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Humor Unknown Unknown (Unknown), The guy in the picture is a dutch police officer....
1200x940  146 KB
Unknown  Unknown (Unknown)
Date: 20-Apr-19
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Votes: 136 / Ave.: 4.93

The guy in the picture is a dutch police officer....

07-Jul-01 - HAHAHA... even cops get a little silly once in a while!
08-Jul-01 - Might be better to say the guy in the picture WAS a dutch police officer.
08-Jul-01 - cool
11-Jul-01 - LMAO
11-Jul-01 - why isn't he doing a wheelie?! or stopie?
12-Jul-01 - On which road is this picture taken? It looks familiar to me!
14-Jul-01 - yeah this road looks familiar. Asphalt ...and grass on the side...with trees !!!
14-Jul-02 - Now who can yell PHOTOSHOP at that one!!!!
25-Feb-04 - army25... I'm still LMAO on your comment !!
25-Feb-04 - pull him over verbally abuse him tow his bike and give him a bunch of tickets, cuz thats most likely what a cop would do to you,,, but some cops are cool but not too many
25-Feb-04 - LOL @ Army25!
26-Feb-04 - not many, if any.
03-Mar-04 - From the darkness straight into the light.....supercops!!!!!!
Women Honda VFR800, Hot babe with a Honda VFR800 motorcycle!
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2000 VFR800
Date: 05-Apr-19
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Votes: 207 / Ave.: 6.50

Hot babe with a Honda VFR800 motorcycle!

Tags: outdoor, water, beach, surfing, parked, man, motorcycle, sitting, woman, people, ocean, sand, young, standing, yellow, laying, holding, group, riding, playing, 29-Mar-09 - where was this pic taken? Nice honey's too!!
29-Mar-09 - Sweet
29-Mar-09 - Looks like the Gulf Coast of Texas, Corpus Christi area perhaps.
29-Mar-09 - Notice they're both on the Honda.
29-Mar-09 - This should be a lesson for all you wanna-be badboyz out there. Go ahead with your hyperbikes. 90% of you are far more likely to trash them doing inane stoppies or sliding into guardrails (due to your own lack of skillz) than will ever, ever really ride the bikes at the level they were designed for. Quality women like MEN, not boys infatuated with power they can't handle properly. Truth is, just to ride solo, I gotta chase the women off the back of my VFR!!
29-Mar-09 - Whoa supasipho! Hostility much? Yes the VFR is a much better mount for 2-up than most sportbikes...and some of us ride for reasons other than impressing chicks.
29-Mar-09 - VFR800's Rock!!
29-Mar-09 - Pull my finger!
29-Mar-09 - I ride for the thrill...the chicks just come with the territory. Interceptors kick a$$ anyway...hunnies or not.
29-Mar-09 - Let's be friends-now say it again really fast!!!!!!
29-Mar-09 - Let's be friends-now say it again really fast!!!!!!
29-Mar-09 - those two look like fun........
29-Mar-09 - that is not Corpus Christi, water is too blue. :-) nice girls too!
29-Mar-09 - u cant be serious supashipo
Stunts Kawasaki ZX-6 and ZZR600, who says you can't ride in the rain??????
1280x1000  200 KB
2000 ZX-6 and ZZR600
Date: 26-Apr-19
Views: 915
Votes: 49 / Ave.: 4.71

who says you can't ride in the rain??????

05-Jul-03 - dumb... dumber... dumbest.... All rolled up in one..... need I say more?
05-Jul-03 - nobody tells me that. I choose not to! :-) that looks like a starboy? that one of those 60 teeth sprockets?
05-Jul-03 - Damn!!!
05-Jul-03 - Uh, speachless. Somebody get ready to call the ambulence. I'm all about stunts, but isn't the rain pushing it a bit?
05-Jul-03 - dumb for no gear ,but wheelies in the rain are too cool ,when you do it it sems impossible ,but just as easy as dry ground
06-Jul-03 - not that im doubting that its not possible, but something about this pic doesnt look right.
06-Jul-03 - is that J Majors???
06-Jul-03 - Try to drive a bike so fast, than you will see how it is.
06-Jul-03 - I think it`s photo shop....
06-Jul-03 - You can't say that they aren't devoted to riding.
06-Jul-03 - Is it just me or do the dudes shoulders look dislocated!! ............Is that Teddy Savolis!!
06-Jul-03 - No, it's Stone Cold!! LOL
06-Jul-03 - def. not can see the water comming off the tire....pretty stupid gear...and that rains gotta hurt!
06-Jul-03 - looks kinda like butterbean
07-Jul-03 - Yeah im soooo stupid, riding 5 mph wheelies in the rain!! I can run/ride a bike faster than that wheelie was going.... and yes my right shoulder is dislocated from a wreck while wearing full gear awhile ago, go figure!?!?----Darius u suck by the way!!!!
07-Jul-03 - was the wreck from riding wheelies in the rain?
08-Jul-03 - I bet your jacket/helmet and gloves all match your pretty bike dont they??
09-Jul-03 - and yet another squid...
27-Jul-03 - hey bro, we cant tell how fast your going..i was simply commenting that if you were going fast that rain would hurt, and i bet yoru glad you were wearing full gear when you crashed..cuz youd have a lot more than a dislocated shoulder
Production (Stock) Kawasaki ZX-6 and ZZR600, Uploaded for: A F
2399x1743  460 KB
2005 ZX-6 and ZZR600
Date: 01-Jun-19
Views: 569
Votes: 5 / Ave.: 5.00

