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Drawings & Art Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R, I had took this great pic from WWW.MOTOBIKE.CO.IL, and i made the paint action.
609x530  108 KB
2000 Ninja ZX-12R
Date: 16-Feb-12
Views: 630
Votes: 184 / Ave.: 6.58

I had took this great pic from WWW.MOTOBIKE.CO.IL, and i made the paint action.

30-Nov-01 - can't go much farther the frame would touch
30-Nov-01 - Right on! I have the bike but not that much talent. Lets hear from the Kawi bashers
01-Dec-01 - no kawi basher here...I have the bike too, same year, same colour, and am working on the lean angle...just wish I had the roads or a track to hit those angles
02-Dec-01 - Man, I was doing this all week at Deal's Gap in Tennessee this year on my 12. The only back thing is that I had to run the "Dragon" in first gear most of the 11 miles. The Skyway is where you drag your knee through most every corner !!! It really heps to get rid of the mirrors, as all you can see is the crap behind you while you're leened way over !!!
11-Mar-09 - I did Deal's Gap last year in September 2008 on my 2002 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R. And you are so right about The Dragon not being the place, but the Skyway is where you can really get it leaned.
Production (Custom) MV F4750, wadda ya think?
1600x1219  368 KB
2002 F4750
Date: 19-Jun-18
Views: 2,449
Votes: 47 / Ave.: 6.57

wadda ya think?

16-Mar-04 - Beautiful!!!
16-Mar-04 - WOW
17-Mar-04 - beautiful wow ;)!!
Production (Custom) Suzuki Hayabusa, Fo' shizzle my nizzle.  Bling-bling.
800x620  141 KB
Date: 21-Apr-16
Views: 735
Votes: 103 / Ave.: 6.57

Fo' shizzle my nizzle. Bling-bling.

30-Mar-03 - thats tight as hell. I wonder how much it costs to chrome plate plastic. Shes fine too.
30-Mar-03 - that bike needs some chrome
30-Mar-03 - Thant is a lot of tim foil!!
30-Mar-03 - wow.... I'll take the bike and the chick!!! Both are tight as he**
30-Mar-03 - we do color chrome plastic any color you want and we have allready done many of these bikes
30-Mar-03 - yes thats cool
30-Mar-03 - NICE, RUFFFF RYDA!
30-Mar-03 - Look at that guy I think I could take him ha ha ha!
30-Mar-03 - LMAO.
30-Mar-03 - one good bump and i bet that bike flakes into a thousand pieces ,especially the plastic
30-Mar-03 - Puh-Leeeze!
31-Mar-03 - Too tight i ain't mad at ya
31-Mar-03 - the gal on the back ain't that great, the BUSA looks stupid with EVERYTHING chrome plated, dude who's drivin the bike looks like a PRO football player ....he can do MUCH better
31-Mar-03 - I've seen this bike (or one eerily similar to it) in person, and its friggin' hideous. I'd not only be ashamed of this abomination, but I'd be pretty pissed if something happend to it (scratched or what not)
31-Mar-03 - haha, imagine how much that thing weighs (considering that it is chrome, not foil)
31-Mar-03 - I bet that thing's fun to ride on a sunny day with a little glare.......looks like a whale got chrome plated.
31-Mar-03 - you forgot the mirrors
31-Mar-03 - u people always amaze me, chromeing the fairings weighs as much as the paint would, i dunno who told u that chrome weighs alot but it dosent
31-Mar-03 - People think when u chrome something it's like magically turning it into solid metal or adding a layer of metal. What a bunch of frickin nut cases. It's gotta suck when this guy is gunna sell the bike to afford a good enough ring for that snobby thing on the rear of that bike.
16-Jun-03 - chroming all the bodywork on that busa adds about 50lbs. it is NOT the same weight as paint
30-Jun-03 - I've been on this site a while and I can honestly say that we have some real true to life racists in here. If you don't beleive me go to any picture with a black man and a custom bike and watch the bashing begin. This really sickens me to see that sportbike riders of all ppl can be so retarded. Maybe some of you guys should be wearing leather vests, a spiked helmet, and get swastika(sp?) tatoos instead of riding sportbikes. I know that a lot of ppl in here feel the same way as I do. Maybe some of you "Haters" should review Bambi. "Thumper!!! What did your father tell you this morning? If ya don't have nothin nice to say... Don't say anything at all."
Production (Custom) Suzuki Hayabusa, Suzuki - GSX1300R Hayabusa - 77255
600x450  101 KB
Date: 01-Nov-12
Views: 386
Votes: 14 / Ave.: 6.57

