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Production (Custom) Suzuki Hayabusa, Suzuki - GSX1300R Hayabusa - 20824
1280x1000  234 KB
Date: 21-Apr-19
Views: 1,111
Votes: 144 / Ave.: 5.75

Suzuki - GSX1300R Hayabusa - 20824

02-Dec-01 - Another One-Disc-Wonder...
02-Dec-01 - IN: drag racing a Hayabusa OUT: slowing down from 140
02-Dec-01 - Very nice bike. The creatie effort put into this bike paid off. I like it.
02-Dec-01 - It never ceases to amase me that people spend so much money on their bikes to go fast then ruin it by not making them stop.This is foolish worse then no gear.
02-Dec-01 - Tearbear - yes, but if that's all it's for is drag racing, then going fast is more important than stopping fast...after all, it's obvious he's not roadracing the thing, drag strips have plenty of runoff room built in so the competitiors CAN reduce unsprung and rotating weight by lessening brake capacity. Are you also accusing Angelle Seeling of being foolish??
02-Dec-01 - I DARE you to find me a picture of Angelle's bike with only 1 front rotor...Or ANY NHRA certified ProStock Bike for that matter...
03-Dec-01 - If he's racing with a hlemet like that then if the shoe fits.
03-Dec-01 - that things got to much bling bling on it, you can tell its not drag raced
03-Dec-01 - besides, pro stock drag bikes don't have front brakes
03-Dec-01 - Maybe he has a parachute.........
03-Dec-01 - you idiots: less weight means more horsepower, one caliper gives plenty of stopping power when dragracing, obviously
03-Dec-01 - obviously, only a few of you know anything about dragracing or you wouldn't say such stupid comments, prostock bikes have two front discs but only one piston calipers, sportbikes usually have three piston calipers
03-Dec-01 - Greenwell, no offense , but you're an idiot! Yes, P/S Bikes DO have front brakes, Dual discs for that matter. And the majority of teams are now using the Hi-Techie Carbon Fiber stuff..
03-Dec-01 - Brandon, less weight DON'T MEAN MORE HORSEPOWER... horsepower, watts, etc, measure the power of the engine, just that (nothing to do with weight)... SOMETIMES less weight means faster...
03-Dec-01 - i bet this guy dragraces about 1/10th of the time that he spends cruising the local mcdonald's, looking for easy high school girls...
03-Dec-01 - Besides, even with all his polishing & painting, I seriously doubt he can touch Angelle's 7.12 sec 1/4 mile time...
03-Dec-01 - Sure, maybe one disc works fine for most runs, but think EMEREGENCY SITUATION. You'll probably need more stopping power eventually.
03-Dec-01 - Poor Busa. :-( Butchered in the prime of it's life so it can never negotiate a corner again.
03-Dec-01 - You guys need a hobby.
03-Dec-01 - I don't understand why the removed one of the discs when this bike is probably ridden on the street 90% of the time. The owner is probably from Florida or Kansas or some other miserable state with no twisties.
03-Dec-01 - you right phil no twisties for the twits
03-Dec-01 - Its funny..everyone cares about the rotor count, when the owner spent a ton of $$ on everything but....and THATS what you guys notice :) LOL!!!
03-Dec-01 - I have never seen so many hater's in one place.
03-Dec-01 - BTW guys, I own a Busa (click on my email to the right), so my post above isn't from a Busa "hater." I just REALLY hate seeing people taking these great bikes, slamming them, extending them, taking of rotors, slapping on ugly paint....and strapping a lame*ssed helmet to their rear seat. WTF? Makes me sad. But if it makes the owner happy, more power to 'em. I'm just expressing my opinion like these comments are meant for.
03-Dec-01 - where did the whole "dragracing" theory come from? cuz this bike has been lowered and raked? go to any Myrtle Beach Black Bikers week and you'll see every kind of bike done up in this fashion, for nothing more than LOOKS. . and while its a matter of opinion. . i think it looks SWEET
03-Dec-01 - You got it! I HATE these kind of stupid mods and I'll bet that the busa's design team would either wince in pain or laugh thier a**es off if they saw this bike..
03-Dec-01 - For real man, why is it that whenever someone sees something they cant afford, they start hating?!?! btw...u ppl in the dual rotor guru ever ride an ex500? single rotor, if u want to lock the front wheel, go ahead, it does it just fine. and dont start the bs w/ the ex500 being a small light bike, the weight diference is neglegable
03-Dec-01 - hnazari101 and waynes, most of the people here believe in leaving what the manufactures give you alone except for a loud pipe. They don't understand the meaning of "To each, his own" and they have no respect for themselves or others for that matter. It's an amazing phenomenom and only seems to be restricted to this board. The webmaster is a good friend of mine, he notices it too. It's like the guy that posted the picture of himself looping his 929 and is going to claim it on his insurance. He hates people that are after him about claiming a non-accident on his insurance. It's a one way door and "my" way is the only way.
03-Dec-01 - I wish this web site could institute a system in which shortly after leaving youre negative comment it is followed by a picture of youre ugly mug and youre inadequet bike!
03-Dec-01 - mr stooge your way HA and all busas are butt ugly
03-Dec-01 - I think there are a bunch of envious f2 riders on this board who always manage to come up with something stupid to say anytime they see something nicer than their crap!! That all I have to say on the matter. Well also kudos to the owner of this bike I think it's classy.
03-Dec-01 - Ok, ok. I work with this guy and I know this Busa from day one, this is the second Busa that he owns paid with cash so I guess my buddy (you know who you are, if you read this) can do as he pleases with money. Yes we are from Florida and I do have a road racing bike, a street bike and a drag bike. I do it all for fun not the money. Ah the front left rotor was removed and another co-worker machined the cover for the rim, also the bar ends, etc ect. The rest is all chrome dipped, the frame was polished by Edwina (a girl) that drag races a 91 GSXR1100, She gets into the 5 secs on the local 8th of a mile track. Well A lot of comments here, I got to say everyone has their opinion. This is a pretty bike, not a drag bike. How about owning a twisty bike and never been on a race course is just as bad as this. I had done both drag and road race course. Ah yes we are from Jacksonville, Florida. Look us up or check us out at or Thanks all for the comments.
04-Dec-01 - I like how all the "Hating" comments are almost always explained in ignorance by "Not being able to afford it". So let me get this straight...If I had $30k to spend dropped in my lap to spend on motorcycling in some fashion, I'd dump it into my bike and chrome-dip everything? Somehow I don't think so. Somehow I feel I'd buy that Aprilia RSVMille SP I've been eyeing up. There's nothing wrong with going all "homey-chromey" on your bike. I agree with everyone else saying "To each his own", but don't make yourself look ignorant by saying we can't afford it. I know a guy who has 18 bikes, and not one of them resembles this. I wonder if Leno has a sportbike in his garage like this? Doubt it. I know he has a harley with chrome all over it. Just my .02 cents
04-Dec-01 - Good poinit, miles321 I agree with you. If I had the money I don't know what I would do with it. But Mr Do it right (that is the Busa owner's nick name) likes his Busa different. This bike has to be seen inperson to appreciate the detail. I would rather have a Mille, or a ZX-12 something for the twisties. But being able to do twisties and then get on another bike and do Drag Racing is just all in the spirit of 2 wheels. I give it to all that ride two wheels any two wheels. This is a skill we are not born riding a bike maybe a big wheel. There so few of us two wheelers out there compared with the cagers that don't understand the way of life of our breed. I am just glad that we had evolved into motorcycle riders. We are a very special breed guys. Nice Busa, what is that?, look mami, is all he hears when he goes places. Chrome all you want polish all you want it is your creation and it make you happy.
05-Dec-01 - hear hear! (or is it: here here)?
28-Dec-04 - Sweet bike, looks like you took alot of time and $ building it. Not everyone here is a fan of a totally "STOCK BIKE"
30-Dec-04 - buy a helmet
31-Dec-04 - nice ride, gonna buy one of those when i get some bigger stones, but i'll stick with my 600 for now
Stunts Suzuki Hayabusa, Suzuki GSX1300R with its front wheel in the air.
1280x926  283 KB
1999 Hayabusa
Date: 08-Apr-19
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Votes: 191 / Ave.: 5.72

Suzuki GSX1300R with its front wheel in the air.

