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Production (Custom) Yamaha TDM Models, my beautifull TDM.... Hungry, very hungry....
1024x787  55 KB
2000 TDM Models
Date: 29-May-11
Views: 544
Votes: 62 / Ave.: 6.68

my beautifull TDM.... Hungry, very hungry....

Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 19336
1062x920  309 KB
Date: 04-Nov-11
Views: 1,299
Votes: 203 / Ave.: 6.68

Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 19336

06-Nov-01 - Look at them nipples.....
06-Nov-01 - So what are we supposed to look at?The shiney R1,or the woman with the great nipples?
06-Nov-01 - 'Pay up Sucker' that what the shop said when you picked up you're bike????
06-Nov-01 - Nice Boat!
06-Nov-01 - ohhhhh pointy....uhhh I mean shiny
06-Nov-01 - The bike looks great! Who chromed the plastics, or if anybody knows who can chrome plastic please let me know. Thanks Lucky.
06-Nov-01 - the great nipples, sure!!!!
06-Nov-01 - Is this Jessey James' Ri? Lots of UK parts! I would like to know where the mirrors came form.
06-Nov-01 - Holy chrome, Batman!!! Did you run out of cash before they could get to the upper fairing?? lol, j/k.. looks good...
06-Nov-01 - thats the ugliest pipe ihave ever seen in my life..
06-Nov-01 - 'Pay up Sucker' is what Jessey James has tattooed on the palm of his hand. If this is the same bike that he had in Daytona last year it was all black then.
06-Nov-01 - Why is the pipe turned? ya' race it?
07-Nov-01 - So that's what happens when a Harley guy gets a sportbike...
07-Nov-01 - bling!bling!
07-Nov-01 - whew-whoooo! check out the chick in the black!
07-Nov-01 - i guess someone had to do it eventually
07-Nov-01 - i thik the bike looks cool... I love the wheels
07-Nov-01 - Excuse me, but does someone have a mirror handy? Oh this R1 should do the trick.
07-Nov-01 - Guy's hatin' it if he ever lays it down.
07-Nov-01 - for all who don't know this is jesse james' bike at the long beach bike show this summer oh nice nipples
07-Nov-01 - It seems like Jessey James needs to stick to fixing up Harleys...Wow look at the A-cups
07-Nov-01 - Well, it's not for me but I bet the lower fairing looks sweet when riding.....nice lookin bike
07-Nov-01 - Im thinking the front fender, tail fairing, lower fairing are actually metal, especially if this is a Jesse James creation. That is the tat he has on his hand, so maybe it is. hummmm, wonder what he would want with a 15k bike, when builds bikes that start at 50k? I would rather have one of his custom creations than this R anytime. I bet I get flamed now :)
07-Nov-01 - m_wonder...he actually builds his best creations completely himself.... he fixes up harleys on request. I think the R is a nice looking bike, it goes along with something he would create. You cant tell me M-wonder that you would not ride this... you know you would.... :)
07-Nov-01 - no maltese cross though.. maybe its not one of James creations.... WCC makes some really trick stuff.
07-Nov-01 - Nice stripes on the side of that front tire. Ohlins fork and the things never been laid into a turn. Bet the shock works great with the heared 2 millimeters from the resevoir. But... nice nipples.
07-Nov-01 - I saw one og his bikes he made......IT WAS SWEET!!! 65K!! He builds some nice a$$ bikes! If this is his bike, that probably is metal, that's what he is famous for, bending metal in all kinds of shapes and creations. Check out his site
07-Nov-01 - Too much!
07-Nov-01 - Chrome won't get you Home
07-Nov-01 - saw this bike at Biketoberfest @ the West Coast Cycles booth on main street
07-Nov-01 - hand me my sunnies this one is way to bright !instant death to any rider a car driver would see his own reflection and think its a mirage mate