Uploaded for: A F

Production (Stock) Kawasaki ZX-6 and ZZR600, Uploaded for: Stefan van Wijk
1631x1194  366 KB
1998 ZX-6 and ZZR600
Date: 19-Nov-14
Views: 590
Votes: 5 / Ave.: 6.00

Uploaded for: Stefan van Wijk

Production (Custom) Kawasaki ZX-6 and ZZR600, Production (Custom)- Kawasaki  ZX-6/ZX6R/ZX-6RR Sportbike
1536x888  426 KB
ZX-6 and ZZR600
Date: 04-May-15
Views: 652
Votes: 4 / Ave.: 7.75

Production (Custom)- Kawasaki ZX-6/ZX6R/ZX-6RR Sportbike

Crash Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, The aftermath of a car vs. motorcycle.
1280x852  155 KB
Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 08-Apr-19
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Votes: 167 / Ave.: 4.43

The aftermath of a car vs. motorcycle.

19-Dec-01 - owch, hope your okay. If you are look at the bright side, time to buy a real bike.
19-Dec-01 - what kinda bumps and bruises did u get after this one??
19-Dec-01 - What are you talking about gixxergeoff? Sure, the zx7r has older technology, but STILL an excellent bike. All you have to do is watch Eric Bostrom for proof of that.
19-Dec-01 - So True, I will say this, if you want a bike to do stunts, this is not the bike, But for some good riding, the ZX7R is a good bike, have you ever got down on the 7R........... BEAUTIFUL.
19-Dec-01 - zx6r... EB can ride the wheels off of anything. That is why you will quickly see the Kawi's fall from contention next season. Once Eric is gone from AMA, Kawasaki is going to have a tuff time. Their bikes are old technology, admitidly so. They have been in dire need of a revamping sonce the mid 90's. I don't think they are going to have the customer base to fuel the finances for a completely new bike to keep up with the competition. We will see what the Suzuki/Kawi merger produces.
19-Dec-01 - give me a break. eric bostrom is a great rider, but the bike he's on has nothing to do with stock ones. you know it and i know it. supersport cles are about production-based vehilcles, superbike cles are about production-based technologies
19-Dec-01 - jeremyhelling - heheh yeah, Eric is one bad mo-fo. :) My point was just that even tho the zx7 is a dinosaur in sportbike terms, with a capable rider it can still tear it up! :) 90% of it's all rider....I learned that the first time on a track :) And yeah, I agree with you, Kawi sorely needs a swift kick in the buttocks with the bikes they've been producing. The zx6r is an awesome bike...but carbs?? Same with the 9r, and like you said, the 7r needs plastic surgery and a complete makeover :) But I still say a good rider on the 7r can smoke an average rider any day of the week!
20-Dec-01 - Shawnng2020: What are you talking about?? Have you seen full leather jacket with JT holt??? He is one awesome stunt rider and he does all his on a ZX-7. There are tons of pics on this site of him. It's yellow with a Hot Wheels sticker on the side and a caved in tank from tank wheelies!
20-Dec-01 - Absoloutlely. My point exactly. That's why no other riders were in contention this year. Suzuki has several riders in contention in both the 600 and Supersport cles. This is a good example of a superioir bike and superior rider. Now, take the same decent riders, put them on lesser bikes, and the result is not the same. Now, take a rider like EB from a lesser bike, and put him on a better.... well, just watch WSB next season to find out the asnwer to that one ;-)
20-Dec-01 - Eric Bostrom is not going to WSBK for 2002. He's the sole Kawasaki superbike rider in AMA next year. Another wasted year for him. Kinda like Scott Russell on the hawg
20-Dec-01 - Last i heard, eric was not going to wsb. Has that changed?
20-Dec-01 - EB will be doing a select few WSBK races (5 i think) this year, as well as the full AMA schedule.
21-Dec-01 - Jeremyhelling: If I understand you correctly, then you're view is that only the best of the best can ride Kawasaki's to victory, Now if memory serves me correct. I believe that Andrew Pitt won the world supersport aboard a Kawasaki. For a guy who's only been on the circuit for 2 years and never won a race that's pretty impressive. I'm sure in you're eyes Andrew Pitt is no EB but he still rode a "lesser bike" to a World Championship.
09-Jan-02 - Uuuuh, that is hard to look at.Hope you didn't get hurt man.Some people just can't drive.
World SuperBike Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, Very cool shot of Yanagawa leaning the Kawasaki ZX-7R WSB way over.
2048x1576  267 KB
2000 Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 2,444
Votes: 5 / Ave.: 10.00

Very cool shot of Yanagawa leaning the Kawasaki ZX-7R WSB way over.

