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Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R6, A little Deals Gap action.
1521x1014  410 KB
2002 YZF-R6
Date: 02-Jun-19
Views: 1,593
Votes: 375 / Ave.: 7.42

A little Deals Gap action.

11-Mar-06 - Nice pic man! I rode The Dragon, and it's addicting. Too bad i live 700 miles away from it, or i'd quit my job and ride all day.
12-Mar-06 - nice
16-Mar-06 - Nice shot Tyler! ;)
16-Mar-06 dragontrash.gmaIL.COM - I just realized your watermark isn't on this one. I'll make it up to you by giving you my best shameless plug... Check out for more amazing motorsports photography from the best skinny white boy to ever wield an image-capturing apparatus!
22-Mar-06 - nice picture......
06-Apr-06 - sweet pic, but are you a little wide and on the brakes?
06-Apr-06 - I would be about 3/4 of the way done with that corner in the picture, making the apex behind me and out of the frame. No I wasn't on the brakes, I believe that effect was caused by the camera.
11-Aug-12 - Yup, a double apex corner if that is killboys corner? If so then thats a long sweeper heading towards the overlook. Nice form
Production (Stock) MV Agusta F4 series, this pic speaks for it's self.
1536x1182  237 KB
2004 Agusta F4 series
Date: 15-May-19
Views: 771
Votes: 208 / Ave.: 7.40

this pic speaks for it's self.

03-Oct-03 - THEY MAKE THEM IN 1000'S NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03-Oct-03 - Dat's real purdy.
03-Oct-03 - Can't wait to see how it performs against the other liter bikes (gixxer, cbr, zx and the incredible 2004 R1)
04-Oct-03 - I think this is only a redesigned 916...awesome, but nothing more.
05-Oct-03 - redesigned 916? It's an in-line 4 !!!! Proportions are vaguely similar but thats about it.
05-Oct-03 - what are you talking about...your not makin' sense bud.Sweet bike!!!
17-Oct-03 - What year did MV come out with the 750??? Just wondering, cuz I'm counting the years till another manufacturer/or MV comes out with a bike that tops this one. (as far as looks are concerned)
20-Oct-03 - 1999-2000 was the first F4750's
31-Oct-03 - obviously I'm talking about the design, not the engine. Proportions are VERY similar. I love that bike, but I prefer the duc 999...just my opinion.
03-Feb-04 - Love the color scheme but I dunno about Agusta... It's like Ducs. You get one made on a Monday or Friday and you will have to come back to the shop twenty times before the 1st 1K miles.
29-Jun-04 - I just read that it runs 187mph!!!!!!!!!!!!
29-Jun-04 - you want to know more enter
10-Aug-05 - hot
Production (Custom) Honda RC51, Eurobikes RC51 at New York Motorcycle Show.
921x720  175 KB
2001 RC51
Date: 20-May-19
Views: 3,078
Votes: 635 / Ave.: 7.40

Eurobikes RC51 at New York Motorcycle Show.

28-Feb-01 Nice pic. Is it a digital camera?
28-Feb-01 Yes.Digital camera " Sony DSC- F505V "
01-Mar-01 Those exhausts definitely won't be a ground clearance problem.
01-Mar-01 Hey the bike looks very nice, especially with the euro kit . Nice job. LATTER!!
01-Mar-01 - That metal bracket holding the left exhaust on is butt ugly, couldn't they have put carbon fiber over it? The rest is awesome
01-Mar-01 When and where in NY was this bike show??!!!.... As a not-yet-legal-to-ride teenager that jocks sportbikes, I can't believe I missed this thing!
01-Mar-01 The bracket is cleaner than the usual aluminum donut that grabs the can. Looks tight!
02-Mar-01 - Nice looking RC51; love the euro-tail lights! Very trick! Is that a Superhawk parked next to it??
02-Mar-01 Yes this is a Superhawk.
02-Mar-01 And CBR 929.
13-Mar-01 Nice bike, my buddy has one and it is awsome, of course Suzuk's still rule though !!!!
14-Mar-01 - "Digital",,..........No!!!! If "Digital" ever gets this good I'll eat my Reeboks!!!!!!!
15-Mar-01 - great looking RC!! does anyone know where I can find a rear fender for a superhawk? All i can find are carbon fiber, but I want one to paint (and less$$)??
16-Mar-01 - Now, that's a bike!!!!!!
16-Mar-01 - Heck with the bike, who's the chick in the background?????????
18-Mar-01 - the exhaust bracket's suck on this bad boy but, for the record "high-pipes" are the Bomb!!!
19-Mar-01 - can someone explain what the big deal is about this bike??? Webmaster: RC51, Eurotail, MIG high mount CF exhausts. Very sweet looking bike in my (and many others) opinion.
19-Mar-01 - Yeah, I was at that show and saw the bike in person and YES!!! it did look good. Oh, and that show was in Manhatton (sp?) at the Jacop K. Javitts convention center.
21-Mar-01 - This is sweeeet...
27-Mar-01 - thank god!!! only one more day of this pic!!!!
28-Mar-01 - first rc51 i've seen with MIG's, looks great. The fender eliminater is something I haven't seen either. Very nice package.
30-Mar-01 - its been a month!!! get this pic outta here
31-Mar-01 - Eurobikes has some of the sweetest kits and setups for all types of bikes...this rc51 is super sweet check out their website:
04-Apr-01 - The bike and the mods done here rule. But personally I think whoever designed the headlights fot the RC51 should be shot.
25-Jun-01 - i like katanas better
30-Mar-03 - The migs do look great, good height, whats really intersting is how he remounted the pass footpegs. Im in the process of fabricating my own for my jardine highmounts, and its gonna be crafty. The undertail is cool, but i sure do like the look of my hotbodies on better. Post script, that rear hugger should stay on an R1.. *my only complaint.
26-Sep-03 - i always thought the RC51 was a 1 seater bike - I guess if it;s got back foot peg i was wrong
28-Sep-03 - I'd ride that one.
05-Jan-04 - We don't get the RC51 in Australia- is it similar to the VTR1000? Looks quite similar, but much better.
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R6, Mulholland Drive, August 2004, Los Angeles
1999 / 2000 R6
Blank Frame
Crate Motor
49 State Box and Cams
Ported / Polished cyl head 
RaceTech Fork internals
Dunlop 208GP tires at 31/32 PSI
Paint by Concept Five
Motul fully synth oil.
daily ridden to work almost every day since December 2000
1200x711  138 KB
Date: 17-May-19
Views: 1,463
Votes: 427 / Ave.: 7.40