10-Jul-00 very cool
02-Sep-00 hats off to a middle age guy who rides hard, better yet he aint on a harley!!!!!!!
15-Sep-00 - wow... that sure was cool... way to go dude!
22-Sep-00 - ohh that looks hard there is enough power in that bike to wheelie in any gear at any double figure speed
18-Nov-00 There aint that much power dude.
09-Jan-01 Ridden one..oh yeah they go alright..but 3rd gear is the last wheelie you'll see.
24-Apr-01 - There ain't that much power??? Are you kidding me??!!! Busas have SICK power. I have a '95 GSX-R 750 and can get it up in 3rd gear (with slight chain and sprocket conversion of course) but that a fairly old bike not to much not NEARLY as powerful!! I have a friend who can roll on the throttle of '98 RR in 4th and get the front wheel up. The Busa?? I would say just about every gear with a-little-bit of effort in 5th and 6th and that wheel WILL come up. Question is, who's ballsy enough, who's stupid enough and just flat out, who'll try it????
03-Jun-01 - It'll go up in sixth at 100-115 MPH with minor mods if you are using the clutch. I think you'd need a turbo to sixth gear power wheeley.
18-Dec-01 - these bikes scare the hell out'a me
18-Dec-01 - Most 4-cylinder cars dont put as much power to the wheel as a Busa, even some six-cylinders.
18-Dec-01 - Man, you guys are way off. Any liter bike will wheelie easier then a busa. The busa is heavy and has a long wheel base. It's designed NOT to wheel. Thats why people drag busa's.
19-Dec-01 - I dunno, my XX wheelies easy enough (175 RWHP) in any gear... I can do it in 6th, but I have to be hauling butt to do it. And that has a long wheel base, too...
19-Dec-01 - Busa's will wheelie in any gear. Don't believe me check out There is a guy on there that will do ANYTHING on a Busa.
19-Dec-01 - nice picture
20-Dec-01 - i wish i could do that on a busa
21-Dec-01 - Over the bars what??!! HAHAAHHAH this is the most powerfull weight to HP production vehicle made on the planet!!!! You are worried about what!!!??!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAH
22-Dec-01 - ?who's worried?
10-Jan-02 - i wonder how fast he is going
11-Jan-02 - F4i_horseman, I wish I could do that period!
11-Jan-02 - 3-2-1- BLAST OFFFF!!!!!! HOLY SH?? Where the off button?!!! OK anybody got any baby wipes for me & a towel to wipe off the seat!!
12-Jan-02 - I don't get it.
14-Jan-02 - Since the busa is going 105 MPH in 6th gear and doing all of 5500 RPM, wheelies in 6th gear are not very practical.
04-Jun-02 - From the comments, it appears none of you own a busa. A stock busa will perform as such: 1st gear...just hold the throttle open and it will lift off. 2nd...roll on hard at around 50-100 mph then dump the clutch and it will stand up. the same as 2nd but the front end may come up an inch or two. 4th...Not a chance...sure it will try, but just won't do it. 5th...see 4th. 6th...see 5th. This bike is made for acceleration and to out pull any other stock bike. The only way to wheelie in any gear is by starting lower and shifting while the front wheel is still up. Yes, by the way, I have the balls to have tried this in each gear in it's respective power band...6th at 9K is about 170 mph.
10-Feb-05 - - agreed. But busa rock anyway !! I just wonder if I will get one when I'm older...
10-Feb-05 - baaahhh !! wheelies on powerful bikes is piece-of-cake... I wanna see you who saiys that is "baller" enought to do anything, wheel a Honda Biz in 3rd gear... I can. if you can wheelie on a 100cc bike, I'm sure you will wheel a busa in 7th if you want to.
10-Feb-05 - This MUST be a photshop picture . I mean come on now , who in the world would EVER bee-leeve that a buse can do a wheelie . When was the last time any ever saw a pic of a bike with only one wheel on the ground ? :-)))))))))))) Nice wheelie dude ... and last , a rider who dressed for the occasion too .
10-Feb-05 - i rode a bone stock busa that would power wheelie in second gear with no problem.but we are at sea level.
11-Feb-05 - wanjiveman, I just checked out your pictures. Your bike is nice. I notice one guy commented about you leaning the bike over. I own an SV650S. I have the same rearsets as you. I don't know how comfortable they would be, but I have plates to relocate them 1" up and 1" back. 20 bucks on ebay was worth it.
04-Mar-05 - i like the busa, because its not as boxy as all the other bikes
06-Mar-05 - I can't believe this pic is generating so much attention and debate!! It's too funny! Of course a Busa can do a wheelie, just start in first gear, get some decent RPMs and stab the gas and there you have you are doing a wheelie on a Busa! Just get your buddy to snap a quick pic while the front end is up in the air and then post it on this site and watch the flurry of conversation. The only way this bike is going to actually pull the front wheel up in 6th gear is with stunt sprockets and then it's top speed will be reduced to nothing! wanjiveman seems to have some good first hand sense of what this bike is really about!
07-Mar-05 - ARK, it got your attention.believe it. just kiddin.
07-Mar-05 - Hey malemute, I rode my ZX9R yesterday and I did a power wheelie in 2nd gear @ 60mph with no problem. I have stock sprockets and can power wheelie in 2nd gear all day long with just a little tug on the bars. All I'm asking for is a little common sense thinking here!
08-Mar-05 - Hey ARK, I know what you mean.
Production (Custom) Suzuki Hayabusa, How to take a wrecked GSXR1300 and turn it into something even uglier!
1152x792  178 KB
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 1,080
Votes: 135 / Ave.: 5.45

How to take a wrecked GSXR1300 and turn it into something even uglier!

16-Aug-00 now theres something you dont see every day
17-Nov-00 i like it!!!!this thing would make old ladies and little kids cry."MOMMY MOMMY,I SEEN THE DEVIL TODAY AND HE DRIVES A NAKED HAYABUSA!!!!!!!!!!"
14-Feb-01 - This is cool as hell!
10-May-01 - that thing looks mad! great job. i think it looks hella better than stock. maybe suzuki will make something to compete against the x-11 with hayabusa motor. somehow i think they'de use a different lamp.
13-May-01 - where can i get the parts to complete a bik like the two brothers machine shown in this pic, please forward an Email address if poss. many thanks
03-May-02 - It looks like a bug.
09-Jan-03 - whoo, the concept rocks :)
09-Jan-03 - i feel bad for whom ever that gets to ride passenger on this bike....
09-Jan-03 - Kind of looks cool.
09-Jan-03 - hopefully it has body work ,if it does it's not so bad
09-Jan-03 - The only thing I can say, is thank god we don't see it everyday!
09-Jan-03 - I'm not a big fan of street fighters but I like this thing alot.
09-Jan-03 - Looks pretty sweet, but the light sticking out a foot and a half from the handlebars looks stupid. djfredflintstone1973- I'm not seeing the bug:)
09-Jan-03 - i like!! it looks ready to pounce any second now...
09-Jan-03 - not too shabby, maybe you could do something else with the headlight though.
10-Jan-03 - Change the Headlight, and the Exhaust, and i'd like it... but then again, i LOVE "Nekkeds"!!
11-Jan-03 - it looks like its ready 4 a jump, I like it a lot but I dont care 4 the color, the head light not to bad just needs a cover. idd ride it. the best part is the exhuast.
14-Jan-03 - I agree the exhaust looks sick! I love it.
16-Jan-03 - i think this bike looks awesome however you'd spend the entire time trying to stop yourself from sliding back on the exhaust
16-Jan-03 - Make sure you have a note on your dash "Things to remember: Get eggs, get milk, don't do 12:00 wheelies"
15-Feb-03 - Thumbs up !!! Nice solution for a situation ...
05-Mar-08 - Best looking 'Busa I've ever seen. Although, it's kind of hard to make a turd look worse. lol MAN those things are fugly!!
06-Mar-08 - That is disgusting, put some clothes back on it right now..!
06-Mar-08 - That's just stupid ugly!
04-Apr-08 - Change the headlight & the crap exhaust & you have a 1/2 mean machine. Once mine is done, this will get wasted.
Women Suzuki Hayabusa, Hot babe with a Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa motorcycle! a woman sitting on a 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa sportbike
1200x932  247 KB
1999 Hayabusa
Date: 05-Apr-19
Views: 3,560
Votes: 270 / Ave.: 7.03

Hot babe with a Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa motorcycle!
a woman sitting on a 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa sportbike

Tags: outdoor, motorcycle, person, woman, black, posing, sitting, front, standing, man, parked, street, wearing, young, holding, white, riding, 19-Feb-09 - take the top off!
19-Feb-09 - yes. i always like carie.
19-Feb-09 - what does carie's hat say?...........just kiddin' CARIE-YOU ROCK!!!
19-Feb-09 - i can't sleep at night becuase of these pictures..........but i'm not complaining!
19-Feb-09 - Don't you just hate it when women take a wizz outside ;)
19-Feb-09 - hmmmmm......... do you use Nair?
19-Feb-09 - yes, i must say she is very well groomed
19-Feb-09 - That front wheel is definitely on backwards.
19-Feb-09 - i havenĀ“t fear too!!!!
19-Feb-09 - excellent!
19-Feb-09 - Carie you are stunning e-mail me please
19-Feb-09 - MORE leather please!!!!!!! A girl in leather can take me any day of the week
19-Feb-09 - But you can leave your hat on, Black leather and Blond's, made for each other.
19-Feb-09 - I am so in love with this girl it hurts.
19-Feb-09 - hmm stuck 4 words?
25-Oct-11 Looks like she should be posing in front of a H-D or chopper thing...
Women Suzuki Hayabusa, Hot babe with a Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa motorcycle! a woman sitting on a 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa sportbike
900x1240  259 KB
1999 Hayabusa
Date: 05-Apr-19
Views: 4,234
Votes: 291 / Ave.: 7.55

