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Stunts Suzuki TL1000R/S, Last ride of the season. Me doing a stoppie
1632x1251  389 KB
1998 TL1000R/S
Date: 19-Nov-14
Views: 1,862
Votes: 17 / Ave.: 6.65

Last ride of the season. Me doing a stoppie

Production (Stock) MV F4750, BRM ( Senna MV )
550x433  48 KB
2001 F4750
Date: 15-Dec-09
Views: 755
Votes: 130 / Ave.: 6.65

BRM ( Senna MV )

04-Oct-01 - Absolutely gorgeous!
04-Oct-01 - Yeah! This beats everything!
04-Oct-01 - Not bad. It's a little too black for my tastes. I'd hate to be riding this bike at night thats for sure.
04-Oct-01 - Yeah, right. You think the owner of this bike rides it?? Come on now....
04-Oct-01 - i am drooling....
04-Oct-01 - so sexy
05-Oct-01 - Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Looks like liquid obsidian.
06-Oct-01 - that looks like a sinister bike....the most beautiful bike on the planet though that's for sure. what are the specs on the Senna F4 anyway??
22-Oct-01 - this is the best MV out of all of em. I want to ride one badly. they rule and the pipes are money!
21-Aug-04 - Wowwww!
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Texas HeatWave 2001 (Best Of Show and Best Chromed Winner)Everything shiny is chromed (not polished) and PPG change color paint and tribal flames
640x500  72 KB
2000 YZF-R1
Date: 23-Jul-09
Views: 885
Votes: 146 / Ave.: 6.64

Texas HeatWave 2001 (Best Of Show and Best Chromed Winner)Everything shiny is chromed (not polished) and PPG change color paint and tribal flames

23-Jul-01 - i'm just speechless, this looks so good
24-Jul-01 - Change the blue bar grips and paint the damper the match the bike then I'll give it a 10.
24-Jul-01 - isn't chrome heavy??
24-Jul-01 - Very very nice! Maybe my 2001 GSXR 600 will be that way some day
24-Jul-01 - Finally, a classy looking job.
24-Jul-01 - I agree that the dampener should be in the same paint, but this is still a 9.9. Amazing bike, dude.
24-Jul-01 - yes chrome is a layer metalic layer over the surface... pilishing is when you brushing the aluminum....
24-Jul-01 - No. Chrome is not heavy. A fully chromed bike adds less than a pound to the total weight. Come on people.. it's about an 1/8 of an inch thick. Even if it was 10 LBS., who in the world would even notice ?
24-Jul-01 SMADATASS.AOL.COM - Chrome is nowhere near 1/8 inch thick! The layer of plating is thinner than a hair on your head - putting on a pair of gloves adds more weight! If you've got the $, chrome-plating is definitely the way to go. If your chips are low and you got plenty of time on your hands, polish it.
24-Jul-01 - The chroming that I have had and my partners get done is copper plated and then double chrome plated .. and yes you are correct it probably is about a 1/16. BUT.. please accept my point and agree that all these guys who are bashing chrome (probably would love to get it for their own bikes.. but hey, it is expensive) are jealous and misunderstood about the process of chrome plating. Most of them spend their time dreaming of having a bike like the ones they put down instead of having the balls and going out and getting what they want and making it part of they're personality. Bottom line- NO ONE HAS TO LOVE YOUR BIKE .. BUT YOU ! At the same time .. I enjoy looking at others creativity and it makes me want to slap someone who would put another persons vision of creativity down--- NO RESPECT. Thats all I have to say about that. (gasp ... breathe) sorry
17-Apr-04 - Dude, chill! Just because people don't like chrome doesn't make them "jealous" or that they "misunderstand," they are simply stating their opinion and have the right to do so. Personally, I am no big fan of chrome, wouldn't have it on my bike; but if that is what others want than more power to them! This forum is all about opinions, and everyone has one, so if you can't take the heat from people who don't share yours then you shouldn't post pics (yes, I know this isn't his pic, I am just trying to make a point). By the way, even though I am not a big fan of chrome, you did an excellent job with this bike! You deserve the awards you won, I just hope the bike gets ridden and it isn't done solely for looks!
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX750Katana, suzuki katana 750
2138x1426  474 KB
2000 GSX750Katana
Date: 08-Sep-12
Views: 642
Votes: 28 / Ave.: 6.64

