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Stunts Triumph Speed Triple, Uploaded for: Micha?
640x480  83 KB
Speed Triple
Date: 07-Mar-06
Views: 648
Votes: 16 / Ave.: 7.13

Uploaded for: Micha?

Stunts Kawasaki ZX-9R, The best wedding picture of all time!!!
655x494  69 KB
1998 ZX-9R
Date: 11-Aug-09
Views: 1,130
Votes: 260 / Ave.: 7.12

The best wedding picture of all time!!!

25-Nov-00 - Now that is awesome!! My kind of wedding!
25-Nov-00 - She wasn't sure what to think when I told her my idea. Not what she had in mind on her wedding day, in her wedding dress, but when she saw the pictures she was pumped!!!
25-Nov-00 Now thats a Kodak moment!!! Handle it bra!
26-Nov-00 Wife,"Honey, no more rides without me". lol congratulations
26-Nov-00 - Thinkin of going for a ride after the wedding? Looks like she's puttin her foot down, get used to it!
26-Nov-00 - I hope the guy I marry is up for pics like this at our wedding. But I'll be the one doing the burnie :P
26-Nov-00 - sweet! I love that idea! It looks like she has tamed the beast! LOL! congrads!
26-Nov-00 nice.. she 's got the controls now..
26-Nov-00 I love this picture!! Excellent idea!!!
27-Nov-00 The idea is AMAZING, and good thing the picture aint in colour. It looks better this way for some reason :). CONGRATULATIONS
27-Nov-00 congrats on your wedding and cool wifey who likes the bikes!!!!!!!
28-Nov-00 - you the man cool guy!
28-Nov-00 - Sorry Cout I Missed out on your wedding! This picture rules!!!
29-Nov-00 - Congrats on the wedding and what an excellent picture. Wish we could have been there. We have the picuture framed and on display
01-Dec-00 - congads...keep her man,those girls are hard to find,...enjoy it!
01-Dec-00 - how sweet!!!! much happiness, always....
01-Dec-00 - Great shot. Thanks for letting me know it was here. Best Wishes. Dorthy.
01-Dec-00 - hope you two are very happy, the wedding and reception was a blast
01-Dec-00 Great shot!! This is how things will be for a while(Her standing in front of you when you try to go out riding!) but by the looks of her, she's worth staying in for a while :)
03-Dec-00 - I ride a zx9 cool
07-Dec-00 - hehe lol
12-Dec-00 the type of girl I want!!
13-Dec-00 - Is that sepia? Very nice, artisticly. Outstanding all-time fav.
14-Dec-00 I think he's a little anxious for the honeymoon!
14-Dec-00 Funny you should ask about sepia. Yes it is, but I have no idea what that means, it was the photographers idea. Her artistry, my idea... I guess it worked out pretty well.
15-Dec-00 - Quite simply.....Sepia is soaking the picture in bleach until it turns silver, rinse off bleach and apply the sepia toner to pic, wash, dry, done. Basically. If done well, it turns out like your's. Again, nice pic/bike. Cudos to photographer.
15-Dec-00 - talk about letting off STEAM
15-Dec-00 great picture !!!!! It could make a good advertising pic for the bike. good luck on your
17-Dec-00 Is this considered foreplay?
17-Dec-00 he thinks this will compensate for lack of something else, like numerous others, who think flash and power will increase thier size
18-Dec-00 in a couple of years he will have wished the he let go of the front brake
19-Dec-00 - I don't know who wrote those last two comments but why don't you shut up and enjoy something without having to be critical about it. I've got a cool picture, a great wife and a nice bike PERIOD. Why be critical of that?
19-Dec-00 - EXCELLENT WOW (A++++++++++++++++++++++++++)
21-Dec-00 cool picture. don't listen to everyone else, they're just jealous. do your thing
21-Dec-00 I wish my wife looked that GOOD!
22-Dec-00 perfect! enjoy your life together.
22-Dec-00 - Hey TheGuyInThePicture, cool photo, cool bike (I've got a 94 zx9) and a cool wife to see the humor in this shot. Best of luck to both of you. For Devilgrl: What do you think of a dual smokey burnout. I have the zx...
29-Dec-00 - Hi!! my name is Bae.jun-young live in Korea. and I love the bike more than eat food. ^^;; ZX-9R nice!!!!
03-Jan-01 Great Shot do you mind if I barrow your idea
03-Jan-01 - Dude! Did you ever live in NC. I could swear i know you. Email me.
04-Jan-01 Now THAT, is what I like to see!
19-Jan-01 dlabonte: sounds like a plan
27-Jan-01 Who are these folks ?
28-Jan-01 Girl power
30-Jan-01 congrats's unfortunate that this joke will become a reality soon LOL in no time you'll be reminiscing about those days of freedom when you were able to go outside and play with your zx9,,,,so you interested in selling?? haha just kidding man all the best
15-Feb-01 - I'm getting married soon, great idea. Thats about the way she stops you to. I own a zx9 also great taste.
04-Mar-01 strong legs
20-Mar-01 - nothing says i love you like a burn out
22-Mar-01 - Ah yes, the Ball and Chain, slowing down the motorcycle.
24-Apr-01 - just set your pic as wallpaper ... hope the girlfriend warms to the idea....zx9r also...cheers.
31-May-01 - congrats to all three of you!
05-Jun-01 - Funny picture....I like it.
13-Aug-01 - congrats man, beautiful wife and beautiful bike, doesn't get any better than that. I might borrow your idea for a sweet picture ......
19-Oct-01 - it's great!!~
19-Oct-01 - it's great... nice guy and beautiful women are perfect!! ^^;
12-Nov-01 - i hope one day my wife and i can do that! thats freakin sweet
12-Feb-03 - Why did the bike had to suffer ?! Were you forced to get married? :D heh heh heh cheers mate and congratulations
14-Jun-03 - He best take off!!! I love my wife but sometimes she drives me CrAZy¿
14-Jun-03 - I hear 'ha rods. Sometimes you ask, "... well, nevermind.
14-Jun-03 - ^------^?
14-Jun-03 - awww thats the kind of guy i want.. :)
15-Jun-03 - That is dope! Coolest picture I've seen on this site. Congrats.
15-Jun-03 - This is a really cute idea for those couple that just adore riding!
15-Jun-03 - Hell , if he had a BOSS HOSS with the 502 motor , I'll bet that she would not be standin' there too loing . Stay happy , stay single .
17-Jun-03 - Yup, very cool pic. You should see this guy eat too. Try 9 Big Macs at one sitting!! No joke!
17-Jun-03 - Congrats on your nuptials. I know everyone else loves this, and it is a cool photo - but I don't get the relevance to your marriage. Do you LIVE on your bike? She seems excluded since there's a cowl instead of a seat. And she's preventing you from leaving. I know I'm a curmudgeon, but I also know I love bikes and I don't get it. You're married and you ride bikes. So?
05-Feb-04 - das hot!!
10-Feb-04 - Thats why I'm not married yet, I still like to ride too much
Production (Stock) Suzuki RF900R, Uploaded for: trakmedown 1994 Suzuki RF900
3071x2266  1,237 KB
1994 RF900R
Date: 15-Apr-14
Views: 650
Votes: 149 / Ave.: 7.12

