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Production (Stock) Norton 750/850 Commando, Norton Commando
825x1137  207 KB
Norton  750/850 Commando
Date: 17-May-19
Views: 492
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 6.91

Norton Commando

15-Mar-05 - Old Bike with an old lady on it! Awesome!!!!
Production (Stock) Kawasaki ZZ-R250, Kawasaki ZZR250
1064x825  198 KB
Date: 17-May-19
Views: 526
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 6.91

Kawasaki ZZR250

Production (Custom) Honda RC51, Duck Hunter
1215x915  326 KB
2002 RC51
Date: 01-Jun-19
Views: 2,608
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 6.91

Duck Hunter

29-Apr-05 - That has to be the nicest CR51 ive ever seen.. respect..Where u get that underseat from?
Production (Custom) MV F4750, This was my Custom MV and it was stolen from me in May of this year and it was last scene in Venezuela.I am building a another one and it should be Ready by next week.
1536x1182  297 KB
Date: 30-May-19
Views: 596
Votes: 55 / Ave.: 6.91

This was my Custom MV and it was stolen from me in May of this year and it was last scene in Venezuela.I am building a another one and it should be Ready by next week.

17-Jul-03 - i hate those bastard people
17-Jul-03 - very nice !
17-Jul-03 - love this bike :)!
18-Jul-03 - That sucks, cuz this bike is sweeeet! Will the new one be better than this one? Lets go to Venezuela and kick their arses!!!!
18-Jul-03 - The new MV will look better. You will see the Pictures soon.
18-Jul-03 - How do you know it was your bike in Venezuela?? This might be the nicest looking bike I've seen, it is sharp. I agree with crx4sho, let's go and butt their butt's, and that's putting it mildly. So many bike's are being stolen nowday's, I'll be glad when you can buy a tracking chip so the lowlife's that steal other people's bike's can go take a 10 year time out in jail.
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, THE BUDWEISR BIKE.......YEAH BABY!
1050x788  152 KB
2003 YZF-R1
Date: 18-May-19
Views: 473
Votes: 21 / Ave.: 6.90


World SuperBike Ducati 999, HOT
1536x1079  217 KB
2004 999
Date: 17-May-19
Views: 1,529
Votes: 41 / Ave.: 6.90


Stunts Multiple Multiple (Multiple), 2004 -Multiple - Multiple (Multiple) - 58974
1500x1029  362 KB
Multiple  2004 Multiple (Multiple)
Date: 31-May-19
Views: 3,357
Votes: 40 / Ave.: 6.90

2004 -Multiple - Multiple (Multiple) - 58974

22-Jun-04 - nice two way up stoppies
22-Jun-04 - Great it!
Production (Stock) Ducati 999, A hint, A tease, An eye-catching bit of candy for an up and comming prize....
800x1200  154 KB
2007 999
Date: 15-May-19
Views: 521
Votes: 49 / Ave.: 6.90

A hint, A tease, An eye-catching bit of candy for an up and comming prize....

Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Uploaded for:
960x750  196 KB
2002 YZF-R1
Date: 13-May-19
Views: 669
Votes: 67 / Ave.: 6.90

Uploaded for:

08-Dec-02 - Wow! Very nice!
08-Dec-02 - just the way I like em to look, wrap her up ill take her home. LOL
08-Dec-02 - This one is nice, but I like the other one with the chrome exhaust under the tail and the single swinger... you guys know which one I'm talkin' about!
09-Dec-02 - Is that girl in the back looking at her finger nails ? LOL
09-Dec-02 - yeah I remember the one your talking about, but this one looks good too
31-Dec-02 - sweet a** bike nice job done with the red accesaries is that all polish or dipped chrome? needs something added to set it completely from the rest. If curious to know email me and i'll tell ya .don't want everyone to know my tircks only a select few
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R750, Moko Suzi
1200x929  244 KB
Date: 17-May-19
Views: 2,182
Votes: 36 / Ave.: 6.89

Moko Suzi

17-May-07 - corr... beautifull that is m8
Stunts Suzuki GSX-R750, Suzuki - GSX-R750 - 55722
825x752  74 KB
Date: 15-May-19
Views: 725
Votes: 63 / Ave.: 6.89

