati! every auto trader mag has several ducs, and rarly a RC45.
26-Jun-01 Slider.gsxr1000.net - This is true, however the reason Ducs are for sale is the cost of maintance. $260 every 2,000 miles
26-Jun-01 coolhandluke5000.aol.com - Wow... a perfect RC45! What I wouldn't give for that!
26-Jun-01 r_giannis.hotmail.com - those paies are special parts from HRC.. and this is a beatuyfull bike... if i had to choose ducati 996 or that i will choose that for sure...
26-Jun-01 info.siegarts.net - yea im the guy without a bike... what doe sit have to do with anything? no this bike is ok. just a normal bike.. it's not beautiful not ugly...yea in 1994 i bet it was crazy, but now... for example the R1 or a 929 is a lot more attractive. Webmaster: Again Sieg, that is your opinion. I for one would trade my R1 for one of these bikes in a heartbeat!
26-Jun-01 r_giannis.hotmail.com - this is a dream bike ... R1s and dukes looks nice but this is a special!!!! i wish i have one....
27-Jun-01 info.siegarts.net - yea? if u had an R1 with a Single arm , underseat exaust and red bull painting... would u change it for this?..... and YES it's my opinion :) WHy woudl I say if it was someone else's opinion? :) isnt this made for ppl to say their opinions or opinions of others? or maybe im confused? no i think it's not me.... And this bike is fine, im just sayin that it's not THAT special as ppl are talkin about it, if it would cost 2 times less like it should have, nobody would talk about it as something divine...But please, dont u thik if it would not have the monoarm, it would be just another old bike like FZR or anything else which came with round lights... Webmaster: SieG, I'm really sick of all your negative posts. How about if you don't like a bike, you keep it to yourself. You're bashing every single bike that's older than 5 years old. Since you don't own a motorcycle or ride one on a regular basis, your opinions don't mean a thing. I'm getting tons of complaints from other people as well, so lay off, ok?
27-Jun-01 matthew.hotmail.com - I think this bike created the direction for the new bikes, didn't it? That is what research does, it was way before it's time. Plus, it's not the bike most of the time, it's the rider that makes the difference!
10-Jul-01 rc45.rc45.net - SieG - well as far as NOT being special - lets see: First regular production PGM-Fuel Injected bike with DIFFERING fuel maps for front and rear cyclinder banks, using a very sophisticated PGM-FI setup with multiple sensor inputs (namely:Throttle position, Water Temp, Air Temp, Atmospheric Pressure, Manifold Pressure, Ignition Speed and Cylinder ID), 46mm throttle bodies, NR750 brakes, Showa Upside down forks, Titanium Rods, Aluminium Powder metal composite sleeves, 11.5:1 compression ratio, gear driven cam V-4, one of the first 190 cross section rear tyres, the genuine ELF single sided swingarm, 100mph 1st gear, hand assembled in HRC's facility, a WSB platform (to name but a few special features) - all weighing in at 419lbs' - so with all of this being delivered to any one who could pony up the dough in 1994, DOES in fact make the RC45 a very significant milestone motorcycle.. the rest are only just now catching up.
06-Feb-04 majormadmax.satx.rr.com - Hot lust! If I were jay Leno I wold have one of these (plus a RC30 and a NR750) in my garage. What a beautiful motorcycle, maybe not everybody
06-Feb-04 borderlinecycle.netscape.net - keep your r1 ,the re-sale value will drop forever while this one wil only get higher,,,oh yeeah a 929 hahahahaha what a turd ,so much a turd they only made it for a year and replaced it with the 954 .SIEG you are way outta touch .Both bikes mentioned couldn't touch this bike as far as value
06-Feb-04 jay leno actually does have a NR750 along with a friend of mine who used to own a RC45 and i will say that it drew crowds and was a blast to ride and oh what a beautiful sounding bike, i have owned a ducati and presently own a MV Agusta and considered getting an RC45 at one point, honda knows how to make a very exotic bike i will say, seeing an NR750 in pictures does it NO justice, the NR750 is a work of art and will absolutely blow anything away in the sound department, yah there are bikes out there that cost WAAAYYY less and have tons more horsepower but i must say that one of the best and most fun bikes i have ever ridden was my VFR400, when i had that bike my MV Agusta stayed parked for quite sometime. sorry i just think high horsepower is way overrated by too many these days. i have posted plenty of pics of the NR on here before and along on www.rocketmadness.com if you would like to see. also on there....2003 ZX6R for sale in my postings.
06-Feb-04 rpaggen.hotmail.com - oh the NR750 is for sale also....feel free to email for details
06-Feb-04 un_majstk.hotmail.com - ROFL. Sieg doesnt have a bike. thats hilarious.
07-Feb-04 pilotimb.yahoo.com - SieG, you have to realize that its only because of bikes like the RVF750, that that we now have the R1 and 929. It's sportbike evolution. Without the huge technological advances bikes like the RVF750 made, your R1 would only have 130 horses, still have carbs, and would weigh about 50 pounds more. You should respect the R1 and especially 929 (both honda's) lineage.
07-Feb-04 shobertb67.aol.com - This looks like the same RC45 that was Stolen from its owner in N.J or Mass I believe a couple years ago; was it ever recovered???
07-Feb-04 shobertb67.aol.com - I thought that Pic looked familar, stolen from N.J. S.N.00021- the guy still has the reward ad posted http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/rc45sn0021/myhomepage/
Misc. Racing Honda RVF750 RC45, RVF RC45 Castrol Honda 1998 a man riding a 1998 Honda RVF750 RC45 sportbike on a track
1800x1346  283 KB
1998 RVF750 RC45
Date: 13-Apr-19
Views: 247
Votes: 0 / Ave.: 0.00

