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Production (Custom) Ducati 900cc Models, Absolutely THE most fun bike i've ever ridden! It helps that i get to ride it on thousands miles of the best roads!!
1015x994  307 KB
1998 900cc Models
Date: 16-Jul-18
Views: 874
Votes: 106 / Ave.: 7.28

Absolutely THE most fun bike i've ever ridden! It helps that i get to ride it on thousands miles of the best roads!!

23-Aug-04 m2mastergunner.yahoo.com - Don't ever sell It you will regret it, I do. I had number 205 and am still looking for another one! Decision to sell was one of my worst ever!
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R750, Uploaded for: Arek Zjawin 2000 Suzuki GSX-R750
3071x2266  1,494 KB
2000 GSX-R750
Date: 14-Dec-14
Views: 397
Votes: 32 / Ave.: 7.28

Uploaded for: Arek Zjawin
2000 Suzuki GSX-R750

Production (Custom) Suzuki Hayabusa, Uploaded for: Peter Trocco 2001 Suzuki Hayabusa
2815x2140  1,476 KB
2001 Hayabusa
Date: 26-Sep-11
Views: 7,576
Votes: 54 / Ave.: 7.28

Uploaded for: Peter Trocco
2001 Suzuki Hayabusa

Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R6, Yamaha - YZF-R6 - 76993
717x659  170 KB
Date: 14-Oct-12
Views: 417
Votes: 18 / Ave.: 7.28

Yamaha - YZF-R6 - 76993

13-Jun-05 seven777s.hotmail.com - Love the paint job and the wheels look fappin awesome
13-Jun-05 700hpvette.cox.net - Would have just bought the Honda Erion myself instead of making a Yam look like one!! But it still looks nice...
1280x960  125 KB
2006 YZF-R6
Date: 10-Jan-13
Views: 1,298
Votes: 65 / Ave.: 7.28


03-Sep-05 bigzx7.hotmail.com - Ummmmmmmmm is that not what they are going to do?
03-Sep-05 adnan82ny.hotmail.com - are they really???? then this will be the hottest 600cc in 2006!
06-Sep-05 motocrane.comcast.net - VERY COOL! Where did you find this pic?
07-Sep-05 adnan82ny.hotmail.com - check out more pics of it at http://bikepics.com/members/2006models/06r6/
MotoGP Premier Yamaha YZR-M1, Rossi at Laguna Seca GP. Uploaded for Andy.
1024x683  159 KB
2005 YZR-M1
Date: 18-Nov-12
Views: 908
Votes: 29 / Ave.: 7.28

Rossi at Laguna Seca GP. Uploaded for Andy.

13-Jul-05 bballmantheman662.hotmail.com - i want these colours on my bike
13-Jul-05 motocrane.comcast.net - The 06 YZ450 will have these colors as an option for Yamahas 50th anniversary. It would be interesting to see the R1/R6 with this too.
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, 2005 Yamaha R1 Valentino Rossi GAULOISES Replica...
2028x1521  602 KB
2005 YZF-R1
Date: 13-Jul-12
Views: 4,143
Votes: 29 / Ave.: 7.28

2005 Yamaha R1 Valentino Rossi GAULOISES Replica...

12-Apr-05 jimtiberio.hotmail.com - Very sweet bike and equally lame political statement!
13-Apr-05 cherrybombking.hotmail.com - that shirt is hysterical. and the bike is wicked.
03-May-05 sled4life.hotmail.com - cherry@ is right the shrit is hysterical and the bike is wicked
09-Aug-05 adnan82ny.hotmail.com - hahahahaha t-shirt is funny bike rulez
18-Dec-05 nakedtwins.peoplepc.com - thats what Clinton said
Production (Stock) Kawasaki GPZ1100, Kawasaki GPZ1100, red 1995  (bought brand new in 97 with only 2 miles on her). Totaled her July 23, 2000 on hwy.90 just outside of Jane,MO. (had 33,000 miles in 3 yrs.  Bought her back from insurance and rebuilt.  Lesson Learned: Don't ride past your limit just to catch up with the lead guy LOL!  But she is back & as beutiful and fast as ever ..... also in this pic is my 98 ZX-9R. Both fast bikes!! -Teresa
840x580  72 KB
1995 GPZ1100
Date: 17-Dec-09
Views: 926
Votes: 313 / Ave.: 7.27