Mulholland Drive, August 2004, Los Angeles 1999 / 2000 R6 Blank Frame Crate Motor 49 State Box and Cams Ported / Polished cyl head RaceTech Fork internals Dunlop 208GP tires at 31/32 PSI SharkSkins Paint by Concept Five Motul fully synth oil. daily ridden to work almost every day since December 2000

05-Nov-04 - Nice pic, is that onyour way to work?
05-Nov-04 - Not oftenI see such a quality picture, rider or bike That corner looks just a tad familiar...
05-Nov-04 - Man, that paint job is sweet....where can I get that done again?
08-Nov-04 - Maybe one day that will be me... (sigh!) :-)
Production (Stock) Aprilia RSV Mille, Uploaded for: Fabrizio Marcucci
1350x900  222 KB
2006 RSV Mille
Date: 19-May-19
Views: 9,466
Votes: 94 / Ave.: 7.39

Uploaded for: Fabrizio Marcucci

22-Feb-06 - skilzzzzzzz!...i'm much more impressed with this than people stunting...maybe its just me
22-Feb-06 - Nope adrenelin, me too! Much more impressive than stunting!
22-Feb-06 - Stunting is to trendy to be impressive anymore, this takes REAL BALLS and REAL SKILLS!!
22-Feb-06 - and you wouldn't call this a stunt?
23-Feb-06 - Uh, no...this is called hall'n A$$ in a turn...doesnt look like a wheelie, endo, J-turn stoppie, rolling burn out, knack knack, etc.etc. ask guys who can do those if they can do THIS in a turn!!
27-Feb-06 - Awsome Skills...and i agree...stunts are cool, but something about extreme lean angle lights my fire.
10-Mar-06 - The cool thing is that Aprilia is wearing street clothes.
10-Mar-06 - thats exactly what sportbikes are built for ,stunting is why insurance premiums are so high,do you have something to prove ?? go to your local race track..
17-Mar-06 - Jean Phillipe Ruggia style ...
22-Mar-07 - Yes this is what the bikes are designed to do in turns!
Misc. Racing Yamaha YZF-R6, Elbow dragging at Deals Gap.
1920x1443  291 KB
2006 YZF-R6
Date: 02-Jun-19
Views: 3,303
Votes: 87 / Ave.: 7.39

Elbow dragging at Deals Gap.

30-Sep-07 - Wow! When we went a couple of weeks ago, you couldn't do 35 mph cause there were cops everywhere. Counted 8 from the dam to the resort. Awesome pic.
19-Sep-10 - awesome pic, one day I will get that low haha, sweet lean man
Production (Stock) Honda RC51, 2001 RC51
1280x1000  300 KB
2001 RC51
Date: 11-Apr-19
Views: 1,524
Votes: 790 / Ave.: 7.39

2001 RC51

26-Mar-01 - A new RC51 & a new digital camera. Wow life is good.
26-Mar-01 - Great bike ..... I like the colour scheme .....we don't have this variation in the UK. Take some more pics on your travels this Summer. Good luck!
26-Mar-01 - O.K. Stock RC. Seen a million of 'em. Let's get to modifying this one, please.
30-Mar-01 - it's a sweet bike, but it's stock and it's sitting somewhere doing nothing.
11-Apr-01 - Who cares if it's stock.. The bike's great. Besides, remember, it's NEW. I wonder how many of you could even ride this bike to it's potential when it's stock, let alone if it's hopped up. Thank you, unless you're Mr Edwards you may have a seat.
14-Apr-01 - Looks GOOD! although I prefer all red without the silver
25-Apr-01 - why does this pic have so many hits?
25-Apr-01 - I feel like a fool! Why are there so many hits for this?
29-Apr-01 - Is it me or does this particular bike have the UGLIEST front end I've ever seen?!?!?! Looks like the first gen VOLVO'S!!
05-May-01 - Oh Great, we have another RC51 dork voting for his own pic....what a loser
12-May-01 - my point wasn't what it can do if it's stock or hopped up, the point is what is special enough that we need to be looking at three pics of it doing nothing, it's a nice bike and I realize it's new, but it's still sitting there doing nothing was my point. So I believe I'll be standing back up now. You're welcome by the way.
13-Jun-01 - incredible looking bike, cant wait until I'm good enough(and rich enough) to order one!
19-Jun-01 - Why vote for the bike it's totally stock. For all we know the picture was taken in the back of the Honda dealership. First modify the bike then you might get a vote that'll count.
10-Aug-01 - I would take it over my bike any day.....
28-Oct-03 - Looks like mine! Nice!
14-Nov-03 - I'd rather have a RC-45. That front end was designed by...
18-Nov-03 - Nice bike, but why vote for your picture?? ... it's so dorky.
Production (Stock) Honda CBR 929/954 RR, Just took the snow plow off yesterday while at work, what do you think?
1920x1470  448 KB
2003 CBR 929/954 RR
Date: 29-May-19
Views: 3,454
Votes: 551 / Ave.: 7.38

