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Production (Stock) Multiple Multiple (Multiple), here is a picture from  english SBK.
 but i have to say something..
i fell sorry but i think the  meannig of sports bike is somewere lost in usa
the only thing i see for months here
is chromed wheels,chromed bikes,furry bikes,burn out, wheelies and people dont care about the  sportsbike image.
i have seen some riders to do the right thinkg with superbikes in some pictures but most sorry just do nothing exept silly tricks for the girls with out gear..
here in europe im in denmark, we have people that  do this but most of them buy R1,cbr 900 and gsxr to enjoy the sportriding and not waste money on burnout for girls.

really sorry. i hope i ll see some real bikers here. <font color='blue'>Webmaster: I think your view might be a little off of riders in the USA. This website seems to attract more stunt pictures than regular riding pictures because stunt pictures are more exciting. When I ride here, I hardly ever see people performing stunts. We really do ride over here! ;]</font>
640x440  109 KB
Multiple  Multiple (Multiple)
Date: 20-Sep-09
Views: 454
Votes: 137 / Ave.: 6.51

here is a picture from english SBK. but i have to say something.. i fell sorry but i think the meannig of sports bike is somewere lost in usa the only thing i see for months here is chromed wheels,chromed bikes,furry bikes,burn out, wheelies and people dont care about the sportsbike image. i have seen some riders to do the right thinkg with superbikes in some pictures but most sorry just do nothing exept silly tricks for the girls with out gear.. here in europe im in denmark, we have people that do this but most of them buy R1,cbr 900 and gsxr to enjoy the sportriding and not waste money on burnout for girls. really sorry. i hope i ll see some real bikers here. Webmaster: I think your view might be a little off of riders in the USA. This website seems to attract more stunt pictures than regular riding pictures because stunt pictures are more exciting. When I ride here, I hardly ever see people performing stunts. We really do ride over here! ;]