07-Nov-01 - This is not a bike, it's that cop from Terminator 2
07-Nov-01 - ooooooooohhhhh shiny
08-Nov-01 GSXR750DOG.YAHOO.COM - mirror mirror on the BIKE
08-Nov-01 - someone spent to much money for this pile. its to flashy. cops would notice it to easy.
08-Nov-01 - panders930 - I agree... that's no bike, it's a high-powered cop magnet!
08-Nov-01 - I kinda like it. Definitely different, but I wouldn't want to clean it. Guess the sliders are an attempt to save the finish if it's laid down. Didn't know Jesse James did sportbikes.
11-Nov-01 - This looks like San Diego, CA. Nice bike I like it. None of you have obvioulsly been to Europe, nipples are nothing. How about the whole rack at public beaches.
12-Nov-01 - This bike turns me on, then the old woman turns me off.. :) :( :) :(
12-Nov-01 - pay up sucker? isnt what that one guy got tatted on his hand from West Cost Choppers?
12-Nov-01 - lady, please wear a bra.
12-Nov-01 - bling bling...should be in a rap vid not on the roads..
13-Nov-01 - bling bling should be on every bike out there what are you fools thinking ??? what you dont see polished bikes? you dont see chrome rims? you never see a bike that is fully polished riding around do you no never!!!! hahahh idiots if you dont like the chrome then go ride a moped!!!! squids!!
13-Nov-01 - i saw this bike at biktoberfest this year at jesse james stand. the west coast chopper guy. i couldent belive he chromed out an r1
15-Nov-01 - Man thats just plan COOL.
19-Nov-01 - LOL, I scrolled to the right and noticed two more unattractive women
20-Nov-01 MOF4I.MSN.COM - You can put on your make up by looking at the bike its shine like a glass.
23-Nov-01 - Looks cool for show not for riding though
24-Nov-01 HNAZARI101.HOME.COM - Does anyone know how much weight this adds to the bike?????????????????????????????
24-Nov-01 - I don't know whitch needs the bra the most, the bike or the chick!!!!!!!!!
26-Nov-01 - do you use windex to clean this?
26-Nov-01 - mom????? you told me it wasnt you lol lol lol
29-Nov-01 - i'll bet for a hundred bucks this bike was built by dynomite in the UK, they are the only ones who built those special stealth tanks for an R1
29-Nov-01 - nice pic!!!!! does anyone know where I could get thoise pipe for 900rr or 600f3
29-Nov-01 - i love to have the pics of latest hot bikes
02-Dec-01 - bet she'd have bothered to get dressed properly if she knew where this photo would end up, then again...
03-Dec-01 - toooooooooooo! much chrome man, but it's aright.
30-Jan-02 - if you painted half the subframe black, it would look sick, tooooo much chrome
26-Feb-02 - DOES ANYBODY KNOW the website or ##### of the company who does chroming on plastics, I had it but cant find it now,,been searchin the net all over ,,,tryna get mine done somthing like this ,,well maybe not that much but,,,Ive seen about 4 R1s similar to this one,,,it doesnt add any weight, it s just PLASTIC,,,the "LOOK" is chrome thats all
24-Jul-02 - that's one good looking bike =)
27-Aug-02 - Hey...KTM RULES...try 520
05-Feb-04 - like whoa!!!
18-Mar-04 - bling bling and more bling
22-Nov-04 - all that work and stock brakes ? ohlins forks rear sets trick exhuaust and body ,but stock cast calipers ? tsk tsk ...
21-Dec-04 - you can tell that is jesse james bike....the sticker on the side is the same that is on his hand....
10-Apr-07 - i like the chick with out a bra in the background........ and the bike is cool
Stunts Suzuki GSX-R750, This is how you Roll a Stoppie...
600x392  42 KB
2000 GSX-R750
Date: 04-Nov-11
Views: 599
Votes: 198 / Ave.: 6.67