Just took the snow plow off yesterday while at work, what do you think?

27-Jul-03 - great bike!
28-Jul-03 - perrrrrrrr deeeeeeeee
29-Jul-03 - Thanks for the positive comments Guys!!!
04-Aug-03 MANUBI33.EARTHLINK.NET - look at those huge chicken strips !!!!!!!lol 6,644 hits and 478 votes ?????????YEAH RIGHT !
05-Aug-03 - Little Jason, this picture was taken when the bike was less than a month old. You need a life.
27-Apr-10 - one hell of a bike
Misc. Racing Honda RC51, Joey Dunlop at the 2000 Isle of Mann.
1058x752  179 KB
2000 RC51
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 1,289
Votes: 440 / Ave.: 7.37

Joey Dunlop at the 2000 Isle of Mann.

06-Jul-00 Joey Dunlop is the man and will live on forever R.I.P
02-Aug-00 I wish I could have met the great man and racer. Joey will live on forever.
21-Aug-00 - Joey, Love ya guy, LIve forever and rember R.I.P
03-Oct-00 This has always been one of my favorite pictures. Joey is the man!
09-Oct-00 oh yeah!!! fly baby fly
30-Oct-00 R.I.P. We miss you mr. Dunlop
30-Oct-00 - GODSPEED JOEY!
02-Nov-00 put the king where he belongs ,at the top!
02-Nov-00 I wish this was higher resolution.
02-Nov-00 No one will ever forget Joey:-King of the road.
05-Nov-00 Who would dare vote this down??? C'mon people!
05-Nov-00 - the KING of the fly boys, we,ll miss him
05-Nov-00 Thank you for the excellence that you brought to our beloved sport Mr. Dunlop.
06-Nov-00 Yer Maun, King of the Mountain
06-Nov-00 Goodbye Sir Dunlop
20-Dec-00 Yeah! Baby! Now you're talking.....
04-Jan-01 You're the man Joey
15-Jan-01 I love joey dunlop the king of two wheels oh holy dunlop tires the best around..
09-Feb-01 this bloke is , was ,and always will be one of the best world class riders we will ever know.. bless you ..sir.... your boots will never be filled......
12-Feb-01 Hats off!!! KUFFS
27-Mar-01 - A heart bigger than the world, an ego smaller than a pinhead, and a talent the likes of which we may never see again. Rest in peace Joey.
02-Dec-02 - R.I.P Joey, your memory lives on.
03-Feb-03 - Joey will live FOREVER in our hearts. Twist your wrist hard wherever U are
03-Feb-03 - Insane! R.I.P Joey you will always be the king of the I.O.M!
04-Feb-03 - people seem to forget that joey was doing this at 48 years old, and in his final year won a lot of races
07-Feb-03 - wow
16-Feb-03 -"Joey was a one off, a legend in his own lifetime and an example to us all, not only in motorcycling, but for the fact that he was prepared to load his race van with aid for those less fortunate than himself, and head off to Romania in Eastern Europe, to distribute the clothes and food he had collected from his home town of Ballymoney NI, with no thought for his own safety. Indeed, Joey's charity work was to earn him an OBE. "
01-Jan-04 - I was coming home from surving in Saudi Arabia. Landed in Shannon Ireland I could not believe what I was reading in the paper. I raised a pint at the bar and said. I loved watching you race Joey. R.I.P
Crash Ducati 749, If You Don`t Include This Pic I`m Out Of Here.I Don`t Understand Whe You Did`nt Include My Last Pic? Any Way This Is My Last Try. <font color='blue'>Webmaster: Because the previous pic you uploaded was already online!</font>
2048x1555  516 KB
Date: 08-Dec-11
Views: 938
Votes: 201 / Ave.: 7.37

If You Don`t Include This Pic I`m Out Of Here.I Don`t Understand Whe You Did`nt Include My Last Pic? Any Way This Is My Last Try. Webmaster: Because the previous pic you uploaded was already online!