suzuki katana 750

Misc. Racing BMW Unknown (BMW), This is the new BMW K1200R 'POWERCUP' race bike, this bike and this race series will replace the 'BOXERCUP' which featured the R1100S.  Interestingly enough BMW chose to race the naked version of the NEW K1200S.  This BMW class was scheduled to debut as a support class at the 2005 MOTO GP at Laguna Seca but now it looks like that won't be the debut date.  I think it kinda looks like a naked BUSA I saw awhile back but OH well it is cool any way.
500x406  47 KB
2005 Unknown (BMW)
Date: 23-Mar-12
Views: 397
Votes: 14 / Ave.: 6.64

This is the new BMW K1200R "POWERCUP" race bike, this bike and this race series will replace the "BOXERCUP" which featured the R1100S. Interestingly enough BMW chose to race the naked version of the NEW K1200S. This BMW class was scheduled to debut as a support class at the 2005 MOTO GP at Laguna Seca but now it looks like that won't be the debut date. I think it kinda looks like a naked BUSA I saw awhile back but OH well it is cool any way.

Stunts Buell XB12 Models, Craig Jones, Stuntman  EICMA 05 MILANO
951x713  173 KB
2005 XB12 Models
Date: 20-Mar-13
Views: 475
Votes: 14 / Ave.: 6.64

Craig Jones, Stuntman EICMA 05 MILANO

Stunts Suzuki GSX-R1000, Suzuki - GSX-R1000 - 74696
640x480  69 KB
Date: 14-Aug-12
Views: 374
Votes: 28 / Ave.: 6.64

Suzuki - GSX-R1000 - 74696

640x500  53 KB
2000 RC51 RVT1000R
Date: 05-Jan-12
Views: 1,043
Votes: 231 / Ave.: 6.64


18-Nov-01 - wow, I didn't know RC51's could do tricks...haha.....Very Smooth!
18-Nov-01 - That is wacked!
19-Nov-01 - wicked stoppie... georgious bike... way to go man...
19-Nov-01 - nice one Bee Sucker...
19-Nov-01 - Yee Hawwww! Ride em' cowboy! Nice stoppie dude!
19-Nov-01 - 32 votes and only 5 comments. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
19-Nov-01 - dang! steep stoppie. thats a nice bike
19-Nov-01 - Dude looks like he's about to become catapulted
19-Nov-01 - go buy a TLR, RC's suck
19-Nov-01 - that's a phat endo, but man, why would you want to rag out such a sweet bike? give you props though...
19-Nov-01 - Very nice! I gave you an 8!
19-Nov-01 - one hell of a way to adjust you,re headlight mate keep it er i mean keep it down
20-Nov-01 - Just want to say thanks for the props .... pre-she-ate-it ... oh yeah doing tricks on an RC really sets you out in a crowd!! C_yall inDaytona!!
15-Feb-02 - oh mercy thats nice.
02-Jan-12 - a true rider can do anything on anything- lookin good
Production (Custom) Honda CBR1000RR, 2004 -Honda - CBR1000RR - 66939
800x619  137 KB
2004 CBR1000RR
Date: 18-Oct-11
Views: 541
Votes: 25 / Ave.: 6.64

2004 -Honda - CBR1000RR - 66939

Production (Custom) Honda CBR600F4, Pic from trip
796x615  125 KB
2001 CBR600F4
Date: 16-Sep-18
Views: 784
Votes: 25 / Ave.: 6.64

Pic from trip

18-Jun-04 - Cool picture, where is it?
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R6, 2001 -Yamaha - YZF-R6 - 55899
1280x979  335 KB
2001 YZF-R6
Date: 01-Jul-18
Views: 846
Votes: 36 / Ave.: 6.64