07-Nov-00 WOW - can't get any lower w/out crashing!
07-Nov-00 Poetry in motion. Such beauty brings tears to my eyes. It realy does
10-Nov-00 This is during the Suzuka 8-hours race, and he did crash moments later, at least thats what I read
08-Dec-00 I am so sleepy. I need to lay down for a nap.
10-Feb-01 yanagawa has big balls i hope he stays on the world stage
16-Feb-01 now,.! this is an excellent example of a GREAT photograph.. nice color good all round shot.. good lightingnice action ,, got the whole subject in the frame .. we could learn from this and try to make all ours as good as this.. hats off.
17-Apr-01 - fantastic...
21-Jun-01 - by far the best lean picture i have ever seen
09-Jul-01 - Dude, that's my bike!
14-Jul-01 - Dude, thats's me!
20-Sep-01 - Mmmm....the perfect sunset :o)
09-Oct-01 - Good old 7: one of the few bikes that can get over that far.
18-Oct-01 - A motonaut. Where man and machine become one in the ultimate quest for speed,power, and performance.
02-Jan-02 - That's the way we like it! Aha aha
14-Jan-02 - that's the meanest, baddest and ballsiest(?) lean i've ever seen. I just can't get this picture out of my mind. argh help!
22-Apr-02 - sweet wallpaper
20-May-02 - i love it
01-Jul-02 - hmmm... statistically speaking, one in four people looking at this pic left a vote. realistically speaking, one in 100 people leave a vote. this is a factor 25 difference?! I smell a really interesting social experiment happening here ... either that, or someone has a broken finger ;)
02-Jul-02 - the best picture that I have never seen...
11-Jul-02 - uh, is it just me, or did everyone else really miss the fact that his rear tyre is high-centered off the ground. pesky fairings..
14-Jul-02 - Yanagawa is almost upside down... I consider that Xtream lean. Technically speaking his elbow is lower than the rear tire... actually the rear tire contact patch is about shoulder level on him. SICK!
14-Jul-02 - Ya know I just realized. That's not his rear tire. It's the front. The rear is too blacked out to see from shadow. If you look at the end of the exhaust and then draw a line straight down, that's where the rear tire should be. Dude that front has got to be sliding like mad. Only thing on that rim that's touching the ground is the rim.. and maybe the wheel weights.
08-Aug-02 - If you follow back from the front wheel in, you can see about a 10ft line of rubber. Could be from a previous pass, but looks to me very like the front has been sliding from out of shot. Nice work Akira. Look forward to seeing you in some of the remaining GP1 rounds
19-Aug-02 - i love this bike. This picture is damn breathtaking... like a collision of mother nature and manmade toys.
30-Sep-02 - sickest shot ive seen
17-Oct-02 - I use this as a wallpaper. looks very nice. one day i'd like to laydown like that. zzzzzzz
19-Dec-02 - That's my new wallpaper. Thanks !
05-Jan-03 - make it as wallpaper. cool.....very nice!!!!!
17-Jan-03 - Not much left to say, absolutely amazing looks like riding on tarmac-fire, ladies and gent's this years winner is....
18-Jan-03 - Would have absolutely ruled if he hadn't crashed 1 second after the pic...oops!
18-Jan-03 - My new of the best pics on here in a while!
19-Jan-03 - I love you man....
21-Jan-03 - this is such a cool pic, best wallpaper in ages :)
22-Jan-03 - My hero, my idol. This pic --> puddle in the hands.
24-Jan-03 - Funny how this awesome pic gets recycled on this sites "Hot Pics" every couple of months. It reminds me to reset it as my wallpaper.
31-Jan-03 - Squid! It's Photoshopped.
31-Jan-03 - haha Just kiddin!
05-Feb-03 - Truly an awesome pic. Wish I could do that with a bike.. Wish I had a bike.. We can dream, can't we?
11-Feb-03 - lol nemein..thats wodnering if he could have leaned it a bit further...
31-Mar-03 - if anyone knows WHO took this picture, please let me know....thanks.
02-May-03 - this a cool picture of yanagawa on a bike. The coolest picture of him off one was in WSBK when his bikes tank exploded as they where cartwheeling down the road a few years ago caught perfectly by tv
14-May-03 - OH MY GOD!! I now need a Cigarette after loking at that
01-Jul-03 - I've seen this pic out there off & on - it still takes my breath away !!! AWESOME ! ..... Now, does anyone know if they have that pic for sale (enlarged, etc.) ?
12-Oct-03 - sickness
10-Jun-04 - SWEET PIC !!!!!!
28-Jun-04 - great picture!!!
18-Oct-05 - aaaahhhhhhh, nice. Wallpaper.
14-May-06 - make for a great poster , looks like he's on the waty to a low side , watch to shifter height when you get over that far , false n is not a good time
06-Aug-06 - this is the best pic on here woth oput any women. its moments like this i wonder why people need drugs to get high!
17-Mar-08 - naximus, because straight-liners and squds can't ride. if they would take the time to learn and do a few track dayz and stop seeing which group can ride around the mall the most times...
Crash Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, Uploaded for: Randall R [] What happens when a carbon fiber exhaust gets too hot.
Apologies to the owner, didn't get your name
800x620  188 KB
Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 23-Apr-19
Views: 680
Votes: 88 / Ave.: 4.22