Kawasaki GPZ1100, red 1995 (bought brand new in 97 with only 2 miles on her). Totaled her July 23, 2000 on hwy.90 just outside of Jane,MO. (had 33,000 miles in 3 yrs. Bought her back from insurance and rebuilt. Lesson Learned: Don't ride past your limit just to catch up with the lead guy LOL! But she is back & as beutiful and fast as ever ..... also in this pic is my 98 ZX-9R. Both fast bikes!! -Teresa

04-Oct-01 WaynesNside.aol.com - You go girl! Do your thing with those bikes.
22-Aug-04 Miss_ZX9R.hotmail.com - hahaha ...... thanks for the memories Matt ! :) ........... As I said in the pic you posted the last couple of days ....... sold the GPZ1100 last fall .... (boy, that was hard). Still have the ZX-9R and a new Suzuki GSX-R1000 !!! Big Grins !! Am also now in a larger house with a 3 car garage (YAY!!) .... still own the one in the background though, now a rent house. -T. in Tulsa
27-Aug-04 malemute2156.yahoo.com - can i have your autograph? lol. get a good digital.
02-May-08 Miss_ZX9R.hotmail.com - I'm still out here .... Sold my GPZ two years ago .... but still have the ZX-9R and a new baby: Suzuki GSX-R1000
MotoGP Premier Yamaha YZR500, Yamaha - YZR500 - 89536
792x594  146 KB
Date: 13-Jan-06
Views: 875
Votes: 66 / Ave.: 7.27

Yamaha - YZR500 - 89536

Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R1000, killer concept bike from yoshimura based on a gsxr 1000. they only made 5 and all are bought just in case you wanted one. each one is worth about ?80,000.
1024x787  109 KB
2004 GSX-R1000
Date: 28-Apr-12
Views: 3,984
Votes: 22 / Ave.: 7.27

killer concept bike from yoshimura based on a gsxr 1000. they only made 5 and all are bought just in case you wanted one. each one is worth about ?80,000.

16-Feb-05 rwd2216.aol.com - all i can say is.......WOW!
16-Feb-05 bigzx7.hotmail.com - Oh man that thing is rediculous! WOW!
17-Feb-05 nampinn89.hotmail.com - that is soo coooooool!!!!!!!!
Drawings & Art Ducati Unknown (Ducati), Study for a innovative Ducati Superbike
1024x704  173 KB
2003 Unknown (Ducati)
Date: 15-Dec-13
Views: 451
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 7.27

Study for a innovative Ducati Superbike

19-May-06 gibsonking2000.yahoo.com - pretty slick
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R1000, Uploaded for: 'paulosrad1000' paulosrad@yahoo.com.br Brasil.
640x499  78 KB
Date: 08-Apr-10
Views: 679
Votes: 166 / Ave.: 7.27

Uploaded for: "paulosrad1000" paulosrad@yahoo.com.br

Stunts Honda NSR250, This picture is displayed with permission from Jamie's NSR Homepage. http://www.dreamgate.ne.jp/nsr/
548x499  45 KB
1997 NSR250
Date: 23-Feb-09
Views: 1,668
Votes: 348 / Ave.: 7.27

This picture is displayed with permission from Jamie's NSR Homepage. http://www.dreamgate.ne.jp/nsr/

