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Models/R-C/Toys Honda NR, Uploaded for: kervarec
2304x1728  574 KB
1994 NR
Date: 01-Jun-19
Views: 1,010
Votes: 14 / Ave.: 6.50

Uploaded for: kervarec

Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R1, 2004 -Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 49563
900x630  109 KB
2004 YZF-R1
Date: 26-Apr-19
Views: 693
Votes: 78 / Ave.: 6.50

2004 -Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 49563

24-Sep-03 - the undertail pipe and the seat lines ruin the whole bike in my eyes ,,i think they blew it this time ,,swingarm is cool as hell
24-Sep-03 - IMHO, the whole thing is Fugly with a capital F. They butchered a beauty this time around.
24-Sep-03 - looks like there cuttin more and more fairing off every year,should of had both under and side exhausts
24-Sep-03 - SWEET. Absolutely the BEST. Great job YAMAHA!!!! No doubt it will be bike of the YEAR!!!
24-Sep-03 - WHATEVER, lol, atleast its better looking than the 2004 GIXXER !
25-Sep-03 - I think liamk15 is right. At this rate the next generation R1 will be a naked bike. Maybe less is more though...
25-Sep-03 - Good luck finding an aftermarket can that will fit...See the gray covering from the stock can... what happes when you take that off?
25-Sep-03 - Nah... the CB900 (919) has a similar heat shield... so does the CBR600RR, and several companies already have pipes for them.
25-Sep-03 - That swingarm is upside down. Rotate the picture and you see an R6 swingarm. Don't like it. They should heave kept the old tail too but apart from that I want it..........bad
25-Sep-03 - swingarms like this are a lot more stiff any big hp bike should have em ,the bike is still ugly though ,,02-03 will be worth more than one of these ,swap the forks and the swingarm on an older model with this and you have a killer bike !
25-Sep-03 - i think that its the best looking yamaha ever!!! ... honda really did something strange this year.. i think 2003 CBR 9 is a much better design than the 2004 one.. but Yamaha did something almost italian style this time!!! with japanese performance!!!
Production (Stock) Mondial Piega 1000, MONDIAL PIEGA! this is one photo of 300 from the intermot 2002 in munich! go to '' then to 'verschiedenes' then 'bikercorner' and there is the link to the pictures! enjoy!
1600x1220  424 KB
Mondial  2002 Piega 1000
Date: 23-Nov-14
Views: 1,652
Votes: 80 / Ave.: 6.50

MONDIAL PIEGA! this is one photo of 300 from the intermot 2002 in munich! go to "" then to "verschiedenes" then "bikercorner" and there is the link to the pictures! enjoy!

01-Oct-02 - This is what the Ducati 999 should have looked like :-(
01-Oct-02 - i agree!!!
02-Oct-02 - Have you actually seen a 999 in the flesh! Even though Terblanche isn't Italian ,he has ridden and designed Ducatis for around 30years .I think the 999 is a fresh new look for Ducati and will be around for another decade.
Production (Custom) Suzuki Hayabusa, seen on mcn
1200x940  210 KB
Date: 21-Apr-19
Views: 563
Votes: 90 / Ave.: 6.50

seen on mcn

28-Dec-01 - boring
25-Jan-02 - boring?... you must be bored, but this bike isn´t boring..
04-Mar-05 - i dont know what your thinking, twowheelkaos, but i would sell my house to get that bike!
Production (Custom) Honda CBR600F4, Zette from TX......
887x1436  250 KB
2001 CBR600F4
Date: 13-May-19
Views: 619
Votes: 86 / Ave.: 6.50

Zette from TX......