Uploaded for: Randall R []
What happens when a carbon fiber exhaust gets too hot. Apologies to the owner, didn't get your name

06-Aug-02 - How can this happen? I've never heard of this happening.
06-Aug-02 - My first guess is improper jetting causing the bike to run hot...prolly a little on the lean side....
06-Aug-02 - happen to me too, on my RZ 500. I guess it was just too hot out that day. My engine wasn't running that hot, so it's kinda odd but ya mine blew a hole right out the side
07-Aug-02 - carbon fiber is good to very high temperatures and i would bet this is a crash pic. The headpipe would melt before the carbon would as the carbon is insulated by the packing and a head pipes woud get the hottest gasses right out of the head. The pipe would burn where the exhaust pulse ends because during the engine operation that is where the pipe gets the hottest.
07-Aug-02 - This is a first, I've never seen a pipe "vomit" before...
07-Aug-02 - That bike looks really cared for. I am sure it was a flaw in craftsmanship somewhere [/sarcasm] :p
07-Aug-02 - Man is that strange, I wonder how his ignition timing was before hand also???
07-Aug-02 - This is a crash picture plain and simple. The melting point of carbon fiber is well over 3,000 C. The melting point of the headers is approximately 1,450 C depending on the alloy. Also, the carbon fiber is fragmented. You figure it out.
07-Aug-02 - I was there, NOT a crash pic...the guy rolled in as I was eating breakfast....saw him patting his exhaust, then someone threw some water on it to put it out. I think it was a packing issue.
07-Aug-02 - Come on people. You think the insulation would still be there if the carbon had melted?
07-Aug-02 - Looks like the chick on the back used it for a step stool...... "riding 101. Do NOT step on the exhaust it will not support you."
07-Aug-02 - there's burning on the exhaust and the brake line has fried too
08-Aug-02 - nice when people who have no idea write about things they think they know since they've read about it in a book, duh! melting point of carbon is well over 3000C that's true, what about a carbon fiber exhaust? the materials do change you know.. but, to the point, i've seen this happen once also, friend of mine burned a hole in his just a few months ago, made a hole in the side and that was just from riding on the track on a hot day, really fast.. -> hot engine for a long while -> exhaust said 'phhhhft'. Please dont comment about this having to be a crash pic unless you know what you're talking about.
Crash Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, Comment on this...Doing a acid dropp that went bad. Yes, I've done this trick a thousand times but this is the 
one that went bad. Leathers are very important to me because i want to protect a priceless image that i will live with
for the rest of my life yes i also wear knee protection under my jeans to complete my full body protection. 
Yes, all stunts are senseless, but if there's a talent that you love to do and make a living at, have at it!
Most people want to do work they enjoy. Thats why I do stunts for a living. And I will continue giving fans what they want,
So hate that' Haters'. Peeeeeeazz Out!................ JT Holt
1280x1000  148 KB
1996 Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 1,911
Votes: 218 / Ave.: 6.14

Comment on this...Doing a acid dropp that went bad. Yes, I've done this trick a thousand times but this is the one that went bad. Leathers are very important to me because i want to protect a priceless image that i will live with for the rest of my life yes i also wear knee protection under my jeans to complete my full body protection. Yes, all stunts are senseless, but if there's a talent that you love to do and make a living at, have at it! Most people want to do work they enjoy. Thats why I do stunts for a living. And I will continue giving fans what they want, So hate that" Haters". Peeeeeeazz Out!................ JT Holt