This is how you Roll a Stoppie...

07-Nov-01 - Shazzam!! Lookin good hun!!
07-Nov-01 - You know how we do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07-Nov-01 - Yeah Baby!!!!!!
07-Nov-01 - WIRED
07-Nov-01 - Look at Bart go!!
07-Nov-01 - HEY!! WTH are you doin trying to look like me, hehhehe great pic!
07-Nov-01 - No one else better!
07-Nov-01 - Nice bootie shot!
07-Nov-01 - Dang! Did anyone notice the headlight?
07-Nov-01 - Daaaaayyyymn!!!!!!!!! Lookin' Good!
07-Nov-01 - my Man.......the Booster
07-Nov-01 - Sittin still? Yea, after 40 mph! I've got another pic but it's not as high. Let me know if you would like to see it...Don't get jealous becuase you can't do this :)
07-Nov-01 - I can see the piano wire. HA!
07-Nov-01 - nice pic, ugly bike
07-Nov-01 - Keep up the GREAT photoshop work!
08-Nov-01 GSXR750DOG.YAHOO.COM - hey bro, I know ur all good but NEVER BRAG........
08-Nov-01 - i was joking man, cuz the picture is still ya know, haha, funny... geeeez!!!! isnt like its all that impressive anyways so dont bother posting another one unless yer pointing, doin a no footer, grabbin tail, grabbin headlight, somethin cool!! peace!
08-Nov-01 - grecogixxer- I thought you were smarter than that! GSXR750DOG-Don't hate! thegr81r6- How about if I post the pic of your girl on my tank while doing a stand-up! Dang, ya'll sure are a tough crowd!
08-Nov-01 - Whoopie...another dime a dozen stoppie. Post a movie of a 70 mph rolling stoppie and I'll clap for ya.
08-Nov-01 - Hmmm, I see a lot of people talkin the talk bet yet they have no pics/movies under their username of how they walk the walk. What's the saying, "There are those who can and those who cannot..." I see a lot of 'those who cannot' posting here...
08-Nov-01 - Nice pic, love the plate - who cares about what others think.
08-Nov-01 - o my! sick. thats gotta be a hard landing. nice pipe
08-Nov-01 - WOTBlake<--------Lookings good man. Showing how the riderz do it! hehe
08-Nov-01 - Do you think you are better than me Sal, now that you can do a bleeping front stop.
08-Nov-01 - no prob bob the headlight is aimed purfect!!
08-Nov-01 - philpw, panders930 - THANKS!!! Blake- this is how we do it at! aaron- Who are you, dude?! hehe
11-Nov-01 - Yeah? Well I "can" and I say that you are too cocky for your riding ability, or lack there of. Go out and practice. When you are ready to run with the big dogs... post some good photos.
12-Nov-01 - jeremyhelling-- Hmmmm, nobody asked what "you" think. And Cocky...Yes I am. Also, I can run with the big dawgs-- I do so every weekend.
Stunts Suzuki GSX-R600, Chad- Offlimitz Extreme - still waiting for someone else to send a pic in of a 2 man 12 o'clock scrape -
640x500  41 KB
1999 GSX-R600
Date: 19-Jul-11
Views: 675
Votes: 149 / Ave.: 6.67

Chad- Offlimitz Extreme - still waiting for someone else to send a pic in of a 2 man 12 o'clock scrape -

28-Oct-01 - now that is just insane. very sweet!!
28-Oct-01 - THATS SWEET CHAD!!!! WHATS UP NEIL!!!!!!!
28-Oct-01 - And I believe the passenger has on shorts, Now that's trust
28-Oct-01 - that is crazy man!!!! youll be waiting a while i think
28-Oct-01 - I'll put 1,000 dollars that I got a guy that can go farther than you!
28-Oct-01 - that's from "judgement day"........what about what happn after
28-Oct-01 - $$$$$$$$$$.....$$$$$$$$$$ oh man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29-Oct-01 - crazy but i like it.....
29-Oct-01 - sweet! freakin super sweet!
29-Oct-01 - aahhhhhh dude.. you spoiled it. I havent seen judgement day yet!
29-Oct-01 - PHOTOSHOP DUDE!!! lol..j/k..sweet as hell
29-Oct-01 MOTORLUST.HOTMAIL.COM - Someone doesn't care about his vertebrae.....
29-Oct-01 - Do they use a bar back there or just scrape the tail light? I also assume they use the back brake to get things back down?
29-Oct-01 - that is fricken nuts!!!!!! whats with the mirrors they look all bent up? wish I had the apple sack to do that. How fast are you going?
29-Oct-01 - CRAZZZZZY
29-Oct-01 - Look at the way the mirrors are positioned!! Is that suppose to save the fairings?? he he
29-Oct-01 - pop-up but still crazy
29-Oct-01 - Joe Rocket jacket ,check,full tank of gas,check,and in 3,2,1 ...cant get off the ground ..blinkers are to huge and bulky......nice pic.
29-Oct-01 - At least he tucked the mirrors away so the fairings take more of a hit.
01-Nov-04 - hey mate,i think you better go and have a look at kevin carmichael and his 1 o clocks,and he`s not finnished there
16-Aug-05 - WOW skillz is that!!
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R1000, GOD BLESS AMERICA, this pic was taken on highway 35 in northern california. Some one had placed a flag above the road...nice effect.
800x620  155 KB
2001 GSX-R1000
Date: 21-Nov-09
Views: 583
Votes: 149 / Ave.: 6.67

GOD BLESS AMERICA, this pic was taken on highway 35 in northern california. Some one had placed a flag above the road...nice effect.