RVF RC45 Castrol Honda 1998
a man riding a 1998 Honda RVF750 RC45 sportbike on a track

Tags: grass, outdoor, racing, track, person, sport, turn, road, man, riding, hill, red, suit, going, leaning, wearing, corner, field, air, water, covered, jumping, white, motorcycle, slope, flying,
Production (Stock) Honda RVF750 RC45, 1995 -Honda - RC45 RVF750R - 10166
1280x1000  226 KB
1995 RVF750 RC45
Date: 12-Apr-19
Views: 659
Votes: 162 / Ave.: 4.44

1995 -Honda - RC45 RVF750R - 10166

Production (Stock) Honda RVF750 RC45, 1995 -Honda - RC45 RVF750R - 10165
1280x1000  217 KB
1995 RVF750 RC45
Date: 12-Apr-19
Views: 623
Votes: 113 / Ave.: 5.02

1995 -Honda - RC45 RVF750R - 10165

06-Apr-01 Permanator.spankme.net - Could you PLEASE send in a pic of what the bike looks like from underneith??...that's the only pic youre missing
Production (Stock) Honda RVF750 RC45, 1995 -Honda - RC45 RVF750R - 10164
1280x1000  228 KB
1995 RVF750 RC45
Date: 12-Apr-19
Views: 530
Votes: 114 / Ave.: 5.44

1995 -Honda - RC45 RVF750R - 10164

05-Apr-01 arp.7.excite.co.uk - Still a great bike ..... but does it justify NINE photos on the website?????
06-Apr-01 buffy_the_slayerrr.hotmail.com - Yes.
13-Apr-01 rc45.rc45.net - Uhm.. the photos ARE in the RC45 section.. so what is wrong with posting 9... or 900.. ?
02-Nov-03 starriderrick.hotmail.com - This bike rocks...I saw Migel D' ride at Laguna Seca on a rc45...sounded like a nascar on the back straight @ 170mph
Production (Stock) Honda RVF750 RC45, 1995 -Honda - RC45 RVF750R - 10163
1280x1000  195 KB
1995 RVF750 RC45
Date: 12-Apr-19
Views: 651
Votes: 150 / Ave.: 4.89

1995 -Honda - RC45 RVF750R - 10163

Production (Stock) Honda RVF750 RC45, 1995 -Honda - RC45 RVF750R - 10162
1280x1000  237 KB
1995 RVF750 RC45
Date: 12-Apr-19
Views: 564
Votes: 134 / Ave.: 4.61