02-Dec-04 - This pic must be under the Photochop section...
02-Dec-04 - (SCREAMING!) Photoshop.
03-Dec-04 - Photo"chop" sounds rite. wot a chop
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R1000, CORONA REPLICA GIXXER 1000
2048x1556  667 KB
2001 GSX-R1000
Date: 22-Nov-14
Views: 1,562
Votes: 665 / Ave.: 7.36


30-Sep-02 - This is one extremely sexy motorcycle, with some stunning work done on it, I wish it were mine!
07-Oct-02 - wow! nice bike
08-Oct-02 - A work of art ...
16-Oct-02 - verry verry nice!!
28-Oct-02 - bad bad bike
21-Dec-04 - very beautifull!! Nice photo man! ROCK IT!
24-Dec-04 - the bike is ok! but the paintjob... i don't know! i think it's very colored!! but it's nice anyway!
10-Apr-09 - hell of a nice bike and paint job. you have any more pics of other views you can send to my email? if so
Misc. Racing Honda Unknown (Honda), A tribute to Joey Dunlop. Makes a nice desktop image. Size is 800x600, but will scale to fit other monitors. Godspeed Joey - we'll miss you.
1600x1240  291 KB
Unknown (Honda)
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 984
Votes: 616 / Ave.: 7.36

A tribute to Joey Dunlop. Makes a nice desktop image. Size is 800x600, but will scale to fit other monitors. Godspeed Joey - we'll miss you.

07-Nov-00 - What a man !!!!
07-Nov-00 You'd think someone would have given him a new helmet after all those years? :) Bye Joey :(
07-Nov-00 Nice background, thanks!
07-Nov-00 How did he die? I dont know the story. If you could fill me and everyone else on it, it will be greatly appreciated
07-Nov-00 He was killed in a road race in Estonia on a 125
08-Nov-00 They did give him new helemets, they just painted them to look the same.
08-Nov-00 Umm.....sarcasm?
08-Nov-00 Anyone wanting to know a little more try they broke the mold when this man was made.Glad I saw him race.
08-Nov-00 Hit a tree on a turn. Died instantly. Thank GOD he took him quick. He died doing what he loved, Racing!
09-Nov-00 Hardman! Never understood a word he was saying. I guess his riding said it all. Take a bow that man
09-Nov-00 Rest in Peace YerMaun!
11-Nov-00 - since wen is he dead??? the hell did that appen???...what a terrible waste, he's a legend!!!
12-Nov-00 - Kalamazoo - it happened a few months ago at a race in Estonia. R.I.P.
13-Nov-00 Byebye, the king
17-Nov-00 We'll never forget you and your yellow helmet!
30-Jan-01 RIP Joey Dunlop....we will never see your likes again
24-Feb-01 - Joey died while trying to put some sunshine in other peoples lives.The world will be a colder place without you.Godspeed Joey.
15-Aug-01 - I bought an awesome print of the top middle picture here:
15-Aug-01 - Also you can get stamps here to pay tribute to one of the best racers ever
14-Aug-02 - Eerie how much that black and white looks like Troy Baylis
19-Dec-02 - Thank you, Joey. Semper Fi
25-May-03 - Dunlop was the friggen man! Supposedly he'd show up at the Isle from partying at his bar for the whole night, still half drunk on no sleep, and smoke everyone else in the race. RIP Joey!
26-May-03 - He certainly had the most Isle of Man "frequent flyer" miles... Godspeed Joey, thanks for some of the best moments in racing.
26-Dec-04 - He was indeed the man; the likes of which will not be repeated. Died doing his second favorite thing; I hope I'm as lucky. Godspeed Joey; you have inspired many to push past the mundane and really live.
Misc. Racing Aprilia RSV Mille, Elbow Down, one handed sillyness!
800x610  100 KB
RSV Mille
Date: 23-Apr-19
Views: 1,006
Votes: 180 / Ave.: 7.35

Elbow Down, one handed sillyness!

22-Oct-02 - Hell, I go so low, I've got shoulder sliders...
22-Oct-02 - nice lid .......
23-Oct-02 - the pilot is italian tester of SUPERWHELLS magazine ANDREA MAZZALI the best!!!!
23-Oct-02 - The team of SUPERWHELLS magazine have slide on elbow!!!
23-Oct-02 - That is F%$&NG insane.......And just one of the bikes with the possability to do that.....MAX. ground clearance....
28-Jan-03 - i like the helmet
17-Dec-03 - Absolutely Amaaaazing
11-Jan-04 - spettacular!!!
01-Aug-07 - Nice!!
Stunts Kawasaki Ninja ZX-9R, My very first burnout - Boy was I pumped for a couple of weeks!!  Could have done it forever !!  hehehe  -Teresa in Tulsa
1280x1000  208 KB
1998 Ninja ZX-9R
Date: 21-Apr-19
Views: 1,252
Votes: 397 / Ave.: 7.35

My very first burnout - Boy was I pumped for a couple of weeks!! Could have done it forever !! hehehe -Teresa in Tulsa

22-Oct-01 - i would luv to make u smoke babie
19-Oct-04 - Webmaster Matt: Thanks for the re-load .... REALLY brought some smiles to my face! God - can still remember how I felt that first time! And am still very grateful to Reagan, one of my OSBRO buddies - without his help & encouragement (plus taking the pics:) ... don't know how long it would have been before I did one! -Teresa
30-Oct-04 - maby we can make smoke together sometime
10-Nov-04 - That's cool
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, R71 from QB Carbon.Can't buy em here but you can get all the pieces to build it!!! Start saving now.I'm 1/2 way their.Mombo
960x750  166 KB
2000 YZF-R1
Date: 12-May-19
Views: 1,498
Votes: 541 / Ave.: 7.34

R71 from QB Carbon.Can't buy em here but you can get all the pieces to build it!!! Start saving now.I'm 1/2 way their.Mombo

