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Misc. Racing Suzuki GSX-R600, Katja.
640x463  88 KB
Date: 13-Jan-09
Views: 665
Votes: 151 / Ave.: 6.92


26-Mar-01 - Katja, will you marry me?
26-Mar-01 - What series is she racing in again? is it WSB supersport, or some european series?
26-Mar-01 - Can it get any better than this?
26-Mar-01 - is it just me or does the bike look a little big?
26-Mar-01 - cool picture
26-Mar-01 - She is now racing in the 250 GP's as Jeremy McWilliams team mate on a Aprilla
26-Mar-01 - Katja is definitely a serious hottie...d@mn
27-Mar-01 - She's just gorgeous....
27-Mar-01 - Now this is a picture; Like WHOA!!
27-Mar-01 - that is a big bike. but its all good. i bet it hawls *ss
27-Mar-01 - We need more female riders like this!!!
27-Mar-01 - Where can I get one like that?
30-Mar-01 - good luck for G.P 2001
30-Mar-01 the fast Women
02-Apr-01 - hope she will get a lot of podiums this year in moto GP will be a great sight
10-Apr-01 - I'll take two
07-Jan-04 - She's too much woman for all you punks.
Production (Custom) Ducati 748, Nice A$$ eh?
2048x1556  430 KB
1998 748
Date: 01-Mar-17
Views: 265
Votes: 75 / Ave.: 6.92

Nice A$$ eh?

21-Aug-03 - Holy CRAP! Resize please
Production (Custom) Honda CBR900RR, X-FILE BLADE
625x480  99 KB
1998 CBR900RR
Date: 30-Jan-09
Views: 660
Votes: 150 / Ave.: 6.92


30-Jan-09 - THATS SWEET DUDE!!!!more pictures
30-Jan-09 - i'm not a honda fan but this must be one of the sweetest bikes i have ever seen
30-Jan-09 - wow that is one sweet double the tail section
30-Jan-09 - That's some serious work done. Very, very nice bike!
30-Jan-09 - How much ?
30-Jan-09 - That muta@##$er is bad.
30-Jan-09 - WEBMASTER, you should have some sort of contest on which is the best bike sent in by owner! Just an I dea.
30-Jan-09 - I agree with all of the above, give us some more pics! Keep up the good work!
30-Jan-09 - KICK ATH
30-Jan-09 - cant get any better than that
30-Jan-09 - I'll bet dude who owns this isn't married....
30-Jan-09 - sellin it? CALL ME PLEASE!!
30-Jan-09 I really like the single sided swingarm.
30-Jan-09 - I'll trade you my F4 straight up for it, no questions asked!! Best lookin RR I've even seen!!
30-Jan-09 - that bike is sweeet! good job!
30-Jan-09 - Very, very tasty! Give us some details ... particularly the paint job. More pics would be nice too!!
30-Jan-09 - why u have two different looking wheel rims?
30-Jan-09 - i'd be afraid to ride that man... it's just too sweet. Lovin those gold wheels too... whoooo
30-Jan-09 - i like the seat
30-Jan-09 - nicest blade ive seen
30-Jan-09 - WOW!!! This bike is simply incredible!
30-Jan-09 - wow, this is one of the first time i have read through the comments to find nothing but good to say. I must be the one to break it. That curb in the backround SUCKS!!!! but I can't say anything bad about the bike.
30-Jan-09 - Wow! Great looking!
30-Jan-09 - dude thats one sweet RR, and look that back tire is brand new, i think it needs a break in wheelie...
30-Jan-09 - how much did all that cost to do?
30-Jan-09 - I am married who do you think help pay for it, anyone who wants some more pics/info let me know
30-Jan-09 - Honda's rule!!!!!! One of the tighest RR's ever.
30-Jan-09 - clive your wife is the most awesome woman on the planet man!!! The blade's really sweet man!! good job
30-Jan-09 - that is sweat!!!!!
30-Jan-09 - Nice bike my friend I would like to know who did your paint job??
30-Jan-09 - This thing ROCKS for a Honda! Lots of time & money...... I would like to know more about it
30-Jan-09 - magnificent, terrific it must be god`s vehicle (smile!).......
30-Jan-09 - Dang brother , that is one reeeeeeaaaaaal nice lokkin' bike there . How long did it take for ya to design / creat this work of art ? Truely one of the NICEST bikes I have EVER seen . Well done dude .
30-Jan-09 - Thats one sweet blade!
Production (Stock) Multiple Multiple (Multiple), party in Milan (Milan Dome)
800x600  170 KB
Multiple  Multiple (Multiple)
Date: 15-Nov-13
Views: 346
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 6.92

party in Milan (Milan Dome)

Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R750, Uploaded for: ben kamstra
1599x1162  566 KB
2006 GSX-R750
Date: 27-Dec-13
Views: 484
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 6.92

Uploaded for: ben kamstra

09-Jun-06 - Raven edition? Nice bike.
27-Dec-13 - your Suzi looks very cool, Ben…. Willem from Utrecht here
Production (Custom) Suzuki TL1000R/S, Production (Custom)- 1997  Suzuki  TL1000R/S Sportbike
909x682  447 KB
1997 TL1000R/S
Date: 19-Nov-14
Views: 277
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 6.92

Production (Custom)- 1997 Suzuki TL1000R/S Sportbike

09-Mar-06 - Great bike but engine went on me after 19k and got a zxr750h2 insteadnow,but i really miss my tl,boo hoo.
24-Sep-07 - Horny or wot!!
Production (Custom) Suzuki Hayabusa, Uploaded for: Peter Trocco
712x744  410 KB
2001 Hayabusa
Date: 23-Apr-13
Views: 293
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 6.92

Uploaded for: Peter Trocco

29-Nov-05 - nice beast i got one too
05-Dec-05 - oh how i hate the pose/bling bikes
11-Oct-06 - Nice Bike :) has it got a fat Turbo on it or are the exhausts shortened? What sort of HP does it push out?
Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R1, My custom flushmount install.  Also, made the plates where the mirrors mount.  Should I leave 'em as plain Alum, or paint 'em???  I'm thinking Black or Blue???
1792x1220  544 KB
2000 YZF-R1
Date: 06-Feb-15
Views: 448
Votes: 129 / Ave.: 6.91

My custom flushmount install. Also, made the plates where the mirrors mount. Should I leave 'em as plain Alum, or paint 'em??? I'm thinking Black or Blue???

05-Oct-03 - wow....original....look at
18-Oct-03 - i see the comments posted about your bike are smart a$$ ,pointing out the fact that the bike is boring as drying paint
10-Mar-04 - Borderline, your commments don't are A$$. Every other pic you contradict yourself...You argue both sides as to whether Yamaha's new swingarm is Stronger then Weaker than what everyone else is doing. Boring??? I would try to look at pics of your bikes, but most are from Ebay or shows, when I do see a crap bike, I realize it's yours and not even worth enlarging. Keep wrenching on your junk, maybe no one will point and laugh as ride by.
Production (Custom) Honda CBR600RR, Here my little baby, 05 RR with a few mods.
792x594  192 KB
2005 CBR600RR
Date: 22-Jan-13
Views: 334
Votes: 23 / Ave.: 6.91

Here my little baby, 05 RR with a few mods.

19-Sep-05 - Looks good fella! Like the flames and yoshi exhaust.
20-Sep-05 - Looks like it should be part of a military operation. Very nice, be sure to keep it that way.
Production (Stock) Kawasaki ZZ-R250, Kawasaki ZZR250
709x550  134 KB
Date: 14-Apr-12
Views: 311
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 6.91

Kawasaki ZZR250

Production (Stock) Norton 750/850 Commando, Norton Commando
550x758  120 KB
Norton  750/850 Commando
Date: 19-Nov-14
Views: 276
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 6.91

Norton Commando

15-Mar-05 - Old Bike with an old lady on it! Awesome!!!!
Production (Custom) Honda RC51 RVT1000R, Duck Hunter
810x610  477 KB
2002 RC51 RVT1000R
Date: 29-Jul-12
Views: 2,244
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 6.91

Duck Hunter

29-Apr-05 - That has to be the nicest CR51 ive ever seen.. respect..Where u get that underseat from?
Production (Custom) MV F4750, This was my Custom MV and it was stolen from me in May of this year and it was last scene in Venezuela.I am building a another one and it should be Ready by next week.
1024x788  163 KB
Date: 22-Dec-16
Views: 316
Votes: 55 / Ave.: 6.91

This was my Custom MV and it was stolen from me in May of this year and it was last scene in Venezuela.I am building a another one and it should be Ready by next week.

