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Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R6, 2005 -Yamaha - YZF-R6 - 79827
800x531  134 KB
2005 YZF-R6
Date: 06-Mar-13
Views: 403
Votes: 13 / Ave.: 6.77

2005 -Yamaha - YZF-R6 - 79827

04-Nov-05 - webmaster, please change the similar picture details from R1 to R6 thank you...
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R1000, Uploaded for: PAULO E ALESSANDRA [] Porto Alegre/RS - Brasil - Paulo
1280x960  173 KB
Date: 25-Jan-13
Views: 456
Votes: 13 / Ave.: 6.77

Uploaded for: PAULO E ALESSANDRA []
Porto Alegre/RS - Brasil - Paulo

Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R6, Yamaha - YZF-R6 - 76994
787x667  179 KB
Date: 14-Oct-12
Views: 362
Votes: 13 / Ave.: 6.77

Yamaha - YZF-R6 - 76994

Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R750, Uploaded for: Fernando Monte
870x577  141 KB
2006 GSX-R750
Date: 04-Nov-13
Views: 400
Votes: 13 / Ave.: 6.77

Uploaded for: Fernando Monte

22-Apr-06 - I can feel the pain just looking at all that unprotected skin
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Just a nice side shot showing off how clean the rear looks without the fender.
1100x844  308 KB
2004 YZF-R1
Date: 23-Sep-18
Views: 1,023
Votes: 212 / Ave.: 6.77

Just a nice side shot showing off how clean the rear looks without the fender.

Crash BMW Unknown (BMW), BMW - Unknown (BMW) - 77715
800x600  118 KB
Unknown (BMW)
Date: 03-Dec-12
Views: 436
Votes: 17 / Ave.: 6.77

BMW - Unknown (BMW) - 77715

Production (Stock) Ducati 748, Ducati - 748 - 62771
800x600  93 KB
Date: 10-Apr-10
Views: 369
Votes: 17 / Ave.: 6.76

Ducati - 748 - 62771

Stunts Honda CBR900RR, Just surfing through the Louisiana country side
356x620  54 KB
1995 CBR900RR
Date: 19-Jun-18
Views: 784
Votes: 191 / Ave.: 6.76

Just surfing through the Louisiana country side

13-Jul-01 - Where in LA are you? I'm in Shreveport, ride a 2001 R6
13-Jul-01 - hey Ray Smith. Im in the South end of the State. Too far away to ride together. Thanks!
14-Aug-02 - U really have guts 2 do that i'm affraid 2 crash my bike doing such stunt ???
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R1000, my 2002 gsxr1000 at droop mountain battlefield in wv..
950x1267  289 KB
2002 GSX-R1000
Date: 18-Sep-12
Views: 465
Votes: 21 / Ave.: 6.76

my 2002 gsxr1000 at droop mountain battlefield in wv..

Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R750, Christi on her 2000 Suzuki GSXR750.
640x500  66 KB
2000 GSX-R750
Date: 02-Sep-08
Views: 893
Votes: 213 / Ave.: 6.76

Christi on her 2000 Suzuki GSXR750.

10-Nov-00 smack up my beach!!!!!!!
11-Nov-00 - wot no registration
11-Nov-00 Very nice butt!!!!
11-Nov-00 YUMMY!
11-Nov-00 - now thats the kind of butt i like to see on the pillion when i'm gettin passed!!!good stuff
13-Nov-00 - Christi, how do you like your Gixxer?
13-Nov-00 - there's no comparison!this beats the spincycle anyday.
18-Nov-00 gixxer? what gixxer? look at that *ss!
24-Nov-00 Oh many she gets me going every time!!!!!!
05-Dec-00 Nice panniers
07-Jan-01 What a beautiful lake!
03-Feb-01 why is the kickstand down if she's going for a ride..........................lolololollollooollollollooo
07-Feb-01 - Nice, thats how I like a GSXR to look just before I blow by them.... Of course, I'd ride behind this one for a while.
15-Feb-01 - She doesn't have much butt, If you look close enough there is registration(get a bigger screen)but she is nice but I like Kaws
06-Aug-01 - very beautiful girl, awesome body and a very sweet woman.
10-Aug-01 - Nice tail section.
Production (Custom) Honda CBR900RR, Uploaded for: William Benson [] Some of my many toys!
640x502  75 KB
Date: 13-Mar-12
Views: 420
Votes: 25 / Ave.: 6.76

Uploaded for: William Benson []
Some of my many toys!