02-Aug-01 - THAT IS TOTALLY BAD A$$!! ... even better than that picture of helling
02-Aug-01 - looks good!!!!!
02-Aug-01 - That looks SWEET!!!
02-Aug-01 - That is awsome... for all you R1 owners who want a custom paint job, this is top notch!
02-Aug-01 - yeah I think it's great. I love the wheels and the front brakes too. one thing looks better from a normal R1 is the tank.... i think so.
02-Aug-01 - Don't let STATTY see this....He'll have a fit 'cuz it's not an R7. Sorry I had to say it, STATTY. This is what the 2002 R1 should look like!!!!
02-Aug-01 - GORGEOUS BIKE BRO.........NICE !
02-Aug-01 - This is way better than a Ducati 916 Senna!!
02-Aug-01 - u cant say it's better than senna... in some way it is, in other ways it isnt. If i could get 1 of them, i'd need like a month to think about which one i'd take. i mean, this is still a Yam.. duc is a duc :)
03-Aug-01 - Does that R7 swingarm bolt on, or is there modifications required?? damm that thing is the bad *ss!!! Im so jeolus
03-Aug-01 - I like it, the front breakes totally kick a$$ but, what's up with the swing-arm, is it one piece? Where's the cut out between the bracing?
03-Aug-01 - NICE!!!!
03-Aug-01 - It'd be perfect if the owner removed one of the front discs, chromed it out, and extended the swingarm :)
03-Aug-01 - HAD TO LOOK AT PIC AGAIN...........GORGEOUS.
03-Aug-01 - no don't "chrome it out" it would look stupid removed one of the disc? So he could stop half as good? I hope Philip@eden. is being sarcastic. Dont change a thing, its f***ing perfect great bike!
03-Aug-01 - Dollar for dollar, the R1 walks away from the Ducati just like it would on any racetrack straight-a-way. Senna editions...How can you not even mention the MV???? Ducati's are nice, but their styling is long in the tooth, compared to the MV.
03-Aug-01 - Yeah.. that bikes WAY sweet. I am not quite sure if it's better than my pic, though. Of course, I am a bit partial ;-)
03-Aug-01 - i hate it when ppl remove one of the front discs! hat for? so stupid. This is how it should be! :) i love these discs.
03-Aug-01 - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....not my R7...LOL...nahhhhh, I gotta say does look good...
04-Aug-01 - After the owner finishes chroming every sq. inch of surface area, he should add faux leopard fur (like the Starboyz) to make it purrfect. This bike is great for wheelies and burnouts, eh?
30-Aug-01 - VERY COOL BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
09-Oct-01 - I hate you
15-Oct-01 - 1 word "GORGEOUS"
19-Nov-01 - looks as cool as my r7 just not as fast
26-Apr-02 - How light is this bike?
05-Jan-04 - What's the big deal? It looks good, but not as good as a stock standard gix1000...
07-May-04 - I want one. Those wheels are kick butt. Those front brakes look sweet. AWESOME
07-May-04 - very tastefull. classy.
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R6, My 2006 Yamaha R6s!
2302x1396  686 KB
2006 YZF-R6
Date: 20-Nov-11
Views: 1,624
Votes: 162 / Ave.: 7.34

My 2006 Yamaha R6s!

Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R1, Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 74588
954x582  89 KB
Date: 18-May-19
Views: 569
Votes: 124 / Ave.: 7.34

Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 74588

02-Dec-06 - R2????
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Jet kit, K&N filter, steering damper, Bos exhaust, 200 series Michelin sport radial, powder coated parts, house of colors paint with pearl in it, completely polished frame, swingarm and rims, one of a kind rear fender w/ vented louvers.  126bhp at the rear wheel.
614x480  148 KB
1999 YZF-R1
Date: 18-Apr-19
Views: 1,209
Votes: 490 / Ave.: 7.34

Jet kit, K&N filter, steering damper, Bos exhaust, 200 series Michelin sport radial, powder coated parts, house of colors paint with pearl in it, completely polished frame, swingarm and rims, one of a kind rear fender w/ vented louvers. 126bhp at the rear wheel.