2001 -Yamaha - YZF-R6 - 55899

Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, bling bling(
504x346  46 KB
2000 YZF-R1
Date: 20-Feb-09
Views: 968
Votes: 174 / Ave.: 6.64

bling bling(

20-Feb-09 - nice, can we get more pics?
20-Feb-09 - boy thats a shiny tank. isn't it difficult when riding on a sunny day
20-Feb-09 - LOL....that is the best R1 I have ever seen and I hate that bike. You know know the true meaning of "BLINGING"
20-Feb-09 - Nice bike but i think owner may have gone too far.
20-Feb-09 - either that philip...or he may have dropped it... that is still a very sweet looking R1....the looks that back up the performance
20-Feb-09 - Nice but i prefered the Black one seen few days ago
20-Feb-09 I hope you carry a buffer, some wax, and a towel for every single ride you go on because you know you got to be on top of that bike cleaning it when you go riding, but hey thats your taste (the chrome) although it does look good. I prefer Powder Coating over chrome, iz all good...
20-Feb-09 - no not at all, i think he should have put a single arm
20-Feb-09 - nicee
20-Feb-09 - beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
20-Feb-09 - This is sweeeet...Would love to do that to the R6
20-Feb-09 - I bet you get alot of tickets on sunny days.. looking like a gleaming ball of light rocketing down the road.
20-Feb-09 - Very Nice.. I likes a lot!
20-Feb-09 - PHAT.........from NYC
20-Feb-09 BIGBEARJQ.HOTMAIL.COM - what the h does bling bling mean? get real!
20-Feb-09 - Big money gettin' big results Beerz gives it a 10
20-Feb-09 - Gaudy! Who ever said "To much is never enough", never saw this mess.
20-Feb-09 - ummmm...who coulda done such a phat paint job?
20-Feb-09 - i think im gonna hurl.... save the chrome for the harley.... nice work if you like it. i just dont like it
20-Feb-09 - the rims are awful!!! the resto of the bike is cool, but that rims...
20-Feb-09 BIGBEARJQ.HOTMAIL.COM - hey wicked, i ve got an r1 in my driveway! what do u ride? this website is all about opinions bud, and u got mine!!!
20-Feb-09 BIGBEARJQ.HOTMAIL.COM - hey wicked, i see ur the owner of that bike! do u ever ride it , or does it stay inside all day? i think i seen ROBOCOP ridin this bike in a movie!!!
20-Feb-09 - If you bring this bike to HARLEM in NYC at night the women would come out of everywhere
20-Feb-09 - To the owner of this bike, all i have to say is tight!!!!!! Nice work I know it took alot of work, I have a CBR929 that I am working on now....Will post picture as soon as I'm done....You need to come down here to FL and ride....
20-Feb-09 - The frame sliders are very tacky, but otherwise this is a really slick looking bike!! I'm with jprmami. what kind of paint is that?
20-Feb-09 - nice concept, a little more original than the stock blue colour
20-Feb-09 - i hate the word BLING
20-Feb-09 - does this bike ever leave the garage? get real and ride.
20-Feb-09 - My god, who cares what anyone else says...this bike is sweet (i couldn't use profanity, otherwise i would to get my point across...)
20-Feb-09 - The tank needs some black graphics other than that take a pic of you serving the bike to shut everybody up. I'm sure somebody would want you in there music video
20-Feb-09 - that tank is awesome,very nice
20-Feb-09 - are you kidding me? a chrome tank? thats soooooooo tacky, ewwwwwwwwwwwww
20-Feb-09 - the rest of the bike is really sharp though
20-Feb-09 - if someone says bling one more time ,i'm gonan burst !,,oh oh i hear one coming,,,BLAAAAMMMMMM!!!!
20-Feb-09 - ducati's come with chrome tanks as stock ,,i don;t think it's tacky ,,the white frame sliders ,,now that's tacky!
20-Feb-09 - Nice, lotta money spent on what is essentially a has-been bike now though. I like all but the chrome tank, it doesn't seem to fit in.
20-Feb-09 - I would put the chrome on the pipe and off the tank... It's still a kicken bike...
20-Feb-09 - I like it
Stunts Honda CBR600F3, A.C. Farias in his best...
500x745  102 KB
1998 CBR600F3
Date: 03-Sep-18
Views: 2,001
Votes: 127 / Ave.: 6.64

A.C. Farias in his best...