1995 -Honda - RC45 RVF750R - 10162

05-Apr-01 info.siegarts.net - why is everyone so obsessed with this bike? it very old design ( not very bad for that time, but not very special either ) ... i even read in some magazine that "it makes ducati 996 look like some normal bike when standing next to this"... sorry but to me it's just another honda, not bad, not special... CBR900 and 929 and RC51 are 100000000000000 times nicer .... and i'm sure it's not as much better as it is more expeinsive than the rest... how much was/is it in USA?
06-Apr-01 Permanator.spankme.net - it's not EVERYONE.....just photoboy
13-Apr-01 rc45.rc45.net - Correct, not everyone is obsessed with this bike - Only those of us that have one. See, there are only about 27 of the original 50 that came to the USA in 1994 ($27,000.00 msrp) left to share among "individual owners" - So we do feel priviledged, and like the bike. Far fewer people have actually ridden an RC45 than have criticized it... go figure. BTW, todsmith11@hotmail.com, drop me a line about the RC45 in the pictures.
02-Nov-03 starriderrick.hotmail.com - Do some research Y'all.. before you criticize this machine...It..... Was,/Is "really that good"....
Production (Stock) Honda RVF750 RC45, 1995 -Honda - RC45 RVF750R - 10161
1280x1000  229 KB
1995 RVF750 RC45
Date: 12-Apr-19
Views: 603
Votes: 115 / Ave.: 5.03

1995 -Honda - RC45 RVF750R - 10161

Production (Stock) Honda RVF750 RC45, 1995 -Honda - RC45 RVF750R - 10160
1280x1000  259 KB
1995 RVF750 RC45
Date: 12-Apr-19
Views: 569
Votes: 143 / Ave.: 5.01

1995 -Honda - RC45 RVF750R - 10160

05-Apr-01 badzx7s.yahoo.com - Where is the rest of the roll? You must have more pictures, right? Local photo lab must LOVE you.
03-Nov-03 starriderrick.hotmail.com - Badzx7s.... Hey....Nice rides..Check out my KAWI. ZX-7R's ROCK
03-Nov-03 starriderrick.hotmail.com - where are your pic's? BADzx7....show that Kawi..............NOW ! Get on Board DUDE...Post.
Production (Stock) Honda RVF750 RC45, 1995 -Honda - RC45 RVF750R - 10159
1280x1000  263 KB
1995 RVF750 RC45
Date: 12-Apr-19
Views: 1,160
Votes: 408 / Ave.: 6.97

1995 -Honda - RC45 RVF750R - 10159

05-Apr-01 permanater.spankme.net - Could I get just ONE MORE angle of this bike???
05-Apr-01 michel.gsxr-600.com - lol yea seriously :)
06-Apr-01 SpeeDemonGirl.aol.com - top view please! Id like to get a good look at the gas cap
13-Apr-01 rc45.rc45.net - Well, at least his bike is worth documenting.. what do you ride?
17-Apr-01 cemap.hotmail.com - rc35
19-Apr-01 gsxr6kid.aol.com - actually.. to me it looks like a Vfr 750.... well..atelast the frame and swingarm does..
24-Apr-01 crac.cra-mn.org - actually...you should keep to yourself. It's an RC45!
17-May-01 ducmk3.aol.com - if they were worth a damm Honda would still be racing them in WSB,just a big 4 pot slug
30-Jul-01 fireblade900rr.msn.com - they all but outlawed this bike from racing for being to awesome. So they replaced it with the51
02-Nov-03 smacdatass.aol.com - the perfect sportbike - styling and performance which will likely never be matched
02-Nov-03 smacdatass.aol.com - Miguel DuHamel was king - yet I've never heard anybody mention him on this website - whats up? - Am I the only DuHamel fan? Webmaster: you're a smart guy - what's the deal? Webmaster: I'm a huge Miguel fan! He seems to be one of the only guys who doesn't take the whole AMA scene too seriously... Always joking around and fun to talk to.
03-Nov-03 miguelvautour.nb.aibn.com - starriderrick - I posted a DuHamel bike a couple week ago - check it out ----
06-Nov-03 markbsae.msn.com - gsxr6kid, that is an RC 45. cemap, what exactly is an RC 35? For you V4 haters why don't you go read a bit of history and see how the RC 45 absolutely dominated in its day. You can always tell noobs by the fact that they couldn't tell you who raced what more than 2 years back.
06-Nov-03 starriderrick.hotmail.com - THIS BIKE WAS SO GOOD....SUZUKI CRIED, WHINED TO HAVE V-4 's BANNED *^%#@! WHINERS./ The 180* gear drive V-4 "voted ->In the top 10 of all motorcycle engines ever produced...EVER!!!
Production (Stock) Honda RVF750 RC45, 1995 -Honda - RC45 RVF750R - 10158
1280x1000  182 KB
1995 RVF750 RC45
Date: 12-Apr-19
Views: 714
Votes: 152 / Ave.: 4.39