10-Jul-01 - Isn't 126HP what a stock R1 makes (give or take a HP)?
10-Jul-01 - Tangerine Dream....nice work.
10-Jul-01 - did you have to replace the tail with a new one for the underseat exhaust?
10-Jul-01 - four3star - that looks like the BOS system which comes with a new tail section.
10-Jul-01 - four3star....ofcourse he had to replace the tail, you bonehead!! That's not a stock tail. That is the BOS system....they're the only ones with that kind of tail.
11-Jul-01 - sweet picture, i like the color.
11-Jul-01 - webmaster, how fast will the ninja250R do the 1/4 mi.? Webmaster: Umm, not fast enough? Instead of measuring the time in seconds, they use a calendar.. ;] Nah, just kidding, the Ninja250R is a great little bike with lots of character. Not sure on the 1/4 mile time though.
11-Jul-01 - I can't quite make out what color it is, it looks like orange with a sorta browish?
11-Jul-01 - You guys are bad mouthing this guys bike?!?! Get back on your Honda Elite 250 and go home!
11-Jul-01 - yeah stock R1's make about 130 horse stock aparently all this guys add ons managed to reduce the horse, but hey as long as it looks good right... hahahahah
11-Jul-01 - I'm pretty sure the color is tangerine. Correct me if I'm wrong.
11-Jul-01 - Uh, Japanese manufacturers announce horsepower usually from rear axle. Not from rear wheel like this guy did.
11-Jul-01 - Jsmith, I believe that the manufacturers usually measure it from the engine crank-shaft.
11-Jul-01 - sweet bike man...
11-Jul-01 - So nice, I wouldn't even ride it.
11-Jul-01 - I think you should have more ponies than 126???? with all those mods???
11-Jul-01 - Just bought a neon light kit for it aswell as chrome bar ends chrome brake fluid caps and frame guards.
11-Jul-01 ZANE_28.HOTMAIL.COM - man people, know the facts before opening your mouths! at the crank for real horsepower,but most of the r1's dynoed did put down 128 to 131 at the rear wheel. (around 140/145 at the crank) but this bike is modified so it should be higher. Webmaster: You must also realize that not all dynos read the same. What type of dyno was it, what where the atmospheric conditions, how many miles does the motor have on it, etc... Too many variables to get a good comparison. The only true way to compare 2 motorcycles is to dyno them on the same dyno with the same conditions.
11-Jul-01 - Unless it is a header setup most slipon's don't do any kind of significant horsepower gain, the Bos system only attaches after the manifold and therefor only increases horsepower gain by 2 or 3 bhp. In fact i have witnessed many instances where loss of back pressure occures as a result of an after market pipe and header setup causing the torque and hp curve to change lowering peak gain. I admit my pipes are for looks more then performance and in fact when my suspension is set up loose they hit my mudguard chipping the paint!!!! This has been fixed with a more rigid setting. But I was mistaken I meant 126bhp without the jetkit as I have not done a dyno after it was put in.
11-Jul-01 - what color neons did you go should go with orange
11-Jul-01 - I went with blue I'm sure it will work, it's really bright.
11-Jul-01 - Why would you go UP in tire size, doesn't that screw up the handling? Most people go down from a 190 to a 180...
11-Jul-01 JAYSONMOEMURODCK.HOTMAIL.COM - All the haters on this site should back off because after all it's up to the individual. Personal preference is all that matters when it’s parked in your garage!
12-Jul-01 - Well, it'd probably stay parked in your garage because you screwed up the turn in with that 200 size tire. I like the bike a lot though
12-Jul-01 - What are you stupid? does it look like I race this bike? bumping up one size for the tire isn't going to magically make me dump the bike? ONE SIZE IS NO BIG DEAL for driving around the city.
13-Jul-01 - No, it's not going to make you crash, it's going to make it slower and harder to turn in.
13-Jul-01 - I mean slower to turn in and hardter to turn in.
13-Jul-01 - Slower to turn in and harder to turn in..................WHAT'S THAT MEAN??????? A diffference of 1 cm in the overall width of a tire that size, isn't going to show any noticeable difference in handling. On the track the tire size may change a riders time (+ or -) by seconds or tenths of a seconds. I've seen this B___h in person and it's a dope ride. This picture doesn't do it justice. All you haters and wanna beez can get on your knees and juggle deez.
13-Jul-01 - Dude, chill out, I love the bike, I just think the 200 tire is a stupid thing to do...and it WILL show a noticeable difference in handling...that's why many people go down in size to a 180. A tire with less width falls into the corners faster and takes less effort to change direction. And come on, it's not like he needs a 200 to put those 126 horses to the ground.
13-Jul-01 - No noticeable difference. I've upgraded tire sizes on different bikes. I haven't had any problems nailing corners.
13-Jul-01 - WP7----Finally someone who knows what the f#$* there talking about. People here all think that their eddie lawson or something. How far do you lean into a corner on a city street with your bike....geremy.......recognize theez nutz son.
14-Jul-01 - I have to admit that this bike is very nice...i'm not a huge R1 fan...... but i do love this one.
14-Jul-01 - I had the 200 Dunlop207 designed for the busa and its skinnier than a 190 michelin,
14-Jul-01 - Well, some of us ride our bikes other places besides city streets. And I have no idea what nutz your talking about, certainly you don't have any and your just a poser.
14-Jul-01 - Is that a CB750K in the Back
15-Jul-01 - Why do you think I should ride this bike on a racetrack or something....didn't I tell you the whole frame was polished to lighten the bike up, it's got nothing to do with looks.. What exactly is you definition of poser? someone who doesn't race their bike and looks foolish if the modify one thats stock? Or is it just everyone who has a better ride then you?