27-Aug-02 - beauty
27-Aug-02 BACHSTER486.HOTMAIL.COM - I like the American flag on the tail.
27-Aug-02 BACHSTER486.HOTMAIL.COM - I like her too...
27-Aug-02 - Can I send you my knee pucks? Cuz I seem so far from scraping mine. :)
27-Aug-02 - Hey Darlin'! Where was that pic taken? Looks like a fun ride! Ever go into the Hill Country?
27-Aug-02 - looking good, not bad for a , thought I was going 2 say girl didn't you , no ! biker. keep the Handel bar grips off the pavement.. LOL
28-Aug-02 - Blu:Top pic was taken in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Bottom pic was at Cresson during a track day. Don't worry, if I make it to the Hill country, I'll give you a cal. Mstauffe: just get yer arse off the seat and give it the gas!!! :-) lol....Zette
28-Aug-02 - Dang, New Mexico, your all over the map aint ya. What do you do for a living to have that much free time and cash to go out and play so much ??? Especially with a nice lookin toy like your f4i. Ya need to let me in on your little secret babe. Are there any other girls in your ridding group, or are you the only one getting all the boyzez attentions ??
28-Aug-02 - Koojo: It may seem like I have alot of free time, but I do work full time as a physical therapist here in the DFW area. As for having 'all the boyzez attention', I can tell you it's not all that it's cracked up to be. It's always hard to know who likes you for 'YOU', and who just wants to shag ya.... know what I mean? Anyway, I know a handful of ladies who actually pilot their own rockets (they can't keep up though), but, I'm the only one I know who would give up her day job and 'sell it all' to race or travel the world on a motorcycle. Hummmm, now where's that winning lotto ticket????. :-)
28-Aug-02 - Very nice, I just niticed the other pic. you posted without your leathers. Youd be able to tell who likes "you" for you, and who wants to Shag you, The guys that want to shag ya are the guys that are the "nice" guys, the ones that are always there, winning over your confidance and trust, the ones that would stop "inviting" you to come hang out if you were to start showing up with another guy, the ones that would stop being so "attentive" if you were to tell them you've got someone, theyre the ones that'll shag ya in a second ( but you already knew that ). Then there's the rest of us, the ones that want ya cuz your so hot :-) So, how did you get "hooked" on bikes.
29-Aug-02 - Yes Zette, I'm afraid Koojo is right, we men are all alike, difference is some of our kind will lye and say we're not, And pitching it all and traveling around sound great, but it aint "all it's cracked out to be", unless you get to share it with someone you wind up spending most of the time thinking " I wish so and so was here to see this". Know what I mean ???? P.S. YES, YOU NEED AND UNDERTAIL, goes back to havin some spoil ya babe !! OOOOH AHHHHH OUCH !! MY BACK !!! I need some therapy on it ouch ouch ouch, come to Atlanta, ouch, quick !!! Now how do I esplain yu to my wife ? hmmmm, let me think . . .
29-Aug-02 - Koojo: I've always been the outgoing adventurous type that will try anything. For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted a motorcycle. Since my other was quite protective, I swore that when I was an *ahem* adult, I would have whatever I wanted. So, about 3 years ago I decided it was time to start riding. I took the MSF course, bought a Suzuki GS500e, and three years later here I am. But, SHHHHHHHHH, don't tell my mom I ride a 150 mph sportbike...she'll have a heart attack!!! :-) LOL.......Atlanta: thanks for sticking up for me. Glad some people knew what I meant. As for the undertail, your right. Let's see....hummmm.....'emergency' physical therapy housecall to Atlanta for one SCHWEEET undertail??? !!! I think you are still getting the better end of the deal, and there's still the issue about your wife ;-) ?????? LOLOLOLOL ... p.s. your right about the travel thing 100%....Zette
30-Aug-02 - Yeah, I know about the travel thing first hand too. Headed out to prove I didn't need her to have fun and wound up regreting it, but shhhh, dont tell "her" that, ( especially you Semper !!! ) - don't want it to go to her head :-) Sounds like to me you need to get together with the guy that's on your mind while your ridding around with all your buddies and invite him along, but that'll mean you'll have to admit to yourself that he means more to you than all these other "friends" that hang around you. Soooo, what was the first bike you sat on that got you hooked? your dads Harley ? Hey Atlanta, what kind of mods, I'm in the Dallas area as well, maybe I can find what you need. P.S. your email keeps causing a "virus alert" - just thought you should know
05-Sep-02 - Hey there miss Zette, hadnt heard back from you, wasnt sure if my response got through to your email so i figured i'd go this route. Maybe i'll run into you soon :-)
07-Sep-02 - Koojo: I posted you an email to your yahoo account. Did you get it? Anyway, hope to see ya soon...Z
08-Sep-02 - Hey babe ! Wuzzzup :-) Never mind seeing koojo soon, what 'bout me ?? He's spoken for but I'm all kinds of available, wink, wink. Specially since I've already caught a glimps or two of you hangin around with the boyz, wink, wink. PARTY PARTY !!! ALL NIGHT LONG, YEAH !! Any more pics ? How bout sending a few straight to me ?? WOOO HOOO !!!
15-Sep-02 - A long way off from ridding up to the Video Zone on the back of an old beemer. Looks like you found your niche.
17-Sep-02 - Hey there, I'm finally getting close to getting an F4i !!! ;-). A BEEMER !?!? YOU ON A BEEMER !?!? Elaborate. ;-) My X had a beemer, great bike, not a girls bike but still, I think in the end I liked it more than him LOL. Where you from sa. ?
18-Sep-02 - Congrats on the 'potential' new bike!!!! Don't forget, the Silver and black is the fastest!!! LOL!!!! And, yeah, SA10 is really responsible for my first street rides as a passenger on his beemer. Truth be told, he was a great influence in getting me to pilot my own rocket and I'm forever thankful for it. I hope to make him proud with my affinity for the sport that he introduced me to!!! So, SA10, am I doing the F4i justice?????........Zette
19-Sep-02 - Yep, very proud ( pat yourself on your back for me ! ) Looks like you need to hit ebay for an extra set of body parts to use during your track days :-) P.S. Zette, now Sofi wants an F4i, Yikes !!! - Airforce - I'm in the N. Dallas area , and you ?
21-Sep-02 - I may be relocating to Ft. Worth in a couple of months ( hope to have my bike by then !!! ), doesn't look too far from Dallas ;-) Any good places to ride around there ? Wondering if you got my email. Good for you Zette !! Not too many women are stand up and secure enough to say what really got them interested in bikes !!
22-Sep-02 - Wow, you're quite something aren't you? Renews my faith in finding a nice looking woman with similar tastes in life. Now I just need to find one like you out here in CA.
08-Oct-02 - What happened to ya ? No more pics ?? Do ya need a new photographer to come over and help out ??? :-P
09-Oct-02 - Sorry guys...... I'll try to get some more pics up in the near future (hopefully the next track day or weekend voyage to somewhere cool, promise).
27-Mar-03 - You look like Anna Kournikova. Hot! Nice bike by the way.
06-Mar-07 - Rocken the Pi!!
MotoGP Premier Yamaha YZR-M1, Valentino Rossi´s M1 in Munich-Intermot
2048x1379  554 KB
2004 YZR-M1
Date: 29-Jan-11
Views: 6,227
Votes: 32 / Ave.: 6.50