21-Sep-01 - sweet....i bet you snap'd that picture and ran over to move that bikeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....that pretty tight, good idea...we need more things like that around the country!!
21-Sep-01 - Nice pic man!!
22-Sep-01 - looks like a nice road, nice bike too
23-Sep-01 - and some days, it just couldn't get any better.....
23-Sep-01 - Nice bike from a brother..You know this pic is the bomb!
10-Oct-01 - Right on man, Ill have to go check this out, I live real close to this road. USA!!!
02-Nov-01 - Where on Skyline is this?
13-Nov-01 - I see that on alot of highway overpasses in detroit. USA!
Stunts Suzuki Unknown (Suzuki), I thought the first one was photoshopped until I saw this one.  It might actually be real.
749x983  120 KB
Unknown (Suzuki)
Date: 21-Dec-15
Views: 363
Votes: 88 / Ave.: 6.67

I thought the first one was photoshopped until I saw this one. It might actually be real.

30-Jan-03 - I don't think hte question is whether it is real or not, I think it is more like why? There are bikes for this sort of thing....
30-Jan-03 - yikes!
30-Jan-03 - You must be out of your mind, when you starts go dirtjumping with a motorcycle. It's a waiste of that gixxer 750
30-Jan-03 - No way!!! Look at the rear tire where its lined up. The ramp is to the right more. Its definitly photoshopped!! Good work though. If by chance it is real lets see some videos. But i doubt it.
30-Jan-03 - Come on... you have to admit that's pretty funny.
30-Jan-03 - Photoshop my A$$!!! Go to this site for proof or don't if you want to save yourself for looking like a complete moron-----> . Actually, I probably wouldn't believe it either if I didn't actually see it myself. This happend at Stuntwars in Lakeland, FL January 19th. The landing was smooth as butter too on all 5-10 times!
30-Jan-03 - do you have nothing better to do than scream photoshop? watch it for yourself:
30-Jan-03 - Hey ggatto: Not to put ya down or anything but the ramp itself is on an angle. It's real. Stupid.... but real.
30-Jan-03 - He's wearing the wrong style of helmet for that isn't he?
30-Jan-03 - Landing is so smooth in the video it looks tame. I've seen worse things done to bikes on here.
30-Jan-03 - saw the vid that's funny ,kinda crazy but what the helll ,it's only a bike ,use it like ya stole it i say
31-Jan-03 - I think it's funny that everyone seems to be an expert in all things photoshop. You could have a completely normal image of a guy standing next to his bike, and you'll still get ten people that will say, "No way! That's photoshop. I can tell because the angle of his hand isn't perfectly lined up with the front edge of the rear tire, and the pixel in the far upper right hand corner of the screen is 3% lighter than all of the other pixels". Everyone thinks they're an expert.
31-Jan-03 - That's what I was waiting for. Cool vid. It is pretty tame, but it's just a matter of time before somebody starts doing no handers and supermans. If anybody's planning on seeing BikerBoyz, I'm sure you'll see lots of fake stunts in there. It's gonna suck, but I'm still seeing it.
31-Jan-03 - word... STUPID
31-Jan-03 - The pic is FAKE! I watched the video and it is PHOTOHOPPED TOO! hehe
31-Jan-03 - standup wheelie shot blended into a false background
01-Feb-03 - Ok i was wrong. It is real. I saw the vid. You guys can stunt. I dont think jumping a sportbike is cool.., but hey thats just my opinion.
04-Feb-03 - he is an american
21-Feb-03 - Was crazy...saw it in person, wasn't even his bike..made it soo much better...lmao!!! Serious good stuff right there.
Stunts Suzuki GSX-R750, shawn from concrete surfer productions doing a superben on the tail... check us out at, check out our Trailer for our video millenium rodeo. -Steve
720x500  65 KB
2000 GSX-R750
Date: 12-Aug-07
Views: 550
Votes: 91 / Ave.: 6.67

shawn from concrete surfer productions doing a superben on the tail... check us out at, check out our Trailer for our video millenium rodeo. -Steve