22-Aug-01 - How do they bring it back down?
22-Aug-01 - easy, rear braking!!!
22-Aug-01 - tapping the rear brake.......duh
23-Aug-01 - Looks like someone I know on a 400EX in the back
23-Aug-01 - Go Brazil!!!!! Cool...
23-Aug-01 STATTY.MSN.COM - actually its a cbr 600, not a 900, look at the frame and the front wheel
23-Aug-01 - AC uses CBR 600... but with the CBR 900 engine :)
23-Aug-01 - I dont think the rear brake would bring this back down though...
24-Aug-01 - As long as the rear tire is still making contect with the pavement, it has a chance of bringing it down. The stunt riders these days go past balance point to scrape the tail section and then bring it back with the rear.
26-Aug-01 - Is that Joss Hars bird on the back? (french guy that does wicked burnouts!) All riders since time has began use the rear brake to bring the bike back down! after the balance point! FULL STOP!
27-Aug-01 - no, she is his wife, too coollllllllllll
Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R1, I'm saving money right now for this beauty! It's fuel injected too!  No more messing around with jetting and the choke.
1280x1044  227 KB
2002 YZF-R1
Date: 19-Feb-12
Views: 871
Votes: 113 / Ave.: 6.64

I'm saving money right now for this beauty! It's fuel injected too! No more messing around with jetting and the choke.

01-Dec-01 - *g*you´ll have to change your emailadress if you buy a R1 :-)
02-Dec-01 - Kinda dumb how it says "R1" twice like that on the fairing. Once, I think, would be sufficient.
02-Dec-01 - This is a pretty bike, but I sure wish it had the horsepower and torque of the gixxer. Then it would be perfect.
02-Dec-01 - hate what they've done to the new tail light of this new R1
02-Dec-01 - well, it does have 155 crank HP. I'm not sure what the gixxer has.
02-Dec-01 - that bike wins for looks but the gsxr-1000 wins for power. However I bet that the new R1 is a better street bike than the gsxr. From everything I have read the R1 and GSXR are the best sportbikes you can buy for $10,000US. Now I am buying a new bike for next year and I keep going from Suzuki to Yamaha ex.... However the Suzuki just scares me due to it's wild power output yet the Yamaha does not so the Yamaha might be a better choice and I get the great looks of the R1. Actualty I still think the GSXR-750 is the perfect mix, it's both a 600 and a 1000 in the same package. Sorry I just can't make up my mind, to many great bikes today.
02-Dec-01 - ---> I love what they did to the tail light, it looks great. Look at the video they have @ and you will get a better view of the rear in the video. Oh yeah your right I don't know why it says R1 twice, like we have a reading problem or something. lol
02-Dec-01 - like the black frame that's about it! I think I will keep my 2000 model
02-Dec-01 - I would not mind giving up 15 hp for the R1's looks. The gixxer's extra power is almost useless on the street. I'd be happy with either one of course cuz thier both great bikes..
03-Dec-01 - that is tight as sh@#!!!
05-Dec-01 - the new R1 is pretty sweet. I think I might rather have a GSX-R1000
12-Jan-02 - If it had an extra 20hp I'd think about trading my GSXR1k on it, until then forget it...
25-Jan-02 - Actualy the r1 has more power and torque then the GXSR, the gixser has 143.7 bhp @ 10,850 rpm and 75.1 ft.-lbs. @ 8200 rpm, and the r1 has 152 HP @ 10,500 rpm and 79.5 ft-lbs @ 8.500 rpm
25-Jan-02 - so for all u gxsr freaks out there, u just have to face the facts, the r1 is just better, looks wise and power wise, sorry guys
01-Feb-02 - I'm not sure about those figures capone, I thought the gxr had 170 crank. Maybe that 143 is rear wheel? The R1's 152 is crank hp right?
Misc. Racing Honda CBR600F4, Me at the track
479x383  37 KB
2002 CBR600F4
Date: 26-May-12
Views: 384
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 6.64

Me at the track

Production (Stock) Other Metrakit MiniGP, Metrakit Mini GP
640x499  48 KB
Other  Metrakit MiniGP
Date: 25-Jun-12
Views: 443
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 6.64

Metrakit Mini GP

CIAMR Racing Yamaha Unknown (Yamaha), Taken at the 16-Oct-2005 IIR Open Track Day.
1283x962  280 KB
Unknown (Yamaha)
Date: 23-Feb-13
Views: 318
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 6.64

Taken at the 16-Oct-2005 IIR Open Track Day.

