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Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R7, Yamaha YZF750R R7.
640x458  91 KB
1999 YZF-R7
Date: 19-Mar-07
Views: 861
Votes: 243 / Ave.: 7.03

Yamaha YZF750R R7.

26-Jul-01 Flyinbryan485.aol.com - I was talking to a guy at the local dealer and he said thoes are 28,000 , they have ohlins forks and some other stuff . he said your better off buyin a R6.
21-Aug-01 anthony.gsxr750.org - that's because the sales guy wanted to sell you a R6. there is no comparing a R7 to a R6. If I had $25k kicking around it would be mine!
23-Sep-01 idonthaveanemailaddress.xnat.com - lmao anthony...
09-Oct-01 What the dealer really meant is: "You look like a squidly young lad, it would be a shame to see an R7 wasted on you... Probably crash it in the first month... Why don't you just buy this R6 here instead?"
02-Sep-02 f4crakhead.yahoo.com - the R7 is not worth $28K...definetly not. you could buy an R1 and hop it up with a better suspension and other stuff for much less than $28K total
02-Sep-02 hunterschultz.shaw.ca - luna speaks the truth
02-Sep-02 slycke.hotmail.com - if you are not a racer who drives this bike at 100%, dont bother buying it... this potential is wasted when you only drive at 70% of his power... (i dont mean top speed eh guys)... its like all those r1's I see this days, mostly in first gear and with an old guy on it that uses not even the half of the tyre...
02-Sep-02 bradcjor.aol.com - here comes some info, R7 cant own one unless you have a racing license, or some very nice contacts, the sales man probably knows as much about bikes as my sister, and, well lets all just take a moment to say wow, thats the stuff dreams are made of, mmmmmm R7
02-Sep-02 motogpracer.hotmail.com - Hubba Hubba!
02-Sep-02 luvmustang.aol.com - Hey f4crakhead, you really are a crack head. No matter how much money you spend on a R1 suspension, you'd still have a R1 chassis. Regardless of how good the suspension on the R1 is, the chassis does not hold a candle to the R7. Anyone pay attention to formulla extreme? The R1/R7 combo was outlawed because damon buckmaster could not be caught. Then they put him on a R1 chassis with tons of money in suspension, he was still way slower then he was on the R7.
02-Sep-02 ifsixwas9.hotmail.com - do you guys realize that the street version of the R7 makes less than 100 hp at the rear wheel, for 16,000 dollars? It takes another 15,000 to get the stage 2 mods which put it at 140hp. When was the last time an R7 won a superbike race? I'd just as soon go with the GSXR1000 and live with the "weaker" chassis.
02-Sep-02 ifsixwas9.hotmail.com - luvmustang...the R1/R7 was outlawed because using the R7 chassis was a violation of the rules. Watch what Yamaha does with the R7 now that 1000cc fours are allowed to race WSB.
03-Sep-02 hnazari101.home.com - How can an R7 "street version" make as much power as an r6? what's the point of the extra cc's.
03-Sep-02 luvmustang.aol.com - ifsix....I know why it was outlawed. It's not considered a production bike (R7). But, nothign would have been said if he lost every race, they outlawed it because everybody wasing about how fast the damn thing was.
03-Sep-02 gobbles101.hotmail.com - pay attention children, there are two R-7's left for grabs as of 05-02 in the US, the come in restricted at 100 bhp to meet some country's more restrictive homologation rules. I'd buy one at 16k regardless of upgrades citing most you lot don't even override your 600's
03-Sep-02 ifsixwas9.hotmail.com - true enough luvmaustang....hey gobbles, what does me under-using my 600 have to do with you paying twice as much for a bike with the same amount of horsepower? Its why i'm not a ducati fan. Overpriced and underpowered. Pay more, get less, and still don't use it all?
03-Sep-02 gobbles101.hotmail.com - six to nine, I'm citing fact that the chassis on this machine is the way of future, did you ever watch the way Haga pushed that bike and heckled Foggy and Edwards in World SBK? Those were some of the most outrageous overtakes (most of them were undertakes) that I've seen, he sure as hell doesn't do that on the Aprilia now does he?
03-Sep-02 hnazari101.home.com - So if Yamaha had produced let's say 100 more units, would the R7 be legit on the track?
04-Sep-02 gobbles101.hotmail.com - The R-7 IS legal in Formula X, it's just that Graves Yamaha was stuffing R-1 motors into the R-7 chassis which was not legal, you have to race a production based bike in Formula X, Yamaha made 500 R-7's to meet this requirement, but it was truly so they could go WSBK & AMA Superbike racing
06-Sep-02 anthony.liltoni.net - Yamaha shipped 50 R7's to the US and one is still sitting on the showroom floor at I-90 Motorsports in Seattle, WA. You do not need a racers license to purchase the bike. They also have fuel system upgrades for it.
Production (Stock) Kawasaki Multiple (Kawasaki), SUNDAY RIDE...KAWI UP!
1024x787  215 KB
Multiple (Kawasaki)
Date: 03-Aug-11
Views: 646
Votes: 35 / Ave.: 7.03