Uploaded for: trakmedown
1994 Suzuki RF900

Production (Custom) Ducati 999, Uploaded for: Michael-James Ball
680x475  74 KB
2005 999
Date: 29-Apr-06
Views: 7,942
Votes: 25 / Ave.: 7.12

Uploaded for: Michael-James Ball

30-Apr-06 - the fin's kill the look of the bike!!!!!..........
30-Apr-06 - no way man, this whole bike is so sick, the exhaust piping is wierd tho, i dont get it.
30-Apr-06 - looks pretty 'shark' to me!
01-May-06 - I was thinkin the same thing adk! straight shark action on the look of this bike, but overall, I'm diggin it!
01-May-06 - I'm pretty sure it's an undertail exhaust, "SHARK", uuummmmhhhhh!!!! I like TUNA??? hot customization, just ditch the FIN'S. Hi!!! I'm Jack, fr. long island NY, my ridez iz a oL schooL 99 900rr!!!!!...B00 YAH.....
03-May-06 - Fins or no fins. Someone's getting silly with that bike - just look at the edge of the rear tire. Pretty bold to sink all that chedda' into custom and then flog it hard.
04-May-06 - It looks kick Butt!! As for the wear on the tires, this is what those of us in the sportbike industry call a RACE BIKE. Built to be ridden hard. If you look at the frame, swing arm, exhaust, and the timing belt cover peeking out just infront of the exhaust piping area, it looks like a rebodied Ducati 999. PVM wheels, Brembo Brakes, Full Carbon body work and race slicks that it looks like someone has been using correctly!!! Sick!
04-May-06 - I like cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!.......................
Stunts Suzuki TL1000R/S, Mark Dunnivan from Adrenalincrew pulling off an almost vertical stoppie.....DANG!! u dont see that often
694x494  56 KB
Date: 19-Nov-14
Views: 681
Votes: 26 / Ave.: 7.12