Hot babe with a Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa motorcycle!
a woman sitting on a 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa sportbike

Tags: outdoor, person, motorcycle, woman, sitting, posing, young, girl, standing, red, white, man, riding, yellow, parked, boy, street, forest, walking, park, holding, people, 21-Feb-09 - good morning carie
21-Feb-09 - now it is
21-Feb-09 - excellent who is she?
21-Feb-09 - I'm absolutely in love with this girl =)
21-Feb-09 - niiiiiiiice
21-Feb-09 - little too kinky for me!
21-Feb-09 - I would also ride the bike !!!
21-Feb-09 - too kinky?what 's the matter with you? she is beutiful nice face as well as the rest !
21-Feb-09 - She's hot! She'd make anything look gooooooood.
21-Feb-09 - you know, i think my internet messed up on monday just because you were too hot to send across the lines!
21-Feb-09 - Ya know... If it's not bad enough he's showing off his nice bike, he's showing his nice gal, too... life is not fair! LOL
21-Feb-09 - too kinky??? WOW you must have lived a sheltered life. That is tame for me. The more leather the
21-Feb-09 - I dunno. In this case I think the less leather the better. Very nice!
21-Feb-09 - Holy cow. For a second, I thought about giving my bike up for her. I must be tired or something.
21-Feb-09 - Can she ride the bike....... she's Blonde, isn't she?
Women Suzuki GSX-R1000, Hot babe with a Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle! a woman sitting on a 2001 Suzuki GSX-R1000 sportbike
1600x1240  262 KB
2001 GSX-R1000
Date: 05-Apr-19
Views: 1,103
Votes: 281 / Ave.: 5.99

Hot babe with a Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle!
a woman sitting on a 2001 Suzuki GSX-R1000 sportbike

Tags: person, woman, girl, posing, sitting, smiling, young, holding, motorcycle, photo, lady, standing, front, table, white, display, riding, sign, people, 13-Feb-09 - anyway to get her on my R1?!?!?
13-Feb-09 - i'd ride both of them!
13-Feb-09 - JaJa-Yuma Club
13-Feb-09 - she looks like she is 12 years old
13-Feb-09 - Suh...weet Bike. I heard that these bikes are way too thin in the internal componants and that the motor should grenade around 20k miles?
13-Feb-09 - no.. no.. at least 18 years old..
13-Feb-09 -'s all good.
13-Feb-09 - beautiful bike !!!!! beautiful girl !!!!! what more could you ask for ???????
13-Feb-09 - and yes...she is not bad either!
13-Feb-09 - I would take the bike over the 12 year old any day. I love the gixxer 1000. R1 not even close.
13-Feb-09 - Nice bike but it can use a custom paint job to go with the speed the girl can hang with me and watch me do it the paint job
13-Feb-09 - don't think you have a choice but to take the bike....cause for sure she ain't takin you, bro......Oh, you can keep the Gixxer, the R1 is for the SERIOUS riders. peace.
13-Feb-09 - i,d take the gsx-r1 over the yzf-r1 .as far as tha girl go,s woop cream go,s a long way,s
13-Feb-09 - The difference between the R-1 winning or the GSXR winnig is the rider about 90% of the time. As far as the girl goes whoever says that she is 12 or 18 or whatever, appearently you have never been to Asia. Try mid 20's!
13-Feb-09 - Only real ryders have gixxers...I'm overrun with people who need parts for their yamaha cause they crashed..=X all's fun in war..hehehe
13-Feb-09 - Steering dampers!
13-Feb-09 - I'd like a 1000 but would't trade my 1100 for one
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R1000, Uploaded for:
1200x930  270 KB
Date: 13-May-19
Views: 744
Votes: 92 / Ave.: 5.70

Uploaded for:

07-Aug-02 - AHHH... nice poeser bike..high mount,tire letters colored,chicken strips.........
07-Aug-02 - Nice bike! I wanted one of those Mig high mounts on mine but I think they only make slipons.
07-Aug-02 - tommy get off the wagon those tires still look hardley used ,this site is full of guys who adopt any new word that sounds lke it makes them a cool rider
07-Aug-02 - Nice ride...
08-Aug-02 - I agree with you, capitalmcz. Watch... now he's gonna tell you how bad he is on ANY bike and how he's not a cool rider, but he has "skills".
08-Aug-02 - this pic was taken at the Fast Lanes Dyno Shootout in Chantilly, Va...I think this is one of the bikes that are in the Eurobikes showroom
08-Aug-02 - tommy, I can understand the comment about the strips, but I got a highmount and I color my tires b/c it looks better, and I'm noing squid...I ride to the limits on the street and track!
08-Aug-02 - All this talk about who's a "poeser" (nice spelling tommy) and who's not is just rediculous. I've been riding dirt bikes, cruisers and sport bikes for over 15 years and I still haven't drug my knee yet. Why? Because I dumped my 98 ZX-9R while trying and realized it just isn't that important to me to be able to "ride to the limit" like kehst43 puts it. Oh well, I guess I'm not serious enough for these guys, but then again I really don't care either... Riders are riders in my eyes, squids are those who think you need to meet certain criteria to qualify... Ciau
08-Aug-02 - clean
08-Aug-02 - tommy...all I see on this bike are performance upgrades (keyword: performance) and a sticker of where this bike came from. The paint scheme appears stock. I think you need to look inside yourself and redefine what the term poser (poeser? wtf) means. Maybe Prozac can help your covetous tendancies. Don't get me wrong, tommy; I'm only trying to help. By the way...this bike the high mount!
08-Aug-02 - maybe I'm dumb but what the hell are chicken strips?
08-Aug-02 - Chicken strips is the term we use to refer to Tommymorgans biceps! LOL
08-Aug-02 - They are the result of a rider who has not "scrubbed in" the full width of his tire. Some will say he doesn't have the balls to lean the bike over that far. For me it's the lack of money to fix my bike if I screw up once I'm there. It's a cost benefit analysis you'll have to do to decide if riding at all is more important than the risk of trashing your bike to impress your buddies with your "madd skillz"...
08-Aug-02 - BTW, I love this bike but the "poeser" in me wants to put a D & D full system on it so it screams!!!
08-Aug-02 - Battlax BT010's, the same tires I run. Courtney, no shame in not pushin' it. As long as you get what you want out of your riding, who cares, right? I don't have any chicken strips on mine, but I ride for myself and usually by myself. I can't jump out of airplanes for a living anymore so pushing it on my bike is the biggest thrill I have going now.
08-Aug-02 - this is a clean looking bike, but wanjiveman, stickers don't count as performance upgrades. This bike is sweet though, very clean
09-Aug-02 - The chickenstripes are no proof he didn't lean it to the max. If you do and next time you don't you'll see something like this too
09-Aug-02 - e_b_k.......duh.
12-Aug-02 - I posted a pic of me on my 929 for the haters here.
14-Aug-02 - No, Tommy... you posted a pic of you on your 929 for your ego. The haters (and the rest of us) don't care.
24-Aug-02 - She seems to have some serious hardware in & near the dash. Gigi gear indicator & Yoshi EMS?
26-Jan-07 - tommys pictures look much cooler and talented, than 90mph stand up wheelie pics LOL!! I love my micron high mount,looks,sounds,performs awesome! No chicken strips either!
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R1000, Bling Blinging with my nieghbors 2 brand new M3's. Shhhh dont tell anyone, we tell honey's that they are ours.
1920x1470  504 KB
2002 GSX-R1000
Date: 14-Jun-19
Views: 588
Votes: 67 / Ave.: 4.84

Bling Blinging with my nieghbors 2 brand new M3's. Shhhh dont tell anyone, we tell honey's that they are ours.