08-Nov-04 yzerman79.web.de - sweet, I love the 6R, nice ride! oh, btw, nice licenceplate on the other bike :D
Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R1, Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 75616
576x432  53 KB
Date: 07-Sep-12
Views: 412
Votes: 76 / Ave.: 7.03

Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 75616

23-May-05 tonex.mc-skorpion.ch - Hello mr. Zoka R2! beautiful picture!!! see you ... bye
Stunts Aprilia RSV1000 Models, the back roads in Washington state..Spokane area.
343x532  40 KB
2001 RSV1000 Models
Date: 10-Sep-07
Views: 922
Votes: 201 / Ave.: 7.02

the back roads in Washington state..Spokane area.

MotoGP Premier Yamaha YZR-M1, Carlos Checa and the Ferrari Dull 360, sorry i mean formula One car. His photo says it all about the two sports i think
1024x788  139 KB
2002 YZR-M1
Date: 03-Feb-15
Views: 1,216
Votes: 125 / Ave.: 7.02

Carlos Checa and the Ferrari Dull 360, sorry i mean formula One car. His photo says it all about the two sports i think

23-Oct-02 qbzonk.hotmail.com - cool pic!
23-Oct-02 discoblade.hotmail.com - Even Schumacher is not going to get his car to wheelie! Carlos you are the man!
23-Oct-02 peoplesrevolution.hotmail.com - formula 1 cars are so small! i would still rather have the m1 though
23-Oct-02 frazla.hotmail.com - F1 has to be one of the most boring sports, ive never understood why people watch it. 2 wheels is so much more exciting!
23-Oct-02 decosp1.hotmail.com - So you can get 4 blokes to change your tires in 8 seconds and give you a top up of fuel.So you can do over 200 mph.So you have the most tech.advanced cars in the world.........BUT YOU CANT DO THIS........yeeeeeeeeehhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa.
23-Oct-02 skittles748r.eircom.net - you have to respect anyone who can do this and not crash into anything....I wonder who gets more girles??
23-Oct-02 hfpieratt.hotmail.com - awesome picture, can I get it as a poster for my garage?
23-Oct-02 shallmar.eircom.net - check out the darkie from carlos' back wheel - goes back about as far as you can see.
23-Oct-02 gina.stover.snet.net - givem the handy-cap F-1 needs
23-Oct-02 yamahar6.nbka.net - is that the new Yamaha M1 ? Any info on what is going on with that M1 bike ? Is it gonna hit the street ?
23-Oct-02 my_y2kr6.yahoo.co.uk - That's NOT the M1 ? It would be infront ! It's the %00 Two Stroke, check the Zorst...
23-Oct-02 Cobalt715.aol.com - Frazla.....You can't compare 2-wheeled sports with 4-wheeled sports. It is an entirely different form of racing altogether. I personally think F1 and WRC are the most exciting forms of racing out there, but I really wish Schumacher had a little more competition. However, while we're in the topic, any form of racing is better than the circle-jerk professional-wrestling trash known as NASCAR!! God, I wish that sport would just fall off the face of the earth......
23-Oct-02 r6.canoemail.com - nice. just found my new wallpaper...*smile*
23-Oct-02 r6.canoemail.com - nice. just found my new wallpaper...*smile*
23-Oct-02 sinisfun.hotmail.com - I agree NASCAR is pointless. I wonder who would have the better lap times between these two vehicles, realistically.
23-Oct-02 faceman516.aol.com - hey thats one of the best pic i've seen yet,so i made it my backround, if you don't mind.
23-Oct-02 masrapido.ozu.es - this is the 500 2 stroke.
23-Oct-02 fb.motofabio.com - Awesome photo!
23-Oct-02 disturbedperson.hotmail.com - sweet...two of mans most beautiful creations
23-Oct-02 jdhalverson.hotmail.com - true, nascar totally sucks.
23-Oct-02 norman_etty.hotmail.com - If you could ride one of these machines for a whole day, what would you choose??? (i'll take the bike)
23-Oct-02 Hockeyfan90.hotmail.com - I hate to say it guys but Schumeys car would smoke that bike it is a nown fact that the F1 cars are the fastest or racing vehicles there was even a comparo a few years back and the bike was about 2 to 4 seconds a lap slower than the car. I mean it is much easier to push a 4 wheeled vehicle around a corner than a 2 wheeled one I love my bikes but the F1 cars are just way to nice.
23-Oct-02 jonogladstone.hotmail.com - naa.. sorry.. gotta disagree.. tis a 4stroker, look at size of exhaust..and that is the airbox entry under the '7' there, overall tho. bikes are much better to watch.. stuff the lap times difference..
27-Oct-02 rj4plays.hotmail.com - there must be more pictures of this event, shallmar@eircom.net can you tell us where? or is there nothing else cool besides this?
28-Oct-02 extremektm.hotmail.com - polla wrea,...very good pictureer...
29-Oct-02 shallmar.eircom.net - I cant find much on the net about the bikes from the marlboro masters. Its all about something called Formyoola Wun whatever that is !! This picture comes from www.mcnews.com.au There are several great pictures on this site, although this is probably the best. I also left a message on Carloscheca.com to see if the man itself wished to comment. Hopefully he will, but who knows??
01-Nov-02 ingram.telus.net - No contest!! the car would win, very cool pic though. Thanks to whoever took it, now we can all enjoy!!
12-Nov-02 kawasaki420.hotmail.com - but picture this, how abot trying to put a f1 motor into a bike frame like the boss hoss
22-Nov-02 astcyr.hotmail.com - All I can say is this is a cool picture!
08-Jan-04 mquispel.hotmail.com - Check my pics for some more photo's (not this awesome quality though). It is taken @ the Marlboro Masters event in Zandvoort (Netherlands). It is a nice track, raced on there my CBR600 myself but not to safe as the walls are close to the tarmac sometimes....
24-Dec-04 lucas_zaiden.hotmail.com - This is HOT!!! I believe Checa will somke the F1 car... I'm I wrong?
18-Aug-07 costarican_88.hotmail.com - Yo...Dis Is HEAT... Tell Me Dere`s A Video Of It...?
Production (Stock) Kawasaki ZXR750L, Uploaded for: Vicentic [nicolescg@cogeco.ca]
1004x772  165 KB
Date: 15-Jun-12
Views: 495
Votes: 123 / Ave.: 7.02