11-Jan-05 - I like the bike... would have been a nice pic if who parked the Fords in the backyard
25-Jan-05 - Love the pic! I have a 92 gt mustang thats blue and silver. CBR900RR's always look good parked with a FORD
Crash Aprilia RSV1000 Models, Uploaded for: ElNota!
768x1024  233 KB
2005 RSV1000 Models
Date: 18-Apr-13
Views: 418
Votes: 25 / Ave.: 6.76

Uploaded for: ElNota!

27-Nov-05 - That is just a crying shame! As an Emerg RN, I hope that the rider faired better than the bike!
28-Nov-05 - check out the state of the helmet
29-Nov-05 - chek out the dumpster next to the bike...dude u could still salvage it
02-Dec-05 - life goes on, hope the riders ok, there'll always be more bikes to ride.
02-Dec-05 - Whoa, that's serious! I pray that the rider is alright.
Humor Suzuki Hayabusa, That's a bad dog!
1254x832  203 KB
Date: 17-Nov-18
Views: 7,339
Votes: 170 / Ave.: 6.76

That's a bad dog!

03-Oct-01 - The dog must be a Yamaha fan.
03-Oct-01 - DOH!!
03-Oct-01 - AAAAHAHAHAHA! I know I'd be p*ssed!
03-Oct-01 - Love Suzuki but that is funny
03-Oct-01 - YES!!!!!!!!!!this is sooooo cool!!!!!
03-Oct-01 - the guy very far left of this pic looks like he has treasure troll hair.
03-Oct-01 - lmao...
03-Oct-01 - here is exactly when you say I plss on suzukis...
03-Oct-01 - HAHAH! Poor crackheads.
03-Oct-01 - must me a Yamaha fan
03-Oct-01 - i call photoshop on this one! funny, very funny!
03-Oct-01 - It must be a Hondog, his leg is against the exhaust pipe. No dawg smart enough to ride a Yamaha would do that.
04-Oct-01 - It's Photoshopped, but geez, that's funny...
04-Oct-01 - mrstooge, haha! good one!
04-Oct-01 - too too too too funny :) One must look carefully before you let loose :)
04-Oct-01 - You Yamaha fans need to come down off your clouds.
04-Oct-01 - i like the puppy in the arms of the guy with the hat, he sooooo cute! LOVE the bike.
04-Oct-01 - hahha...oh no!
04-Oct-01 - why do you say this pic is photoshop'd?
04-Oct-01 - yes Yamaha fans, you were the king back in the early R1 days but times have changed, the GSXR-1000 has come, the Hayabusa still rules. I love Suzuki :-) the one company who still lets the 750cc live. WHY because Suzuki lets us have the toys we want.
04-Oct-01 - PS don't get me wrong I love Yamaha and it has a chance with it's new R1 for 2002, I am just glad I am not some Honda guy who thinks his bike is the fastest becuase it won a race. Ahhh when will they learn that the bike they are buying is not the same one on TV it breaks my heart LOL HAHAHA. Yamaha and Suzuki FOREVER. Well untill somwthing else better comes :-) Cheers Geoff Kelly.
04-Oct-01 - Yeah, how can you tell this is photoshopped? looks pretty real to me.
04-Oct-01 - I'll bet money he got pi$$ed !
04-Oct-01 - It looks a little like photoshopped too. The dog peeing is a little too clear, and his raised leg is pressed up onto can. I figure the rider hadn't been resting THAT long, so the pipe should still be hot. Either way, it's priceless.
04-Oct-01 - "I am just glad I am not some Honda guy who thinks his bike is the fastest becuase it won a race." You know, I own a Honda, and I don't think that it is the fastest because Honda has had a good showing at the races, I think that my bike is well built, reliable, and very fast. I have pumped alot of money into my XX for the mods that it has, and at 170 hp at the rear, I think that I'm not doing that bad. It's kinda pathetic how you generalize everyone who owns a Honda with your statement, and worse yet, I think it is pathetic that you seem to limit yourself with only one or two brands of sportbike.
04-Oct-01 - i bet $$ I would have strangled that dog
05-Oct-01 - Right on seattledawg. You let that narrow minded gixxergeoff have it.
06-Oct-01 - I think it's the color!
06-Oct-01 - The only thing that poor dog wanted to do is to show his friendship by saying " Peace on you man - cool bike ! " - since it can't speak though , the dog tryed the sign language (what the hell - peace and pi$$ sound the same if you cant read :) )
06-Oct-01 - Really funny - on a second sight i could really be photoshop - if so : great job dude (excellent conception and realisation)
06-Oct-01 - I wonder if this guy is going to have a traction problem? probably will help to a phat black burnout though! hehehaha....
06-Oct-01 - There is a malt liquor commercial here somewhere
07-Oct-01 - Actually, this is NOT a knock of Suzukis at all. Dogs pee to show ownership. Basically the dog is saying "Woof, I wanna Suzi."
08-Oct-01 - the dude with the hat is hilarious, beer in one hand, cute puppy in the other.
09-Oct-01 - "Suzuki is the only company who still lets the 750cc live." Ummm... Last I checked Kawasaki was still making the ZX-7R...?
09-Oct-01 - everyone relax, the dog is just prepping the guy for a burnout...hehehehe. long live suzuki.
10-Oct-01 - lol ........I wonder what that dog watching is thinkning................
10-Oct-01 - peeing on a bike, drinkin some Bud......
10-Oct-01 - did he kick the crap out of that dog
13-Oct-01 - Warming the tire for him.
25-Nov-02 - he's gonna burn is thing
18-Aug-04 - This is the funniest thing I have every seen. I don't think it photoshop. But who cares. This is the new Calvin sticker.
18-Aug-04 - HAHA!! LMAO!! The guys are distracting the rider, so they trained the god to do that to busa's, lol!
Misc. Racing Yamaha YZF-R1, DJ at Creg Ny Baa - showman!!
403x596  56 KB
2000 YZF-R1
Date: 26-Sep-06
Views: 792
Votes: 365 / Ave.: 6.76