Production (Custom) Suzuki GS500, My bike ...
500x671  112 KB
2004 GS500
Date: 14-Feb-13
Views: 424
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 6.64

My bike ...

MotoGP Premier Yamaha YZR-M1, Taken at the 2005 Turkey MotoGP race.
2519x1679  507 KB
2005 YZR-M1
Date: 27-Feb-13
Views: 618
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 6.64

Taken at the 2005 Turkey MotoGP race.

Stunts Suzuki GSX-R750, Photo shoot Team Scaredy 19August2001... for all those haters that gave me soo much grief for not wearing gear for the last one.
480x660  48 KB
2000 GSX-R750
Date: 21-Aug-18
Views: 738
Votes: 275 / Ave.: 6.64

Photo shoot Team Scaredy 19August2001... for all those haters that gave me soo much grief for not wearing gear for the last one.

20-Aug-01 - Why are you wearing so much gear? You must be hot!!
20-Aug-01 - much better! nice stoppie
20-Aug-01 - Steve, I was pretty hot. I think I would rather deal with the road rash for a couple of weeks than be hot for a few hours ;-)
20-Aug-01 - Jeremy: better to sweat than get road rash. I'm inFlorida and i is so hot and HUMID, but I get all geared up if I am riding hard. Better safe than sorry. My buddy got some RR and wished he was sweating in leather than getting the RR scrubbed out at the hospital.
20-Aug-01 - Sweet bike and nice Stoppie Jer!!!
20-Aug-01 - Sweet bike and nice Stoppie Jer!!!
20-Aug-01 - I was only kidding. Of course it is better to be hot than injured.
20-Aug-01 - nice stoppie, as for the gear, why is everyone so anal about it on this site?? I don't want to see anybody get hurt at all either, but c'mon, these people are all old enough to make there own decisions, and it's their skin so lay off of them for a while. (sorry, just sick of always hearng about all this gear all the time) Keep bringing the good pics
20-Aug-01 - kcotterell1.. we have SEVERAL hundred total from yesterday. I will put up a couple a day as long as you guys keep requesting them. I am trying not to flood the site with the pics and give some other people a chance to post their stuff too. Webmaster: On Wednesday, we will be moving the servers to our new ISP. We will have unlimited bandwidth on that day, so flood away!
20-Aug-01 - Okay.. you asked for it.... Webmaster, does that mean you are going to start allowing _all_ of my comments to post, as long as their is no profanity? ;-)
20-Aug-01 - Jeremy: I hear that... ROFL... Webmaster: How about some of my pics that I submitted that you said would "offend people"?? hahahahhaa Nice Stoppie, Jeremy!
20-Aug-01 - who's gonna start a "Rejected From Sportbikes.dhs" site for the type of shots mentioned above? Webmaster: Hahaha! That's a good idea. Actually, I've received so many pornographic pictures that I could start a site just for that!
21-Aug-01 - jeremy, i saw all the pics, i like em keep them coming, as for the haters, who listens to them anyway, they are just jealous....
21-Aug-01 - way sweet picture! the letters on your jacket say it all .... HOT!
21-Aug-01 - izabella... that's funny that you noticed that, I didn't. We were just talking after this shoot about how when a pic is posted on this site, everyone seems to spot the most unoticeabe things. Good eye. :-p
21-Aug-01 - much better.
21-Aug-01 - People take you as aserious rider when you have gear on.. Don't take this as hatting, but when I see guys rolling around town with no gear, they look like little squids just trying to get someone to look at them so they can fell cool.You're a lot better rider than I am, keep the gear on. Girls don't mind if yeah sweat a little bit just as long as you got deodorant on. Hey, you gotta have protection. LOL
22-Aug-01 - wow 97 votes on this one, wow, thts good, considering not too many people actually vote, and ive only seen like 8-9 votes on pics before, you must be special or something!
22-Aug-01 - All this coming from a guy with 5,092 hits nad 26 comments? Maybe, I have so many votes vs. hits because it is actually people clicking on my site and they vote. Rather than yours where you sit and click repeatedly. This pic, w/ 1/3 the hits as yours has about the same amount of comments... why do you think that is? People are just speachless looking at your girl on the bike pics? Quit cryin' and ride safe.