Uploaded for: Vicentic [nicolescg@cogeco.ca]

Production (Stock) Honda CBR 929/954 RR, Another pic from work today
1280x980  277 KB
2003 CBR 929/954 RR
Date: 19-Nov-14
Views: 951
Votes: 327 / Ave.: 7.01

Another pic from work today

24-Jul-03 click click click ?
27-Jul-03 playyerF4i.aol.com - Ive seen that sight too many times, but theres usually a deputy or officer out behind my bike with a notepad =/
AMA Racing Suzuki GSX-R1000, 2005 -Suzuki - GSX-R1000 - 85812
1132x678  252 KB
2005 GSX-R1000
Date: 14-Jun-13
Views: 652
Votes: 19 / Ave.: 7.00

2005 -Suzuki - GSX-R1000 - 85812

Stunts Suzuki GSX-R1000, Uploaded for: BikeMaster Bahrain
1128x750  126 KB
2002 GSX-R1000
Date: 11-May-13
Views: 452
Votes: 13 / Ave.: 7.00

Uploaded for: BikeMaster Bahrain

Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R600, 2007 -Suzuki - GSX-R600 - 468297
3296x2472  1,221 KB
2007 GSX-R600
Date: 12-May-10
Views: 586
Votes: 18 / Ave.: 7.00

2007 -Suzuki - GSX-R600 - 468297

Production (Custom) Suzuki Hayabusa, Same bike, just front view.
Saw this bike at the Great American Truck Show here in Dallas. The owner of the truck brought this along also (yes, he owns the bike to, I talked to him). The bike got more attention than his truck!
1584x1188  363 KB
Date: 09-Jan-13
Views: 578
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 7.00

Same bike, just front view. Saw this bike at the Great American Truck Show here in Dallas. The owner of the truck brought this along also (yes, he owns the bike to, I talked to him). The bike got more attention than his truck!