27-Oct-02 - He's probably using a throttle lock, not choke.
27-Oct-02 - webmaster is it possible to get manubi to stop using caps all the time it's irritating and i know i aint the only one who thinks so
27-Oct-02 - Anyone notice in the trailer for there vid the collision that occurs at about 2:25 secs. Dunno if its just me tho.
28-Oct-02 - He using a choke, not a throttle lock... and the "COLLISION" that occurs is me... some idiot turned right in front of me... -Steve
28-Oct-02 - cool stunt, lousy video freeze pic
28-Oct-02 - Sweet...(No really! And yes this IS Miles321 commenting!)
12-Aug-07 - cool picture
Production (Stock) Kawasaki Multiple (Kawasaki), To the guys who e-mailed me over my 'tags' picture ..... here's me & both my 'babies'.  ZX-9R on left, GPZ1100 on right  (after being rebuilt - totaled her in 2000).   ps: yes, I really ride, 34k mi. on ZX-9R, 36k mi. on GPZ1100 LMAO ;)  -T. in Tulsa
616x352  47 KB
Multiple (Kawasaki)
Date: 10-Dec-12
Views: 445
Votes: 148 / Ave.: 6.67

To the guys who e-mailed me over my "tags" picture ..... here's me & both my "babies". ZX-9R on left, GPZ1100 on right (after being rebuilt - totaled her in 2000). ps: yes, I really ride, 34k mi. on ZX-9R, 36k mi. on GPZ1100 LMAO ;) -T. in Tulsa

20-Mar-02 - Hey T, show this "Zee" girl how to
21-Mar-02 - sorry miss, not trying to crash your pic, but team green you should check out the used pics of the guy that uploaded mine. there are several int here of my riding. (they are on the F2, but you'll see that i CAN ride, and very well. its not nice to run your mouth about people you don't know. again, sorry miss!
21-Mar-02 - to kzeet: I think you may not have comprehended anything i have written - i have not bad-mouthed anyone - just the girls that 'slither' on the bikes - and can't really ride them. I am not a mean person at all ! If you misunderstood any of my comments, I'm sorry, but I do not believe any were mean or rude(?). Have a Great Day.
21-Mar-02 - EDIT---make that (user pics) or whatever. not used pics. oops. and they are on the F4i, my bad, i thought that they were on the F2.
21-Mar-02 - miss, i'm very sorry, i'm not directing any comments at you, but rather at teamgreenzx_9r@yahoo. i thought he'd been around a while. first i posted pics of me riding and the guys asked for pics w/ no helmet, so i did that, something a lot like you're pics and that was cool, too, but sometimes i like being a girl and making fun pics and now all of a sudden people are implying i'm a poser. i just don't appreciate it. i'm sorry that you thought i was talking to you. teamgreenzx_9 hasn't posted any comments on my pics so i felt compelled to reply to him (or her) here. i think all female riders should stick together, regardless of what they ride or how well they ride it. i was in no way trying to disrespect you.
21-Mar-02 - Hey Zee ....... no problem .......... it is hard being a 'real' rider & a female........ everyone assumes you have ulterior motives, etc. and takes 'em a while to accept ....... WE JUST LOVE IT & ARE ADDICTED ...... whether we ride as well as others or not!!!! talk to ya soon Zee :)
21-Mar-02 - Hey... just do yourselves and everyone a favor- just ride and forget about what everyone else thinks- it's your bike and your bod- use it how you like.
01-Aug-05 - Blast from the past LOL ... The GPZ11100 was sold 1.5 yrs. ago, still have (& love) the ZX-9R - but now also have a GSX-R1000.
Production (Custom) Kawasaki ZX-10R, Here's an update
1267x950  509 KB
Date: 23-Oct-12
Views: 623
Votes: 30 / Ave.: 6.67

Here's an update

08-Jul-05 - nice but would look better with the bottom frame RED also
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Uploaded for:
1247x655  250 KB
Date: 18-Feb-16
Views: 324
Votes: 69 / Ave.: 6.67

Uploaded for:

18-Mar-03 - SUPER SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18-Mar-03 - what's with the bike lock on the tire ? looks like a show or something ,as if you could just walk away with it with everybody looking .PS ,,looks like a ton of work and nice job ,but the zx7 forks up front look dull ,maybe ohlins ,gsxr gold ,or better yet the new gsxr with the radial calipers ,,looks like they have the cash to get it done
19-Mar-03 - that is a really nice job........
20-Mar-03 - BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R6, My R6 2005 Rossi rep.
2788x2099  1,460 KB
Date: 28-Aug-12
Views: 305
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 6.67

My R6 2005 Rossi rep.