Valentino Rossi´s M1 in Munich-Intermot

12-Mar-05 - best bike ive ever!!!!!!!
Production (Custom) Kawasaki Kz1000, Fully Custom Kaw
1920x1440  473 KB
Date: 01-Jun-19
Views: 1,708
Votes: 16 / Ave.: 6.50

Fully Custom Kaw

Production (Stock) Aprilia RS250, Just bought this RS in is so fun to ride....smokey!
960x720  248 KB
1999 RS250
Date: 18-May-19
Views: 523
Votes: 14 / Ave.: 6.50

Just bought this RS in is so fun to ride....smokey!

19-Sep-05 - If ur in japan check out the scented 2 stroke oil, alwayz good for a laugh
Production (Stock) Ducati 749, Ducati - 749 - 62996
1536x1181  381 KB
Date: 01-Jun-19
Views: 1,754
Votes: 22 / Ave.: 6.50

Ducati - 749 - 62996

Production (Stock) Suzuki TL1000R/S, My new to me machine. Ebay kicks butt.  Got it used with 465 miles on it.  Who would buy a machine like this and get rid of it before it's even broken in... Ah well, their loss is my gain.
630x533  74 KB
2003 TL1000R/S
Date: 16-May-19
Views: 673
Votes: 18 / Ave.: 6.50

My new to me machine. Ebay kicks butt. Got it used with 465 miles on it. Who would buy a machine like this and get rid of it before it's even broken in... Ah well, their loss is my gain.

20-Sep-04 - All right Rifleman! I love the 2003 scheme. Any brand of slip on's and let that beautiful sound free!
21-Sep-04 - Yea, I was looking at a 2001 and the guy kept dickin me around.... fell in luv the moment I saw this one. More black on the bottom really kicks it up a notch. Looking for some bolt ons, the full system is like a grand and i'm currently broke. Sounds like George Jetsons car right now.
22-Sep-04 - If you haven't yet, search TL1000R on the web. Tons of stuff, info, so on. I have read the factory headers are well built and just slip ons are fine. Or maybe take them off and run a long 1/4drill bit and drill a bunch of holes in the blocking plate. My friend did it to his ZRX1100, and it actually sounds good and is not obnoxious.
22-Sep-04 - Congrats rifleman, I wrote something the first time I saw the pic, but it doesnt appear.. ?
23-Sep-04 - Thanks mas, I still have the Tuna, gonna put all the old carb parts back in and get it running and sell it to some kid as a good first bike. Unless you are looking for Tuna parts......... *S*
05-Oct-04 - Beautiful Tiller there Rifleman...not you need to head on over to and read, read, read...'ll be poor doing mods in no time...
Misc. Racing Aprilia RSV Mille, Aprilia - RSV1000 Models - 69315
2400x1829  397 KB
RSV Mille
Date: 01-Jun-19
Views: 436
Votes: 20 / Ave.: 6.50

