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MotoGP Premier Suzuki GSV-R, Suzuki GSV-R
1901x1521  381 KB
Date: 01-Jun-19
Views: 961
Votes: 16 / Ave.: 6.56

Suzuki GSV-R

Production (Custom) Honda CBR600F2, Just polished the wheel lips.  Decent turnout
960x749  163 KB
1991 CBR600F2
Date: 16-May-19
Views: 720
Votes: 41 / Ave.: 6.56

Just polished the wheel lips. Decent turnout

31-Aug-04 - looks good
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, cont.
1350x930  253 KB
2000 YZF-R1
Date: 13-May-19
Views: 467
Votes: 75 / Ave.: 6.56


07-May-02 - That is one of the nicest R1s I have seen. The only thing that is missing is the undertail or underseat exhaust. That would make this the baddest R1, well one of the baddest.
World SuperBike Honda RC51, Well done Colin !
1536x1182  228 KB
2002 RC51
Date: 13-May-19
Views: 858
Votes: 99 / Ave.: 6.56

Well done Colin !

30-Sep-02 - it was a stunning race... one of best of this season
30-Sep-02 - the comentator said "he got the #1 plate for his honda...."...If i have beeen told right isnt Colin going to Duc next year?
30-Sep-02 - he will take the #1 plate to Ducati.. yes
01-Oct-02 - Make sure you check out SpeedTV tonight (Tuesday, Oct 1st) for the replay
Production (Stock) Yamaha FZR600, Yamaha - FZR600 - 56054
960x749  139 KB
Date: 15-May-19
Views: 900
Votes: 36 / Ave.: 6.56

Yamaha - FZR600 - 56054

05-Apr-04 - Cool Pic :)... Looks like beautiful riding weather
Production (Custom) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R, Kawasaki - ZX-12R - 20853
1571x1217  460 KB
Ninja ZX-12R
Date: 28-May-19
Views: 2,571
Votes: 162 / Ave.: 6.56

Kawasaki - ZX-12R - 20853

04-Dec-01 - not to me!!!! is like a circus
04-Dec-01 - WOW! Very Nice, A thing of beauty
04-Dec-01 - No Way, thats too clean
04-Dec-01 - BEAUTIFUL!! too bad people here will stoop to bag on this bike for only having one brake rotor...
04-Dec-01 - that is one mean looking MF'er
04-Dec-01 - Look how they cut the back rim and then add an extra piece to each side of the back rim.
04-Dec-01 - nice but not my style, i like to turn
04-Dec-01 - Man this thing is custom like a mofo. That must have cost the house. I like some of the mods on it. I hope they go to shows and get some trophies with it
04-Dec-01 - Dats purdy...
04-Dec-01 - You Sir, have my compliments and my respect.
05-Dec-01 - holy cow......that is one awesome ride!!!
05-Dec-01 - whats up with the double swing arm???
05-Dec-01 - i wanna know why, with such a mean paint job, the poofy little reflectors have been left on
05-Dec-01 - beautiful cruiser...............well done.....................
05-Dec-01 - Every time I come around the corner... BLING!! BLING!!
05-Dec-01 - GROSS
05-Dec-01 - Mean green racing machine! (Straight line of course.)
05-Dec-01 - Nice bike......i hate the exhaust for some reason looks like it belongs on a nnja 250.. : D
05-Dec-01 - very clean. very nice looking. awesome bike
05-Dec-01 - BRAVO!!!!
05-Dec-01 - beautiful bike!
05-Dec-01 - My 12R's worth about 50(k)...BLING!!BLING!!
05-Dec-01 - Ever take it to the strip? It must stink when a bike with a lot less cash in it can pass you on the inside corner.
05-Dec-01 - LOL!
05-Dec-01 - nice try. Too bad you can't stop once you bring it up to a respectable speed. The whole point of the 12r is top end. Not very safe when you kill its braking power. But if doing 30mph having people oogle at your "creation", then so be it. I think it's ghey.
05-Dec-01 - MAAAAN that's nice I know how much effort and cash that took cuz I got 20G's into mine
05-Dec-01 - do you ride it? or does it sit in your living room on display???
05-Dec-01 - Warning: Beware of Snorkel!!
05-Dec-01 - wait...he took of the blinkers but left the reflecters on? Come on now....
05-Dec-01 - MAD KAW DISEASE!!!! sweet bike, ride it like you stole it!!
05-Dec-01 - that is one of the best looking bikes that I have ever seen.
05-Dec-01 - lot of time and a whole he// of a lot of money looks very sweet
05-Dec-01 - the front looks like a prayingmantis...
09-Dec-01 - Nice bike....and somebody has a lot of money or is now dead broke!!
08-Jan-02 - It's an ok looking bike but why would you put that exhaust on it, it kills the whole thing
17-Jan-02 - Dude Sweet what times do you run! and that rim is a shootout rim! it is a bead lock, man dont care what anyone says your bike is Bad!
10-Jun-03 - the bike is real.The green is from the factory they graphics were the only thing added. The rear wheel is called a bead lock. The bike is fast for a bike that is rode on the street every day. I know the owner and I'm sure he would not want to tell how fast the is, if you want to know I'm afraid you'll have to pay to find out street or tarck.
03-Jan-05 - i LOOOOVE those tiny mirrors!!
22-Jan-05 - Why would anyone do that to a bike??
27-Jan-05 - that is one nice Green Machine. I like the yellow on the bottom.
30-Apr-10 - what can you say GREAT GREAT GREAT
Production (Stock) Multiple Multiple (Multiple), 3 Faboulous Italian Boy with his Bikes
1536x1152  449 KB
Multiple  Multiple (Multiple)
Date: 01-Jun-19
Views: 661
Votes: 72 / Ave.: 6.56