15-Jul-01 - Yeah its' a 79CB750K it's for sale too. My buddy owns it. It's the 10th anniversary edition so it's actually a CB750LTD. It was repainted different then stock last year. I put a picture of it up on here it' probably the only cb750 posted for the last while.
16-Jul-01 - can i get that exhaust for an R6?
16-Jul-01 - Yeah it's titanium instead of stainless steel on a R6. Mine was like $3000.00 CDN, so it's exactly the same price I think. Check out
17-Jul-01 - No, that's not my definition of poser. In this case my definition of poser would be a person who modifies their bike, decreasing it's performance for looks. Like I said before, love the bike, just think that the 200 tire is ridiculous.
17-Jul-01 - the bike is so hot
17-Jul-01 - Dude.. 126 hp from a R1? My brother has an R1 and we put it on a chassis dyno at a bike show.. he pulled 138 hp out of it w/ just an acropovic exhaust. dyno the thing again "whatever"
18-Jul-01 - Yeah the bike was dynoed before the jet kit so this would be a stock rating plus mabey 2bhp fro the pipes. Jer. the bikes performance isn't decreased thats the point, a 5mm increase on each side wont affect it's performance for driving around town. Theres nothing wrong with more rubber on the ground in back, and the pipes INCREASE the looks and INCREASE the performance.
19-Jul-01 - Just for the record the R1 has a 6" Rim making the 190 flatter (larger radius) The 200 Being compacted buy .394 Decreases the Radius of the tire. Therfore causing it to act like a smaller 180 and turn in better. Mabey you should do a little research on the subject before you go blasting someone. Killer bike.
20-Jul-01 - I would like to know what "geremy postmark" has to say about the previous comment? Starboy has a lot to say also, maybe he should read all the comments before he opens his mouth. Jealousy can sure make people look like fools. I wonder what they drive? Sweet bike, good imagination.
20-Jul-01 - For your interest I ride an R6. The above comment is bullsh*t. A narrow rim will NOT cause the tire to fold. It will just stretch the sidewalls and the tire wil hang over the side of the rim a little bit more. If the above comment was true than serious R1 jocks who race and take their bikes to the track would all be putting 200s on the back, but they're not, they're putting 180s. I like the bike but increasing the tire size is just plain wrong.
21-Jul-01 - Geremy is correct. I have no clue what kind of reverse polish logic calculator you used to come up with those numbers Tracy, but that's plain wrong. You will not find one racer using a 190 tire anywhere. That's the reason Dunlop D208's are not made in 180!!!!! Check your facts next time Poser. And yes, before you ask, I race WSMC and AFM.
21-Jul-01 - Whoops! Meant "not made in 190" My bad.
21-Jul-01 - ba da bing ching ching
22-Jul-01 - Very nice! are your rims polished or chromed? how can I go about polishing my R1 rims? check out my frame and swingarm
22-Jul-01 - polished rims, need to make sure there done right with no imperfections in around the spoke not easy to do, check a guys previous work before you pay $$$
23-Jul-01 - I'd swap that for year old ZX9 if you're interested :)
25-Jul-01 - How would the side wall stretch? I have a 200 on my R1, and yes the tire does hang over the sides a bit more. But it is rounder than the 190 it replaced, but it is still no 180.
26-Jul-01 - what kind of bulbs are in this Yam?..doesn't look stock...looks sweet
27-Jul-01 - pretty nice looking bike. ya'll are hilarious though with the whole 200's versus 180's talk. Obviously "whatever" doesn't care about racing his bike, 200's should do him fine around town, he's not going to touch his knee down ANYWHERE around town, no doubt, so no use arguing.
30-Jul-01 - Hey, how much would this bike cost. with the custom paint and the rims. I am planning on buying a Yamaha R6. Thanks.
30-Jul-01 - Bling Bling
30-Jul-01 - I bought this bike for 13,500 plus tax canadian. To do all this would be over twenty grand if bought bran new. I never did any of the work myself and in reality I saved a lot of cash that way. The right headlight has a after market reflector plate in behind the halogen bulb making it appear blue. No swapping there jonsealey I already agreed to sell the bike to a friend next summer so long as nothing happens! And by the way it does have the stock 190 size tire on it I just said that to get a argument going for more hits and to have fun, I know how serious some people can get on this sight about things like that. :)
02-Aug-01 - 13,5 Canadian is a steal for this thing, man. You got a hell of a buy. That's like what, 9K US? Anyone have an R1 that looks *this* sweet and has *this* much work done to it that they'll sell me for $9K?
03-Aug-01 - I know I’m getting into this a little late, but Geremy and Holeshot are both incorrect. A wider tire on a narrower rim WILL cause the tire to “peak” more, to be more rounded on the rim. Just take it to an extreme – think about what a 190 or 200 would look like if it were mounted on a 3” wide rim. See? Or, think about what a 120 would look like mounted on a rear 6” wide rim. It would be basically flat (if it would even reach the beads – dunno). Holeshot – your logic is backwards. R1 racers are using the 180’s because that is the size race compound tires are made in. They make 160’s for the older bikes (F3’s, etc) and 180’s for the newer big bikes. It would be cost prohibitive for Dunlop, etc, to make a full size selection of slicks and 208’s in every size. They use what is available, your comment makes it seem that race tires aren’t made in bigger sizes because they would work poorly, which is incorrect. Go ask your Dunlop track rep if you don’t believe me. “Whatever” has mounted a monster tire on his bike because it LOOKS COOL! The some reason he did everything else he did to it. *The bike looks great BTW*. As for everyone who is saying he has decreased the performance – I’ll bet everything I own that there isn’t a single person on this site who can even come close to using 100% of the R1’s capabilities, so what difference does it make. What good does it do to increase the bikes capabilities if the rider is still slow? It cracks me up to listen to guys everywhere talk up all their performance mods when they weren’t capable of riding the bike well when it was stock. And, Holeshot – before YOU ask – yes, I race too, MRA and AMA.