14-Feb-01 Ouch Jermaine! At least we know you're not perfect, makes the little guys feel better. Hope you're OK!
14-Feb-01 first it looked like that bike landed on top you. Maybe you'd have needed that to become sane again. hehe!
14-Feb-01 So painful to see, but Superman doesn't get hurt!!!! yeah!! ORLANDO represent!!
14-Feb-01 I'm all for playing around and doing the tricks, as long as you don't end up spreading yourself along the tarmac, and you don't keep banging up the insurance premiums with daft claims. Good on you!
14-Feb-01 - bad deal, and it probably even boosts yer skills bro
14-Feb-01 - What exactly is an "acid drop"???
14-Feb-01 brain dead some one must tell this idiot the bike should be under you not on the top.
14-Feb-01 At least you cushioned the bike so that it didn't get that messed up!
14-Feb-01 thats what you get..... squid
14-Feb-01 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH oh this morons make my day!!!
14-Feb-01 - MORE POWER TO YOU!!!! Falling down only means you have the balls to push the limits, and do things that the haters wish they could do!!
14-Feb-01 Who does he ride for "star boyz--loose cannons---etc." or does he ride alone?
15-Feb-01 5.6 5.8 5.9 5.4 5.2 and the Kawaski judge -0.1
15-Feb-01 - Jermaine, you got big balls. I wish I could do half the tricks you perform. AJ Foyt says if you don't crash once in awhile, then you are not pushing hard enough. You pushing are pushing what can be done on a modern sportbike. That superman stoppie you do is wicked. Keep on pushing the limits dude.
15-Feb-01 that's sick that you would laugh at a fellow bike enthusiast for crashing, even if he was doing as trick, it is still unfortunate to see someone go down! Come to bike week and laugh at him to his face so I can smash you in yours!
15-Feb-01 "CARNAGE" an acid drop is when you are doing an endo from a drop off. See the curb in the left of the picture.
15-Feb-01 - Give us a picture of this trick that u actually pull off. I do belive that u have no problem of doing that, but i dont know what a Acid drop is.Hope u were OK.
15-Feb-01 haters are squids that don't have the balls to do tricks on their razor scooters..
15-Feb-01 - Yo dude nobody is perfect nad I have seen a million and one shot of you riding the hell out of that bike so who cares that one trick went bad, atleast you had the balls to do them and the sense to be protected. I am with you stunting is something that I love to do as well and like wheeliekid said, now you are that much better cause you have learned antother lesson. Ride on Bro and dont let the haters get us stunters down. As soon as get my pics developed I am going to send mine in, I have one of me flipping a wheelie, that was'nt fun !!
15-Feb-01 you people calling him a squid obviously didn't read his explanation, so I guess Evil Knevel was a squid too. Better hope a squid is not your only hope when you finally wipe out. I can't beleive you people are hapy to see a fellow motorcyclist crash. Unbeleiveable. I hope I am there to not help you when you crash JERKS!
15-Feb-01 Ride hard and F@#% those wussy "haters" jealousy is the sincerest form of flattery, they wish they could do more than sit on their bike and ride.
15-Feb-01 "acid drop" is doing a stoppie off of anything that has a drop whether it is a curb or something else
15-Feb-01 Jermaine rides for the Planet Krypton......and his only weakness is kryptonite.......Keep it Up man!!!!!
15-Feb-01 - - get up and keep riding!!!
15-Feb-01 - thats hurts!!!!!!!
15-Feb-01 J.T forget about those haters, there just a bunch of pu%$ies
15-Feb-01 - Whoever wrote "that's what you get" needs to be banned from this site. Oh yeah, I forgot that your too much of a deleted due to profanity. Webmaster: profanity and swearing are the signs of an uneducated mind. I'll start validating your posts once you get rid of the threats and swearing.
15-Feb-01 - you got knocked out!!!! Success comes from many failures...I think some old famous guy said that
15-Feb-01 Its is a curb I see now. Your crazy dude.
15-Feb-01 - even the best F-up keep it up jermaine orlando represent!!!!
15-Feb-01 I know turtlenek webmaster... you are right on the money...he is VERY uneducated, can't ride at all and cries about everything.. I love your site keep it up!!
15-Feb-01 - I know who wrote that they know me, webmaster, and he used to be a good guy. I feel nothing but sorry for him now. And as for not posting my comments because of my use of colorful language, maybe you should be more concerned aout posting comments from people who have no regard for the health or lives of those in the so-called "riding community." Pretty funny how that didn't call your attention but a cuss word did. That seems like some "uneducated" post selection on your part. Webmaster: People are free to express their thoughts on any subject on this site as long as they can do it intelligently and without swearing. Your post didn't meet either criteria. My site, my rules. Like it or leave.
16-Feb-01 JH, I enjoyed your great footage from URBAN ASSULT,and MOVING VIOLATION I hope that you were not hurt badly. As for the SQUID that had the BULLOCKS to insult you he apparently has no idea who you are what you do for a living or how much skill and talent are required for STUNTING .
16-Feb-01 my girlfriend thinks its cool that you cushioned the bikes fall. pretty cool stunt man. cept stay on the bike next time. lol
16-Feb-01 - Webmaster: You don't need to print this, but I just wanted to say that I didn't mean to insult you. This is bar none my favorite site on the net, and you do a great job running it. I just get a little heated at people who have such a disreguard for others. People who wish harm on other riders just because they don't have the same riding style are sick. I consider all riders my brothers- no matter what they ride or when, how or where they ride it. Anyway, I VERY rarely post negative comments. That one just got me pretty upset. My apologies.
16-Feb-01 Um, maybe someone should tell this dork, GO AND BUY A BMX, DUDE!!
18-Feb-01 Is this a friend of Chippies?
18-Feb-01 - OUCH!!!
19-Feb-01 bffbbfmurffltrreeellopp... i wonder how the helmut tastes, with a dash of gravel and skin...........
19-Feb-01 - Nope, Jermaine and Big Chippy are not friends. Only because JT lives in Florida and Chippy lives in Illinois. Chippy and I would HAPPILY ride with JT any day of the week though! JT has more riding skill in his little pinky finger than most people have in thier whole being! Its the guys like this that keep puching our sport to new levels. Right when you think that there are no more tricks to do, JT Holt pulls one out and we all just drop our jaws and say DAAAMMMNN!!!! Keep it up brother!
19-Feb-01 something about the pic that tells me that it ain't quite on the level.. wheres he getting all his bikes?????????