Aprilia - RSV1000 Models - 69315

Production (Stock) Kawasaki ZZR1100_ZX11, Kawasaki ZX-11
1200x929  183 KB
Date: 17-May-19
Views: 440
Votes: 16 / Ave.: 6.50

Kawasaki ZX-11

Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R750, 2002 -Suzuki - GSX-R750 - 70292
1632x1251  555 KB
2002 GSX-R750
Date: 26-Mar-12
Views: 581
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 6.50

2002 -Suzuki - GSX-R750 - 70292

Production (Custom) Suzuki Hayabusa, breaking the law
818x455  68 KB
2003 Hayabusa
Date: 17-May-19
Views: 466
Votes: 28 / Ave.: 6.50

breaking the law

Stunts Suzuki Hayabusa, grabed 2nd gear on my not so stock busa and she walked right up me @ about 110mph
960x720  107 KB
2001 Hayabusa
Date: 18-May-19
Views: 500
Votes: 14 / Ave.: 6.50

grabed 2nd gear on my not so stock busa and she walked right up me @ about 110mph

30-Nov-05 - one fast bike
Stunts Suzuki GSX-R750, 110 degrees outside, 250 degrees inside the leather - what a day to ride...real men get it up w/o a pill :D
960x720  115 KB
2002 GSX-R750
Date: 18-May-19
Views: 578
Votes: 14 / Ave.: 6.50

110 degrees outside, 250 degrees inside the leather - what a day to ride...real men get it up w/o a pill :D

28-Jul-05 - 110 degreez and wearing leather sorry its no fun then lol
Production (Stock) Bimota DB5, 2006 -Bimota - DB5 - 80022
1536x1152  272 KB
Bimota  2006 DB5
Date: 18-May-19
Views: 998
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 6.50

2006 -Bimota - DB5 - 80022

Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Tranfer by BRM
1280x910  211 KB
2000 YZF-R1
Date: 20-Apr-19
Views: 1,113
Votes: 197 / Ave.: 6.50

Tranfer by BRM

13-Aug-01 - that is just beautiful!!!
13-Aug-01 - yes it is :)
13-Aug-01 - Black widow pipe, and it isn't under the tail? Why?
13-Aug-01 - im speechless
13-Aug-01 - why undertail? is everyones taste....
13-Aug-01 - wicked wicked's been a long time since I've seen as nice an R1 as this...hats off bro!!
13-Aug-01 - this one is shorter that stock ones, isn´t?...more nervious when you open throttle in twisties...
14-Aug-01 - Very tasteful, I Love the traditional Yamaha Black blocking on yellow
14-Aug-01 - i dont think the wheel base is shorter as much as it's an r7 fairing so the front bulk is much diff from the r1, or it's a funky r1 race fairing...check
14-Aug-01 - nice....not too overdone...I give it a 10
14-Aug-01 - Very nice bike!
14-Aug-01 - gorgeous bike, love the carbon front brakes. Job well done bro!
14-Aug-01 - Very nice job... that looks like R7 body work.
14-Aug-01 - wow, so beautiful, if I got enough money, then this is exactly what I like my R1 to look like, anyone know the website of this BRM place ?
14-Aug-01 - this bike is sick....everything done right.....I'm not crazy bout the yellow, I would've gone silver or blue...but this bike is off the hook.
14-Aug-01 - DAYYYYMNNNNN, thats pretty!
14-Aug-01 - This site has a lot of potential, check it out and send the webmaster some ideas.
20-Aug-01 - Nice Bike!! But if you want the single swing arm and the 5 point whells just stop joking and get a 996. All the looks with enough power. But still I could ride this.
20-Aug-01 - That bike gets me very....excited...I love the would look even better with me on a matching bikini....yup...SPLOOSH!!!
21-Aug-01 - Love the swing arm and paint, good stuff
Crash Kawasaki Unknown (Kawasaki), Look ma! No hands OR feet!!! <font color='blue'>Webmaster: I saw this happen live. Scott Russell low-sided in the Daytona 200. Here you see him jumping over the bike to get back on and eventually win the race!</font>
1180x826  226 KB
Unknown (Kawasaki)
Date: 11-Apr-19
Views: 687
Votes: 148 / Ave.: 6.49

Look ma! No hands OR feet!!! Webmaster: I saw this happen live. Scott Russell low-sided in the Daytona 200. Here you see him jumping over the bike to get back on and eventually win the race!