21-Aug-01 - you call this real sportbiking?its a picture of a bunch of bike sitting still,where are all thesae pictures of europeans riding bikes?probably with the americans huh?well most REAL riders dont take the time to take pictures of them selves riding.thats why you dont see any,think about it.
21-Aug-01 - well, as long as I can say from here in europe... When we look at USA's most famous "Daytona" all we see is harleys there.... European bike meetings look like this :) isnt it better? :) By the way, for example, Masrapido, tell people about Jerez :) endless fields like this :) looks like heaven :) I think this is beautiful :). .. wooo :) I see a Ducati there :)
21-Aug-01 - Hey Sieg: once again your ignorance is shining through. Daytona is flooded with sportbikes, but they hang near the track, not so much on Main Street (which is where most of the cameras are) We also have Biketoberfest, and this is just Florida. Have you ever heard of Deals Gap?? Probably not because you are from Europe. I notice you guys are always bragging about your stunt riders are so much better than ours, than you send in a pic about how all we do here in the states is stunts and not real riding. MAke up your mind and maybe when you come to Biketoberfest or Bike Week you can come by the Speedway and see all race bikes. Then maybe hook up with some hooligans and we will show you how we ride. Oh yeah you don't have a bike at this time right?
21-Aug-01 - Who cares if someone has chrome wheels or furs their bike......that's their choice, it doesn't mean they don't ride. I'm so sick of hearing all of these comments on here about "you americans don't know how to really ride" Shut the h3ll up!!!!!!! for real!!! I see plenty of riders over here riding, stunting and doing whatever! If you are on 2 wheels then i'm glad to see it, unlike "europeans" who have to judge everyone's picture that gets posted here. Besides, what's so special about this......i see a bunch of bikes that are just sitting there, doing nothing. Quit your hating and your wining and just ride, after all that's what your bike is made for.
21-Aug-01 - Qbzonk... Daytona is 75% Harleys. Sturgis... 100% Harleys. There is a 2 year waiting list for a new Harley... unfortunately.
21-Aug-01 - Being an American and having lived and rode BOTH in Europe and the states I understand what the Europeans mean. Riders here in Europe are WAY more responsible. I have never seen a sportbike rider without all the proper gear or acting like a fool. Back in the states all of my freinds have wrecked their bikes trying to wheelie or stoppie and be cool. I am not saying that doesn't happen over here but not a fraction like the states. Just my observation. I am sure all the americans will get all defensive but you will be ok!
21-Aug-01 - Actually most of the American riders shouldn't care less what you think. We get it from the some of the Harley riders over here all the time. You european riders should be more upset that this "rider" is representing you all. If you ride a sport bike then most likely you are going to ride hard. Wether that means trying all the latest stunts, or dragging your knee in the twisties, or the track. "Europeen riders are more responsible." What are you talking about? I couple days ago you all were arguing that you had the best stunt riders with the best tricks. On speedvision the other day that were out at some turn in europe with guys on sport bikes flying around it with there knee down, and it wasn't a closed street. So some people don't wear there gear, alot more of us do than don't, All the people I ride with wear at least the leather jacket, boots, gloves, and helmet. I think the fact that we always acknowlege another rider where ever we happen to go, no matter who it is shows that we truly do know the meaning of riding.
21-Aug-01 - I'm in Canada so i should be comepletey indifferent, the fact is typically european riders are faster, look at italians.. look at WSBK.. most of em are eurpeans and japanese, not very many americans there.... I think the big confusion comes because of this new generation of sport(fur)bike everyone in north america a bad image. Buncha kids who were geeks in high school who thought that getting a sportbike would make them "cool" ..
21-Aug-01 - It's not 2 years... my friend just bought one and I know for a fact she didnt wait long at all. They had one on the floor but she ordered one and it took a month
21-Aug-01 - Good God Man "CHILL" I come from Scotland, yep we do, do things a little different here? wait a second no we dont! Biker's are biker's no matter where we come from, what kinda word would it be if everyone was the same, I'm not very good at wheelies, thats not to say I dont appreciate a good one when I see it ,we all have different values and cultures, dont knock somone for doing somthing they enjoy, if you want to get on your high horse and preach! do it about a subject that would be more worthwhile? Drugs, drink or smoking, if you dont like what you see {and what the hell did you expect} dont come and visit anymore! goodnight and goodbye! yours digustingley Clarky.
21-Aug-01 - Could it be that since WSB, GP and British SBK are so popular in Europe and the isles that that is why you "never" see a rider on that side of the pond without their gear? Kind of like Air jordans being the thing to wear here. Popularity sets the trend. Mind, not wearing your kit isn't the smartest (ok, pretty dumb) thing to do, but I think if roadracing were more popular (i.e. got better exposure) here in the States, you'd see more people wearing their gear. As for how people customize their bikes or what they ride...what difference should it make to anyone else?? For better or worse, the cowboy mentality has always been a huge part of our culture here. Purists will never understand that aspect of someone else's matter what country they're from.
21-Aug-01 - Hey CBRSteve: I live in Florida, and have been to Daytona 8 times and depending on where you hang you will see the sportbikes. Try the Wendy's off A-1A or the Speedway, it is predominantly Sportbikes, yes there are Harleys, and lots of 'em, but lately there is a hug increase in the sportbikes that attend these events. We have a small thursday night bike night that gets a minimum of 200 bikes each time, and that is just a small mid week event. I'll see you at Biketoberfest in two months, come check out the track and see the amount of sportbikes.
21-Aug-01 - yes SBK GP and everykind of race is very popular in europe you can see a stadium full in spain whne they have indoor trial, you can see all those crazy people in IOMTT the most dangerous street race all over the world. and those bikes you see here is not 18 and 17 y old teens that bought a bike to do only stunts they come from everywere to see the racers. by the way you wish to go as fast as the english riders in wet... i just scared when i saw riders do knee down whlie rainning... but those words are so cheap for the stunt bikers. hopefully there are some real riders here... in this forum.. like the webmaster. and some other guys
21-Aug-01 - well, I only have to say that all riders, eurpoean, amricans or wherever they came from would be like "brothers", you know what I mean? Here, in Spain, all bikers on the road wave, not matter if they rides sportbikes, harleys or bmw´s...all likes bikes and that make us special, but i have to say too that we have a longer sportbike tradition. In states more sportbikes sold, yes, but because you are more rich than us and you are a lot of guys!!!!! Here, ever weekend you can go to 10-15 bike meeting in ever point of Spain. Every weekend! no one time at year!! The G.P. and WSB same, thousands of bikers meeting in a little city during a weekend!!!!! And finally, more of bikers here, rides his bikes every day, no only when the sun is shinnig or on sunday...I know Deals gap and it´s ok, but here we have too great roads plenty of twisties, and the spped limit isn´t so ridicule like in the states...and so with the tickets!! When the ZZR1100 was presenta few years ago in Arizona, a spanish rider os an important bike magazine go jail for overspeed!!!! this never can happen here!!!!! So, at the moment I think that sportbikes riders could be happiest ridin in europe that in USA, maybe you don´t hink so, but this my opinion!! ;=)
21-Aug-01 - i can only imagine what the streets look like with all the other bikes on their way, or leaving the scene... WHO CARES IF THEY STUNT/JUST RIDE/RIDE HARD/LIVE IN THE US/CANADA/or EUROPE... we ride... end of story.
21-Aug-01 - I didnt except this pic to get such long comments. By the way, I didnt say s**t about Americans or american riders as qbzonk thinks, well he just doesnt understand anything. What I was saying is how daytona LOOKS from here, I wasnt saying anything else, and he goes crazy on me, well it's easily visible what kinda stressed person he is :), and they even let those ride sportbikes, dangerous! :) ( I hope u understand again im just joking , before u go insane on me again ). I totally agree with Clarky. I can see on this site, since 90% of the stuff is from USA, that there are nice riders, there lots of stupid ppl, lots of cool ppl, like EVERYWHERE. What i said about Daytona was based on the magazines, they write that there only a "few" ( like 30% ) sportbikes there and they are never anywhere in the center of action. If I based my comment on what i see on TV about daytona, it's 250% HARLEYS and fat guys in leather pants. sorry. By the way, Matt is doing a great job with this site :) Because most of the world outside USA thinks that USA is just Harleys :) ( as i CAN say this coz im not in USA )
22-Aug-01 - Masrapido :)... In Spain... the 3 GPs u get in Spain collect more visitors than ALL OTHER GPs TOGHETHER :)... I guess this explains a lot about Spain... :) + u got SBK events, and other non racing events... :) it's crazy
22-Aug-01 - Wow, so many bikes. I can spend a whole day checking out every one of them..... And probably another week chatting to their owners about their bikes.
22-Aug-01 - felpaj......i hear that, just ride!!!
22-Aug-01 - Do any riders out in Europe put aftermarket pipes on there bikes? Just wondering because out of all these bikes, I only see about 3 with what appear to be non-stock cans...???
22-Aug-01 - no we have all those makers for export only ;-))
22-Aug-01 - this is UK, cops are crazy there, they are very annoying with any kind of bike tunning and race cans are illegal and as i know, some ppl just ride with stock ones. In portugal you wont find a bike with a stock exaust. they most have racing ones coz cops dont really care about it here. Next year I will take pics of parking in Jerez,,, u will like it :) this is nothing compare to Jerez :), But I like this more because it's grass, in Jerez u got this dusty kinda ground and...well, green grass looks better. :) But Jerez has more bikes.
22-Aug-01 - i think this was only one view from the racing parc i have been in gps in england and you can see endless fileds with motorcycles... and no most of the english change the exaust and lots other with aftermarck they just put a sport pipe not a racing...(the racing is unlegal everywere)
22-Aug-01 - Someone please post a pic from Mid Ohio. Now I wish I had taken some pics of the parking area. Almost all sportbikes. Lots of real bikers.
22-Aug-01 - I was stationed in the UK for two years......loved it and the bikers there were 10xs better riders and all around nicer tward there brothers on two wheels. The weather sucked! When I left BRANDS HATCH last August, I saw no stand up wheelies.....Ya Right !!! PS I rode for 2 years with D&D race cans and never got pulled, A cop told me once that they sounded nice!
23-Aug-01 - americans seem to be a very insecure lot,always defensive.
23-Aug-01 STATTY.MSN.COM - NO WERE NOT...SHUT UP A^#%HOLE...:):):)...just kiddin
25-Oct-01 - thats all well and good, but y'all got some ugly license plates
19-Mar-02 - A bike theif's heaven
07-Jun-04 - i see a bunch of bikes sitting on some grass. means nothing.
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, 2003 Lansdale PA Bike Night
1600x1220  371 KB
Date: 02-Apr-17
Views: 167
Votes: 63 / Ave.: 6.51