04-Aug-01 - this is a beautifull machine with the crome rims and everything
06-Aug-01 - Well, they obviously only chose one size (180s) for a reason then, didn't they...
06-Aug-01 - Yes, and the reason is that it is the size that is the most marketable, it can be used by the widest array of bikes...economics. 190's and 200's (street compound) just recently hit the scene, 180's have been the standard race tire for larger bikes for quite a few years. right now they wouldn't be able to sell enough 190's or 200's (race compound) to be viable. 15 years ago, a 180 was unheard of, now they're commonplace. times/demands change, soon the 160's will be gone and the demand will shift to a larger tire as HP and suspension improvements dictate it.
06-Aug-01 - Is this the bike that shows up to SCREAM on Fridays!
09-Aug-01 - I go down to Bedford usually on firday's although superbike is this weekend at Shubie so I won't be there. What bike do you drive r_coveyduc? What's SCREAM?
23-Aug-01 - Simply a beautiful bike!! love the paint job!!!
27-Oct-01 - Do BOS Exhaust have a Web Address? I would love to find 1 for my RR
13-Nov-01 - Now that is some paint WOW! you get a vote from me 10!
14-Nov-01 - wher did you get the tail? tight like nat booty!
04-May-02 - This is the prettiest bike that I've seen on this site so far. As a matter of fact one of the prettiest bikes I've ever seen. I have a customized CBR 600f3 (check it out) that I love to death but I'd buy your bike in a second... Forget all of these haters, they just want your bike. I know the feeling.
11-Jul-02 - they do make 190 race tyres, and they are used regularly, and they don't turn in for poop. have to hang it out to get the rotation. you can tell this with a 190 vs a 180 on your street bike as well.
03-Aug-02 - nnaaassss bike...yellow with airbrushed brown or brown with airbrushed yellow....ssaaawwweeeetttt!!!!!! I like aquamarine blue/green
27-Nov-02 - very nice
09-Dec-02 - where did you get that rear fender? and is there one for a 2002 r6?
30-Jan-03 - Love the bike. Best R6 i have ever seen
26-Feb-03 - um honda....thats an R1, not an R6, look at the front a bit more closer, and the frame by the gas tank...but this bike is sweet..
10-Aug-03 - First of all, I could be wrong, but I saw this bike on R1-forum and they said it was Photoshoped. For those of you who don't know, that is a paint program that can do a color change like that. Second my R1 is completely stock motorwise, except for the exhaust, and it ran 135.8 at the rear.
04-Sep-03 - This is my buddies bike and I was there when he took this pic, it is not enhanced in anyway. It was recently put on dyno at a show and shine and it ran 136; you should read the webmasters comments above about dynos, he is totally right, there many variables involved.
07-Jan-04 - yeah its nice, but it cant com[pete with my 91 ford escort... just kidding, hell yeah its nice
06-Mar-04 - HMM got to agree with the smart people on this post! WTF fit a larger tyre for????? Wake up! Bigger is not better in this instance! Only a squid who cant ride to save themselves would not notice the difference in handiling carictaristics of a 180 versus a 190 200 whatever! OH if you cant ride to begin with you wouldnt notice the difference! No im not Eddie friggin Lawson but i know that trhe bike turns in better on a 180 than 190! i can TELL THE DIFFERENCE! GO OUT AND LEARN TO RIDE THE YOU WILL NOTICE IT TOO!
13-Mar-04 - Webmaster...what do I have to do to get a comment posted? I've left about 7 comments on various different pictures, including this one, and so far not one comment has gone up. Webmaster: Hmm, not sure. Could it be due to language or content that they are being rejected?
14-Mar-04 - I think iwheelie is a little jealous.
20-Mar-04 - Man, what is everyone's problems? this bike is sweet, and i agree with whoever said its his bike and he is the only one who needs to like it, and he obviously does. I think its dope, good job man.
28-Mar-04 - nice colour,but having a bigger trye doesnt mean you have more tyre on the road but you actually have less as for looks over hp hahahaha
29-Mar-04 - Is a sweet looking bike, Dyno's are tricky, I ran my bike on the same dyno 2 time's on the same day and with 2 different type's of motor oil, and a half quart less the second time produced 12 more H.P. I was told that the zx12r was really bad about losing H.P. if you were just slightly over and it is true, You all may want to compare your motor oil's and make sure you are not slightly over and see what happen's, the first time was with a straight 30, the second time was with 10-30, both syn. Pennzoil.
04-Apr-04 - Despite the debates its still sick, nice ride bro.
05-May-04 - sweet paint nice bike....
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R1000,
1536x1152  287 KB
Date: 18-May-19
Views: 1,671
Votes: 80 / Ave.: 7.34

09-Aug-05 - thats hot!!qualifies as the pic of the day
13-Aug-05 - cool
16-Aug-05 - Fantastic!!!
11-Nov-05 - Wow, one of the coolest I've ever seen.
14-Jan-06 - this is from the front of the 2005 Motrax catalogue they make & sell those sparky sliders *FYI they are awesome, but beware of the full titanium ones on sustained dragging they do get a bit warm sometimes (so dont let the guys/girls who have been watching you drag touch them even out of fascination 'cos it will hurt em!)
30-Nov-06 - 'That will be my next painting.. thanks darling.
29-Apr-07 - that is a great shot camera mounter off the rear of bike???
28-Nov-11 - Fire in the hole.
Production (Stock) Kawasaki ZX-6 and ZZR600, Uploaded for: Brock Harley 2007 ZX-6R
3072x2147  559 KB
2007 ZX-6 and ZZR600
Date: 03-Jan-14
Views: 851
Votes: 207 / Ave.: 7.34

Uploaded for: Brock Harley
2007 ZX-6R

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