DJ at Creg Ny Baa - showman!!

11-Jul-02 - Yeah turning with one hand is all well and good, but can he do a wheelie with his feet over the bars while not wearing a helmet? That takes real skill.
11-Jul-02 - funny Andrew
12-Jul-02 - wazzup to you too.
12-Jul-02 - The rider appears to have at least 4 brain cells which specifically excludes him from pulling stunts that are reserved for squids with 3 brain cells and under.
12-Jul-02 - Yeah, it takes REAL brains and talent to NOT wear a helmet. Get a life. Haters SUCK!
13-Jul-02 - Guys who run the TT are crazy. I only wish i had the skill
14-Jul-02 - Do I understand you correctly, Andrew? Is it the not wearing a lid part that makes things like that hard? Get real!
15-Jul-02 - not wearing a helmet is what gave these squids diminished brain capacity to begin with! Most of them are braindead anyway, theyre just living organ donors.
16-Jul-02 - I guess I forgot to hoist my sarcasm flag high enough for it to be visible to about half of those who responded. I'll try harder next time, honest.
16-Jul-02 - stop all this childish bickering and look at the picture. THe man is a God, so be quiet you infants. Especially AndrewH -whoever he is!!
16-Jul-02 - Shallmar!! I can't believe you'd have the ingratitude to come out with a comment like that. If it wasn't for people like me, pics like this wouldn't even any level of interest - so there :-P
16-Jul-02 - in the best budweiser commercial voice. hey, how ya doin'
16-Jul-02 - yeah, yeah...on the helmet vs. brain cell debate... I just want to know how are they gonna roast those giant marshmallows?
17-Jul-02 - Well, I always wear a helmet because I know what my head's worth. I presume that those who don't wear helmets do so for the same reason.
17-Jul-02 - Any two bit spanner can,launch a wheelie,leave the lid at home with his brain in try somthing a little harder...37.75 miles pure road at an AVRAGE speed of 127mph for the distance..Stand up Mr Jeffries and take a bow
17-Jul-02 - The guy is signalling that he wants to make a left
17-Jul-02 - andrewh, you were a helmet by public demand!!! And DJ is actually signalling for the barman's attention
17-Jul-02 - Oh Shallmar, there you go opening another can of worms. Just wait for all the comments from Haters who object to biking after a few pints of beer.
18-Jul-02 - do they need the beer before they object?
26-Jul-02 - if think this is a good picture, check out DJ in this one (yes, i am a fan!)
27-Jul-02 - ...and even if you don't think it's good, check out the other one anyway :-)
01-Aug-02 - Webmaster: cheat much? The hits on this picture have been set back to 0.
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R750, Heres my bike at the show...
640x499  84 KB
Date: 14-Jul-09
Views: 637
Votes: 37 / Ave.: 6.76

Heres my bike at the show...