3 Faboulous Italian Boy with his Bikes

29-Apr-06 - LOve thos Italianosssssssss amoreeeeeeeeeee
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, My R1 with Mirage exhaust, Second Look seat skins, and Fender Eliminator flush mount turn sigs.
1584x1188  315 KB
2003 YZF-R1
Date: 16-Oct-12
Views: 577
Votes: 18 / Ave.: 6.56

My R1 with Mirage exhaust, Second Look seat skins, and Fender Eliminator flush mount turn sigs.

14-Jun-05 - nice bike but R1s don't really do it for me !
Stunts Suzuki GSX-R1000, Ken from AdrenalinCrew riding high through traffic
1140x952  173 KB
2001 GSX-R1000
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 598
Votes: 180 / Ave.: 6.56

Ken from AdrenalinCrew riding high through traffic

09-Apr-02 - Should Read "Ken from Adrenalin Crew Raising Everyone's Insurance Premiums"
09-Apr-02 - or "Ken from Adrenalin Crew gettin friends..."
09-Apr-02 - or "Ken from X-TREAMAdrenalinCrew whipping the cage riding public into a frenzie of new laws..."
09-Apr-02 - that is cool
09-Apr-02 - or maybe we should upload these pics to his insurance company....
09-Apr-02 - hahahaha...poor Ken...
09-Apr-02 - Hmmm, if Ken keeps riding like that he won't be alive for much longer!
09-Apr-02 - Sorry Ken, but that is totally not cool....
09-Apr-02 - Now really!!!! Ya'll oughta cut 'ol Ken some slack cause if he keeps it up he won't be around too long.
10-Apr-02 - Hmm, gotta call BS on this one. Shadows on Ken and on the building behind him (awning) don't jive. I've also never seen a camera create a split blur. Of course, if I'm wrong...I have not comment. Better to say somethin nice or nothing at all.
10-Apr-02 - Ken is out doing what he enjoys doing, are you going to try and tell me that you don't ever break the law on your bikes? Quit being hypocritical and get off his back.
10-Apr-02 - or poor ken shouldnt have sent his pic in
10-Apr-02 - these boyz are right. there is a time and a place and five o'clock traffic is not it...
10-Apr-02 - as I posted elsewhere, who gives a damn if Ken gets killed. What about the innocent people around him? maybe a 13 month old baby in the Durango? Right now if I was the guy in the Durango, I would just turn a bit to the right and do society and motorcycle riding in general a huge favor.
10-Apr-02 - I also call B.S. on this pic. Look at the weird colors on the door of the gold car.
10-Apr-02 - Ya know Bryan, I don't care how sick this guy is for pulling this off, You are way worse for even suggesting running a bike down.. WTF???
10-Apr-02 - NOTHING BUT HATERS! Bryan thats sick. Thats purely disgusting. You ride? Hell i am ashamed to even hear the thought of intentionally killing another rider. If i was Ken and you did that and missed, i would pull you out of the car and beat you right in front of your son. Even though this pic might be BS, its still the principle of you saying what you would do. Makes me sick...
10-Apr-02 - hmmmm, you guys are silly. You tell me I'm sick/disgusting for my suggestion, yet Korzi you pretty much say the same thing (drag me out, beat me down, just for endangering you). "Principle of you saying what you would do. Makes me sick..." Perhaps we should try it this way. A guy comes into a store and starts waving a gun. Maybe he fires a few shots in the air. Your kid is standing behind you and you are packing a .45 on your belt. Would you kill him right there for putting you, your child, and society at large in danger? Maybe not, but if you were behind him with a baseball bat, you might choose to whack him in the head just to bring him to his senses. Yeah...Same thing. I never said I would run him down, back up over him, and hit him again to make sure he was dead. But... a little nudge in the right direction can't hurt. Funny you act like because he is a fellow rider that makes him special. It's bung holes like this that make the cops go into a frenzy as soon as they see a bike coming down the road. oh and way up there in the posts. HAWAII, its not the law its the fact that Kenny here is violating the rights of others. He is putting them in danger. Unfortunately after all this, I agree with half the people who have posted... I think the picture is BS unless he is doing this between the Durango and the burgandy car to the right of the Durango. Doubt it.
19-Apr-02 - yeah im gonna say its fake. the shadow on ken, the building and the cars dont match. also, like neal said, the blur is all wrong
07-May-02 - oh and you think taping a bike while the rider is Tank surfing is just going to scare him? Maybe for the last 3 seconds of his life!
15-Sep-05 - If your not into this, dont look at it then!!!I applaud the man.
15-Sep-05 - well,i dont wanna get into this with anyone, but that is crazy, and doesnt help with the local police. oh and if you really dont value your own life that much, have some considerartion for others! PLEASE!!!
17-Sep-05 - The bikes reflection is in the door of the silver car on the left so I reckon hes surfin ok.
World SuperBike Other Petronas FP1, fantastic!!
960x626  75 KB
Other  2004 Petronas FP1
Date: 15-May-19
Views: 659
Votes: 38 / Ave.: 6.55