10-May-05 - ROSSI V. is number 46, 15 is GIBERNEAU S. Next try ... but your bike's is really beautiful!
11-May-05 - it seems strange but 15 is the date that my son whas born.
11-May-05 - ok ok Man, féliciations for your son
11-May-05 - It appears that you are in the process of losing the front??
05-Jan-07 - not at all i wass braking out the guy to take the inside of a hairpin corner.
Misc. Racing Suzuki RG500, Suzuki RG500
549x354  204 KB
Date: 01-Sep-12
Views: 295
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 6.67

Suzuki RG500

Production (Custom) Kawasaki ZX-9R, Kawasaski ZX9R Ninja
1616x1220  572 KB
2000 ZX-9R
Date: 21-Aug-12
Views: 356
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 6.67

Kawasaski ZX9R Ninja

Production (Stock) Honda RC51 RVT1000R, 2005 honda rc-51
1014x760  278 KB
2005 RC51 RVT1000R
Date: 16-Oct-12
Views: 379
Votes: 15 / Ave.: 6.67

2005 honda rc-51

Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R1, 2004 R1 Wallpaper. 1280 x 1024
1280x1044  247 KB
2004 YZF-R1
Date: 03-Apr-17
Views: 247
Votes: 42 / Ave.: 6.67

2004 R1 Wallpaper. 1280 x 1024

Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R1, From  All new for 2004 Completely redesigned,379 lbs. and short stroke 998ccs, 180 horsepower at an amazing 12,500 rpm.(with Ram-Air). I ride a modified 2000 red ZX12R that only has 180bhp so hats off to Yamaha.That's dam impressive. Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki have their work cut out for them. If these numbers are accurate.I was considering adding a new 10R to the family. But now HMMMMMMMMM?
1009x731  110 KB
2004 YZF-R1
Date: 01-Apr-17
Views: 229
Votes: 42 / Ave.: 6.67

From All new for 2004 Completely redesigned,379 lbs. and short stroke 998ccs, 180 horsepower at an amazing 12,500 rpm.(with Ram-Air). I ride a modified 2000 red ZX12R that only has 180bhp so hats off to Yamaha.That's dam impressive. Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki have their work cut out for them. If these numbers are accurate.I was considering adding a new 10R to the family. But now HMMMMMMMMM?

10-Sep-03 - i hate to pass judgement on bikes and their performance before seeing or riding them but this R1 looks to be the bomb for next year; but only time will tell.
10-Sep-03 - What's up with the fuel tank, are we sharing space with the airbox and fuel tank under the seat a la ZX12R? nice exhaust treatmnet. look'n like another righteous ride from the tuning fork folks!!!!
10-Sep-03 - I loved the 2002 model, and to me, with this, it's like Honda let some graduate have a go at designing the looks and gave the real designer a holiday. The R6 headlights are rubbish (both in looks and performance), the swingarm looks real cheap and weird at the same time, the underseat exhaust looks bodged together quickly, rather than nicely integrated. The tank is really nice though, and the brakes are meant to be amazing, no compromise on performance there. hehe, small indicators as standard, nice touch. On the whole, I wouldn't buy it. The ZX10 looks like a better package imo. Though out the lot, I wouldn't say no to a 04 gixxer 1k, assuming I could insure it, heh.
11-Sep-03 - actually bike pics the swing arm may look cheap and weird but this r1 sports a new type of frame that hasnt been done before. There are three main peices in the frame. The first is the big one u see under the tank. the second part is up under the seat and u can see it hooking in to the first peice. The last peice is the swing arm itself which also hooks into the first peice of the frame. Yamaha had a lot of complaints about their frame for the r1's and in the 2004 model they remedied that. This will be the bike of the year for 2004
AMA Racing Honda CBR600RR, 2005 -Honda - CBR600RR - 95684
1014x760  249 KB
2005 CBR600RR
Date: 07-Sep-13
Views: 264
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 6.67

2005 -Honda - CBR600RR - 95684

Misc. Racing Honda CBR1000RR, Poconos Track day
2464x1667  753 KB
2004 CBR1000RR
Date: 18-Mar-10
Views: 898
Votes: 15 / Ave.: 6.67

Poconos Track day

Production (Custom) Kawasaki GPX/GPZ 600R, it did get a little bit out of hands...
480x360  207 KB
1986 GPX/GPZ 600R
Date: 19-Nov-14
Views: 278
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 6.67

it did get a little bit out of hands...

08-Jul-05 - looks very nice
Stunts Suzuki GSX-R750, Phanyon Tiger GSXR1
732x496  250 KB
Date: 22-Nov-12
Views: 355
Votes: 15 / Ave.: 6.67

Phanyon Tiger GSXR1

16-Jul-05 - I like that...different.
16-Jul-05 - those brake dics look huge
16-Jul-05 - i like the SRAD body, thats a nice bike man

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