1995 -Honda - RC45 RVF750R - 10158

AMA Racing Honda RVF750 RC45, Attached you'll find a picture of Eric Bostrom aboard the Honda RC45.  I
shot this at Mid-Ohio in '99 at the top of the Esses.
1200x742  229 KB
1999 RVF750 RC45
Date: 11-Apr-19
Views: 1,700
Votes: 112 / Ave.: 5.72

Attached you'll find a picture of Eric Bostrom aboard the Honda RC45. I shot this at Mid-Ohio in '99 at the top of the Esses.

23-Mar-01 info.siegarts.net - doesnt RC45 have a single side rear arm? ? ? Webmaster: In 1999 Honda fitted a standard swingarm to the RC45 in an attempt to try to get more power to the ground.
26-Mar-01 outstandingimages.yahoo.com - It was mentioned that they started to encounter some serious chassis flex at the really fast tracks, like Daytona. And even though the RC45 was one of the first to use "tuned chassis flex," it was simply too much. So they went to the conventional swinga
Video Games Honda RVF750 RC45, A screen shot of Aaron Slight doing a wheelie on Superbike 2000. Its a great game.
1270x994  151 KB
2000 RVF750 RC45
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 588
Votes: 113 / Ave.: 4.44

A screen shot of Aaron Slight doing a wheelie on Superbike 2000. Its a great game.

26-Feb-01 the game sucks. Play GP500. More gameplay there. The wheelies in SBK is so fake and so badly done that I just hate the rest of the game.
26-Feb-01 kinelljohn.hotmail.com - He's right- SBK2000 is an unbelievably badly made game. GP500 is much better but I can't seem to find anyone to play me at it
26-Feb-01 info.siegarts.net - exactly I just wanted to say that.... this game is S**T!!!!!!!!!!! same with SBK 2001... I dont believe I wasted money on a cd to make a copy of it.... I play GP500 almost everyday for more than a year now... and ppl check out www.gp500racing.com ( gp500 fans already know it... just telling it to ppl who dont know it )
26-Feb-01 merhie1.collegeclub.com - the wheelies on the 1999 game are awesome, they are very realistic, nothing like the 2000 game, you guys should check it out
27-Feb-01 info.siegarts.net - There is absolutely NOTHING realistic in Superbike 2000, same as 2001!!!!!! ppl...GET GP500 if u wanna see something realistic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27-Feb-01 Are these games for playstation or what?
27-Feb-01 what is the most fun game? maybe racing? I am not looking for most realistic pc wheelie game. gimme a break. buy a little dirtbike, learn, and get some fresh air
27-Feb-01 I was talking about EA sports superbike 1999, not the 2000, it is completely different, my i have played both and have the 1999 version on my computer now, it is very realistic when it comes to wheelies and endos, it is an awesome game
27-Feb-01 SBK20001 is great. all the animated women and all
27-Feb-01 BiZ.starboyz.com - right on about the original EA superbike game, its the best and MOST realistic Wheelie and endo game out there bar none (GP500 is an awesome game, but no game comes close to wheelies like EA's original Superbike game). I can carry my wheelies in simulation mode down every straight away at hockeihiem race course, and around turns......let the wheelie contest began
27-Feb-01 sbk 2000 kicks *ss when u gotta graphics card
28-Feb-01 i had sbk 99 demo, 2000 demo and a copy of 2001 game, they are all s**T, I'm sorry to say this... there is no motorbike game for PC that is comparable with GP500... SBK 2001 has good graphics yeah I agree, but if your talking about realism...please... GP500 is the best and nothing comes close ... EA games are too arcade we all know that
Misc. Racing Honda RVF750 RC45, This is in the T.T of Man, and I think that is Steve Hislop with a RC-45 (In USA maybe it has another name).
1056x752  120 KB
RVF750 RC45
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 721
Votes: 151 / Ave.: 5.83

This is in the T.T of Man, and I think that is Steve Hislop with a RC-45 (In USA maybe it has another name).