Mark Dunnivan from Adrenalincrew pulling off an almost vertical stoppie.....DANG!! u dont see that often

22-Oct-04 - Anyone know where I can get a man like this?
22-Oct-04 - the ocean has alot of squids, id try there first.
25-Oct-04 - On second thought, I think Id rather take the bike. What a legend !
19-Nov-04 - Rc51 u r a hater man u r mad because u cant do this.......& chezuki you can find him in florida
Production (Custom) Ducati Unknown (Ducati), nice Duc
800x619  186 KB
Unknown (Ducati)
Date: 18-Apr-12
Views: 1,022
Votes: 26 / Ave.: 7.12

nice Duc

10-Feb-05 - love it
10-Feb-05 - nice duc is quite an understatement. WOW!
30-Apr-10 - thats what i call a bike very nice
Production (Custom) Suzuki GSX-R1000, more out door pics
1024x788  177 KB
2001 GSX-R1000
Date: 12-Oct-13
Views: 787
Votes: 123 / Ave.: 7.11

more out door pics

25-May-02 - That is the coolest color scheme ive seen yet!!!
25-May-02 - Way beyond tight.....possibly the finest 1000 I have seen yet. Beerz likes!
26-May-02 - Looks fully sick, u said it Beerz!!!!
26-May-02 - Thanks for the compliments.Take care Rod
28-May-02 - Your bike is off the chain. I truly envy you. My day is coming.
01-Jun-02 - I wanted to buy a gsxr 1000 myself but thought the coulors where awful,but when I see yours I changed my mind completly.Very nice bike,especially the breaking disks.
04-Jun-02 - F me this is soo friggin awesome
16-Jun-02 - Not the best 1K I have seen, but its up there. This bike is more for performance judging from the YOSHIMURA pipes
17-Jun-02 - ONe of the best looking !ks out there.
20-Jun-02 - Those brake disc's look fantastic,love to get myself a set.
02-Jul-02 - That is one of the tightest thou's I have ever seen, it is nice to see someone spends some cash on products that actually make the bike faster and not just shinier. THIS BIKE ROCKS !!!!!
06-Jan-03 - this color scheme is awesome....was that a color scheme for 2001 or did you do that on your own??
07-Feb-03 - sick bike....lust
26-Feb-03 - thats got to be a custom paint job..either way, sick..very very sick...whats up with those discs? Never seen those before, where did you get them?
26-Mar-03 - nice bike dude !!!! gixxer 4 life
Misc. Racing Yamaha YZF-R1, Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 79969
700x466  70 KB
Date: 30-Dec-10
Views: 820
Votes: 19 / Ave.: 7.11

Yamaha - YZF-R1 - 79969

05-Nov-05 - Oh Shi! this looks like to much fun.
05-Nov-05 - holy cow
05-Nov-05 Khalma2a.HoTMaiL.CoM - WoOoOoW
11-Nov-05 - nice but fake
14-Jan-06 - yes...fake? What the hell are you looking at? Looks perfectly real to me!
16-Jan-06 - No fake. Are many pictures made by this hill. I thought it was a circuit in Great Britain.
17-Jan-06 - Same place:
09-Mar-06 - It's cadwell park boys! in england.Best circuit going.
Production (Stock) Triumph Unknown (Triumph), Don't know what this is but saw it broken down behind a load of lorries near the A5. he wasn't very happy when i took a foto, so i told him I had deleted it off the camera!

I think it's a 1000cc four-cylinder, but i am not sure!
1024x757  135 KB
2006 Unknown (Triumph)
Date: 27-Sep-12
Views: 418
Votes: 19 / Ave.: 7.11

Don't know what this is but saw it broken down behind a load of lorries near the A5. he wasn't very happy when i took a foto, so i told him I had deleted it off the camera! I think it's a 1000cc four-cylinder, but i am not sure!