Suzuki - GSX1300R Hayabusa - 77255

08-Jul-05 - das INSANE!!!!!
World SuperBike Other Petronas FP1, Petronas FP1
530x365  56 KB
Other  Petronas FP1
Date: 30-Jun-12
Views: 616
Votes: 21 / Ave.: 6.57

Petronas FP1

Production (Stock) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, Kawasaki ZX-10R
1024x787  105 KB
Ninja ZX-10R
Date: 20-Mar-12
Views: 477
Votes: 14 / Ave.: 6.57

Kawasaki ZX-10R

Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Yamaha YZF R1 RN04 black with wolf racing underseat and many carbon parts
460x324  64 KB
2001 YZF-R1
Date: 25-Oct-12
Views: 2,405
Votes: 14 / Ave.: 6.57

Yamaha YZF R1 RN04 black with wolf racing underseat and many carbon parts

Crash Multiple Multiple (Multiple), Here is the original crash.
1024x788  170 KB
Multiple  Multiple (Multiple)
Date: 24-Nov-11
Views: 1,149
Votes: 142 / Ave.: 6.57

Here is the original crash.

10-Nov-01 - auch...
11-Nov-01 - Yikes! Must be a very professional photographer to get this picture so clear!
11-Nov-01 - Looking at this photo, I have even more respect for the guy who photoshopped the tires out of it! I still have big sympathy for number 8 .
17-Feb-02 - asphalt louge? New olympic sport?
Stunts Buell X1, Craig Jones wins European Motorcycle Stunt Championship with this one crazy stoppie... The poor guy scraping his head is Wing Chui
720x560  59 KB
Date: 21-Sep-06
Views: 3,184
Votes: 107 / Ave.: 6.57

Craig Jones wins European Motorcycle Stunt Championship with this one crazy stoppie... The poor guy scraping his head is Wing Chui

09-Jul-02 - Buell = European Motorcycle Stunt Champion.....hmmm........where's all the hater's at now???
09-Jul-02 - Everybody Wang Chung tonight!!!
09-Jul-02 - the last time Craig Jones made it in France, he crashed! The guy who was in front of the bike was a french journalist of the french mag "Moto et Motards"... He crashed, the guy was good, but the Buell was really hurt... I've pics, I'll post them tomorrow!
09-Jul-02 - hey jason....remember its an American Bike...Europeans know what is good...and is all American baby!!
09-Jul-02 - wtf is that all about??? talk about xtreme
09-Jul-02 - So what....the bike can stoppie and wheelie. It still looks like my toilet after a long nite of drinking.
10-Jul-02 - Yeah...who cares about the's the rider and that crazy fool hanging off the fork that deserve some respect.
Stunts Honda CBR 929/954 RR, Uploaded for:
519x597  61 KB
CBR 929/954 RR
Date: 19-Nov-14
Views: 810
Votes: 51 / Ave.: 6.57

Uploaded for:

02-Jul-03 - Is that the same girl who did the stoppie with her top off???? :-)
02-Jul-03 - Do it with no shirt under the jacket!!!
02-Jul-03 - Gawd I can't stand stunters.
02-Jul-03 - I think that topless shot was a photoshop job.
02-Jul-03 - Personally, i'd like to be the dude in the middle..what a view!
02-Jul-03 - I never understand the "can't stand stunters" comments. Just because they enjoy their bikes differently to other folk
02-Jul-03 - Full credit to the chick on the front. Nerves of steel and a lot of trust in the rider. This is a very cool pic.
03-Jul-03 - So now take the chick in the front totally topless with just a helmet on. Wonderful pic. As far as photoshop goes, I doubt it.
03-Jul-03 - sweet... thats lara from redline here in tampa, thats a girl whos a better rider then almost every guy rider i've seen
03-Jul-03 - That's Laura in the middle.
03-Jul-03 - wow..nice trick..nice to see gear on em too...although i think shed look better with out it ;)
03-Jul-03 - where is this topless stoppie pic of which you speak?
03-Jul-03 - the topless pic was for a stunt mag. you can probably find it at
03-Jul-03 - what does she do when not putting her life in the hands of squids?
04-Jul-03 - The guy in the middle, the one operating, is a chick. Laura nice job.
05-Jul-03 - chick stunter....SWEET
07-Jul-03 - I have a vid of Laura (operating the bike in this pic) pulling a three mile wheelie. Sweeeet!
11-Jul-03 - laura kicks a$$. there's a few vids on this site of her (3 mile wheelie). shes also on judgement day
Production (Stock) MV F4750, MV - F4750 - 40539
1280x980  285 KB
Date: 31-Dec-15
Views: 659
Votes: 65 / Ave.: 6.57