20-Feb-01 He's had this bike for a slong as I've known him. It's not the prettiest thing, it's got some bruises and band aids, but why buy a new bike when u drop 'em every now and again while learning new tricks. Stop the hating and enjoy the pics. He's not too proud to post a wipe out pick, I think that's very modest of him. JT you tha man!!!!!
20-Feb-01 Oh...he said "keep the rubber side DOWN." Well, that makes a difference...
20-Feb-01 Did he get hurt at all, the bike probably weighs a good 500lbs(it looks like a 7R), and all the weight seems on top of him, i hope he didnt get too badly hurt, either way, good luck buddy!
21-Feb-01 - That must of hurt, makes the drop off my Triumph RS on black ice look tame
21-Feb-01 He has no one to blame but himself.
21-Feb-01 ronni r6danger i know you dropped the camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25-Feb-01 - i will take a defensive drivers course.......i will take a defensive drivers course.......i will take a defensive drivers course.......
27-Feb-01 I am new to the sport but correct me if i am wrong but aren't you supposed to keep the shiny side up? :-)
28-Feb-01 " No Officer, I'm just trying to get that crap out of the bottom of the gas tank."
01-Mar-01 "that bird just crapped a gixxer on my head!?!"
02-Mar-01 Endo gone bad....
02-Mar-01 Gotta start from the bottom...
02-Mar-01 - very nice,,,
02-Mar-01 God boy!!!
02-Mar-01 Now thats what you get for messing around and I dont care how many times you did it. Now because of that you probably dont even have a bike rite now, jsut try keeping the bike on two wheels better because unless you got hurt hey you never know it could have would have been worst so be safe bro.!!!!
02-Mar-01 Thats gonna leave a mark
03-Mar-01 aA, c'moon man, wtf r u talking aboute?!!"keeping the bike on two wheels " - old people stupid idea!!! but here we can see one of them - he tryed to look like a good rider - but better really be like u - on two weels, hehe..
03-Mar-01 ...this person maybe a nice man - but sometimes it happens, so he tryed, well he already passed it... so .. what ab you all jokers?!
03-Mar-01 - HEY SEXY, i know you are ok but let me come make you feel better!! from you know who!
06-Mar-01 Exactly what kind of living do you make sliding face down while your bike rides you like a cell block b*tch?
07-Mar-01 Look, a Loose Cannons moment if I ever saw one. Is this Shuggs? Just thought I recognized the pose.
08-Mar-01 - Hey JT, you are the best. I think most of the people that have bad comments are just jealous because they can't do them. Is it possible to do a stoppie on a ZX-12R? Somebody told me that my bike's wheelbase is too long and the bike is too heavy.
08-Mar-01 - momma!!
10-Mar-01 - [++ If you turn the pic upside down it's actually a pretty-cool trick ++]
11-Mar-01 Look close. It's Shuggs.
11-Mar-01 Nope, this ain't gonna work. Mom! Will you bring me the oners manual?
12-Mar-01 good pic. i once did that myself but managed to hop off. for my gixxer's sake, i wish i had the nuts you did. were you able to then hold up the bike? your frame sliders seem a bit small.
13-Mar-01 Can you feel the love in the room?? I know I can!
14-Mar-01 - That looked like me when I took my motorcycle exam, ya know the quick stop part, only I was moving a little to quickly!
14-Mar-01 - It a new way of chanking the oil owner supported
27-Mar-01 - heyyy. . i have that same jacket. . .and my bike's yellow too!. . .(ouch. . hope yer ok dude)
31-Mar-01 LOL at Gixxer's comment.....
17-Jun-01 - HA HA HA another MORON!!!!
19-Jun-01 - Guys, settle down. Everyone laughing at people who have crashed, obviously have never been down themselves. There's nothing funny about it. I watched my friend crash this weekend. I have it on video. I wasn't laughing. He's no squid. I've crashed too, am I a squid? I hope no one here crashes, but when you do, and you will... just remember it all comes back to you. Hope someone is laughing at you when it happens. Then maybe you'll think twice!
19-Jun-01 - Correct me if im wrong but you said you do this for a living, meaning, you have experience, right. Shouldnt you have bailed before the bike fell on you. I thought experience would have thought you that.
19-Jun-01 - yeah, but I don't think I'm a stunt man!!
22-Jun-01 - Hey YEA I just wanted to comment on the Webmaster JH saga there, WE ALL RIDE MOTORCYCLES! If it doesnt have a motor its just a bike. JUst cuz they look different doesnt mean squat. Everyone should have respect for everyone. If you took a dump and got hurt you wouldnt want to be razzed on. I think about how it feels and its doesnt feel good. (not directed towards anyone) JUST GET ALONG AND RIDE!
27-Aug-01 - i saw that on the video....this picture looks worse than what happen!
28-Aug-01 - Drugs are bad, mkay?
09-Jan-02 - All I gotta say is OUCH!
09-Jan-02 - You know what's really funny.When all the haters try and diss you, they totally can't spell.Don't late the haters get to you.That's when you know you're good.
30-Jun-02 - You got knocked the fric out!
09-Sep-03 - All those who mock JT really do deserve a smack in the head!
09-Sep-03 - Hey - tiger wood and Wayne Gretzky also had bad games - don't mean there not good at what they do --deleted- happens
09-Sep-03 - JT is a pro and like Miguel said even pros can make mistakes.
09-Sep-03 - s**t happens.. glad ur ok
09-Sep-03 - Hope its worth it
09-Sep-03 - Yknow,I gotta laugh at all you diss a pro when it went t*ts least he posted a pic to show what happens when things go just shows he has the bottle to admit he got it wrong.would you ??. oh yeah,and PLEASE do us all a big big favour,LEARN HOW TO SPELL BEFORE YOU DISS ANYONE.
09-Sep-03 - what is an acid drop, and how did he manage to land under the bike like that
09-Sep-03 - One of my favorites. You know what Forrest Gump saying...and it's not the one about chocolate.
10-Sep-03 - u r not allowed to do that!!!
18-Sep-03 - i know that hurt, i did it and broke my jaw in 3 places, my arm and dis located 2 fingers. every bodys got to have a bad day right.
26-Sep-03 - I love pics that show great timing like this. A split second sooner or later and it just wouldn't be the same.
28-Sep-03 - A man who uses decisive contemplation to pursue and follow a dream, is making a positive achievement.
03-Oct-03 - its cool...its cool...he broke the bikes fall
24-Nov-03 - jus lookin at old pics man yall haters didnt even know who this is lmao he could out ride you any day on a scooter against your 1000 in the rain with a 250 pound dislexic baby elephant on his back,he is a famous american stuntman... and anyone even ac farias or sune annderson crashes while stuntin or learnin,
31-Jul-05 - I like your safety gear message. Especially wearing knee pads under your jeans, you are safe and still look cool.
Stunts Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, Chaindrive Babe Samantha  :)
640x500  118 KB
1996 Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 12-Apr-19
Views: 1,109
Votes: 192 / Ave.: 6.75