2003 Lansdale PA Bike Night

Production (Custom) Honda CBR 929/954 RR, This is my bike after the paint custom!!!!
1280x980  260 KB
2002 CBR 929/954 RR
Date: 19-Nov-14
Views: 2,994
Votes: 81 / Ave.: 6.51

This is my bike after the paint custom!!!!

05-Mar-03 - Cool
05-Mar-03 - looks real good
05-Mar-03 - Not a Honda man but that is sweet,
05-Mar-03 - Sweet!!!
06-Mar-03 - THANK YOU!!
30-Apr-10 - one nice bike
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R600, 2001 -Suzuki - GSX-R600 - 18573
800x496  89 KB
2001 GSX-R600
Date: 22-May-11
Views: 615
Votes: 121 / Ave.: 6.50

2001 -Suzuki - GSX-R600 - 18573

18-Oct-01 - That's not a motorcyclist. That's a motonaut.
19-Oct-01 - gus+gsxr+racetrack+goodtires=on of the funiest pictures ever
22-Oct-01 - I guess you mean finest!! which track is it? looks a bit like Mallory esses, but he's looking the wrong way.
13-Feb-02 - Keep your gixxers until you can lean and ride like that.
Production (Stock) Multiple Multiple (Multiple), Another pic of three gals and their bikes in Hawaii.
803x435  87 KB
Multiple  2001 Multiple (Multiple)
Date: 30-Jul-17
Views: 215
Votes: 143 / Ave.: 6.50

Another pic of three gals and their bikes in Hawaii.