MV - F4750 - 40539

12-Feb-03 - Love those rimms.
Production (Custom) Suzuki TL1000R/S, Confused TL that thinks it's a GSXR fairings and a carbon fiber gixxer1k tail with R6 tailights. Lots of other goodies....can you see em all?
1385x1171  223 KB
2000 TL1000R/S
Date: 19-Nov-14
Views: 566
Votes: 74 / Ave.: 6.57

Confused TL that thinks it's a GSXR fairings and a carbon fiber gixxer1k tail with R6 tailights. Lots of other goodies....can you see em all?

16-Dec-02 - Looks like all ure hard work paid off bro....Good job, I especially like the front upper fairing with the air scoop....Very unique and original idea....Good work!!
17-Dec-02 - Very nicely done man !
Production (Stock) Multiple Multiple (Multiple), future riders. yzf-600 and zx-9r
1152x892  167 KB
Multiple  Multiple (Multiple)
Date: 24-Jul-16
Views: 477
Votes: 104 / Ave.: 6.57

future riders. yzf-600 and zx-9r

29-Apr-03 - Ha ...cute
29-Apr-03 - Curious Person: Why do you wear your hats a little bit crooked, gentlemen? Guys: 'Cuz w1e're a li'l bit crooked!
30-Apr-03 - those kids are wearing them there new kevlar baseball caps, developed for squids by squids....
30-Apr-03 - the caps are for true riders. that new cap your talkin about must be for u. dude get a hug or something.
30-Apr-03 - that's a cool picture, I agree with falcon, u need a hug bad! The kids are just chillin' trying to get some chicks. They got style...
02-May-03 - kids are cute, i was just playing...but i do need a hug...
05-May-03 - ok, group hug to all the people who love bikes and love kids even more. :-)
Drawings & Art Ducati Supermono, Photoshop Street Supermono 1
800x619  104 KB
Date: 03-May-12
Views: 500
Votes: 30 / Ave.: 6.57

Photoshop Street Supermono 1

Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Not much done. Tapeworks number-plate kit, Micron High-Pipe, frame sliders and a Zero Gravity windscreen.
640x500  73 KB
2000 YZF-R1
Date: 28-Nov-08
Views: 853
Votes: 159 / Ave.: 6.57

Not much done. Tapeworks number-plate kit, Micron High-Pipe, frame sliders and a Zero Gravity windscreen.

09-Jan-01 I like the pipe!
09-Jan-01 That what she said!!!!! HAHAHAHA
09-Jan-01 Nice nice nice!! Nice and simple.. love this R1
09-Jan-01 - Phat R1. That pipe is sweet!
09-Jan-01 you need some tape on the rims.....
10-Jan-01 wow I would boost her in no time, hmmmm yummy.
10-Jan-01 Phat pipe ! where can I get one ?
10-Jan-01 Thats a Micron pipe according to the write up
16-Jan-01 Can you still take a passenger with a high pipe ?
08-Mar-01 yes you can still take a passenger depending on the is best to get carbon if you have a passenger alot though!
15-Aug-03 - i'm a kawa rider but bottom line - R1 and R6 are the best looking bikes on the road
Stunts Kawasaki Ninja ZX-9R, Close-up of me doing a standup wheelie on 'mean green.'
640x499  53 KB
2003 Ninja ZX-9R
Date: 11-Aug-11
Views: 493
Votes: 46 / Ave.: 6.57

Close-up of me doing a standup wheelie on "mean green."

11-Nov-04 - good job:)
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Playing with toys in FL. Not playing with Photoshop!!!!
752x282  48 KB
1999 YZF-R1
Date: 13-Jan-09
Views: 760
Votes: 186 / Ave.: 6.56

Playing with toys in FL. Not playing with Photoshop!!!!