22-Aug-01 - click*click*click*click*.....thats it, open country road stoppie ohhhhhhhh, this got 2000+ hits...humm....
23-Aug-01 - Maybe people are clicking on this pics because they don't want to have to see five pics of the same girl, same bike, same outfit, same everything ...everytime they log on for the next 30 days. Go find something better to do with your time, quit yer cryin'.
24-Aug-01 - Hey jeremy is your ''F5" key still working??
24-Aug-01 - giancarlo ........ GO AWAY. Dude all you do is cry - quit yer cryin'
25-Aug-01 - gianacarlo could you show where is your pictures in your website? i dint see any there the only thing i see there some wheelies and stuff like that nothing special
25-Aug-01 - by the way everyone knows the skill of jeremy with his pictures and u? send here some tricks so we can see u. duddy
26-Aug-01 - Hehe... "Duddy" I love the way foreigners talk. Too funny. Serious, I don't do this very often, I am a fairly modest guy... But, giancarlo, I am calling down the thunder. Show me you can do better than me and I will leave. The ball is in your court. Frankly, I'm not too worried. You seem to be all talk. Bring it!
27-Aug-01 - ***NEWSFLASH!!!*** For those of you who don't understand, stunt riding is a sport of "put up or shut up". I have yet to see a great rider who talks smack. If you want to start a war, do it by posting your best pics instead of with your keyboard. And accept the fact that there is more than one decent rider in the world. Have some respect.....
28-Aug-01 - Hehe.. Yeah, what he said.
29-Aug-01 - Hey Jer, nice work again. BTW you got my kid trying to pull stoppies now ya' doofus :])
29-Aug-01 - I wish someone would have shown me a stoppie when I was his age, or handed me a bike. We need to get him on a pocket bike. I wish I would ahve started a LOT longer ago.
30-Aug-01 - If you know anyone that's got one let me know. He'd love to try it out.. See ya' on the street.
30-Aug-01 - Already in this month's hot pics!!! What is so special about jerémy's endo's,???? They are great dont get me wrong, but i've seen better endo pics that dont get half the hits.
30-Aug-01 - I agree, we need to see better pics. I think it is more the comment content that seems to attract hits in this case.
01-Sep-01 - I learned how to do a stoppie today. I am so pumped, I'mon a adrenaline high.
07-Sep-01 - Jer nice stoppie was that after Dustin's Flamingo or go go or no footer or.. bust some new stuff bud, just messin I'll ride with you later
08-Sep-01 - dkl900rr.. No it was right after my 3rd gear 135mph wheelie, my no footer, my rear peg wheelie, my switchback, and right before I picked up a sitdown and shifted through the first four gears... you want new stuff? You got it.
10-Sep-01 - Jer and then...and then... what no and then, if I geared the hell out of my bike I could bring it up in 3rd also but I'm ok with 2nd gear power wheelies. Lets add nack nack and tank wheelie to Dustin's list of wheapons now. We need some shots of Lewis you and I doin side by sides. Lets get on the ball while the weathers still good. We need to show these guys how it's done. Ride with you later.
13-Sep-01 - "Geared the hell out of"? Give me your bike....
15-Sep-01 - Slide!!! slide!!! So beautiful!!~~ Fighting!! SUZUKI!!!
16-Sep-01 - hey JER HOW YOU FEEL THAT YOU ARE #1 AGAIN..?????????
16-Sep-01 - Slide, slide? I hope you are not inferring that youhope I wreck... If so, buddy, you are are jacked up.
16-Sep-01 - Giannis.. feels pretty good. I really didn't expect it though. I would like to thank my manager, my mom, Dunlop tires, Band-aide brand bandaids, Neosporin, Peroxide, KY Jelly lubricants... oh wait.. this isn't one of those situations where I can give an acceptance speach, is it? :-p
17-Sep-01 - ;-) you right.
27-Sep-01 - dude your not wearing kidding
25-Oct-01 - you better not wreck that bike you have. Nice endo

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