01-Apr-04 - Flammin heck
Stunts Suzuki SV650, An Other nice Wheelie done by 'Bomber' Test Pilot at Moto et Motards Best Motrocycle Magazine visit the internet site at
714x1240  168 KB
Date: 24-Apr-19
Views: 575
Votes: 67 / Ave.: 6.55

An Other nice Wheelie done by "Bomber" Test Pilot at Moto et Motards Best Motrocycle Magazine visit the internet site at

24-Apr-03 - It seems that he is abot to scratch his license plate, isn´t he??? Great, wish I could do that
Humor Unknown Unknown (Unknown), One of the earliest examples of modifying a SPORTSBIKE???? HUH !!!
1152x986  232 KB
Unknown  Unknown (Unknown)
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 930
Votes: 408 / Ave.: 6.55

One of the earliest examples of modifying a SPORTSBIKE???? HUH !!!

16-Aug-00 carl foggarty's early
16-Aug-00 - The first bike to compete with the Honda Valkyrie!
16-Aug-00 - hilarious,reminds me of putting my Dad's lawnmower engine on my bicycle,needless to say Dad wasn't pleased...
16-Aug-00 - early Boss Hoss Prototype hey mate-heheheh
16-Aug-00 - I love that exhaust system, where can I get a set--lol
16-Aug-00 - I've seen this pic and specs for this bike, Belive it or not 32,000cc
16-Aug-00 - guy looks like one of those English Holligans that you see at Soccer games starting riots!!
16-Aug-00 - and you thought the old moto-guzzi V8 race was complicated,"geesh"
17-Aug-00 It looks like a bloody English Bike, hey Chaps !!
18-Aug-00 - what the heck kind of engine is that anyway??? V-12 of some kind
24-Aug-00 Its an airplane engine, it has 4 heads, and 6 cylinders per head. 32,000 cc's, and 24 cylinders
26-Aug-00 - I bet that is one loud puppy w/ that open megaphone exhaust ///
28-Aug-00 - That is one ugly bastard. The rider.
28-Aug-00 - I think it's a fake. No way that wimpy front suspension could cope with the weight of that monster. The engine alone has to be 800+ pounds!
28-Aug-00 Don't hurt yourself.......UGLY........Or that bike
11-Sep-00 Oh sure it's fast, but does it handle?? ;-)
13-Sep-00 I think dude needs a girlfriend.... or a boyfriend.. whatever
14-Sep-00 Does it come with a washer and dryer?
16-Sep-00 Huh?
16-Sep-00 yankee doodle came to town, riding on his(her?)...errrrr...lawn mower???!!
24-Sep-00 - Boy, its gotta make alotta noise this one!!
20-Nov-00 Oviously its fake. Its taken from a 1980s add in an English bike mag. I remember it well.
22-Nov-00 can i try?
13-Dec-00 How the hell is that "thing" rideable?!?!!?
03-Jan-01 actually I remember seeing that ad ran in a bunch of magazines about a year ago. It was an ad for Speedvision... something about needing more power
08-Jan-01 - got milk
14-Jan-01 now this is what i call "dry English wit".... you Brits will understand...and so will Monty Python lolollo
24-Feb-01 - photo is from an Avon tyre advert back in the late seventies.This is the the kind of machine that helped us to win the Battle of Britain
26-Feb-01 I remember seeing this ad too. Oh, wait. That guy actually drag races that bike. It gets -2s, c'mon people quit being stupid. Have you never heard of how they spray hamburgers with hairspray to make a good ad?