27-Mar-01 - looks pretty bogus to me
27-Mar-01 - yup...that's definitely a nice little tow collection.....I guessed daddy didn't want to spoil you and buy you an RC51....
27-Mar-01 - rc51 is nice, but R1 is much nicer :)
27-Mar-01 - Okay, you need to lose the caps.. its getting VERY annoying
28-Mar-01 - He never said that they are all his !!! Why does everyone accuse him of making this with Photoshop? He might own one R1 only...or a viper and an R1.
28-Mar-01 - Nope not 3 R1's. Two R1's and a R6 at the back of the car.
28-Mar-01 - Ha you are lying
28-Mar-01 - (To all the HATERS out there.) If this person really owns all these TOYS. All I say to the guy or girl is "YOU GO BOY!"
28-Mar-01 - Needs better focus or resolution, but nice pic
28-Mar-01 - for such a nice toys.. you think they could have a better camera..
28-Mar-01 - if they are all his, i'm totally jealous about the viper, the R1's.........rather have a gsxr
28-Mar-01 - This is a fake but I have to congradulate you on the work, took me some time to find a defect that proves this picture untrue. I'm not going to say where it is but if you look hard enough you will find it. You did a good job by makind the photo crummy quality, it hides more defects which I am sure are there.
28-Mar-01 - if you look at the texture of the grass under the first bike and then look at it next to the bike you can see the difference. It is a cut and paste pic.
28-Mar-01 - SORRY GUYS NOT PHOTOSHOP!!!!!! I'll have a nother pic on here tomorrow. this is the same bikes here===
28-Mar-01 - i think the one on the right is a r6, cause the forks don't look inverted to me.
28-Mar-01 - so, what if its photoshop. dont hate, just cut and paste. well, if its all yours, man! it must be nice.
28-Mar-01 - Better focus really wouldn't improve this pic but a couple of gsx-r's and a Porsche would!
30-Mar-01 - This picture is fake, I work in Photoshop all day long and can tell a fake when I see one. There are certain features if you look hard enough that you can tell its fake.
31-Mar-01 - what do I have to do? take a picture of all of us holding the pictures of the pictures?
02-Apr-01 - The question really is why would anyone buy 2 r1's?? Ever heard of variety being the spice of life???
03-Apr-01 - nice rento when u have 2 give back
03-Apr-01 - 2 cool stuff
03-Apr-01 - Ok, the consumer mags and road mags say what I all ways say...Corvette first, Mustang second, and crappy Viper Over priced Viper came in Third (rhyrmes with turd).
07-Nov-01 - and a supra looks better than all of em'
05-Dec-01 - to bad that the front bike's kickstand isn't touching the ground. he must have leaned it up against the 70K viper!!
26-Oct-03 - thinking fake too...right behind the front wheel of the front'd see part of the front bumper of the car...but you cant..and just above the real wheel of the same'd see part of the back bike..but you cant, and the kickstand looks sketchy...then again...the bike behind the car has normal blinkers, and the one infront looks like flush mounts, or maybe its just the angle...who knows..if its photoshop, its well done, and if not...alteast get 3 different colors man...
27-Oct-03 - Looks real to me. I see the red bumper through the front rim and the other bike is not lined up with rear rim so you wouldn't see that, but you can see the concrete trim that circles the tree through the rim. And the kickstand could be blocked be grass. Looks like you can see part of it. Although those could be hoses too. Cool toys either way!
27-Oct-03 - All that money and cant afford a descent digital cam eh? pfffffffft
Stunts Kawasaki ZX-6 and ZZR600, 636 wheelie
640x499  50 KB
2003 ZX-6 and ZZR600
Date: 19-Nov-14
Views: 509
Votes: 55 / Ave.: 6.56

636 wheelie

17-Mar-05 - I just seen the video of this wheelie it was awesome and that bike sounded great!!! What kind of pipe is on it
Production (Stock) Ducati 999, 2004 -Ducati - 999 - 69624
487x610  83 KB
2004 999
Date: 21-Mar-12
Views: 449
Votes: 16 / Ave.: 6.56

2004 -Ducati - 999 - 69624

Production (Stock) Laverda 1000SFC, Laverda SFC1000
770x530  63 KB
Laverda  1000SFC
Date: 26-Apr-12
Views: 417
Votes: 16 / Ave.: 6.56

Laverda SFC1000

Viewing the Top Rated Pictures

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