08-Apr-03 - We posted this picture in a european nike newgroup, we got blasted for being stupid, materialistic Americans who waste thier money instead of feeding the poor HA!
08-Apr-03 - It's even worse... you're "stupid, materialistic Americans who waste thier money instead of feeding the poor" wannabees ! lol
08-Apr-03 - Yeah, those poverty stricken buggers deserve to go hungry. Who cares if the money spent on a BMW would save an entire village of peopel in Africa. If we Americans want to fill our vacent existances with toys, it's our right. Damn those Europeans and their sense of compassion.
08-Apr-03 - I will kill starving people for an M3 - I friggin LOVE those cars!!!!!!!!!!!! For 2, don't even ask what I'll do...
08-Apr-03 - Preach On my brothas!!! few things in life are as great as being a self-indulgent, materialistic American!...and support our troops!
08-Apr-03 - Whats funny is, We are supporting the Euro economy by buying their goods (In this case, 2 M3's)....dopes
08-Apr-03 - Proud to be an overindulgent American who has the money to spend on things we enjoy. Europeans hate our guts, but their gov'ts have no problem taking our aid $. Go figure.
08-Apr-03 - Uuum...okay...I really like M3's (favorite car on the planet) but I think that someone forgot to take their prescription sedative
09-Apr-03 - We're actually supporting our OWN economy. Foreign cars are.. *shock* built on American soil. Or Canadian. It's a gov't thing. Although as far as all M cars go, I believe they are built in the Works in Germany just because they are speciality cars. Pop the hood on a Honda, you might see a "MADE IN CANADA" sticker under there. And that doesn't mean ASSEMBLED in America. A large majority of the parts are manufactured in the US/Canada/Mexico. So you're not doing much of anything to support the US economy by buying a domestic car. If you're rich enough to afford 2 M3s that are built in Europe, you're rich enough to pay a lot of taxes that supports the economy anyway.
09-Apr-03 - the M's are tight brothas...indulge..!!! and 'age2144'...god be w your troops...90% of Canadians are with you..our prime minister is a f**king '''FRENCH-man''' who only speaks on behalf of quebec (90% french and less than 15% of the population) ....godspeed to all of them....Cheers**
09-Apr-03 - I'm ashamed to be a european, I'll make it even worser.....I'm from Belgium..... support to the troops!!!!
09-Apr-03 - With what are you making money?????
09-Apr-03 - For those of you who were wondering, that is a 2002 GSX-R 1000 and Triumph TT600 2000
09-Apr-03 - Thanks Miles, you hit it right on the head !
09-Apr-03 - you mean with all those bikes and cars, no women in your photos!
09-Apr-03 - man those are nice and they bought two....ahhh
09-Apr-03 - why does the Triumph have a water jug on the side, and that new Triumph 600 looks like a smily face.
09-Apr-03 - I prefer my 350Z. :-) All smiles.
10-Apr-03 - Blueskyjunk : Why beeing ashamed of beeing Belgian, we were the only country how had the guts of saying no to the US, you should be proud of it.
10-Apr-03 - we were washing bikes that day, the Triumph has its fairings off at the moment we took the pic!
10-Apr-03 - Actually no Harvey. Thats a special edition custom built SPEED TT. That jug is for when i get thursty riding, i just reach over n take a sip. As for the girls... we have none; but where taking applications all the time.
10-Apr-03 - A 350Z doesnt even compare to an M3
10-Apr-03 - Hey,onekgixxer : stop your french hating. That's also racism. And btw, you're out of your mind if you think 90% of canadians agree with the war. We had some of the biggest anti-war manifestations in the whole world. (webmaster, I don't see why my comment should be censored, so please publish it, thx).
10-Apr-03 - Belgium? Whats that, This is America old man.
10-Apr-03 - fcartier since when is french a race hahahaha ,,that's a good one ,i'm a canadian and i think cretien is a goof ,give a shout to the troopps risking thier lives for arm chair quarterbacks ,love the cars ,,bikes are kinda plain ,musyt suck having to play catch-up all tyhe time against the gixxx
10-Apr-03 - catch-up? MAHAHAH!, ya rite, doesnt matter how fast your bike is if the rider sucks. America is the greatest country ever invented! USA!
Women Suzuki GSX-R1000, Hot babe with a Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle! a person sitting on a 2002 Suzuki GSX-R1000 sportbike
1280x1000  168 KB
2002 GSX-R1000
Date: 05-Apr-19
Views: 2,346
Votes: 182 / Ave.: 6.00

Hot babe with a Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle!
a person sitting on a 2002 Suzuki GSX-R1000 sportbike

Tags: motorcycle, indoor, person, woman, standing, posing, sitting, young, front, black, wearing, girl, man, blue, white, room, kitchen, parked, 12-Jan-03 - if those are real even if there not they look like a million are 1 lucky us the rest of her soon.
12-Jan-03 - I think she's hot - and those are fake... not that it really matters...
12-Jan-03 - Dude, She's a sweety
12-Jan-03 - From the neck down it looks hot!!!! Great (.) (.)
12-Jan-03 - So.... tell me what you think..... what about if ya lost for words????
12-Jan-03 - Real or Memorex ? either way she's a sweetie
12-Jan-03 - Fantastic. Please share more.
12-Jan-03 - Sensational.... Any sisters? :) I have a Gixxer 1k for her sister if she has one :)
12-Jan-03 - I think, about trees
12-Jan-03 - she would look much better next to or on my ninja with that top..........what will you trade for???? Seriously, awesome pic.....both look like a great ride:)
12-Jan-03 - nice rack for such a tiny lady
12-Jan-03 - very cute!! appear to be over the muscle tho.......any reason why not under, and thru the AP???
12-Jan-03 - i think they are made with silicone
13-Jan-03 - she looks like she's caught in the headlights
13-Jan-03 - guy bought himself 3 toys...the bike and............
13-Jan-03 - what i'm thinkin aint even mentionable!!!! ;-)
13-Jan-03 - Yep, quite strange thous shadows are. The reflection of the hand on the cawl is nice work. Can't get past the shadows.
13-Jan-03 - I would have to say that they are very nice and very real.... :) love ya babe
14-Jan-03 - Quite strange shadows? Uh, do you see the fish tank to the right that the flash bounced off of? This is not a composite pic.
14-Jan-03 - From her best friend Stephanie, They are HOT! They are both a good ride. Love ya girl!
17-Jan-03 - Gotta luv em !!
21-Jan-03 - Very shapely bod (hips, chest) and a cutie....girl-next-door look.
30-Sep-11 Boobs on a stick!
Humor Suzuki GSX-R1000, Uploaded for: JASON MANUBI []
1600x1200  264 KB
Date: 23-Apr-19
Views: 2,448
Votes: 571 / Ave.: 7.32

Uploaded for: JASON MANUBI []

01-Nov-02 - That's gotta be hard on the engine.
01-Nov-02 - Poor bike....
01-Nov-02 - Thank God the bike is not naked
01-Nov-02 - Your motorcycle OBVIOUSLY had way too much to drink the night before. Did it say "I'll call you." as it headed out the door? Ha ha... cool picture. How do you get the smell of gasoline out of the mattress?
02-Nov-02 - Dude, no matter how hard you try you aren't going to be able to make a GSXR-600.
02-Nov-02 MANUBI33.EARTHLINK.NET - i wonder what his kids look like ?
02-Nov-02 - The village bike, everyone's had a ride, hehehe ;-)
02-Nov-02 - we can laugh all we want, but we've ALL thought about doing that.... hahahaha...:-P
02-Nov-02 - SWEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02-Nov-02 - Did you chew your arm off in the morning to keep from waking her up when you left?
02-Nov-02 - There goes the turnsignals and mirror. Cool pic though, just be careful not to get stuck in the exhaust :)
02-Nov-02 - I've heard of bikes as wives but this is ridiculous.
04-Nov-02 - hope he wore his gear!
04-Nov-02 - Is that Motel Six? I know they left the light on for ya!
04-Nov-02 - looks better than what I woke up next to this weekend!
04-Nov-02 - That bike is a total slut, just look at this guy. JK, great pic.
04-Nov-02 - So is the wife sleeping in the garage?
04-Nov-02 - Good guy, i like the bike more than is girl friend:))
05-Nov-02 - so did she put out?
05-Nov-02 - That's gotta be rough on the ol' tailpipe......
06-Nov-02 - sweeeet!!!!!!!!!! i wish i could do that
14-Nov-02 - DUDE that's not how minibikes are made
17-Nov-02 - just gotta be careful if you light up afterwards!
18-Nov-02 - lol this is friggin funny. hopefully the bike didnt make a mess on the sheets if you know what i mean. how was it?
24-Nov-02 - Man wouldn't that be cool, Wake up and find out your GF mutated !
26-Nov-02 - That is too funny! Yes, we've all experienced love at first sight. I'm glad there's another man out there who's not afraid to show his true feelings. Group Hug?
27-Nov-02 - ha ha ha... beautiful.
06-Dec-02 - there have been mornings when i wished i could have woken up with something like this
17-Jan-03 - NICE!!!
29-Jan-03 - Where the hell are the clip ons?
30-Jan-03 - Ha, i was tempted to do this in Panama City. I had the bike in the room every night but no in bed.
24-Feb-03 - I think thats illegal in the Bible belt.
24-Feb-03 - Dude, stop hogging the covers. The rear wheel is getting cold.
10-Mar-03 - :-)
17-Apr-03 - This is so funny, God I can relate too
15-May-03 - Classic!!! wife wasnt up for a threesome then?....................
14-Sep-03 - I've been trying for so long to get my SVS upstairs to my room... keeps high-centering.
31-Dec-03 - is this considered pornographic?
11-Jun-04 - i think its more like
09-Dec-11 Nasty. Guess he don't date much, eh?
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R1100, Karl websters of classic forged sbk australias heavily modified 86 GSXR 1100 road registered!
2592x2002  1,309 KB
1986 GSX-R1100
Date: 29-Jul-13
Views: 1,751
Votes: 3 / Ave.: 6.33

Karl websters of classic forged sbk australias heavily modified 86 GSXR 1100 road registered!

Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R1100, Dyno specs tested 04/09/2010/ top speed 291km 178.8hp
3000x2250  1,278 KB
1998 GSX-R1100
Date: 05-Sep-10
Views: 949
Votes: 1 / Ave.: 1.00

Dyno specs tested 04/09/2010/ top speed 291km 178.8hp

Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R600, shaz on her gsxr
1280x1000  349 KB
2000 GSX-R600
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 1,947
Votes: 331 / Ave.: 6.44

shaz on her gsxr

02-Nov-00 no doubt, and where does she ride her nice *ss gsxxrrr???
02-Nov-00 can we get more detailed pictures of Shaz please
02-Nov-00 I wouldnt get too excited shes not that hot
03-Nov-00 top hottie
03-Nov-00 i'd rather ride the girl
03-Nov-00 r u married ? coz i like your taste in bike
03-Nov-00 chicks on bikes still rocks
03-Nov-00 - Nice bike and the GSXRs not bad either!
03-Nov-00 can we have look without the leathers
03-Nov-00 is there anymore pictures of shaz please. Webmaster: More on the way!
05-Nov-00 sick (and i mean that in the worst possible way)
06-Nov-00 Marks out of 10, I'd give her one
06-Nov-00 hey mommy!..
06-Nov-00 How does a ugly woman get in the front page when there is Hooters girls on other bikes looking 5 times better
07-Nov-00 Bike.... YES, chic.... NO
09-Nov-00 Nice bike and the chick's not bad either
12-Nov-00 - I like the "hey mommy" remark!
14-Nov-00 Any girl that rides is OK by me
14-Nov-00 14-11-2000 - hiya shaz , sams arrived :o) to keep ya company !!
15-Nov-00 15-nov-2000- looking good girl..........lookin good :o)
17-Nov-00 it's probably not even her bike
17-Nov-00 hiya shaz here..and just for the is my bike and i do ride it... :o)
17-Nov-00 hi
17-Nov-00 - good to see a women that rides a sportbike instead of a harley very classy give riding a good image
18-Nov-00 Hey peeps, I'm a newbie to riding, and I don't know what you have against Shaz, but i think she looks just fine, and any women who rides, not to mention on a gixxer is always a plus, you work it girl
18-Nov-00 Thats a phat bike, girl or not...or is she
18-Nov-00 --Hey Shaz, I think you're fine! you got a Boyfriend? e-mail me!
21-Nov-00 chicks on bikesssss make my "HAND SHAKE"
24-Nov-00 good on you girl, I've just taken my CBT, I can't wait to get my own bike
24-Nov-00 you go girl
27-Nov-00 - If I could only find one of those....
27-Nov-00 keep looking..well worth the wait :-)
28-Nov-00 To those above that think any girl in a picture is in it for YOUR satisfaction, you will NEVER get a girlfriend, cos you've missed the point. Keep Wanking guys.
01-Dec-00 can i come over to your place tonight for a look without the
04-Dec-00 - Love the bike, Shaz. I'm a racer and I get comments like the above all the time. You go, girl. Forget 'em and keep riding! Eve
30-Jan-01 Right on Shaz, and all the lady riders out there...keep on ridin' nuff respects!!
20-Feb-01 Looks like there are two tanks on this bike...
12-Mar-01 thank you :-)
06-Apr-01 - i had a dream like you once..then i fell out of bed and woke up...
03-Jun-01 - Chicks that ACTUALLY ride are about a thousand times hotter than strippers on somebody else's bike. Ride on "shaz"...
04-Jul-01 - I never knew Steffi Graf rides.
04-Sep-01 - Yep...................She's speakin' my language.............nice pic girl.........beautiful hair too!
01-Apr-02 - shaz: your beatifull your bike is nealy as cute, love the colours!!! keep safe lass and ride hard!!!
04-May-02 - Is it just for looks, or can she ride that thing?
22-Jun-02 - first what makes her pretty is that she actually rides, hooter chicks can't!
20-May-03 - Least we forget, There is another little girl riding a Suzuki, and she is rated Number 1 in the world in drag racing, there I said it, and it hurt. Keep riding Shaz!
20-May-03 - very nice
20-May-03 - " can she ride?" just check out her pucks, sure looks like she can ride.
29-May-03 - and the point is ??
04-Jan-04 - leather clad bikie mistress is welcome in my town.
11-Jun-04 - aint nuttin yrong with that!
Stunts Suzuki GSX-R600, 1997 -Suzuki - GSX-R600 - 7165
1216x968  171 KB
1997 GSX-R600
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 1,010
Votes: 305 / Ave.: 5.16