Suzuki - GSX-R750 - 55722

28-Mar-04 - Damnnn!!! This is my GODESS !!! keep it up cutie!!!
28-Mar-04 - wear some gear!!!! thats a bad example to young naive riders....
29-Mar-04 - damn good !!!
29-Mar-04 - pretty good
29-Mar-04 - I'd like to see her try that little stunt naked...
29-Mar-04 - be a shame to fall and rash up that nice skin
29-Mar-04 - With all due respect, guys don't dig chicks with scars. Stay safe.
Production (Custom) Honda CBR 929/954 RR, <p>Here's a CBR 929 prepared by the french shop Motomax near Paris i saw in their showroom...And it's much better in real ! Pic is from a french tuning mag, notice the Bos exhaust, the front brakes, etc...</p>
1725x1167  437 KB
2001 CBR 929/954 RR
Date: 02-Jun-19
Views: 6,116
Votes: 755 / Ave.: 6.89

Here's a CBR 929 prepared by the french shop Motomax near Paris i saw in their showroom...And it's much better in real ! Pic is from a french tuning mag, notice the Bos exhaust, the front brakes, etc...

24-Aug-01 - I think I saw a sweet R1 from these guys too.
24-Aug-01 - french tuners have the best looking and performing bikes. but not the best prices :) . anyway it's worth it, just dont crash it :) By the way, i always wanted to know, webmaster maybe u can tell me, do the insurance companies insure your paintjob? for example if u got a 4000 paintjob on a 7000 or 9000 bike, and u crash it.. wont feel too good
24-Aug-01 - Mortal combat
24-Aug-01 - sweet bike
25-Aug-01 - I want to know where can I find the under the seat exhaust for the 929 ? I'm feeling your costom 929 .
25-Aug-01 - I wanna know where can I find the under the seat exhaust pipe ?
25-Aug-01 - I think thats a BOS exhaust
25-Aug-01 - hryders:
25-Aug-01 - isa holland made BOS exaust system
25-Aug-01 - Holy french tickler!
26-Aug-01 - this bike is sweet. nuff respect. I wouldn't mind seeing what this would look like if it was all white on a black frame....
07-Sep-01 - My BLADE looks better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23-Sep-01 - Does anyone know where the mirrors came from? I want a set. Did anyone notice the ram air, I think it is anyway. Does anyone know how to get in touch with these people?
12-Oct-01 - holy crap, i bought the 2k+1 erion bike, and i have the helmet that matches THAT bike. I MUST FIND A WAY TO do that to my 929....frickin amazing
17-Oct-01 - i also saw this bike at Motomax...For lb150mph, mail adress is : 85 route d'Orléans N20 91310 (zip code) MONTLHERY France, phone number (don't know how you call from USA) 0169801200, and fax 0169801231...
26-Oct-01 - I like it .But the pipe is ugly,I don't like augusta750's pipe.
30-Oct-01 - She looks sweet, not your average colors.
14-Jun-04 - this must be french tuned . id like to see some numbers. just for reference.
17-Jun-04 - LOOK at those Fugly rotors in the front. I know they can do better than that with all the money dumped into it already...
20-Jun-04 - Mates, what about that French tuning mag? Can I subscribe? Web site? French tuning is awesome!..
29-Jun-04 - the paint job is the same as one of the new shoei helmets....
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R1000, <p>Uploaded for: Mohammed Abdul Qadeer</p>
960x720  197 KB
2005 GSX-R1000
Date: 19-May-19
Views: 6,894
Votes: 62 / Ave.: 6.89