21-Apr-01 - not much clearance...i remember the ad too, but not what it was for.
21-Mar-03 - I bet that petro tank only lasts about 3 minutes, at idle...
21-Mar-03 - Can you hear me now!!!!!
21-Mar-03 - LMAO CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW..hahahahah tood..good one..
23-Mar-03 - That's Vetter, the owner/designer of Vetter Fairing's...
23-Mar-03 - The worst part about it is having to re-tune all those SU carbs every time the weather changes by 3 degrees...still though, at least he knows he's not going to see another one just like it at the local hangout! ...LOL!
23-Mar-03 - Stupid.
27-Mar-03 - try to knee down on that!!
30-Mar-03 - so according sum guy above this is a W24??? i don't think they made W configuration engines till recently. However it does look like there are 4 heads however the lower 2 heads only have 5 cyclinders so its actually a 22 cyclinder machine. either way its nuts.
MotoGP 125cc Aprilia RS250, Uploaded for:
960x1320  166 KB
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 603
Votes: 98 / Ave.: 6.55

Uploaded for:

18-Mar-02 - thats the!
18-Mar-02 - and that's only 125 ccm !!! - nice pic
18-Mar-02 - ohh very cool!!!
18-Mar-02 - These Aprilia´s boys are da bomb!! a NacNac whellie in a 125 requires skill to be done!!! Nice pic!!!
19-Mar-02 - Thats a 250cc factory aprilia melandri didn't ride for aprilia while he was racing 125's
19-Mar-02 - MALANDRI!!!! that how you spell it? : P
19-Mar-02 - oh hell yeah! wheelies and knee dragging in one sitting, can't beat that. God i love sportbikes.
19-Mar-02 - NICE!
20-Mar-02 - F!@$#%G sick pic! Its defanantly a 125!
20-Mar-02 - well, one more time, like kristian said, Melandri NEVER ride on Aprilia 125, he always was Honda boy, but, however, you only has to see the bike, obviusly it´s a 250...Maybe we (europeans) has a little bit more knwoledge about World Championship?...j/k...
21-Mar-02 - Masrapido is right! This is the 250 Aprilia bike!
22-Mar-02 - huge 125 hahahahahaah
22-Mar-02 - no this is a 250.
27-Jul-05 - nice wheelie
Crash Honda RC211V, And now a gracefull pirouette
1536x1152  333 KB
2005 RC211V
Date: 01-Jun-19
Views: 667
Votes: 20 / Ave.: 6.55

And now a gracefull pirouette

Production (Custom) Honda VTR1000F, ???
2048x1555  591 KB
Date: 13-Jan-12
Views: 584
Votes: 20 / Ave.: 6.55


14-Dec-04 - I always thought it was funny when people would correct the person who posts the pic under the wrong model number...any takers here???
15-Dec-04 - This is nice! I believe it is a superhawk though. And I'm not sure about the fairing, maybe if the bottom was trimmed up and not so flat??
15-Dec-04 - I would say that this is the Superchicken streetfighetr projetc of my friend Miles. For sure, it?s a Honda VTR1000F.
18-Dec-04 - Hey! I know that bike! ahhahaha - AND Also, check out these with a model:
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R750, Green Gixxer 750!
1280x1000  275 KB
2002 GSX-R750
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 729
Votes: 91 / Ave.: 6.55

Green Gixxer 750!