1997 -Suzuki - GSX-R600 - 7165

01-Dec-00 Oh yea thats a smart move *&%^head
01-Dec-00 - HAHAHA!!! Webmaster...that is the truth! DAMN!
01-Dec-00 - At least he's got a lid and gloves, most morons don't even have that.
01-Dec-00 It's like talking to a brick wall! Some people just have no brains.
01-Dec-00 Utter wanker...; skin wears down to raw bone in under 5 feet on tarmac
01-Dec-00 And we wonder why our insurance rates are so high.
01-Dec-00 Gloves and Helmet are mandatory for a crash. Forearms and legs are diposable parts of the body Webmaster: I hope this was a weak attempt at a joke...
01-Dec-00 nice wheelie, get some leathers, thats why they're called accidents!!!
01-Dec-00 that's takin' it to the edge, MAN!
01-Dec-00 If he has the skill and co-ordination to do that then why the no brains with the leathers??
02-Dec-00 - "living on the edge" that's what motorcycles are all about!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I'll ride that wheelie w/nothing on but a sock!)
02-Dec-00 - At least wear a back protector!!! if you say forearms&legs are disposable. You will never walk or ride again with a broken back, I`ve tried and it hurts like hell!!!
02-Dec-00 You got balls but really lacking brains... No wonder my GSXR insurance is so high, Thanks idiot.
02-Dec-00 if you keep keep riding like this it is inevitible that you will crash so PUT SOME GEAR ON, hurt pride is not as painful as the wire brush used for removing gravel from your open wounds.
02-Dec-00 I am totally against riding with out protective gear, but its his all shouldn't be telling him what to do, its probably not gonna change his mind anyways!
02-Dec-00 you have to get it up!!!!!
02-Dec-00 - God, you people are bitter.
03-Dec-00 I've never understood why so many ignorent people feel that we complain about things like this because we can't do it. That's not the case, I can wheelie my bike easily, but I'm responsible enough to realize that stunt riding on the street is a great way to get hurt/arrested/killed and by doing so the insurance rates of others are increased, not to mention public opinion of riders is diminished.
03-Dec-00 is it that i can't do it, or that i'm not stupid enough to feel that i need to do things like this to prove that i can ride... the sick thing is that this guy has probably never had a knee down.
03-Dec-00 For all of you that are crying about your insurance rates, why don't you just go duy that Seca you've been looking at. Yoo're right. Your insurance would be lower if he was wearing pants and a jacket. Babies.
03-Dec-00 Yeah but can he drag a knee?????? Get out and roadrace!
03-Dec-00 - why do fish smell funny
04-Dec-00 What a Geek.... This guy just looks gumpy... RUN FOREST...RUN!!!
04-Dec-00 - Did you ever stop to think that maybe I'm not trying to prove anything? Maybe I actually enjoy wheelies? But I guess you have to road race to be a real rider, huh? And yes, I have had a knee down, thank you.
04-Dec-00 - wish we could fast forward the tape a little... ;)
04-Dec-00 I enjoyed your pic, I would prefer that u were leathered up, but it's a great pic regardless! Kudos Kid!
04-Dec-00 stop crying about your insurance rates, it's not this guys fault your rates are high, it's because insurance companys are crooks. Check out SUV insurance, it's not cheap either.
04-Dec-00 sometimes you just gotta do it!!!!! Wheelies are very addicting once you learn how. Nice one bro!
04-Dec-00 - real men can wear away the edges of their tires.
04-Dec-00 This fish is proud of his first gear 25 ft. wheelie.. Way to go hunchback!!
05-Dec-00 Hi Jim!
05-Dec-00 Great but wear some protection for hell's sake.
07-Dec-00 fantastic skill but i dont think proper gear would cost much despite that bike
07-Dec-00 - so, this was just before he bailed, right?
07-Dec-00 Kudos
07-Dec-00 man that looks like the starboys riding style cool stuff man but yeah some gear would be better, i know three bolts right ankle
07-Dec-00 COOL DUDE,ENJOY LIFE!!!!!!!!!
07-Dec-00 SQUID
07-Dec-00 more balls than brains here
08-Dec-00 Seriously, all you whining little b*tches p*ss me off. WHO GIVES A D@MN if this guys doesn't wear any protective clothes. People who raise our insurace rates are the people who wear leathers and go putting their knees down on public roads!!! You are the reason I have to pay $900 a year for full coverage for a freaking 600!!!!! If this guy wants to go shorts and a t-shirt... its his choice. I think this is a great trick and he should be appluaded for such a nice looking wheelie. Webmaster: Any stunts done on public roads (protective gear or not) gives us all a bad name. However, if this guy crashes and requires medical attention, how do you think health insurance companies will look at it? I've heard of several insurance companies denying coverage if you ride. This is why this picture is such a bad idea.
08-Dec-00 To all you tuff guys out there who think that calling someone a squid makes you an experienced rider, I've got news for you. It doesn't. Anybody can learn the lingo. And by the way, you don't have to road race to be a good rider. But if it makes your fragile little ego's feel better to think so, then you go right ahead and say something about the edge of your tires. Webmaster: They are calling this guy a squid due to the lack of protective gear, not his ability.
11-Dec-00 The majority of motorcycle related fatalities involve high speed. So all you people who say this guy is the reason our insurace is so high, you might want to think about how you ride. Thig guys is basically a danger to himself, people out tearing up the twisties can rarely see 100 yards ahead of them and are know for running cars off the road with their sharp cornering techniques! Sure this guys isn't being very safe, but the people who wear leathers and going tearing up the twisties twice the speed limit are being just as if not more dangerous. Now i'm not saying that this guy is ok because he isn't draggin his knees, but you people have to think before you go an put down ignorant remarks!!
11-Dec-00 - big deal..stand up wheelie..come on everybody knows STARBOYZ are the watch there videos if you want some real rydin..and to those who have to pay 900 for a 600cc thats terrible..i pay 45 month and im i feel for you...
12-Dec-00 do what your going to do and do it well!!
12-Dec-00 Well... I had 2 very good friends die this year,both excellent riders/racers and both on the race track. As you all should know that is where fast and furious riding should be done! NOT THE STREET!!!!!!! Just like stupid people in cars who run us off the roads when we're out rippin!!!!!
13-Dec-00 - Too bad you can't set up an online debate or something Mr. Webmaster... cause this is a very volatile topic and would be interesting to participate in!!
14-Dec-00 Look mom I can do a 25ft. 1st gear wheelie!! SQUID!!
15-Dec-00 - Funny how everyone thinks they know exactly how long this wheelie was. They must all work for the psychic hotline.
15-Dec-00 It wouldn't be really cool if he fell
16-Dec-00 Geek!
17-Dec-00 Nice wheelie you wimps are just jealous lighten up and have some fun
17-Dec-00 Man, it seems like the person who did this wheelie is also defending this picture and making it look like it is from other people, not only that he cannot spell. He is the only one that leaves paragraphs of excuses. I would like to see other things that he does besides whine about bad comments. He probally even gives himself 10's on the votes and downloads his picture over and over. He should be banned from submitting any more pictures in fear of him flooding his pictures with fake comments!! What a wimp, He can't even take negative comments!! BOO THIS MAN!!!
17-Dec-00 I think you are right about him leaving his own comments and acting like it was from other people. He even put gsxr50 as his bike!! I can't wait for you picture to be off the home page
17-Dec-00 I am with you guy's take him off, we all hate him!
17-Dec-00 turtlenek sucks make him go away
17-Dec-00 Ha Ha Ha, lol, he is the one defending himself. Have you read some of his comments ",I have had a knee down thank you."
18-Dec-00 wear some jeans you idiot!!!!!!!
18-Dec-00 How do you look at yourself in the mirror, Jim?
18-Dec-00 - Just for the record, I haven't posted even one comment on this site without leaving my e-mail address. -Hate to disappoint you. You guys with the rediculous negative comments make me laugh. I hope for your sake you never have to realize just how petty you are. And for all of you who think I should be wearing leathers; You're right, I should. Never meant to get everyone so worked up. Just thought you guys might enjoy the pic. Watching all of you get so worked up is kinda fun though.
19-Dec-00 Wear some leathers you squid!!!!!!
19-Dec-00 - you are awesome dude keep the excitement up and it will always get the hoes.
19-Dec-00 For all of you doggin the guy, who cares. If he gets hurt thats his problem, not yours.
20-Dec-00 - Woah..what a wheelie. Great, I wiish I could do that....
20-Dec-00 make sure you guys bash the heck out of the guy doing awheelie on his concours too, after all, if you critize one guy for his trick you might as well criticize them all otherwise you may be hypocritical, and we wouldn't want that would we????? Webmaster: except for the fact that the guy on the Concour is wearing full leathers and a helmet. He may actually survive a fall if something bad were to happen. This guy would be looking at a chronic case of road rash minimum. I don't think they were bashing the act of wheelying. Just the fact that if you're going to do it, do it responsibly.
21-Dec-00 ballsy man, ballsy!!!!!!!
21-Dec-00 PHAT Wheelie!!!!
22-Dec-00 - Alright, I had to put my two cents in. For the guy who says "who cares if he crashes", well I do. Europeans have been restricting new riders to smaller displacement bikes for a while and have recently restricted the top speeds. If we have to keep cleaning irresponsable people up off the road, it will only be a matter of time before it comes stateside. We all break the law to some extent, just be smart about it. Don't be a statistic that the Gov. can use against us. Leather up.
22-Dec-00 - now picture what would happen if a shoelace got caught in the chain.
23-Dec-00 - Dude, I love the wheelie, but please (to shut everyone up) go gear up and do it again just to make them happy!! Bad A$$ wheelie !!!
27-Dec-00 don't look now but there's a pile of sh*t about 5 feet ahead!
01-Jan-01 - when i first bought my bike.... i paid 150 bucks a YEAR for insurance...... but now that I'm a Hooligan, IF i can even get insurance after i get my license back..... i'll be paying about 2000 per Year.....Props to the rider in this pic.... All you whiners go home and put on your leathers.
14-Jan-01 whats the big deal .. it's just a weelie in a parking lot ... I could do one better on a spree(moped)
04-Feb-01 And the award for most running comments goes to ..........!
08-Feb-01 Sweet picture, dude! Keep it up!
16-Feb-01 nice bike. nice wheelie. the rest of you concerned "mothers" and the webmaster need to mind your own business.
19-Feb-01 That looks like a long one. His front wheel is stopped. Very cool!
20-Feb-01 Skin is overrated anyway.........
27-Feb-01 Stop complaining you bunch of whinging bastards, if he decides to not wear protectice gear thats up to him. Bloody seppo's
16-Mar-01 - You can tell this guy has never been to a track. Way to go in a straight line squidboy!
27-Aug-01 - why you still leaning back.!!!!!
04-Sep-01 - Have you heard the expression "Momma didn't raise no fool"? Well.............His Momma did!
10-Sep-01 - I love the comments, "this is why our insurance is so high" The next comment" I bet he's never had a knee down" and ........"get out and road race" Does it matter what you are doing at the time you wreck to make your insurance go up???? well, let's see.....he was wheelying so we will make the cost of insurance go up since he wrecked. I guees it doesn't matter when the "great" road racers on this site wreck at over 100 mph, because they were road racing and not pulling wheelies, yeah, our insurance won't go up fo a road racer that wrecks either..........some people amaze me with their reasoning
19-Jun-03 - I wonder why all this lamers talk about having leather to do some tricks. I mean is not like your just going to sit and watch cause you dont have the leather. If your really a motorcycle freak youll go for it with or without.
19-Jun-03 - Nice Wheelie. Why does everyone think that they have a right to tell someone to wear gear? Besides, this guy at least has a lid on. If someone wants to go ride and risk their own life, that is up to them. Quit telling other people what to do.
19-Jun-03 - Insurance rates go up proprotionately to the number of claims made against particular types of vehicals, PERIOD! One guy made a comment about SUV's???? When I drove tow truck I pulled more of those out of the ditch after they'd rolled on bad road conditions because the idiots driving them thought 4WD made them invincible. It's an expensive vehical to fix, as is a bike after it's taken a hard crash. My personal Opinion of this guy....get some gear, it'd be much healthier in the long run. Nice wheelie as well. But alas, his wearing gear is not my choice, I can however, make the choice not to ride with people like him. I'd rather be considered uncool and wear gear, and not do tricks on the street, and actually get to where I'm going.
19-Jun-03 - Bro.................... Don't sweat it! They're just MAD because they CAN"T GET IT UP !!!!!!!!!
19-Jun-03 - It doesn't matter if he is wearing a helmet or not, if you hit the pavement with any speed, your skin peals off, you bleed to death. That's just the plain truth of it. The only advantage the helmet is providing this guy is, if he does go down, his funeral can be open casket. Protective gear isn't only to protect yourself from yourself but, from those dumb @sses driving cars. The only accident I have had on the street was being rearended by a car while stopped in traffic. The car was going 35mph and I was going 0. If I didn't have on protective gear, I would have been dead and I wasn't riding twice the speed limit and dragging my knee OR doing a wheelie. I was just waiting for the light to change. If you don't wear protective gear, that's your choice and you are entitled to it. Besides, the world needs some kind of population control. Oh, and people aren't saying this guy is a sqiud simply because he doesn't have on protective gear. It's the BLACK HIGHTOPS that give him away as a squid! lol Everyone chill, ride and have fun, tha'ts what it's all about.
19-Jun-03 - i agree with roadracer.....and you mean racers as in on the track?...or like down back roads?...because i dont see how a race track crash effects my insurance....unless its his regular street bike as well...and to the guy in the pic...yeah get some gear...and how could you have had your knee down with only shorts on OUCH!
19-Jun-03 - Ok, so he is riding without any leathers. I know lots and I do mean lots of people that do not wear leathers and they do not ride like this individaul. Stop blaming the lack of riding gear for your increased insurance rates, it is not the culprit. The darn wheelie is the culprit, too many people trying stunt riding and destroying their bikes with and without leathers is driving up the cost of insurance. With this said, why don't you all stop being stupid and dumb, for that is what you are calling him for the wrong darn reason. You need to be saying put the wheel on the f#$k@*g ground, that will keep my insurance costs down. I am not a hater of wheelies either, I have pulled quite a few in my time but with time comes wisdom atleast for some people.
20-Jun-03 - Keep it up stunters.......there is currently a case in court in Ohio where everybody caught on a tape is wanted for accessory to murder because the camera-man died when one of the riders hit him and left the scene. The D.A. is also seeking additional charges for EACH AND EVERY ILLEGAL STUNT on the tape. Think twice before you allow someone to photograph or videotape you doing illegal things.
20-Jun-03 - frikin whiny, complaining whimps. shut up and ride! let other people do the same, however they want to.
20-Jun-03 - Why dont YOU gearless d*ckheads shut your yaps as well and go ride. If you dont wanna hear, dont read it then! Tired of hearing you guys complain about us just as much as we complain about gear. Stop sounding and looking like the dumba$$ ignoramuses you are and put some gear on! You were dumb enough to finance 98% of your bike at a 15% loan, the least you can do is go into the accessory dept and try to get a jacket thrown into the deal. We b*tch because we care. Personally I B*tch because I dont want your dumb a$$ out there making me look bad and attracting more cops to my favorite scenes. Duhhhhhhhhhh
21-Jun-03 - Wow that's squid-stastic!!!
23-Jun-03 - I tell you what miles321 if cops come to your favorite scenes its not going to be because people aren't wearing there gear, its not breaking the law in any way. But doing wheelies and burnouts and stoppies are against the law, thats the reason they come out.How does this guy make YOU look bad? I ride with gear all the time, this picture does not bother at all. I dont understand how some of you guys let a picture of somebody who is only going to hurt themselves get your panties in a wad. You shouldn't waste your time whining about it.
23-Jun-03 - haha well said bustedredr1, well said......
24-Jun-03 - Someone hit one of those proverbial "buttons" with these comments, eh? Ouch. "Simma' down now!"
26-Jun-03 - It's all good to me, but I still wear my gear........most of the time.
03-Jul-03 - HMMM Bustrider you think this sort of behaver dosnt give us a bad name and affect all of us? Here in Australia they recently added a 50$ levy to motorcycle registration per year for bikes over 600cc to cover the escelating costs of hospitlization of injured riders now YOU TELL ME that the reason this happened is because people allways wera gear? No you cant because thats not true the fact is newbie buys gix, newbie thinks can ride crashes, clames TAC and our reg goes up! It now costs nearly as much to register my gsxr750 as a car! Yet i can only carry 1 passenger, an 18 year old who wraps a car round a tree can kill 4 people! Why is cost the same? To many wanka's crashing bikes without gear as simple as that! Now i speed,wheelie and do all the normal-deleted- like fall off! But i ALLWAYS wear my gear! Why should i pay for other morons stupidity when in 8 years of riding and the odd get off i have never been to hospital!
04-Jul-03 - I'm wondering if most people who go down w/o gear and get road rash start wearing gear after. First time I crashed I just remember getting up and looking at my ripped bloody clothes and thinking how stupid it is to ride without gear.
07-Jul-03 - How is it that peeps can post without showing their email addy? I think they don't want to be known as the POSER'S they really are....BTW...PLEASE get some gear....Nice wheelie though! Webmaster: When we first started the website, we allowed people to post anonymously. You can imagine the problems we had! Now people are required to register and display their e-mail when they post.
09-Jul-03 - I never said it woudn't affect anybody. There is NOTHING anybody can do to make people wear gear. So there is no point in wasting your time whining about it. ps- I always wear my gear, its saved me twice.
10-Jul-03 - bustedredr1, i think a lot of new riders get the wrong idea of what's good riding and what looks cool (like wearing half helmets or doing 160 in traffic or tricks in front of cars). a lot of experienced riders who post here do make new riders rethink if what theyre doing is cool in the eyes of fellow riders. they also share personal experiences, which wise new riders can learn from. if they're not wise enough, but smart enough, they will have to learn the painful way from their own experiences. again of course if their influence is some crazy stunt videos where people show off their road rash, they'll never learn. that's why it's beneficial that experienced riders keep preaching what is the right think to do on this site.
10-Jul-03 - Well said vdeych! I have no other comment on this picture.
12-Jul-03 - Very good words of wisdom, I tottaly agree with you but most of the people post just-deleted- and complain they don't offer words of wisdom. They just dog them, I dont like to make examples of people but look what miles321 was saying,those are not words of encoragement. I completely understand about being a newbe It took 2 accidents and 25000 big ones and losing my best friend of 12 years to a motorcycle accident to relize what was cool to what wasn't. Preaching is good,being a total-deleted- is not going to help these novice riders. Vdeych, I respect you very much well put.
14-Jul-03 - It amazes me that some of you still think that humans are creatures of reason. Humans are animals. For god's sake, we still solve many of our problems with much more barbaric do you think we can get? My point is, this guy is doing what makes him feel alive. In this world, thats all that some people want. As long as he isn't hurting anyone else, who cares. Nice it up!
04-Jan-04 - Very tidy display! Do you have a video you can link up?
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R750, Uploaded for: Peter Kiss 2008 Suzuki GSX-R750
2271x1732  724 KB
2008 GSX-R750
Date: 04-Jan-16
Views: 728
Votes: 4 / Ave.: 10.00