15-Feb-09 - what is that other bike in the back???
15-Feb-09 - jonathanskafan its a EX500 ninja
15-Feb-09 - I think the bike in tyhe back is a Kawasaki EX500...
15-Feb-09 Yes - it is a 2001 ex500 kawasaki
15-Feb-09 - when are you girls going to be ready to ride with joe, john and jarret? we're in hawaii also. later girls
15-Feb-09 Hey r6rydindirty - did you get a new bike? Sorry to hear about your R6 being stolen after we saw you wheelie'ing.
15-Feb-09 - yup, the Kawi is definitly missing a front wheel
15-Feb-09 Hi Ken - thanks! :) Having fun breaking in my bike...
15-Feb-09 - Not only the background is buitiful, the bikes are nice too!
15-Feb-09 Trust me - the Kawi has a front tire... it was turned to the side, so you can't see it. :) If you look at the other pic we posted May 15... you can see it better.
15-Feb-09 - Thanks Michelle. Now you have to change your name to Misshowoff! LOL
15-Feb-09 - i now have a 2001 R1, and will be on the look out for my old r6...if i find the thief he can standby for an *sswhooping
15-Feb-09 r6rydindirty - red or blue? I'll keep an eye open for you doing your wheelies on H-1. LOL
15-Feb-09 GREGOGOD - sorry don't cook or clean... but I love bikes and football. ~Michelle :p
15-Feb-09 GREGOGOD - check out my HomePage on the TOP SITES (I need the votes!) 'MissHell'
15-Feb-09 - thanks for clearing up the front wheel dilemma, I thought one of the beauties rode wheelie style 24/7 :)
15-Feb-09 - Excellent pic. Be sure to stop by the R6 message net.
15-Feb-09 - Nice place to ride..been there a couple of times with my bike... but..stuck on an island like i am here in canada. Vancouver island, but at least we can take a ferry to the mainland. Nice shot girls.
15-Feb-09 - It's the blue one michelle. me, john, and hazzard will be on the look out for you guy's also
15-Feb-09 - hey, nice pic! definately a hottie on the right. hey if you want a better spot email me. i'm here to!
15-Feb-09 -, are you willing to teach me how to do a wheelie? I'm dieing to learn. (I'm the one on the left)
15-Feb-09 - myyellowtl1000r no we are in Hawaii not Florida
15-Feb-09 - Help!! I was born there in the background and now i'm stuck in Oklahoma!! I can afford to fly back but i have no one to stay with!!
15-Feb-09 - wow hello =]
15-Feb-09 - Great bikes.... would love to go riding with you girls... BUT my R1 just got stolen.... waiting for the insurance payout to get another one. RIDE SAFE!
15-Feb-09 -, that's to bad about your bike. There seems to be alot of that going around. What are you going to get know?
15-Feb-09 - Hey michelle...looking good as always!!!! One day i'll get my bike ready to ride....but i think i'm gonna go for the track
15-Feb-09 - Nice picture ladies. I am looking for a little info. How is the riding there? I am in the military and looking to get an assignment to Hawaii and was wondering just what kind of riding people are into over there (twisties, crusin or drag racing)?
Production (Custom) Suzuki Hayabusa, Show and Go...
640x500  83 KB
1999 Hayabusa
Date: 28-Dec-08
Views: 1,456
Votes: 163 / Ave.: 6.50

Show and Go...