23-Feb-09 alvinis.hotmail.com - how the hell!!!
23-Feb-09 cfadali.hotmail.com - this is the sickest picture i have seen... no tricks come close to this....
23-Feb-09 StevenM.houston.rr.com - Is he moving... or is it a still shot made to look like he's moving?
23-Feb-09 maarten_donders.hotmail.com - that is one frightningly talented rider (really love the helmet!)
23-Feb-09 cbr929.yeehaa.com - he ain't moving, all the weight is on his knees.
23-Feb-09 I look and look and still can't understand how the heck... is it real? as cbr929 said, about the wheight, it just doesn't make sense. and where can I get one of 'em crash hats?!
23-Feb-09 biohazard.zrx1100.com - uhhhhhh......nope.
23-Feb-09 webmaster.madriders.com - It is a real moving photo on an open japanese road and the helmet is a cartoon replica style witch all the Japanese Mad Riders wear with the most incredible designs. I will show you soon a Pikachu replica.
23-Feb-09 xtremebikesports.hotmail.com - IF this pic is real, then i'd like to know how this rider stops cornering to go straigt on, has to be very hard if not impossible
23-Feb-09 atkinson_courtney.hotmail.com - I've had this site set as my home for over a year now and this is THE craziest pic I've seen yet... well done my Japanese comrad
23-Feb-09 michel.gsxr-600.com - Awesome picture... and the front wheel seems to really be turning. *If* it is fake, it was done extremly well..
23-Feb-09 mellozx6r.earthlink.net - He is real good at photo shop or just a Real sick rider
23-Feb-09 pictae13.aol.com - I just want to know where to get the helmet?! That is great, I really want one.
23-Feb-09 amg84.hotmail.com - i think he is going in circles...
23-Feb-09 webmaster.madriders.com - Eary : GAS and turn the handle bar to the left viontly. Next week a video abalible at madriders.com
23-Feb-09 x3m84.hotmail.com - This one is real...
23-Feb-09 Admin.ciaysr.com - I can get these helmet fins from Japan, just let me know. You can see pictures of mine at http://www.ciaysr.com/rp/tb/helmets/
23-Feb-09 Virus0429.aol.com - Hey Webmaster, You think this is real, if it is I think we have a winner!!!! Webmaster: Looks real to me! Real or not, there's no way I'm gonna try it!
23-Feb-09 aumcmillan.hotmail.com - This is a fake, without a doubt! Where are his hips and other foot? kind of a cool helmet though!
23-Feb-09 webmaster.madriders.com - BELIVE ME IT´S REAL. The right foot is haging on the left leg . This sunday my madest friends will go to our nearest circuit to prove it can be done and will capture a video for all the photoshop fans.
23-Feb-09 maarten_donders.hotmail.com - he's right about the foot and the leg. i still think this is real until proven otherwise
23-Feb-09 webmaster.madriders.com - NEW pictures and videos practicing "THE MADRIDER" at http://www.madriders.com for all the photoshop fans...
23-Feb-09 jeffchau.hotmail.com - I wish I could do that.. wait.. no I don't.
23-Feb-09 corserfan.ofir.dk - How the hell does he do that I got to learn it
23-Feb-09 derrick.bikeracer.com - Im not even dragging one knee yet, 2 knees, holy s*it pretty damm cool
23-Feb-09 Fish.starboyz.com - After the corner how does he get upright? hmm.............
23-Feb-09 philipw.eden.rutger.edu - Good question Fish, I guess he needs to use alot of countersteer to get the bike back up.
23-Feb-09 david.easterbrook.suncorpmetway.com.au - very good trick photography if you ask me - or he is about to go for a roll all over theroad!
23-Feb-09 ninja250.charter.net - shouldn't the front wheel be countersteering in the opposite direction?..
23-Feb-09 basvandijk90.HOtmail.com - i think this is a manipulated foto, look at the right leg, where is the foot??
23-Feb-09 ayeletr.delta.co.il - wow
23-Feb-09 richard.williams.sbt.siemens.com - hoax
23-Feb-09 svante003.hotmail.com - look at the video on madriders.com..... then you will see that this is not a fake....
23-Feb-09 basvandijk90.HOtmail.com - ok, it is NOT fake, i've seen the vid, it is not a fake
23-Feb-09 myredtriumph.aol.com - what a trip
23-Feb-09 theinfamousx.aol.com - IT'S NOT REAL! The guy just leaned over and had someone take the shot. Look at his knees. They're resting on the ground. And is it any surprise the picture was taken with the front wheel straight on, so we can't see that the wheel isnt even spinning. Hoax!
23-Feb-09 tobynine9.hotmail.com - it's real, you can see the tread blurred on the front from the spin, it's crazy but it's real
23-Feb-09 jamie.dreamgate.ne.jp - Yes !! This picture is real !! I know because I was there !! The picture is from my website !! www.dreamgate.ne.jp/nsr I am dissapointed to see my pictures posted here, they were originally for my website !! Webmaster: Please let me know if you would like it removed.
23-Feb-09 headhoncho.ash500.4t.com - Of course its real! Jamie has some real nut-bar friends. Its amazing what you can do on a 2-stroke NSR250!! Check out Jamie's website at the top of this list...
23-Feb-09 chuckmoses.comcast.net - Mad Riders...I dont think this is Diego but he does this $hi+ all the time.
23-Feb-09 iwheelie.optusnet.com.au - Thats sweet! AHHH i miss my nsr's.....wait no i dont!
23-Feb-09 kawagpx.latinmail.com - this is for real i have seen in video at www.madriders.com
23-Feb-09 buleria_por_solea.hotmail.com - this picture is famous in Japan.
25-Jan-10 garybjorling.yahoo.com - I dont understand all the mystery, you guys have to understand hes ridding a Honda NSR 250 ALL Honda NSR’s pull this off, this is why those of us own them, its not the H.P. like the big 4 strokes, this picture is very common & actually easy to do on an NSR
Stunts Yamaha YZF-R1, Me & Jer enjoyin the Colorado Springtime 8-)
640x500  51 KB
2000 YZF-R1
Date: 20-Aug-09
Views: 761
Votes: 195 / Ave.: 7.27