Uploaded for: Peter Kiss
2008 Suzuki GSX-R750

Women Suzuki GSX-R750, Hot babe with a Suzuki GSX-R750 motorcycle! a person sitting on a 2002 Suzuki GSX-R750 sportbike
1280x1000  180 KB
2002 GSX-R750
Date: 05-Apr-19
Views: 1,839
Votes: 176 / Ave.: 7.41

Hot babe with a Suzuki GSX-R750 motorcycle!
a person sitting on a 2002 Suzuki GSX-R750 sportbike

Tags: indoor, person, small, motorcycle, room, sitting, holding, young, table, living, man, boy, standing, woman, red, playing, yellow, stuffed, remote, bed, kitchen, video, white, 09-Dec-02 - keep them coming.........
09-Dec-02 - Very sexy ladie, sweet bike,.. But i got to ask, do all you Americans keep your bikes in the living room? Or just the lucky ones? (Iive asked before but no response :))
09-Dec-02 - insert "handle my hose" joke here
09-Dec-02 - FRAG - Here in the USA, bike owners seem to have a very strong personal bond with their bikes. Some would say they keep their rides inside to preserve the looks while I would argue most want to give the very best to the one thing that could snuff out their life faster than anything else. At my school, I actually saw a student roll his moto guzzi into the elevator and take it up to the 8'th floor!
09-Dec-02 - Some of these guys also live in areas where crime is up. Motorcycles are very easy to steal. I think it is a smart idea. By the way. You are AWESOME. Thinking of taking up the occupation of a fireman.
09-Dec-02 - cutie cutie cutie!!!
09-Dec-02 - Dude! your a d1ck...... hahahah!!! Why don't you just rub it in our face..... Nice photo's man! 'frag', some of us (like me) are just to lazy to take the battery out, put stable. in the tank, change out the fluids, put it up on stands and cover it...... haha! So we just put them in the living room!
09-Dec-02 - when you are this hot you better like fireman ....they got to follow you and hose down very one and round you after you walk by..
09-Dec-02 - i think im going to become a fire fighter she has Inspired me!!!
09-Dec-02 - face+body+g-string=total package, that is the niceest midsection ive ever seen.
10-Dec-02 - good thing she loves firemen because she is hot,smokin hot,damn hot ,,
10-Dec-02 - I keep my bike in my livingroom so that whenever I wake up in the middle of the night I can hug it and go back to sleep!!! She is smokin!!! Wouldn't mind huggin her in the middle of the night either!!
11-Dec-02 - I think she needs a fireman to cool her off. What a fox!!!!
11-Dec-02 - wow. that's all i can say.
11-Dec-02 - poster girl. Somebody throw some water on her. She is on fa yer!
17-Dec-02 - WOW!!!!!! More pics!!!!! :)
18-Dec-02 - please help me my eyes are on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19-Dec-02 - nice bike lopez but hot wife.........KEEP SENDING THOSE HOT PICS
31-Dec-02 - Please tell me that there is a site where we can see more of her.
21-Feb-03 - With a beautiful lady like that around the house, who could find the time for cycle riding???
14-Mar-03 - that's my as hell!! ;-)
08-May-03 - this is the hottest girl alive. YUM!
25-Aug-05 - I don't know how old these pics are. But I've seen them posted on the net for a while now. And I can't, for the life of me figure out why she's not a professional model.She's Freakin BEAUTIFUL! A 10!
Production (Stock) Ducati MH900e, 1999 Ducati MH900
996x832  128 KB
1999 MH900e
Date: 08-Apr-19
Views: 783
Votes: 143 / Ave.: 5.78