04-Mar-01 - imagine how would it look if this thing could do a rolling stoppie :))))0
04-Mar-01 - What are these bikes made for?
04-Mar-01 As long as the "go" is in a straight line.
04-Mar-01 Could anybody explain to me why someone would do this to their bike? cause it sure as h#ll ain't nice.
04-Mar-01 - I'll see you on the twistie roads NOT!!! LOL
04-Mar-01 These bikes are made for one thing and one thing only. ........DRAG RACING!!!!!!!!!! It's not who can take the best coner, but who has the most POWER!!!!
05-Mar-01 yeah these bikes are waste of $$$, what good does a bike like that do me if I can only go straight on it, NO FUN, specially after spending so much $$$ on it...
05-Mar-01 These drag bikes look sweet !!! Its like anime reality !!! Great work !!!
05-Mar-01 How about a wheelie???
05-Mar-01 - Some people get off on drag racing some on twistes - as long as it's on a bike, who cares? :)
05-Mar-01 Drag racing is cool, these bikes are probably a lot faster in a straight line than their stock counter parts. The wheel base must really help the launch at the start.
05-Mar-01 I WANT ONE
05-Mar-01 this is my bike and if u rode this it would pull arms out the sockets
05-Mar-01 most of these guys don't drag though, they just "cruise" for chicks. What a waste! Buy a harley
05-Mar-01 TLRMAN.AOL.COM - Yah wanna know something. You guys have not even said one thing about the brake rotor on this thing or the other one. Just goes to show how much you all look at things. Webmaster: One brake rotor on a drag bike is acceptable. However, not on a street bike.
05-Mar-01 I like it but its not for me because its unusable and anyway the true skill of riding is who can get around the corner the fastest, not a straight line.
05-Mar-01 - Webmaster I was only trying to make a point these guys right above about how ugly it is but I find it to be a peice of art. They knocked another bike for only haven on rotor and I to agree that the bikes are made for the 1/4 mile but who is to say the other bike was not made for the track also. I think you know what bike I am talking about a yellow sportbike. The other bike in question was a Yamaha R6. The R6 was definitely not a drag bike and the owner did it just to show off the chromed front rim, not to reduce weight for drag racing. If the R6 had been lowered and had an extended swingarm, the story might be different.
05-Mar-01 How many times can you go fast in a straight line before getting bored? A stock 'busa is already very fast and handles good (for an open-classer).
05-Mar-01 - That has got to be the longest swing arm i have ever seen, but for some reason, i think i like the bike, it looks pretty sweet, the green decals stand out and its different , which is good
05-Mar-01 Who really CARES about your front rotor situation?? Way I see it, you made a mess out of this thing.
05-Mar-01 That is how much you guys really know about bikes. If you notice that swingarm can be adjusted for a shorter more street level riding. I personally like my bike with a stock wheelbase for turns etc. but if I had a dragbike this would be it. stop HATING.
05-Mar-01 For all those dissing dragging try it. It is not as easy as it seems. It's not as simple as going straight fast. There really is an art to it, and wouldn't it get boring if we were all into the same thing? If all bikes were outfitted the same way what fun would that be?
05-Mar-01 Good lord guys. Most of you must have never seen a dragbike. Obviously the owner has spent a great deal of time and money on his machine. "Zooks" are not my brand but I can sure appreciate a good effort when I see on. Some of you say more or less that it takes no skill to drag race a bike like this. Well just hop on and see if you can handle close to 200 horsepower at the rear wheel and keep it hooked up and going down the track in straight line. Widen your horizons, good lord..
05-Mar-01 To Mr. Hate the Haters: To state the obvious, those who post to this website are doing so to receive feedback. BOTH positive and negative. Do you realize you're being a hypocrite by critizing those who don't appreciate distinctive motorcycles, yet at the same time you don't appreciate those who express their individual opinion.
05-Mar-01 Beautiful bike
05-Mar-01 WOW Mr. hate the haters you are really smart!
06-Mar-01 is this thing street legal?
06-Mar-01 I'm sorry but this bike is gross. If I saw it at a show I'd walk by, and try to hold my laughter.
07-Mar-01 Why have all the street crap on it if it's a drag bike?
07-Mar-01 Japanamation
07-Mar-01 why doenst anyone care about the quality of the work
07-Mar-01 Listen man the bike looks good and thats about it. I tell you what it might be fast and all but the only place you going is straight, where as if we were on a maze track you aint doing didly. A bike is made for dippin that thing is just a waste of money, should've just left it stock. You want to extend something and make it fast, mess with your car!!
07-Mar-01 - give us some pictures of these bikes in action, please!!!
07-Mar-01 i wouldnt post a pic of two dogs hump!ng on this site!!!! yall would find something to dis it on!!
07-Mar-01 - I like the paint job, chrome, and decals but disagree with the drag mods. Just not my style of riding. But, it looks cool in an Akira/japanimation sort of way.
07-Mar-01 Mr. Maze. Do you actually know what you are saying or do you just talk with your a@@. Get it straight not everybody has a bike for the track. Deliveries, transportation, road race, show, dragrace, military purpose etc. Wake up son!
07-Mar-01 get this disgrace of a bike outa here!
08-Mar-01 To me this is nothing but a showbike. It'd be fun to have, but I'd have to be secondary to my "normal" bike
10-Mar-01 you know, harleys allready handle bad, why not ruin one of those???????
10-Mar-01 Of course this thing can do a wheelie! Have you ever been to a drag race? They dont put those wheelie bars on the back of the bike for nothing!
11-Mar-01 - cross between a sportbike and lowrider. just curiouse though what would the top speed be and how well the take off is or is it all for looks.
11-Mar-01 - it looks good but not as better than my brother one
11-Mar-01 nasty bike , had a R1 set up the same way
14-Mar-01 for all the hater on this bike, get a real bike first before you judge someone else. Nice azz bike
01-Apr-01 - this bikes looks spooky
01-Aug-01 - don't listen to any of these fools, dawg this bike is tight as hell. hey yo holla at me so i can get all the specs on this bike man.
29-Sep-03 - nice - i like it - never know in a couple of years dropping a sportbike might be the "in thing"
29-Sep-03 - Is it normal for a drag bike to have two seats?
30-Sep-03 - well I will say it like this it is big money in dragracing on or off the track why do you realy think that there is so much out here for drag bikes duh
30-Sep-03 - This Picture was taken in 2001 in NC at Bike fest 2001 Farmington Dragway, as well as the other two BUSA'a beside it. Pictures can found at, somebody just pasted all three Busa'a
30-Sep-03 - Hooly_Ghost said "What are these bikes made for?" I'll tell you. Drug dealers. They're the only one's who can afford 'em...;)
02-Oct-03 - look if your life is not that good dont hate If you would get out and get a good job and work you mite get some good things in life.
Production (Stock) Suzuki TL1000R/S, My new to me machine. Ebay kicks butt.  Got it used with 465 miles on it.  Who would buy a machine like this and get rid of it before it's even broken in... Ah well, their loss is my gain.
420x355  45 KB
2003 TL1000R/S
Date: 19-Nov-14
Views: 458
Votes: 18 / Ave.: 6.50