17-Jun-02 - Is that a chome frame, because it shines lke one?
17-Jun-02 - Great work, but this wouldn't be my color choice.
17-Jun-02 - VERY nice! I love the solid color, without all the stickers and graphics! Sweet chroming job! Awesome!
17-Jun-02 - Man you bike is PHAT!! I love this thing.
17-Jun-02 - nice, but I think only kawasakis should be painted green. Green suzuki does not look right.
18-Jun-02 - Really nice. Great job!!
18-Jun-02 - thought it was a kawa there, for a second
18-Jun-02 - Yum!
18-Jun-02 - Are those rotors polished too!?!
18-Jun-02 - this is nice and custom, but tell me if my eyes are playing tricks on me: is the windscreen CHROME also????
18-Jun-02 - all this work and no frame sliders? nevermind...if youre careful you'll probably never drop it pushing it on and off the trailer.
18-Jun-02 - I thought it was a Kwaka not a Zuki still looks cool especially the chromed out screen.
18-Jun-02 - "next im going to get some 100 spoke racing Dayton's some dingleberries and them im gonna make it hop!"
18-Jun-02 - Quit Hatten markbsae, that is BADA$$ or mabe your just jealous!!!!
18-Jun-02 - Deliciously simple. Now only if you can ride it as good as it looks.. would be dandy.
18-Jun-02 - The frame is chromed as is the windscreen. Aint nutten polished but the canister (markbsae)
20-Jun-02 - looks good,,,,REAL good,,, maybe thro in a GhostFlame pattern fomin off teh front fairing ,,but thats jus me,,,, whered u get the Windscreen from,,,,,,now THATS Different!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,I like it I like it i like it!!
13-Jul-02 - A green GSXR? I know you can paint it any color you like but dude.. green is so Kawasaki. Anyone who's knows bikes will automatically think you are on a Kawa. Hell.. it looks just like a 9R to me right now so much I have to remind myself it's not. Kinda like painting your car black and white (aka cop car) and wondering why people slow down when they see you coming. :-)
15-Jul-02 - This is easly the best GSXR I have ever seen. I LOVE the chrome job and the colour. lovely
16-Jul-02 - Your bike is off the chain and yes I am stealing ideas for mine.
04-Sep-02 - Sweet bike, but it seems like too much green, throw on some chrome decals
Production (Custom) Suzuki Hayabusa, Suzuki - GSX1300R Hayabusa - 15541
1280x1000  321 KB
Date: 20-Apr-19
Views: 715
Votes: 142 / Ave.: 6.55

Suzuki - GSX1300R Hayabusa - 15541

02-Sep-01 - lowrider....
02-Sep-01 - how many cc is the bike!??nice bike
02-Sep-01 - im sure inside will be a stock buza
04-Sep-01 - I like the paint scheme alot, but I think the busa's are sort of ugly! Sorry!
04-Sep-01 - beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nothing says speed like the word hayabusa!!
04-Sep-01 - Nice Bus, of all the paint schemes I like the blue and silver the best
04-Sep-01 - dang...those things look like bulls!!
28-Sep-01 - great bike...
13-Nov-01 - Is there carbon wheels available for these bikes?
26-Jun-04 - Damn, that machine looks highly desireable!!
25-Sep-04 - tight!!!
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 55600
1152x797  160 KB
Date: 15-May-19
Views: 606
Votes: 31 / Ave.: 6.55

Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 55600

25-Mar-04 - were did you find these pics?
25-Mar-04 - daymn... shes a hottie... thats some cat from california... he came to our bbq... hella cool guy... TILLER!
Production (Stock) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-9R, Teresa with the ZX-9R on the track.  This was my very first track day.  God, what a rush! It was AWESOME!   Probably will only take the 9 out on the track - too scared I'll hurt the new Gixxer 1000 ;)   -T. in Tulsa   ps: I'm the red bike LOL !
1200x930  289 KB
Ninja ZX-9R
Date: 15-May-19
Views: 487
Votes: 108 / Ave.: 6.55

Teresa with the ZX-9R on the track. This was my very first track day. God, what a rush! It was AWESOME! Probably will only take the 9 out on the track - too scared I'll hurt the new Gixxer 1000 ;) -T. in Tulsa ps: I'm the red bike LOL !

Production (Stock) Triumph Daytona 900, Daytona Super III.
2328x1909  806 KB
1995 Daytona 900
Date: 12-Sep-18
Views: 2,050
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 6.55

Daytona Super III.

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