08-Mar-01 yep, pretty dam good shot...A photographer where I work (local news-paper in Daytona) took this shot. We have it archived here at work. This picture went on to grace the cover of a highly noteable motorcycle magazine too which he framed hanging in his office.
08-Mar-01 This is the MAN !!!! It's about time he left that worthless Harley Team .....
08-Mar-01 he is such a chump!!
08-Mar-01 when was this?
08-Mar-01 Now thats tank surfing
08-Mar-01 then put the pace car out to give him a chance to catch up.
09-Mar-01 - Scott Russell kicked butt when he rode a for Kawasaki, he hasnt done much since. Must have been the ride ;-)
09-Mar-01 I tell you what if you have seen Scott Russell in the past racing on his other bikes besides Harley, then expect him to kick some booty this year on his Ducati (GAURANTEED)...
09-Mar-01 What year was this?
09-Mar-01 Kawabunga dude!!!
09-Mar-01 hey chip and shuggs... beat that!
09-Mar-01 - SURF'S UP........................kawi rules even on its side!!!
09-Mar-01 Look at Scott's past Daytona races and he was on different bikes; so theres the answer to your question and if you wanna get technical every year B4 2000 season
09-Mar-01 And some people think they're good just cuz they can wheelie and stoppie... THIS takes balls.
09-Mar-01 - it has to suck when you are watching your bike skid across the ground thinking 'im about to smash into the ground.'
09-Mar-01 - $10.00 to the first person who can all riders in that picture! I think I see Hale, DuHamel, Kipp, Quaterly, Merkel, Chandler?
12-Mar-01 I was lucky enough to corner work yesterday's Daytona 200. Scott is amazing, still! And I got a piece of carbon fiber of his wrecked Ducati, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
27-Mar-01 - Does anyone knows where I can get a larger picture? like at 1280x1024? I will greatly appreciate it :) By the way he won that race.
06-Apr-01 - LMAO!! its like the freakin Matrix! Excellent pic!
30-Apr-01 - It looks like he's doing a kickflip with his bike! (Sorry, skateboarding term :)
20-Jul-01 - I was there, what an excellent race... For the guy that works at the Daytona paper-- how can we purchase a larger glossy of this pic?
Production (Stock) Ducati 748, elbow down
1128x1421  464 KB
2000 748
Date: 27-May-19
Views: 2,655
Votes: 136 / Ave.: 6.49

elbow down

09-Sep-01 - one day this boy gonna hurt... ;) great!!!!!!!
09-Sep-01 - NASTY!!!
10-Sep-01 - That is awesome
10-Sep-01 - Since when do you need "elbow pucks" to go fast?
10-Sep-01 - YiiiiiiiHaaaaaaa.....nice pic
10-Sep-01 - sick
10-Sep-01 - DANG................THAT'S SOME LEAN!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice pic, thanks for sharing.
10-Sep-01 - DRRRRRAAAAAGGGGIN! nice brain bucket! anybody know who make it?
10-Sep-01 - You sick "the87show"
10-Sep-01 - Really kick a$$ riding ! wish i could do such stuff :(
10-Sep-01 - Great stuff, keep it up :D
10-Sep-01 - ANDREA MAZZALI (ITALY) THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10-Sep-01 - maybe FM, it says that in really big letters on the front
10-Sep-01 - I'll be there on my 748 one day!
10-Sep-01 - looks like israel bike magazine
10-Sep-01 - You better be good with a helmet as ugly as that.
07-Jan-02 - cool pick please post more,things like this are the spirit of this site
12-Jul-04 - That looks.. interesting.. have to try that someday.. Seems to me he is draggin knee, foot and elbow.. is that like a hat trick dragg??
13-Jul-04 - This an italian bike tester, i suppose he is Andrea Mazzali from Superwheels magazine! GREAT!!!

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