For Sale Suzuki GSX-R1000,   I am the original owner. Only 6k miles ridden on weekends. This baby is always in the garage. never even been in the rain. oil changed every 3k miles. stock except for undertail and akro pipe. runs and looks like its brand new. $7800. e-mail for more details. i have lots of photos.
990x743  181 KB
2002 GSX-R1000
Date: 12-Jan-13
Views: 298
Votes: 14 / Ave.: 7.00

I am the original owner. Only 6k miles ridden on weekends. This baby is always in the garage. never even been in the rain. oil changed every 3k miles. stock except for undertail and akro pipe. runs and looks like its brand new. $7800. e-mail for more details. i have lots of photos.

04-Sep-05 greg9937.yahoo.com - correction... oil changed every 2000 miles. thanks
Production (Custom) Honda RC51 RVT1000R, 2000 -Honda - RC51 RVT1000R - 49741
640x500  71 KB
2000 RC51 RVT1000R
Date: 29-Dec-08
Views: 564
Votes: 101 / Ave.: 7.00

2000 -Honda - RC51 RVT1000R - 49741

30-Sep-03 majormadmax.satx.rr.com - That's a ncie looking bike, I like the rim strips. Just my opinion, but I think I'd go for two high cans instead of that large one. Just personal preference, that's all; otherwise this is a sweet machine!
30-Sep-03 mlebbin.cox.net - I would love to have a a grage like that.. I can only imagine what the house looks like.. oh nice bike too for a honda that is.
01-Oct-03 abre_gas2t.hotmail.com - If i had to have a 4-stroke bike, it would be the F4 or this one, even if its a Honda.
14-Dec-03 tva.telnor.net - bad a$$$$$ bike congratssssss
Crash Aprilia RS 3, 2003 -Aprilia - RS 3 - 59542
1177x972  279 KB
2003 RS 3
Date: 12-Oct-18
Views: 1,160
Votes: 47 / Ave.: 7.00

2003 -Aprilia - RS 3 - 59542

19-Jul-04 bturrubiartes.centralfreight.com - noooooooooooooooo!!!!
02-Aug-04 rdillon.uccs.edu - does god hate motorcycles?
Production (Custom) Yamaha YZF-R1, McCoy Motorsports Custom Yamaha R1
1024x787  154 KB
2003 YZF-R1
Date: 23-Feb-12
Views: 4,227
Votes: 21 / Ave.: 7.00

McCoy Motorsports Custom Yamaha R1

07-Jan-05 lucas_zaiden.hotmail.com - very nice bike, man!!
08-Jan-05 seven777s.hotmail.com - sucha tidy bike! attention to detail is awesome did you notice the 'chrome flame' exhaust heat shield?
License Plates Honda CBR1000RR, 2004 -Honda - CBR1000RR - 65132
2048x1555  599 KB
2004 CBR1000RR
Date: 16-Jun-11
Views: 2,110
Votes: 52 / Ave.: 7.00

2004 -Honda - CBR1000RR - 65132

18-Oct-04 markj.cox-internet.com - That is the full Ti system. I really like it. It really smokes! Thanks...
18-Oct-04 RC51Stunna.netscape.net - Chrome before suspension, at least we know you have your priorites straight.. Stunna
Production (Stock) Honda CBR600F3, Zooming in on the kneedown
Assen Trackday Holland 25 May 2005
296x238  25 KB
1997 CBR600F3
Date: 24-Sep-12
Views: 521
Votes: 37 / Ave.: 7.00

Zooming in on the kneedown Assen Trackday Holland 25 May 2005

Production (Custom) Honda RC51 RVT1000R, hate it or love it, there is nothing like a v-twin
1267x950  342 KB
2001 RC51 RVT1000R
Date: 11-Oct-12
Views: 936
Votes: 16 / Ave.: 7.00

hate it or love it, there is nothing like a v-twin

08-Jul-05 adnan82ny.hotmail.com - riders choice!
Production (Stock) Kawasaki ZX-12R, Ready for the summer
777x583  158 KB
Date: 29-Aug-12
Views: 408
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 7.00

Ready for the summer

Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R600, After an early morning of riding 'twisties,' this is a shot from later that afternoon.
896x672  147 KB
2004 GSX-R600
Date: 24-Jul-12
Views: 441
Votes: 15 / Ave.: 7.00

After an early morning of riding "twisties," this is a shot from later that afternoon.

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