02-Jun-05 - Looks like you captured a shot of the new Daytona 650!
02-Jun-05 - New looks like he has grey duck tape on the side and on the tank
03-Jun-05 - I think the rider is just new and has a hard time keeping the tires on the ground. Or maybe he took it apart and lost the screws and had to put it back together with tape.
11-Jun-05 - look at the wheels, sssa, exhaust piping by the rear set, the forks, the brakes, the bars, the frame. This is NOT a Daytona650. It IS an '05 Speed Triple with Dayona 600/650 body work somehow lol mounted up to it. Or some good photoshop? But you can't deny the front/side fairings are Daytona600 and the wheels,exhaust,frame,forks,brakes are '05 Speed Triple.
08-Dec-05 - ha!
World SuperBike Multiple Multiple (Multiple),
560x345  44 KB
Multiple  Multiple (Multiple)
Date: 16-Dec-09
Views: 473
Votes: 20 / Ave.: 7.10

Production (Stock) Honda CBR 929/954 RR, New Camera, Yosh Bolt on, Reflectors pulled. next, the snow plow comes off.
1600x1220  449 KB
2003 CBR 929/954 RR
Date: 19-Nov-14
Views: 3,280
Votes: 286 / Ave.: 7.10

New Camera, Yosh Bolt on, Reflectors pulled. next, the snow plow comes off.

04-Jul-03 - Sweet lookin ride! Lovin it
04-Jul-03 - This is one of the best pictures yet of this bike, it's one very sexy bike, that's for sure!!!
600x516  102 KB
YZF600 ThunderCat
Date: 19-Feb-10
Views: 3,601
Votes: 133 / Ave.: 7.10


17-Mar-10 - sweet ........
Drawings & Art Suzuki GSX-R600, Suzuki GSXR600 drawing. Get a drawing of your bike at !
600x437  52 KB
2006 GSX-R600
Date: 22-Apr-06
Views: 556
Votes: 21 / Ave.: 7.10

Suzuki GSXR600 drawing. Get a drawing of your bike at !

Stunts Yamaha YZF1000R Thunderace, 2000 -Yamaha - YZF1000 ThunderAce - 11389
720x500  52 KB
2000 YZF1000R Thunderace
Date: 15-Feb-09
Views: 720
Votes: 206 / Ave.: 7.09

2000 -Yamaha - YZF1000 ThunderAce - 11389

15-Feb-09 - OK... your the man!
15-Feb-09 - you guys are crazy....i aint that good.....yet.
15-Feb-09 - Great pic...just makes ya smile doesn't it?
15-Feb-09 - WOW, that is an amazing trick. Looking for something in particular? :)
15-Feb-09 - Is this guy looking for spare change???
15-Feb-09 - Looks like a ZX9R to me!
15-Feb-09 - Seriously cool pic!
15-Feb-09 - awesome pic!! =)
15-Feb-09 - Gotta love those sparker pucks, except if you're the guy behind........very distracting. :-)
15-Feb-09 - whoohoo, I found a quarter!
15-Feb-09 - does anybody know anyone who has slid into one of those guard rails??? i always wondered what would happen... they do not look very forgiving... great picture... Webmaster: I've never experienced on (thankfully) but have heard horror stories of people losing limbs on the metal guard rails. My advice would be to find somewhere safer to do this stuff. One slip and it's all over!
15-Feb-09 - just crazy... so now i know why you guys wear gloves
15-Feb-09 - I have a friend was turning a corner like this, he lost his balance and now he looks like a pizza, dangerous stuff.
15-Feb-09 - Two things. 1.Never be cheap when you buy tires. 2.Always trust your tires. This is nothing. A good set of tires will let you drag your elbows on the ground. Webmaster: Always trust your tires?!? Maybe in a controlled environment. But what about that car that leaked oil all over the road? Or gravel truck that passed on this corner an hour ago? Trust your tires, but never trust the road conditions.
15-Feb-09 - I know what happenes when you hit one of those gurad rails, had to collect evidence (including loose body parts) few times after somebody whacked into one... not pretty but knee dragging sure is FUN
15-Feb-09 - Dragging knee on the street is fun but also very dangerous. Be careful guys.
15-Feb-09 - Let's not over analyze this pick, or we wouldn't be riding...
15-Feb-09 - I agree with the webmaster. Trackdays are for this stuff. But I confess to knee down on streets but try to limit it to business park streets and lots where you can find tight turns on clean pavement without traffic and gardrails. By the time security shows up I'm ready to take a break.
15-Feb-09 - Webmaster. You have a very good point about that road conditions. But, you should never do something like this without checking out the road first. Before every race people go out and check the track then the rides go out and check it out. If you are dumb enough to do this without checking out the road you deserve to go into to rail.
15-Feb-09 - i agree with nate always check conditions better safe then arm less
15-Feb-09 - My campus becomes a ghost town during summer break and is a great place to drag knee. Awesome pic guys but that guardrail is scary.
15-Feb-09 - Is that Ryan Form Salt Lake????? That photo look like Parleys pass in Utah!!
15-Feb-09 - crazy pic
15-Feb-09 - To h*ll with the guard rail. I'd be worried about what was after it.
15-Feb-09 - I see the pavement is nice and hot today...
15-Feb-09 - Look theres my house!
15-Feb-09 - no, Parleys is two lane the whole way.. very good road
15-Feb-09 - yes rad pic , and webmaster i was lookin around at old pics and u said somthin about here in the US in the midwest, im from the midwest myself was jus wondering where abouts was you at im on the outskirts of MO. Webmaster: Des Moines, IA. Be sure to check out
15-Feb-09 - FYI. For folks asking about the Armco. It will rip your leathers wide open and gut you like a deer. Don't tempt it.
15-Feb-09 - webmaster i wish i was a lil closer to that lil track racing at that site that looks cool . i could see me racing like a yz 250 with some rocket fairngs for 11 bucks a race session no less , mad cool
Production (Stock) Ducati Monster Series, A design i found somewhere. I like it a lot!!!!!
800x600  52 KB
2003 Monster Series
Date: 17-Jun-13
Views: 649
Votes: 22 / Ave.: 7.09