Uploaded for: Mohammed Abdul Qadeer

22-Feb-06 - There's millions said Jeffrey all under one roof - it's called toys 'r' us, toys 'r' us, toys 'r' us (for all the UK viewers)
22-Feb-06 - Get rid of those yellow tires... looks terrible! Powercoated yellow rims to match the paint with standard tires would look good.... BTW, how do these tires perform????
22-Feb-06 - i've heard those tires are re-treads and not the best quality...notwithstanding the tires the bike looks very clean
22-Feb-06 - Man that's what u call color coordinating, too bad it doesn't look good tho, lol! I've heard the same as adrenilinfeen, tires are supposed to be retread and not really meant as performance tires. more show than anything.
22-Feb-06 - The tires are not re-treads and they are made by a very reputable company. the company that makes these tires also makes large aircraft tires and thse tires are made in the same manor and they are just as strong. the color is all the way through the tire so at it wears the color stays.
22-Feb-06 - Yo man! DON'T GIVE A SECOND THOUGHT TO THESE HATTA'S! The bike and tire combo are all that, front row seat, a pit pass, and riding instructions by Rossi. People hate when they don't think of things first. The only thing I have heard neg. about the tires are the fact that a burn out won't leave yellow marks.
23-Feb-06 - Well it was once a nice man get rid of those ridiculous tires, unless of course you are in the clown show for Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus.
23-Feb-06 - They may be made by a reputable company.... But i could stick Standard Dunlop or Brifgestones on and bet it round the track or on the roads! See... us english want performance & looks... You have made a big compromise!
23-Feb-06 - Colored tires are still new and look way different than conventional black tires. That saying, this is the best color combo I have seen with colored tires. I'd say hang in there and don't worry about the negative comments, they are just scared of change.
23-Feb-06 - hey, each to his own....but why??? Anyone who knows anything about these- wouldn't they turn black really quick from the street?
26-Feb-06 - I had a tomohawk tire once, cause i couldn't afford a real one. those things have about as much traction as the plastic front tire on your "Big Wheel".
07-Mar-06 - to marquis.a.davis, I'm not a hata, I always congratulate. to each his/her own I always say. I may not agree w/what the owner's done, but I would give him props regardless. I just wouldn't do it to my bike. Appreciate the info on the tires hottvw63, but that being said, why would u buy tires for your bike from a company that makes tires for large aircraft???? no disrepect, but I'd rather get mine from a reputable company that specializes in tires for performance bikes such as this one.
10-Mar-06 - I dont think the color is the biggest issue here,on a performance machine like this , I'd be more worried about traction,,,after all thats where the rubber meets the road, good luck with those dude.. machine
17-Mar-06 - Thats just bloody awful... Hate it. Super cool sport bike with chewing gum for tires.
21-Mar-06 - To twhackjr: Michelin Is on of the best tire manufacturers in the entire universe...oh and they make aircraft tires. I should know I work on Aircraft every day, and they wear Michelins
Stunts Suzuki GSX-R1000, GSXR day..............1000
1145x935  317 KB
2001 GSX-R1000
Date: 12-May-19
Views: 774
Votes: 115 / Ave.: 6.89

GSXR day..............1000

19-Oct-01 - hey thats cheating, is that called a wheelie bar.
19-Oct-01 - omg... the sound must be pretty loud... no can
19-Oct-01 - Karmichael.. not the motocross rider!!!!!!
19-Oct-01 - That can't be a 1000, who would mess that bike up like that
20-Oct-01 - Now that's a wheelie. I want that bike.
20-Oct-01 - From the looks of the alternate body work, this one has been crashed.
20-Oct-01 - I've seen one of these in the shop...expensive
20-Oct-01 - Anybody got the time oooo ooooo oooooo It's 12:00 LOL
20-Oct-01 - this bike has not been crashed, just stripped for stunt work,proffesional stunt rider kevin carmichael the current european champion
20-Oct-01 - where is the pipe?
20-Oct-01 waho.voteru.bob - he sure as hell got my vote
22-Oct-01 - What time is it Mr.Wolf?
23-Oct-01 - It's a 1000. SET valve in mid-pipe, forks and brakes are all 1000 parts.
29-Oct-01 - that time at the beep will be.......12:00pm...(beeep)
08-Dec-01 - whoever said "this one has been crashed", it's streetfighter style. it's supposed to look like that.
10-Dec-01 - I saw a guy do this once at 70mph down the interstate with his girl on the back, no helmets or gear and now she is braindead and he doesn't have anything to sit on.
24-Apr-02 - Nice helmet. What is it?
14-Oct-04 - Nice
Production (Stock) Honda CBR1000RR, Uploaded for:
1910x1706  473 KB
2005 CBR1000RR
Date: 13-Jun-19
Views: 1,178
Votes: 17 / Ave.: 6.88

Uploaded for:

Stunts Unknown Unknown (Unknown), Thought this was funny!!!
1440x1000  140 KB
Unknown  Unknown (Unknown)
Date: 22-Apr-19
Views: 438
Votes: 84 / Ave.: 6.88

Thought this was funny!!!