Me & Jer enjoyin the Colorado Springtime 8-)

03-Aug-01 klamers.dfo-mpo.gc.ca - The guy on the R1 looks kinda bored?
03-Aug-01 jeremyhelling.hotmail.com - Yeah.. not much of a challange for him.
03-Aug-01 Sam929RRinDenver.hotmail.com - "represent" Denver
04-Aug-01 clandestine.backpacker.com - All too easy to power wheelie a R1! Cool though! Are they standing on the rear pegs??
04-Aug-01 jcwillwerth.aol.com - great pics i'am a big wheelie guy and this is awesome..
04-Aug-01 swedie.demonews.com - I'm wheeling my RR '93 with the on/off/suspension method in 3rd gear. I like taking the highway and passing cars on one wheel.. LOL! I sound like such a squid! LOL!
04-Aug-01 mraracer157.hotmail.com - Sam929 - you've left that message for both my pics...what are you saying??
04-Aug-01 kryznic.hotmail.com - Hey Swedie I have the same bike what color is yours? I gots the Red/White and Blue. Email me explain to me what this on/off suspension things is that your doing.
04-Aug-01 TRD_Henry.msn.com - 2 words...photo shop
04-Aug-01 jeremyhelling.hotmail.com - clandestine... yeah, we are on the rear pegs. I got a good deal offered to me on a high pipe once, and I love the way they look. However, now you see why I cannot put a high pipe on... oh yeah, I guess passengers can use them too ;-)
04-Aug-01 mraracer157.hotmail.com - TRD_Henry - Photoshop, my *ss! I can send you a copy of the video it was taken from if you like!
05-Aug-01 hawaiianjew.home.com - I can attest that this is NOT photoshop, I've seen the video and have been there with them many times. Why is it that everytime someone does a nice trick on this board, there's a guy out there that gets jealous and has to scream photoshop to make himself feel better? Quit wasting your time and go practice.
05-Aug-01 TRD_Henry.msn.com - ok maybe it's not photo shop, but why would I be jealous..my friends and I do this all the time...and how come the gixxer looks like it doesn't belong in the picture?
05-Aug-01 swedie.demonews.com - pure jelousy!! ;) Doing these wheelies really aren't all that scary.. the bike will go back down when you let off on the gas.
05-Aug-01 swedie.demonews.com - oh, kryznic, min is also Red-White-Blue(lilac/purple). :) Well.. I might be taking some video of it later on.. I can't explain how I'm doing it. So ARE YOU able to wheelie yours?
05-Aug-01 mraracer157.hotmail.com - What do you mean by that? The shadow is perfect. I just don't get what is so hard to believe, especially w/ you and your friends doing this all of the time and what not.
05-Aug-01 info.siegarts.net - trd, if u werent jealous u wouldnt say that
05-Aug-01 celo21.stopstabbingme.com - Maybe because its slightly behind the R1, you know, focal planes and all. Why does photoshop come up in every pic on this site anyway?
06-Aug-01 hawaiianjew.home.com - The gixxer looks like it doesn't belong because you're quite obvioulsy cross-eyed. Take a closer look, just because one guy isn't looking at the camera means nothing... check out all the shadows and the imperfections in the photo. Then you'll see that it's the same image...