A design i found somewhere. I like it a lot!!!!!

27-Dec-05 - Very nice copncept
22-Mar-07 - awesome
Stunts Yamaha YZF-R1, ac farias
450x316  30 KB
Date: 07-Jun-12
Views: 1,474
Votes: 11 / Ave.: 7.09

ac farias

Production (Stock) Honda CBR 929/954 RR, Personally I think we should settle this with a race Mr. State Trooper!!!!
1280x980  213 KB
2003 CBR 929/954 RR
Date: 19-Nov-14
Views: 1,334
Votes: 343 / Ave.: 7.09

Personally I think we should settle this with a race Mr. State Trooper!!!!

17-Jul-03 - Go for it Baby!!!
21-Jul-03 - Thanks Manubi33 for yor clicks. Go do some more helmetless stoppies-the odds will catch up to you.
21-Jul-03 - Ober??!?! Back 2 Skool Buckwheat- Otay!!! Maybe we can all pool our change to buy you a keyboard that has something other than caps. Webmaster: OK kiddies, take it to email... We're not interested in your little squabble.
23-Jul-03 - Better Yet- We can take it to the track!
23-Jul-03 - nice side-car, fits 5 comfortably, what does it handle like?
23-Jul-03 - Smooth as can be but it pulls towards donut shops!
24-Jul-03 - No, I agree with MANUBI33 for once. Your little girl is adorable, and your bike looks f@#%ing tough (particularly in this picture), but it's obvious that all four of these uploads currently on the "hot pictures" have gotten multiple (1000, sometimes 10000) hits from single users.
24-Jul-03 - Robert, Thanks for the positive input. How do I tell who is clicking the He!! out of the pics? How were you able to determine this?
Production (Custom) Suzuki Hayabusa, Carlisle Bike Fest in PA.  Custom Hayabusa
2281x1711  899 KB
Date: 13-Dec-12
Views: 1,827
Votes: 23 / Ave.: 7.09

Carlisle Bike Fest in PA. Custom Hayabusa

11-Nov-05 - Totally ugly machine, but props for executing the unique concept.
Production (Stock) Suzuki GSX-R750, Uploaded for:
1024x788  127 KB
Date: 10-Jun-15
Views: 601
Votes: 59 / Ave.: 7.08

Uploaded for:

Production (Stock) Yamaha YZF-R1, Uploaded for: MARK R SHELTON
1014x760  217 KB
2005 YZF-R1
Date: 26-Aug-13
Views: 488
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 7.08

Uploaded for: MARK R SHELTON

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