My new to me machine. Ebay kicks butt. Got it used with 465 miles on it. Who would buy a machine like this and get rid of it before it's even broken in... Ah well, their loss is my gain.

20-Sep-04 - All right Rifleman! I love the 2003 scheme. Any brand of slip on's and let that beautiful sound free!
21-Sep-04 - Yea, I was looking at a 2001 and the guy kept dickin me around.... fell in luv the moment I saw this one. More black on the bottom really kicks it up a notch. Looking for some bolt ons, the full system is like a grand and i'm currently broke. Sounds like George Jetsons car right now.
22-Sep-04 - If you haven't yet, search TL1000R on the web. Tons of stuff, info, so on. I have read the factory headers are well built and just slip ons are fine. Or maybe take them off and run a long 1/4drill bit and drill a bunch of holes in the blocking plate. My friend did it to his ZRX1100, and it actually sounds good and is not obnoxious.
22-Sep-04 - Congrats rifleman, I wrote something the first time I saw the pic, but it doesnt appear.. ?
23-Sep-04 - Thanks mas, I still have the Tuna, gonna put all the old carb parts back in and get it running and sell it to some kid as a good first bike. Unless you are looking for Tuna parts......... *S*
05-Oct-04 - Beautiful Tiller there Rifleman...not you need to head on over to and read, read, read...'ll be poor doing mods in no time...
MotoGP Premier Yamaha YZR-M1, Valentino Rossi´s M1 in Munich-Intermot
2048x1379  667 KB
2004 YZR-M1
Date: 29-Jan-11
Views: 5,177
Votes: 32 / Ave.: 6.50

Valentino Rossi´s M1 in Munich-Intermot

12-Mar-05 - best bike ive ever!!!!!!!
Production (Custom) Kawasaki KZ1000, Fully Custom Kaw
1280x960  280 KB
Date: 21-Mar-14
Views: 1,225
Votes: 16 / Ave.: 6.50

Fully Custom Kaw

Stunts Suzuki Hayabusa, grabed 2nd gear on my not so stock busa and she walked right up me @ about 110mph
640x480  169 KB
2001 Hayabusa
Date: 26-Apr-13
Views: 290
Votes: 14 / Ave.: 6.50

grabed 2nd gear on my not so stock busa and she walked right up me @ about 110mph

30-Nov-05 - one fast bike
Production (Custom) Suzuki Hayabusa, My wife & my babies!
2566x1925  1,547 KB
Date: 28-Feb-13
Views: 566
Votes: 16 / Ave.: 6.50

My wife & my babies!

28-Oct-05 - u one lucky.....
Production (Stock) Mondial Piega 1000, MONDIAL PIEGA! this is one photo of 300 from the intermot 2002 in munich! go to '' then to 'verschiedenes' then 'bikercorner' and there is the link to the pictures! enjoy!
1600x1220  447 KB
Mondial  2002 Piega 1000
Date: 23-Nov-14
Views: 942
Votes: 80 / Ave.: 6.50

MONDIAL PIEGA! this is one photo of 300 from the intermot 2002 in munich! go to "" then to "verschiedenes" then "bikercorner" and there is the link to the pictures! enjoy!

01-Oct-02 - This is what the Ducati 999 should have looked like :-(
01-Oct-02 - i agree!!!
02-Oct-02 - Have you actually seen a 999 in the flesh! Even though Terblanche isn't Italian ,he has ridden and designed Ducatis for around 30years .I think the 999 is a fresh new look for Ducati and will be around for another decade.
Production (Stock) Aprilia RS250, Just bought this RS in is so fun to ride....smokey!
640x480  301 KB
1999 RS250
Date: 21-Jan-13
Views: 305
Votes: 14 / Ave.: 6.50

Just bought this RS in is so fun to ride....smokey!