06-Aug-01 MRARacer157.hotmail.com - TRD - cuz the resolution sux 8-). It's a still taken from a digital tape, I wish the res could be better because it's so much easier to clip the best frame from a video than it is to snap a good pic at exactly the right time, ya know?
06-Aug-01 jeremyhelling.hotmail.com - http://www.sportbikes.dhs.org/DisplayIt.cfm?Picture_ID=12906 There's your proof that the aformentioned Gixxer will do rear peggers as can the rider on board (BTW, that was before the TapeWorks kit for all of the doubters and Photo Shop fans).
06-Aug-01 kryznic.hotmail.com - Swedie, well the 900 RR is my first bike. I can get the front end off the ground here and there but as soon as it comes up I let off the gas for fear I will flip. I cant seem to find the level plane.
07-Aug-01 TRD_Henry.msn.com - cheese and rice...what's the deal with the "jealousy" thing? besides the two guys in the picture I bet none of you even have bikes! (especially you hawaiianjew)
07-Aug-01 jeremyhelling.hotmail.com - Hey TuRD... he happens to ride a 2001 GSX-R750... Black/Silver/Red... I would call a bike.
07-Aug-01 swedie.demonews.com - kryznic: You're scared.. heheh! ;) Well.. just keep riding the bike until you feel safe with it first.. then attemp serious wheelies.
07-Aug-01 bigmanr6.hotmail.com - YES!!!!! NO HELMETS, I LOVE IT... AND NOT ONE HELMET COMMENT YET... HAHAHA
08-Aug-01 jeremyhelling.hotmail.com - Oh no, now you've done it....
08-Aug-01 hawaiianjew.home.com - oh no... here comes all the "squid" comments ;-) ----- TuRD: you do these? On what you're BMX bike?
08-Aug-01 CODE_6.aol.com - he used to have one.. Rutt ro!!!
09-Aug-01 jeremyhelling.hotmail.com - CODE_6... TRD used to have one? ..as in, he wrecked it?
10-Aug-01 hawaiianjew.home.com - CODE_6:... BWAHAHAHA... love the nickame.
10-Aug-01 jeremyhelling.hotmail.com - ponders if CODE_6 knows the true meaning of a "code 6"
13-Aug-01 kcotterell1.excite.com - Sweet pic, as for the helmet comment.........hey, if you don't want to wear one that's your choice not mine, do whatever. And on the high mount exhaust, i have seen a few of them that allow you to keep the rear pegs (not that passengers need them) lol look into it. I think one of them is "red devil exhaust" or something like that. Anyway, my 2 cents.....
22-Aug-01 dktrpepr.hotmail.com - I dont care what these guys say, you guys a representin' us here in Denver well!!! Keep the rubber side down!
14-Aug-02 randall_loveslove.hotmail.com - Photoshop = one word
14-Aug-02 randall_loveslove.hotmail.com - Dunno anyone in the pic but it's not Photoshop. Only I am capable of such a good job and it wasn't me. lol ;-P
26-Aug-02 extremektm.hotmail.com - Nice..
12-May-04 rickhadlock.yahoo.com - Hate to be around to see the mess(brains) if one of these bikes get the shakes
31-May-04 malemute2156.yahoo.com - rickhadlock, if? did your bike get the "shakes"?
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R1000, This is my GSXR 1000
1024x788  167 KB
2001 GSX-R1000
Date: 14-Mar-13
Views: 2,198
Votes: 210 / Ave.: 7.27