17-Jul-03 - i hate those bastard people
17-Jul-03 - very nice !
17-Jul-03 - love this bike :)!
18-Jul-03 - That sucks, cuz this bike is sweeeet! Will the new one be better than this one? Lets go to Venezuela and kick their arses!!!!
18-Jul-03 - The new MV will look better. You will see the Pictures soon.
18-Jul-03 - How do you know it was your bike in Venezuela?? This might be the nicest looking bike I've seen, it is sharp. I agree with crx4sho, let's go and butt their butt's, and that's putting it mildly. So many bike's are being stolen nowday's, I'll be glad when you can buy a tracking chip so the lowlife's that steal other people's bike's can go take a 10 year time out in jail.
Production (Custom) Suzuki Hayabusa, Hayabusa babe005
3944x2848  1,537 KB
2000 Hayabusa
Date: 17-Nov-10
Views: 11,731
Votes: 63 / Ave.: 6.91

Hayabusa babe005

02-Jun-12 - built by check out our website. This is a true 100% Triple Plated Chrome Fairings and all
Drawings & Art Suzuki GSX-R750, GSXR wallpaper sized to fit a 1024 x 768 desktop for those Gixxer fans ....I know, I know its missing the 2001 and 2002 models. Hope to add these pics to the poster soon!
1024x788  192 KB
Date: 15-Jul-11
Views: 9,914
Votes: 264 / Ave.: 6.91

GSXR wallpaper sized to fit a 1024 x 768 desktop for those Gixxer fans ....I know, I know its missing the 2001 and 2002 models. Hope to add these pics to the poster soon!

25-Oct-01 - Friggin cool man! Big beerz thumbs up ----now finish it!
25-Oct-01 - Well, the '01 and '02 are almost identical, right? What were they thinking in '92?
26-Oct-01 - Dunno...they were way cool in the day....the 93 loos cooler but the 92 could kick it's butt--given the chance I would pick a pristine 91 though.
20-Nov-01 - this is sweet. the 96 looks nice. the 2000 is the best of course.
17-Jul-05 - evolution of the GIXXERZ!!
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, THE BUDWEISR BIKE.......YEAH BABY!
700x525  196 KB
2003 YZF-R1
Date: 11-Oct-12
Views: 268
Votes: 21 / Ave.: 6.90


World SuperBike Ducati 999, HOT
1024x719  134 KB
2004 999
Date: 31-Jul-11
Views: 1,336
Votes: 41 / Ave.: 6.90


Stunts Multiple Multiple (Multiple), 2004 -Multiple - Multiple (Multiple) - 58974
1000x686  241 KB
Multiple  2004 Multiple (Multiple)
Date: 14-Oct-09
Views: 3,062
Votes: 40 / Ave.: 6.90

2004 -Multiple - Multiple (Multiple) - 58974

22-Jun-04 - nice two way up stoppies
22-Jun-04 - Great it!
Production (Stock) Ducati 999, A hint, A tease, An eye-catching bit of candy for an up and comming prize....
533x800  116 KB
2007 999
Date: 12-Jan-15
Views: 285
Votes: 49 / Ave.: 6.90

A hint, A tease, An eye-catching bit of candy for an up and comming prize....

Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, Uploaded for:
640x500  108 KB
2002 YZF-R1
Date: 10-Dec-07
Views: 463
Votes: 67 / Ave.: 6.90

Uploaded for:

08-Dec-02 - Wow! Very nice!
08-Dec-02 - just the way I like em to look, wrap her up ill take her home. LOL
08-Dec-02 - This one is nice, but I like the other one with the chrome exhaust under the tail and the single swinger... you guys know which one I'm talkin' about!
09-Dec-02 - Is that girl in the back looking at her finger nails ? LOL
09-Dec-02 - yeah I remember the one your talking about, but this one looks good too
31-Dec-02 - sweet a** bike nice job done with the red accesaries is that all polish or dipped chrome? needs something added to set it completely from the rest. If curious to know email me and i'll tell ya .don't want everyone to know my tircks only a select few

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