19-Sep-05 - If ur in japan check out the scented 2 stroke oil, alwayz good for a laugh
Stunts Suzuki GSX-R750, 110 degrees outside, 250 degrees inside the leather - what a day to ride...real men get it up w/o a pill :D
640x480  178 KB
2002 GSX-R750
Date: 12-Nov-12
Views: 369
Votes: 14 / Ave.: 6.50

110 degrees outside, 250 degrees inside the leather - what a day to ride...real men get it up w/o a pill :D

28-Jul-05 - 110 degreez and wearing leather sorry its no fun then lol
Production (Stock) Bimota DB5, 2006 -Bimota - DB5 - 80022
1024x768  364 KB
Bimota  2006 DB5
Date: 15-Mar-13
Views: 745
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 6.50

2006 -Bimota - DB5 - 80022

Production (Custom) Suzuki Hayabusa, seen on mcn
600x470  73 KB
Date: 14-May-12
Views: 339
Votes: 90 / Ave.: 6.50

seen on mcn

28-Dec-01 - boring
25-Jan-02 - boring?... you must be bored, but this bike isn´t boring..
04-Mar-05 - i dont know what your thinking, twowheelkaos, but i would sell my house to get that bike!
Models/R-C/Toys Honda NR750, Uploaded for: kervarec
1024x768  413 KB
1994 NR750
Date: 22-Aug-13
Views: 740
Votes: 14 / Ave.: 6.50

Uploaded for: kervarec

Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R6, 2002 -Yamaha - YZF-R6 - 45142
640x500  88 KB
2002 YZF-R6
Date: 12-Sep-08
Views: 596
Votes: 58 / Ave.: 6.50

2002 -Yamaha - YZF-R6 - 45142

10-Jun-03 - awesome bike man, I see you have put a lot of time and effort N to her
11-Jun-03 - really nice bike, great turn signals
13-Jun-03 - Shiny
05-Sep-03 - WOW
Production (Stock) Ducati 749, Ducati - 749 - 62996
1024x787  255 KB
Date: 01-May-10
Views: 1,302
Votes: 22 / Ave.: 6.50

Ducati - 749 - 62996

Production (Custom) Honda CBR600F4, Zette from TX......
591x957  130 KB
2001 CBR600F4
Date: 03-Aug-14
Views: 369
Votes: 86 / Ave.: 6.50

Zette from TX......