02-Apr-02 - I wanna know the story.
02-Apr-02 - Run...Ummm...Wheelie, Micah, Wheelie!!
02-Apr-02 - bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do....
03-Apr-02 - Can pigs fly?
03-Apr-02 - that's how you are supposed to wheelie. Get the police to clear the road and away you go. Good thinking, a police escort will keep those pesky cars out of your way.
03-Apr-02 - man if I was the biker I would be getting ready for the run of my life.
03-Apr-02 - Don't drop the soap!
03-Apr-02 - thats micah lol. He went to jail for that. On the site where that pic came from theres one of the cops cuffing him up. I
03-Apr-02 - Give us the details
03-Apr-02 - Hmmm....I am curious what happened after this picture was taken? :o)
03-Apr-02 - why did he go to jail? I mean I know the dangers of doing a wheelie and all, but why are they illegal? It's like a street legal motorized unicycle right? lol!! how long did the wheelie go on until he noticed the cops?
03-Apr-02 - classical!
03-Apr-02 - i dunno too much of the details, all i know is one of his buddies in his group told me he's in jail right now. technically the police can get you for a bunch of stuff. If he was doing a wheelie faster than 100 mph they could get him for reckless endangerment and such. He wheelied between the two cops intentionally lol.
03-Apr-02 - here. Click in the members area then click the pic of micah, gives the details
11-Apr-02 - Come on people, give a strait answer, are wheelies really 'legal'????
01-Jul-02 - no. They're illegal as hell. The second your front wheel leaves the ground - even 1 inch - they can nail you for reckless driving
01-Sep-05 - That southstreet link is a dead link...
04-Sep-05 - yes, even if you are in a private parking lot they can get you. Its that simple. If you are seen it all comes down to the cop and what he feels you deserve which sucks. B/c the young ones are far worse than the older guy who have been on the force a while. The bottom libe is this. If a civilian can walk or get into the area where you are stunting, you are technically breaking the law. That is why sanctioed stunt events have areas blocked to make things "kosher" within the law. Bottom line if you must, go outside to the mniddle of no where to practice away from people and human life. Chances are you'll be better off from tickets and dangers from other drivers. Secluded areas make things easier to deal with. Less danger for everyone.
Production (Custom) Suzuki TL1000R/S, Production (Custom)- Suzuki  TL1000R/S Sportbike
1200x929  230 KB
Date: 17-May-19
Views: 895
Votes: 57 / Ave.: 6.88

Production (Custom)- Suzuki TL1000R/S Sportbike

07-Dec-04 - Looks like a Duc frame. Nice swing arm!
07-Dec-04 - I think it´s a Bakker frame from Germany...
21-Jan-05 - gorgeous mate!!!!!!
Production (Custom) Honda CB1000, ... shows my CB1100F, loud & fast. 'A tribute to Freddie'
1920x1440  482 KB
1983 CB1000
Date: 01-Jun-19
Views: 1,363
Votes: 24 / Ave.: 6.88

... shows my CB1100F, loud & fast. "A tribute to Freddie"

Production (Custom) Ducati 916/996/998, Production (Custom)- Ducati  916/996/998 Sportbike
1500x1154  306 KB
Date: 15-May-19
Views: 1,183
Votes: 24 / Ave.: 6.88

Production (Custom)- Ducati 916/996/998 Sportbike

Production (Stock) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R, My latest ride....KAWASAKI ROCKS
1920x1469  576 KB
2002 Ninja ZX-7R
Date: 21-Jun-19
Views: 885
Votes: 48 / Ave.: 6.88

My latest ride....KAWASAKI ROCKS

31-Mar-04 - ZX7R ROCKS
14-Nov-04 - great pic.
23-Jul-05 - thankyou....I wish I still had it.

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