05-Apr-04 - How did u secure the grill on the plastic body? What did u use?
05-Apr-04 - Where did you get those grills?
05-Apr-04 - You can gootoo home depot or menards and get Gutter wire for like 3 bucks. I don't know how they get it on but i am sure it is easy to figure out.
06-Apr-04 - I got the mesh grill from an Auto shop as it is meant for cars front grills/spoilers etc. Very easy to work with, even got it in the front section behind the rear wheel. Cuts with normal scissors, then silicone has held it in and its been there for 3 years without a problem...A very cheap and effective mod.
Production (Stock) MV Agusta (all models), Very cool shot of a 2000 MV F4S
640x500  92 KB
2000 Agusta (all models)
Date: 04-Oct-08
Views: 919
Votes: 135 / Ave.: 6.76

Very cool shot of a 2000 MV F4S

09-Dec-00 how can i get one in canada mos def a 10
10-Dec-00 COOL! Look at the chick in the back ground !!! Oh, nice bike too.
13-Dec-00 if anybody has the picture thats in the background, please email me
14-Feb-01 - not only do we have motorcycle's we have our fall colection as compliment you while you are riding.....nic picture though if anyone has that pic email it to me also will be appreciated!!!
28-Jun-03 - man i want one of these so bad the blue and silver is my favorite.
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R750, Beautiful looking GSXR
at the 2000 LAGUNA SECA CLASSIC...
640x500  80 KB
1992 GSX-R750
Date: 17-Apr-08
Views: 942
Votes: 307 / Ave.: 6.76

Beautiful looking GSXR at the 2000 LAGUNA SECA CLASSIC...

17-Jul-00 - COOL BIKE,HEY!!!
18-Jul-00 - How did they graft that 96 tail piece?????, I want one for my 1990 750.
18-Jul-00 - airtech make the tail piece that fits. you have to buy the bracket from them though
18-Jul-00 love that color !!!
18-Jul-00 how many times did you & your friends vote?
01-Aug-00 - I like the wheelie pics better, but I know Greg and people always stare at this bike
02-Aug-00 - great bike man
12-Aug-00 nice bike but GSXR'S are a dime a dozen
15-Aug-00 I think thats a Kantuna!!!!!!!!!!!
26-Oct-00 - GORGEOUS!!! Amazing machine. GSXR 7/11!
06-Nov-00 Very cool! Love the body work!
28-Apr-01 - thats not a 750 its a 600, unless they didnt start putting on Inverted forks untill rescently
09-Feb-03 - Looks fairly small, maybe it's a GSXR400????
10-Feb-03 - Nice.
10-Feb-03 - they never look quite finished without the lower fairing
14-Feb-03 - Very nice bike, and for everyone wondering what year or model, its a 88-90 gsxr with a different swing arm. Suzuki didnt release the usd forks untill 91 here in the states. The only way this counld be a 92 is if the person really liked right side up fork.
MotoGP Premier Yamaha YZR-M1, 2005 -Yamaha - YZR-M1 - 88775
800x600  120 KB
2005 YZR-M1
Date: 08-Jul-13
Views: 417
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 6.75

2005 -Yamaha - YZR-M1 - 88775

AMA Racing Yamaha YZF-R1, My Outlaw R1 at the paddock at Hallett Raceway
391x246  48 KB
2005 YZF-R1
Date: 25-Dec-05
Views: 511
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 6.75

My Outlaw R1 at the paddock at Hallett Raceway

Production (Stock) Ducati 999, Ducati 999R #142 FO4. Firts day out of the house.  Driveway finnaly dryed out from the snow melt.  What a bike!!!  I will be in love every time I ride.
2249x1687  1,051 KB
2004 999
Date: 08-Jul-12
Views: 838
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 6.75

Ducati 999R #142 FO4. Firts day out of the house. Driveway finnaly dryed out from the snow melt. What a bike!!! I will be in love every time I ride.

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