27-Aug-02 - beauty
27-Aug-02 BACHSTER486.HOTMAIL.COM - I like the American flag on the tail.
27-Aug-02 BACHSTER486.HOTMAIL.COM - I like her too...
27-Aug-02 - Can I send you my knee pucks? Cuz I seem so far from scraping mine. :)
27-Aug-02 - Hey Darlin'! Where was that pic taken? Looks like a fun ride! Ever go into the Hill Country?
27-Aug-02 - looking good, not bad for a , thought I was going 2 say girl didn't you , no ! biker. keep the Handel bar grips off the pavement.. LOL
28-Aug-02 - Blu:Top pic was taken in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Bottom pic was at Cresson during a track day. Don't worry, if I make it to the Hill country, I'll give you a cal. Mstauffe: just get yer arse off the seat and give it the gas!!! :-) lol....Zette
28-Aug-02 - Dang, New Mexico, your all over the map aint ya. What do you do for a living to have that much free time and cash to go out and play so much ??? Especially with a nice lookin toy like your f4i. Ya need to let me in on your little secret babe. Are there any other girls in your ridding group, or are you the only one getting all the boyzez attentions ??
28-Aug-02 - Koojo: It may seem like I have alot of free time, but I do work full time as a physical therapist here in the DFW area. As for having 'all the boyzez attention', I can tell you it's not all that it's cracked up to be. It's always hard to know who likes you for 'YOU', and who just wants to shag ya.... know what I mean? Anyway, I know a handful of ladies who actually pilot their own rockets (they can't keep up though), but, I'm the only one I know who would give up her day job and 'sell it all' to race or travel the world on a motorcycle. Hummmm, now where's that winning lotto ticket????. :-)
28-Aug-02 - Very nice, I just niticed the other pic. you posted without your leathers. Youd be able to tell who likes "you" for you, and who wants to Shag you, The guys that want to shag ya are the guys that are the "nice" guys, the ones that are always there, winning over your confidance and trust, the ones that would stop "inviting" you to come hang out if you were to start showing up with another guy, the ones that would stop being so "attentive" if you were to tell them you've got someone, theyre the ones that'll shag ya in a second ( but you already knew that ). Then there's the rest of us, the ones that want ya cuz your so hot :-) So, how did you get "hooked" on bikes.
29-Aug-02 - Yes Zette, I'm afraid Koojo is right, we men are all alike, difference is some of our kind will lye and say we're not, And pitching it all and traveling around sound great, but it aint "all it's cracked out to be", unless you get to share it with someone you wind up spending most of the time thinking " I wish so and so was here to see this". Know what I mean ???? P.S. YES, YOU NEED AND UNDERTAIL, goes back to havin some spoil ya babe !! OOOOH AHHHHH OUCH !! MY BACK !!! I need some therapy on it ouch ouch ouch, come to Atlanta, ouch, quick !!! Now how do I esplain yu to my wife ? hmmmm, let me think . . .
29-Aug-02 - Koojo: I've always been the outgoing adventurous type that will try anything. For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted a motorcycle. Since my other was quite protective, I swore that when I was an *ahem* adult, I would have whatever I wanted. So, about 3 years ago I decided it was time to start riding. I took the MSF course, bought a Suzuki GS500e, and three years later here I am. But, SHHHHHHHHH, don't tell my mom I ride a 150 mph sportbike...she'll have a heart attack!!! :-) LOL.......Atlanta: thanks for sticking up for me. Glad some people knew what I meant. As for the undertail, your right. Let's see....hummmm.....'emergency' physical therapy housecall to Atlanta for one SCHWEEET undertail??? !!! I think you are still getting the better end of the deal, and there's still the issue about your wife ;-) ?????? LOLOLOLOL ... p.s. your right about the travel thing 100%....Zette
30-Aug-02 - Yeah, I know about the travel thing first hand too. Headed out to prove I didn't need her to have fun and wound up regreting it, but shhhh, dont tell "her" that, ( especially you Semper !!! ) - don't want it to go to her head :-) Sounds like to me you need to get together with the guy that's on your mind while your ridding around with all your buddies and invite him along, but that'll mean you'll have to admit to yourself that he means more to you than all these other "friends" that hang around you. Soooo, what was the first bike you sat on that got you hooked? your dads Harley ? Hey Atlanta, what kind of mods, I'm in the Dallas area as well, maybe I can find what you need. P.S. your email keeps causing a "virus alert" - just thought you should know
05-Sep-02 - Hey there miss Zette, hadnt heard back from you, wasnt sure if my response got through to your email so i figured i'd go this route. Maybe i'll run into you soon :-)
07-Sep-02 - Koojo: I posted you an email to your yahoo account. Did you get it? Anyway, hope to see ya soon...Z
08-Sep-02 - Hey babe ! Wuzzzup :-) Never mind seeing koojo soon, what 'bout me ?? He's spoken for but I'm all kinds of available, wink, wink. Specially since I've already caught a glimps or two of you hangin around with the boyz, wink, wink. PARTY PARTY !!! ALL NIGHT LONG, YEAH !! Any more pics ? How bout sending a few straight to me ?? WOOO HOOO !!!
15-Sep-02 - A long way off from ridding up to the Video Zone on the back of an old beemer. Looks like you found your niche.
17-Sep-02 - Hey there, I'm finally getting close to getting an F4i !!! ;-). A BEEMER !?!? YOU ON A BEEMER !?!? Elaborate. ;-) My X had a beemer, great bike, not a girls bike but still, I think in the end I liked it more than him LOL. Where you from sa. ?
18-Sep-02 - Congrats on the 'potential' new bike!!!! Don't forget, the Silver and black is the fastest!!! LOL!!!! And, yeah, SA10 is really responsible for my first street rides as a passenger on his beemer. Truth be told, he was a great influence in getting me to pilot my own rocket and I'm forever thankful for it. I hope to make him proud with my affinity for the sport that he introduced me to!!! So, SA10, am I doing the F4i justice?????........Zette
19-Sep-02 - Yep, very proud ( pat yourself on your back for me ! ) Looks like you need to hit ebay for an extra set of body parts to use during your track days :-) P.S. Zette, now Sofi wants an F4i, Yikes !!! - Airforce - I'm in the N. Dallas area , and you ?
21-Sep-02 - I may be relocating to Ft. Worth in a couple of months ( hope to have my bike by then !!! ), doesn't look too far from Dallas ;-) Any good places to ride around there ? Wondering if you got my email. Good for you Zette !! Not too many women are stand up and secure enough to say what really got them interested in bikes !!
22-Sep-02 - Wow, you're quite something aren't you? Renews my faith in finding a nice looking woman with similar tastes in life. Now I just need to find one like you out here in CA.
08-Oct-02 - What happened to ya ? No more pics ?? Do ya need a new photographer to come over and help out ??? :-P
09-Oct-02 - Sorry guys...... I'll try to get some more pics up in the near future (hopefully the next track day or weekend voyage to somewhere cool, promise).
27-Mar-03 - You look like Anna Kournikova. Hot! Nice bike by the way.
06-Mar-07 - Rocken the Pi!!

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