This is my GSXR 1000

07-May-02 grubb.34.osu.edu - What up Eagle? Your bike is looking sweet as ever! Nice pics! - Gixxer Pilot @ gixxer.com
07-May-02 Hook_Rod.Hotmail.com - Thanks man ive done several thing to it since i last seen ya.
14-May-02 gsxr_kilby.yahoo.com - Very nice, I wish I could afford those discs. Nice touch with the blue outlines. Great Job!
05-Jun-02 TheNemesis6.hotmail.com - gsxr_kilby those discs are at KiernanRacing.com they are however about $600-$700...... but eyah they do kick some major tail and the way they're designed they stare REALLY cool even under heavy use.
05-Jun-02 TheNemesis6.hotmail.com - They're called Galfer Wave Rotors, the rear is about 150 the front about 550 so yeah if ya like em go for it, it's not that bad a deal...
06-Jun-02 Hook_Rod.Hotmail.com - Yes they are galfers i can get the complete set Front/rear for $500.00 e-mail me ill give ya they guys name if interested.
30-Jun-02 kbaeta.hotmail.com - I am putting those rotors front and rear on my project bike. How do you like them?
Production (Stock) Benelli TNT, 2005 -Benelli - TNT - 68325
531x429  57 KB
2005 TNT
Date: 05-Mar-12
Views: 443
Votes: 64 / Ave.: 7.27

2005 -Benelli - TNT - 68325

01-Jan-05 lordandrevv.yahoo.co.nz - I love this bike!
Production (Custom) Kawasaki ZX-12R, My zx12r  2000 model lotsa custom stuff, euro mdl,paint,chrome,carbon fiber,pwr commander,
2281x1711  795 KB
2000 ZX-12R
Date: 20-Jan-13
Views: 2,726
Votes: 94 / Ave.: 7.27

My zx12r 2000 model lotsa custom stuff, euro mdl,paint,chrome,carbon fiber,pwr commander,

26-Apr-10 johnny_rebel4077.hotmail.com - thats a nice paint job great bike too
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R600, 'Q-Rokit' @home in August 2004.
640x499  91 KB
2004 GSX-R600
Date: 15-Jun-12
Views: 438
Votes: 19 / Ave.: 7.26

"Q-Rokit" @home in August 2004.

638x445  69 KB
1995 RF900R
Date: 19-Sep-08
Views: 1,006
Votes: 391 / Ave.: 7.26


16-Jun-03 bikepics.jayadair.com - you're leaning the wrong way! Go under the bike, not over it! Nice roads though :)
16-Jun-03 BIGNYer69.aol.com - Go for yours..... Oh yea us Big guy can ride also....
17-Jun-03 gsxrjeffro.suddenlink.net - check out www.snowshoefreedomfest.com if you like the roads in this picture. we are having the state bike rally july 16-20. all bikes are welcome. we should have a big sportbike turnout as well.
19-Jun-03 flet2.hotmail.com - where?
19-Jun-03 gsxrjeffro.suddenlink.net - AT SNOWSHOE WEST VIRGINIA. IF YOU HAVE AN RF CHECK OUT THIS LINK http://www.cafeshops.com/rfriders AND http://www.cafeshops.com/suzukirf
22-Jun-03 R_T_1.msn.com - Are you on Chatham Hill, Virginia, in this picture? It's between Tazewell and Bland on RT16.
23-Jun-03 gsxrjeffro.suddenlink.net - YOU GOT IT..... I LOVE RT16
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R1000, MY 02 1000 AND MY FRIENDS 04 750
1584x1188  777 KB
2002 GSX-R1000
Date: 15-Feb-13
Views: 662
Votes: 19 / Ave.: 7.26

MY 02 1000 AND MY FRIENDS 04 750

05-Jan-06 zieskr.nycap.rr.com - I love this shot. It just came up in my desktop rotation and helps get me through the winter!

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