1999 Ducati MH900

02-Jul-01 - ugly little critter if you ask me, but i guess someone will buy it
08-Jul-01 - Sweet Vintage Ducati ! I'm Diggin It !
10-Jul-01 - man, thats gotta be uncomfortable!
10-Jul-01 - thats the best looking bike ever!!!!
10-Jul-01 - if you hit the brakes too hard you wouldn't have any balls left, definitly radical though!
12-Mar-02 - vintage? What is the status of the suit against Ducati regarding the MH name?
12-Mar-02 - I don't know McSkinny? Last I heard the missus was still sueing, IMO Duc shoulda paid a little something to her, they're making money using Mike the Bike's name.
12-Mar-02 - me a ugly motorcycle,and the price?
13-Mar-02 - They look very weird,I have read a test ride on them and they apparantly like to spend a lot of time on the back wheel!
13-Mar-02 - sorry i cant dig it.......i guess im not a vintage person
13-Mar-02 - I have one.... But it didnt come with patatos in the muffler?
13-Mar-02 - da da da da da Batman!!!
13-Mar-02 - Old Mike Hailwood times ALIVE! ! ! ! ! !
13-Mar-02 - about 6 months ago I saw one advertised at a Toronto Bike Dealer for $25,000 cad. roughly $16,000 U.S. I guess that they are expected to appreciate in value at a very rapid rate over the years.
13-Mar-02 - Well, killabeez, this is the prototype, with turn-signals centered in the exhausts, and a rear view camera instead of rear view mirrors. And if you have one, I really envy you.
13-Mar-02 - Killabeez, you're one lucky guy with some really nice bikes... If you've got any others, send in some pics of those too.
14-Jul-05 - yea some one out there will buy this
Production (Stock) Ducati Monster, Noticed there weren't many/any Monsters around this site so lets see if I can get the ball rollin'
2304x1536  662 KB
1996 Monster
Date: 27-Jan-12
Views: 1,223
Votes: 1 / Ave.: 10.00

Noticed there weren't many/any Monsters around this site so lets see if I can get the ball rollin'

Production (Stock) Ducati Monster, Ducati 900 Monster in yellow.
1280x1034  202 KB
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 1,091
Votes: 136 / Ave.: 5.20

Ducati 900 Monster in yellow.

12-May-02 - lovenly!
13-May-02 - Wow. That is most bad. Laguna Seca, right?
13-May-02 - do people actually buy these things and ride them around???
13-May-02 - yeah i'm gonna have to say that's ugly
13-May-02 - ?? What's ugly about it?
13-May-02 - thats a nice mod job i like it it has a lot of caracter
14-May-02 - i really dont understand how people can find this bike ugly. it looks soooo much better than all the jap bikes
25-Nov-05 - Monster are great machine, but for everyone in many ways
26-Jan-12 - CLEAN monster! Lots of mods, what wheels are those!?!?! I'd like them for my m900
Production (Stock) Multiple Multiple (Multiple), Here we have it.  I am faced with the ultimate decision.  

2003 Kawasaki ZX-9R Ninja
2003 Honda CBR 954RR
2003 Yamaha YZF R1
2003 Suzuki GSX-R 1000

As I am now a college graduate, I figure that I should ride in style like one.  Within 6 months, I will purchase one of these four bikes. I am currently riding a 929 (I?ve posted pics if you wish to look) - so I need to stay in this displacement class at minimum.  

I would like your opinions as to which bike you would go with and why.  Please include what mods you would make to the one you would choose also.  

They are all sweet looking bikes... help please!
2060x1148  373 KB
Multiple  Multiple (Multiple)
Date: 29-May-19
Views: 875
Votes: 56 / Ave.: 5.70

Here we have it. I am faced with the ultimate decision. 2003 Kawasaki ZX-9R Ninja 2003 Honda CBR 954RR 2003 Yamaha YZF R1 2003 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 As I am now a college graduate, I figure that I should ride in style like one. Within 6 months, I will purchase one of these four bikes. I am currently riding a 929 (I?ve posted pics if you wish to look) - so I need to stay in this displacement class at minimum. I would like your opinions as to which bike you would go with and why. Please include what mods you would make to the one you would choose also. They are all sweet looking bikes... help please!

27-Feb-03 - Personnaly, I'd keep the 929. I'd put a slip-on and that would be it. To pick the ZX-9R would be changing for worse and all the other bikes are too agressive for street riding, IMO. The 929 is just perfect !
27-Feb-03 - Okay so you graduated college, now you need to learn that as you grow up you need to learn how to make decisions for yourself, you cannot go through life as an adult asking others to make decisions for you. Its your bike, your money, you are going to ride it so YOU decide which one.
27-Feb-03 - First of all you need to determine how fast you wanna go.....because with these bikes speed grows on you.its just a matter of time before you want a hayabusa or a zx12r....but for this class i suggest you go with the is about the best and their cornering is even much sweeter.......but the final decision will be on you with respect to your speed limit...........
27-Feb-03 - I think you should personally go out and test drive all four. Pick whichever bike suits your liking, riding abilites, how you are going to use the bike, and most importantly the one that best fits your budget. You should not go with the popular opinion. Talk to enough people and you will get several thousand different responses. Go with the bike that suits you best not the most popular. All four bikes are awesome.
27-Feb-03 - I agree with Floridamcse, they are all too aggressive for the street, but out of these 4 I'd pick the R1 for the looks. But if you must get a 1000cc, I'd go with a 2001 (silver/black) or a 2002 (red/black) gixxer1k (if you're planning on pulling the front end up at 60mph+) otherwise I'd go with the 2003 R6. I bought one in January and it all the bike I need (for now).
27-Feb-03 - why are you even considering the 9R???
27-Feb-03 - You are forgetting the best all around bike. The VFR800, for comfort and speed and cornering you can't get better! Here is a pic to look at the 2002 model
27-Feb-03 -
27-Feb-03 - earlier this month you said your 929 will beat stock gsxr 1000's and busa's and now you are talking about trading? if your 929 is beating all of these bikes you should keep it; it is one a kind and must be worth millions! (webmaster: this is sarcasm)
27-Feb-03 - If you already got a 929 I see no reason getting a 954 wanna go slower ? How much do you ride ? Do you rider regularly, or just cruise around showing off for the girls ? Kawasaki ZX9R ? Don't know why anybody would get one of those. Gixxer 1000 :) now yer talkin, you better have BIG balls and LOTS of experience to ride this thing without getting killed. Yamaha R1 ....a true classic ! Probably the best enginnered bike of all you've listed ...but NOT the quickest
27-Feb-03 - Keep the 929 and wait another year.
28-Feb-03 - I never said that I would be getting rid of my 929. Actually, I love it so much - I'll probably keep it as long as I can. Loctite-I was asking for opinions on these selections... I *will* be the one to decide which one. I put the 9R in the pic just because it still looks like a sweet bike, even though it's a Kawasaki. BTW unknown272 - everyone in that post that you are talking about kept bringing up quarter mile times. We all know that a busa will eat a 929 in the quarter mile. If I was interested in going straight all the time maybe I'd buy a Z28 camaro or something. The beauty of a 929 is that it corners like a 600, but has enough horsepower to hang in this class. I r
28-Feb-03 - I usualy ride at least 5 days a week. I live about 1 hour away from daytona .. anyone going to bike week? I'll be up there both weekends. IMO, i like the looks of the 954 better than any bike. But as far as performance, i'm thinking the GSX-R.
28-Feb-03 - I agree with neal, next year will be some nice new releases, especially after this eason of AMA superbike and WSB!
28-Feb-03 - I have a ZX-9R and love her!! I also just bought a GSXR-1000 in Oct (due to weather, still haven't hit 'break in' yet). And still own my Kawasaki GPZ1100. The ZX-9R & the Gixxer 1000 are GREAT bikes!! Both hit high speeds and corner great! ..... Someone mentioned in an earlier post about "graduating to a Busa or ZX-12R" IMO - those are too big & bulky to have any fun in the twisties. Oh, my Gixxer is an '02 - I cannot STAND the busa headlight they put on the 03 model - puke! You may want to wait & see what Kawasaki does with the ZX-10 in 04 - it will be fuel injected then - but I will always love Kawasaki's ..... so maybe my opinion is a little biased LOL - Good luck in your decision - I know it is tough. -T. in Tulsa

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