Chaindrive Babe Samantha :)

02-Feb-09 - ha ha ha... nice to see you've got your leathers on... you must really care for her...
02-Feb-09 - WOW!!!!!she must really trust you
02-Feb-09 - Jermaine, who's the fine lady??? I bet you enjoyed doing that trick over and over and over again. Can't wait to see the video.
02-Feb-09 - hey at least she has her helmet on. heeheh. we all know jt can do this stuff, not that id be on there with him though. you never know when that tire will go *POP*
02-Feb-09 - hey man, post some pics of her
02-Feb-09 - Lose the pants, dude! Ya look like grandpa! Let's see some leg, she did ya wimp!
02-Feb-09 - waaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!i love it again,man.we all enjoy that.hope you good luck.from PRchina.
02-Feb-09 - i love when the guy is all geared up and the girl is in flip flops and a tee. brilliant
02-Feb-09 - lol yeah thats funny :) she is not scared of anything!
02-Feb-09 - I'll have to check the Kama Sultra on this one...
02-Feb-09 thats is true some dogit becuse they do it but they probally thought she should of had some gear besides the helmet.
02-Feb-09 - Jermaine you the shiznit
02-Feb-09 - O.K. so, like, he's got a cool bike. he has what looks to be a fine chick & he can ride like a "God" but where does he get those cool "HotWheel's" stickers???
02-Feb-09 - WTF??!!!! This is one of the top 3 pics I've ever seen.
02-Feb-09 - JT.. Lets trade for a day!!
02-Feb-09 - Now that is what I call skill, Man she has some faith in your riding skills, but then again I have seen your videos, and you have mad skills!!!!!!!!! Nice Trick and Really Really Nice Girls, Great legs
02-Feb-09 - JT is my hero!!!!
02-Feb-09 - One thing to say,........ "Incredible"
02-Feb-09 - This pic is so hot I had to leave another comment, Man JT you are a "GOD" on that bike, This is one of the best pics I have ever seen!!!!!! I want to learn the Master Jedi ways, teach me Jedi Night!!!
02-Feb-09 - most girls are affraid to get on ,how did you managed this?very tasty--------------
02-Feb-09 - Thats me with Jermaine, lots of fun, and i will be working with him alot more. =)
02-Feb-09 - sweet picture..ugly a$$ bike..come on man!!!
02-Feb-09 - I am afraid...very afraid...that i am going to try this myself....I like it.
02-Feb-09 - JT your such a ladies man!!!
02-Feb-09 - daymn dude, your freakin sick!!! loved your video!!! your lady looks tight as hell too!!
02-Feb-09 - it's great!!~
02-Feb-09 - you rock!!!! some clicks from poland
02-Feb-09 - any body geared up stunting a zx7r gets my vote ,,are you going to the zx10r next ?
02-Feb-09 - irresponsible. great stunt though.
02-Feb-09 - nice stunt and nice woman!! I want to meet her..
02-Feb-09 - one for the bike...and one for you, honey!!!!!!!!!!!
02-Feb-09 - That looks like FUN !!!!
02-Feb-09 - I got the bike all i need is the man!!!
02-Feb-09 -
Women Kawasaki Z1000, Hot babe with a Kawasaki Z1000 motorcycle!
3200x2438  988 KB
Date: 05-Apr-19
Views: 2,651
Votes: 154 / Ave.: 6.44