05-Feb-01 I love the look of that "shotgun" exhaust... i wonder how many people are going to think this is a fake
05-Feb-01 I think this is a fake....LOL no just kidding Isle of Mann TT rocks the joint every year and those hops are for real!!!! it's gonna be sad to not have the legendary Joey Dunlop (RIP) around but we'll rock it in tribute to his legacy
06-Feb-01 atleast this guy has full leathers on. and as for you loose cannons, leather jacket and gloves doesnt count as "WEARING OUR LEATHERS". you guys only wish you where good enough to ride the TT! nuff said.
06-Feb-01 To that last comment: I can't believe that the loose cannons just got a comment directed at them on ANOTHER PICTURE!!!!!!!!!! somebody must really think we are awesome!!!!!!! check us out www.loosecannons.org.....and by the way, you are right i wish i WAS good enough to ride in the TT...those guys are SICK!!!!!! keep riding and party hard!!!!
06-Feb-01 Oh dear... he's harping on a bit about the leathers(anything remotely organised requires full leathers in the UK, and remember, anyone can enter the TT which is why several riders are killed each year). The picture's great, masrapido! Could be showing my ignorance here, but could this be Denis McCullough (who rode Number 7 last year) on a Honda RS250?
06-Feb-01 no, you are right.....however, none of the loose cannons ever claimed to BE good enough to ride in the TT.....we ride to have fun....where did all of this competition come from....if you dont think we are the best then that is your opinion.....this wheelie kicks a$$ by the way...TT races are AWESOME!!!!! www.loosecannons.org
06-Feb-01 why you trippin on loose cannons? Why are you getting so excited about what they wear and what they dont wear? Worry about your own melon.
06-Feb-01 I LOVE IT!!! i knew that would get you guys going. hehehehe :) ya you guys are good riders, but stay the hell out of traffic (chippy/shugga) thats where the govr. and insur. comp. get there bullets to kill our sport. im not harpin on ya. i ride with the same kinda guys and love this stuff to. just think about next time you go past someone at 100+ and they got kids crawling around the car. they arent looking for you coming around them in the middle of the roads guys. watch your *sses. use some sense fellows.
06-Feb-01 tight
06-Feb-01 cool...i like it....we do...we dont ride safe, but we ride sensible for what we do...thanks for the pub, brother
06-Feb-01 SWEET PICTURE!!!dude the loosecannon guys have skills,not the kind i want but they do have em.get over it people.my only problem is the name you guys have like shuggs,wheres vanilla ice?
06-Feb-01 masrapido.ozu.es - IĀ“mnot sure who the pilot is, but the bike sure is a HPna RC-45 (750c.c.)
06-Feb-01 vanilla ice wrecked and was never a loose cannon...he said he was but wound up being a real loser!!!
06-Feb-01 The rider is Nick Jefferies
06-Feb-01 ShuggsRR.aol.com - About Vanilla Ice, there are pictures of his wrecked bike on the Loose Cannons crash page. www.loosecannons.org he wasnt one of us, but he stole our stickers anyways. oh well...its tough to be cool sometimes...LOL LOL j/k
06-Feb-01 Its Ballagh bridge RC45 Isle Of Man TT best road race in the world
07-Feb-01 This is the balls!
12-Feb-01 Move over Jeremy Mcgrath!!! KUFFS
03-Apr-01 leighclarkbike.exite.co.uk - youre all wrong.works honda rc45,ballaugh bridge,iom tt .nick jefferies
03-Sep-03 clevernikname.subdimension.com - Steve Hislop another fallen master RIDE IN PEACE
World SuperBike Honda RVF750 RC45, Aaron Slight on the 1999 Castrol Honda RC45 World Superbike.
1280x878  226 KB
1999 RVF750 RC45
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 1,342
Votes: 119 / Ave.: 5.32

Aaron Slight on the 1999 Castrol Honda RC45 World Superbike.

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