Hot babe with a Kawasaki Z1000 motorcycle!

Tags: person, outdoor, woman, sitting, table, water, orange, girl, holding, young, laptop, using, computer, street, people, board, white, dog, hot, cutting, pizza, beach, phone, hotdog, city, boat, man, 06-Oct-04 - any more of this girl? she looks beautiful!
09-Oct-04 - Now, where was shee when my bike needed cleaning?
Production (Stock) Honda CBR1000RR, Running the Gap.
3038x2044  1,135 KB
2007 CBR1000RR
Date: 15-Apr-14
Views: 611
Votes: 1 / Ave.: 10.00

Running the Gap.

Production (Stock) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR, my zx7rr
1000x882  236 KB
1996 Ninja ZX-RR
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 595
Votes: 1 / Ave.: 10.00

my zx7rr

Misc. Racing Honda CBR600RR, Uploaded for: ivan 2005 Honda CBR600
2449x1562  519 KB
2005 CBR600RR
Date: 01-Apr-14
Views: 893
Votes: 2 / Ave.: 10.00

Uploaded for: ivan
2005 Honda CBR600

01-Apr-14 - Great boots.
Women Other Polini PocketBike, Hot babe with a Other Polini PocketBike motorcycle!
1226x874  252 KB
Other  Polini PocketBike
Date: 05-Apr-19
Views: 1,376
Votes: 208 / Ave.: 7.05

Hot babe with a Other Polini PocketBike motorcycle!

Tags: person, outdoor, road, posing, photo, car, sitting, people, group, man, truck, street, standing, holding, woman, city, young, motorcycle, riding, bus, large, park, bench, white, court, stuffed, parked, 17-Dec-00 hah hah ha... goood.. I want to know which laundry has washed this bikes...
17-Dec-00 I'll take the one on the left, you can keep the rest. She can ride my 9...uh, I mean my 929.
18-Dec-00 can I ride with your group????
23-Dec-00 Nope, the one on the far right is #1! She's ready to ride!
24-Dec-00 Naw, man. The one on the right is too skinny. Power to weight ratio is important to bikes, but not to women.
25-Dec-00 - i will take all four!!!
28-Jul-03 - This is what happens when the midgets let the chics watch the bikes.
28-Jul-03 - That's what I call a nice inline four!!!
28-Jul-03 - I want to go riding with these hotties
28-Jul-03 - yeah man the chick on the right is mad skinny, but the one on the far left is built 4 riding, not just bikes either.
29-Jul-03 - If I'm not mistaken, the one on the left is Aubreylyn. See
06-Nov-03 - i want one
06-Nov-05 - I want the two on the right.. not being stingy..WOW...what we could do!!!
06-Nov-05 Khalma2a.HoTMaiL.CoM - nice shot! LoooooL
Production (Stock) Triumph Daytona 675, Triumph - Daytona675 - 613733
1440x1539  245 KB
Daytona 675
Date: 19-May-19
Views: 1,072
Votes: 5 / Ave.: 8.00

Triumph - Daytona675 - 613733

Women Ducati 848, Hot babe with a Ducati 848 motorcycle! a woman in red lingerie standing in front of a Ducati 848 sportbike
1666x2565  578 KB
Date: 14-Aug-19
Views: 7,817
Votes: 42 / Ave.: 8.43

Hot babe with a Ducati 848 motorcycle!
a woman in red lingerie standing in front of a Ducati 848 sportbike

Tags: clothing, woman, person, red, outdoor, motorcycle, posing, standing, wearing, dressed, girl, surfing, sitting, young, dress, walking, black, holding, white, suit, street,
World SuperBike Aprilia RSV4/RSV4R, Marco Milandri and the 2014 Aprilia RSV4R World Superbike!
3072x2184  538 KB
2014 RSV4/RSV4R
Date: 20-Feb-14
Views: 939
Votes: 2 / Ave.: 10.00

Marco Milandri and the 2014 Aprilia RSV4R World Superbike!

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